The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Opposites Attract - full transcript

The daily life of Chiara and Fedez is split between work commitments that they face in opposing ways. Between rehearsals for Sanremo and photo shoots, Chiara and Fedez are able to transform their differences into the key to their love.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Honey. Do you want a tangerine?

-Wanna start with a tangerine?
-Can I have a piece of croissant?

There you go, Daddy.

-All of it?

Thank you!

-What about mommy?
-Mommy no.

And you eat the orange? Oh, my God!

-Well done.
-Pass me the croissant.

-That one is mine.

-But, honey, you gave it to me.
-Eat this one, honey.

Take it, take it. You got it back.

Can you give daddy a little piece?
A little piece.

Yes, this one.

This one? Thanks, honey.

You're so kind, honey.

I love this one so much...

There is a concept
that is widely used in psychology.

When two people are in one room,

there are two brains
and therefore two truths...

-Sure. that room.

The one truth says
that you are two individuals.

You're very different,
each with your own qualities and flaws.

Then there is another truth,
which is that you, Federico, love her,

and you, Chiara, love him.

Today I want to focus on these truths
and try to examine them in depth.

-It all started with a dog and a bow tie
-Who would have thought?

And now we're expanding the family
A little more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, silly
And let the show begin

The Ferragnez

-Can I eat one?
-No, Mom.

-One. Can I?
-Leo. Tell her no!

-No, no, no, no, no!
-No. How dare you?

Now you want that one...

All of it.

-All of it, go ahead.
-Let's see if we can eat at 2:00 p.m.


-Who's over there?
-Who's that?

Mommy stole a piece of your tangerine!

No! How many cranes are there, honey?

-Hey, don't look. She's trying...
-How many cranes are there?

No, no, Leo. Look, look, look!

She stole a piece of your tangerine!

Just one, come on!

-Will you finish up, honey?
-Come on, let's go play.

Good boy! A bit of croissant?

No, no. Just a bite.

-No. Better like this.

-Go, go. Run free on the prairie. Go Leo!
-Hold on. Eat...

You're free.

You little rascal!

I say that she has
an "unjustified love for life".

It's not unjustified.

About... The good thing about us
is that we are like night and day. I am...

Thanks to her, I learnt that
thinking positive brings positivity.

How much do you love me from one to ten?

-No, ten!

I've always experienced negative thinking
bringing me positivity. And...

But he would feel terrible about it.

He would have positive results,
but he couldn't enjoy them

as he would expect
other horrible things to happen.

Without ever enjoying any achievement.

It's weird that his negative thinking

would even allow
for positive achievements in his life.

-It's not so weird, you know?

You're a warrior, in this sense.
You fight back against that negativity.

Unfortunately, I am at war.

Lately, I am trying to avoid that

because being at war would mean that

the people I am surrounded by
would have to be at war alongside me.

When you teach war to people
but there aren't any enemies around,

-they'll fight you.

The aim of our session is to understand
whether the differences between you

are a resource or an obstacle
in your relationship.

Leo, can you take a picture of me?

-Cheers, huh?

-Soon you'll take the photos for my posts.
-Mommy, look.

Is it a good one?

-Let me see.

Gorgeous! I look so good.

Smile so I can take one of you.

Good boy.

-You are your mom's son.
-Well done.

Well, Chiara and I are different
in many ways.

Like in all human relations,
sometimes differences are

a limitation, and other times,
they are a huge bonus.

Usually I wake up not too early
in the morning, around 9:00 to 9:30.

I spend an hour at home, getting ready.

It depends on the day. When I'm on set,
it's a completely different day.


I start earlier and finish later.
Trip days are also very different.

Okay, we can go.

Anyway, it's nice to organize the day
so that it's not super busy.

Fede, on the other hand,
has a different routine.

Good morning. Will you upload...

There are some papers about my catalogue.

I don't have a typical day.
Each day is the same and different.

It can happen that one day
I have nothing to do. Rarely.

In this historical period,
it can happen more.

So, we must open the door.

Other days, it's a mess.

Ideally, I have my music sphere.

My creative-podcast-Twitch sphere.

No bullshit.

And the business and corporate sphere.

So, it can happen that sometimes a problem
arises from any of these spheres

and those are some really shitty days.



If I were to write about my job,
I would call myself

digital entrepreneur or "business woman."

Digital entrepreneur is a term we came up
with three or three and a half years ago.

-Hi, beauties.

-How are you doing?

-Nice. Good.

Go. We wanted to take a look with you
at the schedule we will use

for the launches, actually...

-So many.
-...for next season.

We are launching the glasses
on March 8th...

-Women's Day. You could give birth then...
-I feel I'll give birth on that day.

That would be great.
A girl being born on Women's Day.

I feel it might be that week,
especially that day. Oh, well, we'll see.

We are both a team and a big family
with whom I get along well and have fun,

but we also all work very hard.

What shall we buy
in larger quantities? So...

-Show me all the...
-Our friends say that the spiral notebook

-is the best seller.
-This one?

-That one.

-Well, it's cute.
-Especially for high school.

Nice, yeah, it's very nice.

My favorite notebook in elementary school
had Fiorello in it.

From Karaoke?

Fabio Maria Damato
is one of my dearest friends.

He's my right-hand man, left-hand,

Basically, he helps me
with everything work-related.

I've been working with Chiara
for four years now.

Since the time she was dating Federico,
and this mix

was indeed very funny and it still is.

Probably it's an example
of how opposites attract.


The seat belt.

Oh, my God.

-Why did I wear this jacket? It's so ugly.
-That's not true.

With her employees,
Chiara has a friendly relationship.

It's so hot with this fucking fur,
I'm dying.


I feel like throwing up.

I think that it's normal
that in our social circle

the people we are most in touch with
are the ones we work with.

I'll take the car down.


-Keys? Or will you call?
-I'll call.

I'm a little less outgoing than Chiara

because in the past, I mixed up
work and friendships too much.

So I try to keep more distant.


What are we doing, today?

-You could redo the chorus for...
-I already recorded it 700 times...

If you tell me how to do it,
so at least...

-A bit more rap. Maybe a bit more rap.

Dave, what shall I do with the chorus?

Well, I'd sing it a couple of times more,
a bit rougher.

-A bit more rap.
-More rap, yes.

We're a new group, an artists' collective,
and it's been a year now

that we've gone our way, taking up
the challenge to change everything.

The people who started this are:
Jacopo and me, Dargen and me.

He's one of my favorite artists
and among the greatest in Italy.

Then we have Davide Simonetta,
the producer.

Stefano deals with the record industry
side of things. He's an editor.


Paolo Antonacci is one of the writers
and usually works with Stefano,

with whom we started writing...

Our idea is a vision
similar to Andy Warhol's Factory.

Velvet Underground...
So a big artistic brainstorming.

-Go. Let's only do the chorus.
-As if you were rapping.

Well done, more rap.

Thunderstorm, about-face
Let's go home, the sun is out

Eh, eh
Thunderstorm, about-face

Even with a heavy heart...

-I think we got it.
-This is perfect.

-Anyway, It's nice...
-What do you say, now?

-It's a nice song...
-It's an honest song, very sincere.




We need to clear the air.

Fede, listen...

My mom is here.


-What's up?
-Bye, Andrea, thanks.

-Fuck it!

Working with my mom is a mess
because she is like me...

to the nth degree.

Did you move the record release date?


-Maybe. I'm...
-It's not sure yet.

Will you let us work?

We are like two energy waves.

I mean... He talked with everybody...

Who is everybody? I came in, the lawyer
called me and now I have to do stuff.

You have to stop this.

But the bright side is that

you can always trust her.

Bye, good luck with work.

Don't talk to her like that. Poor thing.

If not your mom, who can you trust? Right?

-It's beautiful.

It all depends on how Federico
wakes up in the morning.

If he gets up in a bad mood,


you can't talk to him and we all know

how to behave then,
because he's very temperamental.

I think Tati and Franco, as parents,
are very different

to what mine have been for me.

My mom always told us,
since we were little,

that we could become anything we wanted.

Sometimes she does things
that my sisters and I hate.

Oh, God, a manuscript.

Those love actions that moms do.
I'm a mom myself,

I notice I do them too and,
sometimes it annoys Leo, too.

Hi, honey. I was watching you
a few days ago.

You took Leoncino up with that care,
that tenderness,

that moms expecting
their second baby tend to have.

With the mouth, well done.

Show me the belly.

You can't imagine how happy I was
when I learned that she'll be a girl,

even if I had three girls myself.

I remember you little girls

running through the halls
in our house in Cremona.


You would run in your aqua green PJs
and messy red hair,

together with Franci and Vale.

It's the same charm that you will see
in the girl you will give birth to soon.

Remember that moment,
don't lose it for the world.

How nice!

I feel like I'm still living that moment
that I described and...

It's crazy to think that


very soon

the grandchildren will feel

the same emotions. This is life that...

That continues,
starts again and keeps going.

The nice thing about us
is that we are very different.

We come from two very different families,

-each with their ways of showing love.

Her family is very...

Expressive? Affectionate?

Yes. I mean, me, my mom and my dad
never tell each other "I love you".

Yes, my family
has always been very loving,

which is something that probably shaped me
since I always look for these things.

His family is less...

-It's less theatrical,

-but they actually do many things.
-Did you notice the biting tone?

-It's not theatrical, but it's less...

Your mom doesn't always tell you,
"I am so proud of you, I love you."

-But my parents act. More pragmatic.
-They do... They act.

They would die for him in a heartbeat.
If he needs something,

-they do it in a second. That's love, too.

Sometimes he plays it down a little,
but I believe that it really...

Everybody is different. Some
express their love more through words,

and others who do it with actions.
His parents are with actions.

-No, but I understand.
-They are super...

The love is the same.
It's not a matter of...

Not the same. They're two types of love.

And that shows very clearly in your ways
of communicating love to each other

and in your ways of sometimes
not understanding

the love the other person
is trying to convey.

-Happy Valentine's Day, love!
-Wait, wait!



-My belly's showing.
-It wasn't visible.

To get the evening going, we decided

to dance. No, a romantic dance, honey.

Something like...

-This isn't romantic.
-It is.

What a big belly!

Champagne? You can't drink,
why are you opening it?

I can have a little bit.


-To us. How long have we been together?

How many Valentine's Days have we shared?


-The fuck do I know? Five?


-I remember the first one.

-Where was it?
-In a hotel in New York.

We were at the restaurant
with your friends.

No, it was just us and you made me cry.

Okay, we'll cut this part out.

But it's true.


Today, chef Luca, a new recipe.

-Try... Turn the camera and try it.
-I already did.

-Enjoy your meal!

-Sit down and don't be a pain.
-Would you like some?

Chiara and Fede...

-Don't upload stories.
-...are jealous.

How many times did you say, "Let's do it"?

Every time she's over,
she wants to order pizza.

Fede is like me. Chicken... vegetables.

-I'm not surprised he doesn't want pizza.
-I'm like Chiara.

She would eat pizza...

-Pizza and pasta every day. All day long.
-We have more similar tastes.


They are very different, but they have
more in common than they think.

That's why
they're beautiful together. Right?

Hi, baby.


Start with the "m".

Even though it doesn't sound like it,
I've been taking singing lessons...

for four years.

Is it right?

I'm doing it for Sanremo.

My teacher hates me because

he's taught the most beautiful
voices in Italy

and then ended up being
my singing teacher.

I must say he's teaching me stuff
that helps me make the most

of the little talent nature gave me.

Like a stroke. I should do it...

Never thought of that.

I'm doing Sanremo as a shock therapy
because I'm scared of singing on TV.

This is the ultimate shock therapy.

Hands down.

Hi! Today we'll be on the set
of Chiara Ferragni's new lookbook.


I think Chiara is a good role model.


She did everything with no help,
she doesn't have anybody to thank

for her achievements.
In some ways, we are very similar.

So cool!

So pretty!

This is how we would like
to come out of the car.

We schedule our commitments differently.
Fede sticks to a priority list.

This was with the leather miniskirt and...

The attitude was like this,
so we changed...

I rarely want to focus
on one project only.

I'm a very organized person
and I've always been...

Not a control freak,
but I like to always set new goals.

My life is a huge to-do-list
with all things I like.

-I wonder if they will remove the tattoos.
-I wouldn't...

I wouldn't but in Japan
they often take them out.


It helps me realize, day by day,
that I'm doing something I like

and expanding my knowledge.

This is the overview, more or less.


And I like it because I see I worked hard
during the day and finished all my tasks.

Working with many clients,
doing campaigns, taking Instagram photos

and making new experiences
with people I love.

Which one will be the cover?

-I love the one in Valentino.
-For the cover...

These are the options, except...

The Valentino one is gorgeous.

You know when people say,
"I turned my passion into a job"?

I always said the same thing. You think
it's cool and it really is a privilege.

But all privileges entail compromises.

When your passion becomes your job,
it is more of a job and less of a passion.

I wasn't happy with that.

So I looked for another source of income,

which was different
and didn't depend on music.


More people here than
at my first communion.

I used to have a company.

I bought my partner out
as he stopped believing in the project.

I sold his share two years later
for 20 times more the money.

Greetings to my partner.

We kept the whole management

and we gained,
in a very good way, I must say,

loyalty from some bank groups
and a role in some events.

Doom offers consultancy services,

from the bank sector to insurance,
marketing management,

football clubs... Lots of stuff.

I spotted several initiatives
at the banks, some very good ones,

in terms of public image,
which didn't fully come across.

So my question was,
"Why not spend the money

to communicate the nice things you do?"
In the long run, the results

could be larger.
I don't think it's a revolutionary...

Did they listen to you?

Absolutely yes.

The difference between
being a singer and an entrepreneur

is that as an entrepreneur
I feel more confident.

Whereas as an artist I feel more fragile,
exposed, insecure.

Because... I don't know why.



I'll take some photos,
but I won't post them. Gosh!

We both work a lot. Fede is less keen

on being with his team all the time,
whereas I like that. It boosts me.

-Voilà! The first trousseau for babies.
-Luisa already bought a few items.

I didn't realize
they would be ready today!

So crazy about them!

I don't know where I see myself
in a few years.

I hope I'll still be doing this
and that my brand

will reach much higher goals and results.

I hope that my family grows bigger
and that everything will be fine.

-I wanna take a photo like this.
-Tell us.

Here we have

-merino wool and cashmere.
-So pretty! May I? So beautiful.

-A fabulous hand.

It'll be like this.

She didn't inform me about the last
pregnancy. We were in Lecce, in July,

and she just said,
"We need to buy a pregnancy test."

I mean, you have to buy a pregnancy test.

So I went to buy my first test. As a fool,
I said, "What exactly shall I ask for?"

I'm crazy about it.

Each pregnancy is completely different
from the other ones.

With Leo I gained about 15 kg, but I had
a smaller belly and I was a bit less cute.

I feel good, I feel fit.

-I didn't realize they were ready.

-I thought we'd go through the designs.

-No, it's time to see them in real life.
-Great! Cool!

With this pregnancy, I get to work,

I can still see my friends and so on.

It's a plus, really.

Look at her, love. We have a similar
photo of Leo. The nose, the mouth.

-I can get the profile.

-Here's the cheek.

She looks like a gnome.

The nose is not like that. It's against...

-Yes. Know that...
-I didn't say anything.

He looks at her and says,
"Yeah, but Leo is cuter."

Well, yeah, she'll look like me, so...

-He's sure she'll be like him, so...

-We weren't lucky this time around.
-That's not true.

How is it?
Girls take after their dads, right?

Not in terms of colors. It's more...


-Poor thing.

-I'm sorry for her.
-You're not ugly, love.

My female version is not very...

-When mom was young...
-Her features will mitigate...

-They'll mitigate them.
-Will they?

-The Ferragni genes are strong.
-Will they polish mine?

-All right, then, if they polish them.
-Look at this cute little chin.

Hard to understand.

-The jaw is more...
-She's got a long face.

-It's not true, love.
-You think?

I always try to look
at the bright side of things.

-Look at those cute lips!
-I can't see anything.

Leone will have a sister.
I don't have any expectations or fears.

I just want her to be healthy
and hope that delivery will go well.

I can't wait to see her
and get to know her because...

We'll get to know each other step by step.

We can see your two different strategies
when communicating with the world.

Chiara, your communication is very calm.

And you, Federico, are ready
to punch the whole world, if necessary.

And to get punched,
because when you start...

You give as good as you get.

Perhaps this accounts for your
complementarity and beauty as a couple.

If you noticed Leone is sad
because one of his toys broke,

what would you do?

-I'd go to him.
-I'd also go talk to him. I agree.

That's interesting because,
despite your differences as individuals,

when it comes to taking care of Leone
and being a parent to him,

you are actually very similar and that is,
as we can see, your strength.

-Love, ready?
-You stay here with daddy.

I'll sit here and watch you.
Kiss. Good boy.


-Do you know what capoeira is?
-What is it?

What is it? Let me show you.

First of all, in capoeira,
floors are super cold.

-What is he doing?
-It's a dance. Wow!

Fede is always very sweet as a dad.

I think he'll be in more trouble
with a little girl.

I think he'll be very jealous.

It's like mom when she dances.

I think his parenting style
will change a lot. Let's see how it goes.

-Do you want to learn that?
-No! I don't want to!

Don't you wanna do it?

-Okay. Shall we try?
-Let's try, no?

No, let's not try.

Why not?

-Come on!

-It's beautiful!
-Let's go home!

Wanna come here with mommy?

Come to mommy. You little rascal!

Great, thanks. Now I have to do it.

Let's do like this:
we start playing the animal game.

The first animal is the bear.

Hi, bear! Did you see that?

Hi, love!

You are daddy.

-"You are daddy." Daddy bear, love.
-I'm the bear.

Look how nice! Two bears!

Chiara is a very loving mom.

-Another animal of the jungle you like?
-That you like?


-The elephant, perfect.
-The elephant, nice!

Nice. What does the elephant do?

-The elephant...
-It goes like this...

She's very caring.

I might be biased in my evaluation,
but I think she's a good mom.

Let's go see the parrots. Come.

I must say that Fede never has
a moment of weakness with Leo.

He's always very present,
very sweet with him.

He spends a lot of time being and playing
with him. Especially now that Leo's older.

A moustache for daddy!

I think he sees in Leo
many of his passions.

Can you do that?

-Very well done!
-Well done!

Look! He knows another one,
more difficult.

With one finger.


-Good God! Wow!

-And he replies with the same move.
-The same.


What we've learnt by the end of this
session is that, despite your differences,

you have similar needs, after all.

Like the need to be noticed by the other.

Both of you.

You have your own stories and characters
and face life in different ways.

Within the couple and as parents, you are
more similar and complement each other.

That's a great, important and fundamental
resource for you as a couple.

Don't stand, love. No, Leone!

You can stand close to me, not alone.

Personality-wise, he's just like me.

Are you really...

Which I don't think is good news for him.

-You did it? Wanna know what's in for you?
-No. Leo!

Hey! Honey, tell him off! Leo.

Ground him...

You'll be grounded right away.

I'm pleased with how he's growing up
as I see he's doing well and he's happy.

One minute of tickling.

-Yes, yes, yes.
-No, no, no.

Double tickling.

Double tickling, double tickling.

We try not to spoil him, but of course
he's a bit spoiled, in some ways.

When his sister comes, he'll be jealous.

You're so sweet, honey!

We'll have to carefully balance
our attention.

You're better than mommy, love!

What seems to be missing a little,

especially because a fourth housemate
is on her way,

is a space just for the two of you.

So that you can notice,
see and take care of each other.

If you allow me,
I'd have some homework for you.

One of you will be a star

and the other one a groupie.

Wake up, Daddy!

Being a groupie is not much fun.

-We're far from the shallow now
-We're far from the shallow now

-Where the fuck are we going?
-Nice to make new experiences together.

Chiara is saying that Fede is an asshole.

Wasn't I supposed to do whatever the fuck
I want today? You're busting my balls.

-Don't cry.
-Let him cry.

It's his way to say that he's sorry.

That he loves you.