The Crossing (2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

People are found on the beach, some living some not, with dozens more floating in the water. They claim to be from a hellish future where mutant humans have taken over and are exterminating the rest of us.

We're really excited to give you

an exclusive early look of
ABC's new thrilling drama,

"The Crossing."

We hope you enjoy and
watch as the mystery unfolds.

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You should be finding
your integrity here...

in your palms against the floor.

Slowly shift your weight
over to your right arm and foot.

Rest your left foot
on your right foot.

Slowly raise your left arm
to the sky.


And exhale.

This should be
a little more challenging.



Believe you have a visitor,

I-I-I'm sorry about that, Kate,

I-I just need to borrow
the sheriff real quick.

Sorry. What?

I didn't mean to bo...
Interrupt you... your class.

Trust me...
You saved me a groin pull.

Yeah. An Army chopper spotted
a body down at Thorn Beach.

I thought
no one went to Thorn Beach.

Not this time of year.
Probably washed up?

Haven't been out here in years.

We used to go out on the rocks,

try not to get knocked off
by the waves, you know?

Wasn't much else to do that
didn't involve getting drunk.

Used to do that, too.

A little bit, you know?

Malt liquor mostly.
Malt liquor gets a bad rap.

Hey, you know, you can stay
in the car if you want.

Shoot, no, man.
I'm fine.

Totally fine.

All right.

You must've seen a lot
in Oakland.


Yeah. A few.

What are you thinking?

Well, he wasn't out for a swim.

Fell off a boat, maybe?

Yeah, maybe.


Hey, come on.

Pull him up!

Come on!
All right, all right, all right.

Come on, hon.



She's breathing.

She's breathing!

Call an ambulance
and the Coast Guard!

There may be more out there!

Dispatch, this is Rosario.
We have a 10-32 times four.

- I'm gonna need EMT support and search-and-rescue.
- Here, hon, here.

Come on. Here.

Look at me. Open...

Open your eyes.

Come on.
Hey. Hey.

Look at me.

- What?

Oh, my God.

What is this?


Come on!

Let's go, let's go!

Let's move, let's move!


- Is he alive?
- No.

One, two, three.

Can I get a saline drip here?

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, you're okay.
You're okay.

- Let's go.
- Got it?

Look at me.

All right.

No life jackets.


None of them
are wearing life jackets.

Go home.

Feds have got this.
You've been here all day.

Where'd they come from, Jude?

I don't know.

We made it.


Get me the sheriff, please.



Is he still up?

He was two hours ago.

Do you think you could just...

maybe just go in there
and see if he's awake?

Yeah, he's not.

It's been a rough night,
I just...

Just wanted to hear his voice,
that's all.

Well, if I wake him,
he'll never go back to sleep.

He's got school.

You can talk to him all you want
when you see him this weekend.

He is excited
to see where you live.

Sir? Agent in charge
wants to see you.

I gotta go.


Any sign of vessel debris?

Not yet.

Checked imagery
going back 10 hours...

There's nothing.

Keep looking.
They didn't come out of nowhere.

Agent Ren?
Sheriff's here.

Oh, Sheriff.
Emma Ren.

Jude Ellis.

Quite a piece of coast.

Must be beautiful,
under normal circumstances.

We've got 47 survivors.

I'm afraid that's all
we're gonna find.

Have any of them said anything
to you?

We're having trouble
getting them to talk.


Most were in shock, hypothermic.

So, do you know what
kind of ship they were on?

No. And so far,
no vessels reported missing,

no distress signals.


So, what then, a plane?

Not according to FAA.

Well, they had to come
from somewhere.

I don't think from here.

What little they've said

they're looking for asylum.


You're telling me that
these people are refugees?

That's what we're trying
to find out.


How do you feel?

That's my sweatshirt.
I almost forgot about that.

You can keep it, though.

It's not really my style.

I'm Jude.
What's your name?


That's a pretty name.

It's from the Bible,
if I'm not mistaken.

From what?

Do you know
any of these people here?

My mom.

Your mom?
Is your mom here?

In the water.

Leah, how did you get
in the water?

It's all right.
You don't have to be afraid.

We were running away.

You were running away.

From what?

The war.

Leah, where are you from?

From here.

From here?

But there's no war here.

There will be.

I'm sorry.
I don't understand.

There's a lot
you won't understand.

Why do you say that?

Because what
she's talking about,

these things
that we've experienced...

...they haven't happened yet.

Back to you on that, okay?

Well, you look like hell.


No sleep?

Not enough.

What's this all about?

A tourist.
Mugger got her last night.

Took her purse, her rings...

We think it's our same guy?

Yeah, looks like it might be.

Get me the report.

Hey. A lot of calls,
people wondering

about the activity on the water
last night.

- Yeah.
- And the papers called. They want comment, too.

Stall till I can coordinate
with the Feds.

Yeah, okay.
But, listen, between us,

those people...
what are they saying?

Nothing that makes any sense.

They're storing the bodies
in that plane hangar off 81.

Tell Ruben to get down there,

log prints,
record any identifying marks.

Sure you don't want the Feds
handling that?

They washed up on our beach.

People traveled from
all over to get to the site,

people with no other way out.

We were the first group
to attempt it.

We knew there would be risks.

But no one expected
to arrive how we did...

In the water,
beneath the surface.

Something went wrong.

With the time machine.

Look, I know how this
must sound to you.

I'm not here to doubt you,
I'm here to help you,

but the fact is,

you listed a date of birth
almost 150 years from now.

So please just help us
understand how that's possible.

You can't imagine
what will become possible.

We heard that someone
had discovered something,

a process...
a way to "bend time."

A rumor, at best.
At worst, a trap.

But... we didn't hesitate.

You have to understand,

we had no other option.

We were...

an endangered species.

Not a war, an extermination.

A holocaust unlike the world
has ever known.

My dad paid someone to get me
past the checkpoints.

It was everything he had.

The whole process at the site
was rushed.

People were saying
that the plan had been exposed.

There was no time
to organize or plan.

It was...

No one knew where we'd end up.

The Long Peace,
early 21st century...

That's all they told us.

A better time.

They packed us onto the platform
and took us into the ground.

The... "threshold"
is what they called it.

And when it stopped,

we were in some type of cave,
you know?

There were families, kids.
Everyone was scared.

And then the sound started.

It was like cracks of thunder
over and over.

- And then...
- ...suddenly...

I couldn't breathe,

and it was dark and freezing.

To even realize
that we were underwater...

took, uh...

crucial moments.

A lot of people drowned

before they even realized
where they were.

My mom kissed me,
then she was gone.

So, this genocide,
the reason you say you fled...

what were its origins?

Was it state-sponsored?

Was the government involved?

They took over the government.

They took over every government.



They said they were
man's next evolution,

our genetic destiny.

Said they can do things
we can't.

They're different.

So, what do you think?

I think my mother was right.

I should've gone into banking.


Their stories are
fairly consistent, though.

I mean, I'm not inclined
to believe in...

Time travel?

HQS is gonna look at the tapes.
They'll decide what to do.

In the meantime,
we've got a 47-person migration.

Math says there'll be some bad
actors. So watch them closely.

You don't trust them?

I don't trust desperate people.

Agent Ren. Got the Sheriff asking
for you at the checkpoint.

Good morning.

Good morning.

So, I sent my coroner
to the hangar,

and apparently, your men won't
let him in to see the bodies.

Then I come here, these guys
won't let me down to the beach.

I apologize. I should've
given you the heads-up.

I can no longer have you
and your men on this site.

You can't have us?

That's funny.
I thought we were having you.

And I need to ask you not to talk
about this case with anyone.

I have a town full of people

wondering what's going on
down here.

The press want a statement.

I can't "not talk" to them.

I understand.

I will consult
with my superiors,

and I will get you
official talking points.

This, uh, little game
of keep-away...

this has something to do with
what those people down there

are telling you, isn't it?

We're just trying
to streamline this operation,

limit exposure.

Almost convinced me.

Now try it again
without the eye twitch.

Sorry. I'll get back to you
with those talking points.

Hey, the girl Leah...

uh... her mom,
did she turn up?

Take it easy.
Take it easy.

We're here to help, okay?
We're gonna take care of you.

Hey, slow down.
Take it easy.

So, what...
What did she tell you?

Not much, not even her name.

Asked if I knew anything
about the "others."

What? "Others"?

Must've went down
on the same boat.

Man, that water's
in the low 50s.

She's lucky to be alive.

Hell, it's a miracle.

Look, I've been dealing
with the Feds my whole career.

This is how it works.
They want a case, they take it.

Yeah, but it's like you said...

They washed up on our beach,

It's their beach now.

Grab it.
- Yep.

I didn't finish the...
The w-walls,

because I didn't know
about the color

or the mobile, you know?
I-I don't know.

Oh, the room is good.
It's great.

He's gonna love it.

I'm gonna take him fishing.
- Oh, that'd be great.

Have any more grape?
- That's your third one.

They're tiny.
- They're for Oliver.

I'm sorry.
I know.

It's just that Jill doesn't want
me drinking sugary drinks anymore.

She says they make me ramble.

You know it's harder to quit
sugar than it is cocaine?

I've been sneaking Dr. Peppers
at work.

Pull yourself together, man.

Morning, Sheriff.
This is for you.


Got your talking points.

Little light on the substance.

We're withholding
certain details for now.

Yeah, pretty big detail.

You know,
the fact that some survived.

You tell the world
you've got 50 people

claiming to have
traveled through time

and your town becomes
ground zero

for every media outlet
on the planet.

For their own safety,

we need to keep them
out of the conversation.

You know, somehow I don't think
this is all about them.

It's about you, too.

The less chaotic it gets,
the easier it's gonna be.

I-I can... I can handle chaos.

Your time in Oakland
would suggest otherwise.

You don't know me.

I know you came here to put
things back together, right?

Quiet town, peaceful,
low maintenance.

And it can still be
all those things,

but you're gonna
have to trust me.

Trust is earned.

That did not look good.

Local politics.

to the Pacific Northwest.

Glad to have the excuse.

I've always wanted
to see this part of the country.

This is wonderful coffee.
Do you want anything?

No, I'm good.
Shall we?

I did not fly in from D.C.
to sit in a conference room.

But I'm supposed
to be briefing you and the ADs

in five minutes.

I'm the Deputy Undersecretary.
They can wait.


Feeling better?

So, uh, I asked around.

Sounds like something's going on
up the coast.

Bodies washed up.

Show me.

Whoa, hold on.
I don't know anything yet.

I'll go talk
to the harbormaster,

see if there's anything more
he can tell me.

You wait here, eat, relax.

I'll be back. conference
about the investigation

into a possible shipwreck
at Thorn Beach,

where a number of dead bodies
washed ashore.

Good afternoon.

At approximately 10:45
Friday morning,

Port Canaan Sheriff's Department

responded to a report
of a lone body

near the waterline
at Thorn Beach.

Upon arrival,
we quickly realized

that, uh, this was not
a single case

and that it involved
multiple drownings.

We do not have
a definitive count,

as operations are still ongoing,

but I can say that
the fatalities are numerous.

At this point, we have
not located the vessel.

In the meantime, we just ask
for your patience

as we continue
gathering evidence

and locating next of kin.

"A revolution
in genetic engineering"

having led to the eradication
of major disease markers

but also to the emergence
of 'Apex, '

a minority population with
heightened cognitive function,

"sensory faculties, fast-twitch
muscle development..."

Well, it's creative.

The reports
were fairly consistent.

So you believe this?

I think they believe it.

Over 400 people drowned.

I just wish I knew why.

400 sounds like a lot
until you consider the 900

that killed themselves
at Jonestown.

What are you saying?

You think this is
part of a cult?

Makes more sense
than time travel.

If we go in there with this,

they could laugh us
out of the building.

What do you want to do?

We got to keep them sequestered
until we find out the truth.

I can get you the truth,

but you need to get me
the resources

to move those people
off the beach

so I can vet them properly.

You'll have whatever you need.

Can I have some of those?

Doesn't get bright like this
where we're from.

I can ask about that.

My name's Hannah.
What's yours?

Look, um, we're not really
supposed to engage socially.

Oh. Why?

Don't you have anyone here?
People you came with?

No, it's just me.


My name.

Supplies to pass the time.

How long are they planning
on keeping us here?

We knew it'd be a process.

By any measure, it's better
than where we came from.

How'd you know that?

I mean, they've told us nothing.

They've provided medicine,
clothes, food...

Food, right.

You know, someone said their
meat comes from real animals.

Okay, this is a different time.

They just have different ways
of doing things, that's all.

Sounds good to me.

Be nice to be back
on top of the food chain.

Don't you think we should
all have a say

in what happens to us?

Oh, I'll have a say.
Don't you worry about that.

Listen, I don't know
about you guys,

but Rebecca and I came here
to start over,

to make a home,
maybe even have a family again.

But none of that will be
possible without these people.

But, listen, it's normal
not to trust them,

considering where we came from,
but this is a different place,

a different time
than the one we left.

This is the America of old,
the Long Peace.

Everyone has rights here,
no matter where they're from.


I'm Rebecca.

What's your name?


And I'm guessing
you would be... 8?

I remember my daughter
when she was 8.


Who's this cute little guy?

What is it?

They call it a rabbit.

I want my mom.

I know.

But you're going to be okay.

We're all gonna be okay.

Take me to the dead.

A lot of people are nervous.

No one's told us
what happens next.

I mean, I don't expect you
to have all the answers,

but anything will help.

Well, I'm glad you came to me.
My door is always open.

Refugee resettlement timelines
vary from case to case,

and that's under
normal circumstances.

Obviously, this situation
is anything but.

I do have some good news
for you.

We have secured
temporary housing,

so we will be moving you soon.

That is good.

The others will be happy
to hear that.

Thank... Thank you.

I know how you're feeling.

I came to this country
with my parents when I was 6.

Not everybody in our group
was like my family.

There were some men...
Dangerous men.

During processing,

my parents asked me
not to talk about them.

They were afraid
we'd all get sent back

if the Americans knew.

Sometimes I wonder
about those men,

about who they may have hurt

because of what I didn't say.

All we want is a better life.

Same as your parents
wanted for you.


Thomas, right?

I think it's time
for you and I to talk.

Please have a seat.

That's okay.
I'll be quick.

I have information
your government

will be very interested in.

What kind of information?

Let's just say,
there are what you'd call

national-security implications.

I'm listening.

I want to talk
to your President.

I'm in charge.
You can talk to me.


Someone with real power.

I can't go to my superiors
with vague hints.

You'll have
to give me something.

All right.

How's this?

We're not the first ones
to come here.

You want to tell me why you're
interested in those bodies?

Yeah, figured.

Supposed to be therapeutic.

You know, good for stress,

Jude, you there?

Got a call from Kurt Cooper
down at the docks.

Says he pulled a woman out
of the water earlier. Alive.

Jude, you out there?

You wouldn't happen
to know anything about that.

I didn't tell you to stop.

We're here.

How do we get in?

We don't.

As of seven hours ago,
I lost my clearance,

so you... kidnapped
the wrong guy.

Keep driving.

I don't know how much time
this is gonna buy you.

What did he say, exactly?

He kept it vague.

The implication was that
there was an earlier migration,

a smaller group of refugees
with an agenda.

Normal people
or genetic overlords?

Normal, like the others.

I know how it sounds,

but... I don't know...
I feel like he has something.



Yeah, if you really think
there's something to this,

let's do our due diligence.

But it's safe to say
a meeting with the President

is off the table.

So what do you want to do?

If he wants to talk to somebody
in authority, he can talk to me.

Set a meeting.

Where are the rest?

That's all of them.

- You're lying.
- You told me to take you to the dead.

There are no other dead.

But there are others,
aren't there?


No. You're on your own.

Hey, drop the weapon!

On your knees!
Hands behind your head!

Put your weapon down, sir!

I'm the sheriff!
I'm dealing with this!

You have no authority here!

Put the gun down!

On your knees!

Did you see that?

Play it again.

How did she do that?

Bring him in.

I told her there weren't
any others,

she didn't believe me,

then your guys came in,
and... you know the rest.

So, she gave no other indication
of what she was looking for,

why this was
so important to her?


But I think
she came out of the water,

and I think she's one of them.

No, this one is different.

You know something
you're not telling me.

Here's what I know.

She ripped a shotgun out of
a Pro-gard Partition Mount lock.

That's made of 16-gauge steel.

So whatever else she is,
she's a threat to my town,

and I deserve to know
what I'm up against.

If you see her again,
don't engage.

Notify me.

If she's looking
for those survivors,

I'm not sure I want to know what
happens when she finds them.

No one's gonna find them.

It's nice down here, right?

It's cool.
We don't need to talk.

You got any money?

Better empty your pockets
just to be sure.

Well, Christmas came early.

We sure that's him?

He confessed.

Whether it'll be admissible,
considering the ass-kicking,

who knows?

Who did it to him?

That's the best part...
Said it was a woman.

A "hard-core Tomb Raider
she-bitch" was his exact quote.

Did you find his gun?


Okay, everyone, we're here.

Just file out,
and you'll find an agent outside

with your housing assignments.




Here you go.

Leah, right?

You're in 7.

By myself?

No, we put you
with one of the agents.

Don't worry.

Uh, she can stay with us.

It's Rebecca and... and Caleb.

Him too, if you'd like.


Is this our new home?

Not forever.

When do we go
to the forever place?


Need some help with that?

I thought you weren't allowed
to talk to me.

We're cleared
for "crucial assistance."

Figure you getting
inside your house qualifies.

Here you go.




If anyone asks,
say you found them.


Thank you.


The injured agent
from the hangar.

Doctor looked at his X-rays.

She said it looked like
he got hit by a truck.

Well, if what we saw
on that tape

was one of these Apex people,

Washington's gonna be
real interested in that.

If she came here with them,

there could be more out there.

Or in here.

I apologize for the venue.

You have no idea how hard it is
to find a secure location.

That's far enough.

No offense.
I'm just being cautious.

Fine by me.

Just happy to get off the beach
for a couple hours.

I understand you have
important information.

I had to drive in from Seattle.
I hope it was worth it.

It's worth more than you know.

I expect to be compensated.

You told Agent Ren there was
an earlier migration.

Refugees that came before you?

Yeah, that's right.
They have plans.

What plans?

The kind that change
the course of history.

Problem for you is...

requires sacrifice.

You're worried about us,
the new arrivals.

The ones you need to fear...

they're already here.

What else can you tell me
about them?

If you want details,

you're gonna have to give me
certain assurances.

Would you be able
to identify them by sight?

I told you,
I'm... I'm not gonna...

I guess we answered
that question.

How long have you been here?

Longer than you think.

Everything okay?

Hey, little man.

It's a little late, isn't it?

Hey, does... does mom know
you... you have her phone?

No, I won't tell.

I am looking forward
to seeing you.

Yeah, we're still going fishing.


No, man.

Yeah, we're...
We're not gonna hurt them.

We'll put them back in the water

so their friends
won't miss them, okay?

All right.

Good night, buddy.

I love you, too.

Drop it.

This time,
you got nowhere to go.

I could go right through you.

You wanna test that?

I need you.

What for?

What were you looking for
in the hangar?

My daughter.

What's your name?


Okay, Reece.

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from the beginning?

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