The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Back Again - full transcript

The serenity of the Ferragnez family is abruptly interrupted by news that will upset their lives. Chiara and Fedez, more united than ever, find themselves facing imminent surgery hand in hand.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-We're up.
-To the confessional.

-Come on, honey.
-Fine, okay.

Hi, guys!

You're so beautiful!

Goals for the new season?

Cross yourself.

To plunge into very different experiences
from what I've done in my life.

-Chiara Ferragni!
-Ladies and gentlemen!

How exciting.

-This is Fedez.
-Stop it, you idiot.

This will be a great season.

I'm a ventriloquist.

Can you hear me?

Hello, Milan!

My God!

Honey, don't!

A spicy season.

-You're not my wife.

A change is in the air.

Go away! I don't want you!

You're the one
who has to be strong, not me.

-What would you change with your wife?
-With my wife?

-Your relationship.
-I think it's perfect.

-You think it's perfect?

-You're pissing me off. Stop.

Let's not even bring that up.

Let's not bring anything up!
Why the fuck are we here?

I'm sorry.

Yes, I think everything's okay.

-It's all going well.
-"Going well?"


It all started with a dog and a bow tie

Just imagine

Why don't we enlarge

The family some more

Like a yo-yo

Why is it that every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid

And the show begins

Come on.


Hi, sweetie. Remember them?

They were here
when you came back from the hospital.

Hey, give Dad a hug.
Show them how much you love your dad.

A kiss for Daddy? A kiss...

They say daughters
are closer to their fathers, right?

Okay, Vittoria isn't.

Vittoria wants to be in her mother's arms.

Hold your daughter for a second. Come on.

If I hold her, she snubs me and laughs.

I know you want to be with Mom, but...

Snubs and laughs.

So, I'm very lucky.


What now? Are you standing?

It's been a year since we last filmed
and a lot has changed.

Leo and Vittoria have grown up so much.

Vitto is almost walking.

What now?

She crawls and interacts with Leo a lot.

So he's starting to feel special to her.

Where are you going, rascals?

They're creating a sibling bond,
which is beautiful to see.


-Go on.
-Hold my hand, like with Vitto.

I only have two hands.

Come on. Here, Vitto!

Can I say something?

We don't usually dress the kids
to match with Mom.

-We do, sometimes.
-It's not true.

-That's not true.

Let's do this...

And why don't I match
with the rest of the family?

Because you didn't want to.
Because you're an asshole. There.

Last season,
I thought I looked like an idiot,

and I did, but everyone was all, like,

"Wow! I'm an idiot like Fedez!" So...

You looked like less of an idiot
than you are.



-Let's hear the testimonials.
-It's my confessional, Chiara!

All right.

No one can imagine
what it's like to put up with her.

You're a bitch.

-You started it.

-You jerk.
-Go away.


Well, I'm doing this video
to deal with certain things...

MARCH 17 2022

...hoping that it'll do some good.

Unfortunately, they found
I have a health problem.

But, luckily, they found it very early.

Fedez, in tears,
announces he is ill on social media.

A video that moved 13 million followers.

Excuse me!

I'll have to go through
an important procedure.

And I feel I should tell you about it.

He decided to share his life
on social media

and kept sharing it

through this very dark time
of dealing with a serious illness.

If my story gives comfort
to even to just one person,

one that is not lucky enough

to be surrounded by so much love,
like me with my beautiful family...

The family! tells me that this moment
of my life has been useful,

because I can give it meaning.

A kiss to Fede.

He's a nice person, honest and generous.

He has a wonderful family
and we wish him all the strength

-to be able to beat this.
-That's right!

I really hope to hug you again very soon!

Be strong. And a kiss to you too, Chiara.

I felt like getting rid of some shit,
literally. And...

Nothing else comes to mind at the moment.
I'm not clear-headed enough to continue.

Considering the wound...


We could start in many ways,

but it makes sense to start
from the moment you found out.

-How did you find out?

I have asthma
and I decided to get my lungs checked,

to get a CT scan of my lungs.

But I got there late
because I was fighting with her.

-It's thanks to me.
-After arriving two hours late,

a doctor happened to pass by

and she specializes in the pancreas.

She looked at the screen and said,
"Your pancreas is a bit swollen."

-She only saw part of it.
-And she thought it was a bit swollen.

She said, "Just to be sure,
let's do an MRI of the pancreas."

And there it was.
"You have a little ball in your pancreas,

"and the end of your pancreas
looks very swollen."

They put me to sleep
and did the endoscopy right away.

And when I woke up,
they said, "You have a tumor!"

What did they tell you to expect?

I asked everyone
what the worst case scenario was.

I wanted to know
the worst possible outcome,

and that was death.

I had to face the possibility of dying.

I don't know how to explain it...

Monday, March 21st, 2022.

I just shaved completely,

to get ready
for the resectioning of my pancreas.

To remove a neuroendocrine tumor
from my pancreas.

-Okay, whatever you want.
-Good luck charms.

An album autographed
by Mark Hoppus from Blink.

A list of things
I need to do and live for.

What's this, Leo?

"A concert, cheating in a casino
in Las Vegas, singing a solo in San Siro

with just the audience joining me,
having another child..."

Where are you going?

"...going to Eurovision,
and winning a Grammy." Okay.

Let's go.

My Michael Jordan card,
and one of my grandma's tarot cards.

Hi, kids.

Stay here.

Say, "Dad, there's nothing
to be worried about." Right?

There's nothing to be worried about, Dad.

Tell him. Give him another big hug.

-Say, "I'll wait here."
-I'll wait here.

-I'll see you in a few days. Okay?

-I'll miss you.

Bye. You too.

Give all your energy to Dad.

-Help, Vitto is falling, honey.
-I'll take her.

All four of us!

I was calm.
Maybe because I'm a positive person.

I don't know how to explain it.
It's like when something's so shocking

that you feel it's not real,
like you're watching a film.

You promised
that we'll video call Dad, right?

I wasn't expecting it, of course.

-Bye, honey.
-We'll go downstairs with him, right?

I kept thinking,
"I wish I could go back to two days ago,

"when my problems were very different.

"When we argued over silly things."

I envied the way we were
a few days earlier,

when we didn't know about this.


Does having asthma
make my condition worse?

No. But it might be more difficult.

-Do that ten times.
-Will I have trouble doing this?

We'll talk about it afterwards.

The act of filming yourself
before a surgery...

some may think you're crazy.
"Why the hell are you filming?"

I did it as something symbolic
I could leave my kids.

Hi, sweeties.

Tell the doctor, tell him, "No packages."

-"No packages."
-I'll tell him, "No packages."

-What does that mean?

"No packages" means, "No."

He said he needed people's energy.

I got that,
because if it had happened to me,

I'd have liked to have many people
thinking of me and sending me good vibes.

-Hi, sweetie.
-Hi, sweetie.

-Send a kiss.
-So sweet.

-Bye, sweetie.


Did you see all those kisses?


Don't cry.

Come on.

Say something nice.

In a few hours, he'll have surgery.

Say something nice,
instead of just an update.

-I love you so much.

-You love me a lot?
-So much.

-I love you too. You're my rock.
-You're my rock.

Honey, you're the one who has to wait
for the surgery to be over.

I'll just be there,
all drugged up on the bed.

You're the one
who has to be strong, not me.

It's a moment that'll bring us together,
let's focus on that.

And it really shows us
what our real priorities are,

it's not just words.


-Come on. It's a good thing.
-It'll be nice after.

Right. Focus on that.

I broke down.
I was terrified about the surgery.

You know, when it's something
so far removed from my frame of mind,

because you know bad things happen,
but you never think they'll happen to you.

I was scared
that something new would come up.

That something
would happen during the surgery.

Be strong.

We're almost good to go.
I'll put this on you.

I sense a wave of emotions.
Are you reliving that moment?

-Or what is it?
-I realized how much I love him,

because in that moment,
I wished it had happened to me,

I wanted to deal with that trauma for him.

-Wait a minute.
-Also his parents were scared...

Stop, Chiara. That was something powerful.

Right, Federico?

What if I said,
"I wish it happened to her too?"

I spent the days leading up to the surgery

MARCH 23 2022

worrying about something worse happening.
That was my biggest fear.

-Good luck, Daddy.
-Thank you, sweetie.

You and Vitto are my angels

and you'll bring me good luck
for the surgery.

-I love you so much.
-Thank you, sweetie.

There were times when I felt distraught,

but I had to be strong
for the family and Fede.

I had to be strong for both of us.

See you later.

Have a nice trip.

-I'm touching my balls.
-We didn't mean that by, "Good trip."

-Come on!
-See you later.

I said that because
of the drugs they'll be giving you.

-Have a good surgery.

-Bye, Fede.

-Have a good day, bye.

He's not a positive person,
but I have to say, he reacted really well.

I've lived... I'm sorry.


I thought I was in... I can't even speak.

I felt like I was in a bubble

and I didn't know what was happening.

I've always been strong
and I kept saying everything was good,

but it wasn't easy.


I didn't want to show it,
but it was tough.


You must be strong.
You think it only happens to others,

but when it happens to you, you face it.

The fact he has been so strong...

I never knew he had it in him.
He even gave strength to all of us.

We're all nervous. I can't wait for it
to be over and for Fede to be all right.

Come on.

The doctor came out.

In theory, everything is fine,
the surgery went well.

So, good news. Come on...

Fingers crossed.

Who's in here.

-It's me, your dad...
-My wife?

Hi, my love.

-How are you feeling?

Don't worry, my love.

When he came out of the operating room,
I felt like the worst was over.

Are you happy that it all went well?


I thought that since things went well
at that moment,

they had to go well afterwards.

Chiara was always so strong
next to Fede. Now...

She was always next to him,
never left him for a moment.

She was with him around the clock.

She's great. She never left.

You were great, honey.

Sometimes, they remind me
of me and Tati, more or less.

Like Raimondo Vianello
and Sandra Mondaini.

-Take a picture of me.
-No, I won't. No!

-No, you're pulling it your...
-I just did...

-Come on, honey...
-But they're very strong.

-Hi, honey!
-No... Honey!

Just imagine

-Should I keep an eye on something?
-Try to rest as well.

They'll monitor everything.

-Thank you, Doctor.

One thing, Doctor.

-Tell me, dear.

How long ago was the surgery?

-Five hours, honey.

Is the riskiest part over?

Fede, don't say these things.

-Don't break my balls.
-Just relax.

-For you, yes, but not for us.

Stop tormenting yourself over nothing.

-Goodnight. Thanks, Doctor.

You and your questions, my love.

The doctors were...

wonderful in reassuring me.

In the sense that, at one point,
fear had crept in after the surgery.

You wake up from the surgery
and think, "Yes, I can make it."

But what happens next is up to your body.

Today is Vitto's birthday. March 23rd.

Not even 24 hours after the surgery.

My exercises
are also good for Vitto's party.

-When was it?

You have to blow.

Was that a burp?

-Or pain?

Fede, I don't know
if you should do it now.

Right. I wanted to be cool, but...

You couldn't.

The period after the surgery was tough.

Ready? One, two and three!

But I recovered in record time.

-I can do it.

How is it?

That's good. Well done. Perfect.

Well done, honey!

The whole journey
was very traumatic to live through,

but it left me
with many positive memories.

Hi, baby!

-Happy birthday.
-Hi, honey.

We got to be very close
and did many things together.

Three days after surgery.

Well done. Very good.

I think it's the experience
that's connected us the most.

But I have the feeling...

My mind tends to forget things.

It tends to leave things behind.

But I think that in order
to improve the quality of my life

after this experience,
I shouldn't forget it, but celebrate it.


And I can't do it.

It's not the experience
that will change you.

It'll be the choices that you deliberately
and consciously make after it.

-The things you'll fight for.
-But the fact I had a tumor...

I'm the same Federico
I was before the tumor.

Yes and no. You are changing.

You're now a Federico,
one with a wider range of choices.

-Thank you.
-You're tripping me? Are you crazy?

I'll slap you.

If I did Sanremo again, right?

Would I experience it differently
from the first time I did it?

Absolutely, 100%.

You're resetting your priorities,

and you'll be able to do the same things
with less internal pressure.

You can apply yourself
to doing it well while enjoying it.

I hope so.

Is it normal that I now feel
more insecure about her?


You're sexy in these pajamas,
you should wear them at home.

Yes, super sexy.

You have a small debt of gratitude.

-No, not for that.
-For what then?

-It's not that.
-Right, you don't.

-You do.
-Yes, but it's not that.

He doesn't feel that.

I feel she's beautiful
and that I look like shit.

-That's not true.
-Is it like that?

-It's because you had surgery...

-I feel lifeless...
-You're not back to your routine yet.

...and she's smoking hot, you know?

And yet, she still picked you.

-She's still picking you.
-I mean...

-You didn't marry me because I'm handsome?

-You are handsome, but who cares?

-I don't like handsome men.
-I did it because you're hot.

Good. But it's something...

But also because you're very rich.

So, it's been six days since the surgery.

I'm waiting for them
to analyze the piece of my pancreas

that they removed.

And if it happens
that no lymph nodes have metastasized,

I could be 100% cured.

I'm tired, but I'm happy.

I will get to see my kids again.

-It's Daddy!

Hi, crazy. Look.

I'll take advantage of this opportunity
to clean up and shave.

I haven't done it in a few days.

March 29th. We get discharged today.

Say, "Hi."

They're all gathering
to give you the news.

-Hopefully, that's a good sign.
-Exactly, come on!

-Let's pack.

Let's wait.

-I love you so much.
-Me too.

After the surgery,
we had to wait for the results.

I was ready for the worst.

The histological test came back,

-they looked at 39 lymph nodes...
-39 lymph nodes.

-...and they're all absolutely negative.

The probability
that there won't be a relapse is 99.9%.

-Your reaction is understandable.

-It's understandable.
-Let's celebrate!

-You had a lot of tension.
-Come on.

-Yes, it's the tension.
-There was a lot of tension.

It doesn't seem real
that everything went so well.


Fedez left the hospital this morning...

I send him a big hug,
even though we don't know each other well,

to Fedez, Chiara Ferragni, his wife,
and to his children.

They're a wonderful family
and love can do anything.

-They're for you, Dad.
-They're for me?

He announced his illness on social media,

and shared the story
of returning home there as well.

He wrote, "After pancreatic surgery,
we start living again."

Hi, my name is Federico
and for some time I have to wear a girdle.

We're making a counterfeit
of your mom's brand.

-What's a counterfeit?
-A forgery.

A forgery?

We're doing something illegal,
they could arrest us.

You did a good job.

My God...


He wants to be on your belly.

-On my belly?
-Yes. Then what happens?

-What does the caterpillar want?

Cuddles, sweetie.

I remember that...

-Just saying it makes you feel emotional?

I remember that it wasn't fear,
so much as...

I mean, I wasn't scared of dying per se.

My biggest concern
was to not be remembered by my kids.

It was the most...

There's the emotional wave.

It was what scared me the most.

Because they're so little and...

I thought that not even Leo
would remember me.

It was the thing that killed me the most.

My loves.

I feel very fortunate.

If I had a wish, it would be
to get to see my kids grow up.

Ready, kids? Let's go.

One... Hand.

Hi, my beauties.


-Sit down.
-Look at me, my beauties.

The fact that it all resolved so quickly
was a gift from heaven.

Hopefully, it'll just remain a bad memory.

I'm actually making a video.

I see some signs in me...

Look at them.

...that I'm different.

My beauties.

I feel like I have a new compass.

You must follow it.

Where are you going, rascals?

What you faced is extraordinary.

In the sense of, "Out of the ordinary."

And you showed great union
and complicity throughout.

What you need to remember
is that you're one solid couple...

made out of two solid individuals.

And now, you must go back
to living your life together and apart.

New York. While my wife is not here,
I could pick up some chicks.

Happy birthday, Donatella

Do you want to rate this morning's sex?
From one to...

Honey, you're crazy. I'm not answering.

-Come on, rate it!
-How many people are there?

My God!

The Gala is the Oscars of fashion.
Huge celebrities on the same red carpet.

Gigi looked amazing.
Do you think she likes me?

I'm gonna slap you.