The End of the F***ing World (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Alyssa begins to see James in a new light as they scramble to cover their tracks and alter their appearance after a harrowing night.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Isn't it a bit fucked up,
wearing his clothes?

I think the fucked-up bit
was murdering him.


It's OK.

Should we go to the police?


It was self-defense.

- We broke into his house, James.
- Yeah, he was gonna hurt you.

You think they're gonna believe that?

It's the truth.

Alyssa seemed weirdly calm.

Fuck. Fuck!

We need to get rid of the body.

Come on.



One, two, three!



One, two, three!

Dead people are heavier
than alive people. I read that.

Good to know.

We need to clean everything up.

We need to get rid of any trace of us.

Do you hear me, James?

Do you understand?

No one can know that we've been here, OK?

If we can't get rid of him,
we got to get rid of us.

Go find some bleach.

Take your shoes off!
And clean up that blood.

This is bad.
This is really fucking bad.

Alyssa seemed to know
what she was doing.

I figured that,
if I just did what I was told,

then it might be all right.

I don't know
if this is the right thing to be doing.

I'm just thinking about what people
on the TV do when they've done this.

She said it'd help
to have music on whilst we cleaned.

It kind of did.

♪ Zu-zu-zu, zu, whoa, zu ♪

♪ Zu-u-u-u-u ♪

♪ Zu-zu-zu, zu, whoa ♪

♪ My darling ♪

♪ Why did you go? ♪

♪ Tell me why ♪

♪ Did you ever leave me alone ♪

♪ Please don't ♪

♪ Break up our romance... ♪


♪ Zuuu ♪

It wasn't
how I thought it would be.

Not at all.


- Yeah?
- What are you doing?


I don't know.

What the fuck is he doing?

What have you done?

He was gonna hurt you, Alyssa.

He was.

Stay still.

I said, stay still.

OK. Put those around him,
and then let's get out of here.

Keep it together.
Keep it together.

♪ Now you should ♪

♪ Smile ♪

♪ Though your heart is aching ♪

♪ Smile even though ♪

♪ It's breaking ♪

♪ When there are clouds ♪

♪ Way up in the sky ♪

♪ You're gonna get by ♪

We learnt, much later,
that we'd really messed up.

It's strange.

A lot of the time,

you don't register the important moments
in your life as they happen.

You only see that they were important
when you look back.

Like, that was an ending.

So was that.

Fuck off.

And that was...

That was the beginning of something.
Something massive.

Maybe something massive and awful.

Really awful.
Like, fuck-up-your-whole-life awful.

We need to get to my dad's
as soon as possible.

Before anybody finds the body.


He'll know what to do.

Come on.

♪ Outside the window ♪

♪ They're singing ♪

♪ Inside the doorway, there's me... ♪

Why didn't you burn your jacket?

It didn't have any blood on it.

- Yes, but--
- I'm not getting rid of it, James.

It's my dad's!



We should wait for a bit.

What? Why?

If we get this one, we're traveling peak.

It's more expensive.

I think there's something
wrong with him.

Fuck. Fuck!

We killed someone,
we fucking killed someone.

What if someone saw us?

What if someone saw us leave the house?

What if someone recognizes us?


We need to change the way we look.

Turns out James is
quite a good hairdresser.

My mum always wanted me
to go blonde.

Guess she'd be
really fucking pleased with me.

We need new clothes.

Think it's fair to say

that my disguise wasn't
as effective as Alyssa's.

I looked pretty much the same.

Was there not another size?
These are a bit tight.

It was a shit Oxfam.
They had about ten things.

It's not my fault
that you look thinner than you are.

I don't recognize myself.

Jesus. It's so quiet here.

Where did you get the knife from?


The one you killed him with.

Was it yours?

♪ Care a little ♪

♪ Care a lot ♪

♪ Let me love you... ♪







Brought you this.

It's a crime scene.

- So...
- So...

- Sorry, you go...
- Please, go ahead. Please.

I was just gonna say:
Clive Koch. Late forties.

Clive what?

Koch. Let me just...

Let me see.

K-O-C-H. Probably German.

He was found by his mother.
Late seventies.

- God.
- Poor thing.

She didn't have a clue
what was going on.

Is that a new coat?


Really nice...


Fucking hell!

Quite a buff on that.

I found this. Under the bed.


You wanna tell us
why we've got your wallet here?

She said she was 17, I swear to you.

I asked. I asked, like, a few times.
She showed me her ID.

It said 17!

- I swear I checked. I promise you!
- Calm down!

OK. Now let me see
if I've got this straight.

You met this girl for the first time
yesterday, completely randomly,

and went back to this house with her.

- For sex, right?
- No. We never had sex.

The sex or lack thereof is not
why you're here.


You had no idea whose house it was?

What are you talking about?

The man whose house it was...

He was murdered last night.

Oh. Fuck me, oh...

- this is all just...
- Tell me about the girl.

What was her name?


Alyssa, what are we going to do?

Are we still going to your dad's?

We should probably eat something.

Alyssa had started
being weird with me.

It was a present from my dad.

The knife.

What's it for?


Yeah, 'cause that's a big thing
where we live, isn't it?

Who carries a hunting knife
around with them, James?

I realized
that she was scared of me.

That felt kind of unfair.

I'd been her protector.

Did you notice
anything distinctive about her?


Almost pretty, but...

actually average.

Do you want to give her
a score out of ten?

- Like, I--
- I'm joking.

Oh, no! No. I mean, like, she's fine.
She's fine.

She's just not, like, a model, you know?

What was she wearing?

Before you undressed her
and tried to have sex with her, I mean.

Just, like, normal.

I dunno. Just jeans.
A t-shirt. And this weird jacket.

Weird, like, how?

It was, like, quite shit.

Weird because it was quite shit,
but sort of cool because it was?

Do you know what I mean?


It was, like, a brown leather jacket.

Sort of baggy on her.

Oh, and it wasn't just her.

In the house.
Yeah, there was another guy, too.

This guy?

No! No, no, no.

He was younger. Um...

Aww, I think his name was...


I decided to put on a calmer,
more relaxed demeanor...

to reassure Alyssa.

There's definitely
something wrong with him.

You OK?


Are you OK?


It didn't work.

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

The matter, James, is that last night,
you fucking murdered someone.

And every time I try to close my eyes,
or think about anything, anything else,

all I can see is his face...

and his neck, and you stabbing him.


Do you want mustard, too?

On chips?

Some people like it.


I don't want to hold your hand.

I'm going to the toilet.



So, his alibi checks out.


Clive Koch died
between midnight and 3am.

The twat in there was
at a house party during that time.

- Witnesses?
- Yes.

Lots of other twats.


Listen, I've been meaning to, um...

Could we have a quick chat at some point?

What about?

Well, you know, I thought...

Should we... talk
about what happened the other night?

You know what? Don't worry about it.

OK, let's put out a request
for any sightings

or any crimes
involving two teenagers in the area.

Give them a description
of the jacket

and put the names Alyssa
and James into Missing Persons.

Either they killed him,
or they might have seen who did.

We need to find them.

My heart can't take this.

I sat for about half an hour
until I realized that Alyssa had left.

♪ There's a place where lovers go ♪

♪ To cry their troubles away ♪

That was the day I learned
that silence is really loud.

♪ And they call it ♪


♪ Lonesome town ♪

I think maybe my dad spent
his whole life trying to avoid silence.

When you have silence,
it's hard to keep stuff out.

It's all there.

And you can't get rid of it.

I used to be able to get rid of things,

banish them.

♪ Goin' down to lonesome town ♪

♪ Where the broken hearts stay ♪

♪ Goin' down to lonesome town ♪

But I knew, after that day...

it wouldn't be so easy anymore.

♪ In the town of broken dreams ♪

You all right?

Do you want to hit me?

Are you OK?

Please, will you beat me up?

I'll pay you.

♪ I can learn to forget ♪

I was never Alyssa's protector...

she was mine.

♪ Lonesome town ♪

Having finally murdered a human...

I realized something quite important...

Police, please.

I was pretty sure I wasn't a psychopath.

I'd like to report a murder.

♪ There's a place where lovers go ♪

♪ To cry their troubles away ♪

♪ And they call it ♪

♪ Lonesome town ♪