The Consultant (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Creator - full transcript


Well, good morning, everybody.
My name is Elaine,

and it is my pleasure today
to show you

what we do here at CompWare.

So why don't you all
come on back?


Now, can anybody tell me
what a coder does?

'Cause I seriously don't know
some days.

- I do!
- Yes.

- Coders write the games.
- That is correct.

Coders write the games, but they
do not create the games.

For that, we rely on one person.

Our great creator in the sky.

Who'd like to meet him?


Sang-woo was just 13 years
of age when he published

his first game, made in his tiny
bedroom in Busan, South Korea.

Can anybody tell me
the name of that game?

"Fuck Dragons".

Actually, F-Dragons was
a later release.

His first game was "Skittle
Dolly", which, to date,

has garnered over
37 million downloads.

Seven years later, Sang has over
100 original games on the market

and many more in development.

Sang is a very busy man,

but I'm sure he'd just love
to say hello to y'all.

And, maybe if you guys
ask nicely,

he'll let you guys play
an exciting new demo

of a game we've been working on.

Just give me one second.

Hi. The children from Glendale
Middle are here to see you.


Alright. Here we go. Come on in.

Don't be shy, he won't bite.


He's got tiny people
in with him.

How long are these little
fuckers gonna be in there?

Um, if he needs his ego stroked,
30 minutes, but if not

they'll be out in three.
What do you need?

I actually have an idea that I
wanted to pitch to him.

- You know how that tends to go.
- Uh-huh.

Yeah, but this time,
I decided to take your advice,

and I'm gonna make him think
that it's his idea.

I know Sang can be...
conceited, vain...

- Yes.
- Immature, narcissistic,

but he's not a bad person.

Eh, he's sort of a bad person.


I want my mommy.

Did you come to bed yet?

Yeah, twice. But I think
I'm gonna go for a run.

Be safe.

Clear. Gunslinger 28.

What's your location?
Where the fuck are you?

I'm right behind you.

What the fuck.

Yo, is anyone gonna
waste this motherfucker?

- What are you doing?
- Fuck, Craig!

Oh! You almost gave me
a heart attack.

What is that?

- What?
- What... the thing

that you're putting...
Is that, uh...

- Is that a camera?
- What? You're paranoid.

Okay, then show it to me.

- Okay, it's a camera.
- What the fuck?

What are you doing
filming in here?

It was Sang's idea,
ever since the lawsuit,

- he was paranoid.
- Okay, where else?

Where else are all the cameras?

I'm just getting started.

Oh, this fucking place.

What are you doing here?

I can't sleep. I was just...

I think I left some weed here.



You wanna share some of that?

So, you found
something else yet?

Yeah, looks like
I'm going to Lobster.

They're putting
together an offer.

- Oh.
- You?

I'm just taking some time.

Don't take too long,
it's cold out there.

So, uh, what does Patti
think you should do?

You guys are still...

Yeah, she thinks that I should,
uh, pray for my soul

and change my career.

- She never said that.
- Eh...

Not in the same breath.

Hey, Elaine, you ever
think about how...

...if the devil made him do it,

then, like, what does that
make us?

Cigarettes make you cough.

Coke rots your teeth.

TV makes you stupid.

You've been playing video games
your whole life, right?

Yeah, since I had thumbs.

And did you ever go
on a killing spree?

Did I ever go on
a killing spree?

No, not yet.

But, I, uh, you know...

I'm not 30 yet, so who knows.

- Didn't you lock up?
- I thought I did.


Can I help you?

Mr. Sang-woo, please.

Sang isn't available.

Is there someone else
I can direct you to?

Oh, that's right, he killed
those children

and then turned
the gun on himself.

- I didn't get your name.
- Regus Patoff.

Mr. Patoff, he actually didn't
kill any children.

Some children killed him...
or one child shot him.

It was a psychotic break
caused by...

They don't know what caused it.

- We don't know what caused it.
- You're right.

I told myself that other version

and it sounded so incredible,
it must have stuck in my mind.

Do you mind?

Uh... sure.

- I'm not very good on stairs.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, sir, can I just ask,
where do you think you're going?

To work.

I trust Mr. Sang was
true to his word

and made an appropriate

My contract isn't starting
until the morning,

but it sets a very good example
to be the first one to arrive.

What did Sang hire you
to do, Mister, uh...


Patoff. Is that, uh, Russian?

It's Crimean Peninsula.

I am to consult Mr. Sang
on all matters of business.

Specifically, corporate

Productivity? Branding?

On all matters of business.

Oh, it doesn't look so
high from down there.

Yeah, there is
a service elevator,

but we're more than
halfway up, so, maybe...

Well, then, logic
dictates we proceed.

Thank you.

I can carry myself from here.

Sir, sir!

You can't go in there. Sir!

Sir! That's...

Yeah, this will do.

Sir, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

It's vacant.

Mr. Patoff, I'm sorry if you've
had a wasted journey.

Take a look around, there's no
business left to consult on.

We're totally shuttered.

I wish to call a full staff
meeting for tomorrow morning.

Shall we say, 9 AM?

And you'll find this...

Mr. Sang's wishes.

What does it say?

Who owns us?

When the lawyers are done,
Sang's only living relative,

his mother, who lives in Busan
and speaks no English.

Fuck, why did you let me
get high?

It's what he says. He's here to
consult directly with Sang

on all matters relating
to CompWare.

Okay, so in the absence of Sang,
who's in charge here?

Mr. Can't Get Up
the Fucking Stairs?

Why are you asking me?

You were Sang's assistant.

Creative liaison.

Creative liaison?

- I gave myself a title bump.
- When?

When I started applying
for other jobs.

You don't know what it's like
out there. You don't try.

Well, maybe you should
make yourself CEO,

'cause apparently right now
we do not have one.

Did you smoke weed last night?


The bedding stinks.
I'm not nagging,

but could you maybe
do a wash for me, please?

- What time is it?
- It's 8:30. I gotta go.

But will you be around later
to sign for something?

- Wait, I have to go to work.
- No, honey. You don't.

Ah, there's this guy, Patoff.
He's a consultant.

Sang hired him.
Everybody has to go in.

If you strip 'em, I'll wash 'em.
Love you.

- Love you.
- Love you.

Yo. Is he here?

I don't know.
I don't think he left.

Shouldn't someone talk to legal?

I already did. Unless they shut
us down or sell us off,

everything sanctioned by Sang
is in play.

Good morning, comrades.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sang cannot
be with us today,

but he sends his best regards.

To the wonderful faces
I see below,

thank you for being an important
part in CompWare's success.

I'm looking forward to getting
to know you all personally.

You are valued.

Uh, and for those
who work remotely,

you have exactly one hour
to get here in person

or your contracts of employment
will be terminated.

That's all.

My God.

Can he do that?

He seems to think so.

Dude, what happened
to Spin Diesel?


This place is a fucking
death factory.

Yo, so, who's the suit?

His name is Patoff.
That's all we know.

Hi, Elaine Hayman for
Diane Delaney.

Is she contactable?

Yes, I'm just following up on
a position that we dis...

No, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I understand. Things come up.


Is there anything I can help you
with, Mr. Patoff?

What do we make?

- Make?
- The thing we sell?

We produce games.
For your phone.

People pay for these games?

No, not directly.

They pay through advertising,
in-app purchases, merch.

I'm surprised Sang didn't
explain this

when he engaged your services.

It's pretty much all he did
in his short life.

No, Mr. Sang and I discussed
wider concepts, but...

Such as?

There it is again.
Do you smell that?

I... I don't smell anything.

It's like putrid fruit or
decaying flowers.

I can, um...

No, it's not you.

Ah, 10 o'clock exactly!

It's an, an entirely different
prospect going down, isn't it?

Can I show you the elevator?

Let her in.

I gave them all one hour.

She's right there.
If you just open the...

Why should I make an exception
for her?

What's different about this
employee from the others?


It's not as if she didn't
have transportation.

I'm sorry.

He doesn't even know
what we do here.

You check your account this
morning? We all got paid.

Did you hear
what he did to Lois?

Wheelchair Lois
or cleft palate Lois?

I don't know who the fuck
he thinks he is.

I've been looking into that.


- And we'll talk at lunch.
- I want to talk now.

Did you get rid of all
the cameras?

- Not yet.
- Okay.

So maybe we should talk
at lunch.


He doesn't exist.

There is sweet fuck-all out
there about Regus Patoff,

or his so-called consultancy
firm. Hi. How's it going?

Can I get the corn with no salt?
It's ok if you cook it in salt,

but can I just get none of
the salt on the top?

- Yep. Your name?
- Thanks. Craig.

It doesn't stack up.
We were doing really well.

We were in a bit of debt, but
Sang bought a shit-ton of toys.

I don't know why he'd bring
in a grandpa.

- Next.
- Cheese quesadilla.

No conditions.

- Name, please.
- Elaine.

What if he's more than just
a consultant?

Like, a guru? Sang would never
fall for that kind of shit.

They don't give you a choice.

They worm their way in with
the top CEOs before you know it,

their mission statement's being
translated into fucking Klingon.

They're all parasites.

Sang would never fall for any
of that kinda stuff.

He didn't have friends.

He didn't have any hobbies.
He didn't get laid.

I know you hated him but he was
actually quite pathetic.

Craig, Elaine?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Ok, so you're saying this guy
just waltzed in off the street

one day and then just got Sang
to sign over complete authority?

I don't buy it.

Are you saying
the contract is fake?

- What's the date on it?
- Why?

Well, if they signed in person,

then maybe Patoff came
to visit the office.

We have everything recorded.

Sang kept everything
on the server.

Can we look at that?

Yeah, we just need the date.

Hello, I'm Mr. Regus Patoff.

Hello, I'm Mr. Regus Patoff.


Hello, I'm Mr. Regus Patoff.

March 24th.

Hello, I'm Mr. Regus Patoff.

- Viktor Kulzer.
- Hello.

Our... our cleaning service
is the worst.

I called and complained,

and apparently they are not
authorized to remove blood.

If it offends you so greatly,
I suggest you acquire

a sponge and a bucket
with warm, soapy water.

I'll get right on that.

Oh. You'd be pleased to know...

...I identified it,

and have taken measures
to eradicate it.

- What's that?
- That rancid smell out there.

Won't be bothering us
any longer.

- That's a relief.
- Yeah.

March 24th. I was back East with
my sister all that week.

Dana was handling
all of his appointments.

Is that live?

If you ever tell anyone
I did this...

I'm not telling anybody.

Right. It's archived,
it'll take a minute.

Where you going?
You aren't helping?

I thought we could
play the back nine

for some Sour Patch
while we wait.

I've gotta go clean up
a spill first,

- but save me the green ones.
- You got it.

Psst. Hey.

- Oh.
- What happened?

He's firing Iain.

Says he doesn't like
the way he smells.

It's constructed humiliation.
Who put this guy in charge?

Sang... we think.

Well, Iain relies on this job.

You know he can't survive
out there.

- Let me see what I can do.
- Okay.


I can do this later
if you're busy.

No, you can work around me.

Whoever would have thought

pressing a repetitive
sequence of buttons

could hypnotize a young mind
into murder.

They still don't know what
made him do it.

To think you could train an army
of soldiers from their beds.

And when you're ready...

Actually, gaming has been proven
to increase memory,

focus concentration, and enhance
problem-solving abilities.

In some instances,
it can benefit social skills.

I picked up a baby's bottle.

Do I feed the baby or restore
my own health?

Well, if you wanna beat
the game...

...eventually you'll have to
sacrifice the baby.

Look, I know everyone's
pretty fucking grateful to

be getting paid right now, but
that doesn't give you license

to fire people who are five
seconds outside of curfew

or because of the way
that they smell.

My purpose is to improve
the business for Mr. Sang.

Yes, but Sang's gone.

What's left of him
is in my bucket.

You liked him.

I felt sorry for him.

I think he had too much
too young,

and he wasn't the genius
everybody said he was.

It's rude of me,
but I am yet to ask.

What do you do here?

I was Sang's...

I was Sang's creative liaison.

Now that's a position of

Sang could always rely on me.

Then I'll leave
the matter to you.

And if I smell him again,
you're both fired.

Hello, I'm Mr. Regus Patoff.


Sang made him wait in
reception for 56 minutes.

That means he didn't
have an appointment.

Exactly. Is there any audio?

Not in here.
Sang only wanted to know

if the cleaners
were stealing his candy.

That's it?

14-minute conversation
and he gets this guy to sign?

That is one charming

Have you, uh, ever heard
of Viktor Kulzer?

Hilltech Industries? They make
artificial limbs in Moscow.

You don't want to work
in Moscow.

Well, their CEO signed
the same contract as Sang,

and he was found decapitated in
his apartment two weeks later.

Was Sang...