The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - New Life - full transcript

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MILAN - MARCH 26TH, 2021

Hi, honey.

Welcome home, honey.

The little sister.

-Look, she's smiling.

Do you want to come here?

Come, come between mom and dad.

-She's sleeping.

-You too, honey.
-One to Leo too?

I give one to Leo.

I already gave her one, here.

I'm gonna go play with the white panther.

The white panther is eating.

By now, you're dealing with two kids.

Since real kids, for better or for worse,
never are the way we expect them to be,

for our last session,

and to prepare you for this thought,
I have one task for you.

What's that?

It's a parcel.

Close your eyes, close your eyes.

-What has arrived?
-We should do it together. It's a game.

Ah, here you are.

Let's open it together. Come. Three...






For Leo!


It would be nice if you imagined,
and then realized,

your family the way you see it
in a year from now.

You should do that in an artistic fashion,

using materials of your choice...

-We have some paper.
-What a nice set.

Let's start. Let's see, let's take...

-We should draw how we picture our family.
-How we picture

our family, okay? putting in
not only your expectations,

but also your fears and worries.

Everything you wish for
and everything that scares you.

Mine is very philosophical.

I'm very happy with my art.

It'll be nice to look at it together,

and perhaps we could understand something

that helps you direct your family
where you want it to go.


-I can't draw. Why do we have to...
-Can't you draw Leo?

Are you teasing me
because I don't know how to draw Leo?

Excuse me!

-It all started with a dog and a bow tie
-Who would have thought?

And now we're expanding the family
A little more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, silly
And let the show begin

The Ferragnez


I'll paint Leo's hair. Can you help me?


-Well done, love.
-I did it.

-Keep going!
-I did it.

Go! Look how nice. The Ferragnez.

-Let's sign it. Daddy and...


Let me go hand in the drawing. High five.

High five. Good boy.

Show mommy. Go, show her.

This is our drawing. By daddy and Leo.

-It's not fair, you only helped daddy.
-Tell her who's there.

In a year's time,
she won't be swaddled anymore.

-Honey, listen, I can't draw.
-Oh, come on.

-Mine is very beautiful.
-Sure. Gotta go play with your son.


Who'll starts?

-You go first.

-Don't say anything. Just show it.

-Okay, but can I explain the technique?


So, this piece of art is not just mine.
As you can see.


Regardless of what's on it,
which is a sketch of our family,

it's about involving

always more responsibilities...

-always more... No!
-Look, look at that smiling gaze...

-Chiara is saying...
-That's not true!

Yes, yes!

It was an attempt to involve others.

So the aim is to be always present

and, above all, create activities
that empower

the kids and that, somehow, reinforce

our idea of family.
That is, a family who's always united.

Good Lord!

Who did she get that nose from?

-I think she looks like Leo.
-I don't know, honey. Are you sure?

-About what?
-That she's mine.

-Can you believe it?
-That's not a reassuring answer...

"Can you believe it?"
The lips are nothing like mine.

The lips are like Leo's.
They'll grow to resemble yours.

So, how do you picture this family
in a year from now?

-It's obvious that a new balance...
-The new balance will be like this...

Leone will discover
a bit more independence

as he'll be starting preschool

and wearing his uniform.

He will therefore start
having friends and being sociable.

Let's have a snack. Oh, my God!


-What? She's a drooler?

My little one.

I measure everything in terms
of how anxious I feel about the future.

-I don't have other criteria to...
-The anxiety meter.

I'm not anxious about Vittoria,
who'll be one year old,

but a few things worry me
about Leone, who'll start school.

Also because
his relationships with his peers

will depend on your relationships
with his peers' parents.

Then he won't have any friends.

-If it were for Fede.
-It's like that.

-What are you saying? Not true.
-Yes, honey. You must meet the parents.

-Will they go out by themselves?
-My parents never had to mingle.

-We grew up in the streets.

He won't be able to do that.

Start eating already.

Good boy. Well done.

So, in a year's time,
you picture him more sociable.

No, in a year's time... Okay, I know.

In a year's time, I'll be facing

the need to compromise and adapt
our social life to his needs.


-If you're happy, yes.
-Yes, I like it.

I'd say you're scared,
if you put it this way. Adapting...

Now I adapt my social life to my wife.

What are you saying?

You can negotiate with her.

-Do you know what's on her collar?
-I'll tell him.

It says, "I love Leo."

I love Leo.

-Yes. Because she loves you.

-Apart from work, you never go out.
-Not true.

One night I took the scooter with Luis.
I was happy about it and got home alone.

You never do these things with me.

-Where do you want to go?
-Out with the scooter.

Us together with the scooter? I went out
at 3:00 am, nobody was around.

I was completely covered
and unrecognizable!

Okay, this drawing helped me realize

that I need to put myself out there.

MILAN - APRIL 10TH, 2021

Vittoria is here.


I'm happy to celebrate with everybody,
today. The whole family will be here.

You can't catch me.

Mati! There's nothing to eat, now.

Franco is a great chef.
He always puts us in a good mood.

He prepares some mouthwatering dishes.

I only cook the bare minimum.

I'm coming!

Toasts. I'm good at making toasts
and not much else.


Hi, love.


Why is everybody...

-Hi, how are you?

It's the first time we're all together
again after quite some time.

It feels great to have Vitto with us.

-Here we are all together.
-Our first lunch.

Our first lunch all together.

All together.

This year we spent many moments
being apart.

Okay, love, now...

But I think it made us realize
how important we are to each other.


-Hi, Fede!

-Hi, Fede.
-Hi, Fede.

-Love, come...

-Shall we sit?
-For a change.

Guys, I wanted to stay home
and play with my kids.

We meet all the time. I only see them.

Are you happy to have so many people
at home?

-Very happy, Marco.
-I can imagine.

I'm very happy.

But you see... My mother-in-law is here
two days out of three.

Less. Less often and more quality moments.

-Love, you're always such good company.
-You're right, sorry.

I was posting the new podcast episode.

In real life, I'm a pain in the ass.
Why deny it?

Let's make a toast to this lovely lunch.
Thank you!

-To Leone and Vittoria.
-To Leone and Vittoria.

Tati was not feeling well, unfortunately.

But at least I could satisfy
my fancies in the kitchen.

-Franco, did you prepare potatoes too?
-I'm the king of potatoes.

I love family gatherings and the jokes.

There's always an atmosphere
of conviviality and great joy.

Family gatherings are always nice.

-Don't look at me.
-Okay, I won't.

-Can I look at you?
-You're invisible.

-I'm invisible?
-You too.

-I understood "Bieber".
-You're invisible.

Such is life.

Such is life.

Chiara is so happy for Vittoria's arrival.

I think this is

an extremely peaceful time for her.

She almost always falls asleep
in my arms, look.


-Am I in time out?
-You are.

-Okay, thanks.
-Stay here, in time out.

I'll be here like this, okay.

I see that Federico
is very close to Leone.

They team up and that's nice.

Can I have a kiss?

-You're stunning.

Now is when you say, "You too, love."

-You're handsome to me.
-I know, thanks.

That means I'm not.

-No, I think you're handsome.

To me, you're always handsome.

I'm sleepy.

-Come on, you slept for a thousand hours!
-I worked out.

I also worked out.
I'm doing so much, even breastfeeding.

Let's join the others or they'll take
those comfortable spots. They did already.

-Look, she already... It's like that.
-Come on, love. Come on.

Fede is a bit unsociable during family
gatherings, but today he joined in more

in our conversations and the moments
we shared together.

Come, love.

So let's say he's improving.

'Scuse me.

-The cake! Thanks.
-The cake!

I had them shut down...

It's two meters by one, I mean...

Nice cake. I didn't get
what we were celebrating,

but it's always good to celebrate stuff.

Don't we have a bottle to smash
like when they christen a ship?


They got a drone with hearts coming down.


-I hope it's not true because... Come on!
-It's true.

-Maybe he wanted to be cool.
-Hearts with our photos inside.

Today I had so much fun.

Tomorrow will be one of our first
official outings with both Leo and Vitto.

Leo, look, Leo and his little sister.

We're taking them to a farm.
Let's see what happens.

First time in the car with Leo.
Look at me, honey.

And the little sister, Vittoria.
All together.

Let's go to the farm!

Yay! Daddy's allergies will go wild, here.
There's everything that could kill me.

It's nice, isn't it?

Let's go play, we'll have so much fun.

-Good morning.

There isn't much pollen, right?

Well, we're in the countryside.
There is some.

A rooster! Did you hear the rooster?


-How lovely!
-Look, honey.

-Come and see the pony.


-How pretty. What's his name?


-See? He wants to give you a kiss.
-Well done. He's got braids like mommy.

-Where's your head?
-I can't see you.

-Can't you see me? And now?
-I couldn't see you.

-Give mommy your hand. Don't worry.

-Well done, Leo.
-Listen to her.

-Can you hold my hand?
-Of course, honey.

Put your feet here.
Let's go for a ride in the park. Okay?

-We're going for a ride.
-Let's go!

-My little man is such a good boy!
-A ride.

A little lord. Who rides a pony like this?

-I'm gonna fall.
-No, we're holding you, honey.

You won't fall. Blueberry is a good pony.

Chiara, show me your art.
I see you worked on a cap.

-It's very pretty.

-You wrote, "Good mood"?
-Let me read it.

-You read it, sorry.
-I made something I would keep forever.

I thought, "I have a white cap,
I'm going to start drawing on it."

-Since you're a designer.
-I'm a designer, exactly.

I started with "The Ferragnez" because
I see us more and more like The Ferragnez.

Who would have thought?


-Daddy, hold him.
-I'm holding him. Go.

I'm living a great moment.

Vittoria is with us
and our family seems complete.

Work is going well. Everything feels nice,
enveloping, positive.

Let's look for another one.

-Another what?

-Another horse!
-Another horse?

Blueberry was so good.

Mommy will feed Vittoria while you
go look for the horse with daddy, okay?

Another pink horse.

This is a good post-partum. The one
with Leo was very difficult for me.

Right now I feel very much loved
by my husband and my kids.

-I'm her husband.
-Yes, he's my husband.

I feel very pampered and loved.

-How nice.

I would like to feel that way too.

You could! If you would listen,
you would feel like this too.

I'm kidding!

So, in a year's time,
I hope to feel the same way.

-Look how nice!
-Yes. Indeed.

Yes, it looks nice.

Look what the lady brought us.
Come and see.

-Would you like to feed the calves?
-Look how pretty!


You hold it up,
just like you'd do with a baby.

These two. Because...


-Am I doing everything wrong?
-You should push.

-Do you want to try?
-No, it drools.

It drools?

Is it because he drools?
Look, he doesn't drool.

-He's so good.
-I don't want to.

-I get it.
-I don't want to try.

You don't want to? Okay.
Do you want some too? Here.

Look at him, he's very well-mannered.

-Shall we go to daddy?
-More horses.

Why am I here alone

feeding the calves?

All right, that's it.

You drool so much! Jeez! Voilà!

How lovely! Shall we sit in the sun?

-Vitto has hiccups.

-What's in here?
-Focaccia bread. Have some. So yummy.

Chiara, from your art we can see this is
a magical time, everything's going great.

This well-being stems from a greater
understanding between you two.

But in this cap I see also your fear

that this magic may vanish.
So, one side of you

knows that this is not going to happen,
as things evolve hopefully for the better.

But the fear I see there
is that this magic may vanish.

Yes, of course.

-Why do you touch yourself, Fede?
-I mean...

-It's a fear.
-It's normal.

I have the same fear,
but I don't talk about it.

-What's up?
-All good.

Good? Any girlfriends?


-Yes? You have a girlfriend?
-Oh, yes.

Your strategy is different, meaning

you don't celebrate too much,
you're never too happy as then

-bad things might happen.

It's a great way of living life.

Wanna hear what a very smart man
used to say? A certain Einstein?

-"I prefer to be optimistic

along the way
and then find out that I was wrong,

rather than be pessimistic along the way
and then find out that I was right."

It's better to stay low key,

not celebrate too much and say,
"God, this is a fantastic time!"

We know it's nice, but let's not
say it too much. Let's whisper it.

-He's nuts.
-So that bad luck doesn't hear us.

-Here, have a banana.

-Hello, Mommy? Hello, Daddy?

-Hello, Leo?
-Tell me, honey.


Hi, love.

-Did you have fun today?
-Yes, I had fun.

In the end, bad things always happen
in everybody's life.

Will still happen to us too.

One should really enjoy every moment.

Thinking that something will happen
takes the serenity away from that moment.

So, when you're happy,
you really have to enjoy...

-Let's enjoy the present and not...

Then why think about next year?

-Let's not think...
-Not because...

-The wisdom is finding the right balance.
-It's the attitude.

Knowing that tomorrow exists,

-while living in the present.

And knowing that somehow
you will overcome problems.

-For me?

-Well, it depends.
-You'll try to overcome them.

Somehow I'll overcome them, sure.

My love is such a good boy.

-Well done, love!

-Flowers also for daddy.
-Thanks, love.

-He's so good.
-He's become a real sweetheart.

MILAN - APRIL 15TH, 2021

Today we are backstage during the shooting
of the opening song.

-Good morning.

-Is he still doing his make-up?
-He likes it, apparently.

He put some stuff on his hands...

Very nice. A bit messy but nice.

Let Grandma Luciana go first.

-Hi, love!

Ready, everybody. Eyes wide open,
big smiles and look into the camera.

Ready? Three, two, one, go!

Do you know what we didn't talk about?
The series.

-You wanna talk about the series? Yes.
-Sure. Go!

I know the TV production world
a bit more than her.

So I knew what to expect
a bit more than you, perhaps.

-I have more experience in TV.
-Could be.

Cut. Okay, nice.

So, after all...

How was it seeing yourself
in the first episodes?

I look like an asshole,
but that's how I am.

-I mean...
-He would say,

"I look like an asshole," and me,
"Honey, you are like that."

Everybody would say, "That's Fede."
Fede is just like that.

It's so nice here.

This is what it means
to shoot with the Ferragnez.

After one set, there's another set.

That is, these lovely family pictures.

They warm the heart of our family.

Three, two, one, go!

Are you nuts?

-He's an idiot!

As usual, Fede is the one causing mayhem.
I couldn't survive more than two days

a year on set with him. He's a diva,
more than anybody else.

Luckily, we don't work much together.

-That's what I think.
-Okay, okay.


Look, look!

-Let's take this photo.
-I never insist. It's with grandma.

-Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!

-It's not a wall!
-Poor thing!

Three, two, one.

I was scared, at the beginning.

While Fede was absolutely sure
about the series all along.

It turned out to be very nice.
I think people will see

our most real selves.
I do think that followers on social media

get to know us to some extent,

but there are always some filters,
in every sense.

Whereas this truly is unfiltered
and we are more exposed

because we put ourselves out there more
in everything we've done.

Especially by talking to you

about our problems as a couple,
as well as our individual issues.

That's one of the most important parts
and tells more about us at every episode.

I think...

I've been trying for years now
to normalize the idea of going to therapy.

This idea of analyzing ourselves

is a good exegesis of the historical
period we've all been through.

Coming out to make a point, right?


-Are you crying?

-I didn't say anything!
-I get emotional.

-What did I say?
-I'm an emotional person!

-What do you want?
-I said something obvious.

-Federico, you're saying some nice things.

Really? I thought I was saying
random stuff.

City life's so awesome, guys!

Gosh, I can't turn.

I think this series was beneficial
to both Fede and myself,

if only for our psychological journey.

-This was a good idea of mine.

-Or was it yours?
-It was mine.

-Okay, but I convinced you to do it.

Considering this alone,
it has been really positive.

What are you doing?

Honey, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

The gravel is dangerous.
I sped up while going over it.

For me, the most important thing
that came out of these sessions

is that I managed to show her
my point of view.

We never sat down
with a person who would explain

what the fuck is in my head.

Let's go to Sempione Park. Come on!


It's true that you see things differently
and understand your partner better.

-Since it's couple's therapy.
-It's not a given.

-No, you're right.
-I mean,

the things you used to say,
which to me sounded

unnecessary or wrong,
made more sense when translated by him.


-I hear some noises in the bushes.
-You are a wuss and want to come here?

You're bullying me.

-You're a bit of a wuss.
-A wuss? Me? Come on!

And what did I understand? That I'm filled
with traumas, I need to fix some issues,

and that I've got a lot of work to do...
And I'll do it.

What else?
There's the desire to always improve.

Both together and individually.

Nice! I'll start tearing up again...
Nice, very nice.

-Good, well done, love.
-Thanks. Well done to you too.

-Well done. High five.
-Well done to both of us.

It's nice here.
We could make out, my love.

We don't make out much, right? How come?

Because usually you'd go, "No, honey,
they're looking, put the mask on, run!"

We never make out at home either.

-Not true.
-We don't do it enough.

Let's do it more, then.

-You there, Ferri?

Oh, the cobblestones, honey.

Look how nice. Wouldn't you like
to have a house here?

-It's beautiful but messy during the day.
-There's nobody in the morning.

-What are you talking about?
-You go out, get the usual.

Milan is so beautiful.

I'm the king of the world!

I'm the king of the world!


I just remembered why I never kiss you.
You always have oily lips.

-It's called lipstick and lip gloss.
-Too much stuff, honey.

So, we need to do
the closing scene of this series.

-What would you like?
-A declaration of love from you.

Why do I have to do it?
You'll do it for me.

-I always do it. Now it's my turn.
-I love you very much.

Really! I swear I love you lots!

Really, my love!

Can't you be a bit sweeter? Can you only
say, "Love you lots"? Are you 12 or what?

-They're filming, that's why...
-So what?

I feel uncomfortable. Come on.


Come on, you're so stunning.
You know that.

-Come on, say something sweeter!

-I don't know.
-We need a romantic ending.

A romantic ending is...

We will always find each other here.

Oh, please! Can't you come up
with a better declaration?

Let's hope we'll live many exciting
moments like the ones we had this year.

-Was that all it took to make you cry?

A hug for the heart-shaped fade-out?