The Ferragnez (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - It's Christmas Time - full transcript

Chiara and Federico start their journey with the therapist and after a discussion their differences begin to emerge. After announcing his participation to Sanremo, Fedez joins Chiara and the whole family in a beautiful villa on Lake Como.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Please come in.


-This way, Federico.
-Shall I sit here?

-Yes, Chiara, this way.

Welcome here.

Lovely. So there are no...
There are cameras.


What do we do?

Just talk, honey.
What do you think you should do?

-Good morning.
-Morning. Welcome.

Good morning.

You can go start while I get comfortable.

Be as direct as possible in telling me
the reason why you are both here.

-You go?
-Go first, Chiara.

For me, having a relationship more...

It depends too much on his moods,

if he is in a good mood, he is nice,

but if he's down,
it's hard to deal with him.

It's difficult for me
because I am more consistent.

I am rarely very angry or down.

I think that sometimes
we do far too many things.

I would like to have some time
to spend alone with her.

While many times
we are surrounded by this...

By this traveling circus of people
and we are always...

-They're family, friends.
-Not just family. Her friends, not mine.

-You haven't got many friends.
-I don't have any.

I'd rather have other people around
so that when he wants to do his own thing,

and he needs his own space, I don't have
to stay there all alone, like a fool.

Okay. Then I'll throw something
on the table.

-Wait. Follow me too.

What is it that you don't like
about what she is saying?

That when I have problems of my own,

-I look for a solution on my own.

I usually try not to burden others
with my problems.

-They are a burden though, but...
-Instead, she...

Let him finish talking, Chiara.

She has this tendency to want to talk
at length and push me into talking

when I really don't want to.

And this only makes me clam up even more.

I don't open up easily.

No, but what happens?

He is much more touchy and negative
than me in general about life,

so spending a whole day at home with him
when he refuses to talk seems silly.

I say, "Okay, what happened?
Let's talk about it."

Sorry, it's difficult to talk about
a problem to someone

who says those issues are pointless.

-They aren't all pointless. No.
-You just said it.

-You said we value them differently.
-They aren't all pointless.

I'm touchy, I get angry about
meaningless things.

So I should talk to you about issues
you think are pointless? Tell me that.

Would you talk to someone
who thinks your issues are pointless?

All together. A big family hug.

Come on, honey.

You are stressing me out.

Chiara wrote that Fede is an asshole.

Chiara thinks she is having contractions.

Oh! Fuck!

We are trying to do
a first Versace fitting.

I wanted to have a chill Sanremo.

-Like this?
-Come on, Luis!

-I love you even more.
-You are beautiful.

-To Leone and Vittoria!
-Yes, to Franco!

-You sure?
-About what?

-That she is mine?
-Can you imagine?

Everything started
With a dog and a bow tie

How about that?

And now we're expanding
The family a bit more

Like a yo-yo

Because every time you kiss me
You knock me out

So kiss me, stupid,
And the show begins

The Ferragnez


-Are you ready, honey?
-I got socks in my hand.

Okay, I'll go and get ready for Sanremo.

What do you need to do?

-I go down some stairs.
-That's it?

Do they introduce you one by one?

No, they call someone else
and I come down.

What do you need to do?

In Sanremo Giovani,
the young singers perform

and then the older ones take the stage.

They say, "Here are Fedez
and Francesca Michielin"?

Something like that.

-The photos thing makes me laugh.
-Which one?

-That you have to pose...
-Holding the award?

They take the picture of all of you today?
And I wonder...

Don't you have to wear the same thing
that you will at Sanremo?

I mean, you'll have a different look.

Like with the Oscar, in the picture
you have the same look as when you won it.

I don't think people really care
about our look.

I don't think so, honey.

-Okay, bye.
-Fuck, give me a real good bye.

Say good bye, dear.

Have you said it to Leo?

I'll do it when I leave.

-You got a bit of lipstick left.

-Break a leg!

Go ahead.

Christmas holidays
are always special to us.

We are leaving
with all my family for Como.

Fede is going to Sanremo instead

because he has to be physically there
for the music festival.


He'll join us tomorrow.

My favorite suitcase. Brilliant.


Okay, just to keep a low profile.

Meanwhile I leave with my sisters,
Leo and my brothers-in-law.

Valentina and Luca
are a very funny couple,

I adore them.

Francesca and Ricky have been an item
for a very long time.

They are very sweet and a great couple.

Bye, everybody!

To me, it's wonderful being able
to spend the holidays with so many people.

-Hi, Stefano. Hi, Ale.

Let's go, we are a bit late, guys.

Usually, I don't get excited
about the holidays.

I don't look forward to them...

eagerly. So, I really...

-For Leo!
-It's for Leo!

Come here. Go, Mati, go, honey, go.
One, two, three. Go.

Go, Mati, come on!

Chiara really loves being with her family,
being all together, sharing experiences...

Shall we fasten our belts?


She can't wait for the chance
to gather all her family together.


I can do without them.

I don't care much about Christmas.

I feel it tight. Fuck!

But a few days ago, I had a cast done
to dress up as Santa Claus.

Good. Let's start from plaster casts.

I risked suffocating
so that I could surprise Leone.


I am here, Fede.

I hope I handled it like a man.

No, to be honest I don't care about it.

Come on, you made it.

Never again, guys, what the fuck!

This will last forever.

Who the fuck cares? I mean...

I hope that when we get back to Milan,
Leone will like it.


Honey, are you ready to go to Lake Como?

Did you remember everything?

I have a feeling I didn't.

I couldn't pack anymore because
we have been at home for months

so I am not used to it anymore.

The year 2020
has been difficult for everyone.

In the tribulations of this moment
I have found,

I should say, the inspiration to do more.

For us, it has been a year of awareness,
in relation to how to put to good use

what we have got.

Thank you all, guys. We have reached
more than 42,000 donations.

My wife corrected me. It's donations
from 93 countries all over the world.

This year has brought Fede and myself
to express ourselves on so many things

and to try and do something positive
for our community.

Thanks to this spontaneous movement
which started from us,

but that without the involvement
of all the people,

we wouldn't be able to do much.

Hi, guys. We are getting ready to go
and collect our Ambrogino d'Oro award.


This is my look,

including the electronic tag
that they have forgotten to take out.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.

Fede and Chiara! Chiara!


Ambrogino d'Oro award and Nana crying.

I felt proud for us as a family.

I think we can really build
important things that can last.

With their ironic story
of a Milanese family in lockdown,

they have shown the importance
of helping the most vulnerable,

in line with the authentic
Ambrosian spirit.

The ugliness of this year
has revealed many beautiful moments

and many beautiful things to remember.

You look and I'll know by the expression
on your face. I'll understand.

No? Is it negative?

-You are a mom!
-I'm a double mommy!

You are a double mommy!

Look how beautiful the lake is, honey.



How beautiful!

Did you see?

Did you see the rose window
with all the lights?

Very beautiful!

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-I'm Rosy, I'm the villa's housekeeper.
-Nice to meet you.

See how pretty it is, honey?

What would you like to see?

-The horses!
-There are horses! Shall we go?

Becoming a mom, you start to change
the way you see things and act.

Everything okay?

There are many beautiful things,
but you also start being scared, anxious.

I suffered a bit from that, especially.

I'm here, don't be scared. Okay.

I also have the advantage
of having a wonderful little boy

who makes my day much better.

-My head is spinning.
-Your head is spinning?

Don't be scared, I'm here. See?

I also like the idea that I will have
a young lady to raise,

passing on my values to her
and everything I feel is right for her.

I'm getting through this pregnancy
better than with Leo's.

I was becoming a dad for the first time.

I had crises, didn't feel I was up to it,
instead now... I mean,

I feel I'm up to it
and I am enjoying the moment.

-What is that?

The pink one.

It is the top of the mountain
with the snow.

No, I would start from me and Francesca.

We need to communicate, the big comeback,
after so many years.

Fedez and his PR prepare a statement
about his presence at the Sanremo Festival


And the desire to go
and have an experience.

I mean, at a time when
you're not allowed to perform on stage.

Wow! Beautiful.

Hi, Fede.

Wow, guys.

This house is a dream!

-Okay, what do I need to do?
-A photo with Francesca downstairs.

-Then change.

-Hi! Welcome!
-Honey, hi!

-We can hug each other, guys.
-Oh, at last!

We are a super sisterhood.
We have different characters.


But we complete one another very well.

We push each other to be the best
we can be.

Where is Fede in all this?

In Sanremo. He will join us tomorrow.

This evening they're announcing
the contestants.

-Oh, live?

-Shall we watch?
-At what time?

-I don't know.

I think it's nice.

Yes, but what size?
From how many years ago?

-Oh, are they mine? Fuck.

We got them specifically for this.

Why do you keep putting on my socks.
I can do it myself.

I'm a polite and professional person.

When they are not filming me,
you can help me, otherwise no.

Oh, okay.

-It's a bit tight. It's a strange look.
-Great study!

Ready for the six o'clock mass.

Oh, I'm looking a little chubby, guys.
No, it's terrible.

Oh, voilà!

-How do I look? A classic look.

Would you like the wine menu, sir?

-Cheers, guys!
-To these beautiful days together.

-Would you like a taste of Amarone?
-A Taste?

No, I'm joking.

Where is Francesca? And Bea?

Here he is!

How long have you been ready for?
How many hours?


-I usually touch up everything again.

I'm wearing a suit from last year
and it doesn't fit.

I can't do anything.

-Will you send a video to Daddy?

-"Break a leg, Daddy."
-Say, "break a leg, Daddy."

Break a leg, Daddy.

-"I love you very much."
-I love you very much.

Okay, send him a kiss. Well done!

Fede and I are always together,
and in the important moments,

we're there for one another,
supporting each other.

I would have loved to be there
because I know he'll be anxious.

Put this hand back.

-The other in your pocket.
-It looks like it's on her butt.

Okay, this way.

Is it Saremo Giovani or Sanremo Giovani?

Not saremo. Sanremo.

-Right, Sanremo Giovani.
-What's Saremo Giovani?

-How should I know?
-"We will be young"...

"We will be young"...

-Hi, honey.

-Vale, my sister...

...didn't know Sanremo Giovani,
she thought the show was called

"We Will Be Young."

What show is it, "We Will Be Young"?

Now I have to go there and he will ask,

"First time at the festival?"
And I'll have to answer, wait...

"At a time when..." Wait.

He'll say, "First time at the festival?"
And I'll have to answer...


-Wait, wait.
-Honey, are you drunk?

Imagine if he says, "First time
at the Festival?" and I start laughing...

-Say, "First time at the festival?"
-"First time at the festival?"

Look, at a time when we can't...

We can't...

I don't remember what the fuck
I'm supposed to say. Wait.

Sanremo doesn't represent only
the most important stage in Italy

but at this moment and in this situation,
it is also the only stage.

Super cool, honey.

Very beautiful.

Are you wearing a Bulgari necklace
at ten o'clock at night?

Honey, we were having dinner.

-You have dinner with a Bulgari necklace?

This is not a real reality.
I mean, you usually... Say it.

At home, of course not, but here it's like
being in a restaurant, all together here.

-Okay, I have to go. You got on my nerves.
-Hey! No! Hey!

-I love you, bye.
-Say it better.

If you would have been here,
we would have had sex.

Stop it!

We have sex in the series as well,
because after the series,

-we can release the sex tape.
-Honey, stop.

-What an idiot. Break a leg!
-Thanks, bye.

-Later. Bye, honey.

He's nuts.

Okay, come on! We are late, aren't we?

Ask me the question.

Is it your first time in Sanremo?

Look... Amadeus,

in a year when we have had
no opportunities to perform live,

Sanremo doesn't only represent...

An incredible evening.
I hope you are enjoying it.

-Twenty-six champions competing...
-Can I sit with you?

...with this incredible couple.

She is a young singer songwriter.

He is a rapper, producer, entrepreneur,

at the center of important
charity campaigns together with his wife.

Here in Sanremo,
Francesca Michielin and Fedez!

Let's see if he remembers that sentence.

Welcome to Sanremo!
Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

-Don't they get the mic?
-And the song you will sing?

Shall we say it together?
Go ahead. Three, two, one...

"Call Me by My Name."

And the sentence?

We will listen to Francesca Michielin
and Fedez in Sanremo.

-We have waited for an hour.

We waited an hour.

No, over an hour. One hour and a half.

They didn't give him the microphone.

-Do I go up this way?
-Cool, wasn't it?

Saw the big sentence I had prepared?


-Good morning!
-Good morning.

Today, yoga lesson with my sisters.

-There's mommy.

Let's see how it goes.

-It's an honor.

Good morning.

The kundalini yoga lessons
have a particular routine,

we start reciting a mantra
and we finish reciting another mantra.

I'm not very yoga friendly.

Exhale and relax.

I would like to learn to do it better,
but it's not really 100% my thing.

Let's start now. I say, "Om..."
And you, "Om..."

-It's Francesca!

It came out a bit nasal.

It came out...


It's official. You are on the festival
stage, a new target for you.

It's a new experience. Sure is.
And certainly, a new target.

What are you expecting?

I have no expectations, it is nice

because whatever happens
it will be something new.



-Good morning.

-Good morning.

-Hi, beautiful. What's up?
-How are you?


You look good.


-I'm out of breath.

-I wish you the best.
-Thank you.

-Big hug. Enjoy your holidays.
-Thank you.

-Bye, yes.

I have a booger in my nose.

I think it's a scab because
while trying to get rid of it,

I hurt my nose.

I go on trying to get rid of it,
but it is not a booger.

-Does it grow back?
-Yes, it hurts.


We have to find a solution.
Who should we call?

An expert in nostrils.

Of boogerology?
With the expert in numerology?

Yesterday we called the numerology expert.

-Don't you know about this?

A numerologist?

-Well, since... Since I...
-Working together.

Since we started working together...

For fear of doing any damage...

Every release date has been chosen
by the numerologist.

-Are you joking?
-Do not diminish our work.

-He supported it.
-Yes, and at one point...

-Is he some kind of a magician?
-He is.

A friend of mine who is basically
an expert in numerology.

Later, I will call him for a consultation.

Ask him what to do.
I believe in these kinds of things.

Let's see how the evenings will go.

Go, okay.

-Tell me one, two, or three.

-Another one.

The evenings are going very well.

And maybe your guardian angel
will show himself again above you.

-I'm feeling a bit hungry now.
-Mother of God!

But I ate like a pig.

I don't want to eat until this evening.

You are always hungry when pregnant.

I'm not pregnant and I'm hungry.

-After eating you feel heavier right away.
-What will I do when I'm pregnant?

I'm always hungry.

-How much weight have you gained so far?
-Seven kilos.

Not much.

It's enough for seven months. But I think
I will get to 15, like with Leo.

What a dream!

I love Leone,
but the idea of a little girl now...


I love it and I can't wait to see her.

Hello, family, I'm home.

-Wanna see the house?

-Welcome, Fede.

I want to take a shit in a place
where I can sit on my ass.

-Do you have the microphone?

They will switch it off.

In Sanremo, I have to shit standing,
like at the service station.

-Yuck! Come on, please!
-I want to sit to shit.

There are Turkish toilets.

Fede sometimes says horrendous things

I try to remind him
of you guys watching us,

but I can only do so much.

Shall we have a look, honey?

Come, look.

-Ready, steady... Go!

Let's go!

-Let's go!
-Where is it?

-Oh, look, come and see.

Everything lights up.

Ready, steady, go!

How lovely!

-We have a surprise. Shall we go and see?


-Look at those big reindeers!
-Go faster.

Go. Look how beautiful

How beautiful!

-Hold my hand, honey.
-What are we doing here?

The first love, the first mistake
The first sun...

A skating rink?

Daddy's a very good skater, you know?

How lovely, Leo!

Don't hurt yourselves, sisters.

Look, ever seen auntie
in physical therapy?

Okay. Go with Daddy, honey, because...

Only with Daddy.

-Only with Daddy.
-Mommy can't do it because of the baby.

-Done. Vo-la-la.


You are my big potato.

No, I'm so scared.

-The worst that can happen is you falling.
-The 2026 Olympics are not far.

Come on. You can walk.

Can you manage?

-Well done, like a ballerina.
-He's wearing heels.

Well done.

I have never questioned myself on the type
of educational model we use with my son.

I don't know, everyone... I don't know.


I think we have a common line.

But if he does it when young...

You can see that he is a happy child.

The best thing is to create
as many opportunities as possible for him.

Go, honey!

And not have expectations
about what he will want to do.

Hold on tight.

-Hi, Mommy!
-Hi, honey!

Come here, Daddy.

-Come here, Daddy, Leo!
-Wait, shit.

-Steady... Go!

When Leo will be a grown up,
I have no idea.

He is very expressive, so we joke,
"He will become an actor."

You are a ballerina, honey.

But I hope he will find his way
and I hope he will feel free

to follow his heart
and do whatever he likes the most.

-Let's go.
-Did you enjoy yourself, honey?

I had fun with Daddy.

-Oh, well done.
-What, honey?

I had fun with Daddy.

You had fun with Daddy.

And then he goes.
Don't you say bye? Thanks.

-You leave just like that?
-You little monkey!

Little monkey!

Are you tired?

Ale will be here soon
and she will take care of him.

-You are a bit of a little monkey too.

What have I done?

You look beautiful.
Have you seen how smart I am?

-You never pay me a compliment.
-I said you look beautiful.

Why complain?

I said it and you say that I don't say it.

Until then you didn't.

-But I said it now.
-I want some sweetness.

Desserts are waiting in the library.

Where is the library?

It's the door behind you, on the left.

Strange they didn't ask what a library is.

Upstairs? Okay. Thanks.

Bye, honey. Good night.

Bye, Lellito.

Bye, Lellito.

Mother of God, I'm dead, honey.

Honey, you haven't done shit today.

Can you stop being an asshole?

-I'm joking.
-Stop it, fuck!

I'm seven months pregnant
and I haven't done shit?

By nature I just

get really angry only when it's something
I think is really serious,

otherwise I try and be calmer.

And knowing him,
I think that if I attacked him as well,

it would be ten times worse.

-It would escalate.
-It doesn't come natural,

but it also doesn't have an answer.

Do you understand that when he attacks,
the truth is that he is hurt?

-Yes, maybe. Yes.
-You are not sure?

Sometimes I understand it,
sometimes I don't.

Sometimes he seems a bit
of an asshole with his words.

While from my point of view,
I always try and find a solution.

Because to me it's important
to find a solution.

When he is fine, all the people
around him are fine too...

So he has a big impact on all the family?

On me for sure. So...

Stop for a second, and tell him clearly.

When you shut yourself away, I feel...

-I feel...
-No, tell him.

-Now he is a little bit withdrawn.
-I tell you, don't I?

When you don't talk to me,
it's the worst thing you can do to me.

How do you feel in that moment?

I feel excluded from his life and useless.

Okay, stop for a minute.
Do you see her? Look at her tears.

No, it's like this.
She is telling you something important.

It's small each time, but multiplying it,

it makes your relationship too intense.

There's tissues under there,

-people often cry at the shrink.
-It is such a cliché.

If you don't judge that crying,

-what do you feel seeing her cry?
-I feel bad.

Okay, do her exercise.
Look at her in the eyes and tell her?

When I'm hurting,
I don't want to hurt you too.

It's that I'm hurting a lot
and I need to be alone.

-No, you missed the central piece.
-Which one?

"I'm sorry that while I'm hurting
it makes you feel hurt."

I'm sorry that while I'm hurting
it makes you feel hurt as well.

Okay. I understand.
I mean, I understand part of it.

-Let me feel Vittoria.
-You didn't cuddle with me.

But I'm doing it now.
You complain when I do things.

Let me feel Vittoria. Get comfortable...

I'm comfortable this way.

-Come on.

-Women against men.
-Let's not play.

-No. We are playing.
-I need a nap.

No, honey, we gotta play.

A Christmas nap.

Taboo really is the best family game.

When we miss each other,
but we can't meet, what do we do?


-Verb? Good.
-To call.

When there are people
who throw themselves...


There are stories,
from a couple of years back,

in which Vale and Fede have excelled.

That's why we want to do it every year.

Marilyn would put five drops
of Chanel and it was a...


-Mussolini was a...


-Another one?

-You can't do these things!
-To kill the...


-If you do a bad concert they throw a...


Shit, Fede is... Is great!

We're great!

Yes, have to get your act together.

When he's in a good mood, he's great.

It gets everybody involved.

-It's fantastic.
-One, two, three...

You are a rapper. You are good
at talking and communicating.

One, two, three...

Because we don't bother you, it's that...

Shall we go look upstairs?

No, let's go downstairs
or they will complain.

We have been on Lake Como
for a couple of days.

Today, the grandparents are joining us.

Well done!

Fede's parents are coming.

The legendary Franco and Tatiana,
also known as Tati,

who works with Fede as well.

It's Tatiana and Franco.

Is it my father's car?

Yes. You didn't know, honey?

What kind of car has he bought?

You didn't know? Actually...

-Hi, honey!


My in-laws are very nice.

Obviously from time to time

they irritate you, but 90% of the time
they are super nice.


Have you had breakfast?

No, a while ago.

We are different from Chiara's family.

Her family shows love in a physical way.

-Hi, Tatiana.

-How's the belly?

Less visibly affectionate.

Maybe, we are a bit more cold as well.

So, how are things?


My parents are coming too.

My mother Marina, who is a writer,

and my father Marco, who is a dentist.



-Oh, beautiful.

-Hello, honeys.
-How are you?

Hello, honey.

Hi, wonderful Francesca. Hello, Luca!



-Have you seen how beautiful the house is?

It's my house.

It's our new house.

I told you I bought it.

How are things? Are you hungry?

-I'll show you.
-I haven't seen you for more than a month.

But not even us!

They are only interested in me.

-Hello, big Daddy.
-Hi, sorry.

In Chiara's family they are more outgoing,
they hug each other three times a day.

How are you?

If I see Fede today and tomorrow
I just say, "Hello."


Fede, good morning.

-Good morning.
-Hi, good morning.

Greet them properly.
You haven't seen them in a while.

A hug.

I don't hug my parents,
let alone my mother-in-law.

I find it embarrassing.


A lot.

-Shall we go and eat?
-Shall we?

Federico is more sensitive
and less aggressive than he lets on.

What can you do? He is like that.

-Guys, cheers!
-Cheers all!

-To us!
-To this beautiful reunion.

You can serve, Marina.

I would like the octopus.

Very good.

The scallops are very good.

The reunion with my girls has been nice
and satisfying.


I hadn't see them for two months.

Fede, you saw the car for the first time?

-No, I saw it before.
-Do you like it?

-It's a bit tacky.

Look who's talking.

If you say so.

Celebrations are an opportunity
to distance myself from everything.

Being just with my wife
and my son would be the best

because I don't get to be
with them that much.

As you can see, we are so many,
which is lovely,

But it is also... noisy.

-Franco looks younger.
-Thank you.

Your face seems like it's smoother.

-Maybe ten years younger.

Go check your eyesight!

If I had to give a title to the love story
between Chiara and Federico,

it's "A Happy Meeting of Two Opposites."

-Hi, Honey.
-Hi, Baby.

How beautiful are you?

This Christmas weekend has been wonderful.


Getting together with the whole family,

seeing Leo so excited about everything,

I'm very happy.

-That's great!
-It's snowing!

Is the snow beautiful?

Oh, yes, you can eat the snow.


The snow!

-It's snowing!
-How lovely, Leo!

Let's go and see, come here!

The surprises on Lake Como
have all worked out.

So beautiful!

The snow was beautiful and Leo loved it.

Franco, come and do it with me.
I haven't got a partner!

Fede thinks it was a bit exaggerated,
but it's okay.

Shaving cream falling out of the sky.
Too much.

Come on, honey! The snow!

It's the tackiest thing
I have ever seen in my life.

It has been a wonderful weekend.
A lovely Christmas present.


Perfect, I will get ready with Leo here.


Honey, your guest is arriving.

Where are you taking Gianni?

The airport was that way,
the aircraft was that way.

I'm turning into Santa Claus
as a surprise to Leone.

Doing something like this,
you have two ways.

-Everything good?
-Yes, so far.

Start a chat about the make-up world,
trying to analyze the topic...

But will I look like Santa Claus?

-With the beard and the wig, yes.

-You'll look like a fat, old man.


Or spend hours of hell
putting makeup on complaining.

It's in my nose.

I think I have chosen the second option.

What a pain in the ass.

I don't look like Santa Claus.
I look like a sausage.

No, I hate it!

Ho ho ho, sons of a bitches!

-Who is it, Mommy?
-Who do you think?

So exciting, honey!

Are you excited?



Hello, Leone!

I'm Santa Claus! How are you?


-Take it off, Daddy.

I'm Santa Claus, honey!

It's not true, Daddy!

It's not Daddy, honey. It's Santa Claus!


Honey, I'm Santa Claus!

I brought you a present. Wanna see it?

-It's not Daddy.

-It's not Daddy.

Pretend, it took me eight hours
to put the make-up on.

-Take it off!
-Come on, honey!

I got busted what shall I do?

-Couldn't you make a voice a bit more...
-When I speak to him, I do it.


Eight hours in make-up.

Take it off, Daddy!

Okay, come to get a pic, come.

You look really weird.

-No, come on.
-It is really funny though.

You are so heavy, honey!

No, honey, not like this... Ouch!


That child rocks, guys.
He has just beaten up Santa Claus.


-That's making your dad very proud.

Beating up old strangers who come
into your house to kiss your mom.


Unfortunately, I live in a warzone.

Discipline him, though.

-Look at her!
-I can't see anything.

Our aim in this session
is to understand if your differences

constitute a resource
or an obstacle for your relationship.