The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - ...and the City - full transcript

Donatella Versace invites Fedez and Chiara to attend one of the most glamorous events ever: the Met Gala. In NY, Chiara also lives a unique experience: being suspended on one of the tallest skyscrapers of the Big Apple.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-Come here, I'll park you.
-Now let's watch TV.

There it is. God bless TV.

Let's do a quick review of your English.

For when I see Anna Wintour.

That's later. For when
you're alone in New York.

-I'll stay in my room.
-You'll need it even for room service.

That I can do.

My English is limited,
so I can't carry on a conversation.

Can I have some food, please?

I really like your tone. "Can I..."

It's the American accent, dear.

I'm taking a really long trip.

We're going from Frankfurt
to Mexico City.

We'll stay there 24 hours,
then another 48 hours to go to New York,

to Fede's for the Met Gala.
It'll be tough, but nice.

I'll read you some tips
about this year's Met Gala.

Pay attention.

Okay, pay attention.

The theme of the Met Gala 2022
will be the Gilded Age.

The Gilded Age refers to the last years
of the 19th century.

I'll go to Anna Wintour and tell her,
"I saw you inspired to the Golden Age."

-You inspired?
-The Golden...

-Gilded Age, not Golden...
-The Gilded Age.

The Met Gala is
the Oscars of fashion.

The most famous celebrities
in the world on the same red carpet.

I was there once in 2015,
invited by Calvin Klein.

Everything's changed since then.

2015 was one the darkest times of my life.

I was scared to be alone in Los Angeles.

Everything I loved was far away.

I had experiences, even at the Met Gala,
where I was uneasy.

But they made me the person I am today.

I'm the CEO of my companies,

I have wonderful kids, a great marriage.

It'll be fun with Fede.

We're a couple, we know a bit more people.

It'll certainly be a different experience,

that I'll enjoy much more.

If my wife had told me,
"Let's go to a farm,

"20 minutes from here..."

But "9,000 kilometers away...
with Gigi Hadid." That's fantastic.

-Enough with Gigi Hadid.
-What do you mean "enough"?

I'll do the same with some hottie.
Jared Leto will be there.

Something like that.

-You went out with him.
-I didn't go out with him.

-Yes, you did.
-Don't spread such gossip.

I went to his Halloween party.

We texted, but we never went out.

I mean, to go from Jared Leto to...

Yes, that's true.

It all began with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge
The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid
And the show begins

NEW YORK - APRIL 30, 2022

New York.

I could take advantage of my wife
not being here and pick up some girls.


Good morning, guys, from Mexico City,
from me and my pimple.

It's almost 7:00 a.m.

And today we'll visit a coffee farm
in the middle of Mexico.

Then on Sunday, we'll be in New York
for something very nice.

Fede, who's already in New York,
will be there. It'll be a fun time.

There's a paparazzo,
I'm being photographed. I'm famous.

Luckily, I wasn't with my lover.

I'm kidding.

I miss you so much, honey.

Now we have a two-hour drive

-to get to this coffee plantation.

Even though you don't see
each other all that much,

-you're really in sync.

Besides our past trauma together,

it's also a bit like
couple's shock therapy

because we're both working a lot.

Yes, sure.

We're on our own,
and often don't see each other.

And if we see each other,
we might be exhausted.

Despite that, I see that...

whereas last year
this would have made us implode,

and we'd have said,
"We're fighting because we're stressed,"

this year that's not happening.

What about you, Chiara?

I want a relationship
where we trust each other

and each of us feels free
to do what we want.

I want to do many things together,
because it's the best.

-I know that we are building

and working to create
our own moments.


We've reached the coffee plantation.

This place is amazing.

We came to Mexico
for this Nespresso project.

Put the plant here.
Put it here.

I missed travelling.

It was nice to regain
a bit of freedom and life.

Let's see if my wife calls.
Who knows, maybe we have telepathy.

Honey, call me please. Come on.

Otherwise they won't believe us.

My wife called.

-Hi, honey.
-Hi, honey.

-How are you?
-I'm dead tired.

-How are things in Mexico?

Today we went to this coffee farm
in the middle of nowhere,

but it was cool.

What's the most interesting thing you saw?

I didn't know...
The coffee came from these berries,

and you can eat them.
I did.

-I walked.

I walked the streets.

Well done, honey. You never do that.
Where did you go?

From Soho to our hotel, in Midtown.

You should do that in Milan as well.


-Let me know what you do.
-All right.

Fede probably has changed. He's more open.

He's experimenting more in life, I think.

Friendships, going out,
being outside.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow's program?

I really want to improve myself

as quickly as things happened,

I need to get used to it,

because I haven't felt much
of his big change.

-Going out, doing things together...
-Come on...

-We're starting to experience it now.

The only thing is that
I don't know why I'm doing it.

I mean, on the one hand...

I have the feeling

that I don't want life
to slip away from me.

On the other hand,
I don't know if I'm running away.

I notice that...

I can't be home alone anymore.

If I'm alone, I'm uncomfortable.

I can't be home doing nothing.

When you say "I can't..."

I feel bad being alone with my thoughts.

Because if I think about what happened...

I don't think it's that important.

I mean...

But your eyes tell another story.

I know, I feel like crying.
But I don't know.

Listen to your eyes.

I don't know.

I mean, I don't know.

It's that I don't know.

This desire to go out,
the difficulty of being alone...

It tells us
that you're not ready to listen

to that anxiety, that uneasiness.

My God.

The compression belt.

I think he'd like
to see more of New York,

to go around...

But I'm sure
he won't do anything at night.

I'm sure he'll stay in the hotel.

-Are you eating there?
-You know what I'll do?

I'll eat in my room.

And I'll stay in my room.

Do as you like.
We'll do things when I get there.

Exactly, honey.

I'd like to find a reason
for this confessional.

The truth is that I was like this
before the crew came in.

-The Versace robe!

I thought it'd be nice to do it this way

so that...

I mean, dressed like this.

00:15 A.M.

What's this?

-This thing.

-Come on.

-Let's try it. Come on.
-Come on.

My God!

So, minestrone soup for me.

Why are you laughing? It's good.

Come on.

Don't look.

-Close your eyes.
-Close your eyes.

It's good.

01:15 A.M.

Come on.

Look how fast she is, Tati.

-She likes it fast, not slow.
-I know.

MILAN - MAY 1, 2022
08:15 A.M.


Come on.

The kids left and went to America.


-We moved in...

-...for four or five days.

It's good for them and it's good for us.

And now?

And now?

After the bad period we went through,
it's like living life again...


... more carefree.


I'll board soon for New York.

Can you wave bye? Bye.

I've reached the hotel.


-Hi, sweetie!
-Hi, honey!

-Hi! We're filming.
-What are you doing?

Hi, honey.

I'm very happy that my wife is back.

I'd like to say it with more enthusiasm,
but I'm happy.

-How are you?
-Good. I ate. I was hungry.

-I was hungry, honey.

Come on!
All you had to do was wait.

-It's 3 o'clock, honey. I was hungry.
-Fine, okay.

I think that tonight we'll have sex.

Jet lag sex.

Which translates to "tired sex."

You sleep a bit, you know?

Ferry is here!

The day before the gala
there's the fitting with Donatella.

-You like it?
-It's beautiful.

-Say something.
-It's nice.

-Tell me I look good.
-You look very good.

I look crazy because we're trying
different styles on my eyes.

This is one.
We'll probably choose it.

Here's the other.

It's done on purpose.

-So, Mary? Second floor?

We're also trying different hats,
jewelry, everything.

We're almost ready.

I'm in a robe
with "Fedez loves Chiara" written on it.

So what's going on here?
You have a show or something?

-The Met Gala. Heard of it?

-Yeah. I'm...
-But everyone at the Met Gala

dresses fancy.
You don't look fancy.

This is not...

-He's challenging me.
-I wear this all the time.

-They're everyday clothes.


How can he say
I don't look cool? Look.

-You're crazy. You look fancy.
-I mean, come on.

Donatella is always great.

Today it's her birthday. Crazy.

I'm so happy
you're here in New York.

-I'm happy.
-Very happy.

-You look great.

Thank you.

-I really like my suit.
-Did you try it on?

No, we had a fitting.

We had the first one
and now we'll have the second.

We tried a few things.

I really like Fede's outfit.

It's the first time
I'm seeing it in person.

He wanted to do exactly
what the Queen wanted him to do.

-Bow tie or not?
-Bow tie.

No, but let's...

Bow tie?

It really suits you.

-It looks great on you.
-It's very nice.

You must smile.

Keep your brows up
and stop smiling. That's your model face.

I'll try it.


-Very beautiful.

It's beautiful, right?

My dress for the Met Gala
is by Gianni Versace.

It's from his last show in 1997.

-Hands in my pockets or not?

For the after-party, I have a short dress.

-I'll pair it with a blazer.


It's from Donatella's last show.

-I'd have kept on the same suit.

But there is this outfit change thing
for the after-party.

I hope Donatella will be there.
She's the life of the party.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, Donatella

In Italy it's midnight.
It's bad luck.

Happy birthday to you

Fantastic. Thank you so much.

-You're welcome.
-Make a wish.

Don't say it aloud. Just think it.


-Go, two or three.
-Two or three?

Wow, if this wish comes true...

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

We didn't eat the cake.

We should've eaten it.
It's bad luck not to. Let's hope not.

NEW YORK - MAY 2 2022

We're about to start getting ready
for the Met Gala.

It's only 10:00 a.m. Really?

In a little bit.

I'll start at 2:00 p.m.

-At 2 o'clock?

It's also nice like that.

-What about these?
-They're very nice.

I'd wear them everyday.

The Met Gala is a charity event
for the Costume Institute,

the part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
dedicated to fashion.

Should we have
the dress brought here?


It's the Oscars of fashion,

because the most renowned
celebrities attend it.

Honey, I'll come knock
at 6:30 p.m. and we'll go together, okay?


How can I change my T-shirt
without messing up my hair?

Wait, I'll help you.

-From above.
-Go, Giulio.


-Pull here. I'll pull it.

Actually, on the red carpet,
Fede is great. He's funny.

-He's more relaxed than you.

He's not tense during these things.

I hope I fall down the stairs.

They'd say, "Who's the moron that fell?"
I'd be world-famous.

I'm not anxious during these things.

I have to walk.

And I know I look terrible
in pictures, so...

Tell me what I should do.
Giulio, what should I do?

-Straight. Give me your hand.
-Straight. Like this?

A hand in the pocket. Like this.

No, honey.

They told me to walk up some stairs,
and while I'm walking, I should do this...

I must look at the photographers.

Honey, can you rate this morning's sex?


-From one to four stars.
-Are you crazy?

-I won't say anything.
-Come on, rate me.

-It was wonderful for me.
-Shall we go?

Come on, rate last night's sex.

-Honey, I don't want to talk about sex.
-Come on. Five stars.

-Five stars.
-Out of ten?

No. Out of five.

-How many stars?
-Out of ten?

-Out of ten, okay.

Eight? Perhaps.


I'll charge my phone
so it won't turn off when I take...

-...all those pictures with Gigi Hadid.

I don't know about this thing
with Gigi Hadid...

It's become a gag, I think. I hope.

-Enjoy it.
-No. Yes.

You should lose control
only if you meet David Beckham.

-Look at how many people there are!
-My God.

Holy shit.

-Is this it?

You're beautiful.


-She'll get out. Then us.

-Sorry. I'm waiting for my wife.
-We're waiting...


Is Fede behind me?
Should I wait for Fede?

-Shall I get out?
-Let's get out.

Shall we? Okay.

Go. Thank you.

Come on, honey.

-Good luck.

Hey! Hi.

Donatella called and said,

"I'm inviting you to the Met Gala."

And she told me
that if she hadn't invited us,

Anna Wintour would have,
because she wanted me there.

Maybe you're asking yourself,

"Why didn't the Ferragnez go
with their amazing crew

"to film the event?"

It's because it's a very private event
and they don't allow cameras.

It was a fantastic evening.

It's been great doing it together,
especially after the past few months.

You can feel how you're very much in sync.

Yes, because before it was...

It was much harder
to talk to Fede about silly things

or things that bothered me.

I found it difficult to share

because I was scared of fighting
and having him not talk to me for days.

It was something
I didn't want to face at times.

But now, if I have something to tell him,

I can tell him.
And he's much more attentive.

But he's changed so quickly
in certain respects,

that I'm worried it's something temporary.

I have an irrational fear
that it's just for this moment...

It's genuine.

The worst thing is that
I get angry at myself

because, sometimes,
I don't even understand

what destabilizes me.

Then I tell myself,

"Fuck. You also went through
a traumatic experience.

"It's okay not to have
everything under control."

It happens.

-We have nothing under control.

I mean, yes and no.

And fuck, it's tough
not having things under control.

It's a bit difficult to explain.

There's active work to be done.

The thing you must never forget

is that while it was your stomach
they opened up,

you both experienced the trauma.

Of course.


-We made it, guys.
-I need to smoke.

-How was it?

I have a video of Chiara
dancing next to Elon Musk,

-which is too funny.
-It was very nice.

Gigi Hadid hugged me.

-I have a video of him hugging her.

He was jealous of Jacob Elordi...

-You were looking at him.
-I glanced and he said,

-"You're pissing me off."

No, I just said
that you looked at him and smiled.

-You didn't smile at Gigi?
-But lied.

I didn't say it was wrong. I said,
"You saw him and smiled."

-You were already upset.
-You lied.

I smiled like I smile to everyone.

Gigi was incredible, guys.

Do you think she likes me, honey?

-Do you think Jacob Elordi likes me?

Federico! I'm going to slap you now.

NEW YORK - MAY 3 2022

It's the next morning.

We'll leave for Milan tonight.

Since we only have a few hours,
I found a new activity to do in New York.

Let's go.

We're going to climb this skyscraper.

What do you want to do?
Who are you?

Go away. I don't want you.

It seems like something scary,
but not too scary. We'll see.

-What happens here?
-It's a panoramic spot

that this new building has.

They lower you down with these things.

You probably can't do it,
so I'll go by myself.

Too bad.

Fucking hell.

-No fucking way I'm doing it.

But Fede can do it too. He's attached.

-No, Chiara.
-We'll see.

-I don't want to.
-Come on.

I can't do the harness.

He wouldn't have done it,
even before the surgery. Just to be clear.

We need to know who's climbing.

-Is it just you two? Is it...
-I think... No.

-It's really...
-You're a chicken.

-Does that mean just you'll be climbing?

-I'll be back.

Spend some time alone
and concentrate.

Guys, none of you want to do it?

-You want company?
-Yes, come on. You too, Ele.

-You're all chickens.
-You're great. The best.

-I'm brave.
-Well done, girls.

The only brave ones are women.

-It's a stereotype and also...

I'm sorry, sweetie.
I would have liked to be with you.

I would've liked
to do this together.

But my heart will be with you.

-Like I'm there.
-I need you here.

-We'll follow you.


Now I'm a little scared.

All right, guys. We'll go up.

-Why do it?
-You're attached.

-Yes, but why?
-It's just scary.

-Because it's a challenge.

What kind of challenge? It's pointless.

Can you hear me?

So, I'm very happy

that my wife is having this experience,

which will strengthen her personality,

and her warrior spirit.


Tell us. Why do you want to do this?

I wanted you to do it, actually.

-But you chickened out.

So now I'm doing it alone.

I love you so much.
How much do you love me?

-At the moment, very little.

How much did you love me
before this happened?

-It depends.

I'll hit your head.

-You look great.
-Thank you.

I'll take 5 euros worth of gas.

Go, great little climber!

Well done, honey.

Great team builder!

Well done, honey!

Come here.

No, come here, Leone.

-Come on. Can you make it?


-Where are you? Look!
-What are you doing, Mommy?

What is Mommy wearing on her head?

So, sweetie,

I'm going for a very high walk
on a skyscraper.

-Don't say that.

-And Daddy?
-The helmet is to film it.

Dad's not doing it.
He's scared.

Sweeties, it's because
you're my favorite extreme sport!

Did you see Mommy?

We'll see you tomorrow.

What time are you coming?

-When he's back from school?
-At lunch.

Are you happy?

-Let me see that crazy Vitto.
-Look at the crazy one, look.

Coming. She got distracted.


-Crazy! Hi!

-A kiss?
-Send a kiss.

Well done, sweetie.

Bye, sweetie.

-Bye. Send a kiss.
-Say bye.

-See you tomorrow.

After school! How nice!

Kisses! See you tomorrow!

-See you. Talk later.


-See you.


Let's all put our hands in. Let's go.

-So climbers ready?
-Climb, go!

-Let's go. Follow me, guys.
-Come on let's go.

And those
who aren't doing shit?

Doing nothing!

All right, face me.

My God! Look.

I thought it'd be easy. I don't know why.

Usually, I don't get scared.

Fucking hell.

We're all happy and smiling.

I want you to hook it from underneath.

It just slides in.
And push it. Just like that.

-Climbers ready?
-Climbers, go!

All right, Eleonora?
Hold that.

It starts over there.

-Have fun.

-Scream the butterflies out.

Scream them all out.

-All right.
-Get ready.

-There are airplanes.

I'm already regretting it.

-Are you Italian?

Then we're related.
How are you, Uncle Jimmy?

We're all related.

-Please, guys!
-Thanks. Bye.

-She's my cousin.
-I know you.

My God.

My God!

-My God.
-Come over here.

It's lucky you came or I'd be alone.

I don't think they know who I am.

-Thank you. Bye.
-Thank you. Bye.

No. No, I don't know if I can do that.

-I'll hold your hand.

It's all right. I got you.

-My God.
-You got this.

We'll do this together. Okay?

You're good.

My God!

All right, just a little further.



-Look, people are in the pool.

-They're sunbathing.

-How is it?

Chiara, left hand, right hand.
Then left foot, right foot. Okay?

-Okay. I'm good.
-All right, great.

My God.

My God.

My God.

I think I need to pull this up.

Can you see yourself on my camera?

Push it up forward
and turn to your right.

Enjoy the view.

We're almost there.

-Good job, ladies.
-We're doing it!

Are we there?

-My God.
-Good job.

-Good job.
-My God.

Oh, my God.

Good job, Eleonora.

Good job, man.

Good job.

It's fucking scary.

It's not that scary.
There's glass.

You have to go through there.

When is my wife taking off?

That wind feels amazing!

Stay right there, ladies.

I don't know if I can do it. Can you?

I don't know. It's just a small step.

But we made it this far.

I don't know if I can.

I'm leaving.

It's impressive that they got there
because the stairs are there.

-In the open.


Right. Look.
This is the front line out, all right?

I always wanted to be Superman
when I was little.

So this is my chance.

You're gonna walk to the diamond plate,
like such.

Right here.

Then you're gonna go like this...

Superman or Wonder Woman!

I love the experience, but I cannot do it.

-All right?
-I feel like dying watching you.

When you go out...

-I thought I was brave, but...
-enjoy it.

My God.

It's even windy!

-You okay? You wanna hold hands?

You got this.


Go, Chiari.

My God.

-My God, honey.
-Which one are you, love?

-That one. The second one.
-Is that you?

Are you my wife?

It's so scary, honey.

I'm about to faint.

Cross yourself.

You wanna tell him? I have a walkie.

-Yeah. He could never.
-Okay, so let's...

Like hell I'd do that.

We can't not do it, Chiara.

I know. Let's show them.

It's not that smart.
Your wife and your assistant there.

Yes, it's true.

-Only my mother is missing.

Go here.

Just like this, okay?

You ready?

My God!

You're just gonna walk back.

-Why are they doing it backwards?
-Come on!

First, backwards,
and then facing forward, right?

You ready, guys?

Ready to have fun? You ready?

-You got this. My hand's here, okay?
-I got you here.

-You'll go back with my hand.
-Let's go.

-Keep your legs straight.
-Keep going.

I got you. You're doing good.

My neck hurts,
I can't look up anymore.

My hand's there.

-Keep going. My hand's there.
-You got it.

-More. More.
-Keep your legs straight.

Look at my hand,
and how I'm slowly letting go, like this.

-Keep going more.
-You'll feel tension in your chest here.

-You got it.

A little bit more.

-Hold this.
-Keep your legs strong.


Okay, I'm happy, guys.


Thank you, guys.
Oh, my God. Thank you.

-You got this!
-Good job.

Oh, my God!

-Okay. We did it.
-Great job.

Oh, my God.

Thank you, guys.

Honey, you didn't do it.
You did it backwards.

-It should've been from the front.
-That's how it's done, asshole.

It was scary also coming up.

You have no idea.

I'm very disappointed in you, honey.

Really, I have no words.

You're great, Chiara!

He's an asshole, really.

Yes, yes.

We did it!

Well done, honey.

-The climb is crazy.
-I can imagine.

Your wife is super brave.

-Yeah, I know.
-Great, though.


-Honey, can we have sex later?


Let's not talk about this, please.

Chiara and Federico.

It's important that you make
the right moves right now.

Stay there.

I was thinking about
proposing a challenge

concerning something
you will have to learn together.

A tango.

-All right.

Star fade out. Let's end the episode.

-You're not my wife.

Something new is in the air.

Relax. Damn.

You piece of shit!

Fedez and J-Ax revealed
that it's a gift for the city of Milan.

-This is Fedez.
-Come on. Stop it, jerk.

He's a superstar in Italy.

You'll open and close
the Sanremo Festival.

I'm already emotional.

I've never done TV, nor a live show.

Coming back to Cremona was amazing.

You talk to Baruh.

I don't want to waste my time.
You're all on my nerves.