The End of the F***ing World (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

After Leslie runs over and kills a dog and she discovers he has a son by Debbie Alyssa becomes disenchanted with her father and suggests to James they escape in Leslie's boat but he is wise...

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♪ Walking all day with my mouth on fire ♪

♪ I'm trying to get talking to you ♪

♪ Walking all day with my mouth on fire ♪

♪ That's what I've got to do ♪

♪ I'm trying to get talking to you ♪

♪ Walking all day with my feet on fire ♪

♪ I'm trying to get closer to you ♪

♪ Walking all day with my feet on fire ♪

♪ That's what I've got to do ♪

♪ I'm trying to get closer to you ♪

♪ Walking all day
With my mind on fire... ♪

I always kiss him first.

♪ Walking all day with my mind on fire ♪

♪ That's what I've got to do ♪

♪ I can't stop thinking of you ♪

- Are you OK?
- Can I say something?

Can we wait?

Just for a bit, like, I don't know,
for a few days, is that OK?

Yeah, of course.

I think it is OK.
We've got, like, our whole lives.

Plus, I might feel like it tomorrow.



I can't believe I've got a brother.

I've probably got, like,
loads of them.

All over the place.
I know he's traveled.

I've probably got family in Vietnam
or some shit.

I think I hate my dad
more than I hate my mum.

Me, too.

I hate both of mine,
but definitely hate my dad more.


'Cause she died and he didn't.

She killed herself.

I was there.

I didn't do anything.

What was she like?

Really kind.

Really sad.

She just always...

found everything a bit much, I think.

- James?
- Yeah?

It wasn't your fault.

It's like we're at the edge
of the world.

Like we're safe.

Only... we're not.

We can't stay here.

- Nope.
- We can't go home.


We should go away.
Properly away. Like, somewhere foreign.


Somewhere else
completely new and start again.


Do you want to do that, too?


I really did want that.

We could take your dad's boat.

We just need the keys.

If you're doing what I think
you're doing, then you're a fucking idiot.

Wherever you are,
call me when you get this.

It's much easier
to think someone's the answer

if you haven't seen them for years.

Because they're not really real.

People can't be answers.
They're just more questions.

Questions like:

"Why are you
such a fucking useless dad?"

Ah, fuck!

Ah, Alyssa! Ah!

You came back! Oh, thank God.

I was worried about you.

- I was. I went looking for you everywhere.
- No, you didn't.

You ran over a dog, killed it,
then fucked off and left me.

Yeah, but after that. After all that.

Wait, I killed the dog?

Fucking hell!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I was shit-faced.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm laughing
because it's bad, you know? I'm--

Can we go out on the boat?


Your boat.
Me and James want to go out on it.

- Now?
- Yeah. Now.

OK. Fine.

Give me, like, ten minutes.

- I need a shit and a Berocca.
- You don't have to come with us.

What do you mean?

Just mean, it's cool, we'll manage.
James is a good driver.

We'll have it back by lunchtime.

Listen, girlie, I may not have seen you
for a few years...

but I wasn't born yesterday. OK?

So, what's the plan, then?

Sail across the Channel?

Get jobs at Disneyland Paris?

Change your names?

Who did you kill?


Your faces are on the telly.

There's a reward out.


Who did you kill?

I'm not fucking Judge Judy.

I'm interested, is all.

Come on,
what did you do? Hmm?

What did you do, kiddo?

You are not taking
my fucking boat, OK?

You don't want
to be drawing attention to yourselves.

Take my word for it.

OK. Everybody, just sit down,
and calm down.

You're safe here, OK?

I promise.

Oh, you "promise," do you?

- Well, that means a lot.
- Shut your fucking mouth!

Don't speak to her like that.

Or what?



OK, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


I'll make us a cup of tea.

Yeah? Tea?

Yeah, OK.

James, tea?

No, thanks.

I'm gonna make you tea.

Want the good news or bad news?

The bad news is:

we've no milk.

But the good news is...

we've got biscuits.



Yeah, go on, then.

Seriously, girl, are you OK?

What happened?

You can tell me.

Why would I trust you?

Come on, darling.

Look, granted... I'm not the greatest.

But I'm still your daddy.
Of course you can trust me.

Why didn't you tell me
about your little boy?


Ah, shit.
Because I was embarrassed, OK?

Because I felt ashamed.

He's called Milton.

He's eight.

He's weirdly good at spelling.

I'm sorry, I should have said.

Can we start again? Please?

- There was a man.
- Alyssa...


We killed him.


Don't worry, it's OK.

He was going to hurt me.

Oh, darling.

He was bad.

He was really bad.

I don't know why I knew.

I just did.

Something didn't feel right.

Hey, it's OK.

It's OK.


- Darling?
- I killed him.

I killed him.
She didn't do anything.

Stay where you are.

- He called 999.
- What?

Baby? Baby, listen to me.
I'm trying to protect you.

- You fucker!
- Argh!


We've found the suspects.
The boy's confessed to the murder.

Where are they?

We've traced the call to the coast road.
Armed unit on its way now.

- Argh!
- You actually in the police?


Can you stop pointing
that at me, please?

- I wouldn't do that.
- What? Why?

The knife's stemming the blood. Leave it.

Have you got any antiseptic?

I've got some Arnica
in the bathroom.

Let's not piss into the wind.
Just leave it.

You'll be fine.
An armed unit's on its way.

- OK, look. We haven't got long.
- What is going on?

I want to help you, all right? Listen.

- We need to go.
- No.

Can't let you do that.
You can't keep running.

You can't.

It's better that you hand yourselves
in now, willingly, to me,

and I can help you
sort out a manslaughter plea.

- Please, can you move?
- No, you have to stop.

Especially you, James.

- You're 18 now.
- What?

- Happy birthday, by the way.
- What, today?

You're eighteenth?

Why didn't you say anything?

I would've got you a present.

I saw your dad yesterday.

He told me about your mum.

He showed me the picture of you all.
The one in his wallet.

He doesn't have one in his wallet.

Is he angry with me?

No, he's worried.

Your mum's worried, too.

Yeah, right.

She is.

Your stepdad's a nasty twat isn't he?


What'll happen to us
if we do what you say?

Nothing too bad.

- If you let me help you.
- Yeah, right.

- Sorry?
- Don't lie to them.

They'll lock you up
and throw away the key.

Mr. Foley, that's actually not the case.

They will.

- Don't listen to her.
- You called the police, Leslie!

Whoa! I'm trying to protect you.

- From him.
- Oh, really?

It wasn't for the reward?

How much?

Look, you didn't kill anybody, did you?

- He's right.
- What?

- I'll go with you. I'll hand myself in.
- What? No way!

Listen, sweetheart,
take it from someone who knows.

- You take after your mum.
- What?

You have shit taste in men.

Take the opportunity
to get rid of this one.

Argh! What is wrong with you?

You want to know what's wrong
with me, yeah?


You are. You don't care about me.

- You don't give the tiniest shit--
- Course I care. Of course I give a shit--

You shouldn't just make people
if you're going to abandon them

because they think they've done
something wrong their whole lives.

Don't give me that victim shit, Alyssa.

We can all do that.
"I'm anorexic because I was adopted."

"I cheat on women
because I wasn't breastfed."

Everyone has a reason
for how they behave.

- What's yours then?
- Huh?

- Why are you such a prick?
- I love him so much.

You know what? He's right.

But I didn't come looking for you.

Right? I kept away.

I thought it would be best
if you forgot all about me.

- We haven't really got time--
- Just give me a second.

Why did you send me the cards, then?

For my birthday.

Did you even send them?

Oh, my God, was it my mum?

She shouldn't have done it.
It's really irresponsible.

I feel like I'm going mad.

Hey! To be mad in a deranged--

Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Stop quoting yourself!

Will we go to prison if we hand
ourselves in? Or juvenile? Will we?

Look, yes, possibly.

- We wouldn't go to the same place?
- No, but the thing--

- No?
- No.

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

Jesus Christ!

Give me the keys to your boat.

She's breathing.

Come on, James, we have to go now!




Armed police! Armed police!
Stay down!

Eunice, can you hear me? Eunice?

They're on the beach!

Move out! Move out!

Say that I kidnapped you.

- What?
- Yeah.

Tell them that I did it all.

Then you'll be OK.
Nothing will happen to you.

No. No way.
We're going together. Come on!

- I'm sorry.
- Why?

Armed police, stay where you are!

Put down the weapon!

What the fuck are you doing?



No! Get off me!

I've just turned 18.

And I think I understand...

...what people mean to each other.

♪ Why does the sun ♪

♪ Keep on shining? ♪

♪ Why does the sea ♪

♪ Rush to shore? ♪

♪ Don't they know ♪

♪ It's the end of the world? ♪