The Coroner (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - How to Catch a Lobster - full transcript

When a body washes up on a beach Davey is convinced it is that of Kevin Burton who went missing after robbing the casino where he worked. Jane however believes it could be the result of a botched burial at sea and has her assistant Clint interviewing local undertakers, where he discovers sharp practice and a link with the dead man's identity.

"But such a tide as moving seems

"too full for sound and foam,

"when that which drew from out the
boundless deep turns again home.

"Twilight and evening bell,
and after that the dark,

"and may there be no sadness
or farewell when I embark."

"For though from out our bourne
of time and place,

"the flood may bear me far,

"I hope to see my Pilot
face to face,

"when I have crossed the bar."

Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

We now commit
Margaret Crighton to the deep.

May she rest in peace.




Yep. OK. No worries.
Is, is Davey there yet?

OK, well, I'll be 15 minutes,
just hold tight.

Well, put a jumper on, then.
Just hold tight, hang ten,

whatever it is you do, Clint.

They've found another one? Yeah.

What, that's, like, two in as
many weeks? Three.

Where's this one? Greyrock Point.

Clint was out surfing and he
stumbled on it.

Oooh, that's nice. Is that silk
or...? Satin.

It comes in red or silver.
I'd go silver.

I'm not entirely sure this is

at breakfast time, Mother.

And this lot do same day delivery.
It's a big night for Mick, so.

And what's so special about tonight?
Oh, you should come.

He's redone the menu at the
Black Dog. Got some steaks in.

He's even caught some lobsters

Big night for Mick downstairs,
I thought we'd celebrate upstairs.

Well, I if I'm done in time,
I'll come.

Gran, look, this is the barcode
tattoo I'm getting. If I approve.

You scan it on the phone,
it pings and displays my name.

Does it give you a price as well?
Look, just text it to me

and I'll consider it.

If it's really nice,
might get the same myself.

And me. Really?!

BOTH: Keys!

Morning, Johnny Utah. Who?

Tell me you've seen Point Break.

I'm not into snooker.

Who's washed up this time?
They're pretty far gone.

Male or female? Male, I think.

The fish have had a really good go.
Did you find it?

No, a lady walking her dog.
I was catching the swell.

The dog walker's with
the police now.

Has he been down asking questions?

Journo with
the long-lens on the bluff.

I didn't realise the press
were here. Oh, yeah.

Top story in the Lighthaven Star.

Is that me?!

Finally a cover girl.
Right, come on, let's have a look.

Uhh... Are you all right?

Yeah. Well, no. It's just...

Quite glad I haven't eaten. Do you
want to arrange the undertaker?

Thank you. Which one?

Uh, try Prince's. They're reliable.

And do me a favour - don't speak
to the journo on the way up.

I don't want our office
passing comment.

I've got a nine AM with the
Devonshire Undertakers' Association,

so hopefully this'll be the last.
But the papers will be all over it.

You think this is another
botched sea-burial?

Lightning doesn't strike thrice.

Morning. Morning. Morning.
Morning, Jim.

I'd like to report a missing person.

On to item two, uh, which is this...

Thanks for waiting.

Punctuality is
the politeness of kings.

For those who don't know her,
this is our coroner, Jane Kennedy.

I know everyone here, Bill.
So, this is the problem.

Three in a month.

We need to talk about reforming
the rules on sea-burials.

I hope that you're not suggesting

those present are lacking in
their jobs? It's possible.

I'm sorry, but everyone here takes
a great deal

of professional pride in their work.

Well, these botched sea-burials
could easily be undertakers

outside of your jurisdiction.

Or strong currents.

Why aren't being hauled to
an emergency general meeting?

It is a subject I've raised
with the Coroner's Society

and it's not just here, but we can't
ignore the fact it is happening here

and something needs
to be done about it.

Look, it's not my job to say how
people are disposed of.

If they want a traditional
sea-burial, I'm all for it.

But what I won't support is a
situation where unidentified bodies

keep turning up on my patch because
of botched sea-burials.

I can't have it. What do you propose?

The simplest thing would be to
insist that all bodies

buried at sea are subjected
to a DNA test.

A voluntary test! For now.

Well, who's going to pay for that?

You would pass that onto the

Undertaking is a highly

If we raise our rates,

our customers may well take their
business elsewhere.

You could all raise your rates.

That would be price-fixing,
which is illegal.

And, in case you hadn't noticed,
we've just come out of a recession.

I did catch the news, yes.

Or...why don't pay for it?

My office barely has enough money
to keep the lights on, Bill.

You of all people should know that.

Voluntary DNA testing
isn't going to work.

You could lobby to make
DNA testing law.

That would require
a change in national legislation.

And, as a councillor, you would be
in a perfect position to throw

some of your weight that way.

I don't see why those
who are recently bereaved have to

submit their lost loved one
to an invasion of their privacy.

It's a tiny sample.

It's the principle. It's
an invasion of their human rights.

I'm not entirely sure dead bodies
have human rights.

I think you'll find
if you ask a lawyer...

I don't need to ask a lawyer, Bill,
I am one. And when I was appearing

at the Supreme Court,
they most certainly didn't.

Well you're not in London now.

You won't consider passing
this on to your customers?

Then perhaps it's time I conducted
a review of which undertakers

I use in the future.

So, who's missing?

My boyfriend. And when was
the last time you saw him?, about a week.

Be good to be precise about that.

Uh, Sunday.
It was a week ago on Sunday.

Ten days. That's a long time.

Well, he does that.
He leaves home and takes off sailing

when he wants to clear his head,
like, you know. Sailing?

Yeah, he went sailing - boat's gone.
What kind of boat is it?

A National 12. A blue wooden hull.

It's called Hispaniola.

Does he sail it on his own?

Yeah, I can't stand the water.

And how often does he go out?
Once, twice a month.

So, he's fairly experienced,
you'd say? Thanks. Very.

Has he gone off unexpectedly
before, is that right?

Yeah, but never for this long.
Always calls.

How's his health? Why?

Well, does he suffer from epilepsy,
anything like that?

No, he's fine.
Do you think he's drowned?

Well, if he's come off his boat,
we'd expect to find the wreckage.

They can't sail themselves.

And I haven't had any reports
like that from the Coastguard,

but I'll double check.
Has been pretty stormy of late.

When you say "clear his head",
what do you mean by that?

Oh, he, he gets himself
into scrapes.

Trouble? Yeah, gets himself into
trouble, like. With you lot.

What's his name?


Kevin Burton.

Your fella is Kevin Burton?

You know him?

I do.

Mate, I said "no comment."

Jane, here's your list of those
gone in the night,

and you've missed your ten AM

with the Bereavement Officer.
I'll call her.

These are from the community, all
natural causes apart from that one,

which is an RTC,
but they weren't a donor.

Here's your post, and don't forget
you've got court at half four.

I've had lots of calls from the
press but I've said "no comment."

Good. That journalist has been
hanging about.

I told him you weren't going
to be passing comment,

but he's pretty persistent.
And, uh, Davey's here. Thank you.

Hey, Clint? Nice pic online.

Cheers. Getting one framed for Mum.
She's really proud.

Thought you said he wasn't
efficient. He isn't.

Apparently the storms brought a
big swell

and he wants to clock off by lunch.

Which isn't going to happen. If this
is a social call, can it wait?

Tell me about that body
that's washed up.

How long was it in the water?

Uh, I don't have the PM yet,
but bodies rot pretty quickly

when they've been exposed.

This one's particularly grim.
Looks like the marshmallow man.

Have you got any ID? It's further
gone than the other ones.

Getting an ID from it's going
to take a miracle. All right.

Could it be this guy?
Honestly, the fish had a right go.

All his clothes were torn off by

The only thing on him was his watch.

Well, this is Kevin Burton.
He's a troublemaker.

Rubs people up the wrong way,
gets into fights.

I've picked him up a few times
but he's never been charged.

He's missing.

He went sailing ten days ago
and he hasn't come back.

My bloat'n'float's a botched

Well, if it's this guy,
it's my bloat'n'float.

Body's mine, not yours.
It was stormy when he went out.

If you've arrested him, don't you
have his DNA in your system?

Yeah, we should, but...
I can't find it.

I'm going to chase up
the National Database,

but I'm pretty sure this is my man.
My man.

Maybe your man had a blow out
with his girlfriend

and has just gone off for some space.
Or maybe he's lying in the mortuary.

Or maybe you should check
out his place of work.

Well, I'm going now.

You all right? Fine.

Just don't want to talk to that
flipping journalist out there.

Well, don't. I can't exactly
avoid him, Davey,

he's camped outside my office.

Well, get out of your office.

I'm going to the Hippodrome Casino.

I don't like to gamble before lunch.

Well, Burton worked security there.

Come on. Prove me wrong.

All right. Maybe a quick flutter.

Excuse me, love.
I'm looking for a Harvey Campbell.

Do you know where I can find
him? Out back.

That way, yeah? That way. Thanks.


Harvey Campbell?

I'm DS Higgins.

This is my colleague, Jane Kennedy.

We're looking for a Kevin Burton.

We understand he works here.


Ten! Burton.

What about him? Have you seen him?

You think he'd come back here?

When was the last time you did?

He worked his shift that Saturday,

then that's it.

Gone. Vanished.

Has he ever missed work before?

Too precise for that.
Burton have a sportsman mentality.

In the last three years,
he never missed a day.

So, you'd say you know him well?
Should do.

I promoted him for long enough.

He's a good fighter.

Hands like shovels.

Burton's a boxer? Was.

Could lift more than me.

And I'm pretty big.'s not a crime till someone
reports it, right?

And I haven't.

So who grassed me up?

What makes you think it's a crime,
Mr Campbell?

The money.

We're just investigating
a missing person.

All right, look.

Every weekend, a security van comes

and collects the casino's

and, a week ago Saturday,

75 grand went missing

between the front door and that van.

And Burton was on security?

Looks and brains.

So why didn't you report that?

I probably should have done.


Do you want to make a statement?
No, thank you.

I'll take care of it.

Well, how about you leave the law
and order side of things to me?

And how about you just leave
and go back to your station?

You can stay, if you like.

Good morning, Mr Campbell.


Look, the police catch
a sniff of Burton.

Yeah? So come down here - fast.

Right, so, an exemplary employee
goes missing from work

the same day as he goes missing
from home,

after going sailing,

and, ten days later,
a body washes up,

and he's the suspect in a robbery.

A robbery that's not been
officially reported.

All right, he's the suspect
in a suspected robbery, then.

My gut still says it's a botched
sea-burial - not Burton.

Well, mine doesn't.

Cheers, mate.


PM's ready. Great, thanks.
Oh, is that journalist still here?

Oh, he's not leaving till he gets
your comment.

Not going to happen.
Right, let's see the body.

If that's everything, I'm going
to nip out. Uh...

Maybe you're just clinging on to
your view cos you're cheesed off

with the Undertakers' Association.

Maybe three in a month's a pattern
I can't ignore. All right, well,

you follow your gut,
I'll follow mine,

but I'm telling you - I'm right.
And what's at stake?

How about a steak?

Off Mick's new menu? All right,
you're on.

Clint, I want you to doorstop
all the undertakers

registered on our books
to perform sea-burials.

Get descriptions and historys of all
sea-burials in the last two months.

Well, can't I just call them?
No. They'll evade.

There can only be half a dozen in
the whole county. But that's miles.

You can go surfing tomorrow.
The swell will be over tomorrow.

Well, you're on my time,
Clint, not yours.

Keep me posted on what you find.

Oh, and, Clint?

Beware Greeks bearing gifts.



Decomposition consistent
with immersion at sea.

Extensive PM predation
by sea creatures

rendering ID impossible
at this stage.


How old? Uh, says, by the pink
teeth, 30s or 40s.


Time of death?

Anything up to a fortnight ago.

Tick again.


What's it say on the teeth?

Missing cuspid on upper right.

Right, and who misses their teeth?

Uh, sugar addicts. Sugar Ray
Leonards, more like - boxers.

Tick, tick, tick.
And he's a big lad, too.

Well, once a body's been
exposed like this,

you can't tell how muscly they were.

Especially when they're this
inflated by death gasses.

Hold on. What?
"Cause of death..."

Drowning. "Cause of death -
blunt trauma to basal skull

"and upper cervical vertebrae.

"Traumatic basal subarachnoid
haemorrhage, as a consequence."

OK, so Burton steals money,

gets chased down by the heavies,

they whack him on the back
of the head with a baseball bat

and chuck him into the sea.
Still don't have DNA.

Oh, come on.
You're clutching at straws.

Right, anything else?

Just his personal effects -
the watch that was on him.

Pretty fancy for a security guard.

Well, not if it's a fake.

Look. They've spelt Rolex wrong.

What's that sound? Hmm?

Sounds like...sizzling.

And that smell, it's like...


Mmm, steak!

Do you reckon Mick could knock up
a bearnaise sauce?

Those peppercorns, they give me

It's not necessarily murder.
Could be a bad gybe.

You turn a boat the wrong way,
the boom rips right across,

could easily clatter you at
head-height. But our bet's not on

whether it's a murder or not,
it's whether that's Kevin Burton

in there, benchpressing his own
coffin lid.

I'm not buying you a steak till we
get confirmation on the DNA.

Right, OK, Better go
and see his missus, then.

Can I help?

Uh, do you do sea-burials?

Indeed. I don't suppose
I could have a list

of all the ones you've done in the
last month, could I?

Which rag are you from?
Which newspaper? I'm not.

Well, it's not us, OK?
There's no need to blame...

I'm from the coroner's office.
Oh, why didn't you say so, sweetie?!

You don't look
much like a coroner to me.

So, how are they supposed to look?!

Somehow, more...wizened and sinewed.

So, uh, can I have
the records, please?

Would you like a drink? Cup of tea
or a fruity juice? No, thanks.

A slice of cake? Freshly baked.

Gateau - Death by Chocolate.

Just the records for whatever
sea-burials you've done

in the last month.
All right, hold the fort.

You must forgive my tone - we've had
hell from the press all day.

Ah. Here they are. There are two.

The last one we did was this morning.

Margaret Crighton - lovely lady,
but dead.

Thanks. You will take care of them,
won't you, sweetie?

And you give my very warmest to Jane?

In fact, why don't you give her
the cake? No, thanks.

Really, I insist. No, seriously.
I insist.

OK. Thanks for the files.

Any time. Come again. Ooh!


All right.


Can we come in? You've found a body,
I've seen it on the news.

We've found a body,
but we don't know who it is.

It's him. We don't know that yet.
I'm going half crazy here -

phone's ringing off the hook. Well,
if you like, I can arrange for

a family liaison officer
to be with you? Uh, no.

No, no, I'd, uh,
I'd rather be on my own.

If it's all right with you,
we'd like to do a DNA check.

What will you need? Best thing would
be for us to contact his mum.

She died - 2005.

Oh, I'm sorry.

So who would be his next of kin?

Well, I...I guess that's me.

You don't share DNA with him, so
perhaps we can take something of his?

Uh, toothbrushes are best.
Ah, he took it with him sailing.

Well, does he have a cup or
a glass that he uses, you know,

maybe by the side of the...
He hasn't. Could you check?

I washed it up. I'm a clean freak.

Well, if there is anything that
you can think of that might help us

identify him, perhaps you could
bring it in. I'll do my best.

Was he missing any teeth?

No. No, I don't think so.

You're sure? Yeah.

Did he wear a watch?
Yes, he did. It was a Rolex.

I got it for him. It was a fake.
Not that he knew.

Fake Rolex. Shall we?

One last thing.
What colour were his eyes?

I don't know.

OK. Thanks, Dora. We'll be in touch.

Maybe there was a struggle on the
boat and his tooth was knocked out.

Or his tooth was knocked out
during a bad...gybe,

or whatever it is you call it.

What about the colour of his eyes?
What about them?

Well, she would know.

Maybe she's colour-blind.

Women can't be colour-blind, Davey.

That's a porkie, ain't it?


But everyone knows the colour of
their partner's eyes.

Davey, tell me you know
the colour of Annette's eyes. Course!

What colour are they? I don't know.

Never admit that. Ever.
I know what colour your eyes are.

Never admit that either.


Inspector Observant's phone.
Give me that.

He's driving. It's Jane.

Yes, that one.


Yep. OK, got that. Thanks.

They've found a boat.

You seen we've got a shadow?

Yeah. That'll be one of Campbell's.

Right, there's your boat.

Shall we?

How did it get here?

It fell out the sky?

I mean, the body's 12 miles away -
how can the boat be here

and the body be over there?

Maybe it sailed on without him?

Sir? Yeah?

All right, thanks.


I'll get Mick to heat up a pan,
shall I? Yeah.

Thanks, mate. Thank you.

Oh, come on, Calamity,
don't look so glum. I'm not.

You've still got a body,
and it's a murder -

that's far more exciting
than someone falling overboard.

If you'd stolen 75 grand,

would you really jump into a boat
and sail away?

And in a storm? You just wouldn't.
Well, I don't know.

Maybe he wanted to keep a low

There's not a lot of CCTV
at sea, is there?

Just sticks in my throat.

Not as much as that steak's going
to. You just don't like losing,

that's all. Can you take a left up
here? I'm going to work from home.

All right, you don't have to buy me
a steak, it's all right.

We made a deal, it's fine.
I'll stick to it.

You can do me a favour, though,
and put me out of my misery

by getting that DNA match.
Must be in by now.

Can I help you, son?

I'm from the Coroner's Office
in Lighthaven.

I understand you do sea-burials.
I do, yes.

Have you had any in the last month?


Oh. Would you, um...

Just one minute.




It's gone.

Yes, I'm certain.

Okey dokey.

Right. Where were we?

Dog person?

You know.

Oh, yes. Dog's gone missing.

Sorry about that.

We do do sea-burials, yes.

Oh, good. Can I see the files?

You can. In fact, we've had a
couple over the past month.

Couple of ladies. I'll just...

Yes. Why? Ah, doesn't matter.

No, it's no trouble.
No, it's cool. Thanks, though.

Hey, I hope your dog comes back.

I love dogs.


You're an Plymouth Argyle
supporter, eh?


I'm a Pilgrim, too, for my sins.

You a season ticket holder?

No, I just sort of go when I can.

Well, if you're looking for

I've got a pal who's got a box.

I'm sure he'd let you have it for
free if he's not using it.

You serious? Of course!

Here. Let me give you my number.

Be sure and give my best to Jane.

Make sure she sends some
business in my direction.

So, I know when you died...

and I know how you died...

but if you could tell where you died,
or, better still, who you are,

that would be a big help.

OK, let's say it is you.
You stole some money

and thought you'd sail away,

but someone caught up with you
and tossed you overboard.

I mean, really? Look at the size
of you.

And you'd risk everything
for 75 grand?

And there's your girlfriend,
who doesn't seem to know

if you're missing any teeth,

can't remember the colour of your
eyes and buys you fake gifts?

Doesn't fit, does it?

None of it...fits.


Hello, National DNA Database.


Hello, there. It's DS Higgins
from Lighthaven Police.

I'm having trouble with a file.

Yeah, a Kevin Burton.

I'm pretty sure we've done a DNA
test on him in the past,

but it's not showing.

Yeah, uh, he was arrested,

but not charged back in June 2012.

Now, I don't know if that's a glitch


And you caught it yourself?

People don't catch lobsters.
They catch themselves in the traps.

How're you going to kill it?

I'm not sure yet.

Mum, close your eyes a sec.

Have you got a present for me?
I love surprises.

Mick, what colour are Mum's eyes?

Ah, I don't spend a lot of time
looking at her eyes.

But blue. Blue as a summer sky.

I got such a treat for you later.

If you don't know the colour
of your lover's eyes you've got no

business knowing her otherwise.

You know, in the biblical sense.

Excuse me. Davey.

OK, I'll meet you there.


Can I speak to the undertaker,

You're looking at her.

I'm from the Coroner's Office and...

And you've come about those
botched sea-burials.

Well, we haven't done any.

We don't have the custom.

You mean you don't do them?

No, I mean we don't have that
kind of customer.

The rich kind.

OK. Thanks for your time.

I won't pay to be in your pocket.

Why would you pay
to be in my pocket?

We get our business two ways.

The first's when you call us.

Let's say a person dies
in a road accident.

Police are called and they contact
your boss who then calls

an undertaker to remove the body.

I know how the job works.

That's the most valuable
call in this business

because when that person's loved one
organises the funeral,

they'll need an undertaker
to prepare things.

And your everyday Joe Public
doesn't know a great

number of undertakers
so they tend not to shop around.

So they use the undertaker
the coroner calls.

Pays to be in her pocket.

Yeah, well, Jane's honest.

Not suggesting she isn't.

But she could cast the net wider.

There're a lot of undertakers
in this area,

but she's only got
a handful on speed-dial.

That breeds complacency.

Maybe that's why these bodies
keep floating up.

Let me see what I can do.

I don't want preferential treatment.

I just want it to be a fair
distribution of work.

Well, to be honest with you,
you're the only person I've met

today who hasn't tried
to scratch my back.

See what I mean?

What's your number?

Don't get yourself mixed
up in gambling.

I lost my first husband
to the horses.


Ooh, you shouldn't have.

Hey. I didn't.

Right, OK,
so they keep DNA for three years.

What?! I thought
they kept it forever.

Used to, now it's three years.
After that, if you want it cleaned,

you just fill out a form
and we have to ditch it.

Yeah, but Kevin Burton was arrested.
Yeah, but he wasn't charged.

That was back in 2012,
three years ago, right?

And when did they ask to
have his record cleaned?

The first of last month.

So, I checked his dental records,
nothing there either.

Well, if he wanted to vanish,
he's doing a good job.

still doesn't explain the Rolex.

I mean, if that body isn't Burton,
how come it's wearing Dora's fake?

You see,
I don't think it is Burton's watch.

Look, give us your wrist.

How can a heavyweight boxer
have thinner wrists than you?

Hands like shovels, he said.

Come on, I'm pretty tough,
I can lift some weights.

Davey, the only thing you ever
lift is a pint glass.

Dora's not giving us
the full picture.

Well, she's clearly not going to
give us any DNA voluntarily, is she,

so, maybe I can get a warrant,
try and trap her that way.

Have you ever caught a lobster?


You don't catch a lobster.
You let it catch itself.

In a trap.

Hey! You'll get fat!

Hi, Dora.

I'm afraid we still haven't managed
to identify the body.

Oh, what more do you need?

Well, are there any identifying
features that you can think of?

Yeah. Yeah, his tooth.

I can't think why
I didn't think of this before.

He's got a false tooth there.
I think it's called a ca...nine?

It got knocked out
in a boxing match.

Well, it's up to me to confirm that

the body we've discovered is
Kevin Burtons.

To be certain I need you to tell me
whether he had any tattoos.


Perhaps like this one?

A tattoo of a barcode
on his right hip?

Yeah, I, I think he did. Yeah.

Do you have any photos
of that tattoo?

No, I don't think so.

Oh, that's a shame,
because if you did

I'd be able to sign
the death certificate.

Well, I'll see what I can do.

Be in touch as soon as you can.


Come on, Dora.

You do realise that
if she drops herself in it,

we're still left with
an unidentified body?

I do,
but there's a big upside for me.

What's that?

Free steak.

Four sea-burials from
two undertakers,

but none match your man.

Which ones were they?

These two were done
by Gravelle's in Brixham

and Prince's in Torquay did two,
but they were both females, so.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

Not to do with the burials. Sorry.

Prince likes a flutter
but that's no crime.

Likes a what? Flutter.

He gave me his number
on the back of a casino chit.

Which casino?

The Hippodrome.


When it rains...

She's e-mailed?

What a lovely picture of
Kevin Burton and a barcode tattoo.

Has she done that with a biro?

She puts the artist
into escape artist.

Have you identified the dead body?

We've identified A body.

Yeah, but it's not dead.

Tell me about your relationship
with Kevin Burton.

I don't have one.

Have you ever been to
the Hippodrome Casino?

No. I don't think so.

Would you like to have a look
at the video, please?

Is this you,

on the night of July the 12th 2012,
at the Hippodrome Casino?

I don't remember.

Is this you on that same night
having one too many?

And is this you being thrown
out of the Hippodrome Casino

by Kevin Burton on the same night?

Now, the Coroner tells me that
you've always done exemplary work.

Look, I didn't...

I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

What happened?

Well, my... my wife,
she died and I went... the rails.

Gambling made me feel good,
but before I knew it

I was in so much debt.

It was his idea. Burton.

He knew what I did for a living.
He used to call me The Man In Black.

So, what part did you play
in the robbery?

Nothing. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

No. I didn't steal,

I didn't steal anything.
I just...helped him...disappear.

By botching sea-burials.

I only did one.

You see, I saw on the news
about those two bodies that had

floated up and I thought, well,
why not another one?

You see, he said to me that

if I'd make it look like he'd died
then he'd pay off all my debts.

So I put some stuff on a corpse
that came my way and I went

and dropped it off the headland.

You see, I knew that when that body
washed up it'd be next to

impossible for you to identify
that it wasn't him.

And without DNA...


So who's body was it?

Theodore Rosenstein.

He was a terrible alcoholic.


He broke his neck
falling off a bench.

And what about the other bodies?

Not mine.

No, no, someone else is out there
doing sea-burials on the cheap,

but your Coroner, she's on to that.

WHISPERS: I wouldn't mess with her
if I was you.

Tell me about it.


Hey, wait!

It's DS Higgins. All units.
In pursuit of Kevin Burton.

He's running!


Come here! Where's my money?!

Where's my ?75,000?

Where's my money?
Hey! Don't even think about it.

Don't even think about it.
Hand him over.

Hand him over!

You're pretty fast for a dead man.

And lucky.

Hands behind your back.

Here she comes. OK.

Good news or bad news?

You what?

Good news is, your boyfriend's
still alive.

The bad news is, you're about
to be arrested

for perverting
the course of justice.

I do have one question, though.

Did you move the boat to
the rocks before or after you

reported him missing?

Oh, come on, you deal with dead
things all the time.

Must be second nature by now.

I don't kill stuff, Mick,
it's dead when it arrives.

Mick? Before it gets too busy, Mick!



Davey, here. You'll kill Jeff
for me, won't you?

Why, what's he done?

Jeff's Mick's lobster. Someone's
ordered him and Mick's too chicken.

It's just,
we've become quite attached.

You shouldn't've given it a name.

I'm telling you, as soon as you
give something a name.

Just cut its head off.

That's cruel.
Drop it in boiling water.

Here, look, Davey,
if you take care of Jeff

your steaks are on the house.

Michael Sturrock. What I've
got under here is pretty hot.

If you don't come upstairs right now
and take it off me,

you're getting Jeffed too.

Mind the bar for me.

I'm underage.

I'll only be a minute.

Right, come on then, Jeff.

Close all your eyes.

I can't.

Mum, do the bar.
Why, where are you going?

I'm breaking Jeff
out of this prison.

He's going back into the sea.

Did you get anything out of Burton?

Yep. Full confession.

How did you get him to talk?

Oh, I just told him his girlfriend

couldn't remember what
colour his eyes are.

So I'm pretty sure that's not
going to last.

And green, by the way,
Annette's eyes, they're green,

I just, you know,
temporarily forgot. Course you did.

Yeah, and why would you forget
something like that?

So, er, I'll have a pint, please.
On the house? Oh.

Bye, Jeff.

All rise for Her Majesty's Coroner.