The DL Chronicles (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Robert - full transcript

Robert is a closeted talent agent who enjoys a brief flirtation with Austin, a hot health food store manager twenty years his junior. By chance, the two men meet again in a sex chat room. ...

This is me, chadwick williams.

And I am...

I'm writing a book...

about the lives of the many men
that I have met.

Black men...

very much like myself.

Some not.

Black men
whose voices are muted,

swept under the carpet,

silenced by secrecy.

The dl man blurs
the lines between

an otherwise supposed
clear distinction

between gay and straight,

normal and abnormal,

moral and immoral...

like a child joining
two bloodlines:

One dirty...

and one clean.

Black men caught
somewhere in between

a definition
and a designation.

Living in a gray area.

Living on the downlow.

Male singer)
...qualified to sing my life chronicles...

...than me...

...who better,
more qualified... sing my life...
...sing my life, sing my life...

...sing my life,
sing my life...

In every person,
there lives two possible selves:

The lead
and the understudy.

The understudy
hides in the shadows,

while the lead
takes center stage

and does everything it can
to get an applause.

But after the bows
are taken

and the lights go down,

the understudy
takes the stage

and performs
to an empty room...


and no one can hear.


Oh, shit.

Are you okay, sir?


He did that mess on purpose.

- I, uh... um...
- y eah, uh...

no, no, no.
Don't even try it.

We got cameras all up
and through here.


I'm fine, but I think

those boxes are gonna sue.

What happened?

I was trying to get this last box
of protein calcium plus,

- in that pyramid of giza you got there.
- Sorry about that.

I new that display
was dangerous.

But, you know,
they wouldn't listen to me.

Well, tell your manager
he needs to scrap the pyramid.

- I am the manager.
- He is the manager.

Shirley, go back
to the register.

How about I write you
out a voucher

for some free
protein plus?

That would be great.

- Name?
- Robert hall.

Meet robert hall.

Okay, robert.

I'll leave my number
on here


you can check back
with me

and see when
we have them in.


My name is austin,
by the way.

Okay, austin.

I'll give you a call.

Computer dings)

Computer dings)

Computer dings)

Computer beeps)


I'm here.

This is crazy, man.

I would never
have thought.


I have been thinking
about calling you all week,

but I didn't know if I
was imagining things.

It was a total come-on,

but I though I was
barking up the wrong tree.

Stand up.
Let me see you.


Y ou should come
see it in person.

Where do you live?

The oakwood apartments.


I know where that is,
but I don't know.

Knocking on door)


just a second.

- Hey.
- What are you doing?

Uh, checking my email.

Oh. Well, dinner's ready.

Oh, I'm sorry, baby.

My client invited me
to his tv show taping tonight.

Oh, can I come with?

He only gave me one pass.

Iook, I'm gonna be late.
Keep the dinner warm for me?

- Hey.
- Oh, shit.

Both chuckle)

- That was fast.
- Y eah.

Why'd you come
through the back?

Well, I knocked on the front door,
and nobody answered.

I saw the side gate open,

so I thought you
might be back here.

All right. Uh,

I was just about
to put the trash out.

- Um...
- okay.

- Come in.
- Thanks.


...tribal groove)

That's my ex.

I figured.

Can I get you
something to drink?

Uh, I have...

orange juice,
root beer...

look, do you mind

if we just skip the
formalities and...

oh, man. Um...

it's not that kind
of party.

I just don't hop into bed
with strangers.

What about all that talk
on the computer?

I do a lot of things
over the computer.

So what, you're ready
to leave now?

I'll have some water.

Coming up.

I hear an accent there.
Where you from?

- Belize.
- Ah, belize.

How old are you,


25. I'll be 26
in august.

Water pouring)

Are you openly gay?

Everyone thinks
I'm straight.

But I'll tell the truth
if you ask me.

- Y ou?
- What about me?

Age? Occupation?
Openly gay?


Well, I'm older
than you.

I'm a talent agent.

Like for porn stars?



I represent
real union actors.


What about
the last part?

Well, I'm, um...

mr. Ordinary.

"Mr. Ordinary."

Y eah, you know,

go to work,
come home...

all the stuff that
ordinary people do.

I'm just a man.

Oh, I can't deal
with dudes like you.

What do you mean?

Like the ones
you see on oprah,

with a dick in one hand
and a wedding ring on the other.


I didn't come here
to talk politics.

Y ou didn't come here
to talk at all.

- True that.
- Chuckling)


Can I kiss you?

Y eah.


Y ou act like it's
your first time.

It felt that way.


It's tempting.

But mind if we
take it slow?



He loves me.
I love him.

But I just need some space.

I need to make
my own decisions.

And that's my problem.

I don't know
who the fuck I am.


Very good range.

Did you leave us a copy
of your headshot and resume?

- Y es, outside.
- Good.

Robert, is there anything
you want to add?

Oh. Oh, that was
really great work.


good scene.

Thanks for coming in.

Thank you.

Mmm, mmm, damn.

- Put a plate on it.
- Mmm.

So, where you been
at today, man?

I think he got pussy on the mind.

No audible dialogue)

Uh, I'm gonna take
an early lunch.

Have all my calls
forwarded to my cell phone.

Excuse me.

I'll call you back.

Excuse me.

Hold on.

I need my parking
ticket validated.

- Y eah, sorry about that.
- Where are you going?

Oh, where is the bass
in your voice?

Where is the missing track
from your weave?

- Oh, really?
- Y eah, I said it. What?

- Excuse me.
- And what's with the neck?

- Y es.
- I'm looking for your manager austin.

Uh-uh, you did not
just reach across my counter.

Y ou ain't got no case,

Everybody up in here
saw you

pulling boxes down
on top of yourself.


Manager to the register,

Manager to the reg...

just running up
the front.


- What are you doing here?
- I don't really know.

I've been thinking
about you all day.

I wanted to come by
and see you.

- Can you take a break?
- Y eah.

Door bangs)

Doorbell dings)

Y ou did not just get finished
doing the nastiness

with shady mclawtime.

Oh. Did you disinfect?

'Cause that's just nasty.

...I am mr. Ordinary... name is mr. Ordinary...

...but you can call me
mr. Ordinary...

...I am mr. Ordinary... name is mr. Ordinary...

...but you can call me
mr. Ordinary...



...I be starin'
in the mirror...

...for a leave, reprieve...

...continues indistinct)
- Chattering indistinct)

Ain't that
shady mclawtime?

Oh, hide
before he sees us.

...I jiggle
my last 50 cents...

...and didn't even bother...

...'cause we're ordinary,

...wake up, wake up...

...continues indistinct)

...don't hesitate to ask
if you need some more...

This fool is on the dl.

Oh, no.

- Shirley!
- Excuse...

do not make a scene.

I am trying
to save a sister.

- Let me handle this, please.
...I am mr. Ordinary... name
is mr. Ordinary...

y ou're gonna call him?

Y ou're good.

- But I was thinking about...
- cell phone rings)

Oh, hold on.


Hey, pal.

- Austin?
- Y eah.

I was thinking
about you

and wanted to hear
your voice.

- Oh.
- Where are you?

I hear a lot
of noise.

Uh, I'm having
lunch right now.

Who is that?

Who is that?

Listen, uh,
can I call you back?

Ask him to say
your name.

- Who was that?
- Never mind.

Iook, I'll talk to you later,
all right?

All right.

- Phone beeps)
- Who was that?

Oh, just a client.

Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no.

- What are you doing? Give me the phone.
- Shirley. Shirley.

- Oh.
- Shirley, don't...

- excuse me!
- Shirley!

- No, no, no. Excuse me!
- Shirley!


Hi, honey!
No, no, no.

- Shirley...
- hey, look at you!

- Indistinct)
- Austin.

Shirley) y ou're busted right now.
Y ou were gonna say something?

- Hi.
- Y eah.

Um, rhonda...

rhonda, this is austin,
my new client.

And his friend...

- shirley.
- Shirley.

It is so nice
to meet you.

Shirley, austin, I'd like for you
to meet my daughter...


Y our... y our daughter?

Y eah.


It's nice
to meet you both.

Girls chuckling)

Robert) y eah, we decided
to spend the day together.

She goes back to school
in a few days.

I've been
neglecting her, so...


I mean, oh.

Wow, yeah.


nice meeting you, rhonda.

- Y eah. Chuckles)
- Y eah.

We were just
on our way

over to the, uh...

jivin' juice.

It's hot.

Okay. Okay, um...

Iook, give me a call.
I got a couple of auditions

lined up for you
for next week.

- I will.
- Okay.

- I will.
- Okay.

Y ou guys have fun.


Y ou just made a complete fool
of yourself.

Both chuckling)

I saw that look
on your face.

I knew exactly what
you were thinking.

- So she has no idea, huh?
- Hm-mmm.

And I made her mother
promise to never tell her.

So you're divorced?

Three years this july.

Because you're gay?

I'm not gay.

Okay, um...

Because you prefer dick.

- Chuckling)
- Sigh)

I started dating
rhonda's mother

to keep up appearances.

Then we got pregnant.

Her parents pressured us
into getting married.

But before we did,

I told her
what the deal was.

What did she say?

Well, she wasn't exactly
happy to hear it.

But she believed...
I believed that...

she could convert me.


- That I could be healed.
- Hmm.

And you never
asked yourself,

"why do I keep looking
at that man's ass?"

Both laughing)

Then one day...

one of my very fine,
ambiguously gay clients

invited me out
on a boat trip.

But I knew that,
if I went out on that boat,

I was gonna end up
sleeping with a dude.

- So I told my wife.
- What?

She cried. I cried.

And we split up.

Till this day,
rhonda doesn't know why.

Are you ever gonna tell her?



'Cause I don't
wanna lose her.

I want you to come
to dinner.

Me? Why?

So she can get used
to you being around.

That way I won't have
to hide you.

So you want me
to play the client.

Just until she goes
back to school.

- Oh, man. I don't know.
- Look...

I really like you.

Y ou're the first man
that I've ever been with

that I didn't immediately
run away from.

I want...

I don't know.

Y es, you do.

I wanna be with you.

Only I don't know how.

Let's just take it
one step at a time.



Y ou know...


we're not
strangers anymore.



...oh, how I need you
so much...

...continues indistinct)

...I need to feel
your touch...

...craving your touch...

...saving my love...

...for the next time...

...when I'm yours
and you're mine...,
it's the real thing...


...when we...

...made up that night...

...two sparks ignite...

...continues indistinct)

...all I need
is your love...

...I need you so much...

...continues indistinct)


Shall we say grace?

Dear lord, we ask
that you bless this food

- and keep it safe for the...
- amen.

...for the nourishment
of our bodies.

And bless
this new union, lord,

between daddy
and austin.

May they find success
in all business endeavors.

In your name, we pray.



Shall we eat?

So, austin...

um, did you...

study acting?

Or are you a model
turned actor?


Well, can you
actually act?

Because I'm tired of
all you pretty boys

taking away the parts
from good, bona fide talent

of course he can act.
That's why I signed him.

Well, you sure do
have the looks.


So, austin, do you
have a girlfriend?

Rhonda, why don't
we let him eat?

No, that's all right.

Well, see...

I'm seeing someone,

uh, but...

I'm not sure
where it's going.

Well, if she

doesn't work out...

I'll keep you in mind.

That wine's got me
a little woozy.

- Are you okay to drive?
- I'm cool. I'm cool.

- Y eah? Okay.
- Thanks.

- Let me go get your coat.
- Okay.

Here you go.

Oh, you're too kind.

Rhonda, thank you
for dinner.

- Well, good luck with your career.
- Thank you.

I'm sure I'll see
you again.

Come on,
I'll walk you out.


- Shirley) austin?
- Y eah.

I need to get off
by 6 tonight.

Not tonight, shirley.
I need you for inventory.

Please, austin.

- I got tickets to summer jam.
- Thank you.

No way.

That's messed up.

See, I wouldn't do you
like that.

Y es, you would.

Y ou're doing it right now
by trying to duck out on inventory.

Just evil.




Fancy meeting you here.
Nervous laugh)

So this is
your regular gig.

Oh, yeah.

Y eah. Hey,

gotta eat.


can I ask you
a question?

Y eah.


are... are you and
my dad, like, a thing?

I'm sorry,
I don't know what...

come on, austin. Don't make this
any harder than it already is.

Are you and my dad dating?

I think, uh,
this is a conversation

you should be having
with your father.

I don't know how
to talk to him.

He's so closed off to me.

Rhonda, I don't think
now is a good time.

When will be a good time?
After he moves you in?

Y ou know he'll never
admit this to me.

He will,
when he's ready.

So, has...

he always been gay?

I don't know
much more than you do.

Has he slept with you?



Are you all right?

No, I'm not all right.

Thank you, austin.

I'm sorry, I didn't...

oh, that... lt's okay.

It's okay.

- Doorbell dings)
- I have to go to lunch.

I was afraid you
didn't get my message.

Why did you tell rhonda
I was gay?

What? I didn't say that.

What did you say?

Robert, she came in the store
and confronted me.

It was like she already knew.

No she suspected.
She didn't know.

I'm sorry.

I mean, what was I
supposed to say?

Lie! Shit!

Now I'm fucked!

- She just needs some time.
- Look, you don't have children, okay?

She's never gonna look
at me the same.

All she's gonna do
is think about what I do.

What we do.

Y ou embarrassed of us?

My daughters love
and respect...

is all that matters to me.

Why did you
do this to me?

What happened to one step
at a time?

This wasn't premeditated.

It was never
my intention to...

y ou know,
you're immature.

Y ou think like a child.

What the hell was
I thinking, huh?

That's why I don't mess
with faggoty-ass queens like you.

Y ou run your mouth
like a bitch.


Y ou can leave now.


It's over.

Do you want some company?

I think we should talk.

Can't even find
the words to say.

Just say it.

Y ou don't get
to tell me what to do.

How long have you had this?

Jesus, you make it sound
like it's a disease.

It's not something
you can catch, rhonda.

How long?

My whole life, I guess.

I am so stupid.

I always thought you never had
another woman after mom,

because you still
had feelings for her.

I felt sorry for you.

Do you have any idea
what it's like for me?

Did you ever stop to think
about what I'm going through?

What about me, dad.

I always considered you.

That's why I lied.
I lied to protect you.

No, you lied
to protect yourself.

If that's true,
then why don't you just say,

"It's okay, dad.
I accept you"?

Because it's not okay.

It's not that I have
a problem with gays,

it's the fact my dad is.

Well, this is
who I am, rhonda.

I'm sorry.

I don't know
what else to say.

...I'm fightin' hard
to find...

...the words to say...

...I've been so lost...

I'm trying... find my way...

...'cause I am a man...

...I am a man...

...I am a tree...

...rooted in sorrow...

...grounded in pain... tragic in ways...

...but I am a smile...

...waiting for laughter...

...waiting for someone...

...I've yet to be...

...don't wanna feel
like you...

...might be too late...

...I'm fighting hard
to find...

...the road to take...


I didn't really miss much at summer jam.

And you're lucky.
I didn't go.

Because we spent
the whole time driving around

trying to find
parking, so...

Y ou weren't gonna go anyway.

- Y eah, whatever.
- Just put it there. I wanna go home.

- There.
- Shirley, that's uneven.

It's not gonna stay
up there.

Y ou do it.

Y ou need to stop building
these lawsuit displays.

I'm exorcising my demons.

And I don't remember
asking you for an opinion.

Oh, no, no, no.
See, not an opinion.

Cause the next time
some fool comes in here

and reaches for a bottle
of echinacea,

it's gonna be
murder she wrote.

Y ou need to listen
to what I have to say.

She does have a point.

I've got the bruises
to prove it.

- Robert.
- I was gonna call you...

oh, it's cool.
I understand.

I'm over it all.

...about the voucher.

The protein plus.

Oh, um... we don't
have them in stock yet.

I decided I didn't want
the protein plus anymore.

I was wondering if
I could switch it for something else.

- Like what?
- Y ou.


Hell, no!

Coming up in here with
that okey-doke mess.

- No! Uh-uh! What?
- Shirley...

y ou think somebody's supposed
to take your mess...

- what?
- Calm down.


Man, I have work to do.

So, if you don't mind...

can I have another chance?

Can we try again?

I don't think so.

Okay, um...

I thought I would
just give it a try.

- Good riddance.
- Shirley, mind your own business.

Y ou never said
you were sorry.

Y ou can't tell?

I need you to say it.

I'm sorry for saying
for what I said.

I was stupid and upset,

'cause I wasn't man enough
to admit what is so obvious.

What's that?

That I'm falling
in love with you.

And I don't care
who knows.

Dude, I think
you might be gay.


...y ou most certainly
have been made for me...

strange. glad finally
love's callin'...

Robert discovered that,

when it came down
to a choice

between the real thing
and the generic,

though the generic is cheaper,
more accessible,

it has no identity.

It was always be
a blue label.

It never works as well,

tastes as good

or measure up
to the real thing.

...y ou most certainly
have been made for me... glad finally
love's callin'...

...feels so heavenly
fallin' down on me...

...this time, he's
definitely receiving...

closed-captioned by
j.r. Media services, Inc. Burbank, ca

...and you're
the best thing...