The Devil You Know (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - A Punk Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried - full transcript

Journalist Chad Nance investigates the background of a mentally-ill killer, while a punk rocker war veteran is forced to make a gut-wrenching decision.

Around Winston-Salem suburbs,

people knew of a guy,
John Lawson,

who named himself Pazuzu.

Jared wanted to know
where his dad was.

I just told him that, you know,

he had gone away somewhere
we hadn't heard from him.

I went to the sheriff's
department with a

voice recording and told
them what I knew.

I said, "You're gonna
think I'm crazy, but I think

my son's father is buried
in this guy's backyard."

We executed a search warrant,

but at that time,
there was no evidence

that we were able to find.

So, she calls me and she said,

"I'm part of
the family now."

This is some Charles Manson
shit, you know.

And she said,
"We murdered a guy.

We shot him in the head."

This is how I know that there
is a dead body in the backyard.

Historical Ad:
Tobacco capital of the world,


For Winston-Salem, the old
southern city which is the

thriving center of
trade and industry

when the nation was born...

Winston-Salem is
home to these men,

Americans who have their
roots deep in tradition and

are a vital part of the
progress of the nation.

Yes, Winston-Salem,
with its face to the future,

is a good place
in which to live.

After human remains were found
buried in Pazuzu's backyard,

the news was
mostly click-bait headlines

about devil worship
and animal sacrifice,

but I still had
so many questions.

Everybody knew this guy
was into some scary stuff,

so how was it he was able
to get away with murder

for more than five years?

There were a lot of
rumors flying around,

but the more I learned,
the more I realized his ability

to get away with this had less
to do with satanic powers...

And everything to do
with where he was from.

Clemmons, North Carolina
is in the southwest part

of Forsyth County.

It would be, what would,
may be considered

a bedroom community.

There's two major
thoroughfares from

Winston-Salem to
Clemmons, and back.

It would be considered a
suburb of the larger city of

Winston-Salem, which is the
predominant larger city

of Forsyth County.

If you're looking
for the ugly truth...

the underbelly...

the black root of
corrupted culture,

where you do go are places
like the exurbs and the suburbs,

where the economy has
been hit especially hard.

It used to be you could to
work here straight out of

high school and be able to
afford the quote, unquote,

American dream.

Jobs that those folks can
get are no longer here.

There's no opportunities,

and what do you do
when you despair?

You party like a monster,
you know, you throw down.

You, you, you create
drama around yourself.

Right now in Winston-Salem,
there's like a

couple generations in there,
they tell you, "I'm bored".

You look at these guys'
Facebook pages:

"I'm bored. What up?
Anybody doing anything?"

This kind of boredom and
malaise is kind of

laid over the place.

We have unemployed youth
kind of drifting around with

no direction, and
kind of no real purpose.

There's not a whole
lot to do in this town.

The best way I can
find to enjoy myself,

to kill the boredom and,
you know,

just the pain that I didn't
even realize was there,

was drugs.

Even when I found heroin,
it really was always an escape.

But, it quickly
becomes a requirement.

You know, it's...
it's all-encompassing.

My mom needs her iPad back
and I kind of pawned it

the other day, so I'm trying
to get the money

to get that out, you know.

A, just do the right thing
and get it back to her.

But, B, to avoid
her calling the cops.

And... also,
we're just, you know,

trying to get money for our fix.

Pazuzu provided an escape
from the hopelessness and

aimlessness in
these kids' lives.

He made them all vulnerable to
the worst parts of themselves,

and then, he harnessed
that energy and

kind of used it to
create a following.

His aura is very intoxicating.

You just feel free and
powerful in his presence.

There's something...

spiritually different
about that place,

and... about him.

He controlled by
subtle manipulation.

Y'all worship law and order;
I'm gonna be an anarchist.

Y'all want to dress
all preppy the way that

everybody else does, well,

I'm gonna take it to
the other extreme.

File my teeth down to points,
and, you know,

get tattoos all over my face.

In a way, the guy's a
ing lunatic genius. Ha!

Clemmons is a place in
Winston-Salem where

everyone goes to church,

everyone identifies
with the church.

So, he became the devil.
He became a

quote, unquote, Satanist.

Even the name, Pazuzu,
I mean, come on,

it's the name of the
demon in The Exorcist.

What is the biggest,
scariest thing? It's Satan.

It's the devil, el diablo,
the fallen one,

Lucifer, Pazuzu.

I mean, these people
believe in this stuff.

Lawson trolled pop culture
and kind of

came up with this persona.

It's a little mixture of Manson,

throw in a little Anton LaVey,

a little 1980s heavy metal,
you know, 666 type stuff.

And there you go.
And then,

when 9/11 came,
he put on a jihadi mask.

It was as if he was trying to be

what people were afraid of.

You know, it made it powerful.

And it seems like there were
some young women

who were particularly
susceptible to his persona.

Pazuzu dated a lot of girls,

and he apparently had
sex with a lot more.

I think the majority of his
power came from the same place,

the same reason
that we were all there...

That little bit of darkness that

we all kind of
gravitated towards.

All of his women are very young.

And, a lot of them are get-

are going through
terrible times.

Amber Burch is the best example.

You know, I mean, here's a girl
who's just out of high school.

She hooks up with Pazuzu,
and a few short months later,

she's helping him
dispose of a body.

But why?

What was it about Pazuzu
that these women

would sacrifice their
futures for him?

He was the daddy she never had,

the daddy that she
had been looking for.

My name is Cadie Wagner-Davis.

And, I met Amber in high school.

We were the best friends.

In no time, I saw my best friend

do a complete and total 180.

One day she's our Bubbles,
the next day she's...

not showering, and...

shaving all of
her eyebrows off, and...

filing her teeth down to
points so that she could

bite into these animals, and...

and just... no.

Whenever I first really
started hearing about Pazuzu,

we got a few
phone calls from her,

telling me that, you know,
she really likes this guy,

he's really cool,
he's a Satanist.

She would talk about
these rituals, I guess.

Pazuzu would kill an animal
and drink the blood.

I know that they would cut
each other open and

drink each other's blood.

She made it so exciting.
You know,

"Hey, I'm gonna
come pick you up.

We're gonna come up here and
I want you to meet Pazuzu.

I want your opinion on him."

Said, "Okay, well,
that's cool."

We get up there and
everything was fine

until I walked onto
the front porch.

The stench just, it was like
a smack to the face

it was so strong.

The first thing I ever said
to Pazuzu when I met him was,

"Dude, your house
smells like death."

And he kinda laughed, "Oh, yeah,

it's just the bodies
in the basement."

This sucks.

Come on.

I don't think Dixie would have
gotten herself involved

in a murder if it wasn't
for Pazuzu or Amber.

I think the murder turned
her into a different person.

There we go.

Give it another one.

Crazy thing is,
after she told me the story...

I went to the police and
filed an anonymous report.

I wrote it all out:
everything about Pazuzu,

everything about Amber. I left
her name out of it though.

You know, I didn't put in
there that she helped

bury this body.

But, in detail,
I put every single thing -

where the body
was buried, everything.

I found out about the search
because Pazuzu called me.

They actually showed
up to his house,

SWAT Team, like
battle rattle, like,

they're ready to rock,
you know what I mean?

Pazuzu told me they
knocked on the door.

He looks out the ing
peep hole and there's

dudes with like flak vests,
machine guns and shit, you know.

They go into the house,
they're searching,

they're not finding shit.

How incompetent,
that CSI Miami bullshit.

It's ing garbage, dude.

Nothing ing happened.

Come on.

They said that the
devil worshipper

kill on the full moon.

And my son, lit a cigarette...

and before he can light it,
they shot him in his head

and he fell dead.

So, the police search
Pazuzu's house and

they don't find anything.

But instead of dialing it back,

the behavior inside the
house at Knob Hill becomes

increasingly more violent.

When we pull the rap sheets,

what you can see from there
is that in May 2010,

Pazuzu is arrested
for choking his mom.

Then, a little bit over a year
later in September of 2011,

Amber is arrested for
pushing, choking,

and slapping Cynthia.

Then in November of 2011,

Amber is arrested for
slapping Pazuzu.

And clearly this place is
becoming a powder keg

and it's about to blow.

We responded to the
residence on Knob Hill Drive,

whereby the information
was learned from

witnesses and the,
quote, victim,

that he had assaulted
his mother.

I think that was by
strangling, or choking her.

And so, he was charged with,

I think his mother did
not continue with the

prosecution effort of that.

Right after Pazuzu is let
off on the assault on his mama,

he went right
back into the house,

and then he starts
recruiting other people to

join in on his violence.

I do not believe
it was an accident.

He was chosen to be
killed that night.

My name is Shelia Chandler.

I'm the mother of
Joseph Chandler.

Joseph is just a
kind-hearted person.

He meets no strangers.

He was walking when, I guess,

when he got to the store.

I don't know how the
conversation started off

with those two, Nicholas
and the devil worshipper.

I don't know why he got
in that car with them.

They said that the
devil worshipper

kill on the full moon.

And when they drove him
to Yadkin River, they said...

The devil worshipper sat
on the lake while Nicholas

pulled out the shotgun
and it jammed.

And he went back to
the car and got a gun.

And my son lit a cigarette,
and before he can light it,

they shot him in his
head and he fell dead.

I said, "Why didn't
they call the police

if it was an accident?"

I call it.
They murdered my son.

They did it intentionally.

I just don't understand.

I wanted to go to Pazuzu's plea,

but they told me it was not
necessary for me to be there.

I didn't have to be there.

I said, "What?"
And that was it.

"We'll get you a transcript,"
and that's it.

The way they kept
dragging it on and saying,

"We're not going to
have this trial today.

His lawyer hasn't
got here yet..."

They just kept
giving me the runaround.

And at the end of it all,

they didn't tell me
nothing about his trial.

They just told me I
didn't have to be there;

that was it.
I was uninvited, yes, I was.

So, what I'm looking at here
is the psych evaluation

from 2010 for Pazuzu I. Algarad

that was made during
the Chandler case,

when he was held in as
an accessory for that.

He was ordered to go to
Dorothea Dix in Raleigh.

And I mean, this very
clearly states that this kid

has had a long history of
real mental illness and

psychotic symptoms.

He'd been hospitalized
several times already

by the time all of
this unfolded,

going all the way back
to his childhood.

We're talking about a
guy who went into

his psychologist interview
smelling like poop and

apparently hadn't bathed in
over a year at that point.

He talks about the fact that
at some point he had

used something to
sharpen his teeth.

Yeah, "Mr. Algarad reported
that he was unemployed at

the time of the alleged
offense and has not worked

in several years, receiving
SSI disability because of

his problems being
nervous and paranoid

when outside of his house."

He describes being part
of a Sumerian religion,

which he admits that he made up,

that he and his wife are
the only practitioners.

He needs to get out to do
an animal sacrifice

so he doesn't feel
further anxiety, I guess.

His mother, Cynthia,
tells the psychiatrist that

she's afraid he might kill
himself if he's not allowed

to perform this
animal sacrifice.

I mean, this definitely paints
a picture of a very sick guy,

and the doctors actually
diagnosed him with

Personality Disorder,

which basically means the
guy is clinically psychotic.

I mean, it was clear to
everyone that this was an

individual who needed
serious supervised

mental health treatment.

So, the guy walks out of the
courtroom in Forsyth County

with basically a
slap on the wrist,

into the community where
me and my children live.

So this guy is now out here
roaming around where we live,

and we know all this
stuff about him from the

fact that he's murdered
and tortured animals,

he's admitted to being a
chronic drug and alcohol abuser,

and he's admitted to multiple
levels of mental illness

that's barely going treated...

And, he's assaulted his
mother and choked her

to the point where
she passes out,

but we're gonna let
him out the door.

We're gonna open the doors
and let him back out into

society because it's clear
that the only way

to fix this is, let him
into the community.

Jenna Woodring smiling,
even laughing in the

back seat of a patrol car just
hours after the accident.

Were you in an
accident this morning?

No, sir.

After Pazuzu's sentence
is suspended for

his involvement in the
death of Joseph Chandler,

which basically means he
gets time served and a warning,

things around his
house seem to calm down.

But meanwhile, there are a
whole bunch of other kids

in this town that
were struggling;

they're down on life,
unemployed, aimless,

and they're getting
addicted to drugs.

And I mean, they're not
chopping up people and

putting them in the backyard,

but they're definitely
causing harm to themselves

and to other people,

and no one is really doing
anything about it.

Jenna Woodring,
smiling, even laughing,

in the back seat of
a patrol car,

just hours after the accident.

Were you in an
accident this morning?

No, sir.

Scott Curtis had nothing
to say today as he left

the Mecklenburg
County Courthouse.

He had just come
face-to-face with

26-year-old Jenna Woodring
for the first time.

She hit him in July of 2012
as he was riding his bike

on Brown Grier Road
in Charlotte,

and then kept going.

She didn't remember
the crash then,

and still doesn't now.

Woodring's attorney says
she's bipolar and suffers

from borderline
personality disorder.

I disassociated and got
in my car and hit

a guy on a bicycle and
almost killed him.

He's now a paraplegic with
brain damage, so, I have...

seven years, total,
of probation.

And, if I violate by
doing anything illegal,

I get sent to prison
for five to seven years.

So, I can't go out and do
the illegal activities that

me and Nate are
doing to get the money.

Yes, welcome to our life.

How can I help you?

Ah, I was actually calling-
I recently applied for

food stamps and had to go
through a wish appointment to,

you know, 'cause of
the drug felony I have.

And, I did that last Wednesday
at about 12 o'clock,

and I still haven't gotten
any food stamps on my card.

I was wondering if there's
any way I could figure that out?

You just have to wait
for her to process it.

- Hi.
- Hey...

How's it going?

I still don't have my
food stamps on my card.

So, y'all don't have any food?


We have pistachio
thin addictives...

They're crackers.

Yeah, Nate didn't cut
any yards or anything?

No, well, it's been
raining this past week,

so he wasn't able to do that.

He does have a few
job leads though,

that he's waiting
on a phone call for.

No, okay.
I mean, I'll...

I'll get you some money.

- All right.
- So...

It'll probably be at
least fifty bucks.

I go to rehab.
Me and Nate meet,

and after we got out of rehab-

Well, I got kicked out, but...

I gave him my phone number.
And when he left,

he called me and we
ended up hooking up.

Part of the reason that I
need a partner in crime,

I guess, was because Nate
does all the dirty work.

Like, I'm on really good
terms with my PO and

I didn't want to screw that up,

and if I do screw up, I go
to prison for five years,

five to seven years,

The system's really just broken.

You have Pazuzu and his
posse committing crimes that

seriously affect
everyone around them,

but they're just right
back out on the streets.

But non-violent crimes,

like having a bag of pot or
mushrooms in your pocket,

those lead to
felony convictions.

It fills up prisons
and totally ruins lives.

I mean, we have got to get
our priorities straight.

He takes a fire poker and
he sticks it in like...

meat, and he pulls the
meat back and he's like,

and he bit it.

He's like, "Satan protects me".

I haven't been back
here in a long time.

So this is...

the property that
Josh and I bought.

Our idea was to have
a horse farm here.

Josh and I lived...
There's a house right here.

You can see the
roof of it from here.

The bank foreclosed on it,

so another family is
living there now.

Being out here, it brings
back memories and

some of them are so
beautiful, and you know,

I think of friends and
parties we had out here,

and our life and the horses...

I still feel close to
Josh and, you know,

sometimes I'll still have
dreams that we're together.

I think everything continues.

You know, we have
memories of things;

that's part of life and
that's part of reality,

and that's part of who we are...

For a long time we
were Josh and Stacey.

So, for-When I'm here, yeah,

I'm sort of feeling that part.

When I was a kid, I had
this recurring dream and

it tormented me.

I would go down into some
passage way to

this place underneath the house.

And, there was
something, I guess,

evil is a good word to describe
what was happening there, and...

and people were getting,
like, taken in, and even...

a kid that I knew, you know,
was pulled in,

and, and awful
things were happening.

And it was terrifying.

And I would go upstairs
and I would try to tell my,

my parents about it,
what was going on,

and they didn't listen.

Just kept trying
to tell people...

And nobody would listen to me.

I never understood that
dream when I was a kid,

but now I think I get it.

Ah, does this work?

Huh? What?

When I got back to Winston,
I was talking to my friend,

and he told me that if
whatever I said about Pazuzu

really had happened, if I
didn't do something about it,

I was just as bad as him.

Like, I keep thinking about it,

and thinking about it,
and thinking about it.

Like, it sat there,
rotted in my brain

for years, and years, and years.

Long time, you know.
That there's a body in the yard.

I was like, maybe there's really
not. Like, this is bullshit.

And it put like this drive in me
to really do something about it.

About every two or three weeks,

I would just go
hang out with Pazuzu,

like check to make sure
he wasn't harming anybody.

In fact, I went to his house,

and he's drunk, right.

We're sitting by the
fireplace and he takes

a fire poker, and
he's looking at me.

And he knows at this
time that I turned him in.

He said, "You know what,"
he's like,

"I know you turned me in,
but you're my brother."

He's like, "Just know this,
I can never be caught,"

and he takes a fire poker
and he puts it

behind the fire wood and
he sticks it in, like, meat.

And he pulls the meat
back and he's like,

and he bit it...

And he's like,
"Satan protects me."

For all I know, it was a
dead rabbit that he killed, or,

a piece of human
flesh that he ate.

I don't know.

He was really fast and clever.
He could manipulate someone.

I mean, I'm not saying that's
good clever, you know.

He talked about how he
believed he was a demon,

and he had like power,
mind control

or whatever over people.

He tried to push
people into killing people.

I think Pazuzu wanted
killing to be, like,

some initiation, but...

Most people aren't murderers.

There was this, like, really
jacked dude in his house.

Like, this guy was cut as.
It was his mom, Pazuzu,

and this, this dude
I never met before.

Pazuzu is like talking shit
to his mom, you know,

and the guy didn't like it.
He's like, you know,

"You're not talking to
your mom like this."

So, he acted all wild, like...

But then he brings me,
he's like, "Yo, yo, yo,

come here, come here,
come here, come here."

I go in the kitchen with him
and his aura's changed.

He's just like...

"Yo, dude, let's
kill this ing guy."

He's like, "Let's kill
him right now," you know,

"we'll get away with it."

He really wanted me
to kill this guy.

He wanted me to do it.

He didn't want to do it;
he wanted me to do it.

I grabbed his hair and
I slammed his head

off a cabinet, you know,
" you," you know, like,

"I'm not doing this."

We ran out of
beer and cigarettes,

and you know, Paz is a broke
er, so I was like,

"Hey man, let's go," like,
"Let's go buy,

let's get some cigarettes. We'll
get some alcohol for Pazuzu,"

you know, "We need some
alcohol." I told the guy,

I was like, "Look, you need
to listen to me clearly.

He told me he wants
me to murder you.

I'm just letting
you know the truth."

And I took him out to
eat at Red Lobster,

got him whatever
he wanted to eat,

and I haven't seen him since.

Five years had gone by
before I went and

spoke to a detective in person.

The detectives had
this huge file on him,

they had all this information.
And they,

they had to have known
there was bodies in that yard.

Once I came forward
and let 'em know, like,

"Yo, I'm a soldier,"
they took that as like,

"Oh shit, like, we need to,
we need to actually

do something about it."

"I can never be caught."

Pazuzu said that, and then,

he said he could never
be knocked out.

Two things.

I knocked him the out,
and the detectives caught him.

Is that stench just
coming from the house?

That smell?

God almighty.

I've seen my fair share
of dead people, but...

Nobody ever thought anything
like that would happen here.

My name is Sean Reid.

I was a Sergeant over at
Crime Scene Investigations

at the Forsyth
County Sheriff's Office.

When I set foot on
that property...

I just knew it was
gonna be a long day.

Is that stench just
coming from the house?

That smell?

Damn, that cat jumped out.
Scared the shit out 'a me.

There was a fire
pit in the backyard.

We had gotten some
information that that might be

a probable place to start and
there was disturbances there,

and so, that's where
the team started to dig.

By mid-afternoon,
they had located a skeleton.

It looked like they had just
dug a shallow grave and

just folded him up into it.

I know it sounds harsh, but
we actually took a bucket

and put the sk-his skel-
his skull in a bucket,

to, to make sure
that it didn't get...

get broken or anything
during transport.

If it hadn't 'a been for
a skull being there...

You know, it, he definitely
didn't look human.

There, near the
corner of the house,

was another area
that was focused on.

We eventually found
that body as well.

It was just a mound of
skeleton, flesh, and clothing.

New at five, we are
following a developing story

out of Clemmons.

The investigation continues
after a pair of bodies were

found buried in a backyard of
a Clemmons home.

The skeletal remains have
been taken to Wake Forest

Baptist Medical Center, and
have yet to be identified.

It's not a normal
practice to, to find...

deceased people in
shallow graves in the

backyard of neighborhoods.

We all were stunned.

- Found some here.
- Is it?


It's about to get a whole
lot better right there.

Watch your step here.

This is actually
where one was buried.

God almighty.

35-year-old Pazuzu Algarad
and a woman who

calls herself his wife,
24-year-old Amber Burch,

are both now
charged with murder.

Somebody texted me,

"Hey, the SBI's over at
Pazuzu's house".

I was like,
"Wait a minute," like,

"How the do
you know that?"

You know,
I'm paranoid at that point.

Like, "How do you know this?

How do you know the cops
are over at their house?

How do you know
that they caught him?"

And they're like,
"Turn on the news".

28-year-old Krystal Matlock
has been charged with

accessory after the fact.

Documents state she assisted
Algarad with concealing an

unidentified male body between
June and August of 2009.

The Forsyth County medical
examiner's office

does not know when they will
identify those remains.

It's not just Amber who
got caught up in all this.

There was also
another so-called fiancée.

She somehow got
roped into participating

in this murder as well.

It's still an active scene

here in this quiet
Clemmons neighborhood.

And as you can see, the
Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

and SBI is still
searching the property.

The skeletal remains of
two individuals were found

buried in shallow graves
at 2749 Knob Hill Drive.

When Pazuzu got busted,
I didn't know that there was

two people in the yard.
I thought there was only one.

Now, I know Pazuzu killed
like ten or fifteen people.

He definitely killed
more than they got.

They went back and
searched the backyard,

and the thing that will piss you
off and keep you up at night,

is they didn't
just find one body;

they found two bodies.

So, now we don't just got
a guy who's kind of

killed somebody on an impulse;
we got a possible serial killer.

There's nothing that could
prepare you for

what you saw inside
Pazuzu's house.

You would be hard pressed
to not think that the person

who lived there was
capable of about anything.

Well, it's a story from
right here in the Piedmont

that's actually making
headlines around the world.

The story of skeletal
remains found in Clemmons

have neighbors stunned.

There were all kinds of rumors.

The crazy guy who lived there,

sacrificed rabbits, and
what a weird place it was.

But, there's nothing that
could prepare you for

what you saw inside
Pazuzu's house.

All right, let's do it.

Jesus Christ.

Yeah, that's definitely
unfit for human....


If filth had a smell,
it was at that house.

It was so filthy and nasty...

No drainage.

It was kind of surreal...

All right, let's get those...

Get those rooms back there.

- Is that thing dead?
- No, it's alive.

Going down the hallway,

there's a bathroom on
the right-hand side.

Just up from that
was Pazuzu's room.

The room that we referred
to as the "altar room",

it was so putrid...

we literally had to get the
fire department out there...

We wore Hazmat gear and
Scott Air Packs into that room.

Oh, this guy's got a bad
case of whatever he's got.

There was also his
mother who lived there.

This is the
cleanest room in the house.

Cynthia's room may not
have been the neatest and

cleanest room in Forsyth County,

but compared to the
rest of the house,

it was immaculate.

It is so hard to try to
describe what it was like.

This is not, not normal.

You would be hard pressed to,

to be inside the house and
not think that the person

who lived there was
capable of about anything.

I actually need...
Need some air.


I mean, it's, it's well, well...

well past condemning.

Two families finally know
what happened to their

loved ones, gone without
answers for five years.

The skeletal remains found
in a Clemmons backyard

have been identified as
Josh Wetzler and Tommy Welch.

Tommy Dean Welch is a
working-class guy

in Winston-Salem, semi-employed,

semi-educated, struggling,
but spends time with his family.

He was walking to
meet his brother,

and somewhere, he encounters
John Lawson and Amber Burch.

And it's that fast
that Tommy Welch's life

and the life of all those
around him, changes forever.

When I heard that
they had found Josh...

I was crying,
just tears of relief and joy

that he was out of there.

You know, it was like the
most evil dark place

you can imagine,
and he was out, he'd been found.

But, it's not over at all.
It doesn't feel over.

And in fact, it just really,
a lot of questions

were created from that,
rather than answered.

The news media goes into
overdrive with the gore and

the constant commentary
about evil and Satan and

all the rest;
that's just entertainment.

The gruesome details do
not begin to answer

the real questions.

How can law enforcement
in our community

let something like this go on?

How did we let this go on?

Clemmons is a wonderful
place to grow up.

You're surrounded by church,
you're surrounded by family.

Everyone's a
conservative Christian,

everybody votes the same way,

they eat the same stuff...

But while they go
about their business,

these ugly things,
these tough things are

all bubbling under the surface.

And a guy like Pazuzu Algarad,

he becomes a local myth,
maybe a local joke,

but nobody really
pays attention to him.

Nobody realizes
how serious it is,

until it's too late.

Algarad's tongue was
split like a snake,

moving in different directions.

He picked up two prostitutes
at two separate locations

before he killed and ate them.

When Johnny was eight years old,

she put him in a
mental hospital.

The one that needs to
be there is that woman,

the mama.

I think his mother
ruined his life.

Jenna's parents let us
move in with them and

it gives us a lot more
money to, to get high.

I don't want to quit.

We end up having to do
dirt bag research because

none of the authorities
are talking.

And then we found out that
the search warrants were sealed.

There was something in those
search warrants that

law enforcement didn't want out.

That's what the whole
neighborhood wants.

We just want the house gone.

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