The Day of the Triffids (2009): Season 1, Episode 1 - Part 1 - full transcript

His eyes bandaged after a hospital operation Bill Masen misses the solar showers which blind much of the world's population and free the Triffids, carnivorous stinging plants used as a fuel source, giving them mobility. On the panic-stricken streets of London he rescues Jo Playdon, a radio presenter who missed the showers when she was in an underground crash, from being used as a human guide dog and they search for her father, only to find Triffids have killed him. Following an emergency radio broadcast with Jo in which Bill spells out the danger of the Triffids, they travel to find Dennis, Bill's dad, and,like his son, a Triffid expert.Years earlier,Bill's mother was killed by a Triffid when she and her husband were researching the creatures in Africa.A meeting with a skeleton government yields nothing but the couple fall in with the altruistic military man Coker, who is rounding up survivors to combat the Triffids. His group includes self-seeking Torrence, who wants to become leader and, having seen Bill and Coker survive a Triffid attack, he tells Jo they are both dead, moving her and others to London, his 'capital'.

'It had been thirty years since
my mother was killed by a triffid.

'She was trying to understand them.
I've been doing the same ever since.'

Hello. I'm Jo Playton coming to
you from the heart of London.

Why do triffids always
go for the eyes? Argh!

Dr Kotch, it's me, Bill Masen.

What's happening?

'This is an emergency
broadcast from the BBC.

'Most of the people in the
world have been struck blind.
There is no government.'

These people have every right
to live! Over their heads.

I'm Torrence. Hear there was
a bit of panic about triffids.

Triffids are carnivorous plants
that can move. Their most
abundant source of food is us.

I've got to get to my father's
place in Shirning if we're going to
work out how to deal with them. No!

You've got to get to Shirning,
with or without me.

Masen, you're under arrest! Agh!

Being taken up to the Heath. It's
all Torrence. He's running the show.

It was a vicious attack.

He's dead, Jo.

Where d'you think you're going,

Stay where you are!

Don't move!

Ain't going to tell you again.


What have got in your hands, Masen?
Show me your hands! Show me!



Masen, you...


Argh! Argh!

Let's go!



Oh! Oh!


The triffids, they are coming.



Bill, wake up.

The engine's had it.

The weather's getting worse.
We'll have to walk.

Try and find some shelter.

At least the snow
will slow them down.

Triffids have been engineered
to survive in any weather.

This is Radio Britain calling
to you live from London.

Calling all citizens -
men, women and children.

If you are sighted,
help the blind.

Come to London. Here you'll
find safety, food and shelter.

Gathering points have
been set up around the M25.

Make your way there
and you'll be safe.

I'm Jo Playton.
And you are not alone.

Need some help.

Are there any others?

Oh, no.

Shut the gates.

Where is he? Lead me to him.

Here, he's been
shot in the shoulder.

Thank you, Father Thomas.

I'll clean the wound and close it,
then you'll need serious rest.

You're lucky your
friend brought you here.

I was lucky I found you.

I don't believe in luck.

Mother Superior. You were meant
to come here, meant to be cured.

Body and soul.

I hope you will stay.

Here, we are all equal.


When you're better,
you'll see clearly.

London will seem like another world.

Who's in charge in London?
We don't get any news.

There's no London now,
Father Thomas. There's only us.

'If I was going to make it
to Shirning, I had to stop,
regain my strength.

'But I knew the triffids
would never rest.

'They would continue to hunt
us down, find populated places,
march towards London. Towards Jo.'

Are we winning? Yes.
So my messages are getting through?

Absolutely. More every day.
Let me explain.

The blue areas, right, we control.
The red areas, we defend.

Green is triffids.

That's an awful lot of green.

It's still the
safest place in the country.

The important thing
is that we survive.

You're still here. I'm still here.

Yeah, I wish Bill was.
He could have helped us.

Yeah, well, Bill's dead, all right?

And you say that Major Coker's
too busy running the country?

I mean, what's his plan? The
broadcasts were his idea, after all.

Well, to be honest,
Major Coker's struggling.

It's people like you and me
that are keeping things going.

I mean, you have done brilliantly.

You're bringing them in. That's what
they say, "I heard Jo on the radio.

"I heard her voice,
that's why I came."

Have dinner with me. Dinner?

Yeah. Just...just the two of us.

As if everything was just normal?

It's the way you survive -

by insisting everything's normal.

By refusing to give in.
Sheer force of will.

That's why they follow me - they
know I'll never give in. Follow YOU?

Just because the whole world's
gone crazy doesn't mean we
can't have a little bit of fun.

Oh, well, you know what?
That is really sweet of you.

Maybe next time.


How long have they been there?
At least as long as we have.

I don't understand.
Why aren't they hunting?

Food must be getting scarce and
there's so much of it in the abbey.

Yeah, I asked her about
that and she said... She?

Durrant. She's the Mother Superior.
She's in charge here.

I want to see her.

Go with peace in your heart,
dear Father Thomas.

Father, come along.

It's always sad when
first-class people have to go.

But he wanted to spread the word.

Father Thomas will
find more survivors,

he will begin a new community
and build on what we've done here.

Well, he's a brave man.

You're looking much better,
Dr Masen. I'm much stronger, thanks.

Major Coker tells me
you're a triffid expert.

Well... Yes.

The triffids,
out there in the country,
were they always so passive?

First, they were quite troublesome.

I lost many friends.

But then God intervened.


How did God do that?

He answered our prayers.

When the peaceful nature of
our community became clear,

the triffids returned to
the wood and killed no more.

Do you know, I've been
amongst triffids all my life.

I've never known them
to behave like that.

We strive
to live in harmony with nature.

We intend no harm.

They seem content with that.

I was in your cellar.

You know you have
a generator down there?

I could get it going for you.

Get you proper lighting, heating...

No. I don't think so.

But it would make things easier.

Come. Look, look, look, look.

Look at that tower.

Men built that tower
long before there was
electricity or power tools.

It wasn't easy, but it stands.

I don't want things to be easy.

I want them to be right.


What are you doing?
Leaving to go to my father's.

I need some help with the triffids.

But they're quiet here.
You heard what she said.

She may be a little eccentric,
but if she's figured out a
way to co-exist with them...

By being "peaceful"? We've both
seen what the triffids can do.

Look, Coker, they've got over
fifty beehives out there.

All it takes is warmer weather,
then the triffids will be pollinated.

Then they'll spore and we'll have
hundreds and thousands of new plants.

Durrant and the rest of the world
won't stand a chance.

If we don't find a way to
defeat the triffids, the human
race will become extinct.

I've marked the safe path
through the woods.

And, God willing, it's only a mile,

you'll get there safe,
find a vehicle.

Thank you.

They're building a wall
to keep the triffids out.

Torrence's idea.

But they all fight for Major Coker.

Torrence gives the orders.

Torrence seems to have an awful
lot on his plate at the moment.

I mean, why isn't Osman helping?

I haven't seen that
little creep in a while.

He got what he deserved.

We found bits of him up on the
Heath after the triffid attack.

Never nothing of the other two.


Coker was all right.

Didn't know the other bloke.

So they really found nothing
of the other two?

Just what Torrence
has got in that red box.

Some bust-up old MP3 player.

Oh, Troy,

is Bill Masen alive?

Is he? I don't know,

but Torrence thinks he might be.

Come on! Come on! Move it!

Agh! Agh!


Time for your broadcast, miss.

OK. Thanks.

Let's go.

♪ ..He leadeth me

♪ The quiet waters by. ♪

Join me in giving thanks
and praise to Peggy,

who has been chosen... Father Thomas and the others,

to go out and build new communities.

Dr Masen, please...

welcome, be seated.

I know all about
your new communities.

I found Father Thomas's body
in the woods.




Dr Masen, do you know
anything about beekeeping?

The beehive

is a symbol

of the perfect harmonious society.

Each bee has its appropriate
place, its own task.

And when the task is done,
the bee is replaced,
quickly and efficiently.

The hive acts as one,
always for the good of the hive.

Not for the good of the queen?

Father Thomas was old.

He could do nothing more
for our little community.

We cannot accommodate everyone
who finds their way to our door.

We have to prioritise.

We have to make room.

By feeding the surplus
to the triffids?

The triffids are
also God's creatures.

I did what God wanted me to do.

What he TOLD me to do.


Outside these walls is chaos.

Here, everything is customary,
ceremonial, safe.

As long as you do exactly
as she says.

As long as you abandon
the weak and the helpless!

Believe me, everyone of you here
will die before she does.

I control the triffids.

Without me, you'll all be overrun.

No-one has the right to choose
who lives and who dies.

Stop them! Let him go. Let him go.

You... These people trusted you
and you betrayed them.

If you defy me, you will be damned!

Three, two, one...

Hello, again, whoever you are,
wherever you are.
I hope you can hear me.

You can always stay.
Work with us, as an equal.

You think it's going to be easy
without me.

I don't think they
want it to be easy.

They want it to be right.

The triffids know me.

This community will not survive.

I was thinking today about
missed opportunities.

We're taking over London!

'Did you ever know the right thing
to do and then you hesitated?'

And then it was too late.

'And do you long for
that chance again?

'Except yearning
won't make it happen.'

To keep you company
so you know Jo is safe and well.

'Sometimes you have to act.

'Sometimes you have to make
that chance happen again.'

This is Jo Playton, Radio Britain.


Now, you take care.

Come back soon, yeah?


Thank you.

I heard your latest broadcast.

Who were you talking to?

My father.

But he's dead, isn't he?

Oh, not to me, he isn't.

For a minute there, I thought
you were talking to me.

I was thinking about my dad

and how I missed the opportunity
to be with him.

How I don't want to make
the same mistake with you.

What are you trying to tell me, Jo?

That I've changed my mind.

I want to have dinner with you.

You're just saying
that cos you're scared.

Well, I am scared,

but I know that you'll protect me.

Better than anyone.

Better than Major Coker.

I know he's supposed to be running
the country, but as far as I can
see, you're doing it all for him.

And I have been ever since he died.

Huh? Triffid attack.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to give you
any more bad news.

You see, I've been protecting
you longer than you know.

So you're the one
that's in charge now.

It's a new world, Jo, you know?

We can be anything we want,
can do anything we want.

Look at us.

Look where we are.

So, dinner? Yes. When?


After my broadcast.

'I forced myself on.

'The pollination of the triffids
was inevitable.

'Once they spored, any hope of
defeating them would be lost.

'Time was my greatest enemy.'

Calling all citizens -

'sighted and blind,
man, woman and child,
this is the voice of Britain.'

Come to London
and lay your burdens down.

'Here there is safety,
food and shelter.'

Here there is control.

Here there is government,
law and order.

'Yes, it might be delivered
by the gun or the boot,
but you won't get into trouble.

'As long as you're
prepared to fight. As long
as you're prepared to die.

'Because that's what
you're going to have to do -
be prepared to fight and die,

'so that this so-called government
can live in luxury and pretend
that it is not losing the war...'

Jo, what are you doing?

So, don't come to London,
the triffids are here, too.

If you've survived this far,

'don't come to the centre.
The voice of Britain is a lie.

'I am Jo Playton, but I am
not the voice of Britain.

'The voice of Britain is you,
wherever you are.'

What is going on?
I told her, but she won't stop...

'If you've survived this far,
don't come to the centre,
don't listen to me...'

I told you to watch her.

I... I saw her start. She was here.

But she's not here now.


Troy! Troy! Move it!

The gate!

Come on! Let's go!

Get in and
check behind all the seats!

You, up here with me!

Any sign of her? Just triffids.

There's no way I'm going out there.

See anything?


She doesn't stand a chance.

Come on.

Let's go check the rest of them out.

Come on, boys!

(Good luck.)


Argh! Oh!


Start. Please start.




Uh. Uh.



Don't shoot!

What do you want?

Don't come any closer.

I'm not going to hurt you.
But they will.


Triffids. They'll know you're here.

Yeah, I know triffids. I was stung.

Everyone who gets stung dies.

Not everyone.

Come on, Susan. He's OK.

I'm Bill...Masen. Who are you?

My name's Imogen.
She's my sister, Susan.

Where are your parents?
We don't want to talk about it.

I'm going to this house that I know,
which I hope will be safe.

But, listen, I need a car.

Have you any idea
where I can get one?

If we help you,

you help us. Yeah.



I can't see the name. Shirning?

Well, I think it's in
a very secluded spot.

It's probably not even marked.


I haven't actually been there myself.

Who lives there, then?

My father.

Stay in the car.

Stay in the car.

Put it down.


Hello, son.

There... Shirning.'re here
because of the triffids.


And no doubt you want my research,
so you can try and stop them.

Come back from there!

Be very, very careful.

Is he really your father? Yeah.

He's scary.

I heard that.

'Calling woman and child.
This is the voice of Britain.

'Come to London and
lay your burdens down.

'Here there is safety,
food and shelter...'

Nothing personal, Jo,

but you do go on.

Two children, Bill.

Well, you are a dark horse.

Sorry, this is Susan.

And Imogen.

I met them on the way here.

They agreed to keep me company.

And to look after him.

Thank you for bringing him home.

I was...

Well, I thought that you were...

Come along, girls.

It is so good to see you.

And these belong to you.

My triffid recordings.

How did you get this? From Torrence.

How did those girls survive?

Maybe they were too small
and the triffids had easier prey.

I don't know.

I promised to look after them.

Just them?


♪ Dreamin'
Oh-oh, just dreamin'

♪ Like to ramble on the road
that never ends

♪ Me and mother nature
are the best of friends

♪ Don't think that I'm lazy

♪ I'm just dreamin'

♪ Dreamin'...just dreamin'... ♪




What do you want?

It's not good news, sir.

The latest triffid reports
from the front.



So? So, this is what
you do with your retirement.

Keep busy. When you devote
your life to studying triffids,
they tend to take over.

But it does have its compensations.

Here is how we stop the triffids.

Create an entirely new triffid?!
One which would generate pollen that
sterilises rather than fertilises.

We extract pollen from the male
specimen, modify it, fertilise
the young female triffid with it.

She produces spores with the
infertile strain. Simple. Elegant.

With the same genetic fix
that got us in this mess?

There are always
unintended consequences, Bill,

to everything we do.

Sooner or later someone
has got to deal with them
and make sense of what happened.

You remind me of your mother.

She was the genuine article,
the real thing.

A brilliant scientist, interested
only in knowledge for its own sake.


My motivation was
a wee bit more practical.

I've had this same picture with me
for as long as I can remember.

When that picture was taken,

the future looked very bright
for all three of us -

the world even. Yeah.

Now look at it.

Mother Nature is finally taking her
revenge and reclaiming the planet.

No-one intended this.

And now, given the consequences
and the price that we both paid... you think it was it worth it?
Do you?

I can understand
why you feel so angry. Angry?

I was a wee boy, my mum had
just died and my dad... My dad,
he just didn't seem to notice me.

Too busy saving the world.

No, no, no. No, you're right.
I never made time for you.

I didn't know how.

Well, you were so young
and I did try, but...

Without your mum...


These triffids

are going to start sporing
any day now.

How far have you got with your plans?

I've got everything we need.

Except a male.

I've been hunting for one
in and out of the old triffid
facility, but as of yet, no luck.

I'll get you a male triffid.


Good shooting.

Reload. I need the practice.
You don't need your mask.

Yes, I do. And you should, too.
Mum and Dad don't.

They're not Mum and Dad.

They're Jo and Bill.
Well, they're Mum and Dad to me.


So that's his plan and
you're going along with it?

We have to try something,
before it's too late.

Great. We spent our lives
trying to avoid the triffids,

then end up back in a place
that's going to grow them.

Did you consider me and the girls
when you thought of sacrificing

If you've got a better idea,
I'd like to hear it.
I suppose Dennis could could go,

but last time he went out looking,
he came back with you.

I will come back.

I promise.

The clutch sticks a bit.

Don't go over 50.

And I would like it back
exactly as it is.


'I didn't agree
with my father's plan,

'but I wasn't doing it for him.

'I was doing it for Jo and the girls

'and for the rest of the world.'

You've just got to understand...

Hello? Come.

Whoa! That smells terrible.

she needs to build her strength up,

if she's going to save mankind.





What are you doing here?
I'm here to help.

Don't worry.
I can take care of myself.

Yeah, I've noticed.

Susan! Argh!

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!


Help! Help!


Aaargh! No!




You OK?

You got it. We got it.

Here, come.


Well? Oh!

Did you get it?

One male triffid head.

You're in a lot of trouble with Mum.

Oh, no! Just don't do it again.

You did well, son.

How did you do it?

With this. It's got triffid
sounds from the farm on it.

I have a theory that different
sounds provoke different emotions.

And the proof?

I tried to identify the obvious
emotions like fear and hunger,

but they're so complex and
I've barely scratched the surface.

Your mother was of the same opinion.

Her biggest fear was that
we'd exploit the triffids

without understanding them.

I couldn't persuade
her to leave Zaire.

It was more than just oil for her.

She recognized some
indications of sensibility.

They could communicate with
each other.

She was convinced that if we
didn't understand them thoroughly...

we might live to regret it.

She wouldn't let go.
She just kept pushing and pushing,

and in the end...she got too close.

I miss her, too.


You know, I...

I always...

wanted to give you these.

I never had the opportunity...
or the words.

From Zaire.

Your mother's recordings
of triffids.


You know what?

Once we've fertilized the female
maybe we can work on them together.

Maybe together we could crack it.


It's happening.

'The triffids are sporing.'

You knew this was going to happen?

Not like this.

Nothing like this.

What did you find?

Got that from one of the farms.

Good boy, Troy.

That'll be all.



Hey! Hey! Hey!




What's it say?
There's people on the Isle of Wight.

There's more than 200 of them.

And they want people to join them.

They've got families,
doctors, schools.

Where there's life, there's hope.

At least we have
somewhere safe to go

once we release
the new breed of triffids.

Oh, talking of which, feeding time.
I'll be up in a minute.

This is good.

This is very good!

This is very good!

Patience, little one. Patience.

'This is Dr Ruth Masen.

'It's the 16th of September, 11am.

'We're one mile outside base camp
by the Kasai River basin.

'This is triffid recording
number 0050.'



Agh... Argh!

Bill! Bill!


Bill! Bill! Bill!


The tape! The tape!

Turn off the tape!


Get the tape!

Agh! No! No! Don't kill it!


Agh! Oh, no!


I'm sorry, Bill.
Oh, no...! Oh, sorry, Bill. No! No!

Your mother was...
your mother, she was right.

No. I'm so sorry, Bill.
Stay still. Don't talk.


That recording's
from a triffid in Africa.

It wasn't genetically modified.

So that could be the reason
that the one your dad grew

reacted to the sound.

Perhaps it thought it was
under attack. I don't know.

Can you start again?

No time.

There's never enough time!

We can stay here a little longer...

if you want to.
There's nothing here for us now.

We'll leave for the Isle of Wight
first thing in the morning.


'Hello again.

'Whoever you are, wherever you are,

'I hope you can hear me.

'I was thinking today about
missed opportunities...'

Bill. Hmm? What is that? What?

Something's wrong. The radio's on.

Come on.

'..maybe out of fear.

'Do you long for that chance again?

'Except yearning
won't make it ha...'

Imogen, where's Susan?

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong. Hello, Jo...
If you hurt her...! No!

Cute child.

Get away from her. As you can see,
I've come with friends.

Where's Susan? Where is she? Susan?

Um... All tied up.
She wouldn't co-operate.

I want you to take her, put her
with the sister and watch her.

Well, good to see you, too, Jo!

Triffids too much for you,
were they, Torrence? Huh?

We had terrible trouble
with the triffids.

They started using the
underground tunnels and sewers.

Not very sporting. But now,
now you're going to help us, Bill.

Good job you didn't die, huh?

So what do we do, eh?
How do we stop the triffids?

I don't know.

Well, that is very disappointing!

Cos I was relying on you.

I said to Troy there,
"Troy, you know who we need
to help us with the triffids?

"It's Dr Bill Masen."

You'd better put your
thinking cap on. It's too late.

They've already spored.

We either fight them or we give up.

Or we could go to the Isle of Wight.

I found a message from Major Coker.

Why would you want to go
to the Isle of Wight?

You need the triffids.

Oh, do I, Jo?

Yes, you do, because they made you.

I mean, without them,
you're nothing.

You're nothing but
a jumped-up little...! You shut...!

Don't touch her! Don't you touch her!

OK, finger off the trigger.
Stay of execution.

You've got until tomorrow morning
to come up with SOMETHING!

Something to get us all safely
out of here and down to the coast!

You do that, that'll be great.

If you fail, I take Jo, kill you,
I give the girls to the triffids.

Is it a plan?


Yeah. Excellent. OK.

Lock them up.

CCTV and controls for the electric
gates if the triffids attack.

The old man really had
this place triffid-proof, huh?

Bring Masen to me.

The solution to the triffids is in
my mother's recordings. It has to be.

If we can...

use the sounds
to communicate with them...

then maybe we can control them.

We've only got
until tomorrow morning.

And the noise of those men
will bring the triffids.

Well, we have to escape.

We've done it before
and we will do it again.

Torrence is not going to
make the same mistake twice.

We have a much better chance against
the triffids than against Torrence.


What, Bill?

The triffids could be the answer.

How? We use my triffids recordings.

We draw them in en masse
as a distraction so we can get out.

Bill, it's a brilliant idea,

but how are we going to get out
surrounded by hundreds of triffids?

They'll kill us all!

It'll be all right.
It'll cause confusion,

then maybe, maybe it'll
give us a chance to escape.

Mr Torrence wants to see you.


It's all right.

I was upstairs in the laboratory.

Looks like you had a bit
of a problem.

Dad not make it?

Is this your mum?

She's foxy.

How's your plan getting on?

You'll let me know when
you come up with a solution?

You've got till dawn.

Otherwise I reunite you
with Mummy and Daddy.

It's OK.

Where's the device?

I did it. I put it outside.






They're everywhere! Found this.

Hold that.

Bill, what have you gone and done?

Troy, shoot Masen.

No! Damn. Shoot the girls. Go now.

And be ready to put the electric
fence on full power. My command.

They're everywhere.

I've got orders to shoot the girls.

Troy, this isn't you.

Stop it.

There's no way Torrence
can get past the triffids.

We're leaving. Come with us.


Fire now!

Are you done? Yeah, I'm done.



'Is everything OK?' Sir.

OK. Just wait here.

I've got to get something.

Stand by on the electric fence.

On my mark. Three...




Switching on now, sir.

Switch it on now!

No! No! Aaaargh!

Switch on the electric fence NOW!

It's not working.


Hold the line!

Troy, you get on this radio and...

Ashdown, Ashdown,
pull back to the house.

Look after this for me, will you?


Come on.

Come on, quick.

There he is, the traitor.

Anyone remember this?


Young love. Very sweet.

You're leaving without me.
That's not very nice.

We're making a run for it, Torrence.

I mean, look, they're everywhere.
I know. They'll kill us all.

Except you. I'm going to kill you.

Why don't you come with us? Huh?

What, me?
But I'm just a "jumped-up nobody".

Torrence, come on.

If anyone can get us through an army
of triffids, Torrence, it's you.
Nice try, Jo.

Come on! Come on!

Get the door! Get the door!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

We'll never make it!
There are too many of them!

We have to try! No, Bill!

They're already in the courtyard!


OK, does everyone have goggles?
Does everyone have goggles? Yeah.


Everyone? Jo, take these.

No, you take them. Take them, Jo!

What about you, Bill?

Wear this.

Wear this...

The mask...
Bill! Wait, wait, wait, wait!

They'll kill us! Let me think!

It's the mask. The mask. The mask.

Wear this...

and see!

And see. And see!

What's going on?

You must wear this...

OK. It was Imogen.
She helped me to remember.

It was the night my mother died.
I remember. I know how
to get through this.

Sit there.

Trust me!

Do you trust me?
You have to trust me.

Bill, what are you talking about?!

You must wear this.

This is triffid poison. No! No!

It will save her! You can't!
You'll kill her!

It will save her. It will
save us all. Please, trust me.

You have to trust me. Please.

Please. OK. OK.

It's all right, sweetheart.

They are coming, the triffids.

It's all right, darling.

Stay still. Stay still. Stay still.

It's OK. It's OK, Imogen.
Imogen, it's OK. Ow!

Trust me.

Stay still.

Trust me!

We must all do this.

The pain will pass.

Good girl.

'The triffids, they are coming.

VOICE ECHOES: 'Trust me.'

Everybody walk slow and steady.

Don't be frightened. OK?


Susan, come on.


Go! Run!

Come on! Run! Go! Go!



Come on!


Here we go.




Get off!

Don't you dare!


'So we left for our new home,

'where we found other families,
other friends.

'The sea was our wall
against the triffids.

'We cleaned the isle of them and
our community started to grow again.

'Future generations
will ask how it happened.

'How did the world get
swallowed up so quickly?

'It was because
we had our eyes closed.

'Even when we could see.'

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd