The Disappearance (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

The famous treasure hunt!

Yeah... I didn't make it easy this year.

And your grandma Maggie
was the top student

in the Physics Department
of the university.

It was around the time

I started calling her Marie Curie.

The rapist, Jason Dodd? She's
pregnant with his child.

- The guy who raped his wife.
- I-I'm sorry. Whose wife?

- Sullivan's wife.
- When did this happen?

Early '70s. Even got her pregnant.

It's my child.

It's my responsibility.
Then it's mine too.


It's a beautiful boy.

This... baby is a gift.

I promise I'm gonna take
really good care of him.

Listen to me!

You were born 20 months later.
It can't be you.

We just have a few questions
about the child you adopted.

I have nothing to say to you.

I heard her once talking to him

about your family once when
she was all messed up.

She knew that you were in the area.

- Stephen Price?
- Go away now, okay?

How does a guy who was on the streets

a couple of years ago end
up with a house like that?

We both went to St. James.

- What exactly is St. James?
- It's an orphanage.

We took excellent care
of our children here.

I don't doubt it.

Why this new cat after two years?

- It doesn't make sense.
- Yeah...

The cat is driving the message!
Schedule an autopsy!

- How far long is she?
- Eight. Looks more like 12.

What is it, Henry?

It's a treasure hunt.

I was worried that...

Help me...

We've expanded the search area.

- Nothing.
- Keep looking.


Charles had something urgent come up.

So until he gets back, you're my lead.

Got it.


Stephen Price is copying

the treasure hunt that I
made for Anthony's birthday.

How can you be so sure
it's Stephen Price?

- Trust me, it's Stephen Price.
- Price has got nothing to do with this.

I was right about the tree.

I was right about the cat. It's him!

- This 88 clue has got to do with Mom.
- Exactly!

88, Marie Curie, leads
us to Margaret's grave.

That's where I put the second clue.

That led us to the church,

the next clue led us to Saïd's dep,

and the last clue led us to the garage.

He's copying the treasure hunt.

This is insane. What he did
with that photo's insane.

Why would Price have
a photograph of Mom?

Do I have to tell you again?

Why are the 88 crossed?

What's his connection to her?

There is no connection with
her or any of the rest of us!

He's a psychopath. He put
a photograph in a cat

to prove to us that he had Anthony.

A psychopath acts on impulse.

- You said so yourself.
- So?

What the abductor did was not impulsive.

He put a clue on the
front of a photograph,

he put a clue on the
back of the photograph,

which he then tore up
into tiny little pieces

and stuffed in a cat. I mean...

it was organized, meticulous.

Luke, the picture was in Anthony's bag.

He used it. End of story.

Are you okay, Charles?

Susan, um, no, it's Erin.

Do you know where he is?

Erin, don't worry, he's...
he's probably...

He usually calls...

when he works nights, but...
he's not answering his phone.

Maybe his cellphone died.

I'll ask him to phone you
as soon as I see him.

Thank you.

Okay, watch your fingers, guys.
Buckle your seatbelts.

You guys ready for a good day?!

Put out an APB on Charles's car.

- Did you find the second clue?
- No.

We spent the whole night
combing through the cemetery.

We've exhausted all the other
stations of your treasure hunt.

Nothing... Which actually makes sense.

- What do you mean?
- Anthony couldn't have known

about the last two stations;
he never made it there.

So his kidnapper couldn't
have known about it either.

Countless people knew about my
treasure hunt over the last two years.

It would've been easy for
Stephen Price to know about it.

We don't know that it's him, Henry.

It is a treasure hunt. We agree on that.

And, yes, the first clue matches yours.

But like I said, we found nothing.

You didn't look hard enough.

What we have to focus
on right now is that 88

on the back of Margaret's picture.

It's Anthony's handwriting, isn't it?

The handwriting expert
says it's not conclusive.

Why is there a line cutting
across the eights?

That is what the kidnapper
wants us to ask ourselves,

and that is the clue.

We're not dealing with a
rational mind, Susan.

The line through the eight
could mean anything.

The clue leads to Margaret's grave.

That's as clear as day light.

You need to tell your people to
go through the stations again!

- They did that.
- Like I said,

they didn't try hard enough!

I saw them in my garage
like rank amateurs.

Henry, back off.

We need to find David Smith.

- Who?
- We're on the verge of finding Anthony

and you want to run around
after a rapist's son?

He's the child my mother had

after she was raped by Jason Dodd.

You are even more stupid than I thought.

I didn't think that was possible.

Oh, my God, here we go again.

- Can you please just relax?!
- If I ever find out

that Anthony was taken because of you...

We're being toyed with, Luke!
Don't you see?

He wants us at each other's throats.

Both of you, you can kill each
other when we have some facts.

Keep thinking about that 88 clue.

If anything occurs to you, let me know.

I'll call you if I have something new.

Somebody threatened Debbie Smith

after Catherine and I went to see her.

- What?
- Yeah, somebody who...

wants to prevent us from finding David.

You think I would do that?

Can we please just try
to figure out this 88?

Why would I do that, Luke?

Because you're hiding something.

- You're right.
- About what?

It would explain a lot if you
actually weren't my son.

We don't have time for this.

Dr. Bertrand left you a note.



What is it? Fred?

His pain's increased, uh...


Dr. Bertrand's started
him on a new protocol.

I just thought he had more time.

Mr. Sullivan?

There's got to be a clue somewhere.

Maybe Price didn't have
time to get to the garage.

Maybe he was afraid of getting caught.

They're following the wrong lead, Saïd.

Mr. Sullivan, I'm sorry.

I haven't seen anything.

Where is it?

- Dad, are you okay?
- I have to talk to Mr. Cameron.

Why? Dad, what are you talking about?

Mr. Cameron, I really
need to talk to you.

Fred, I am so sorry. Dad, please!

- It's alright, Catherine.
- No, it's not! It's really not!

Fred needs to rest! It's okay. Really.

- Ruthenium!
- What?

88 divided by two is 44.

That's ruthenium on the periodic table.
Look it up.



It... it's a rare, uh,
transition metal...

No, no. Who discovered it?

88 was for Marie Curie; 44 is for...?

Uh, Claus. Karl Erst Claus.

He was Baltic, uh... chemist naturalist,

- member of the Russian...
- Ah, shit.

4 on its own is beryllium. Look that up.



Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin...

Maybe it's meant to be double eights.

- Like 16?
- That's sulphur.

Sulphur just exists.
Nobody discovered it.

Yeah, I know that!

All I can think is that it's some...

kind of twist, a spin
on the original clue.

No, that's what Susan thinks.
She's wrong.

He's obviously playing
some kind of game.

Okay, you know what? I-I think
that's enough. Fred's tired.

We are gonna figure this out,

- Mr. Sullivan.
- Thank you.

So this, uh, this guy...

- Stephen Price.
- Price, yeah.

Would he have any reason
to wanna get back at you?

No. He never appeared
before me in court.

An old neighbour? Someone with
a fixation on the family?

- What do you mean?
- I don't know. Uh...

Someone from your past...

secretly in love with your wife.

Half the city was in love with my wife.

We're obviously missing something.

If there is a clue there,
why aren't we seeing it?

We didn't see it the first time either.

The clue was in the cat's stomach.


Oh, my God.

Dad, what?

Alright, I'm ready. Let's get go...


My father and Catherine...

are going to have my mother exhumed.


They think the next
clue is in her coffin.

I don't get it. What is...
what is your father thinking?

He thinks that Stephen Price
went to the funeral home

and... and put something in her coffin.

He's already authorized the exhumation.

- But that was three years ago.
- It doesn't make any sense.

If-if Stephen Price...

Uh, no...

the only person with a reason
to do something like that

is David Smith.

Debbie Smith has gotta
know something about him.

I'll go talk to her. I can talk to her.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

A patrol car was sent to
Stephen Price's house

and the side door was kicked in.

He went in anyway.

I'm so sorry, Susan.

I want to speak to Judge Oliver.

I don't know where Margaret
Sullivan's son is.

I don't even know if he's still alive.

I understand that, Mrs. Smith.

He's not the one I'm looking for.

I'm looking for my son.

I'm sending someone to pick it up.

We have a warrant. Johnson!

Go with the family! Head to the
cemetery for the exhumation.

I'll call you if we find
something at Price's.

- You got it.
- Okay, we're on our way.

The tactical team is already there.

The street is blocked off and
Price's car was up front.

Okay, let's go!

Let's go guys, come on.

Move, move, move, move!

Police! Everybody get down!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

- Over there! Here!
- Move it, move it, move it!

So we're doing this?

Yeah, we're just waiting
for the go-ahead.

Okay! Let's get started!

Brief me, Eric.

Well, there's no one inside.

We did find something in the basement.


And both Charles and
Anthony are O-positive.

Why keep Anthony all this time

just to harm him now?

An unexpected visit from a
cop, on the other hand...

Ah, run the DNA.

Ah... Margaret called me
once when David was a baby.

She wanted to have news of her son.

So it was Henry's idea to put
the child up for adoption?

Well, it was a mutual decision.

It was so difficult for Margaret.

He loved his wife so much,

he just wanted to protect her, you know.

How do you mean?

He told me that Margaret would die

if the child ever tried to contact her.

That he was the product of a rape,

and that she was too
emotionally fragile.

He said she was emotionally fragile?

Because of the trauma from
what that monster did to her.

Jason Dodd.

He made her go crazy.

And Henry told you that?

But she didn't seem like that when...
when she was here.

Even though she was sick...

Wait. I'm sorry. So
Margaret was here? When?

Must've been... four years ago.

What did she want?

She wanted to find her
son before she died.

I told her all I knew. What could I do?

I told her that...

David ended up in an orphanage

after what happened to Andrea.

Margaret was crushed.

She was so convinced that she'd
done the right thing by David.

She was sure he'd had a happy childhood.

Andrea had problems.

But she had the kindest heart
of anyone I ever knew.

This... this is me.

That's Andrea.

And the baby is our brother Michael.

She treated him like he was
her own baby, you know?

She was a natural mother.

Did you know the man who came
here and threatened you?

Oh, he's a nutcase!

He came after Margaret died,

and I thought he was going to kill me!

Why do you think he wanted to, um...

keep you from talking about
David the other day?

I don't know.

But he didn't even ask
about David Smith.

He... he was more worried
about what I had told

your ex-husband and your sister-in-law.

- We're in the middle of digging...
- Tell them to stop!

- There's nothing there!
- What?

I solved the clue. It's not two eights

divided by two. It's
two eights cut in two.

- Cut in two?
- Thirty-three. It's 33!

It's the atomic number of arsenic.

- A-a-arsenic? What...
- A.S.! Andrea Smith!

- Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop!
- Luke!

- Stop what you're doing!
- What?!

- Stop!
- Mr. Sullivan!

- Luke, what?!
- It isn't with Mom!

- What?!
- The clue.

We should be digging up
Andrea Smith's grave.

- The clue is with Margaret!
- No, Helen solved it.

It's two eights cut in half lengthwise.

It's 33! The periodic
number for arsenic.


A.S. Andrea Smith.

Oh, uh... Luke,

- I don't, I-I don't...
- Dad?

- I don't think...
- Dad! Dad!

- Mr. Sullivan! Are you okay?
- Dad? Okay!

Alright, hold on, just...
let me get this...

- Not...
- Luke?!

Okay... Just call an ambulance, okay?!

- Alright. Just look at me,
- We need an ambulance,

- Sunnyside Cemetery.
- Dad.


The blood's a match for Charles.

I want every car on
Stephen Price's case.

Every policeman in the country.

I want full alert on this bloody killer.

Charles came across something

in this house that got him killed.

What if this is the same house

that Anthony broke into two years ago?

So do you think Anthony may have
been taken for what he saw here?

- Taken or killed.
- Susan, come with me.

You're gonna want to see this.

I'm done here. You want to go upstairs?


Right here.


Amber Alert. This is an
official Amber Alert.

Pull up a photo of Stephen Price.

Sûreté Du Québec,

are asking for the public's help.

An Amber Alert has...

They could've been on the
road for 15 hours already.

They could be anywhere at this point.

Price will slip up one way or another.
Count on it.

How recently was Anthony
in Stephen Price's house?

The evidence indicates
that someone was living

in the bunker up until a few days ago.

- Was there a night light?
- We haven't finished...

Was there a night light?!


It was Stephen Price who
threatened Debbie Smith.

Why would he do that? What's
his connection with her?


Could Stephen Price and David
Smith be the same person?

What, that he changed his name?

Price entered the orphanage
at the age of nine.

His name was Stephen
Price, not David Smith.

So if it's the same person,
it means he went from

David Smith to Stephen Price
before entering the orphanage.

We found Andrea Smith's grave. The
earth was recently turned over.

I told him there was a connection
with David Smith. I told him.

I want to see Brother John. Tell
him I need access to his records.



You're sure.

They found a photograph
of Mom in the bunker.

It was taken just before she died.

- She's with a man.
- Who?

They want us to identify him.

Okay. Um...

Luke, Dad's not doing well.
He's exhausted.

He had a panic attack. They're
worried about his heart.

Yeah, why the hell should I care?

Brother John is here.

Open it.

They arrived in the same year. 1982.

But they weren't equipped
in the same way.

Stephen Price was... limited,

whereas David Smith was
exceptionally intelligent.

And he took Stephen under his wing.

And provided him with an alibi
for Tommy Adams's death.

You don't believe it was a suicide.

No. I think Stephen Price and
David Smith hung that boy.

And I suspect you believe
so, too, Brother John.


followed David around like a
puppy after Tommy's death.

I didn't want to believe it.

He was such a smart boy!

David, I mean.


But you couldn't get close to the boy.

Something about him repelled it.

No one bullied Stephen
after Tommy's death.

No one even went near him.

What else can you tell
me about David Smith?

A... a few years ago,

a woman came by, looking for him.

She said she was his biological mother.

Margaret Sullivan?

Could be. I couldn't help her.

We often lost touch with
the boys after they left.

Ahem. Susan?

Excuse me.

This was in the box.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's wrong?

They found a photo...

in the bunker at Stephen Price's house.

They, uh...

think Anthony hid it for
the police to find.

It's recent.

It's taken... not long
before my mom passed away.

There's a man...

in the picture, and
he's not Stephen Price.

You'll find him... Catherine.

You will.

I hope so.

I hope so.

I don't know what I'd do without you...

You mean a lot to me, Fred.

You have no idea how much good
you've done me, Catherine.

You know you could lose
your job for that...

I don't care.

I have to go.

I'll be back, okay?



It's me, Henry.

It's Fred.

Oh, Fred...


I've ruined everything.

I have ruined... family.

Margaret stayed at the house
when I went to clean the cabin.

I sold it as soon as I saw
that they were in the area.

Dear Mrs. Sullivan,

My name is David Smith.

I'm 10 years old.

I'm a good student.

I'm writing this letter to ask

if I can come and live with you.

I'm your son David.

I did an unforgivable thing.


Margaret would've taken him back...

in a minute.

I told him never to contact us again.


He was in such a pitiful state,

that little boy...

He was riding his bike in tears.

He could've got killed, really.

I said to him:

"Where you going?"

He said...

I have no mother.

Pardon me?

"I have no mother."

That's what I said to you.


- You drove me back to Michael's...
- No.

the brother of my adoptive mother,

and the woman you pawned
me off on when I was born.

You saw her lying there dead.

You said you'd help me.

I thought you were gonna take me home.

That I was gonna live with my...
my brother and sister.

Instead, you left.

In one single moment I lost everyone.

You called the police,

and I ended up in an orphanage.

Why did you do that to me?

I was afraid.

You were the son of a monster.

But I was Margaret's son also.

- Anthony?
- Why did you lie to me?

- Anthony.
- You could've given me a real life.


I took him.

Where is he?

Fred, where is he?

What have you done with him?!

Oh, my God! Is he alive?!

Be at home tomorrow morning at 8:00.

No police.

Fred Cameron's room?

Um, he's in room 40.

Hey, wait!

So where is he?