The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Familyz - full transcript

The family treats itself to a weekend away in a location surrounded by nature away from everyone and everything. Chiara flies to Spain to attend a Maison Dior event while Fedez prepares for his rebirth: the return to the stage.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Are you beeping the horn?


You're not dressed yet, sweetie?

Okay, let's pack.

I would like for you to pick a weekend

and live 24 hours together,
the four of you.

What else do I need?

Do one shirtless. A bit trap.

You won't have cooks,
babysitters, caregivers, relatives

because you'll be in charge of taking care
of Leone and Vittoria.

-Look, Dad.
-Let's see.


-Nice. You only photographed my arm.
-It's coming out great.

Let's go.

Without forgetting about your partner.
This is family life.

-Are we going on holiday by ourselves?

You really have to help
Daddy and Mommy with Vitto.

-Will you be the older brother?

Yes. I'll give
her favorite pacifier to her.

Good. And will you help me
put her to sleep?

-Will you help me feed her?

Dad, are you ready?

We're about to leave.

We'll go somewhere where we will be alone
with the kids.

Just the four of us.

It'll be nice to share
this moment together.

-Let's go.
-Let's go!

Guys, let's cross ourselves.

-May God help us.
-Stop it.

-I'm very good. Right, Leo?

Tell him. Mom drives very well.

-The Schumacher from Cremona.
-Shut the fuck up.

-How does Daddy drive, sweetie?

-Thank you.
-Tonight I'll make lasagna.

Lasagna. We bought them frozen.

I'll pretend I cooked them myself tonight.

When we arrive, we're prepared.

-No, honey. Come on.
-I swear.

No, honey. I'm not sure about this.

-They'll be nice, you'll see.
-What's this smell?

-What is it?

-What a smell.
-Was it you, Dad?

-No, it wasn't me. I swear.
-Did he fart?

I didn't fart.
Open the window to let it out.

Mine too, Mommy.

-Is this okay?

No, sweetie. Not too much.

It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge
The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid
And the show begins


Should I go in there?

-There, look.
-This is very difficult.

Honey, you need to turn.

-Are you stuck, maybe?

Let me remind you that
there's this side as well as yours.

How do we let the kids out?

-Safe and sound, honey.
-More or less.

He's not that happy that I drive.
He's not that happy today.

I'm getting you, kids.


Coming, sweetie.

-Can I have some crackers?

They're not for you, Daddy.

-Here's the stroller.

-We didn't bring them, right?
-It's a comfortable house.

Comfy entrance.

-Honey, I cut myself.
-What do you mean?


-Show me.
-It's nothing, sweetie.

You're exaggerating as always.

-Exaggerating? Damn, I'm cut.
-So exaggerated.


I cut myself, too.

That thing is a killer.

I'm going the other way.

-Sweetie, it's better.
-I'll go from here.

So I won't hurt myself.

Well done, sweetie.
You're much smarter than your parents.

The smartest of the family.

We're definitely atypical parents.

But we try our best.

-All these bags?
-They're the kids', honey.

-I'm getting out with Vitto from here.

Where is the entrance?

What a humble abode.

Another comfortable confessional.

I want to be a forerunner
of comfortable confessionals.

Nice house!


Go, honey. Well done!

Here we can do great matches.

Usually, people do
confessionals while sitting.

Like, "Hey, man!"

But I'm like, "I can't be bothered."

I scored an own goal!

-You lose.
-I lose.

I know. Look here.

Where are the dishes?

I can't find the dishes.

Here they are.

Stand up, Miss.

Stand up, Miss. Hold on to Daddy.

Vitto's food is ready.

Yes, Vitto is also ready.

Hi, sweetie.


Let me see.

-Did you do it right?

Let's eat.

-Shall we eat?
-Should I cook?

Yes, honey.
Something that you, Leo and I like.

-Burgers, sweetie? Leo?
-Burgers, yes.

Okay, burgers.

Federico, let's get to work.

When was the last time I cooked?

It was a few months ago.

Scrambled eggs. Nothing special.

Come eat.

-Did you cut yourself?
-I cut my finger.

I'd say it's what happens
to real professionals.



A band-aid? Sweetie.

He had it in his backpack.

-Thank you, my love.
-Does it hurt?

No, it doesn't. Thank you, sweetie.

-It was just the four of you.

Your sister is naughty.

It was nice, for sure.

We crushed it.


I agree with Fede.
He is right. It was nice.

You are naughty.

I'm having some quality time
with my family,

which, after all, is what life is about.

I think that being a parent

is something to do step by step.


I didn't want maternity to change me.

I have the idea of a mother

that we have in Italy,
which is a patriarchal system.

Look at this thug face.

A mother is responsible for everything.

She's expected to do everything.

We're ready.

She does 1,000 different jobs.

I have always hated this idea.

We're ready to plate.

Luckily, Fede shares my point of view.

Which reveals a nice family project.



Do you want a burger? I'll give you some.

-Is it good?


One of the worst things I have ever eaten.

It's difficult to make a bad burger.

Even I am capable of making a good one.

It's very good, right?

-Another one?

You hardly ate.


Can I?

I cooked for them,
but I ate everything myself

because no one else did.

Fede ate them all and said they were good.

-Shall we go?

-Vitto looks like Little Red Riding Hood.
-Pink Riding Hood.

How nice! You can climb here!

It's huge here. Look how big this park is.

I'm very disappointed in myself
because I wanted to be more active.

Hi, Vitto!

I was there, but I couldn't do
all the acrobatic stuff I usually do.

Like headstands, cartwheels, flips.

This is my mobility today.

Come! I got you.

-No hands!
-No hands.

No hands! Vitto, no hands!

Oh, my God!

Leo is a wonderful kid. Very sensitive.

My baby.

Starting school was good for him.

He's much more outgoing now.

It's nice to see him grow up,
to see him interact

more and more with us and with Vittoria.

I look like a velociraptor.

The T-Ragnez.

He's very sweet.

Sometimes I get emotional
because he says very sweet things

to us, to Daddy.

He's a very precious kid.

Dad, you look like an old man.

You look like an old man.

That's not true!


No, sweetie. No.

Don't bite.

Vittoria is a bit crazy.

She decides what to do and when.

And how.

She's a bit of a psycho.

Don't lick it.

No, Vittoria.

No, don't hit Ma... Vittoria!

I love Vittoria for this.

My heart melts

because I already know
that she'll be a bit spiteful.



-Say, "Mommy."

It drives me crazy

because I've always wanted
a spiteful daughter.


-Maybe she prefers Mom. I don't know.

She always says, "Mommy." We all saw that.

Shall we go get ice cream?

-My shoes are like Vitto's?
-Yes, they're the same.

-Ice cream power!
-Ice cream power.

Ice cream!

How do I drive this car?

-Did you see how I got out?

Ice cream!

Happy about the ice cream?

Raise your hands.

We should do a confessional for Leo.

Yes, it'd be very funny.

-We're here.
-A new and nicer one.

Later. We will when we come back.

-A new one?

-You have a new one?
-Come on!

Did I break it? Yes?

I didn't drive badly.

I think that the sensor of our car
isn't working.

We're insured. We'll pay.

-I can't believe it, guys.
-No, really?

Come on.

-No, guys, I was...
-I'm a much better driver, I'm sorry.

I mean...

Can you even drive? Honey!

I mean, really.

I'm sorry, damn it.

-In the parking lot.
-A great driver.

Ice cream!

Try it, sweetie. Or it'll melt.

-The cookie.
-I can't believe you hit that car.


Mommy's cooking tonight.

-Will you eat Mommy's lasagna?

-Good boy.

Thank you.

A crazy little kid

that asks, "Mommy, what are you cooking?"

Lasagna, sweetie.
We're having lasagna tonight.

-I think eating this candle is less risky.

Take Vitto over there.
I'm making lasagna. I need to focus.

I need a baking tray, Bolognese sauce.

The recipe for lasagna is not needed.
We all know the ingredients.

You'll see how it's made in this episode.

Are you hungry?

I'm sorry for you if you're hungry.

No, it'll be very tasty.

It looks okay.

Let's eliminate the evidence.

Look how nice it looks.

When did you make the dough?
Everything's clean.

I cleaned.

I didn't make the dough.

I bought lasagna sheets,
and I added Bechamel and Bolognese.

I'm strongly convinced
that she bought premade lasagna.

Nice! Well done, Chiara!

Don't know. I haven't seen it.

Where's your enthusiasm?

-A hug for the great cook?
-This is for Leo.

I will find out the truth
about Chiara's lasagna

when the series comes out.

Okay. Do you like Mom's lasagna?

It was lasagna. Neither good nor bad.

Good job. Look how much Vitto likes it.

Eat, Leo.

It was good compared to what
she could have done alone.

Mom is a good cook.

She also drives better than you.
She doesn't crash.

We're dead tired. Shall we go to sleep?

Let's go to sleep. Bye.

-Sweet and wonderful dreams.
-And wonderful dreams.

I love you. See you tomorrow.

This is too sweet.

-Don't break my balls.

Growing up, my mom always told
me and my sisters...


I always tell the kids.
They know it by heart now.

Leo knows, Vitto doesn't.

-That's how serial killers are born.
-My God.

Good morning.

-Look who's here.
-Hi, sweetie.

Mom's here!

Hi, sweetie.

-Mom's here!

This kid needs some cough syrup.
This sick little boy!

Come on! No, Dad!


Caress me.

You're hurting me.


I can't believe it.

-She cut me!

Come on. You can make it.

-Come on, Dad. You can.
-Thank you.

Was the burger good?

-Was it?

Thank you, sweetie.

Did you prefer the burger or the lasagna?



Your sister is obviously your opposite.


A round of applause for Leone Ferragni
for his first confessional.


-Dear kid. First of all, what's your name?

Leone. Your surname?

-Lucia Leone Ferragnez.
-Bravo! Ferragnez.


What can you tell us
about this amazing house?

-What did you like the most?
-My swing.

Your swing.


What else did you like?

The basket.


I also liked those...

-Those that jump like this.

When your sister grows up,
will she be nice or naughty?

-You sure?


A maniac.

Let's rate this weekend with the family
from one to ten.

-How do you want to rate it, sweetie?

One is very low, ten is very high.

-Super ten.
-Super ten!

Well done!

When I was one, Vitto's age,
I was near some rocks

and Grandma didn't realize
that I had put five or six in my mouth.

She put me on the bike and took me home.

There she saw that I was like this, look.

With the rocks in my mouth.
Luckily, I didn't swallow any.

-Isn't it funny?


-It's interesting.
-It's interesting, not funny.

We enjoyed it.

It was a nice family trip.

-You had to drive, cook.
-We had to cook.

Neither of us has a passion for cooking.

-But I tried.
-I made a delicious lasagna.

Not true. She bought it.

He keeps saying that.
He'll see the episode and know the truth.

-That I made it.
-Now I want ice cream.

We went to get ice cream.

And it was very nice.

Nice. Love triumphs.

-You're so beautiful.
-I don't have to exaggerate.

I only need to accept the right jobs.

Enjoy my family more.

No, I like...

I know that we are building

and working to create our own moments.

And work also allows us
to create our own spaces,

-our moments.
-And it's fascinating.

Because it's what you experience
with each other

in this last very busy month.

You are far apart, but you can be close.

Like an accordion.

A healthy relationship works like a lung.

-Inflates and deflates.
-Inflates and deflates.

You get close and far.

Good morning from Sevilla.


So let's start with the concert.
The playlist is approved.

-We'll go on from there.


We sent cards to journalists.

The Corriere wants to do an interview.
Then, press conferences.

-I'll show you now.
-I trust you.

No, it's two different approaches.

I want to understand. It's just ten lines.

-The rest is the same. I'll show you.

-Come on! Be serious.
-I am! I'll read them.

We can prepare graphics
with this stuff here

where we write, "Free concert in Milan"

and add the toll-free number...

It's a charity event
to collect funds for TOG.

We add the toll-free number. "Donate..."

Wonderful. Well done.

Thank you.

Such enthusiasm!

-Hi, honey.
-Hi, honey.

-Tell her.
-Mommy or Daddy?



SEVILLE - JUNE 16 2022

-Okay. What are you doing later?
-I'm going to rehearsal.

-That's all.
-Okay. Bye, honey.



A princess.

We're in Seville for the Dior show cruise
of Maria Grazia Chiuri.

I met Maria Grazia
for the first time in July 2017

after one of her shows.

I asked her, "Would you like
to design my wedding dress?"

And she said, "How nice!"
And we worked together.

It was nice to have her
in the important moments

of my life and career
over the last few years.

All right. Jewels.

-No, flowers.
-Flowers first. Shall I sit?

I will meet her to tell her about Sanremo.

I want her to design some dresses for me.

I think she'll be happy.
She doesn't expect it.

Chiara. Sanremo.

How did you get there? Whose idea was it?

Amadeus had been asking me for years.

He asked me about it in March,
before his illness.

I said, "Why not?" It's a challenge.
I need challenges in my career.

Everything is nice, but I always do things
I'm already good at.

This is something I have never done,
and I'll be terrified.

-So I said, "Why not?"
-What scares you the most?

To misspeak, to embarrass myself.

I mean, I don't want to seem arrogant,
nor trivial.

I want to be funny...

Maybe he can teach you to be
a bit more transgressive.

Sure. I want to be more transgressive.

But I think that with the anxiety,
I'll be like him when he went.,

He can't help me with that.


Go, Chiara!


-You're great.

Look at me.

Beautiful. Look over there.

When you're a guest of a brand,

it's good manners to wear that brand.

Tonight I have a Dior fashion show look
that I chose with Fabio,

my favorite stylist.


-Back up. Thank you.

We have a working relationship,
but also a personal one

because our jobs keep us in contact often

and we spend a lot of time together.

Ready for the Dior show.

I support her and she supports me.

Chiara is very focused.

Move your skirt.

It's lovely!

-You look beautiful.
-Thanks. I'm well, and you?

Hi. Well.



Let's go.

It's just some shitty music

Rehearsing with Ax was nice
because there was that complicity

that always existed between us.

-Okay. It's cool if you come in and sing.
-Okay. Perfect.

You are the bad rap

It's like a football team
that hasn't played for years

and tries the old strategies again.

I'd do a second change on Maria Salvador.

You need a duet on Maria Salvador.

We can do it, but it makes no sense
when you already changed twice

-unless you're Renato Zero.

Go. Let's go, guys. Come on.

You know it

How jealousy fucks us

-Thank you!
-Beautiful, always.

And then we broke up
Fucked and revisited

And then we kissed in the saddest places

I still have your flavor on me

Chiara? Do I miss her?

I know that the answer should be yes,
but I haven't seen her for a day.

But if someone hits on my wife,

I'll beat him up.

-You have a look tonight.
-I know!

-I was inspired by a flamenco dancer.

We saw one today
and tried to recreate part of it here.

What is an Andalusian woman to you?

She's very strong. She's fierce.
She's independent.

During my first fashion show,
I was standing, not sitting.

I was in a spot standing.

But it was super exciting.

Now, more and more,
fashion shows are not only shows.

They are ways to communicate
messages to the world.

-This is luxurious.
-What a welcome.

-How are you?

Good. Nice to see you.

What I always liked about Maria Grazia
is that since her first show for Dior

she shared this super feminist message.

She has always worked
with female artists in her shows.

-Wonderful. Are you happy?
-So nice.

I'm happy you came.

One of the most beautiful Dior shows
I've seen.

Not only the wonderful collection,
but you could breathe the atmosphere.

The energy was incredible.

It's often seen as something
for privileged people,

but fashion is in reality
a cultural element

and whether you can buy
a piece by Dior

or by another big brand,

it is a cultural element
of our contemporary world.


Spain, especially Andalusia,

the Mediterranean,

has so many connections to our history

that I feel at home.

We wanted a fiesta. A real fiesta.

Let's go!

I want to tell her about Sanremo
to speak about feminism,

about women and to think
about this look together.

I wanted to thank you because since we met

you were there in my important moments.

Like a guide and a friend,
but also with your art, your clothes.

And now that I've finally decided
to co-host Sanremo...

Next year, in February.

-Great! About time.
-I'm shitting myself though.

-It'll be a nice challenge.

In fact, you're obviously my guide.

-I'm honored.
-Who's more feminist than you

to be my guide?

I'm honored. We'll study.
Is there a project in there?

-We have some inspirations.
-Show me.

They're raw drafts.

We want something transparent
so it almost seems that I'm naked.

But giving a strong message.

-It's something that is so you.

I think that, basically,

we should celebrate women.

-Women are scared to celebrate themselves.

-But no.

You're a new generation
and you're stronger than me, I'm sure.

You must celebrate this opportunity.

-I'm happy. I'm finally going to Sanremo.

I've never been there.

I'll be there to see it. And I'll help.

Bye. I'm so happy, really.

-My God. Now I'm anxious.
-Let's get to work.

Being here with Maria Grazia
is like being at home.

-Thanks, bye.

A very nice experience.


-Hi, sweetie.
-Where are you?

-Where are you, Mommy?
-Hi, sweetie.

I'm in Seville, sweetie. In Spain.

Sweetie, get into the picture.
Can you show me? I can only see you.

Your daughter is walking.


So cute, with the same pajamas.

Honey, what are you doing?
You can talk to me as well.

Tell me about rehearsals.

I've been texting you for three hours
and you never replied.

I was sleeping, honey.

Rehearsals went well.

We tried the whole playlist
for the first time.

-Nice. How long is it?
-A lot. One hour.

For us it's piece of cake.
We're used to three hours.

Careful. No!

They're not listening.
Bye, honey. Talk later.

-Talk later.

-My God.

Ready for Tuesday?
With the right attitude?

-For the concert?

Yes, I'm quite relaxed.

Live concerts don't trigger my anxiety.

The first concert after the surgery,

where I only sang one song,
not a full concert,

was Tananai's.

It was like coming home.

-For you, Tana.
-My favorite color.


-Thank you.
-You're welcome!

Let's go, guys.

Until this music works

It was a wonderful thing.

-I killed it, right?

No, come on! Beethoven, the Ninth

It could have gone worse

A quickie in the shitter

But look at all the kisses

All this

Like when the angels say, "Hi"

Like the Napoli fans

Like other people's mothers

Like other people's mothers


So you don't have stage fright.

You're happy there.

No, I don't...

When I sing to people, I'm calm.

Only TV scares me.

I hope I'll have enough breath.

I'm in good shape, but I'm not 100%.

-I'm not even out of breath.
-Tonight was better.

I hit myself and it hurts.

Hopefully it'll all go well.
I hope it'll be a party.


Look where Dad brought you.

-Play music, but at low volume.
-Music, but at low volume.

Hi, Milan!


I gave it all.

I worked day after day.

Now they see me as a business woman.

-It took you four years to bring her here.
-You scared me.

This is where the magic happens.

Then he announces you, "Chiara Ferragni!"

-What do you feel?
-Shit. Why does everyone say that

after an illness,
everyone becomes nicer but me?

I'm sorry.