The End of the F***ing World (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Whilst Gwen and Phil are shown CCTV footage of the garage robbery Alyssa and James reach her father Leslie's seaside trailer home. Alyssa is very happy when he makes them welcome but James ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hi, Dad.

Oh, my God.


He smells exactly the same.

I thought I should give Alyssa
and her dad some space.

He a poof?

He's my boyfriend.

Is that mine?


It suits you.

Well, you turned out all right,
didn't you?

- You're gorgeous!
- Shut up.

No, no, I'm serious.

You were a fucking weird-looking kid.

I'm relieved.


How's your ma?

Yeah, fine.

Married to a total dick, but...


Can we stay with you for a bit?

Please say yes.

Course you can.

You're my blood, girl.

Cool. Thanks.

So, you run away, then?

From your ma's?

You're my blood all right.

We're in trouble.



How much?

A lot.

I will tell him what we've done.

At some point.

We didn't know where else to go.

Well, you're safe as houses here.


- You can stay as long as you want.
- Thanks.

You OK, James?

That becomes a bed.

Oh, what, like a fold-out? Cool.

No. Just becomes a bed if you sleep on it.

I'm through at the back there,
and the bathroom's in there.

Ah, it's so good to see you, girl.

Sleep tight.

He's all right.

He's actually, genuinely all right.

Leslie was pretty different.



Do you want to throw knives?


You never thrown a knife before?

Uh, no.

Take your shirt off.

Uh, not bad.

Beginner's luck.

Yeah, right.

You want a beer?

Do you look after her, James?



That's very good.

Did she ever mention me?

- Yeah.
- And?

Does she...

love me, do you think?


I'd never met
someone like Leslie.

Not an adult.

He seemed like one, most of the time,

but it was like he was...

missing parts.

What's she done to her hair?

Oh, God.

As you can see,

your children seem to have committed
another serious crime.

She's not doing anything, is she?
It's him!

He's the one with the fucking gun.


Do you know where James got a gun from?

He never had a gun.
He only ever had his knife.

What the hell is the matter with you?

It's his birthday tomorrow. He'll be 18.


Here, look.

Look at him.

She killed herself, his mum.

She did it in front of him.

Hope you like well done.

Well done as in, like, fucking cremated.

Dig in.

Thanks, Dad.

I love saying that.


- You should come out on me boat.
- You got a boat?

Nothing flashy, a little cuddy cabin,
but she's cute.

I'll take us out this afternoon,
if you want?


I can't believe
my dad has a boat.

Basically means that I've got a boat.

- Right, let's do it!
- Leslie!



Did you not see the rota?
I stuck it on your fridge.

Ah, for fuck's sake!


Like now?

- Can't you do it?
- No. I got to take Dad to be bled.

All right, change of plan.
We'll do the boat later, OK?


Um, I've just got to do a bit
of work from home.

You just chill out here, OK?


It would seem safe to assume
they're headed to Alyssa's father:

Leslie Foley.

He's got previous, nothing major:
cautions and suspended.

The local PCs, they checked him out
when we identified Alyssa,

but he no longer lives
at his given address.

She thinks he still does.

So we move out there,
and we wait for them to show up.

Good man.

He's gonna take us.

I know.

- I think your dad's a drug dealer.
- Cool.

- But--
- What?

It seemed like Alyssa
was deliberately missing the point.

Is this the best place for us to stay?

We killed a guy.

No way am I leaving yet.

Stop worrying.
He's going to look after us.

We're totally safe here.

- Hey, Alyssa, meet Jonno.
- Hey.

Check this out.


We definitely weren't safe.

We must find them
before they do anything else.

Or we could...

let them carry on for a couple of days.

- What?
- Well, he's 18 tomorrow.

That's proper prison, that is.

I'm joking.

He's just a kid.

No, he's not.

Go easy on these.
They're rocket fuel.

- What?
- Nothing.

Well, they've got to get it from someone.

It's completely ethical.

That's the beauty of it.

Everything's locally sourced, organic.

No gang warfare bullshit,

no women swallowing condoms,

no kids getting hurt.

This world, man.

"Hey, kids, don't do drugs,

but do nag your mum to buy you a phone

hewn from the sweat and tears
of a modern slave."

- You understand me, don't you, girl?
- Yeah.

Gotta fight the system.
You got to, kiddo.

Because we live
in properly fucked-up times.

Don't you forget that.

The wisest thing
anyone's ever said to me, right?

Wanna hear this?

- James, you listening?
- Yeah.

"To be mad in a deranged world
is not madness. It's sanity."

Who said that?


He's basically Gandhi.

You are golden, you know that?


Leslie talked a lot.

Want one?


No, thanks.

You know, Clive Koch
could well have been self-defense.

Well, we don't have proof,
so you can't assume that.

And you can't assume the opposite.

I feel sorry for them, all right? I do.

I think they're miserable,
fucked-up, stupid kids

who've done something bad,
but we don't know why--

I don't care why!

I care that they don't kill someone else.

Teri, I'm not--

- We're not social services!
- That's not--

What good does feeling sorry for them do?

What does it actually do?

We need to find them.

We. Find. Them.

With an armed response unit
that scares the shit out of them?

So, what do you suggest?
We coax them out with a giant Toblerone

and hope for the best?

I'm still not convinced he was armed.

Well, we're going
to have to behave like he was.

Is this about something else?





I just think someone should talk to them,
not wave a gun at them.

Well, someone is very welcome
to talk to them

as soon as they're locked up.

Talk to them,

understand them, I don't know,

teach them fucking whittling.
I don't care.

So, what do you think of him?

it was important to lie.

Yeah, he's all right.

"All right?"

All right, like good.

You don't get it.

Ah, right.

Who's for a pint?

Are we not going out on the boat?

Ah, girl, I'm knackered.
Do you mind?

I'll take you out tomorrow, I promise.


Cross my heart.


Come on, James!

♪ Oh, Daddy ♪

♪ You know you make me cry ♪

♪ How can you love me? ♪

It's so weird.

When you've wanted something
for so long...

and you've been so frightened
it'll be shit...

and then...

it's not shit at all.

It's amazing.

♪ It's got to be me ♪

♪ Yes, it's got to be me ♪

What are you drinking?

You haven't seen either of them?

I told you. No.

And Leslie?

No idea.

He moved out months ago.

Just in case.

- Alyssa?
- Yeah?

Maybe we shouldn't stay here too long.


I just think that we should
maybe keep moving.

Do what you want.

♪ If you tell me that she's not here ♪

♪ I'll follow the trail of her tears... ♪

I missed you, darling.

♪ That's how I got to Memphis ♪

Look at you!

Look at you!

- Hey! Hey!
- What?

Hey, let's do the thing!

What thing?

- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah!

Alyssa felt far away from me.

It was like we'd gone back.

♪ That's how I got to Memphis ♪

♪ That's how I got to... ♪

I haven't seen you in ten years!

What is it? Are you all right?

I... I'm... I'm useless.
I'm fucking useless.


No, you're not!


You're not useless.

A card every year without fail.

I think that's pretty good, Dad.

♪ ...tell her that I love her so ♪

It's all right.

It's all right.

I'd started to think
that maybe I should just go.

Leave Alyssa with her dad.

She seemed happy.

I'm not even joking. Right?

Shorts. That's it.

The whole year round.

He doesn't even own
a pair of trousers, do you, Jonno?


What did you wear
to your ma's funeral?

Black shorts.

Black shorts!

- Black fucking shorts!
- But then everything changed.

Les. Les!

- You found him, then?
- Oh, come on, Debbie, not now.

- Yeah. Come over here.
- No, Debbie. Honestly, you should go home.

We'll only end up rowing.

You don't want that.

Come here!

She's a bit unstable, you know?
In the head.

The Police are looking for her,
what's she done?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Big deal.
Like you never did that.

I need you to take an interest.
I can't do this on my own.

- It's just not fair.
- OK, I'm listening.

- What do you need?
- A new school uniform.

- Why?
- No, no...

...he's grown
and he looks like a prick!

What do you want me to do?

- He's not gonna stop growing!
- Give me money.

Is he your dad?

No. Look, Lyss, it's not like...

- He's just--
- Were you going to tell me?

Ah, man, this is too much.

This is like some kind of fucking ambush.

I'm going home.

Oi! No, you're not!

Get fucking back here!

Yeah, we'll get some sleep now.
OK. Night.

So, the local team have set up
surveillance at his ex-girlfriend's.

There's no sign of the kids yet.

We'll go back over first thing.


Do you want to share a room?


Save the taxpayer.

No, I don't.

Hiya. Two single rooms, please.

His neck's broken.

We have to kill it.


I can't do it.

- Are you crying?
- No.

Members of the public are advised
not to approach them.

They are likely still armed.

Holy fuck.

There is a reward for any information.
Please call now.