The Equalizer (1985–1989): Season 1, Episode 21 - Unpunished Crimes - full transcript

A man goes to the CEO of a corporation and accuses them of stealing his invention, and when he presents proof the CEO tries to destroy it. He then orders that the man be taken care of. And when they fail, the man's son calls McCall. McCall checks the CEO out and learns that he may have ties to a terrorist group, so he approaches the man in charge of the group and together they run a game on the CEO.

Wven in America,
no one is safe.

(GASPlNG) Frank!
The children!

So if you have any intention
of surviving this ordeal,

I would suggest you get
your family act together
as soon as possible.

Twenty million dollars!

Keep talking.

You calling me a liar?
It's mine. I invented it.

I want this man's
will broken. I don't
care how you do it.

No one was supposed
to die, Gianni.





Mr. Harrison will see you
now, Mr. Duncan.

Third office on the left.

May I help you?

Yeah, I'm Frank Donahue.

And I'd like
to see Mr. Cane.

One moment, please.

Mr. Donahue is here
to see Mr. Cane.

I'll be right there.

If you'd just wait a moment,
Mr. Donahue, someone will
be right with you.

Mr. Donahue?

I'm sorry, but I don't see
your name in my book,

and Mr. Cane never
sees anyone unless
he has an appointment.

You don't understand.
I've been trying to call him
for three and a half weeks.

Well, if you'd just leave
your name and address
with the receptionist,

I'm sure we'd get
back to you later.

Yeah, I already did that.

Call security.

Mr. Donahue!

Mr. Donahue!
Please, stop!

Mr. Donahue!

Mr. Donahue, you have to stop.
You can't go back here.

Mr. Donahue, please.

MAN: Hey you! Stop!


Sorry for busting in
like this.

But I've been trying to
get in touch with you
for a few weeks now

and all I'm getting is
the runaround.

I don't know
who you are but you
better get out of here.

I'll get security.

Wait a minute.


Let him talk.

Miss Griswold, would you
see that the pounding
on my door stops?

Yes, sir.

What's your problem?

You got exactly
three minutes.

The Penatrax fuel injector's
the problem.

It's the Donahue
fuel injector.

Let me guess.
You're Donahue?

That's right.
I invented it.

All right? I spent six years
of my life and every dime
that I got.

And now, I see that
Penatrax is retailing it
all over the place.

You'd like a piece
of the action?

It's mine.
I invented it.

My lawyer tells me I can
take you to the cleaners
if I litigate this,

but I don't want to
spend 10 years in court.

All is I want
is a fair share
of the royalty.

And I want my name on it.

Mr. Donahue,
who are you with?

I'm not
with anybody.

Mr. Donahue,
we're an organization
of considerable resources.

We've been working
on this problem for years.

I submitted my design to you
eight months ago,

and you sent me
a letter of rejection,

and then you went out
and patented it.
You stole it!

Mr. Donahue, we get these
nuisance cases all the time.

We never settle,

we always fight,
no matter what the cost.

You calling me a liar?

I got a few of my log books,

with entries for every test
I ever made in the past
six years. All right?

And I got boxes
of this at home.

I'm gonna bury you with them.

Whit, get me
the patent summary.

Gerry, I'd like to see
the engineering reports.

Can I see this, please?



Hey! I need some help
in here!

Let go of me!
Let go of me!

Get him away!
Get him off me!

I'll bury you!
I'm gonna bury you!

I'm pressing charges!

DONAHUW: You're all
a bunch of crooks!

You won't
get away with this!

Gotta stop
this craziness.

Stuart, it's getting
out of hand.

That guy can bring us down.
Do you understand?

I want his papers destroyed.


MASATlR: I mean...

I mean, you got no reason
to complain about.

I mean,
we're talking about
a family of four,

Iiving off Mrs. Donahue's
school teacher salary,

got three mortgages
down on your house,

that heap you drive around
that the bank owns.

You're complaining!
You're lucky
you got bond at all.

I'm telling you.

You know I wanna
help you, Frank.
You know I do,

but I'm telling you,
we can't handle any
more of this business.

Assault with
a deadly weapon, does...

I told you.
I didn't do anything.

I was just talking
to him, okay?

I know, I know.
You're my client, Frank.
I believe you.

But I can't guarantee you
that a jury's going to.

All I'm saying
is behave.

Stay out of trouble.
Keep an eye on him,
Mrs. Donahue.

I will.

And get the papers to me
as soon as possible,
will you?

I mean, that's our case.
I'd sleep a lot better
if they were in the vault.

Hey, don't worry
about a thing.
We got them!

Hey, man, name's Manny.

I don't know
how you can advertise
that odd stuff.

Hey, anyway,
I'm just calling
for the morning line.

Catch you later.

Not those kind of odds.


Hello, Robert, it's Danielle.

I am in town
for a few days

and I'm dying to see you.

Perhaps for dinner?

Perhaps for...
Well, you will think
of something.


Well, I'm sure I'll...

I'll think of something.

Hey, McCall! Come over here.
I want you to take
a look at this.

Oh, my God!
I don't believe it.

(LAUGHS) Hey! Hey! Hey!
Don't worry about a thing.
Come on. Come on.

We gotta find
our leak, right?

Listen, by the way,
the truck broke down,

so we're not gonna be able
to make it for the disposal.

Look, we'll do it next time.
You wanna pay me for today?

This way,
we keep current, huh?

It's simpler that...

Why don't I pay you
tomorrow, after disposal?

Tomorrow I'm in Hoboken.

I think I got you penciled in
a week from Monday.

You what?

Well, maybe Friday.
We'll try and make it.

Jock, did you
or did you not say
this was a five-day job?

(SlGHlNG) l...
I mean five at the most.

Four, five days, I said.
So? Did I say consecutive?

Look, this is
the real world, McCall.

You know, I got a lot
of people I gotta keep happy.

I got a lot of pressure.

I'll take a shot
at Thursday, all right?

DONAHUW: Wasy. Wasy.

All right.


Be careful, our whole future
is in these files.

Watch it with that.

Watch the box.

Dinner's ready.

Yeah, okay.

DONAHUW: That's it.
That's it.



Frank! Frank!

The children.


You asleep?


What are we gonna do?

I'm gonna keep sleeping.

I'm worried about Dad.

He cares about that
more than anything.

Maybe this is the best thing
that ever happened to him.

(SlGHS) He cares about us,
too, a lot.

We gotta help him.


Nobody can help him
with anything.

Yes, we can.



Just take a look.

The Wqualizer?

This is a joke.

Look, when are you
gonna learn to grow up?
Get out of here.

Come on, get out of here.

Get out of my room. Come on.
Get out of here, man.

Move it out. Ow!


I have a concussion.

Rick Donahue?

Wd! Wd! Wd!




So, it's a joke, huh?

Well, start laughing.

Right. What do
we have then? We have
possible arson,

destruction of evidence,

these people would appear
to be somewhat ruthless.

Do you think
you can help us?

Oh, I'm sure I can.



What do you...
How do you...

How much do I charge?

Well, that depends.

This is crazy.

You see what kind of car
he was driving?

We can't even afford
to fill up the tank.

Mind you, this week
I've got a special on.

I work for you,
helping your father,
you work for me.

All right?

You need help


I suppose,
you could put it
that way. Yeah.

My kitchen has been
destroyed by a small man
looking for a small leak.

It needs a lot
of work on it.

It needs like carpentry,
painting, cleaning up.

Well, we're
good at that.

(SlGHlNG) Sounds like
a pretty big job.

Oh, yes! Yes, it is.
It is a pretty big job.

I mean, it does need
thinking about.

I don't care,
it's a deal!

How about you?

I'm kind of busy.

Come on, Wd.

School's out,
isn't it?

Yeah, but
I'm still kind of busy.
I'll talk to you later.

I better speak
to your father.

He's in the basement.

He's been down there
all morning.



Dakota 7.62 automatic.

You liberated that,
did you?

Robert McCall.

And you must be
Frank Donahue.

I would be very, very careful
about that...

That ammunition,
if I were you.

I mean, it's very old.
It could turn back
and bite you.

And then, that would leave
the job half done and...

Then, where would you be?

I'm partial to shotguns,

You're not a hunter
by any chance, are you?

You haven't got
a double-barrel,

1 2-gauge shotgun
rusting away somewhere,
gathering dust, huh?

Oh, it's a pity.


Now, here's an idea.

Tried, true, most effective.

I would recommend caution,
however, because you can
so easily

nick your finger when you...

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

I understand,
the preferred technique
is in a bath tub.

Water at body temperature.

Oh, I've never
quite understood
the purpose of that,

but if that's the way
it's done, well,
there you are,

that is the way it's done.

Who are you?

Are you a cop?

No, no, no!
I'm a private citizen,

employed by your son.


Oh, he's worried
about your welfare.



I mean, look a that.

They call this progress.

This will be no use
at all for your purpose,
will it, Frank?


This is ridiculous, Frank.

Utterly ridiculous.

If Mr. McCall hadn't come,
I don't know what
would have happened.

I just wanted to tell
you and say I'm sorry

and it won't happen again.



Don't. Just don't.


What's the matter?


I just can't
take it anymore.

I've been through so much,
for so many years.

I just can't
take it anymore.

Why do you make her
cry all the time?

I'm trying to tell you
that things are gonna
be different.

It's not gonna be
the same anymore.

You'll have to
trust me.

I can't. I can't
believe you, Frank.

You've made
so may promises
you've never kept.

What are you saying?

Maybe there's nothing left.

I don't know.
Maybe we should
just give up.

This family doesn't work.

What's the use of trying?

No! It works!
We can make it work.
That's what Dad's saying.

Don't be talking
like you know what Dad's
saying all the time!

It makes me sick!

And you make me sick.
Oh, come on!

You think you can
tell me what to do?


Stop it! Stop it!
...can do as you can!

Stop it now!
Do you hear me?


SUSAN: I can't stand this!

McCALL: Wnough!

I think I've heard enough.

Why don't you all sit down?
Why don't you all sit down,

I'd like to tell you

I was invited here
to do a job.

It is a job
I usually do
exceedingly well.

There are, however,
certain things
I do not do.

As other people
do not do windows,
for example,

I do not do
family therapy.

Now, I would submit to you

that your worst
is yet to come.

So, if you have
any intention of
surviving this ordeal,

I would suggest you get
your family act together
as soon as possible.

Now, when you've done that,

if you feel so inclined,

call me.

Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen.
See you next month.

Whit, can l
talk to you?

It's considering
that Donahue man.

What about the mortgage?
Can he meet the payment?

Not unless he's got
some source of income
we don't know about.

When's it due?

First of the month.
Fifteen days grace period,
four more days to go.

What bank?
City National.

Good. See that
they call it in
on the 16th.



Any other creditors?

Wight or 10,
mostly small.

Not very much.

They trust him to pay up.
They like him.

He's an honest man.

Undermine it.

I want this man's will broken.
I don't care how you do it.

Make him sorry he ever
heard of Penatrax.
I want him crushed.

I want him
signing my paycheck,
do you understand?

Well, some of us around here
aren't sure we want you
signing ours anymore.



It's no matter.

I'll have it
taken care of, myself.

By the way, Whit,
you're fired.

I'm so sorry I was out
when you called, Robert.

An old friend, you know.
Nobody special.

Your idea sounded wonderful,
as I knew it would be.

Perhaps tonight,
if you're free.



McCall, this is Jock.
I'm on my way to Hoboken.

Listen, about Thursday,
I think I can make it.


I knew you'd be happy.
Hey, while I got you.

My mechanic guy's a crook
and he wanted to keep my car
a week.

Can you believe it?
You got a good
Jaguar mechanic, McCall?

RlCK: Hi.


Couldn't persuade
your brother to come, then?

But you came.

We made a deal.

What do you want me
to do?

Follow me.

I want all this
cleared away.

Think you can do it?

It's gonna take awhile.

There's a bucket in there.



McCALL: Frank?


Go away, McCall.

What's the matter?
You're feeling sorry
for yourself, are you?

Where's Susan?

Her mother's.

She left. Gone.
The family is gone.

It's over.

Don't worry.
I'm not going to
kill myself.

No. I didn't suppose
you would.

Well, I'll be off.

I don't suppose...
No, no, no...

No, no, I suppose
you wouldn't wanna hear
about your son.

Something happen
to Wddie?

No, no, no,
it's not Wddie.
It's Rick.

What happened?

He's fine.
Stop playing games.
What happened to Rick?

Oh, so you are
interested, after all.

It's not
completely over.

Rick is safe,
but he needs your help.
They all need your help.

You may not
care about yourself,

but why don't you
come with me

and make sure
that the rest of
your family is safe.

Well, you'll be safe here.
Reasonably comfortable.

I'm afraid you'll have to
send out for food.

You and Frank,
in the guest bedroom,

which is up there
to the end of the corridor
to the left.

And I've got
the boys in here.

I'll sleep out here.

Okay, then,
Rick can stay with me.

WD: I'm not sleeping out
here with him.

DONAHUW: You'll do
what I tell you.

Stop it both of you.
McCALL: Yes. Stop it.

Do stop it.

You all right?

You've done a lot of
hard work here today.

Why don't you
take a break?

No, that's okay.


Why don't you make
yourselves at home?

I've got a call to make.
Will you excuse me?

Hello, Jock?
Yeah, Jock here.
Who wants him?

McCall, Jock.
Yeah, yeah, McCall.

I've bent a couple of
good clients out of shape.

That's what
I'm calling about.

The job
is canceled, Jock.
Something came up.

If I change my mind,
I'll call you.

Hey, McCall,
you can't just cancel...

Thank you, Jock.

Your 2:30
tomorrow has been
switched to Friday,

and, oh, I checked
with Mr. Brennan,

and he said
the Donahues are gone.

What do you mean
the Donahues are gone?

They called
and there was
no one there.

Why wasn't
I told of this sooner?

Well, Mr. Brennan
just told me.

Well, you tell Mr. Brennan
that I wanna know
where they are now.

I don't like surprises.

Let me know
as soon as you find out.

Yes, sir.

All right, come on,
tell me what you found out
about Stuart Cane?

He's a tough
company guy.

Lot of lawsuits,
very aggressive
legal practices.

Many would say crooked.

That I expected.

this guy Cane goes on
an international junket.

Four other executives
from Penatrax go with him.

Whole bunch of them are
snatched by terrorists.

No ransom or nothing.

Few days later,
Cane walks out
slightly wounded,

they fly
these other four guys
home in body bags.

And then,
when Cane returns

to the Penatrax headquarters,
he was a hero.

You got it.

And with his opposition
out of the way,
his rise was meteoric.

I'd say so. They made him
chief executive officer
in six months.


I'm beginning to
get the picture.

And it stinks.

What about
the terrorists?

It's a group called
Red Wind.

It has since been absorbed
into the political mainstream.

Gianni Greco's
little group.

I know them.
Oh, I know them.

So, we have
a fascinating question.

All the others were killed,
but Stuart Cane
was allowed out alive.


The agency,
they have a whole list of
all ugly possibilities.

But I gotta tell you,
none of it is prosecutable.
They just dropped it.

Well, I won't, Sterno,
I won't.

I think perhaps a little talk
with Mr. Greco is in order,
don't you?

Good to see you, Gianni.

How have you been?

You didn't bring me up here
to inquire about my health.



If I knew
you wrote that note,
I wouldn't have come.

Well, now that's why
I didn't sign it.

You know, since the old days,
I've followed your career
with great interest.

You've become

You can't insult me,

I was ahead of my time.

Yes, I suppose
by some stretch
of the imagination

you could describe
the kneecapping of magistrates
as ahead of your time.

What do you want?

I need your help.

Why should I help you?

Because I am about to
play a game

with Stuart Cane.

Lift it!
You gotta help me
lift it.

No. You know
how much
this weighs?

What we gotta do is
tilt it and then
use the dolly.

What's a dolly?
That's a dolly.

Oi, tilt it, tilt it.
But do not, I repeat,
do not scratch my floor.

Hi, Mr. McCall.

Oh, hi, Frank.
Hello, Mr. McCall.

WD: Now we're good.

SUSAN: White is so boring.

Maybe I can talk him into pink
or Kelly Green dishes or...

I don't think so.


No, no, no,
I like white.

Boring sometimes is
extremely stimulating.

Danielle stopped by,
Mr. McCall.

She did?

Didn't she get
my message?

She didn't mention
any message.

Danielle's a fox.

BOYS: She is.

Yes, I must admit
she is somewhat vulpine.

You could look
that word up
in the dictionary.

Didn't she leave me
a message?

Did she say
where I could
get in touch with her?

She said
she didn't know
where she'd be.

Or who she'd be with.

She said,
she'd have to call you.

Oh, fine, fine.

You have fun
at my expense.

When you've all finished,
I might give you some news.

SUSAN: News?

Oh, what news?

No, no, no,
it's not important.

You just carry on,
have a good giggle
amongst yourselves.

The news is that
tomorrow your problems
will all be over.





What in the world...

No, no, no, no.


Oh, no, no, no,
don't bother.

They're right outside,
I heard them talking.

I can't make out
the language.

Whenever we traveled,
my wife would deal
with all of that stuff.

She must really be
worried right now.

We're supposed to be
at the Andersons'
for dinner.

You know, I was always
afraid something like this
might happen.

And now it's happened.

How long have
we been here?

Well, I don't know,
they knocked me out.

The guy next to me,
I can't be sure whether
he's dead or unconscious.


Who are they?
What do they want?

How should I know?

Who the hell knows
what any of these guys want?

How many of them
are there?

Oh, let me see.
Six or seven
of them got me.

When did they get you?
Wednesday morning.

Me, too.
Tuesday night.

Coming out
of the theater.

I was talking to my wife
and the first thing
you know...

You don't understand.
There's been some
kind of mistake!

There's been some
kind of mistake.
My name is George Cox.

You must want someone else.
You must want someone else.

Look, if you tell me
what you want, I might
be able to help you.

Why don't you speak?
What have I done?

What do you people want?

Look, you must want
some other George Cox.
I'm not supposed to be here.

I mean, what would
anybody want me for?

I just run a corporation
that makes women's perfume.

What are we all doing here?

What do they want?
Who are all you people anyway?

Well, I'm Charles Webber,
Seaboard Securities.

Richard Phillips,
Phillips Pharmaceuticals.

All CWOs?

Yeah. And chairmen.

Stuart Cane,

Well, Stuart.

I'd say
we drop back and punt.


You think it's funny?
I don't.

I've been
through it before.



Please. Please. Please.

I have a bad heart.


Richard Phillips.

Phillips Pharmaceuticals.

Think of yourself
as a pioneer, Phillips.

An example,
the first of many.

A deterrent
to others like yourself.


that even in America...

PHlLLlPS: No, please. one is safe.


We will be back.

COX: I really don't
understand why I'm here...

WWBBWR: I remember one time
I was held up in Rome...

COX: I don't.

I'm an honest man.

WWBBWR: Guy needed
money for drugs...

I haven't done
anything wrong.

I understood that...

I've always gone
out of my way
to be fair with people.

There was a reason.
I looked the guy
right in the eye. do with my wife.

And I knew that

his mother had fixed him
a bowl of pasta for lunch.


It was human.

Yeah, ltalians...
Italians are different.

COX: I met my wife
when I was 18.

WEBBER: This is a whole new
experience for me.

You know, you read about
kids getting kidnapped,
getting murdered.

My son's a sophomore
at Yale now.

We finally paid
for the house.

Got so much to
look forward to.

I don't understand
what's happening here.

How did this happen to me?

Right. Begin.

WWBBWR: What's going on?


No. Wait, wait.

No, wait.

CANE: No, no, no,
no, no, wait.

I have a proposition.
I have a proposition.

I can be much more
valuable alive to you,
to your movement.

Twenty million dollars.

Keep talking.

I control the books
to a large corporation.

Wvery quarter that
my personnel
remains undisturbed,

I will have
one million dollars

to a numbered
Cayman lsland account.

Think what your organization
could do with such resources.


I would have to
release you.


No, I don't think so.

No, wait!
I did it before.

It worked, I delivered.

What are you
talking about?

1977, Red Wind,
I made the same deal
with them.

Only they were
taking a chance.

I wasn't even CWO.

Now, it's certain.

You're lying.

If they freed you,
they would lose control.

How could they
force you to deliver?

I gave them control.


I killed the hostages myself.

In 1979, the leader
of that group
was assassinated.

Perhaps you had
something to do
with that, too.

That wasn't part
of the arrangement.

It was strictly personal.





Who the hell are you?

My name is Robert McCall.

One videotape recording

of your confession
to the murder
on the 23rd of April, 1977,

of four of
your own colleagues.

What do you
want from me?

Two things.
First, your resignation.

Then a recommendation
that Mr. Frank Donahue
be given due credit

for his invention.

And a reasonable
recompense and profit

from that invention
which you had stolen
from him.

So, that's what
this is about?


Well, it doesn't
mean a thing.

After I came back in '77,
people were asking questions.

I have to assume
that they found
some answers.

If they didn't
prosecute then,

I don't think
they're going to now.

Are you willing
to stake your life
on that?


The government obviously
has some dirty laundry

they don't want
the public to see.

I'll make sure
that people see.

Anyway, Mr. Cane,
I think that if I were
in your position,

I would be worrying
about what the board
of Penatrax think

rather than
what the government think,

or even the police,
come to that.

A man who is capable
of such atrocity

is hardly the sort of person
that a leading corporation
wants at its head.

Why should I do
what you say?

How do I know you won't use
those tapes anyway?

Well, now you don't,
do you?

But at the moment,
I would say you
hardly had any choice.

Is my resignation
absolutely necessary?


You'll find the door
straight down there.

There's a car
waiting outside

to take you
wherever you wanna go.


The man you had
assassinated was
my brother.


No, no!


No one was
supposed to die, Gianni.

You remember, we agreed
no one was supposed to die!


McCALL: Your cab's here.

Frank, all the way
to Queens?

All the way to Queens.

Well, when the profits
start coming in
from Penatrax,

you'll have no difficulty
in buying the cab.

Thanks for everything.

My pleasure.

Thank you so much.



No, I mean, I'm...

Thank you
for the kitchen.

It's a great job.


No, no. It just
needs a little glue.

No problem,
no problem.

No, I'm extremely happy
with my side of the bargain.

I hope you are
with yours, Rick.

He's gonna be happy
when he plays back
the phone messages.

Take care now.
Keep in touch.

SUSAN: Thank you.
Bye, Rick. Bye, Wd.

WD: Bye, take care.
Look after yourselves.

WD: All right.
SUSAN: Come on, kids!

ALL: Bye.


I talk with one of
those charming boys.

So, all is finished.
You are free, I am free.

Say, 10:00,
for un petit souper?


Well, I think
a bottle of this

is in order.