The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Then Comes The Sun - full transcript

Fedez holds a press conference in which he announces a charity concert in Piazza Duomo in Milan. A trip to her hometown, instead, takes Chiara back in time. Meanwhile, the couple meets and rediscovers themselves in an exciting tan...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Chiara and Federico,

it's important that you make
all the right moves right now.

-I can't wait...

Hola, welcome.

I thought about proposing
a challenge to you two

about something
you should learn to do together,

a tango.

-All right.

Amongst all types of dances,

tango is the one
where the couple is most central.

It's one of those dances
where a couple works together.

In tango, you either dance well together
or you dance badly together.

It is never an individual's fault.

It's always the couple's fault.

Are we supposed to do all those moves?

Absolutely, as much as you want.

-I'm ready.
-I've already forgotten it.

That rose is the link
between you and the world.

It's important that each of you

knows at every moment,

where your partner is.

-You're not my wife.

-Something new is in the air.
-The magic of tango.

It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge

The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid
And the show begins

2:30 PM

-Hi, Ama!

-How are you?


-How are you?
-How are you?

-Good, you?

I'm so tense, you have no idea.
It seems like... It'll be great.

-Are you in the studio for the TG news?

-I'll say that Chiara will be there.
-I'm so excited!

From there... Boom!

Seeing how Sanremo's evolved
in the last few years,

it seemed like a challenge,
something I had to do,

that I could convey important messages.
A nice project for me.

And it terrifies me,
so it'll be even more interesting.

Ama, will you talk about
the first and the last day?

-Yes, so it explains a few things.
-Yes. Sure.

Not only the name,

but the importance
of the first and the last evening

is proportional
to the importance of the name.

-She opens and closes Sanremo.

I'm already excited.

We'll film her,
and we'll send you her reaction live.

My, God, when you say it...

-We'll have fun, you'll see.
-Yes, it'll be great.

I think it's important.

I'm worried that I'll get to Sanremo,

and turn pale with anxiety and blank out.

It's a new challenge for me
that I wouldn't have done before.

-All right.
-So exciting!

-I'm so happy.
-Me too.

-Thank you, Ama. Bye.
-See you. Bye.

-A kiss.
-Have a good evening.


Oh, God.

They say, "You can't be tenser than Fede
at his first night at Sanremo."


But you never know.

8.30 PM

Amadeus is with us in the studio.

I'm happy to announce,

co-host of the first evening,
that is Tuesday 7th,

and co-host of the last evening,
that is Saturday 11th.

The Sanremo festival will be opened
and closed on the Ariston stage

by Chiara Ferragni.

It's her!

Congratulations to my love!


-My hands are shaking, guys.
-Mine too.

Amadeus' announcement
on the news has gone viral,

revealing eight months in advance

the name his first co-host
for the next Sanremo 2023.

which helps women
who are victims of male violence,

physical, psychological and economical.

Hi, guys. The announcement
on Sanremo has been made. Very exciting.

It'll be a great adventure.

I've lots of ideas.
I hope I won't disappoint you.

I'll try to do my best.
A big kiss, I love you.

-No, I can't believe it.
-Well, I know how to drive.

-I haven't driven in ages.

Come on, we're out!

Me and my best friend Phil
are going back to Cremona, our town.

-I'm super-excited.

And my best friends, Veronica,
and Leo will join us too.

It'll be nice to share
this moment with them.

Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor

and I'm going to start boxing again.

-Amadeus is so sweet.
-For a while, he's been...

Since last year, right?

He's been asking me
if I want to do Sanremo for three years.

He wrote this cute message,

"I don't want to seem like a stalker.
If you say no again, I'll stop.

But you're the first woman I think about
when I think about Sanremo."

So I replied,
"This time, let's talk about it."

He's really sweet.

We prepared a project...

You prepared it, I agreed.
Give Caesar what's Federico's.


An initiative that is a gift for our city.

If we don't do it...

A gift for our city
and a charity project connected to it.


-We'll tell you about it tomorrow.
-Tomorrow? Already?


MILAN - APRIL 24, 2022


-The Met Gala was...
-A dream.

Crazy. And I found out
that a lot of stars know me.

An actress from a famous TV series said,

"I watched your series, it's incredible!"

What a hug!
Can you do that again so I can film you?

Mom, can you pretend to hug him again,
so I can film it?

How cute!

-Am I early?
-You bastard!

Fedez and J-Ax, leading to loads
of comments on social media,

have revealed that it's going to be
a gift for the city of Milan.

It's a party, a collective rite
which we need.

Get ready,
because it's going to be a bomb.

LOVE MI, a great festival
that Fedez really wanted.

-Where do we start from?
-From there.

A huge free concert
in Piazza Duomo to have fun,

but especially to collect donations
for the TOG foundation,

a very important project.

-All right, take your seats.
-Well done, Fede.

On the stage there'll be both
important voices and young artists.

And, as the rumors say,
there'll be a Fedez-J-Ax reunion.

Starting in September
I'll start preparing seriously,

-but I know I'll be tense.
-But that's normal.

I'll draw a blank for a moment.

I want to do a monologue the first night.

I want to share
an important message about women,

about emancipation,
about them being great boss women.

-But I don't want it to be complicated.

-I'm not like that.
-You must show who you are.

I'm fun, but I can also talk
about important topics.

First, I want to thank Ale for being here
because he's a great addition

and it's not obvious that,
after four years of silence between us,

he would decide to participate.

His presence is fundamental,
so I want to thank him.

My reunion with Fede
is not about the concert.

It's not even about his illness,

because life has made us talk before that,

before he was diagnosed.

Here's how it went,

-we talked on the phone for six hours.

We said all we had to say.

Enough time had gone by,
so that it was possible to talk

about things without hurting anyone.

We could see things
from the other's point of view.

Today I saw him hug my mum.

If I have a shitty character,
my mother is worse.

It's something that makes me feel happy.

-That's how you do it.
-That's true.

-Relax! She hasn't driven in 20 years.

-Shall we see our class too?

I remember the giant hallways.

Me too. Now it'll all seem smaller.

My God, the bridge! This is also small.
I remember this as huge too.

-Me too.
-Like the Golden Gate.

-More or less.
-In San Francisco. Same.


-Are you excited?

We could have driven by the old house.

Shall we?

Before coming here, I turned
into a street where my old house was,

the villa where I lived with my parents.

It's still yellow, orange.

Look, there's Nuccia! Wait.

-Where is she? Did she pass by?

-I can't believe it. Nuccia! Hi!

I thought, "Is it her or not?"


I met my baby-sitter and her daughter.
We hugged, I started crying,

but you weren't there!

My Nuccia!

-She was your nanny from...
-Forever. From one to 15.

-She took care of my sisters as well.
-She was always there.

A concert you can't miss
because of this reunion, the cast,

but especially to help the TOG foundation

and build a new center to help more kids.

I fell in love with
the TOG project one year ago.

TOG is a rehab center for kids
with complex neurological problems.

They do an incredible job,
that's why we should all support it.

Thank you, Fede,

for having chosen to fight
for the kids of the TOG foundation.

-Thank you everyone.
-Thank you.

One of the best press conferences
I have ever done.

-It went well, right?
-It was great.


-No, or I'll start crying.

-I'm happy.
-Me too.


New York happened, many things happened.

-How are you?

Good. We didn't fight much,
I only left home once...

We made up immediately.

We went through moments of crisis,
personally and as a couple.

Before you say anything,
Chiara is sending "stop" signals.

But I got it, I mean...

She's not sending it now.
Now she's sending a signal that says,

-"If we want to talk about it, lets."
-She's saying, "I don't want to."

We need to talk about something.

But I told you not to use
the word "crisis".

I said, "We went through
a moment of crisis."

I said, "Let's not talk about this."

-About what?
-Of this, in general.

We're not talking about that,
we're talking about something else.

-No, I'm fed up.

No, without being fed up.
Chiara's position is acceptable.

Let's pay attention

to what causes discomfort
when we talk about it,

when we enter a topic

-of discomfort.
-She sent signals.

-She did?
-She said,

"You used a word you shouldn't have used."

We definitely have to talk
about something else.

That's fine. No problem.

It just bothers me that she says,
"You cannot use certain words."

I said, "Since we talked about
certain topics"...

-Did I talk about those topics?
-I said, "Let's not talk about it."

But what? Do you think
I wanted to talk about that?

-Or did I want to say only that...
-The other day, you...

I just wanted to say that
I did something nice for you

and that you hadn't appreciated
and we fought about that.

-What would he understand?
-Why are you so mad?

The other day, I said,

"Can we say that we had a crisis
without going into details?"

-I didn't talk about that.
-I asked, "Could we not mention"...

Let's not talk, then.
What are we here for?

What are we doing here? Tell me.

Do this, talk to Baruh by yourself,
clarify what you want...

Stay, Federico.

-I don't want to waste my time.
-Come back.

I'm sick of all of you.

Good morning.

-How are you?

-Come on, without warming up.
-No, warm up with me.

Get a shot of you jumping the rope.



Let's see how you're doing.

-I'm sick of that.
-Come on, it's ringing.

-I want to punch something!
-I'll let you do that soon.

Ten seconds, come on.

What do you think, in general,
about what Federico said?

I don't know how to react.
He's exaggerating, in my opinion,

you can tell me something
without disrespecting me.

If I asked you something,

since we are in a situation
that should be good for both,

I asked something.

Let's do 10 each.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Go. One, two... Easy. Three... Easy.

I said, easy.

Two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Go.

-Fede, are you here?
-I don't want to do the session anymore.

Come here, and don't do the session.

Fine, but don't annoy me with,
"Are you here? Are you not?"

We can't talk about anything anyway.
I'm wasting my time.

You felt hurt because she asked you

-not to use the word "crisis".
-I'm not hurt.

What Chiara is saying seems clear to me.

-She doesn't want to talk about that.
-But who wanted to?

Exactly. But this wasn't clear to her.

I told you what I would have said.

-How can I know if...
-I told you "Let's try".

Your answer was,
"Don't use certain words."

-Who do you think you are?
-I didn't say that.

-I told you, "Let's try."
-No, come on. Tell me I made that up.

-You're being a bit disrespectful.

The fact that she used a word

that made you feel
she was disrespecting you

is not a good reason to disrespect her.

-Am I being disrespectful?
-You're aggressive.

I was aggressive in my tone. So what?

The result is...

If I'm attacked, I attack back.

-Why are you so nervous if I say...
-I didn't like your tone.

-Listen to your tone!
-You said, "Do not say"...

I asked you not to talk about it.

Depends on the menu item you pick.

-If you pick shit, you get shit.
-I didn't want that.

A few days ago I told you,
"Do not bring this up."

That's what I meant. But I didn't say
you can't say certain things.

I asked you that
because it makes me uncomfortable. Period.

But how am I trying
to make you uncomfortable?

But, importantly,
the question for us both is,

what the hell are we here for?

-Do you want to know?

From my point of view,
we're here to help you

deal exactly with these moments.

You felt hurt by the fact that
she said something in certain ways.

After that, you didn't give her the chance

to negotiate, which was
what was happening at that moment.

Chiara was going where you wanted to go.

But you attacked her right away.
So now, we're back to 0-0.

It's a shitty game, though.

I'm sorry, because this is the worst fight

-of the last week.
-It's perfect for therapy.

We're not in crisis, you and I
have never been this close before.

I know you in your best
and in your worst moments,

I've never seen you make up
so quickly after a fight.

You have no idea.
I turn around and I see my babysitter.

I jumped out of the car and hugged her.

It was beautiful, I cried.

-Don't cool down too much, Fede.
-You're right.

Let's do some defensive punches.

How nice!

-This is the main entrance.

The first day of school,
we used the other one.



I never thought
I'd be back to my old school.


It was great.

-Look, the principal's office.
-Yes. I went there only once, I think.

-I went when we smoked.
-Together. Oh, my God!

On the fire escape.

Wow, it looks great now!
Look at the ceiling.

This and the next one
was our hallway, guys.

My God!

Where is the fire escape?

-The great fire escape!
-There it is!

Look how pretty it was.

-We smoked in secret here.
-Yes. I was in my rebellion phase.

-Our class was there?

-Our class!
-This was ours, see?

-I remember that...
-I did the Latin test here.

-Exactly! I was here.
-And I was here.

Yes. I did my Latin test here.

He had finished and I told him,
"Write it down and throw it to me."

-I got tense and threw it over there.
-The opposite side.

She didn't talk to me for ten days.

You didn't help me in my time of need.

Last one.

Stop, enough.

-Catch your breath.

-Hi, guys.
-My God.

Seeing my teachers again was amazing.
It felt like time had stopped.

-You haven't changed at all.

-It's been 16 years.

-16 years.
-16 years.

I'm dead. How long was that?

We did six sets. Six times three...

-Is that good?
-Yes, it's good enough.

-I'm beat.

-Two months after the surgery.

Now we can reveal that he was better.

-Your English was good.

My approach was to study the minimum,
while he...

-You can look at the tests.
-This is from 2006.

-So nice! Nine.
-Good job.

You were an optimist,

this is an essay on Leopardi
and you passed.

There's nothing about
Leopardi's way of thinking here.

Come here.

Going back to our old high-school together
was very emotional.

Good luck to final year students.


Great! Let's go straight,
then right to Ugo.

Sandwich time.

-The Tognazzi theater's still here.
-Yes, but it's not open anymore, I think.

The post office here was great.

They put tables outside now.

-Good morning!
-Good morning.

-We dreamt about Ugo's sandwiches.

You've been an institution
since I was a kid.

You've always been here.

-What are you having?
-Tuna and eggs, if they have it.

Yes, tuna, eggs and mayo.
Let's try also something new.

Also a small pizza for Leo,
if he wants it.

That's 15 sandwiches and a small pizza.

-Look who's here!

-Hi, sweetie, you're here already!
-Hi, Leo!

Come. You've never been here, I think.

-Come, sweetie.
-Hi, sweetie.

See the trendy school look?

It's a look that goes back
to the first years.

-With all those chains.

Shall I hold it? Shall we go eat it?

Leo, these are the sandwiches
that you can eat.

-Goodbye! Thank you.
-Thank you, guys.

This was mum's town square.
Do you like it?

The Cremona area
always felt like home to me,

like family, it makes me feel protected.

My absolute favorite.

And it kind of gave me this hunger,
the desire to put myself out there.

-Do you want to film it?

-If you want to look at yourself, do this.
-And smile.


-Which lions do you want to get on? These?

I'll go up there, I'll show you.

I always did it as a kid.

-I'll put you on it and then I'll join.

I'll film.

-Where are we?
-On the lion.

-Sweetie. Is there a lion and Leone?


-It's funny.
-It's funny, yes.

-The burritos, the salads.
-Okay, shall we go eat?

This is the road full of Milanese people
on lunch breaks.

Nice. Discrete, just like I like it.

I think that Luis is one
of the most creative minds in Italy.

Give him a kiss.


A person to share a lot with.

Are you shy?

Vittoria is sweet...

But nothing can happen
between me and Vittoria. For now, okay?


Let's play a game.
Let's play "Fedez is here".

-This is Fedez.

Stop it, idiot. Hi.

I'm hungry, Federico is hungry.

We go eat among the people,
something that he hates.

He's a superstar in Italy.

-Let's see if they know.

-This is Fedez.
-Stop it, idiot.

-Can you stop it?

-Madam, this is Luis Sal.

-Do you know him?

-Do you know Fedez?

Yes, I know him.



Let's not play this game anymore.

The difference between my friendship
with Ax and Luis?

I've never fought with Luis. lt's true.

Please, doctor.

-Should we stand in line?

Like normal people?


-Is your room still the same?
-More or less.

-Here we are.
-Let's go in.

Here we are.


-He's become a video maker.


You're good with the camera!

Look at you. Wow!

Shall we see mum's room?
Let's see if it's still the same.


Look at the classy pictures!
Where is mum? Find mum.

Yes, well done.

The Prato bag.

-Do you like this bag?

This is a sweet bag
that I gave Chiara from Miami.


Do you still have
those necklaces you sold?

-Didn't you use that to make necklaces?

Yes, it's true!

-No, I mean...
-The stockpile.

No, look!

-Mum made these necklaces.
-You could wear them with everything.

-They were minimal.
-Very light. Discreet.

They went with everything.

Look at my little entrepreneur kit!

Mum sold a necklace to me as well.

-To you?
-At the "enemy price" of 80 euros.

-No, it was 55.

Then you screwed me.

-No, the other...
-Yes, sorry.

He'll take a picture, no. Like that, yes.


-You're welcome.

I like to put him in normal situations.

Shall we get a coffee in Duomo?

Are you crazy? No.

-What are you doing later?
-I'm working.

-Besides nonsense, what are you doing?
-I'm working, I swear.

Yesterday my wife was angry

because she saw on her Instagram profile

that I liked four pictures of Gigi Hadid.

But it wasn't true.
I only liked two, not four.

-Double interview.

-Are you ready?

-First question, did you ever kiss?
-Yes, once.

-We kissed.
-Yes, we kissed.

-But French kiss or a peck?
-French kiss, I think.

-Did you have an idol at the time?
-I've always loved DiCaprio.

-I remember.
-I have a DiCaprio folder.

-This was...
-The Leonardo DiCaprio album.

-She was obsessed.
-You look like a stalker,

that collects newspaper articles.

God, I still had the tattoos!

-Please, let's do a tattoo.
-Pick one.

I want the one with the heart
that says "DiCaprio".

-Beautiful. "Kiss me Leo."
-I want this one.


"Kiss me Leo", guys.


They look terrible.


-Can we sit for a coffee?


Hi, Fedez.

How are you? Better?

I'm good, thank you so much.

Show the belly. I'm kidding.

-A picture for my daughter?

-Have a nice coffee now.

Life is made of moments like this.

-Thank you.

-Can we take a picture together?


We had that session

where you fought, where you both felt bad.

You agreed not to discuss certain topics.

Then you mentioned something.

You got alarmed, you turned bossy.

Yes. She's reserved while not being
reserved. Don't know how to explain it.

While I'm completely unreserved.

-It's clear, right?

But how important was the fight?

I think that every confrontation
is useful.

Yes, it was useful. Because,
I lived that moment as a lack of trust.

I said, "Let's not talk
about a certain thing,"

and he was talking
about a thing that bothered me.

So I got alarmed and tried
to get the situation under control.

It's very important.

With you, a lot of the work
we did together

was to strengthen your hearts and brains

to empathize with your partner
not when things go well,

but when the other is being unbearable,

annoying, unpleasant, aggressive.

In that moment,
the loving message is to understand

what's happening to the other person.

Why do you think I sent you to do tango?

Because in tango, from what I understood,
you must trust the other person,

you must lead and make yourself be led
at the same time.

Yes, now the left. The other left. Okay.

It's the team spirit, right?

-Think less, Chiara.

Don't help him. Follow him and defend him.

-You defend to death what he does.
-Follow him and defend him.

Yes, it was nice.
Also, letting go, in general.

I am always thinking.

The teachers said,
"Let yourself be led by him."

Go with the flow.

In fact, it's been more natural.

The silence emerging
from you two is marvelous.

That's tango.

You both try to control things too much.


There are many areas of existence

where letting yourself go with the flow
of what's happening

and trusting it,
gives interesting results.

Well done! Bien!


I'd suggest you to pick a weekend.

To have 24 hours for the four of you.

You'll go back to that condition
you don't remember,

where people, when they're together,
talk to each other.

Like in a weekend in the 1970s.

Guys, let's make a sign of the cross.

Vittoria is a bit crazy.


We're in Seville for the Dior show cruise.

I'm finally going to Sanremo.

-I've never been there.


Make some noise for Fedez!

A round of applause
for Leone's first interview!


Subtitle translation by
Antonio Gambacorta