The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - With a little help... - full transcript

During a session with the psychotherapist, Fedez opens his heart. Despite the difficulties, the couple never loses sight of the right causes gives voice to hidden realities. Chiara prepares for Sanremo and asks Simona Ventura for ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hand to the sky!

Higher! Higher!

From our hearts, Milan!

We are out!

Thank you so much, everyone!

After the illness,
I think I should be feeling better,

but I don't feel like
I've become a better person.

Are you feeling a little off?

Well done.

-Well done.
-Was it good?


-I want a beer.
-I'll get you one.

-Get me a beer now.
-Make that two.

I've lost track a bit.

Chiara, want to remind him?

You know what it was
that made him feel better?

Well, the fact that, I think...

He realized what he could have lost

and that he had things
to prove to himself.

He had to get back in shape,

to do this concert he wanted to do.

It was so good. The crowd went wild!

I have goose bumps.

I finally enjoyed all of it.

Great. I still need to process it.

Okay. Dear Ferragnez.

-Bye, Ale.
-Good night.

We'll talk tomorrow.
After processing I'll be more...

I'll text you at 7:30 a.m.,

so I'll make up
for not texting this morning. Bye.

-Bye, bro.

You worked on several projects
in the last few months.

Yes, but it didn't seem like enough.

I don't feel like I'm a better person.

I mean, fucking hell.
Why does everyone say

that after an illness,
they're better people and I'm not?


It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge
The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid

And the show begins


Welcome to my new office.

I'm a ventriloquist.

Can you see how good I am?
I don't move my lips at all.

Okay, I'll give you a tour of my office
with great enthusiasm.

Can you add a light rainfall
of golden stars while I do the tour?

Here are the bathrooms.
This is a recording room.

It's a new studio that I designed.

That's not true, I didn't design it,
but I like saying that.

This is where the magic happens.

I wanted to renovate my office
because my mom had decorated it

with a style I like to call,
"A stationery store for the colorblind."

-This office is ugly.
-It looks like a nursery.


Yes, a nursery.

-With a blackboard...
-It's horrible.

It's pretty terrible.

This hallway is inspired by the old Milan.

But I've decided to decorate it
like an accountant's office.

Here is where people work
and I come daily to say hello to them,

to motivate them
and give them the strength every day.

It's not true, I never come.

If we listen to how you feel inside,
what do you notice?

I feel empty.

You feel empty.

A little restless? What would you call it?


Let's go deeper.

-Maybe sadness.
-Okay. Sadness about what?

-I don't know!
-Slow down, take time to think.

I'm just not enjoying life.

"I'm sad because I'm not enjoying life."

You lost track,
but the track is next to you.

Hold her hands, both of them.

-Like this?
-Yes, like that. Comfortably.

Explain to her what you feel
when you feel this sadness.

I feel like shit.

I feel like I didn't improve
as a human being.

And I just want to be better.

I just want to be better. That's it.

Look into her eyes.
See that she's not scared of your sadness.

She's not judging you for this.
She's there with you.

I'm sorry.

But you can make it.

I'm not very stimulated.

But you're doing so much for charity.

Great, guys, 400,000 euros!

Not too bad.

I'm sorry.


Shit. I didn't want to be seen
in my underwear.

Today, I'm going to the TOG foundation
to see the kids

and hand over the check from the concert
after so many months of hard work,

but mostly to see the kids,
as I haven't been there in a while.

-Where is it?

I'm meeting Simona Ventura today,

because I wanted to ask her
for advice, woman to woman,

since she hosted a Sanremo Festival.

-How beautiful!

Hi, Simona. These are for you.

-Thank you.
-How are you?

Since I have this new role,
I'd be happy to get advice

from a woman like her.

Hi, Fabio. Welcome.

I love all your photos! So beautiful.

Thank you for thinking of me!

Well, you're the only person
I wanted to meet.

-Thank you!
-I need your advice.

It's a different role,
one of the most important ever.

You've been one of the few women
in Sanremo's history to do this.

-Three or four times.

It was a path I chose despite it being
an almost impossible feat.

Because in 2004, record companies
decided to stay away from Sanremo.

It was all up-and-coming talent.

Yes, mostly young talent.

Especially, our year
was when we did all the duets.

The famous duets with the old guard.

We did it out of necessity,

because starting with unknown names
on the first evening...

It was five evenings. It was tough.

I lost a kilogram per evening.


-Because of stress and anxiety?

You were brave to make that choice.

For sure.

I think you did the right thing
by saying yes

because I think that after hearing "no"
so much, it's about time.

Yes, at first, I thought I didn't have...
I mean...

It would have been difficult
to bring my message to Sanremo.

But now, I think we can do a good job.

Since they announced it so early,

I thought, "We have time
to prepare this year."

It's worth it to accept the challenge,
a challenge that still scares me,

because I've never hosted.

I like that she is a strong woman,
a real professional

and she's always supported other women.
I really relate to her.

In all the shows I do,

I memorize the first minute.


It's good advice,
so you're prepared when you get there.

I think my mind will go blank.

That's my fear.

Just like me.

Do you get calmer by the evening?

Yes, because they announce your name,
"Chiara Ferragni!"

-Oh, my God.
-The lights, the stairs.

What do you think people expect?

-People will be curious.
-That's for sure.

The press expects to say,

"The Ms. Ferragni on TV is not
like the Ms. Ferragni on the Internet."

But it's an experience
that you must embrace with curiosity.

You'll do great on TV.
I know you'll be great.

-You think so?
-Yes, absolutely.

Thank you for the womanly advice.

I love you, Chiara.

-So much!
-Thank you!

Chiara, always believe in yourself,
never give up.

TOG is the pride and joy of all of Italy.

-We did it, landed on the moon!


It's a place to be proud of.

It deserves the spotlight.

-Hi, Federico. Nice to meet you.

Hi, how are you? How is it going?

-All good? Hi.

-I'm Federico.
-Tell him your names.

-What's your name?

Your name is Lorenzo?

You have beautiful eyes, Lorenzo.

-What's your name?


I'm cultivating the desire
to involve my kids

in my initiatives

so that when they're old enough,
they can understand and be helpful.

-You're the best Fedez.

I'm the best Fedez?

I want them to be an integral part
of their father's charity initiatives.

I want this family to be a team,
so to speak.

Life without love will never...

Will never be good
Because I can't say...

You're great.

-To Nicola.
-Where's the pen?

This is my signature. A crazy signature.

I've seen a few episodes of The Ferragnez.

Do you like it?

-Yes, I like it.
-Okay, good. I was worried you didn't.

It was wonderful today.

Helping others, doing charity work,
makes me feel good.

What makes you feel bad
in this moment in your life?

I feel guilty, because...

I didn't do enough.

You should find what stimulates you.

Chiara has experience of changing things
she didn't like about herself.

She has a decade-long experience
in changing parts of herself

that she doesn't like.

Even now, I have moments when...

Tell him, Chiara.

There are times when
I have this feeling of anxiety too,

without knowing where it's coming from,

but you must strive to do things
that you know will make you feel better.

Just do them.

Because these changes come step by step
and they are choices.

You start seeing things differently
when you have tried them

and they make you feel a certain way.

I'm doing things I've never done

and it stimulates me,
it tells me, "Wow, I'm getting better."

For me, it's always been important
to find projects

that can help people.



-Marina, hi.

Chiara, it's a pleasure.

My focus this year has been women
and the LGBTQ+ community.

Thank you.

Because what I do on social media
is clear, but it's not enough.

Here we have services
that deal with anti-discrimination.

We try to understand their needs
and challenges, and then accompany them.

So, whoever has a problem
comes here for help.

Yes, we do some interviews
and then they enter the home.

Do you get many requests?

Yes, especially young people, I'd say,
between the ages of 19 and 23.

To our great surprise,
particularly people who are transitioning.

Yes, of course.

The topic of transsexuality
is even more difficult.

What are the challenges families have
in accepting these changes?

I believe that parents are afraid

that the transition may make
their children suffer.

I think about my journey.

When you're a kid,
they tell you that you should study,

go to uni, get a girlfriend, get married.

-Have kids.
-Yes, kids.

But then you realize,
"Okay, but I'm not like that.

"Will I disappoint my parents?
Will I make them suffer?"

-This was my experience.

It's often like that.

It's shared by many.

We're going to Rainbow House.
How old is it?

-Started in 2019.
-In 2019.

They're people who've been
disowned by their families.

Yes. They experienced
complete abandonment.

"You're not good. We'll throw you out."

So you also help them
reenter the job market.

We set goals.

One has to actively try
to take back control of their lives.

Rainbow House
is a beautiful Milanese reality.


Where people who are not accepted
by their own family,

many of them transitioning,

are welcomed and supported
in their studies and professional lives.


Who lives in this apartment?

-Us three.
-Mariah, Samantha and Vanessa.

-Czeslaw is a man now...
-On his way.

On his way to his future.

I've been here for a year, basically.

How was this experience?

I came here from Puglia.

Basically, I came
just to be in Rainbow House.

It's been a nice journey,

because there are people
who worked with me throughout.

Obviously, once you're on your way,

they let you do your own thing
to see how you do.

I found a job.

What would you like to do?

I've always dreamt of working in fashion.

I like to wear impeccable outfits. Always.

-You're preaching to the choir.
-We understand perfectly.

-Samantha, what would you like to do?
-What's your dream?

-Be a beautician.
-What about you, Vanessa?

-I haven't decided what do when I grow up.
-We haven't either, don't worry.

No one knows what to do when they grow up.

-I didn't know. Did you?
-No. And I didn't think...

Absolutely not.

I didn't imagine this would become my job.

It's a step-by-step journey.
You follow your passion, do what you like.

You get an opportunity
that you may or may not take.

New things come from that, it's a process.

I wish you all the best for your journey.

I hope it'll get easier.
It's what we all hope for.

We'll see you soon.

It's nice to see that you can help.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

It feels good to meet people
who know they can rely on you for support.


I think that family and home
are the foundation of our existence.


-Good morning.
-Hi, Mariah. Hi, Marina.

-Thank you.

When you get pushed away by your family
you need a different kind of support.

We've invited you here
because we were impressed by you

and your passion for fashion.

-Your enthusiasm.
-Your enthusiasm.

And your personality which really shines.

We wanted to offer you a job.



We want to give you this chance
because we think you deserve it.

It'll be your first
work experience, right?

-Your first.

Let's just say she comes
from a difficult situation,

where she experienced problems.

Job interviews that don't go well.

There's always a conflict

because they see that my gender
is not the one on the document.

-I missed many chances.

-Oh, my God.
-And it's awful.

We thought, "Let's give her a chance."

It's not because you can't find a job,
but because we believe in you.

So, from now on, you'll have to show us
if what we saw in you was true.

-I'm sure you won't disappoint us.
-I won't disappoint you.

Oh, my God.

-I'm so excited.
-Me, too.

Chiara, you're doing a million things.

How are things with Federico?

I don't know, in our couple dynamics

it's mostly about his problems,
because they are more evident

and I'm used to them,
like I did with my family,

I must rely only on myself to solve them.

It's not easy, but I manage, you know?

I'm used to not burdening people
with my feelings,

even the negative ones.

When I say something,
I'm afraid he thinks I'm too sensitive.

Too emotionally heavy, or something.

-See how much she projects on you?

Chiara is telling you,

"When I feel this tension,
I don't talk about it,

"because in my mind, you're already
attacking, criticizing, demeaning me."

It's possible that I may have done that
on some occasions.

So, Federico, it should be clear
why Chiara wants to help people

who need help
when the world kicks them out.

It's as if she's telling you,

"Federico, let me feel loved,
not just when I'm a diva,

"but when I'm a frightened kid,
when I'm paranoid.

"Let me feel loved."

It's good that she told me,
because I'll try to pay more attention.

-No, but...

I'll try.

-Hi, honey.

I'm at Grandma's with the Rolls-Royce.

Honey, you always exaggerate.

Yeah, rozzano style.

Today I'm going out with Grandma.

Romantic dinner tonight
with my grandma

-So pretty!

-Thank you. Good boy.
-You're welcome.

-Nice flowers. They're heavier than me.
-I'll hold them.

How do you say in Milanese,
"What do trappers know?"

-What do...
-"What do trappers know?"

Where do you go to eat fish?

A place owned by my friend
who is a witch.

She reads tarot cards.

-She's a witch.
-Is she good?

She's very good.

Voilà, come here.

-Is this the entrance?

-Good evening.
-Hi, dear.

-You're beautiful.
-Thank you, Grandma.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

-I'm sincere.
-I know.

-We're two honest witches.
-Can you sense each other?

You both read tarot,
do you sense each other?

-I sense her.
-What do you feel?

Can we get some wine? Let's toast.

No, I don't drink.

Well, just a drop, Grandma.


-Do you like it?

I'll try it, too.

-Like this, then you close it...
-Well done.

I think that Grandma Ciana
doesn't like sushi and fish.

Grandma, how was the carbonara?

-She learned to use chopsticks.

But I think she liked Rosy.

-I danced with a tall guy.
-And you dance so well!

Grandma is also a swimming champion.

-And skating.
-I was a roller-skating champion.

But no one in our family
remembers my grandma wearing skates.

Can she read my tarot cards?

-Do you want me to?
-No one ever has.

Let her do it.

I saw this spiritual connection.

How nice.

Which I wasn't part of, obviously.

I like that they touched
each other's cards.

I want your energy on my cards, Grandma.

My grandma and Rosy
were touching each other's cards.

It was very awkward.

-How are they?
-There's a lot of strength and luck.

And you only have good people around you.

Sometimes you fight with your daughters.

You bicker a bit.

-Good, you're good.
-But... No.

But there's always love.
Always lots of love.


She must have a toy boy. I don't know.

-I'm happy I met you.
-Thank you, Rosy.

-I'm happy you met.
-Let's go.

Today, we've seen that
you don't serenely turn to each other

when you have problems.

Simply because you're not used to do it.

You, because you run away,
you feel empty, sad.

You, because you don't share
your vulnerability

as a couple.

It's not that you're not aware
that you love each other

and you love your children.
That's not the point.

The point is that you systematically risk

that there might be a time
you'll lose each other.


-Hi, it's Chiara and Leo.

-Hi, come in.
-Let's go, come on.

Finally, time for a new tattoo on my back.


I thought about the thigh.

So it stops here.

What do you do here?

-Go on, push.


We're going to visit friends.

Nick and Leandro.

They're a lovely couple
with two amazing kids.

-What's your name?

What are your names? Tell Leone.

Libero and Blue.

For me it's important
to show this reality to Leone,

because it's good
to start understanding this early.

I told him in the car,
"We'll meet these kids

"who have two dads."

-He said, "Not five?"
-And I went, "Well.

"I think two are enough."

-Do you want some cake?
-Wanna try?

Do you know my sister is a year old?

-One? Wow.
-One, yes.

-She's small.
-She walks by herself all the time.

But then she falls.

Yes, she just learned to walk.

She's small.

Hi, crazy kid. Hi.


Are we getting a tattoo?

Are we getting a tattoo?

-You approve?


-With a bonfire in the middle.
-Look, how cool.

The tattoo depicts
two kids around a fire

from which a phoenix is born.

The one that is born again from the ashes
holds a needle for my stitches.

To celebrate this crazy period.

I'll get naked for a moment.

-I'm filming.
-Amen to that.

It starts from the back

and reaches to right under the buttocks.

Wow, that's cool, guys.

The hot lasagna is more painful.

The phoenix coming back
from the ashes is for my kids.

I should say it with more enthusiasm.

It's for my children.

When did you decide to have kids?

-We always wanted them.
-I've always wanted kids.

I was a bit reluctant
because I was afraid of prejudice.

But I understood
that I shouldn't be an obstacle.

It all happened so fast.

Blue and Libero were born in the States.

How nice.

We were able to transfer
their birth certificates,

so Blue and Libero
are also Italian citizens.

With two surnames.

Leo also has two surnames, right?

Leone Lucia Ferragnez.

Lucia Ferragnez. Not Ferragni.
Leone Lucia Ferragnez.

That's what people call him now.

I grew up in a very open family

that talked to me
about these things, as a kid.

I knew it was all normal.
This was a beautiful thing,

especially in a provincial city
in the 1990s.

It's nice that people like you
project yourselves this way,

-because you're like the dream.

You have a wonderful family,
you're successful...

What's funny is that there's no such thing
as a traditional family.

It's me, Fede... Tell me, sweetie.

-I want some water.
-Here, sweetie.

Drink some water, sweetie.

You want water, Blue, or not?

Do you know that my sister,
when she wants water,

-she says "agua."
-She says "agua."

-He always talks about his sister.
-They're the same.

Leone. Leone!

Look how much fun they're having.
Can we go see them?

-Yes, sure.
-Let's go.

How lovely!

-Me, too?

I hope that Leone and Vittoria
will always feel free

to always be who they want to be,

that they understand that it's all good,
and what matters is being happy.

Chiara, if you imagine
Vitto and Leo in ten years,

not that long from now, just ten years...

And if one of them,
Leo or Vittoria is anxious,

feels anxious...

I'd try to understand
where that anxiety comes from.

No, he's also a friend!

But he became mean.

We have to talk to him.

Would you talk to them about it?

I'm sure you would do
something similar, Federico.



Why wouldn't you do the same for
each other when you'd do it for the kids?

You either save each other

and you open up to the fact that
the other will heal your wounds

and help with your insecurities,

or the mechanism fails.

I thought about a written assignment.

I'd like you to do it now,
because it's closely related

to the fact
that you want to improve as a couple.

-One and two.

Let's go.

I'll go pick up my son from school.

This isn't working.

Careful, kids.

-I want to see!
-The Ferragnez!

-Did you see Vitto?

It took you four years to bring her here.

He scared me.

You're too fast.

-That's not good.

It's a magical stage.

-Are you ready?

Breathe, Chiara Ferragni!

Ladies and gentlemen!

-I'd like to donate my Sanremo fee.
-I'm very grateful.

-I'd never been here. You?
-Me? With my ex.

I have a surprise for you.

-Thank you, I love you so much.
-Me, too.