The Coroner (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Gilt - full transcript

Metal detectorist Errol Prowse is killed after finding a cache of valuable coins. Locals believe it is Long Ben's treasure and anybody who finds it will be cursed. Museum curator Tal Greening tells Jane they are fake but Errrol's granddaughter Amelia claims she believes his find was real but fakes were substituted after he was murdered. Errol was not popular with other treasure hunters, two of whom shared a secret but Tal and even Amelia are also under suspicion

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Shall we call it a day?
Not yet.

Looks like a storm's in the post.

Since when's a bit of weather
stopped us?

I'm just saying!

If you want to go, then go!

Come on, Ray. You heard him.


Oh, sounds like a plan to me.


What is it?

Four pints of Lighthaven Gold.

Cheers, love.

Late-night skinny-dipping?

I asked for cider.

Well, I thought Lighthaven Gold
seemed appropriate, considering.

Keep your voice down!

Any luck today, Errol?

Not this time. Well, don't give up.

There be treasure out
there somewhere! Har-har!

If word gets out we struck gold,

we'll have every treasure hunter
in the south-west on our patch.

Who's to say there isn't more?

According to club rules,

all finds must be divided equally
amongst those present.

So... So let's divvy it up!
Leave it!

We only want our fair share.

You'll get it.

But we're doing this properly.

Who are you calling?
The coroner's office.

I have to report the find.
It's the law.

Until then, I'm not letting
these coins out of my sight.







Who's there?!





Beth? Get in here!

What've I done now?

"Regarding last week's piece
on Lighthaven's haunted churches,

"please report on actual news

"and not the superstitious ramblings
of the permanently deluded."

You didn't tell me about this.
What's the big deal?

My little girl's got her name
in print! Did I miss something?

Only that your granddaughter's
now a published writer.

I just think it's stupid
they're talking about ghosts

as though they actually exist.

I thought you were into
all that gory stuff.

A corpse is fascinating enough
without Casper popping out of it.

You should keep an open mind.

Your mum reckons someone's found
Long Ben's treasure.

I said nothing about Long Ben.

Who's Long B...? Not another one
of your ex-boyfriends?

A silly local legend.

Long Ben's Pirate Curse.

A vicious pirate, fatally-wounded,

clambers on shore
to bury his treasure.

Before he dies, he vows to return
and slaughter anyone who touches it.

Yeah, right!
We both know the only thing

that's cursed around here
is Mum's love life.

What's this got to do with us?

Aw, did they find Long Ben's bones?

Treasure falls under
the remit of the Coroner's Office.

We need to confirm
who found what, when.

Fine, but I'm not touching it.
I don't want to catch the curse.

You make it sound like
it's a disease!

It's our responsibility
to establish facts, Clint.

Anyway, there's no such thing as...

You were quick.
I've only just called the office.

You'd better come inside.

It's a shot from the inside
with an air rifle.

Oh! What IS that?

That is Errol Prowse.

He made a 999 call at 2:15am

saying that someone
was coming to kill him.

By the time our boys got here,
they found the front and rear doors

and the victim was already dead.

He looks scared. He smells scared.

Yeah. No obvious wound, though.

Seizure maybe, if he worked
himself up into a state.

What, you're saying
he frightened himself to death?

No, I'm saying I'm not ruling out
natural causes.

What about the supernatural causes?

Ignore him. Why don't you go to
the car and get a report form?

Who's the girl?

Amelia Prowse. Granddaughter.

She was in a nasty car accident
a few years ago.

She survived,
but both her parents were killed.

Man of few words. Yeah.

She lives here?
Yeah. No sign of her, though.

Been trying to phone her mobile.

The coins.

You said he called you about them?
Yeah. Just after 9:00.

No, don't open it. We need to avoid
exposing it to the elements.

Has it been dusted for prints?
Yeah. Great.

Whoa! Hang on.
That's evidence, that.

Treasure's my jurisdiction.

Don't worry, I'll let you read
the report.

Where's Grandad?

Amelia? Grandad?

No! No! Grandad!

No! What's happened?!

No! Ah!

He took me in after my parents died.

Where were you last night?

Exeter. It was my birthday
a couple of days ago.

Some mates wanted to take me out.
Sit down.

How did he die?

It's too early to say.

But, you know, your grandfather's
claim should still be honoured.

The coins? Sorry?

He didn't mention it?

I haven't seen him
since breakfast yesterday.

Your grandfather found
some gold coins on the clifftop.

I need to have them assessed to find
out how valuable they are, but...

Wow! I knew he planned on meeting up
with the LTH,

but normally all he comes back with
is a bad mood.


Sorry. Lighthaven Treasure Hunters.

He chaired the committee.

Nowadays, there's only four of them.


'He's outside. He's coming for me!'

'Can you give me your name, sir?'

'It's him! The Captain.'

'Leave me alone!'

What did I tell you? Long Ben!

You think Errol was murdered
by a pirate ghost?

Why not? I saw a ghost once.

Seriously, it properly
freaked me out.

It came into my hotel room,
groaned and then wandered off again.

I would've left there and then,
but I was a bit worse for wear.

Scientific proof.
I take it all back(!)

No chance it was just another guest
who got the wrong room, no?

So we're looking for witnesses

and I'll check out the other
treasure hunters,

see if they know anything about
Errol's movements last night.

But I'm pretty certain
it was natural causes.

Natural causes? The guy clearly
thought someone was coming for him.

And I don't believe it was
a dead pirate.

All the doors and windows
were locked,

so, how would a murderer
have got away?

Amelia must have a key.

She was away all night, I checked.

And it was bolted from the inside.

No sign of a struggle. And if
someone had wanted to kill him,

why didn't they take the gold?

No, he was just an old man with
a dickey ticker shooting at shadows.

And judging by the empty
whisky bottles,

he wasn't looking after himself

My gut says foul play.

I've warned you about
Mick's curries.

Either way, I need to get an expert
opinion on these gold coins.

I'm going to meet
the curator at the museum.

The museum gift shop lady!
What's her name?

Isn't she one of
the treasure people? Is she?

In which case, I'm coming with you.

I'm not sure I trust you
with all that gold.

I always wondered
what this place was.


Ah! Jane Kennedy.
Pleasure to meet you, Professor.

Oh, please. Taliesin.
Tali...? Just Tal is fine.

OK. Come in. Thank you.

I was wondering when we'd finally
get to work together.

So I haven't touched the coins,
they're still covered in mud.

Perfect. Layers of sediment can be
as important as the artefact itself

in terms of dating
and identification.

Have you alerted the British Museum?

Not yet. I'm not really sure
what I'm looking at.

Well, I could take a peek.

I've got a small lab set up here,
so... Great! Thank you.

It's where we keep all our
natural history samples.

Weird little sea creatures in
formaldehyde, that kind of thing.

Well, I don't want to distract you,
so I'll just take a look around
the museum, if that's all right?


OK, thank you.


So, when did you last see him?

After the pub. We walked Errol back
to his cottage, like bodyguards,

and then I went home.

OK. Can anyone confirm
what time you got back?

Only Alfie. Alfie. Right.

Who's Alfie? My cat.

And how did Errol seem to you
when you left him?

Grumpy, as always. Huh! He thought
he was coming down with something.

That's no surprise when he spends
half his life in the muddy fields

and the other half drinking!

Who else knew about the treasure?

Only the four of us.

Oh, and that coroner Errol called.

You know, you should question him.

Yeah. I'll be sure to check her out.

Bad news? Mass-produced modern fakes.

You sure? They're even stamped

with the initials of the company
that makes them.

Why would someone bury them
on the cliff tops?

A hoax, maybe? I'm sorry.


I guess our friend wasn't the victim
of a pirate ghost after all.

Pirate ghost?

Long Ben.
Lighthaven's very own Captain Hook.

Except Long Ben was real.
Come with me.

Yeah, it's an arrest warrant
for Captain Henry Avery from 1696.

Long Ben was one of his aliases.

Most of his crew were executed,
but Avery escaped

and no-one ever saw him again. Here.

Pirate treasure? Maybe.

It was found on a beach
half a mile away.

Spanish, but it was minted
in Mexico.

A gold pistole coin,
late 17th century.

And this belonged to Long Ben?

We can't know for sure, but Avery
was born just down the coast.

Many believe he was trying
to get home.

And what about this so-called curse?

The young man who found that coin

died in a freak accident
shortly afterwards.

Before long, stories started.

"Touch the coin and fall victim
to Long Ben's curse!"

You don't believe
there's any truth to it?

Of course I do.
That's why I'm wearing latex gloves.

So, now I'm cursed? Well...

Is there nothing that can save me?

Well, there is one thing.

You can let me buy you lunch.

I know this lovely little place.

If you're going to get murdered
by a pirate ghost,

you might as well make the most
of the time you've got left.

Errol scared off most of
the original members.

Scared off? How?

By being a miserable git,
that's how.

So, why did you stick with it?
You've got to be in it to win it.

The fewer the members, the...
Ahem! ..the bigger the cut.

Right, OK.
Thanks very much, Miss Luscombe.

Just that, thanks.

That'll be ?2.99, then, please.

Skull and crossbones? Bit tasteless,
isn't it, for a coroner?

It's for Beth.

To celebrate the start of her
glittering career in journalism.

Oh. Wow! Thank you.

I know!

Thanks. Bye.

Cynical and convinced
she's always right.

Chip off the old block, ain't she?

Did you notice her shoes?

Stupid question.

They're expensive. Very.

How can she afford those
on a shop wage? Rich boyfriend?

Talking of which, what did
your brainiac say about the coins?

Worthless replicas.
At least he let me hold
some of Long Ben's real treasure.

Ah, the old classic, "Want to touch
a precious artefact?" line.

Hang on a minute,
if you've touched it,

doesn't that mean you're next
on Long Ben's hit list?

Nice try. I don't believe in...
Whoa! Argh!


Pirate curses?

They can't be fake!

An expert examined them and...

Grandad obsessed over old coins.
He would have known.

So, what are you saying?

Someone nicked the real coins
and put the replicas in their place!

Shall we get some fresh air? Come on.

Lived here since my parents died.

I did everything for him.

Shopping, cooking, cleaning.

He was too busy treasure hunting.

Modern replicas
don't qualify as treasure.

The coins my grandad found
were real.

Please understand...
No, you understand!

Grandad's already remortgaged
the cottage.

There's no life insurance,
no savings.

If you don't find that gold,
I'll have to sell up.

That place is all I've got
left of him.

I know this must be very hard
for you...

Grandad's dead and someone's taken
his treasure. You HAVE to find it.

What does she expect you to do?

We searched the cottage,
there's no coins there.

Unless you count the 17p down
the back of the sofa.

I feel I owe it to her
to keep looking.

If we can find out
what happened to Errol,

maybe we'll find the real coins.
If they even exist.


If you say, "pirate curse"
one more time,

I'm going to shove you in that water.

Right, hang on. Oh, thank you.

Good luck, that. Really?

You here about Errol?

Debs called me.

You were with him last night?
That's right.

We walked him back,
then we went straight home.

How do you know the others
went straight home?

It was very late. I know I did.

Could someone have swapped
the treasure before then?

Swapped? Well, the coins we saw
were replicas.

His granddaughter's convinced
they were swapped.

Impossible. The four of us
were together the whole time.

We barely took our eyes off it.

Did Errol have any enemies?

He could be prickly, but enemies?

Is there anything else? I need
to get on. No, that's fine. Thanks.

Can your wife confirm
what time you got home?

Doubt it.

She was snoring like
an outboard motor when I got back.

Maybe we should pop round,
double check. Yeah.


I might have stopped off somewhere
on the way back.


A friend's flat.

A friend, or more than a friend?

If you prefer, we could have this
conversation in front of your wife?

All right.

I've been seeing someone.

One of your fellow treasure hunters?

That'd explain where Debs got those
expensive shoes from, then, eh?

Except it's not Debs, is it?

Who, then?

He admitted it? You're surprised?

I love Ray, but he's been
in the closet for so long

that he has mothballs in his pocket.

Were you together all night?
Until 4am.

If he leaves it any later,
his wife's sleeping pills wear off.

And did Errol know about you two?

No, I doubt it.
He was only interested in himself.

You didn't like him?

Put it this way,
if it wasn't for Ray,

I would have left LTH years ago.

Errol was a bully
with a nasty temper. Ask anyone.

Oi! I told Ray Mason,
I'm not having your lot in here.

What did you say? Er...Mick...?
Go on, scarper! You're barred!

You can't bar someone for being gay!

Eh? The lad can sleep with men,

women or inflatable sheep
for all I care!

I don't want no treasure hunters
bringing their curse in my pub.

And here was me thinking
you couldn't sound more ridiculous.

Here, word's out that they found
Long Ben's gold.

My punters are a superstitious lot.
It's bad for business.

There's no such thing
as a pirate curse!


Ha! Been meaning to look at
that fuse box, lads! Ha-ha!

Right, I think we should go.

Thanks. Go on.

Go on!

You need to find what happened before
that lot start phoning exorcists.

Hang on, you're the one saying
someone murdered Errol

and then vanished
from a locked room.

Maybe I should bring
Long Ben in for questioning.

Unless Errol was a dead man
before he got home.

You've lost me. Get in.

Where are we going? Mortuary.
Lucky me(!)

I need to see you, now!

OK. "Time of death..."

"Most likely cause of death,

"respiratory paralysis
during a seizure.

"The presence of bloodied diarrhoea

"the ingestion of a toxin."

There was poison?

Yeah, I'll chase up the tox report.

All right, well,
maybe he was murdered.

Could've happened in the pub. Ray
said all eyes were on the treasure.

Or someone could've gone back
to the house once they'd all gone,

poisoned him and then left
before it took effect.

Well, there was an empty
whisky glass by the body.

I can get it tested. OK.

Let me know what you find. I'm late.

Late? What for? My date.

What date?

You can take that look
off your face.




Oh, no, no, no, no!

Oh, no!

Ah, Deborah. Professor!

What's wrong?

I'm afraid I have some bad news.



Well? What's wrong?

I like it.

No need to look quite so shocked.

I just wanted to let you know
how proud I am of you.

Right. Can I borrow you?

OK. Red or blue? Red.

Blue it is. It's your funeral.

Wear the red,
it shows off your cleavage!

Mum! He works in a museum!

He's still a man!


It's beautiful, isn't it?


It's not quite what I expected,

Oh, if you'd prefer...
No, no, no, it's fine.

Poor girl.

She's already lost her parents.

How did she take the news
about the coins?

Well, she's convinced
someone bumped Errol off,

took the real treasures
and put the fakes in their place.

Why would she think that?

She said her grandfather was obsessed
with coins, would know a fake.

And I think she's protecting
the memory of her grandfather.


What's that supposed to mean?

I can't say I took to him,

You knew Errol?
Oh, no, no. I met him once.

I helped him find some old maps
in the archives a few weeks ago.

You've, um...

You've got a bit of...


Here, let me.

Thank you.


I take it there's not a Mr Coroner?

You don't hang about, do you?

It's a professional habit.

Rare treasures don't come along
very often.

You have to make the most of it
when they do.


The university wanted me
to run the department,

but I'd had enough of city life.

I wanted to be somewhere
I could breathe.

So, do you think you'll stay here?

Well, it depends what happens
with the museum.

With budget cuts as they are...
Whoa! never know
what's around the bend.

Maybe there's something to be said
for pirate curses.

Perhaps it's like fairy tales.

The princess is cursed until...

A handsome stranger comes along.


Hold that thought.

Davey. What is it?

What, now?

No, fine. I'm on my way back. Bye.

I'm sorry, I have to go. Already?

Someone's got some information
about the pirate treasure.



Right, so, what's this new piece
of information?

I need protection.
From who? From him!

(Long Ben!)

Look, I only kept one.

There's another one!

But he's coming for me now.
He sent me a message.

A ship in a bottle.
And I've just lost my job!

You were fired from the museum?

I can barely make the rent
on my flat as it is.

I've got credit-card debts
coming out of my ears

and I've got this pain just here.

It's the curse, I know it is!

Look, just take it.
I don't want it any more.

Miss Luscombe, you're perfectly safe.

As far as we can tell,
the treasure isn't real.

So, you can't be cursed, can you?

Yeah. Can you just keep me
in overnight, just in case?

Will you excuse us just a moment?
A word?

You brought me back for this?

I thought it might be important.

Sarge? Nice one. Thanks, Jim.

I know that face.

This is all your fault.

Only because you let him
walk all over you.


The lady in the cottage
down the hill from Errol

said she heard a van
late last night.

Looked suspicious,
so she wrote down the reg.

What were you doing there, Ray?

Or maybe I should arrest you both.

It's my fault.

I'd had a few drinks.

I got paranoid that Errol was
trying to keep the reward.

So... So you persuaded Ray to go
back and demand your share?

I'm guessing it didn't go well.

I knocked, but there was no answer.

So I went round the back
and he started firing at me.

So I hid in the shed.

I heard sirens and I scarpered.

Did you see anyone else?

No. So, why did you lie?

I went back this morning
to make peace with him.

Then I saw your lot and I panicked.

I didn't want to get in any trouble.

All right.

I think we'll finish this
down the station.

What d'you reckon?

It just doesn't sit right.

Well, we can place him at the scene

and he's got motive enough
with the coins.

Yeah, I know, but...

Maybe if there'd been an argument,
a struggle.

Ray lost his temper in the heat
of the moment,

whacked Errol over the head,
that...that would make sense,

but to poison him? It's...'s premeditated.
I just don't buy it.

You know, for once,
I think you might have a point.

Any sign of the coins? No.

The lads are searching his house,
but there's nothing there so far.

I hate to say it, but...I believe

Well, we'll keep him here
for a while,

see if we can prise anything useful
out of him.

Good luck with that.
You got any better ideas?

Right. No local shops
selling replicas,

but a few online places
stock the same ones.

Start calling around.

See if there are any orders
to this area.

If we can find out who buried these,
I can prove to Amelia
there never was any real treasure.

Wait a minute.

Where'd you get that one from?

Deborah Luscombe.

Where you going?
The treasure hunt is back on.

I was just thinking about you.

Where? One of the treasure hunters
pocketed it

when they were digging them up.

OK. I-I'm supposed to be going to
a meeting, just give me one minute.

I'll tell them something's come up.


Where were we? I've just had a call.
Urgent. I'll ring you later.

But...but I should...take a look.

You were right.

The only phone call from Errol's
mobile phone was to you,

but the signal in the pub comes
and goes, so I checked the payphone.

Someone phoned the professor
at 10:00 last night.

God, it was him, wasn't it?

Mm. So, do you think your
boyfriend...? He's not my boyfriend!

..could have found out
about the treasure,

gone round to Errol's,
swapped the coins, poisoned him

and then disappeared
while he was still alive?

No. But you...

He didn't swap them that night. He
needed time to sort out the replicas.

And, of course, he knew
I would bring them to him

because he's the curator.
I'm such an idiot!

Well, be that as it may,
we still don't have enough evidence.

Not enough to get a search warrant.
And toxicology's drawn a blank.

Without the coins, we can't prove
your professor was involved.

Shouldn't we at least talk to him?

You want to take down
his particulars(?) Shut up!

No, I think we should find out
who made the phone call first. How?

By going to the pub.

Nice one. Thanks, Moz.

He reckons Errol was the only person
to use the payphone last night.

Was Moz here all night?

Moz is always here.
Mick wants to charge him rent.

Here we go!

Thank you, my lover.

I didn't know we were staying.

Oh, give him a break.

Yeah, come on.
I've been on duty since 7:00.

Anyway, we can celebrate
Beth's wonderful achievement.


Could I please have a quick word?

You've got to get that bracelet
off Beth. Why?

I bought them cheap
from a mate of mine,

sold them on to the local shops.

But he rang me a couple of days
ago... What have you done?

Turns out they're made from
jequirity beans.

They're from Peru,
or someplace like that.

Thing is, they're poisonous.
They contain Abrin.

Abrin?! Ssh!
I've tried to buy them all back,

but one or two of them
may have already been sold.

Like the one on my daughter's wrist.

They're only toxic
if you break open the shell,

so she shouldn't be
in any immediate danger.

And how am I going to get it off her?

If I tell her it's made from
a highly poisonous bean,
she's going to like it even more.

I think I know what Tal used
to poison Errol and how we find
the coins.

You going so soon? Yeah. Sorry.

Glad you like your bracelet.
Apparently, they're all the rage.

I saw a picture of Justin Bieber
wearing one.

Oh, I like Justin Bieber.

What's wrong? Nothing.

I thought you liked it? No, I-I do.

Because if you don't,
you could swap it for something else.

Or I could give you the money
and you could choose something?

Mick, you got that money you owe me?


Sure you don't mind?
No, of course not.


Result! Hm!


I was wondering when you'd call.

Sorry I had to run off earlier,
but I've got good news.

Oh, yeah? The police know
where the real treasure is.

They haven't given me
the details yet,

but they're on their way to arrest
the man responsible. Oh, g...great!

So you'll get to examine
a real hoard after all.

Drink later to celebrate?

Yeah, yeah, of course.
Um...can I call you back?

I'm just in the middle of something.
Yes, of course.

Er...bye, then. Yeah, bye.

You really think
he's going to fall for that?

He was arrogant enough to believe
I'd been blinded by his charms.

He's got a point, though, hasn't he?

What can I say?
I've got terrible taste in men.


Excuse me!
Let me just stop you there, sir.

Can I just have a look in that bag?




What happened? Pirate curse.

I imagine collectors would pay a
fortune for genuine pirate treasure.

They want to close us down.

I've already had to lay people off.

Those coins were our last hope.

You know what I think?
Fortnight from now,

you'd be off somewhere on a private
yacht, congratulating yourself.

It was greed, pure and simple.

Suppose a second date's
out of the question?

OK. Mind your head.

Why does it matter, anyway? It's not
like they belonged to anyone.

They'd been under the ground
for hundreds of years.

Well, we both know
that's not how it works.

But be that as it may, I'm not
really interested in the coins.

You're not? No.

So...? Why did you give the poison
to Errol?

Come on, don't play games with me.

I don't know what you're talking
about! I'm trying to help you,

but if you don't want
to cooperate...

Controlled under the Terrorism Act.

You want to be done for terrorism
as well as murder?

I said that I swapped
the coins around.

I'll sign a statement, whatever,
but I didn't murder anyone!

I don't believe you.

Look, I met up with Errol once
a few weeks ago.

So? You had motive and access
to the poison.

What's this? That's a bracelet.

Those are jequirity beans.

Contain Abrin.
Sold at your place of work.

Convenient, that, isn't it?

Lots of people work there.

We're closed. We're not buying.

It's not my fault! I had no idea
they were poisonous

until Mick phoned
and he took them all back!

All of them, even yours? Mine?

Professor Greening showed us how
to access the staff discount log.

You bought one for yourself.
So, how did you do it?

Grind them up into his drink?

Like you said, fewer the members,
bigger the cut.

Pay off your debts.
You do it on your own,

or were you working with Professor
Greening? I-I didn't do anything!

Show us the bracelet.

I haven't got it any more.

I-I gave it to Errol!

You admit it, then?
No. As a present!

You expect us to believe you bought
a bracelet for an ex-fisherman?

As a present for someone else.

He gave me the money.
He wanted to use my staff discount.

So, who did he give it to?

I don't know.

I think I do. Yeah.

So, you've found the treasure?

Yes. It'll be valued in due course.

Oh. My grandfather would've been
very happy to hear it.

We've just got a few things
to clear up.

You still have the bracelet
he gave you? Sorry?

You see, they pose
a public health risk

and we're trying to track them down.

I've never had a bracelet. Really?

We have a witness who says you were
given one for your birthday.

They must be mistaken.

Want to explain how this
got in your bins?

Oh, that? With what's gone on...
I threw it away.

A gift from your late grandfather?

It broke. It broke, or you broke it?

I can't remember. You used it
to poison him, didn't you?

That's ridiculous!

I would never hurt him.
He was a kind, loving, gentle man.

I don't think
he was any of those things.

How dare you?! Even his best friend
said he was prickly.

Errol was driving that night,
wasn't he?

The night your parents were killed.

You see, we took a leaf
out of your grandfather's book.

You do enough digging and eventually
you find what you're looking for.

Now, it says here that the car
ran off the road and hit a tree.

Is that right?
You blamed him for their deaths.

Which is a little bit unfair
because according to this,

a deer ran out into the road
and he swerved to miss it.

He'd been drinking.
Why wasn't he charged?

Because he got out of the car
and ran away.

He said he was going to get help.

He didn't come back.

He left me in the car with...

with Mum and Dad.

What was left of them.

I was just a kid.

He said he was in shock.
He got lost.

He knew those roads
like the back of his hand.

He was waiting until he was sober
enough to pass a breath test.

So you were forced to live with
the man who killed your parents.

Cleaning up his mess,
cooking for him.

No wonder you decided to poison him.

I wasn't even here!
Abrin takes a while to kick in.

You made him breakfast yesterday
morning before you left, didn't you?

You had method, motive
and opportunity.

You had to wait until you were 18,
then you'd get your inheritance.

Except there isn't any, is there?

Because you told me
he'd spent the lot. We checked.

He blew it all.

On whisky and gadgets
for his stupid treasure hunting.

All I got was that poxy bracelet.

I was going to sell it online.

Then when I found out
that the beads were...

It seemed perfect.


You're under arrest.

I can't help but feel sorry for her.

She didn't have to kill him.
No, I know.

And if she hadn't, she would have
inherited a small fortune.

I still don't get why Errol told
the 999 operator it was Long Ben.

Well, he thought it was.

Abrin poisoning can cause
pretty trippy hallucinations.


Go away!


Police! Let me in!

He's outside. He's coming for me!

Where's the gold, Errol?

It's him. The Captain!


Usual? Yeah.

Gosh, it's busy in here.

We've been heaving all night.
Word must have got out.

Thinking of renaming the place
The Pirate's Gold.

Get us a pint and a half
while you're there, Clint. Cheers.

What is that?

What's that doing in there?

That should be in the package
for the British Museum. Sorry.

You're a deeply evil person,
you know that?

If you tell him that was a replica,
I'll kick you in the doubloons.


So they're official. Looks like it.

Let's go and make some
treasure hunters very happy.

I still can't believe
a few coins are worth that much.

That's the legend of Long Ben.

Most pirates got caught eventually,
but Henry Avery, he got away with it.

Disappeared without a trace.

Sailed off into the sunset.

Sounds kind of romantic
when you say it like that.

Except when you strip back the myths
and glamour

and realise he was
a cold-blooded killer.

Do you think it really was his gold?

Well, it certainly didn't bring
the professor much luck.

And the judge didn't buy his
"saviour of the museum" act.

Oi! So go on, then, how much?

Nuh-huh, no spoilers. Huh!


Maybe Beth was right.

Only thing cursed around here
is my love life.

All rise for Her Majesty's Coroner.