The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Back on stage - full transcript

Chiara proudly shows her new offices and the first meeting on outfits for the Sanremo Festival begins. After that Chiara attends the general rehearsal of the Fedez concert with the children: a show to celebrate the city they both ...

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MILAN - 26 JUNE 2022

"Do not disturb." Really?

Are you in a meeting?

These are busy days.
We start early and finish late.

Hi, guys!

But it's all interesting.

It's nice to have so many
different projects to work on.

People are still confused
about the nature of what I do.

It's a jungle.

Most only see one part of my life,
the most fun.

They don't see the business part,

meetings, board of directors meetings...

I wanted to hold this meeting

because, with all the projects
we are working on,

we need a good plan to grow
more and more internationally.

Let's also look at what this market study
says about me and the work we are doing.

I took a risk.

I've never had managerial roles
in my companies before.

Since they're my companies,
I had to do better than my predecessors

and get tangible results.

I wanted these results.

The market study we commissioned

is mainly focused on foreign countries.

Not much on Europe,
but more on the States and China.

Regarding popularity, in the States,

Sophia Loren
is the most famous Italian ever,

second only to the Mona Lisa.

And then, in China,
you are the most famous Italian,

which is a big achievement.

You're the fourth most known
Western celebrity in China

after Mark Zuckerberg,
Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.

You're even more famous than Gigi Hadid.

You must tell Fedez.
Let's see if he believes it.

One point for me, no point for Gigi.

It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge
The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid
And the show begins

MILAN - JUNE 27, 2022

Good morning, guys!

Since I've been suffering from insomnia

and I wake up at five in the morning
on average,

I wanted to say hi,

and say that tomorrow
there'll be a concert in Piazza del Duomo.

Today, around 8:00 p.m.,
we'll do the general rehearsals.

You're welcome to join us if you want to.

Are you excited to see Dad's rehearsal?

-Are we ready?

Kids, look where Dad brought you.

To the Duomo, on the stage! Let's go!

I hope my body holds up.

Come on. I'm shitting myself, guys.

I mean, I'm happy,
but I'm also shitting myself.


Hi, dear! Hi, sweetie.

She's also excited.

Yes, we're at the concert,
at the rehearsal!

Today is the day before Fede's concert
in Piazza del Duomo.

So nice!

It's very important because
he's been wanting to do it since February.

Hi, Milan!

The concert was born
before I knew about my tumor.

I thought, "We need lots of money
to cover the costs."

When I found out
about the illness, I thought,

"If I don't find the money to cover costs,
I'll put it in. I want to do it."

He wanted to keep this thing going
at all costs.

So, it means a lot.
It's his return to the stage.


Stop her. She's running around.

Here, sweetie. The stage is this way.

This way. Come. Come on.

Leo and Vitto are with us,

because it's nice to show, especially to
Leo who is more aware, Dad's job.

We'll sing Dad's songs later.
I mean, Dad will sing. You can watch.

But I don't want to watch you.

-Say, "Without paying..."
-You don't want to watch me?

-Play music but at a low volume.
-I'll do it at a low volume, okay.

-Lower it down.
-I'll lower it, we'll be quiet.

Yes, but I don't want to watch you.

You don't want to? Okay, thank you.

"The sky will be cloudy
starting early in the morning.

"There'll be a few showers over cities.

"The weather will worsen in the afternoon

"with storms, sometimes violent,
accompanied by isolated hail,

"which will diminish during the evening."

He's starting to feel tense.
Between yesterday and today,

the forecast says it'll rain.

-How are you?
-I hope it doesn't rain. I'm worried.

It says there'll be a storm.

Months of drought and tomorrow
it rains. Let's hope for the best.

-This is the pit?
-It'll be closed

and over there are the brands' pits.

-Here and there, people.

-Well, people are close.

My only fear is that, some sort of mess
might happen in the organization

since it's a public event in a square.

-Did you see my wife?

She's over there!

-So we increased...

Yes, I met the prefect
and the chief of police...

They said that it's the first time
that an artist met with public security.

But we're in front of 30,000 people

and I want to enjoy the 30,000 people.

Before opening, we must wait
for the mass to end. I swear.

We'll open when the mass ends.



-How are you?

Did you meet her?

-Here's Leo. Look, it's Uncle Ax.
-Hi, Leone.

-Give him five.
-He's a lot more handsome than you.

-A lot?

I shared with Ax many successful moments,

a crucial step
for an important friendship.

And I told myself,
even now, "Let's do it."

They're coming out.

Can we start? It's over.

-It's over, I swear.
-Yes, they're going in peace.

Are we starting?

Let's start!


Hey, sexy guys!

Hi, Milan!

-When you want.

What kind of life is it
A life without love?

Oh, where did you go?
Oh, I missed you...

It hasn't been an easy event to organize,

because we only had a few months.
We rolled up our sleeves

and worked almost day and night.

But it was an objective
that I wanted to give Federico

to enable him to get up on that stage.

I can't tell you no

When I live

Only for us

Thank you!

-Honey? How is it?
-So cool.

Thank you, guys. I'll see you tomorrow!

So, it won't rain.
But if it does, it's just to cool us off.

But it won't rain.

MILAN - JUNE 28, 2022

Today is the big day.
I've been up since five.

Ax and I will perform around 10:00 p.m.
Every other artist will sing before us.

And I'm shitting myself!

Thanks for wishing me luck.

Chiara will obviously be there.
She's going to work now.

8:15 AM

I think that my success
is a mixture of things:

I was there at the right moment,
I believed in it so much,

and I've trusted my instinct.

I remember in 2017
when Fabio had just started...

-Yes, April 2017.

We were looking
at the past year's financial statements

and there were thousands of items
that made no sense.

I felt kind of exploited,

I made so many trips for work,

and in the end I was earning very little.

I didn't feel free to decide for myself.

I felt like a pawn
in someone else's hands.

I remember this meeting.
I had been there for four days.

You kept asking questions
and things didn't add up.

Yes, turnover was solid,
but 99% of it was costs.

Things changed a lot
in September, October 2017,

when I was pregnant, and I said,
"Things are not good. We must change."

So, I've decided
to take control of the company.



Now Chiara is present
and she expects the best.

She gives responsibilities and expects
absolute professionalism from people.

This is what leads to success.

There is the office side.
Here the showroom...

-So this floor...
-The whole floor is ours.

-It's about 11,000 square feet.

11,000 square feet of offices,
which are actually 10,656,

but we say 11,000 to be cool.

It's a huge achievement for my brand

and my career
that I built thanks to my team.

-How are you?
-Hi, guys!

It's very emotional for me
to be here, because such an office...

And with this light...

It's very important for us because of
the previous basement.

When I think of how different my personal
and my working life were five years ago,

it feels absurd.

I was already successful, but I realized

that the companies were run
in a way very different from my vision.

But at the time, I was afraid
to take a managerial role

like the one I took later.
I didn't feel ready.

I've always left other people,
practically men, in those roles,

because they seemed to me
the most suited people.

I remember that, five years ago,
I don't know how,

I woke up at a certain point

and I understood
that I am the CEO of my companies,

I take the important managerial decisions.

And, five years later, I'm so happy to see

that we can afford such an office.

The team has never been so solid.

We all have the same vision.

I thank you all for the work you're doing,

and this is only the beginning.

We must celebrate achievements

and this is a very important
achievement for me.

We thought it would be nice
to all be here today.

It's an achievement.

Everything that happens,
always happens thanks to teamwork

that starts and ends with Chiara

and it is what led us

to celebrate this moment here.

Thank you all. And thank you to Fabio,
my general manager,

my right and left arm.

The moment I thought, "I can't do it,"

was at the start of my career.

Many people said bad things.

They didn't believe in what I did...

So I gave it my all.

I worked hard, day after day,

to learn how to manage a company.

Now people recognize me,
also in Italy, as a business woman.

And this can be of inspiration
to many other people.

Women can be at the top,
they can have responsibilities.


And often they know what's best
for a company more than men.

Come on, let's drink.

From the building site...

to the new Chiara Ferragni offices.

This will be our operational base.

We'll have everything: from a showroom
to a creative office...

We are about 50 people and it's nice

because there are many women
and young people.

It's a reality that is very rare in Italy.

It's one of the most important moments
of my career in the last years.


How do you want to feel
on the Sanremo stage with your apparel?

Since I live mainly off of fashion, I want
dresses that are not only beautiful,

but also convey messages.

The message is mainly centered
on women's bodies and

the role of women in our society.

I want clothes that are a bit disruptive.

-Do you see this first?
-I see this first.

You're already making a statement.

-You won't be naked...
-It'll be an optical illusion.

Exactly. You'll imitate nudity.

It'll be a strong message.
I'll be even more nervous than I should.

But it's beautiful, I'm in.

For the Sanremo dresses
we entrusted Maria Grazia Chiuri with Dior

and Daniel Roseberry with Schiaparelli.

Behind these dresses
that we're creating with them

is a clear message on the role of women.

Also because gender equality
is still very far off.

Hi, good morning.

There's still a lot to do

for the role of women in society.

Since childhood, we're used
to competing with one another.

We should instead understand that women
are strongest when sticking together.

I've decided to support women's enterprise
with this concrete project.

So we created
the initiative "Strong Together."

From here, with Chiara, we want to say,
"Let's do a pitch for startups,"

because startups are realities

in which women find it
more difficult to emerge.

Over 1,600 startups participated

and we decided that the winner
is a psychology app and website.

We donated 75,000 euros to this startup

to do something concrete.

The idea behind "Strong Together"

is something you embody every day.

Yes. Many women write to me
because they have problems at work.

They ask me every day
how one can have more self-esteem,

especially in the working world.

My mom was good
at telling me and my sisters

that we could do anything
if we worked hard enough.

But it's a path
you have to follow every day.

-Thank you so much, Chiara.
-Thank you.

Today is a never-ending day,
but lately they're all like this.

And now, there's Fede's concert
in Piazza del Duomo.

It'll be nice since my dearest friends
will also be there.



-What are you doing?
-I'm twenty minutes away.

-Okay, bye, Mom.

5:00 PM

So, two of you go that way.

They closed the street here.

Where Novecento is,
go straight, through the square...

The idea of the concert
started with Federico.

A free concert in Piazza del Duomo

to return to normal life.

For him, being on stage on June 28th

was sort of a challenge.

-Hi. Quite a big hug.

There's always been a wall
between me and my mother,

where I've always seen the negative sides
rather than the positive.

My illness made me understand

that she would have literally
traded places with me

rather than see me the way she did.

We have been very lucky
and we can't forget that.

Sometimes, these things help to shake you

and make you wonder, "What am I lacking?"

-Hi, Mom!
-Hi, Mom!

Hi, Mom!

Good evening, Milan!

Make some noise for Nitro!

Are you nervous?

I was scared that people wouldn't show up.

Now, I'm scared that it'll rain

or that people will leave before we play.

Mara Sattei at LOVE MI!

We're coming, baby.
You'll see us at the entrance.

We'll be there in 10.

They'll start at 10:15 p.m.

It doesn't rain anymore

When it is you...

There's a cloud here.

-She sings "It doesn't rain."
-Yes, it's going that way.

-She sings "It doesn't rain."
-"It doesn't rain."

Thank you all.

Are we entering from backstage?
No, we'll go from the back.

-From where we went yesterday.
-Okay, yes.

How's your head?


I spent the concert cursing the time slot
I gave myself in the program.

I just wanted to get onstage,
but I had to wait forever.

I don't care about anything

I spend the last night with you

-Hi, honey!

-How are you?
-Good, we're getting into it.

Tell me you'll remember

-Make some noise for Ariete!
-Thank you!

And, during stage change...

-Hi, how are you?
-Hi, we meet, finally!

-You played already, right?

I couldn't get here earlier.

-I never manage to see you.
-You will.

-Yes. Wait, let's take a picture.

Honey! We're here!

-Good luck.
-Thank you.

Give it all. Enjoy, it's your evening.

I don't know how much
we'll raise from the concert.

The TOG center
for children's rehabilitation

needed 2 million euros to be completed.

I hope we'll raise a lot of money.

Excuse me. Sorry, can I?

I've been awake since 5:00 a.m.

I don't want to say that I found a friend
in Ax again. It's too cheesy.

But I can say that I reconnected with him,
which is a lot, in this world.

-He's very tense.
-I'm shitting myself.

I don't know. I'm calm.

All the girls must have the Duomo
fall to the ground.

One, two, three!

-When we do Musica del Cazzo...
-Aren't you tense?

No, not yet.

When we do Musica del Cazzo,

I've always said

it's the best Italian piece.

It wasn't clear and I want to clarify:

it's the best piece in general.

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles
could learn a thing or two.

Do as you please, please, please

Do as you please, please, please


It's nice to see live music again,

to get excited with friends and

see people together singing songs.

It's one of life's pleasures.

If you hurt me, hurt me, amen

Thank you, Milan!

Thank you all.

It's almost time, bro.

-Is Tananai next?
-Yes, in 17 minutes.

I'll drink some water
and wear my headphones.

Let's party.

Relax, man.

Make up time.

-Voilà, les jeux sont faits. On y va!


I wasn't scared of anything.

I want to go up. I can't wait any longer.

I didn't think about my wound,
or my stomach tearing open.

I didn't care.

I just wanted to enjoy the evening
and that moment.

Come on, I can't take it anymore!

What? All good? Fede...

I want to go up.

We're still missing
the man who wanted this evening so much:


I just wanted to enjoy Milan.

Hi, Milan!

Hand to the sky!

Guys, the moment has come,
but there's a problem:

Ax and I had a fight.

So, I'll sing this song alone,

Maybe you know it.


I beg your pardon
I don't follow the good manners

It's that at dinner
I must hold an iPhone

Chiara Ferragni's dog
has a Vuitton bow tie

My favorite song.

There's many, some have more meaning,

but what makes me wanna dance
is Vorrei ma non posto,

because it's the song that had us meet.

How is it?

I'd like to but I can't

And another summer will come
And we will buy...

I'm proud of Fede, no matter what.

I've seen him more relaxed
compared to Sanremo.

Yes, still a bit tense,
because that's how he lives things,

but he's enjoying it.

Milan, make some noise!

Hands up!

I wanted to thank you all
for making this possible.

I came here today
and saw my mom backstage.

My parents and I don't get too emotional.

We don't share much affection.

My mother's hug today is worth everything.

And it's worth all this.
I don't know how to say it.

Seeing him on that stage,
with his wound showing, he...

Hand to the sky, Milan! Smile, all of you!

It was a huge satisfaction.

Hands to the sky! More!

Tati seems like an ice lady,
but she's not.

Seeing her cry
made me cry as well, and I rarely cry.

What was nice was that
he was on that stage giving his all.

Until three months ago,

I couldn't have imagined
being on this stage

and making it through a one-hour concert.

So I wanted to thank the doctors

and especially the most important
person who has been close to me

in this period: my wife.

I love you so much, honey.



Fede's concert at the Duomo was beautiful.

He already had this idea
when he found out about his illness.

When he asked if he could,
the surgeon told him,

"Look, you probably won't be able
to do something like that."

And he decided, in that moment,
not to cancel it.

To surprise himself and do it.

The fact that he did it
with so much energy is beautiful.

We can say that tonight
Milan had his concert...



As kids it was normal to have no money

And check the wallet before ordering...

From a musical point of view,
I'm happy, because...

Like crime.

Hands in the air!

In spite of it all,
I managed to perform live.

I didn't hold back anything.

It all actually went very well.

From the stars to the street
Being too nice doesn't pay

-Like crime

With no rules

Like girls with an easy trigger...

And I go on, with my songs.

I live everything with a calm
that I don't have,

but that I pretend to have.

Like crime

Hands in the air!

-With no rules

Like girls with an easy trigger

-We go in without paying
-Like Serie A player

-All the club is looking
-But no one will touch us

Like crime

Milan, thank you all!

You're in our hearts, Milan!

-We are...


It was emotional seeing him onstage.

There was a wonderful energy.

I saw him in good shape.

It was nice to see him full of energy,

especially after the months we had.

-Should I say something?

Yes, it'd be nice,

-because it was your event.
-It was beautiful.

-Hands in the air!

The idea is to make LOVE MI
an even bigger festival,

and a regular event
in the Milanese summer.

But I would have liked
to enjoy it more, be happier.

I wasn't...

I don't know...

After the illness, I feel like I should

feel changed for the better,

but I don't feel I am.

So, with something I should have enjoyed
and said, "Wow,"

It wasn't like that. I feel strange.

I feel like when you go to a funeral
and think you didn't cry enough

for the person who died.

-It's a very strong comparison.

-Is it bad?
-No, well...

It tells us what stops you
from enjoying it.

-What funeral?

-I don't know.

-My funeral?

You imagined your death for weeks.


I probably still need to
process the illness.


Are you a bit confused?

I am a bit confused.


How nice.

-Did you like it?

-Wonderful, beautiful.

-Want us to work on it?
-Yes, sure.

I'm a ventriloquist.

My focus this year has been women

and the LGBTQ+ community.

I know you'll be great.

-You think so?
-Yes, absolutely.

-You're the best Fedez.
-I'm the best Fedez?


-Leo has two surnames too, right?
-Lucia Ferragnez.

-Muy bien!
-Lucia Ferragnez. Not Ferragni.

I was a roller-skating champion.

I just want to be better.

I just want to be better. That's it.