The Flash (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Out of Time - full transcript

Mark Mardon, returns to seek revenge on Joe for the death of Clyde, bearing the same weather-manipulation powers as his deceased sibling.

My name is Barry Allen,
and I am the fastest man alive.

When I was a child, I saw my mother
killed by something impossible.

My father went to
prison for her murder.

Then an accident made
me the impossible.

To the outside world, I'm an
ordinary forensic scientist...

but secretly, I use my speed to
fight crime and find others like me.

And one day, I'll find who killed my
mother and get justice for my father.

I am the Flash.

Previously on The Flash:

It's Clyde Mardon. I think
he can control the weather.

I didn't think there was
anyone else like me.

I'm not like you.

You're a murderer.

I love you, Iris.

He and I are just best friends.

So how do we catch somebody
that even I can't keep up with?

We can fashion an electronic
barrier to trap the Reverse-Flash.

The super-capacitors, the
containment field is fluctuating.

I don't know why the containment system
failed. I must have missed something.

- You think Dr. Wells killed Barry's
mom? - I don't know yet.

But I do know that
Wells keeps secrets.

And this may be one of them.

I got a plane to catch.

Come on, Clyde.

Damn it.

I think I got one of them.

- Your luck's gonna run out one day.
- You been telling me that since I was 10.

Because I've been taking care
of you since you were 10.

Look, it's gonna get choppy. You
might want to strap yourself in.

You just can't help
yourself, can you?

Oh, my God.



I never would've pegged you
as someone who likes to bowl.

This is one of my favorite places in the world.
One of the only sports I can destroy you at.

Okay, you think so, huh?

I am pretty sure, yeah.


Hi, guys.

Iris. Eddie. Hey.

What are you guys doing here?

We thought it would be fun.

Barry and I have been bowling here since
we were kids. Why don't you guys join us?


- We don't wanna interrupt your date.
- No, it's okay.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

It'll be fun.

So blame it on the night

Don't blame it on me

- Ha, ha. Do you smell that?
That's defeat. - You never told me...

you were such a big fan
of bowling. Sure, I have.

This is one of my favorite
places in the world.

Don't blame it on me

Hey-o! Ha, ha!

I am impressed, Allen.

I heard the owner is thinking of selling.
Maybe you could write a piece on the place?

Um, I'm still iffy on whether
bowling is an actual sport.

I've wondered the same.

Well, sport or hobby,
I am still better than you.

Well, I'm serious. With a
little bit of press...

the lanes could be designated
as, like, a landmark or something.

- Oh, Eddie, you're up, man.
- Oh, right.

Go get them, babe.

Recording start. Central City
coroner's report, File 28527.

The petechial hemorrhaging in the mucosa of
the lips and the interior of the mouth...

the strong odor of bleach, and the
presence of a postmortem ligature mark...

all suggest the decedent's
manner of death is...


- Can I help you?
- Yes, you can.

I wanna know who
killed Clyde Mardon.

He was shot by a cop
little over six months ago.

- And I want his name.
- That's privileged information.

I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.



The cop's name. Now.

I perform hundreds
of autopsies a year.

Perhaps this will
jog your memory.

- Buster Keaton. Guy was a genius.
- Yup.

- I can't believe you've never seen this.
- Must have been before my time.

I gotta make you
a must-see movie list, pronto.

Please do. While I am more than
happy to spend an evening...

watching old movies, Cisco, do you not
have your brother's dinner to attend?

Yeah, I was gonna ask Caitlin to come with
me, but then I got a much better idea.

- Which was?
- To not go at all.


- Things are not any better with your
family? - You're missing the movie.


Okay, I'm gonna be honest with you. Things
have actually been pretty fantastic...

since I stopped
seeing them so much.

Silent alarm has been tripped
at the Central City Morgue.

Why would anyone
wanna rob a morgue?

I gotta go. Emergency
at the morgue.

- Bye.
- See you at home.

Hey, Linda. Sorry,
I should go too.

They're gonna need someone from
the crime lab. I'll see you.

Well, um, that was fun.


Taxi! Taxi! Oh, come
on, I'm gonna be late.

- What's going on? What do you see?
- A dead body.

Barry, you're in a morgue. You're gonna
have to be more specific than that.

The coroner. He's dead.

- Mayor's made this high priority.
- Copy that, captain.


- My fianc? just bought me this.
- Yeah. I'm so sorry, captain.

- Just help Joe find out who did this.
- Mm-hm.

What's with all the water?

Did the sprinkler system go off
or something?

No, I checked all the
sprinklers. They're all intact.

But look at this.

- What is that, ice?
- Mm-hm.

The coroner has multiple
impact bruises on his torso...

all the size
of a tennis ball.

Judging by the amount
of ice and water...

I'm guessing he was killed
by hail. Hail. In here?

- Yeah.
- You think this was Snart?

No, his cold-gun
couldn't have done this.

Joe, we got something.

The coroner's office just installed
an automated dictation system.

Listen to this.

Please. No more.

I'll stop when you tell me.

- Stop.
- Who killed him?

- I know that voice. That's Mardon.
- I want a name.

- Clyde Mardon's dead. - It's not
Clyde. It's his brother, Mark.

It was Detective
West. He shot him.

Detective Joe West
killed your brother.

- And he will pay for what he did.
- No.

- So Clyde Mardon has a brother? - And
both brothers survived the plane crash...

and then the dark matter released from
the particle accelerator explosion...

affects them both
in virtually the same way.

Yeah, only Mark's powers
seem to be a lot more precise.

To be able to control the
weather like that indoors...

You'd have to be a
Weather Wizard. Ooh.

Been waiting since week one
to use that one. Mm!

- Trigeminal headache?
- What?

- Trigeminal headache. Brain freeze.
- Then why didn't you just call it brain freeze?

Guess running around a twister
in the opposite direction...

isn't gonna do
the trick this time.

I just remembered, during our
run-in with Mardon, Clyde Mardon...

I was tinkering with something to help
attract unbound atmospheric electrons.

Like a grounding mechanism?

Yes. The only way Mardon
can control the weather...

is if he can tap into the
atmosphere's natural electrical circuit.

And if we take away that
circuit, clear skies.

Singh's checking in. I gotta go.

- Yeah, I'll meet you at the station.
- Joe. We'll find Mardon. Don't worry.

I'm not worried at all.

Well, he's taking
being targeted...

by a revenge-seeking metahuman
rather well, I must say.

Don't worry, Barry.
Joe will be fine. I promise.

Yeah. No, I know.

I actually wanted to talk to you
about something else.

Look, last night, on my
way to the morgue...

I saw something.

- What did you see? - I was running
and I turned and I saw myself.

Or, I don't know, another Flash.
Running beside me.

- Interesting.
- Yeah. What do you think it was?

Could be an illusion, a mirroring
effect caused by wind shear and light.

A speed mirage, if you will.

It didn't seem like that.

It was...

He seemed real.

I'll tell you what...

let's focus on finding Mardon and once
he's safely contained in the pipeline...

we'll investigate this.

- Where we at?
- No one saw anything.

We're canvassing known associates,
seeing if he reached out to anybody.

- Maybe we can get a lead on where he is.
- Why don't we let Thawne do that?

Nobody knows the Mardon brothers
better than I do.

Chyre and I tracked them for
years. I know how they think.

Which is why you should coordinate
the investigation from here.


If you guys wanna keep that
smile on that pretty face...

she doesn't hear
about any of this.


- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey, Dad.

- Hi.
- Hey.

So, what are you
guys working on?

You got any good leads
for an honest reporter?

Uh, things are actually pretty
quiet around here right now.


Can you guys give me a minute?

Yeah, me and Barry
were gonna go grab lunch.

We were? Right. Yeah. Yeah.


Hey. Ever since last night,
you've barely said a peep.

What is going on?

I didn't like the way I felt
watching you and Barry last night.

Eddie, Barry, he's just...

Like family. I know.

And I know you two have a long history that
predates me. But, Iris, we live together.

You're my girlfriend.

And someday, hopefully,
you'll be more.

I don't like feeling like the odd man out
every time you and Barry are together.

- I shouldn't have to.
- Eddie...

Barry's always gonna be
a part of my life. - I get that.

But something's changed
between you two.

Whatever that is, I
am not okay with it.

Mm. I haven't had one of those
in way too long.

It felt appropriate.

So you want to talk about
what's been going on with you?

- What do you think is going on with me?
- You seem a bit cavalier...

considering what we're up against.
We aren't up against anything.

- Joe, come on.
- Look, I'm fine.

- Can we just change the
subject, please? - Sure.

- Actually, I could use some advice.
- About what?

- Uh, you know, just relationship stuff.
- Oh, you mean like with that girl Linda?

No, actually. Um, with Iris.

Because things between us have
gotten a little complicated. Again.

You're asking your adopted father for advice
about being in love with his daughter...

who just so happens
to be dating his partner?

- I know. I know.
- Things have gone way past complicated.

Sometimes me and Iris
have these moments...

and when I'm looking
into her eyes...

it's hard not to think that
she's feeling the same way I do.

Look, you already told
Iris how you feel.

So unless she comes out and
says she feels the same way...

all you can do is hold on to those
moments. Man, it is coming down.


It's another beautiful day here
in Central City. Not a cloud...


You're confined to the precinct
until Mardon's caught.

David, you said it, that son
of a bitch killed my partner.

And I'm not gonna lose you
the way I lost Fred Chyre.

Look, I can't stop you from being
pissed, Joe. But I can keep you safe.

Maybe your daughter
can contact the Flash.

I'm not getting her
involved in this.

Allen, make sure he
doesn't go anywhere.

I need to be out there.

Joe, you're always the first one to
tell me when I'm not thinking clearly.

I took down Clyde. I can take
down his dirtbag brother too.

You didn't do that
alone, remember?

You're right.

How are any of these guys
gonna protect me?

They don't know. They don't
know what Mardon's capable of.

All right, well, lucky for you,
your friends at S.T.A.R. Labs do.

"The Flash. Speeding
his way into our lives"?

That's a little on the
nose, don't you think?

I wanna show you something.

Simon Stagg. Remember him? Hasn't
been seen in, like, six months?

I thought the rumor was he was a recluse.
You know, went all Howard Hughes.

This was taken the night Stagg went missing.
The last person to leave Stagg Industries...

the night Stagg disappeared
was Harrison Wells.

- This doesn't prove anything, Mason.
- It's enough to develop a theory.

Every trail in this file leads
to one person: Harrison Wells.

Which is why I need for you to ask your
friends who know him some questions, Iris.



- Last night was fun.
- Mm-hm.

Oh, yeah.

Uh, look, I just
wanted to apologize.


Well, for interrupting your date with
Barry. I shouldn't have done that.

And I'm sorry.

You know, Iris...

when you told me that
Barry had feelings for you...

I thought it was just the typical
weird crap that women do to each other.

But last night I realized what you didn't
tell me, and what's kind of irritating...

is that you have
feelings for him too.

No, Linda, I mean,
it's not like that.

One thing you learn about people
when you work here, Iris...

it's usually what isn't said
that's the real story.

Sounded like something
was bothering you on the phone.

- Is everything all right?
- Yeah, it's fine.

- So the other night was fun, right?
- Yeah. Eddie have a good time?

- Yeah. Linda?
- I think so.

You don't think we
were too, you know...?

- No.
- Okay, good.

So the reason that I called you was
because my sort-of-advisor at the paper...

is always teaching me lessons, tricks
of the trade, how to get a good story.

And one of the things he's repeatedly
telling me is to follow your hunch.

- See where it leads.
- Sounds like good advice.

Yeah, it is.

Except, in this instance,
that hunch involves you.

Uh... Well, you can
ask me anything, Iris.

It's about Harrison Wells.

What about him?

I mean, a lot of strange things have been
happening in Central City this past year.

The Flash. The Burning Man.
People going missing.

He was there at Stagg's office
the night that Stagg went missing.

And you think that Dr. Wells
is what, responsible?

I mean, I don't really know him.
But you and your friends do.


Barry, in your
heart of hearts...

do you think it's possible
there's more to Harrison...

than people have
been led to believe?

Harrison Wells is a good man.

If you're looking for a story, then
you're not gonna find one with him.

I call it the Wizard's Wand.

- Subtle. How does it work? - Just
think of it like an active lightning rod.

Point it at the sky and it'll suck up whatever
energy's floating around it like a sponge.

- And it'll stop Mardon?
- It'll slow him down.

If there's no atmospheric
electrons available to him...

there's no way to control the
weather. Good work, Cisco. As always.

Excuse me. I'm gonna
go stretch my legs.

You okay? You seem a little off.

Yeah, uh, somebody at Picture
News got it into Iris' head...

that something suspicious
is going on with Dr. Wells.

Like what?

That he knows what happened
to Simon Stagg.

Nobody has heard from him or seen him
since the night I stopped Danton Black.

- What did you tell her?
- That she's wrong. And she is.

Keep this handy. It'll protect
you from Mardon's powers.

Yes, Cisco. I got it.

Hey, Joe. Um, I know you got
a lot going on right now...

but you mentioned Dr. Wells
might've had something to do...

with Barry's mother's murder.

- Why did you think that?
- Doesn't matter. I was wrong.

- But you seemed really sure of it. - Cisco,
I can't talk about this right now, okay?

I heard you were looking for me.

Here I am.

- Mardon.
- Hey, Joe.

I can call you Joe, can't I?

Figured we don't gotta be too formal, seeing
as you put two bullets in my brother's chest.

Your brother killed my partner and
a whole lot of innocent people.

And threatened to
kill even more.

Yeah, Clyde was no saint,
but he was family.

And if you can't protect your family,
the least you can do is avenge them.

This is between us.

Nobody else needs to get hurt.

But they are gonna get hurt.

- Joe!
- No.

I'm not gonna be so
easy to put down, Joe.

Take him down!

No, run!




All right, Cisco,
I'm heading home.


All right, fine, I will watch every
episode of The Walking Dead with you.


You couldn't have stopped Mardon
from attacking the police station.

It's not your fault.

No, that's not it.

- What do you think of Dr. Wells?
- What do you mean?

I mean, do you think he's
capable of doing something bad?

Is this because of what
Barry said he heard?

Since the accelerator exploded,
there's always someone...

who's got it in for Dr.
Wells. It's more than that.

Joe said that maybe Dr. Wells was somehow
involved in Barry's mother's death.

In her murder.

That's absurd.

Yeah, I know. And
that's what I said.

And we proved that
that wasn't the case, but...

I'm just saying,
some things aren't adding up.

Like what, for example?

Come here. Look at this.

When we trapped the

he escaped because the
containment system failed.

But I checked that
data three times.

And the super-capacitors were
fully charged when he got out.

The numbers don't add up, Caitlin. No reason
the containment system should have failed.

I'm sure there's
a perfectly good explanation.

One perfectly good explanation is
that Wells did something to the trap.

Are you suggesting that Dr. Wells is in
league with the man in the yellow suit?

I mean, we all saw that thing
nearly kill him that night.

Yeah. Nearly.

Cisco, what you're saying doesn't
make any sense. That's crazy.

Can you keep Wells out of
S.T.A.R. Labs tomorrow morning?

Thank you, Barry.


This isn't how I thought I'd
finally meet David's coworkers.

He speaks very highly of you.


David's all bark.

A very loud bark. Heh.

- How is he, doctor?
- We're stabilizing him.

He's experiencing some paralysis
in his lower extremities.

- Oh, my God.
- The hardest thing to gauge...

is the extent of his
neurocognitive deficits.

So he may not be the same person
you remember.

Can I see him?

I am sorry. Visitation's
for family only.

Being his fianc? makes
him family, doctor.

Ah. Sure.

Will he be able to
return to the force?

I'm actually not sure
he'll be able to walk again.

- Where are you going?
- I need to end this.

- Not by yourself.
- Yes, by myself.

I know him. I can find him. I don't
want anybody else getting hurt.

- Especially Iris and you.
- Iris is fi...

Mardon said he was going to avenge
his brother. That goes beyond me.

It goes all the way to you
and her. You stay with Iris...

and you keep her safe.

Do not leave her side.

Yeah, all right.

Hey, have you seen Iris West?

She went to see her dad.

- You're Barry Allen, right?
- Yeah.

Her friend/brother. Or
is that brother/friend?

- Friend is fine.
- I'm Mason Bridge.

Ah. You're the guy who thinks
Harrison Wells is a mad genius.

Oh, no, no, no. I never said he was crazy.
He's a sociopath and a liar, for sure.


You don't see it?

- All the time you two spend together?
- Excuse me?

Sometimes when I'm bored,
I follow him around.

For the most part, he
keeps to himself...

except when he's meeting
with you, which he does a lot.

And then, one time,
he met up with Simon Stagg.

And then, poof, no
more Simon Stagg.

So you're saying
Wells knows where Stagg is?

No, I'm saying Wells killed him.


All right. Even if I believed
you, which I don't...

he's in a wheelchair. How
could he possibly have done that?

I have evidence in a secure digital
file that will explain everything.

What evidence?

Well, you'll just have to read about it
in the Sunday paper, like everybody else.

Let's see if you can tell me what
really went wrong that night.



Eddie. You shouldn't be here.

And you shouldn't be chasing
after Mardon alone, partner.

Did you find anything?

Not yet, but this was an old Mardon
brothers hideout about six years ago.

So it's a long shot, but...

- Listen, Eddie...
- Save it. I'm not leaving.

Hey, have you heard from Dad?
He's not answering his cell.

Uh, no. I haven't talked to him.

I'm starting to worry about him.

What are you doing
home so early?

Um, I was looking for you, actually.
I just met your friend Mason.

And he said that he had...

some kind of proof
that Dr. Wells did something.

Do you know what it is?

No, he hasn't told me.

All right.

So how are things
going with Linda?

- Why do you say it like that?
- Like what?

Like how you used to always say
"Becky Cooper."

Oh, come on. Becky Cooper...

was a nightmare of a high school girlfriend.
And you should've never dated her.

Okay, so you're saying that
Linda is Becky material?

I mean, I wouldn't go that far.

She's hot and nice and smart...

and she is really good
at her job. I just...

I don't think that she's
the right one for you.

Then who is?


I don't understand.

This doesn't make any sense.

Somebody was here very recently.

He left this here for me.

Where to next?


Small miracle
you only broke the one leg, Joe.

The night I got sucked
out of my plane...

I broke almost
every bone in my body.

That was excruciating.

At least you got a small taste
of what that felt like.

Still, I guess you'll never know
what it really feels like to be God.

That's what your brother said
to me right before I killed him.

I don't need these
powers to end your life.

Then do it. That's what you
came here for, isn't it?

An eye for an eye.

Oh, Joe.

I want so much more than an eye.

I forget how important it is...

to step away from my
ever-present routine. Thank you.

This morning has been a
refreshing change of pace.

You can have more than two hard-boiled
eggs for breakfast, Dr. Wells.

What can I say?
I guess I'm a creature of habit.

Sorry, I believe
these were to go.

Actually, I thought we could
sit here and enjoy them.

Why not?

We've seen what Mardon can do.

But do not forget,
he is not invincible.

- He's still a man.
- I can't believe this.

- At best, a criminal.
- We'll find him.

- And we will find this dirtbag...
- Hey.

Look at me, all right?

I promise, I'll bring
him back to you.

- Whatever you need to do...
- Okay.

I need you all to scour
this city until we find Joe.

Move out.


I have your father.

He's a little broken,
but still alive.

If you want him to stay that way,
come to the waterfront, south side.

Oh, and, Iris.

You tell the police,
your father's dead.

She's on her way.

He has my dad.

If I tell anyone, he'll kill him.
He wants to meet at the waterfront.

- All right, I'm coming with you.
- Okay.

Let's go.

- Barry. Um, can I talk to you
for a second? - Hey.

Linda, I'm sorry. I
really can't right now.

- Of course not.
- Look, it's not like that.

It's an emergency. I
have to go right now.

You know, Dr. Wells, I just...

I wanna thank you again for all
that you've done for Ronnie.

One thank-you will
suffice, I'm sure.

You know, Caitlin...

if Cisco were to adjust the
radial velocity parameters...

of the S.T.A.R.
Labs satellite...

we might be able to better
detect the vortex of a storm.

If we could detect
those air updrafts...

no matter where they
originate, no matter how small...

we might be able
to locate Mark Mardon.

That's a great idea.

So why don't we go to
S.T.A.R. Labs and alert Cisco?

Let me just get these to go.

Hi. Could I get
these in to-go cups?

Sure, just a second.

My goals are beyond
your understanding.

Dr. Wells, we meet at last.

My goals are beyond
your understanding.

I can't believe this.

Oh, I'm not like
the Flash at all.

Some would say I'm the Reverse.

Congratulations, Joe.
You're my plus-one today.

Front-row seats to watch everyone and
everything you ever loved destroyed.

Pretty girl too.

Such a shame.

Please, she's my daughter.

- Clyde was my brother.
- He's a thief...

and a murderer.
She's an innocent girl.

She'll pay for the sins
of her father, then.

They'll all pay.

You're incredibly clever, Cisco.

I've always said so.

You're him.

The Reverse-Flash.

You and I have never been truly
properly introduced.

I am Eobard Thawne.


Like Eddie.

Let's call him a
distant relative.

The night that we trapped
the Reverse-Flash...

you almost died.


There were two of you.

It's an afterimage.

A speed mirage, if you will.

Joe was right.

You were there that
night 15 years ago.

In Barry's house.

You killed Nora Allen.

It was never my
intention to kill Nora.

I was there to kill Barry.


You're his friend. You've
been teaching him how to...

Go faster. I know.
A means to an end.

And I'll tell you why.

Because I have
been stuck here...

marooned here in this place
for 15 long years.

And the Flash...

and the Flash's speed...

is the key...

to my returning to my world.

To my time.

And no one is going to
prevent that from happening.

I can help you.

You're smart, Cisco.

But you're not that smart.

Do you know...

how hard it has been to keep all
of this from you, especially from you?

Because the truth is...

I've grown quite fond of you.

And in many ways,
you have shown me...

what it's like to have a son.

Forgive me.

But to me, you've been
dead for centuries.

- What do we do?
- He'll find us.

Oh, my God.

You need to get out of here. Get
as far away from here as possible.

- I'm not leaving.
- Please.

Listen. Since the night
you told me how you felt...

I have not been able
to stop thinking about you.

At first, I was really mad.

Then I realized that the reason I
couldn't stop thinking about you...

was because I didn't want to.

I've never stopped
thinking about you.

- Caitlin.
- Barry, I need to talk to you.

- It's Dr. Wells. He's...
- No time for that right now, all right?

There is a tsunami
heading for the city.

How do I stop it?

Theoretically, if you can create a vortex
barrier along the coastline, a wall of wind...

that would sap the tidal wave
of its energy...

before it hits the city.
By running back and forth.

How fast?

I don't know if you
can run that fast.

I am so sorry.

I didn't want you to
find out this way.


Taxi! Taxi! Oh, come
on, I'm gonna be late.

Oh, boy.