The Dead Lands (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Kingdom at the Edge of the World - full transcript

Waka and Mehe go in search of the boy who knows who broke the world.

The dead

they sigh to me.

They tell me to seek a warrior

more monster than man...

and only he can help me
save my people.

There is a break between
the world of the living

and the world of the dead.

The spirits of the dead can
no longer reach their ancestors

and are forced back
into the world...

back into their decaying bodies.

If you heal this breach,
who wouldn't welcome you then?

Your ancestors refuse you
an afterlife.

- We will let you return.
- What?

You're Waka Nuku Rau.

You can help my tribe, if the
legends are true about you.

What is it that I'm
to do for your tribe?

The dead took my father.

Save him,
and I'll give you my blood.

You were meant to kill the girl,
and now the gods are displeased.

Kill the girl.

You're frightened of the dead.

What if they can't
make you do anything?

If they could, I wouldn't
be here, would I?

My uncle's tribe lives there,
in the tunnels and caves.

Is it true that
my brother has gone

from the light of this world?

Your uncle is a shaman
of great power.

He's hiding something.

Mehe, I loved Father
as much as you,

but he did not have
Uncle's strength.

You're not fit to lead.

Get away from them!

He wants to sacrifice
our children.

I challenge you...

for the leadership
of the tribes.

You should have killed me.

Where is your honour? Is there
none in this tribe anymore?

Greetings, Waka Nuku Rau.

There is a boy held captive
by three sisters

powerful witches.

Find this boy.

You see, he knows the name of
the one who broke the world.

And the girl...

- Mehe.
- Protect her, Waka Nuku Rau...

for she has a gift that not
even she knows she possesses.

Where's the boy?

Te Hau!

Te Hau!

Leave him!

Where's your honour? Help me!

Tenei tauira
nau e Rongo. E oho e ara e!

Hoki mai ra koe ki taiao.
Whiti or a! Maranga mai ki runga!

Bring him.

What is it?

He's possessed by a tipua

an evil spirit.

And there are more
coming even now.

Is she a witch?

Tenei te ara,
te ara ka iri. O Hine I te aio.

O Hine I te rangi tuhaha.
O Hine kino ano hoki.

Ki enei tauira nau e Hine.

Tenei te ara, te ara ka iri.

- O Hine I te aio.
- What do you see, boy?

I walked in the kingdom
below the edge of the world.

He's coming.


Who's coming?

Where are you?

Speak to me!

You have all of these
wonderful ideas.

'Find the witches, ' you say,
but you don't tell me how.

You look quite mad, you know,
when you do that

talk to the dead.

Maybe I am mad.
Have you thought of that?

I'm considering it.

They speak to me,
but they make no sense.

They never come
when they're wanted,

and they sneak up in the night,
like rats in my mind.

And they told you to
find these witches?

More the boy they hold captive.


Because he knows
who broke the world

and keeps the dead
from the afterlife.

Don't get too excited.

No one's heard of these witches
or the boy. I've asked everyone.

Even my uncle?

That madman wouldn't
tell us where to shit.

And he wants your blood...
unless you've forgotten.

Do you have a better idea?

Come on, then.

Tohungia te ngaki o mate.

Tohungia te ranaki kero.

Kia rere arorangi atu na.

Aku tao.

Will you speak with me, Uncle?

I need your help.

Three witches sisters.

Do you know them?

Told you he won't help us.

- Let's kill him.
- You should.

He's right.

Years ago I warned
your father about you.

You're dangerous.

From the day you were born,
I felt it.

Do you know these women
yes or no?

They protect his sacred places.

No one enters those lands.

Tell us how to get there.


He's lying.

Why would you?

I was planning a makutu,

one that would dry your ovaries,

and far worse to you.

And now?

Now I don't need to
if you go to that place.

There is a cave.

What is it?

It's protection...

against sorcery.

- Can I share it with Waka?
- Don't.

If he's bewitched,

it will teach you whether these
women are to be trusted or not.

- Do you see?
- I see you don't like him.

Do you really believe
he's changed?

He's trying.

Listen to me.
Keep this to yourself.

Let him be the warning.

Be clever, like your father
taught you to be.

Your uncle said we need to
reach the cave before dark.

Your uncle said we need to
reach the cave before dark.

Ka kite taua.

We won't make it like this.

Don't make me leave you
behind, girl!

- Bastard.
- I heard that.

You're not as fit as you look.

not as stupid as you sound.

Your uncle was
telling the truth.

We can sleep there tonight.

Go away. I'm not
killing the girl.

I'm not doing it, I said.

I've decided to seek
honour in the world.



This should provide me
with much entertainment.

I'm glad I can amuse you.

This girl you're with
this high-born Ariki.

You think she's an innocent?

- She uses you.
- No.

She's smart, that one.

She uses you to honour
her own ancestors.

She's different, I tell you.

Oh, you're such a bad judge
of character.

You always were. She's preparing
to sacrifice you right now.

Keep your lies.

I'll show you.

Do you want to see
your future or not?

You could give yourself
to Te Waonui,

because you want death.

Not friendly, I admit.

The girl has protection
against their sorcery.


Has she offered it to you?

She will.

We'll see.

I'm not drinking that.

I will give you protection
against these witches.

What are you doing?

You like eating, don't you?

You all right?

What is it?

Are you afraid?


But don't kill anyone

at least until we speak to them.
Can you do that just this once?

Unless they try something.

We welcome you as our guests.

Please, come, before night
folds in on the world.

You don't want to be
outside at night

believe me.

We don't poison our guests.

How do you kill them?

Forgive my friend.
He's an idiot.

We search for a boy
who came this way.

We offer sanctuary
to anyone who passes.

Not what I've heard.


You sacrifice people to
Te Waonui. That's what they say.

Shut up.


We are the guardians
of this land.

And, yes, we make offerings
to Te Waonui

so that he protects it.

And this boy?

He came this way...

and it took him.

What was it?

A tipua of some kind.

Here, forest spirits have
always walked in this world,

as they did in ancient times.

But since the dead have
returned, something else

has also slipped into
this world something new.

So don't go out at night,
unless you want the same.

And the boy?

He left before
we could help him.

But we offer you refuge
for as long as you need it.

She's lying.

Perhaps, but did you
have to be so obvious?

It's in my nature.

One of us should
always stay awake.

I wouldn't.

I'm not frightened of the dead.

There are worse things
than the dead, warrior.

What are we waiting for?

Why don't I just kill one,
and then the other will talk?

Is your answer to everything
killing someone?

It's not very subtle, you know.

It's simpler.

She wouldn't tell us anything.

So what are you gonna do?

Hey? Wait till they try
something, is that it?

Do you trust me?


All right, yes.

Never trust anyone in a fight.

Especially not me.


She should learn the forest lore

and not waste her
time with that.

Can you fight with
your forest lore?

The time of the warrior
is passing.

A new age is coming.

What age?

The age of the dead.

You're not awful.

Tell me the truth

where's the boy?
Did you kill him?

I don't care if you did.
In fact, I'd admire you.

Do you want to know the truth?

All of it?

See it?

Feel it?

That's not for you, little one.

It's a god.

It reaches out into the land
and keeps this place safe

if we feed it.

With blood?

Only willingly given.

You could give yourself
to Te Waonui.

And why would I do that?

Because you want death.

I can see it in you.

It hangs on your shoulders
like a heavy cloak.

Is this life so good?

And what does it serve?

It's meaningless

even more so now.

Here you can join the gods.

Here you can join the gods.

I was sick of this life
long ago.


And I've done things

things that cannot be undone.

Things that cannot be undone.

You can enter me now.

There are things I must do
in this world

before I earn the right
to leave it.

But if I was to leave...

I would gladly do so
between your thighs...

like Maui himself.

Who are you?

I need to talk to my friend.

We have plenty of time

if we stay.

What are you doing?

Enjoying myself.
I could get used to this.

- They both want to be my wives.
- We're not staying here.

Why not? Let the world
look after itself.

- You've been bewitched.
- Have I?

And what about you?

What makes you so special?

And you didn't
share that with me?

I wanted to see if they would
bewitch you, and they did

so it worked.

I have my own protection.


Do I look like a fool?

Well, if you're so clever,
here's a question for you

where's the third sister?

Maybe she went with the boy.

Is it worth it?

The pain?


To protect the sacred places
of Te Waonui.

Just you and Raepoto then?

There was another.

She's gone.

Did she go off with the boy?

And what if she did?

Why is this boy
so important to you?

Were you lovers?


Then stay here with us.

Learn the forest lore.

I feel something in you
I've not felt before.

- We can't.
- Why?

The boy he knows
who broke the world.

And you think you can fix it?

We can try.

We have to try, at least.

Only the gods can separate
the light from the dark,

Rangi from Papa,
the earth from the sky.

Who are we? We are nothing.

But the gods aren't doing
anything not that I can see.

They left more than a day ago.

You'll never find them.

Waka can.

He can track anything.

She knows where he is.

- Fertilising your tree, is he?
- No.

I could have helped the boy...

Iwi mana kore.


Upoko kohua.

But their leader
wouldn't listen.


They took our sister
for protection.

Be brave, sister.

How long?

A day. He promised to release
her when they left our lands,

but I don't think he will.
His name was Te Hau.

I know of him.

He's a famous fighting general,

and a distant cousin
of my father.

Te Hau is a noble and
honourable warrior.

I'm sure he'll listen to me.

We need to catch them.

She said not to go out
in the night.

'There are things worse than
the dead.' That's what she said.

My sister would have
made shrines along the way.

Just make sure you enter
them before night falls.

- This is a bad idea.
- This is the only idea.

If you bring my sister
back to us,

I'll exorcise the spirit
from the boy.

If he survives,

you'll get your name.

How did they get this far
in one day, carrying a man?

- You must have missed it.
- I missed nothing.

Or Hine lied.

The circle is broken.

What now?

Get inside.

We need to remember
what she did.

Remember quickly.

Kia turuki mai te atarangi.

O naia, o tira.

Ki Tuahu a rangi.

Is it working?

Ki Pukenui a papa...

papa o Maui.

Ki Pukenui a papa,

I whakatangi ake
nga papa o Maui.

Ki Pukenui a papa

- I whakatangi ake nga...
- There's something out there.

Papa o Maui, ahau
ki te kahui o te po.

Hurry up.


Mehe, help me.


Help me, Mehe.


Please let me in.



- Why do you forsake me?
- Mehe, it's not him.

Please let me in.


- Please, Mehe.
- It's not him.

- Papa!
- Listen to me.

Look at me. Look at me!
Stop. It's not him.

- It's not him.
- Papa! No! No!

It's not him! It's not him.
It's not-

- It's not him. It's not him.

It's not.
I know it's not.

- Please, Mehe...
- Go away!








I'm not sleeping outside again.

Let's find this shit-eating boy.

Build your shrine.
We need protection.

I can't protect us like this.


Get her!

We're close.

Night is coming.

They'll be looking for
somewhere to hide.

I caught her.

And found these two.

Te Hau?

I'm Mehe Te Wehiwehi,
daughter of the chief, Ihi,

of the Ngati Ararau tribe.

Your father is
an honourable man.

He was an honourable man, yes.

My slave.

Get water!

Before night falls.

Get water!

You should let me
teach him some manners.

He's impossible, but there's
very little choice of slaves

these days.

Did you hear that? Hm?

Did you hear what she said?

I don't look like a slave.

I'm nobody's slave.

And I serve no one.

Call me a slave again
and I'll kill you.

If they knew who you were...

- He won't fear you this way.
- We could just fight now.

Te Hau is a great
and noble warrior.

- You might not beat him.
- I could do it while he slept.

Then it would be certain.

I thought you said
you wanted honour.

That's what you said you wanted.

I'm rethinking it.
What does honour get anyone?

Mana. Everything.
It gets you everything.

It's gotten me nothing so far.

Listen to me, please.

Let me find out what he wants.

No one's killing anyone
in their sleep. Promise me.

Promise me.

I'm hungry.

Who is he?


He is the son of my chief,

the great and glorious
Te Rangi Turoa.

I swore an oath with blood
to return him to his father.

- He's sick.
- Ae.

His mind is deranged, affected
by the spirits of this place.

But my lord will heal him.

That man of yours

I wouldn't trust him.

I smell something on the man...

and it's not honour.

So that's the famous Te Hau?

He's insane.

Go on.

- He won't let the boy go.
- How do you know?

They say he had 40 men with him,

and he sacrificed them all to
get the boy back all of them.

He just cares about his glory

and getting the boy
back to his lord.

- There's your honour for you.
- He's a noble man.

If I tell him the truth,
I think he might listen.




Is he Waka Nuku Rau?

He's nobody a slave.

That is my name.

You don't know who he is?

The most dishonourable creature
to walk across this earth.

You must know the name.

Waka! Stop.

You knew?

Come with us.

The witches will help the boy,
and then you can leave.

His dishonour has
infected you like a disease.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

But he's trying, like me,
to heal the world,

and the boy knows how.

Is your honour more
important than that?

My ancestors watch over me,

and they will tell
stories about me

of how I saved my Lord's son,

and of how I slew
the great and terrible.

Waka Nuku Rau.

I'll gorge on your flesh
and shit you into eternity.



That's enough now, both of you.


Release me!


It's gone.
I can feel it.

It must have been Te Hau.

It's lying.

- Happy now?
- For what?

Te Hau is dead.
You got what you wanted.

I wanted to do it.

And where's the honour in that?

Perhaps honour is simply
something that the powerful use

against the weak to
get what they want.

- You're wrong.
- We'll see.

We should go soon.


I want to talk to you.

I've got something to say.

Go on.

I can almost fill your mouth
with the words.

- Can you?
- Oh, speak.

Say it and let us
be done for good.

You were right.

She betrayed me.

She would have happily seen
those witches slit my throat.

All she cares about is
her own precious neck.

If Te Hau hadn't died, who knows
what she would have done?

Sided with him,

gone with him,

left you behind


Perhaps you're not the fool
I took you for, my son.

And perhaps...

you'll listen to me now.