The Consultant (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Friday - full transcript

Unfortunately, Mr. Sang
cannot be with us today.

He was taken by the devil.

Have you ever
heard of Viktor Kulzer?

Hilltech Industries?

He signed the same
contract as Sang,

and he was found decapitated
two weeks later.

That's your personnel file. I
came by it in the records room.

- We have a records room?
- Of course.

Every company I ever consulted
at has a records room.

- Where do they go?
- They just fall to the bottom.

What do you want to find
when you stop falling?

He wants to make it!
In two years,

Sang never took a single
pitch I gave him.

- And then Patoff shows up...
- He killed Mama Sang!

Wait, what?

-== [ ] ==-


It... it was the parrot
this time!

He loves it.

According to the flight

Mama Sang flew back
to Seoul that night.

I'm sure he just filled
a suitcase filled with money

and sent her on
the first flight home.

- That's what I woulda done.
- Where?

In your fantasy world

where you're suddenly
running the company?

Hey. Show some respect.
I'm a creator now.

Look at him.
He can't get enough of it.

Well, your new biggest fan fired
23 people in the first week,

15 more people quit in protest.

Yikes. Well, who did we really
lose? You know?

Ginger Pete, and Skinny Lips in
art, I'm gonna miss them a lot,

but the rest of 'em,
I didn't even really know 'em.

See you Monday.

Not if I find something better.

Well, today
you're mopping floors,

next week, you're on fries.

- Goodnight, Mr. Patoff.
- Craig?

- You're leaving?
- Oh, it's Friday,

so everybody's just about to
head out for the weekend.

- You have arrangements?
- Nothing special.

My fiancée's got a work thing,
so I was just gonna go

down the road and grab a beer,

- kill an hour or two.
- A beer?

Do you want to come?

I'll need ten minutes
to prepare.

I thought you left already.

He invited himself
to Chimpers with me.

Friday night drinks
with the boss?

Do you know what you're getting
yourself into?

I'm just playing nice
while he makes my game.

- Will you come with us?
- I can't. I've got a date.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

He's picking me up
after he finishes work.

What? Who is he?
What does he do?

- What are you, my dad?
- I'm ready.


Ah, it's just one drink.
Have a good date.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

So, how are you enjoying
the gaming industry, Mr. Patoff?

How many of these patrons

do you think we could
realistically fight?

Excuse me?

In a brawl. Five?

- Um...
- Six?

I don't know.

I've only been in one bar fight,
and that didn't go my way.

One on one, or were you

It was actually just two hits.
Him hitting me, and then me...

...hitting the floor.

He hurt you?

It was pretty bad, actually.
My jaw was all...

They had to get it all wired up.

May I inquire as to
the reason of this fight?

I was young and I thought
that I was invincible.

Until the bigger guy
took a moment out of his day

to remind me that I'm not.

I think I could fight
four of them.

And with the element
of surprise,

you could subdue
the remaining three.

But this is just
guy talk, right?

We're not actually thinking of
getting into a bar fight?

- Forgive me, Craig.
- I thought...

Mental puzzles.

I'm always running
scenarios in my head.

All right.

Well, maybe you should drink
more of your beer

slow that hamster wheel
down a little bit, right?

Yes, let's enjoy our beers.

You mentioned
a relationship earlier.

Yeah, Patti, my fiancée.

We're actually gonna make it
official in September.

We're going to have a wedding
with about 100, 150 guests.

How about you, you have any...
You have a family, or...

Church wedding?

Yeah, that's kind of
an issue right now,

'cause Patti's Catholic
and I'm not.

I'm really more, Church of
Nintendo, you know?

But in order to be at one of
the venues of her choice,

I'm gonna have to convert
to Catholicism,

which is a whole procedure,
and, you know.

You... you would consider this,
for the Catholic?

For Patti? Yeah.

I mean, it's just a couple
months of brainwashing.

I think it'll be fine.

Now it gets interesting.

You know what? I actually...

- I have to go.
- It's over already, our beer?

Yeah, Patti, she... she...
I don't know if she has the keys

and I'm worried about leaving
her alone in this neighborhood.

The woman who insists you adopt
a faith you don't believe in

also expects you to open
the door for her?

It's better than getting
in a bar fight.

I knew we would have
good banter, Craig.

Now, let's finish these and move
on to the next place.

The next place? I actually have
so much work this weekend,

I think I better be heading out.

You were generous enough
to bring me here for a drink.

Now let me take you
somewhere in return.

We're not going far.

Ten, please.

Top floor?

You're not afraid of heights,
are you, Craig?

Not me, boss.

Welcome, gentlemen.

Your guest...

Of course.

Down to your underpants.

- What?
- Ah, it's my fault.

I should have explained,
there is a dress code.

Unless you feel that the rules
were not made for you.


There is someone
I want to say hello to.

Order us some drinks at the bar.

Hey, what do you got on tap?

Pick a color.

Give me two blues.

Thanks. I think we're probably
going to want to start a tab.

You don't belong here, do you?

Is it that obvious?

I came here with my boss, I
think he must be a member here.

What did you do?

What do I do?
Um, I write code for, uh...

No, I, uh, create
and produce video games.


This is my dear friend, Craig.

Hey, Milani. I'm Craig.

He's engaged to be married.

He's abandoning
his beliefs for her.

To be fair, I never really
had any to begin with.

Where did you meet her, Craig?

At work? Most relationships
start at work, don't they?

Ah. It's actually not
a great story.

I was getting something removed
and she was the attending nurse.

What did she take off?

A benign, fatty lump.

It was behind my left shoulder.

It was about the size
of a golf ball.

How romantic.

Carry a little piece of the one
you love, everywhere you go.

I don't know that
she kept it, but...

Um, I'm gonna go
to the bathroom.

I'll let you two catch up.

Uh, three more on your return.

Sounds good.

- Hey. How was it?
- Artificial limbs in Moscow.

What was that company
you were talking about?

Hilltech. Patoff had
a contract with their CEO,

Right before Sang
signed his deal.

Yeah, well,
I think he may have shipped

some of their merchandise
over with him.

There's this woman here, um...
Melanie or Malorie...

Fuck! I can't remember what her
name was, but I'm gonna ask her.

Wait, wait, slow down.
Where are you?

I don't know. I'm...

It's very blue here,
and beautiful.

I mean, everyone here is
so beautiful, like,

nines and above.
And the coat guy!

- Are you drinking?
- A little bit.

I had one beer and one sip of
blue, okay? Sue me.

Anyway, she knows him,
this Melody... Fuck.

That's not her name either.
What was her fuckin' name?

- What's she like?
- I wanna say,

ventriloquist dummy,
but I probably shouldn't.

I'm gonna flirt with her
and see what I can find out...

Okay, love you too.

Craig, be careful.


Did your friend leave?

Perhaps we have to accept

that we're not the most
attractive men here, Craig.

So, consultancy work must really
pay well if it brings you

into places like this, huh?

I offer a very simple service,

and I work towards the
betterment of my client's needs.

For that,
I'm generously compensated.

What... what did Sang need?

Did he need more money,
or more likes?

Unfortunately, I'll have to
leave you for a while, Craig.

I made a promise
to help a friend.

Shouldn't take very long.

Although, if I had assistance...

You want me to come?

I'm enjoying your company
so much, Craig.

Why let it end?

Whoa, whoa, wait.

- My clothes.
- Oh, we're coming back.

Ride up front.
I sent the driver home.

What's this favor we're doing?


Wait, what?!

What... What the fucking hell?!

What the fuck is going on?

Who is that?!

- Don't touch!
- Ah!

- Stop the car!
- I can't do that, Craig.

We need to help him!

I don't think that's advisable.

What's happening to me?

You're having
a panic attack, Craig.

Oh, please stop the fucking car.
Stop the car.

That won't help you.

You need to control this,
instead of this controlling you.

Stop the fucking car!
Stop the car!

There you go.

All better?

Would you like some music?

I haven't yet asked,
what is your taste?

Are you all right back there?

Oh, I think their mouth will be
taped shut beneath the...

what is it, a bed sheet,
a table cloth?

We need to pull over to check
if he can breathe properly.

He could be choking under there.

But if we remove the sheet,
then he may see

- where we're taking him.
- Where are we taking him?

A boat?!

Mr. Patoff, sir, I'm not
comfortable with anything

that's happening here.
I don't know why you thought

that I'd wanna be involved with
any of this, but I don't.

To be fair, Craig, the fault's
not entirely with me,

but perhaps shared equally
between us.

- Wait, what do you mean?
- When I asked you to help me

on an errand, you didn't declare
your history of panic attacks.

I don't have a history
of panic attacks.

How did he look?


Was he still warm?

Mr. Sang?

Well, I...

I know this must be awkward,
but you have my word.

I won't share anything
you tell me.

One friend to another.

Did you feel him leave the room?

Mr. Patoff, sir, could we
please stop the car? Please.

Well, I can't do that.
We're on a bridge.

Before I tell you
what I'm about to tell you,

you have to promise me
that you won't panic again.

I'll try.

Our passenger back here
is responsible for the death

of our imperious leader.

The kid!?
You kidnapped the fucking kid?


whatever you're thinking of
doing, please don't.

You'll find a knife
in the glove box.

- Look and see.
- I don't want to look in there.

May I remind you

that we work for the betterment
of Mr. Sang's interests.

Sang? Sang is dead.

Then revenge would surely
be in his interest. No?

He didn't know
what he was doing.

You can't hold a child

for something like that.

Who, then?
Who do we blame, Craig?

His parents. or schools, or
the bullies, or social pressure,

or refined sugar,
or vapor trails, or...

We are responsible
for the death of Mr. Sang?

I mean, we didn't pull
the trigger, but, yeah,

we sort of handed him the gun.

How long have we been
on this bridge?

You're breathing
too fast, Craig.

Am I?

You need to confront
these fears.

I need to get off
this fucking bridge.

Where's the Craig who stood up
to that brute in the bar fight?

- He broke my fucking jaw!
- But you faced him.

As you will face this.
Now breathe with me.




We are instructed
to stop for gas.

Hey, it's Elaine.

Leave a message.

This isn't what I wanted.

Whatever happens,
I want you to know that.

Come on... fucker.

Ah. Uh...

What the fuck?

- Where are we?
- Uh...

Where are we?!

We're in, uh, Long Beach.

Frank Florez.

If you want to know what he's
made of, find Frank Florez.

My friend, Milani, has been
struggling with substance abuse

for many years.

I had left her in a
rehabilitation clinic in Moscow

but somehow she found
her way here.

My aim was to send her home,
complete her treatment.

Now, of course I knew she'd put
up resistance,

addicts always do.

But now, as a direct result
of your actions,

Milani is alone
on the streets of Long Beach,

looking for drugs.

You lied to me.

I had to test your loyalty
to Mr. Sang

to know if we truly
can be friends.


Let's just say

I won't be relying on you
in a crisis.

You look nice.

Haven't seen that on you before.

Oh, uh, it's a loaner.

Hmm. Good night?

Yeah. Just got
a couple beers after work,

I didn't want to wake you.

You should wear that on Monday.

- Monday?
- Church.

We're meeting Father Stollen.

Ah, we'll make a good
Catholic boy out of you yet.

Hey, it's Elaine.

Leave a message.

We work for a sociopath.
Call me.