The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - In love in Portofino - full transcript

After shooting the opening of the second season, Chiara leaves for Sanremo with her coach who tests her with some fun challenges. Finally, it is time for some romance: the couple celebrate the fourth wedding anniversary in Portofino.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I thought I'd give you
a written assignment.

It's closely connected with the fact
that your long-term goal,

as a couple and as a family,
is not only to stay together,

but also to get better over time,
like good wine.

-Mom, we'll do...


The theme song.

-Then I want to see it.
-Of course we'll see it.

Getting better,

not only as human beings, but as a couple.

-Two yo-yos.
-Two yo-yos.

There are two of them.

Either you save each other

and you each open up to the fact
that the other saves you

from your wounds and insecurities...

No, hey.


I's not a ball, sweetie.

I'll show you.


It should be written down, mind you.

There are four questions.

You can look at them now.

We'll focus on one at a time as we talk.

-Ready, guys?

Three, two, one, go!

It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge
The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid

And the show begins

Great! Nice!


And the song?

All ready.


-So good.

I want to see it!

The Ferragnez!

Can you play it again?

-Very nice.

Now, now.

-Well done, everyone.
-Good job.

Let's start with the first question.

"What helps you feel safe

"when talking about
something that upsets you?"

Chiara, you replied,
"When he is calm, welcoming,

"and seems interested."

It doesn't matter
that you're really interested.

It's enough to seem interested.

And she added, "Noticing the changes."

What gives me security in our relationship
is seeing that he is interested

in changing certain things that bother me,

at least in part.

We're moving in that direction, I think.

Yes, we got much better.


Federico, you answered,


Great! Nice!


Explain it in your own words

You understand the problem,
but it may not be a big deal to you.

It could be an issue
that is more important to me

than to you.

So, try to empathize with my twisted mind

and understand that
these problems are a big deal to me.

Once you know that she also understands

that, for you,
those problems are enormous,

what happens?

I feel understood, like she gets me.

Perfect. So, there's a sense of relief
as you don't feel alone anymore.


It's exactly what you said, Chiara.

It's the same thing.

Let's go!

I'm going to pick up my son from school.

Taking the bike is boring.

I'd forgotten about the bike.

It's a bore going uphill.

Come on, please, go!

I still have to learn how this works.

What the hell? Every time.

It should go by itself.

But it doesn't! Fuck.

I don't understand this fucking bike.

Let's go, Tambo.

Watch out, kid.

Careful, kids.

That's the new horn.

Let's go.

Come, sweetie.

Wow. You're huge.


Leone's character is similar to mine.
I can't define it.

Shall we?

It's not green yet, sweetie.

He's touchy, very sensitive.

It's green.


Look, I'm driving.

Well done, sweetie.

He's fearful, but I'm aware
of the fact that he's growing up.

Slow down, Dad.

Here we go!

Here we are.


-Good morning.

-Nice to meet you.
-My pleasure, Antonella Veltri.

When I decided to co-host Sanremo,

I chose to donate my fee to charity.

I want to give
more visibility to the different forms

of violence against women.

We met the president of this organization.

The DiRe Association, which I represent... the biggest national network
of anti-violence centers.

We need to convey our message

to more age, social,
and cultural brackets.

We obviously need economic resources,

because we welcome
over 1,000 women a year.

Talking about what we'd like to do...

We should spread the word.

Absolutely, create awareness.

I'd like to donate my Sanremo fee.

-I appreciate it.
-No problem.

It's something I've always wanted to do.

My help doesn't have to be only monetary.

-Thank you.
-Have a good trip.

I'll talk about it,
to try to help many more women.

In preparation for Sanremo,

I've decided to ask a few
professionals to help me,

because it's a new journey for me.

-Hi. Federico.

Let's start.

-My God.

Studying makes me less anxious.

Tell me, without moving your hands,
who you are and what you do.


My name is Chiara Ferragni.

I'm 35.

I can describe what I do by saying

that I'm a digital entrepreneur.

I have a clothing line.

We're a talent agency
and we represent my family and myself.

I'm also a consultant for companies.

Stop. You told me. Good.

But you speak too fast.

Yes. I speak superfast.

You're too fast.

-I'm long-winded. Yes.
-And on TV, it doesn't sound good.

You should be slower.

In today's lesson,

I learnt that I should speak more slowly.

So, all confessionals will be like this
from now on.

I've never hosted a TV program before.

So I should be as prepared as possible.

The fact that I had never visited
the Ariston filled me with great anxiety.

So I thought, "I should go.
I should see the stage, see the space."

My God! It's beautiful!

-Good morning. Hi, Fede.
-Good morning.

-Chiara, hi.
-My sister.

-Chiara, hi.

We're very happy you're here with us.

We'll open the doors for you.

I'll tell you the story on the way.

I wanted to see it
so I wouldn't be too nervous.

Or else, I won't be able to enjoy it.


Good morning. Excuse me. How beautiful!

Our father built this theater
from 1950 to 1955.


The Ariston is like a battery.

It channels the energy from the audience,

and sends it back to the stage.

They say it's a magical stage.

Many people's lives changed here.


It's an honor to be here.

-I'm so excited today.
-I can tell.

You feel you're part of the history
of Italian music and entertainment.

-We're entering the stage.
-The stage is there.

From here,
you'll start feeling more anxious.



-I'm going.

-From here.
-This way.


And then...

Ladies and gentlemen, Chiara Ferragni.

My God!

The most important stage in Italy,

and the most important TV show in Italy.

Ladies and gentlemen!

This! This is it!

And I'm here to co-host it.
So no pressure at all.

-Let's do this.

Let's add an audience.

Maria is there.

I'll introduce Chiara Ferragni.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
I'm Chiara Ferragni.

-And the applause begins.
-Okay. I'll do...

No, not like that.

I don't know what to say yet,
but it'll be like this,

"Ladies and gentlemen.

"Good evening and welcome
to the 73rd Festival of Italian songs"

or "Sanremo Festival"?

They'll tell me what to say,

what sounds better.

You'll be here at the side
while introducing the singers.

The singer will be there.

-Remember the outline?

-Lyrics by Davide Simonetta.

-Is this good? Isn't it too slow?



Conducting the orchestra
is Maestro Beppe Vessicchio,

with A dream is a wish your heart makes,

performed by Tananai!

Go! That's it.


I'd like to be very genuine at Sanremo.

I won't take myself too seriously.

But I'd also like to talk
about important topics.

I hope I succeed.

Tell them something.

Sometimes, I'll distract you

because around you

there'll be people moving, making noise.

A little distraction is normal.

Okay, I'll tell you
about one of the worst New Year's Eves

of my entire life.

I was in Yucatán with friends.

You wanted the green card, say it.


-Come on. Resist.
-Fuck. Okay.

On December 31,
they took us to see Chichén Itzá.

They told us the story of these pyramids.

Then they told us
we could go inside the pyramid.

-Be precise.
-I was so excited.

I said, "Guys, let's do this,
it's an experience!"

-But no one...
-Show off.

No one wanted to do it.

Because they all wanted to go
to this useless hotel for dinner.

So, I fought with everyone.

And I got so drunk,

-it made me sad.

-Now you don't have any friends.
-I still have them.

Don't talk to me, Chiara.

Everybody would come
to take pictures with me, drunk, crying.

And you keep working.

It was a wonderful New Year's Eve.

End it. Good.

-It's difficult, shit.
-Don't kill me.

We joke around

because if you can manage this,
you can manage anything.

What do you want to know about Chiara?

Your other great stage experience
was Fedez's proposal.

-Wanna tell us about it?

Fede and I had been going out
for about nine months.

I had organized two days of celebrations

for my 30th birthday.

Fede had a concert in Verona.

Verona, show me your heart.

He calls me on the stage.

I go up, very tense,

thinking, "He'll sing a song for me."

We don't need rings to hold us together

A very sweet song.

I was only thinking one thing.

"See, I was right."

In that moment...

Slow. Meaning that it's all on hold now.


He kneels.


And pulls out a ring.

And I was shocked.

I kept telling him, "Are you crazy?"

I didn't even say yes at first.

Then he comes, kisses me and asks,
"Does that mean yes?"

And I tell him,
"Yes, yes. Shit, it means yes!"

-It was...
-Find an ending or no applause.

In the end, love triumphed.


Hot kiss.


-I'll smash it on your head.
-No, honey.

Second point.

"Your hopes and dreams with your partner?"

Chiara, you answered,

"Serenity, seeing him happy,

"and both of us being happy
in the relationship."

Federico, you answered,

"A happy and serene future,

"and teamwork."

You're not so different.


Third point.

"What are you not contributing enough to?"

Chiara says,
"I can't understand when I'm wrong.

"I object a lot."

Federico says, "Everything."

No, that was a joke.

It's this phase, this period.

-You're very beautiful.
-You too.

"I'm a bit disconnected lately."

"I'm keeping myself isolated."

Chiara, you say, "I object a lot."

I mean, I find it difficult
to see when I'm wrong

because I also make mistakes
in the relationship

and in the way I relate to him.

I say things that upset him

and I don't realize I'm doing it.

Look how nice the sea is today.

So nice.

So, that's what you do wrong.

You don't share your vulnerability

in the relationship.

You don't make Federico feel

that you need him the way he needs you.

You need each other.

You chose each other. You must,
forgive the term, use each other.

I mean that in every sense of the word.

Look how bright it is.

-Well done, Fedez!
-Hello, madam. Thank you.


-Happy anniversary.
-Thank you.

September 1, 2022.

We're in Portofino
to celebrate our fourth anniversary.

So beautiful.

It was a dream come true for me
to have dinner at Castello Brown.

"Brown castle" didn't sound good.

It had to be more international.

-I've never been here. You?
-Me? With my ex.

Ladies first.

-Good evening. Welcome.

-It's so dreamy.

-I'll accompany you.

It's the best view
of the entire port of Portofino.

Very nice, very romantic.

To four marvelous years together.

-A poet.

Don't drink,
I want to say something romantic.

-I love you so much.

Thank you.

Sorry, what year is it?


A great year for hip-hop.

It's my favorite joke.

You said it at one of our first dates,
if not the first one.

But I laughed too.

We celebrated
our first anniversary in Portofino.

It was our first time here together.

It's a very magical place for us.

Shall we start?

-Should I start cooking?

Slowly. Okay.

It's the best place to see Portofino.

I'd say so.

Really amazing.


It took you four years to bring her here.

-God, you scared me.
-Like a voice-over.

I got scared.

So theatrical. What an entrance.

What a great entrance. How are you?

Very well.

And this is a wonderful place.

Yes, it's good to be here.

Every year, expectations...

-Get higher.
-They levitate. Grow.

We have an equal say.

We take turns.

Okay. Whose turn was this?

This was hers, I think.

No, if it weren't, we'd be in Rozzano.

-Stop it.
-I'm kidding.

If you're ready, I'll have you sit down.

-Let's sit.

Thank you so much.

First, we have coleslaw, Liguria-style.

-Is that okay?


-Thank you, see you.

-Cracco is nice.

He always makes me feel at home.

Let's do the coleslaw first.

Here we are, after six years.

We went through so much.

Point four. "What do you love most
about Federico, Chiara?"

"What do you love most
about Chiara, Federico?"

"And what do you do to remind yourself
about that when you're hurt?"

Chiara says, "He's my home.

"He's the person I chose
and that I'd always choose."


Now I want to hear yours.

I wrote something nice, but...

Not so beautiful.

Federico says,

"Her love for life."

-Want to do Lady and the Tramp?

"Her positivity.

"Her desire to get better every day.

"Stop to think and remember."

So, you're saying...

-I must remember these things.
-You should make an effort

to remember.

This part is nice for both of you.

Because you, Federico,
made a crucial point.

"I must stop to think and remember..."

-Hi. I'm here, too.

Hi, precious!

Are you in love?

We're in love, honey.

All day?

All day, honey. Yes. It's a job.

Look, Vitto says hi. Hi.

You must experiment and strengthen
your relationship as much as possible

so you know you can get there,

and reach that level of involvement,
that openness.

Learn to be emotional in a positive sense

and see the beauty of life.

Saying, "I love you, Daddy,"
or, "I love you, Mommy"

may seem trivial,

until you realize
you could lose them forever.

-Bye, sweeties. See you later.

So take in what happened
over the last year,

and maintain that perspective

as a couple and as a family.

And perhaps for a long, long time.

Even your whole life.

I got you something stupid, but cute.

It says, "Let's French-kiss." Nice!

It's the first thing you said to me.

A bracelet? It's a necklace. Beautiful.

Put it under your shirt
or you'll look like a jerk.

Under your shirt. But it's nice.

I'll introduce you to my cousin.

No. Put it under your shirt now.

It doesn't look good.

I need to tell you a couple of things.

It's gold.


So nice. It's all very nice, honey.


It's beautiful!

-It's a cake.

So beautiful!

Inside the Portofino bay.

It's crazy.

Is it all edible?


-We always do simple things for you.

-It was easy.

I wish you the best.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, bye.

No, don't bother.

-Thank you.
-I'll get up.

Thanks for everything.

All my best wishes.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

The evening went very well.

It was very beautiful, romantic.

-For this great event,

I'm doing the confessional
sitting up, not lying down.

Lucky us!

I got you a mini surprise.

-Are you crying?
-My heart is racing.

I'm tense.

-Shall I?



"Hi, honey.

"The other day
I remembered the best moments

"of our wedding four years ago.

"The first that came to mind
was the vows."

I promise to love you forever,
completely and proudly.

More than anyone else, you pushed me
to believe in the impossible.


I can't promise I'll always be on time,

but I promise that,
even if I'm late, I'll always be there.

I love you so much.

"This past year was our most challenging."


"The diagnosis was unexpected
and stopped everything.

"But my only goal
was to give you strength.

"I was scared of losing you
and having to imagine life without you.

"I knew it pained you to look at our kids,

"because you thought those could be
our last moments together."

-I'll see you in a few days. Okay?

"I shared this worry with you."

"I promised myself

"that if we had another chance,
we wouldn't waste it.

"And that's what we're doing."

Look what I did.

"I'm proud of the changes
we're making to get better."

Where are the dishes?

I asked you that
as it makes me uncomfortable.

Talk to Baruh by yourself.

Did I break it?

-I just want to be better.
-But you can make it.


"I notice every detail.

"Every nice word or bit of attention,

"every time you open up
and let me into your world.

"Thank you for six wonderful years.

"You're my home, my family, forever."


-Thanks. I love you.
-I love you too.

I have a little surprise for you.

I'd like to thank
the most important person

who's been close to me
during this time, my wife.


I love you so much.

-Hi, Mommy!
-Hi, honey!

A hug for Daddy, too.

And Vittoria is born.

Look, so small.

-So small.

-Your little sister Vittoria.

-Try touching her.
-I'm looking at her.

-Hi, Mommy!
-Hi, honey!

You're stunning.

Now you should say, "You too, love."

-You're handsome to me.
-I know, thanks.

How about that

It's nice here.

We could make out, my love.

We don't make out much, right?

-Not true.
-We do it too little.

-Let's do it more, then.
-It's your lip gloss.

That's why.


-You're all oily.
-It's not true!

I kissed your lips, you're oily.

-Here, you're oily.
-I'm not.

Want to French-kiss me well?

Take the handkerchief,
remove this layer of frosting.

No, honey! More. It's still there.

I removed it, how the hell...

The things you must do to French-kiss.

-Is it normal?

She's full of stuff.

It's lip gloss and lip balm.
Who doesn't wear them?

I don't.

Romance never dies.

Come on, let's go make a third one.