The Devil You Know (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Did The Devil Or Disorder Make Him Do It? - full transcript

Journalist Chad Nance looks beyond the headlines of the Pazuzu Algarad murders to find out if monsters are born or made.

Pazuzu Algarad and a woman
who calls herself his wife,

Amber Burch, are both
now charged with murder.

The doctor actually
diagnosed him with

Personality Disorder;

the guy is clinically psychotic.

At some point he had used
something to sharpen his teeth.

I just wanted to get away
from the drugs and

get away from Pazuzu.

Right when I got back
from my deployment,

I went to the police.

Heroin really was
always an escape,

but it quickly
becomes a requirement.

It's all encompassing.

A pair of bodies were found
buried in a backyard

of a Clemmons home.

A lot of questions were
created from that

rather than answered.

Well, it's a story from
right here in the Piedmont

that's actually making
headlines around the world.

Tonight at 10 o'clock,
Channel 9 just obtained

this video shot inside the
home of an accused

devil worshiper charged
with the murder of

a father with ties to Salisbury.

Investigators say
Pazuzu Algarad killed

Joshua Wetzler and then
buried him in his backyard.

For years, neighbors say
Pazuzu Algarad transformed a

nice home on Knob Hill Drive
in Clemmons into

a domain for the devil.

The pure evil that was
within him was able to

thrive in that environment.

Pazuzu Algarad took
part in Satanic rituals.

Algarad's tongue was split,
like a snake,

moving in different directions,
licking his own face.

He picked up two prostitutes
at two separate locations

before he killed and ate them.

And you can tell when his demons

needed something from him
because they took over.

And here we have a man
who worships the devil.

He is anti-Christ.

Satan sells.

It wasn't long before the rumor
mill took up the charge:

Pazuzu's tongue is split in two,

his teeth are
filed down to points,

he ate the beating hearts of
the rabbits he sacrificed...

But no one was really
bothering to find out

if any of this stuff is true,
as if that didn't really matter.

I don't usually do that.
I'll tell you.

You can, and it'll loosen.
Yeah, yeah.

No, whack it.
Commit, commit.

Feel it.
Very good.

It's about the same size as
that kid's penis that

sent you the pictures.

- Whoa!
- It's like the same size...

Yeah. Pretend it's that.

It's a whole lot easier
to look at Pazuzu and

his jacked-up face,
and all his stuff,

and his sharpened teeth, and go,

"Wow, that's not me.
That's not my kid."

That's an interesting salad
y'all have created there.

It's a whole lot harder to
look in the mirror and then

look over at your kid and go,

"Could my kid go that way?

What am I doing to my kid
that could possibly create

another John Lawson?"

We started writing a six,
seven-thousand-word piece,

and it was a profile.
I was trying to get personal.

Background matters and every
second of John Lawson's life

led up to the moment that
the police find bodies

in his backyard.

There's not really too much
that we know yet because,

I mean, a lot of the people
close to Pazuzu

were afraid to talk.

Here's what we do know.

He was born in
California to young parents.

These young parents don't
really get along all that great,

they're bouncing back between
California, North Carolina.

And finally, mom and dad split.

Then, when John's about five,

he ends up in Clemmons
with his mom, Cynthia,

who takes on the job of
raising him on her own.

He was very, very sad.
He was a very sad kid.

Cynthia, she was my best friend.

And my son become very
best friends with Johnny.

He come Friday, Saturday,
and Sunday he stay at the house.

Six o'clock in the morning,
there he is,

in the morning, you know.

I love that little boy because
to me he was very nice.

He was a good kid.

You know, the thing that he
does that he wants to be

a vampire, you know,
he was a vampire,

in his mind, he was.

When I met Johnny, he was weird.

He wore this big cape,
black cape with his teeth.

He was so little and
so tiny, you know,

he was very skinny.

He loved the movies,
like you know,

he watches Jason,
Freddy Krueger,

the vampire movie.
He was all those people.

Sometimes he does
things that were

kind of out of place.

When Johnny was
probably eight years old,

Johnny was very abusive,
you know, of her.

He hit her and stuff like that.

So she put him in a mental
hospital and me and her

went to see Johnny, and my
heart broke because I say,

you know, that little boy,
he didn't need to be there.

The one that needs to be there
is that woman, the mama.

She drinks a lot, for one.

And she goes with
all these guys. I mean,

she leave Johnny
behind and there she goes.

Johnny see all that stuff,
and you know,

the little kid, you know, get...

in his mind, you know, like,
"Why my mama do that?"

Nobody knows what that
little boy went through.

When you get this
bulldog and they're mean,

what's the reason they're mean?
Because you just hit him,

hit him, the dog, so they
have to be mean, too.

It's sad.

Me and Antoine lived
together three times.

So, I was kind of just
going back to the start, really.

We both see our ups and downs
at different points, you know.

And, ah...

I mean, these guys are more
family to me than

some of my actual
family, really.

Mhm. Most definitely.

I'm Antoine Hardie,
brother of Matt Flowers -

almost married his sister.
Ah, have a kid with her.

And, he and I go
back like car seats.

I feel like people take
advantage of Matt and his,

his idea of wanting
to be a protector.

I really honestly do.

Like I say, I've seen people
call him up for, you know,

shit that they've gotten
themselves into and

wanting him to have
their back, and you know,

put himself into a situation
where he could get in trouble.

Pazuzu being one of them.

Pazuzu always talked about
building a legion, and like,

having this like army of
ááááed up people and like,

he tried to like push me and
manipulate me into doing

some ááááed up shit. He's like,
"Yeah, ááááing do it. Do it."

You know,
I'm happy he's in prison.

The things he did
is unforgivable.

The further I got
into researching this

kid's background, the more
I realized how skilled

he was at bringing other kids
into whatever he was up to.

He made everyone an accomplice.

Pazuzu really liked that
idea of a family killing people.

I think he felt powerful in
bringing in other parties,

and I think he felt a
certain sense of power by

stripping that last shred of
innocence by involving them

in something that sinister.

I find it very odd that, yeah,
I do, I do kind of miss him.

Did Nate tell you about how
he paid for... the floors?

I had really good credit from my
mom paying off my student loan,

so I took out a Lowe's
credit line so I could

buy hardware and go pawn it
for cash to get drugs.

And, Pazuzu and Amber
came to me one day, saying,

"We want to start
cleaning up the house".

So I was like, well, shit,
I'll buy you guys

some ááááing...
some ááááing floor and

we'll rip out the carpet and
we'll put it in.

Helped them install it
and everything.

And then, a few weeks later,
that was when I first heard

the rumors about the
murders and I was like,

Did, did... I just get...

I mean,
I guess you couldn't tell.

No... But I, I think I just
brought the flooring over.

I think I came back later after
they had ripped the carpet out.

I don't think I was actually
there to pull up the carpet.

Yeah... Yeah.

Every day, he drank at school.

People called him turd boy.
You know, "turd boy!"

He dropped out of school.

He reemerged as a male witch,

or self-proclaimed male witch.

As I'm writing about Pazuzu
and doing all of this

research into his past,
I'm coming up against

a lot of dead ends.

This is the south;
things move at their own pace.

But even so, this story's
proving particularly difficult.

The police aren't talking;
the family's not talking.

And, I mean,
I'm drowning in rumors,

but I'm still trying to get to
the actual facts of the matter.

West Forsyth yearbook,
'93 to '95.

Well, we can go...

What are the odds of us
actually finding that?

I don't know; they're
probably not very good.

The deal is trying to
figure out when this boy

was in school because
he kept failing,

from what I understand.

He was not exactly
your model student.

Oh! Yeah, I had a lot of
classmates like that-

Oh, here he-Here he is.
No, I reckon-

Put all the tattoos on his face;
that's the same joker.

All right, so, now it's set up
for a quick scan and

we just click and
watch what happens.

I love that little sound...

...that it makes.
And here's our boy.

There he is, John Lawson.
Isn't he cute?

Now, this is another yearbook.

Now, he's kind of
in the same class.

He's still a freshman this year.
Not a lot of...

I knew people who were in
sixth grade for three years.

Not a lot of who were
moving on to a career.


John Lawson,
year two, same grade.

Looks like somebody like
popped him between the eyes

with a ball-peen hammer right
before they took the photo.

- It does.
- He looks stoned.

I guess, this is year two,
freshman year.

Let's get started, yes.

All right, we'll save that one.

What people have globbed
onto is the simplistic story:

This is a guy who is
dealing with the dark arts.

He was dealing in the
darkest depths of-

You know, and then,
and he murdered people.

And now we understand it
because we can get

our head around it,
and what you miss

are the people and
the human beings.

He was a nice kid.

Every once in a while I'd give
him a ride home from school.

My name is Stephanie Seidel.

I actually live three
houses down

across the street from Pazuzu.

People called him
turd boy and they would,

you know,
"Turd boy!"

I could see it in his face
how upsetting it was.

I don't know why, but he smelled
like human excrement.

He was an 18-year-old
freshman, yeah.

Every day he drank at school.

The teachers just
turned a blind eye.

My name's Aaron.
I was a classmate of John -

Pazuzu - whatever
you want to call him.

I showed him some things,
a few guitar lessons.

He dropped out of school.
When he reemerged,

he reemerged as a male witch,
or self-proclaimed male witch.

I think that whatever
irked someone is

what he wanted to be.

He wanted to be the bad guy.

This is the suburbs.

It is fundamentalist and
they're serious about it.

I think at some point,
John Lawson realized,

living in the suburbs of
Forsyth County,

he was never gonna
quite be the top guy,

so he decided,
"If I'm gonna be bad,

I'm gonna be bad as I can be".

He would talk about,
his father didn't want him,

and that being a factor in why

he wanted to kill himself.

Oh, he had a hundred ways
he wanted to do it, you know.

With a shotgun,
like Kurt Cobain.

Or, you know,
he would talk about,

well, you know, when you
slit your wrists in the bathtub,

you just get real dizzy
and then you die.

Yeah, is this Johnny James?

Yeah, sir.
My name is Chad Nance.

I'm the owner and one of
the journalists at the

Camel City Dispatch.

What I'm calling you about is
the Pazuzu Algarad case, and-

No, I do understand, but part of
the reason I wanted to

talk to you was to let you
kind of clear some stuff up

because we got your name
on the deed of the house.

I'm a step-dad, so I mean,
I know what it's like, you know.

He did? Do you think he
hated you 'cause he was-

you'd taken mom away from him,
or was he just hateful?


That's a bummer, man.

Johnny James wouldn't go
on the record with me,

and I understand.
I can't really blame him.

Who wants to talk about all
this awful stuff all the time?

But at the same time, you know,

if we don't look at the
uncomfortable truths,

we may never
really get beyond it.

I heard him scream,
"I eff'in hate you..."

Um, "I want you to
just get out of my life,

I wish you weren't here."

This is his screaming
to his step-dad.

According to the
rumors that I've heard,

when Pazuzu's in
his early twenties,

he demands his mom, Cynthia,

end her relationship with
step-dad Johnny James.

Choosing her son
over her husband,

Cynthia convinced Johnny
to move out of the house.

I mean, he sort of did
whatever he wanted to do.

He was not ever bound
by any authority figure.

Psychologically, John was
just a scared little boy.

So, I had a really hard time

seeing him puting a
gun to somebody's head

and pulling the trigger.

"Major findings at autopsy
included gunshot wounds

of the head and torso."

So, that's eight gunshot wounds.

It's easy to sit
back and wonder how,

how the neighbors didn't
know something was going on.

It's been six months since
officials discovered

human remains buried behind a
house in Clemmons and

it will be at least
another six months

before any trial can begin.

A judge rescheduled Pazuzu
Algarad's case to October 29.

Matlock and Burch cases
are expected to be

postponed as well.

This is a rite of
passage around here.

Hobo Beach, or the beach front,

whatever you want to call it.

Pazuzu always talked
about ááááing people up and

hurting people, and
doing all this crazy shit.

He was like a really good actor.

He would be one guy around me
and then a completely

different person
around other people.

He was cool to
hang out with, but, like,

he really was Schizophrenic.

...been like two years
since I been down here.

áááá society.
Live in a tent.

Watch your step right there.

I think I kept him
in a straight line.

People have been painting
down here since like,

the 90s.

Like, we did like Jackass shit.

Just did dumb shit.
We spray painted.

But while I'm spray painting,
like, "Anarchy",

or whatever the áááá I
was doing when I was a kid...

Pazuzu's spraying, like,
inverted pentagrams and

"666" and he's
like yelling, like,

"Where is your God now?"
And I'm like,

"All right, whatever.
I guess you're having fun."

Like, kind of
stupid you said that.

But I think he took that shit
too seriously, you know.

Ah, yeah, the reverb
in here is awesome.

Look at this.

Put some drums
right here at the end.


Actually, Pazuzu and I,
back when he was like

kind of cool, we had like
a little bonfire and we were

spray painting and we took
the spray-paint cans and

put it on the bonfire and
we like ran that way...

Boom! Like, big ass flames,
I can just hear it, like...

I can't believe no one
came down here for that one.

- Shall we venture onward?
- Ah, sure.

I just think about it,
you know, it's like, áááá...

I feel like if I didn't
leave for the military that

it never would've happened.
Never would've happened.

Straight up.

For the first time,
Pazuzu Algarad's mother

was in front of our camera.

Cynthia James met with
county officials

over the fate of her house
on Knob Hill Drive.

The County originally
told the homeowner,

Algarad's mother, that she had
until Christmas Day to decide -

tear it down or fix it up.

Ms. James had nothing to say
during the hearing, or to us.

Pazuzu's mother would
have been the first person

I picked up.

There are legitimate
questions, like,

how could you
allow this to go on?

Were you intimidated and
scared of your son

to the point that, you know, or
did you just love your son and

were, you know, catering
him to the point where

these things are
allowed to happen.

Cynthia James...
She's somewhat of a cipher.

I graduated from
high school in 1996.

The house was beautiful,
his mom took care of it.

They had cream colored carpet.

When you walked in,
you took your shoes off.

I moved down here in 2010,

and it was a completely
different scene.

The house was an
absolute disaster.

You know, Pazuzu's
living off his mom,

treating her like shit.
She was paying all the bills,

buying him a case of
beer every day, buying him,

you know, bags
of rolling tobacco every day.

He's not doing anything
good for anybody.

You know, as a parent,
what do you do

when your situation
spirals out of control...

when your kid
drops out of school,

and when he
starts abusing drugs,

and when he starts
sacrificing animals?

Pazuzu used to
sacrifice a rabbit.

Slitting rabbit's throats
and dumping their blood and

rubbing the blood
all over his face.

He felt like it would
give him higher power.

There was a cat hanging
in his tree. I saw it.

I know that it was a
cat hanging in his tree.

At some point, you know,
you just figure he felt

he had to take his animal
sacrifice to the next level...

to human sacrifice.

These are the
autopsy reports for Josh.

This is the first time
I've seen this, and...

You know, we just never
heard anything back

from the DA or from
the detectives.

"The cause of death for this
37-year-old Caucasian male,

Joshua Fredrick Wetzler,
is multiple gunshot wounds.

Major findings at autopsy
included gunshot wounds of

the head and torso with
recovery of multiple bullet

and bullet fragments."

"Three gunshot
wounds involve the head.

Four possibly..."

"Four and possibly five
gunshot wounds

involving torso."

So, that's eight gunshot wounds.

And so, you know, it just...

it seems like...

that somebody
would have heard that.

It's easy to sit back and
wonder how the neighbors

didn't know something
was going on.

The neighbor to the left,
I mean...

You could be on their
back deck and

see into Pazuzu's yard fine.

You know, I'm just...

Glad I wasn't his neighbor.

His name was John Lawson.

I knew a guy that was just
locked up with him recently.

He said that they had locked
down the whole jail because

he, he had his teeth filed,

he bit into an artery in
his arm, and...

I guess they locked down the
whole jail because of that.


Nate came around with Jenna
not that long ago and

we just clicked, so
we started hanging out.

And, basically,
since we all use,

it's kind of like a little...

Like, everybody that uses
knows everybody.

Oh, God.
Seth said he feels so bad.

Oh, shit, that sucks.

My boyfriend goes to
work sick every day.

Seth has a much harder habit
than you do and he still

gets up and goes to work
even though he's sick.

I know.
I know, darling.

- Just, note it.
- I know.

It's why, it's why I want
to quit altogether.

As soon as I get my
financial aid disbursement,

I can get by Ibogaine and
ááááing be done with it.

Have y'all ever thought
about going to a clinic?

- I don't want to quit.
- You don't?

The rehabs around
here are so shitty.

I don't have the insurance.

And the nice ones, like, the,
like people in Hollywood

go to are like $60,000 a day.

I mean, I don't
know who can afford that,

but I damn sure can't.

Algarad was transported
to Central Prison

on a safekeeping order.

I sent the Sheriff's
Department like three emails

and got nothing.
I've left voicemails.

I got nothing.

There's the search
warrants from 2014.

And then we found out that
the search warrants were sealed.

There is something in those
search warrants that

law enforcement didn't want out.

Algarad was transported
to Central Prison on a

safekeeping order as part of
a joint request by both

his defense counsel and the
district attorney's office.

I mean, I sent the
Sheriff's Department...

At this point, I've sent him
like 3 emails and got nothing.

I've left voicemails
and got nothing.

We got no details on anything.

All we got is, what? Is, rumor
and conjecture what people said.

We got all those comments
that people are leaving and

that's all I know.

You think he's gonna
actually tell us anything?

No, he's gonna say anything
'cause Brad Stanley and them

don't talk about anything.

I've got a bowl right here.
I got this.

You got this?
You go.

We end up having to do
dirt bag research because

none of the authorities
are talking.

The people who probably
actually know the real story

are going to be people
that were his teachers,

or counselors at school,
or gonna be a psychiatrist

or something like that.

They cannot talk
about this stuff.

They're not gonna go
tell us stuff that's,

that they cannot release.

We gotta get something.
I mean, 'cause

the only way we'll find
out about these searches

is either talk to Miss Cynthia,

talk to somebody that
was in the house

when these searches took place.

I mean, we don't have enough-

So, we've hit a wall,
let's just get on with it.

I just don't see how
we can do it without

access to the courthouse.

We can't get access to the
courthouse without a lawyer.

It's incredibly frustrating
'cause how do you tell

a whole story
without all the facts?

And I know that there
are people out there

who need some real answers.

So, today is Mother's
Day and I'm moving.

I had lost my job.
I was a contract employee,

so I wasn't paid any
kind of unemployment.

I'd worked really hard there,

but I never made any money.

When Josh was found,
Jared was able to

start receiving social
security payments.

But, the day that he started
receiving money was

based on the date that
they found Josh,

which is the official date
on his death certificate.

So, for those five years
that Josh was missing,

Jared did not receive
any social security money.

We had no financial
support at all.

Jared receives
about $700 a month.

Over a five-year period,
we're talking about $35,000.

With that amount of money,
we could've made

a down payment on a house.

Fortunately, Michael Hewlett
found me on Facebook and

took an interest in the case.

He's told me a whole lot
more than the DA or

the Sheriff's Department.

I'm Michael Hewlett.
I'm the legal affairs reporter

at the Winston-Salem Journal.

There was a Facebook page
dedicated to Josh Wetzler...

and Stacey was the
administrator for that site.

What I find is that
a lot of victims,

they don't understand how
these criminal cases go.

They think, oh, you know,
it's like Law & Order.

Oh, the investigation
and then...

oh, there's your trial,
all of a sudden,

before the hour is over.

And, that's not how it
happens in real life.

In real life, it...
you know,

particularly for a murder case,
you're talking about a

two, three-year process,

our job is to report.

If there's relevant information
to a particular case

that people should know about,

we need to fight to get
that information out.

When the remains were found,
I immediately went to the

courthouse to see whether or not

there were search warrants.

Search warrants can provide
a lot more information

than law enforcement are
willing to say publicly.

I was looking for the
search warrants

in the Amber Burch case.

We were told, yes,

there's these search
warrants from 2014, and then

we found out that the
search warrants were sealed.

There was something in
those search warrants that

law enforcement didn't want out.

On behalf of this whole street,

I just want to apologize
to anybody involved.

We let two men be
missing for five years.

It's actually somewhat of a
mixed bag of emotions right now.

We're celebrating.

Said property is
commonly known as

2749 Knob Hill Drive in
Clemmons, North Carolina.

I have a bid of $123,798.39.

Going once...


Three times.

That's what the whole
neighborhood wants;

we just want the house gone.

Will it return the neighborhood
to the way it was?

Yeah, I think so.
I think so.

It's just, you know,
everybody's been upset

for the last six months.
It just needs to be gone.

Good afternoon,
thanks for joining us.

Crews started tearing down
the former home of

Pazuzu Algarad around
8:45 this morning.

It's actually somewhat of a
mixed bag of emotions right now.

We're celebrating.

This is a party.
We are very excited.

We got the picnic
spread already ready.

Michael, you got
everything you need, buddy?

The neighborhood is having
somewhat of a

neighborly gathering here,
a celebration.

They're trying to
keep it positive.

You can see some of that
dust coming out of the house.

Neighbors were saying it was
almost as though that dust

represented all of the evil
spirits and the bad memories

which this house was holding,
and just releasing them.

In a way I'm relieved,
you know. I'm just sort of glad.

I wouldn't want it
standing there like it was.

We'll get back to
our nice, quiet,

very wonderful neighborhood.

Hopefully, this provides
some closure for them as well.


They condemn the house;
they take bulldozers out there;

they push it all
into the basement,

tear up the swimming pool,
cover the thing up,

fill it all full of dirt and
wipe it clean from

the face of the earth.

All this happened in a
matter of a few months.

They wiped it from the
face of the earth that fast.

They don't want to
talk about this anymore.

They want to "move on".

Move on, meaning not
examine what caused this.

Don't look into my own
heart and see

how I might be responsible.

Let's just move on and
pretend it never happened.

When people think that you
can put somebody in jail,

you can take down a house,
that that somehow clears it...

They have no idea.

Didn't make anything
better for my child.

It didn't make anything better
for me or Tommy's family.

It did not fix anything.

You can't bring
somebody's daddy back.

On behalf of this whole street,

I just want to apologize to
anybody involved because

I wish, I wish that we could
have done something and

I'm so, so sorry that
we let you down.

We let two men be
missing for five years.

I think Josh's death
was totally preventable,

but nobody took responsibility.

When Pazuzu was young,
there were people that were

well aware that there
was a problem.

How did he fall
through the cracks?

As a society, we are failing.

And I mean, the answers
aren't easy to come by,

but one thing I do know is
that when you see someone

totally self-destructing,
or destroying themselves

or others, you gotta
face it head-on.

Jenna's parents let us
move in with them.

And, since we don't have
to pay bills or rent or

anything right now, it gives
us a lot more money to,

to get high.

Well, I'd just gotten off of
work last night...

Went to go get some drugs...

So I was on 485, about
fifteen minutes out from here...

And, I ááááing wake up and
I'm drifting over onto the

left side of the ááááing-
I guess I was

in the fast lane and
I jerked back over.

And, so of course, I fly
across the ááááing road and

straight into the grass on
the other side and there's

this like steep-ass
ááááing ditch.

I go straight down it.
I was freaking out.

I'm not gonna lie.
I was ááááing... crying, man.

I just got a ááááing bunch
of work done on the car.

My mom spent $1,200 on
that ááááing car yesterday.

And, you know, I was
freaking out 'cause I was

afraid someone was gonna
pull over and see me

on the side of the road
and call the cops,

and you know, I got
ááááing drugs in my system.

I mean, I probably should
have just parked the car and

slept somewhere, but I had
a bag for Jenna and

I wanted to bring it to her.

- Hello?
- Hey.

- Hey, what's up?
- Um, nothing.

I just got up.

I ááááing totaled
the car last night?

Did you give them the insurance
information and everything?

No, I just had Jenna
pick me up. I-I mean...

Were you, were you using?

Is that why you
didn't call the police?

No, I was just-I mean,
that's still technically a DWI,

isn't it, if you
fall asleep at the wheel?

Well, you just
don't tell 'em that.

You tell 'em that a deer
jumped out in front of you,

or a dog.

Oh, yeah.

- But, yes, it is.
- Okay.

That's... bad.

And it's bad that you
didn't call the police.


So, you need to do that,
like, immediately.


You do not put that off.
You do it immediately, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Can you pass a test right now?


Ah, shit.

Like, as soon as
Pazuzu finally got busted,

everyone came out
of the woodwork.

"I knew him.
We were friends."

I mean, he had this
spit mask on. I mean,

it was straight up, like, the
ááááing, the thing, you know.

The thing that like,
the thing that

you never believe is real,
like, in movies.

Like, it was real.
It was real then.

The mainstream media
in this case

went the sensationalist angle.

Camel City Dispatch
did what we do;

at heart, we are humanist,
and we took the humanist angle.

Because for us, it boils
down to human beings and

how they behave towards
one another and

how they are affected by
the behavior of others.

"By all accounts,
John Alexander Lawson

began life uneventfully,
on August 12th of 1978."

"Over the next twenty years,
Lawson has done

everything he could to
make himself seem evil,

powerful, and frightening.

This kid from West Forsyth
looked in the mirror one day

and decided that what he
saw wasn't good enough.

What he wanted to
see was the boogeyman."

"And by all accounts,
he succeeded in spades."

Pazuzu murdered people.
He destroyed lives.

You can't explain that
away with Satan and evil.

Ain't gonna do anybody any good.

You know, first, Pazuzu's
search warrant's sealed,

then a safekeeping
order is sealed.

And again, you know,
I get the feeling that

it's just like, we don't
want to look at this,

we don't want to talk about it.

We really don't want to face our

collective responsibility for
what happened here.

Pazuzu saw me
as his brother, literally.

Literally, as a brother.

I really miss my friend, man.

I mean, I remember sitting there

talking to him sometimes,

He'd talk
to me about life, and...

We were ááááing friends, dude,

and like,
all this shit happened,

this stupid shit.

Hit me, man. Hit me.

He wasn't ááááing Pazuzu to me.

I was in for first and
second-degree kidnapping, and...

under a bunch of faulty charges,

you know what I mean,
but I, I lost my shit

when I first went in, so they
sent me to the hole, you know.

And so, was in there, and
this ááááááááááer just like,

in-between crying,
and shouting, and yelling,

and reciting like whoever
the áááá's lyrics...

He was out of his ááááing mind,

you know what I mean.

We all were like looking out,

and like, he's like this tall.
He's shorter than him.

He ain't nothing, you know
what I mean, whatever.

I mean, he was restrained,
you know, like here.

And it did, it looked like
they were bringing

ááááing Hannibal Lecter
into the ááááing jail,

you know what I mean.

And, we were all watching,
and he had the spit mask on.

I mean, like, it was
straight up, like the ááááing...

the thing, you know,
the thing that like,

the thing that you
never believe is real...

Like, in movies.
Like, it was real.

It was real then.

Like, as soon as
Pazuzu finally got busted,

everyone came out
of the woodwork.

"I knew him.
We were friends."

Most of the things that
I've heard people say

about Pazuzu, never
really ááááing happened.

Might get some
cool shit over here.

Word up.

Mm, you gotta get this one.
You gotta this one.

That one, he's like the best
artist in Winston-Salem.

This is a good buddy of mine.

I feel really sad that I've lost
someone that I cared about.

But, and it's-not just
lost that he did this,

but lost completely to me
that he did do this,

you know what I mean.
Like, áááá him.

His life's over.

I know his,
I know his life's over.

He's suffering, but at least
he's not dead because of me.

He was charged with
murder in connection

with the deaths of two people.
Now, Pazuzu Algarad is dead.

Early this morning he was
found unresponsive at the

Central Prison in Raleigh,
found with a wound on his arm.

The State Department of
Public Safety confirmed,

calling it an apparent suicide.

We have heard from
corrections officers

off-the-record and from
other inmates that Pazuzu

had been trying to
bite through his arm.

There was something about
all the investigation

they just didn't want us
to know about.

Very disturbing that Pazuzu's
mother saw it happen,

and proceeded to
get ready for work.

The government used me,
the government ááááed me.

I wanted to be the
one to kill Pazuzu.

Pazuzu's death does leave a
lot of unanswered questions.

And the people he left
behind are now

just left to pick up the pieces.

It's like, I don't feel shit.
I have PTSD.

I drink.
It helps me sleep.

I hate being a junkie.

I have to do shit that I
really don't want to do.

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