The Comeback (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Valerie Hangs with the Cool Kids - full transcript

At the insistence of the network, Room and Bored gets a makeover and two new cast members, spurring talk of a coup by the "original five". Meanwhile, Valerie spends some quality time with Franchesca and her rotten little friends.

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The Comeback - Season 1- Episode 9
"Valerie Hangs with the cool kids. "

Let's go.

How are you feeling??

Well, it's just it's great
to be back at work.

You know, I got the call yesterday that the
show's officially up and running.


"Room and Bored, this is the network.

You are cleared for take off. Again. "

What changes do you think
they made to the show??


you know,

it's television, so...

anything's possible.

So, you don't feel nervous??

You know what??

I've been working in TV for 20 years,

so I no longer feel anything.





- Have a... a little...
- What??

Oh... Good luck... I've...



It's a...

It's a welcome
back gift for you.

Okay, all right, Mickey, just breathe.

Take your time. What's the hurry??

Well... I wanted you to have it before you
went into the big retool meeting.

Ah, okay, let's see.

Oh, look, isn't that pretty??

It's a four-leaf clover.


For good luck.

Maybe it'll help in the meeting.

Okay, well...

I'll try to put it on as I walk.

- Thank you. Thanks, darling.
- Thinking of you.



first of all,

welcome back?!

- Yeah.
- It's great to see everybody?!

It sure is, isn't it??

- Yes?!
- In dream.

It is?! So, listen.

We made some changes to the show.

They may seem big, but they're not.

The network asked us...

to refocus the show.



she now lives
in the apartment alone.


- I do??
- Yeah.

The idea...

is to just...

open things up a little bit,

Like make it less claustrophobic.

So, where am I??

You live in an another
apartment in the building.

But you're still down at
Cassie's apartment a lot.

It's like... It's like the
main hang out,

? la "Seinfeld. "

Did I just say "? la"?

Praise allah?!

Yo, what... what about us??

Mooner and Stitch live in
another unit in the condo.

Oh, another unit?? Wow, Aunt
Sassy's a land baron. Who knew??

So are you, uh, ever
gonna see our apartment??

Oh, yeah?! Yeah yeah?!

Eventually. Like...

Yeah and we found these two fuckin'
hilarious guys we're bringing onto the show,

Who live in another
unit in the building.

They're a comedy team I saw
at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

Yeah, they do this...

They do this whole... uh...

It is this whole like
pakistani-gibberish thing.

It's, like... bibble bi doo bi doo...

So they're gonna be
Cassie's pen pals from india.

Anyway, you'll see.

Wow, comedy team. Fun?!

- Real fun?!
- Mmm.

So, there you go.

That's the new "Room and Bored".

- What about Aunt Sassy??
- Yeah.

Whoa whoa?!

Oh, my wife.

I actually have to take this.

My kid has the flu.

Oh, yeah, no, take it. Sure, yeah.


Do you want to tell me...?

Yes, she... Oh?!

Okay. Yeah, I love you too.

Fever broke.

Aw, great.

Poor little guy, yeah.

Actually, it's a girl.

Oh, is it?? Oh.

That's nice, yeah.

Daddy's little girl.

- Yeah.
- So?!

Wha... What...?

- What were we talking about??
- Aunt Sassy. Yeah?!

Right right right?!

- Yeah, I...
- Yeah??

Yeah, you know, things pretty
much stay the same with you.

You just come in and out
of Cassie's apartment.

Oh, great?! So, I'm unaltered??

- That's great. No big changes, then?? Year.
- No changes. None.

- Oh, great. So, it's working for you??
- It's working...

- You're both happy??
- Great?!

Great. Great. Ah.

Good?! Okay?!

This is my apartment.

Do you like it??

What?? What??

You must be tired from your trip.
Do you want to go to bed??


You stay here and I'll go
put my little nightie on.

I love having my pen pals here.

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Corrections?: Seth Cohen

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Man, that chick is hot.

How sweet is it that we
found that pen pal letter??

And cut?!

- Nice?!
- Awesome?! Awesome?!

Okay, let's move on?!

Next scene, everybody?!

Yo, my man, can we do this again??

We like to do things a few
times just to play around.

- Tom?? Paulie G??
- Whatever you need, men.

Whatever you need.

Uh, but this time,

try to be funny.

Uh, you don't want funny. This is a sitcom.

Clear the set, everyone.
We're going again.

Man, we're just hanging around
watching everyone else rehearse.

Gentlemen, welcome to my world.

All right.

And the other one goes...

- That sounds funny.
- Oh, yeah, it is.

They do it as funny as you??

Well, different.

But yeah. Yeah.

Do it again.

- See?? Everything worked out for the best.
- Mm-Hmm.


for me, yeah, 'cause I'm unaltered.

You know?? But for...

you know, Jesse and Chris,

they are not thrilled
with things at all.

In fact, Chris is so pissed off that...

Ok. This is actually kind of funny...

He said he's so mad, he's not going
to learn "those f-ing guys' names. "

He's gonna call them
the Beadie-Beadie boys.

Well, you had to be there,

- 'cause...
- Daddy, I'm here?!

- Well, 15 minutes late.
- Yeah, it's only 15 minutes.

Curfew's a curfew, Mark. You're the father,
you have to say something.

Hello hello hello.

Well, who do we have here??

This is my best friend Kalla.

Hello, best friend Kalla.

I thought your best
friend was Brice Stein.

Mmm, yeah, well.

Uh, okay, this is my dad,
this is Valerie and

this is the camera crew.

They're totally here all the time.

- Bananas.
- We don't play to them.

Just to pretend like they're not here.

- You're late.
- Right.

Yeah, you know, but we were
at Kevin Costner's house and...

You were at Kevin Costner's??

Yeah, his son's into Kalla.

- Yeah, well, you're still late.
- Yeah.

They were at Kevin Costner's house, Mark.
What do you want??

15 minutes.

Not the end of the world, right??

Yeah, well, we're waiting
and Valerie went to the trouble

to order this nice meal from toscana.

- Well.
- Oh, well, we just ate.

Yeah, we split an Atkins bar.

You split an Atkins bar??
That's not food. Okay??

Listen, you know, I've got to tell
you something, Franchesca.

If you're gonna be here the
whole week, you have to eat.

Your mother's gonna be so mad at me.

Fine. I'll have some rapini.


So, you're on that Juna
Millken show, right??

Okay. That's not what we call it.

- What is she like??
- You know, she's wonderful.

Would you like some pasta, dear??

No. No. Not at that table, Chesa.

Oh yeah, no it's rude,
dear. It's really rude,

especially, you know,
you have Kalla right here.

It's from... Kalla.


Yeah, Kalla wants to
know if you can take us

to Juna's CD signing at the
Virgin Megastore tomorrow.

Well, you can tell
Kalla I'd be happy to.

B ananas.


- Do you want some milk, dear??
- Nope.

It's skim.

Morning, Greg. Morning, Kaveen.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Listen, I just wanted to tell you
guys you were hilarious yesterday.

- Hilarious.
- Oh, thanks.

In fact,

I was doing you for
my husband last night at home,

And I was getting laughs as you.

- Oh, really??
- Yeah. Yeah.

So, it made me think.
You know what might be real fun??

If Sassy thinks she can understand
your language. You know...

You know?? Except
she's doing it her way.


Okay, we're indian,

so you saying that

is like a white person making fun
of an african-american.

I... I'm sorry.

No, I'm fucking with you.

Very good?!

You got me.

Good, listen. Can you...
can you not say the f-word??

Just 'cause it's a network reality show.
Love to use you on it.

Ah, fuck, I'm sorry.

Hammerhead, you just said fuck again.

Don't say fuck or they
can't fucking use it.

Okay, good. I'm gonna head out.

Okay, so, I won't say fuck again?!

That's right. Now, what word
are you not going to say??

- Fuck??
- That's right. Don't say fuck.

Okay. Got it. No fuck.

Actors and stand-ups,
it's always a dicey mix.

Oh, fuck?! I just said
fuck again, didn't I?!

- Fuck yes?!
- Fuck me?!

Mmm, this is delicious.

This is good.

Well, hello hello hello.

Hey, Val, can we talk
to you for a second??

Sure, yeah, have a seat.

Everything all right??
You seem a little upset??

- Should I leave??
- No, man, you're cool.

What's up with you talking
to those Beadie boys??

- I'm sorry??
- We saw you talking to them this morning.

You know, we're trying
to freeze those dicks out.

Okay. No, I'm sorry.

I didn't know that you
were trying to freeze.

They're running all over the show, Val.


The writers cut four of my lines last night.
So those guys can...


I just want to bust
their faces, you know??

Well, all right, Chris,
just calm down, okay??

Maybe get you something
to drink?? Diet Coke??

- Chris is pissed off.
- I'm pissed off.

I know. I know you are.
I know, but, you know??

Just one second. Excuse me??

Yeah, I've got to get
these guys some cool drinks.

So, ice tea??

- Yeah.
- Okay, two ice teas.

Wait a minute. Is it
raspberry or passion fruit??

I don't know.

- Mmm, passion. It's passion.
- Yeah.

Yeah, two ice teas.

- Thanks, Carlos.
- That's Juan.

Mickey, please.

Look, I'm quitting the show.

You are not quitting.
You are not quitting anything.

And Juna, she's in everything.
What's up with that??

Okay, you know,

I know you're upset,
but you can't let that...

We can't start turning
on each other.

Okay?? We have to be
there for each other.

We have to do, all right??

We're... we're the original five.

All right?? We are the show.

It's not cool.

Boys, it's TV. Okay??
It happens all the time.

And you have to learn to
roll with it, my friends.

That's how you survive.

True dat?!

All right, but you are upset, okay??
I hear you,

but I think, you know... maybe
have you considered talking to Tom

- or Paulie G about how you feel??
- Oh, man.

I mean, Paulie's always
laughin' at those guys.

He doesn't even like...
want to talk to us anymore.

Oh, man.

Oh, come on, man. It's cool.

Is he crying?? Crying??

- Come on, man.
- Oh, your ice tea's here.

Chris, wanna have a sip??


it'll make you feel better.

We don't have to wait in line, do we??

Hardly. I would to kill myself.

Stay close, girls, will you??

Back of the line, please.

I'm a friend of Juna's, so it's okay.

Valerie Cherish.

- What's the name again??
- Valerie Cherish.

Valerie Cherish.

We were just in there setting
up another camera for her.

- It'll be a second.
- I've got... Yeah, thank you.

Is that a cigarette??
Is that a cigarette??

- Yeah, Kalla smokes.
- Oh, no, Kalla doesn't.

Put that out right now.

It's an american spirit.

No harmful chemicals.

Just tar and nicotine, that's all.

Put it out, right now.

- Valerie, you're embarrassing me.
- Oh??

I can't have a minor smoking on my show.

- She does it all the time. It's okay.
- Out?! It has to go out?!

- Stop arguing with me.
- People are staring.

- God.
- You can hurt someone.

You know that guy Chris on your show??


He is so hot.

I love it when he takes his shirt off.

He is very very cute, Chris.

You've gotta hook me up with him.

And now I'm in jail.

I'm not gonna hook you up with...

You're okay.

Oh, great. Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.

Girls, here. You wanna hold on??

- As if.
- All right.

Girls, let me get in front.

Hi. No, I'm friends with her.

Let me get in front, so she can see me.

- Hi, Val?!
- Hi. Okay.

- We're in and out.
- Hi, Franchesca?!

- Hi, Juna.
- Your outfit is great?!

- Thank you.
- So glad you said something.

- She changed about 10 times.
- Valerie?!

- Real cute, huh??
- It's great.

Yeah, anyhow, this is
my best friend Kalla.

- Hi, Kalla, nice to meet you.
- Hi, nice to meet you.

So if you could just sign once for
Franchesca and one for Kalla.

- Kalla with a K.
- Sure.

With a K.

Val, I'm so glad you came today.

- Wouldn't miss it.
- No one else from the show came.

- Really??
- Mmm.

Oh my god?!

All right, girls, why don't you each
find a cd and I'll buy it for you.

All right?? Don't get lost.

Suddenly, I feel so
distanced from all of them.

Hi, I think you're awesome.

They think I wanna be the center
of the show or something.

You can't take it personnally.
You can't.

Those boys are a mess.
They're a mess.

I told Chris he should talk
to Paulie G, and he cried.

- Oh, you know what??
- Chris cried, what is that??

It's because his dad was this huge alcoholic,
So he can't deal with intense feelings.

Is he?? I didn't know.

- I think you're so hot.
- Oh, thank you?!


Thank you.

You know what I think you should do??
If you would. It'd be great.

- Hi.
- Hi. Make it out to Wendy.

You know what?? Can
we just have a minute??

Just one second??

- Yeah?? Yeah?!
- Just ten seconds.

You should talk to the guys, okay,

and just let them feel some support.

Let them feel that they're being heard.

- Okay. Thank you, Val.
- It goes a long way.

- I will totally do whatever it takes.
- Okay.

Hey, we're in line here?!

Okay, okay okay okay?!

- So you'll do that. Problem solved.
- I will.

- Thank you so much, Val.
- Don't keep your fans waiting there.

Thanks, everyone. Valerie Cherish.

Let's find the girls.

They didn't go outside, did they??
Yeah, okay.

You gonna start making
out with those guys??


Damn straight you aren't?!

Look at that.

Now, that's what I like to see?!

The whole gang back
together. That's great.

Val, they just cut Chris and
Jesse's whole storyline.

- Oh, boy, the whole story??
- Yeah, the whole thing.

They cut the scene where he
put firecracker in his ass.

They cut the scene where we put the socks
on our dicks and ran around the library.

- That was my best scene.
- Everything?!

We have three lines
in the whole fucking show?!

I mean, the entire episode is
about those lame-ass beadie boys?!

- Yeah, well, it's...
- Yeah, it's terrible and

we just feel like we need
to do something about it.

Well, now listen, before
you get all crazy. Okay??

Just remember.

No, listen. Just remember

that, you know, these guys are
mork from ork rip-offs.

- You know??
- What??

You know...

"Roo doo dee doo" and
"nanu-nanu" sound familiar??

Robin Williams?!

Oh, yeah, from "Jumanji. "

- From what??
- What??

Yeah. So we thought that we should all
stay home from work tomorrow

to protest.

Oh, boy?!

Not a good idea.

Yeah, it is?!

See, if we all stay home,
they have to listen to us.

No, listen, listen, kids.
All right. All right.

We have a contract, okay??

And if you stay home...
if you stay home from work,

then you are in breach of that contract...
and they can fire you?!

They can?! Or take away your home?!

Yo, I rent, so??

All right, then they can take away your
blackberry, or your, or your...

your playstation, or your truck?!

Whatever it is that you love,
they can take it away?!

That's right?!

This is... this is not
the way to handle it.

This is not a way to hand...
Shayne, you have a good business head.

Did you tell your agent about this??

My agent said not a good idea.

Thank you?!

Yes. Yes.

But then I prayed on it
and Jesus is with us.

- Jesus is in the house, Val.
- Amen.

Listen, all right, Chris??

You have to find a way.
You just have to talk to Paulie G,

let him know how you feel and...

- Is he...?
- Chris??

It's just... listen... it...

Can't we just...
we gotta find another way.

We gotta find.
Isn't there anything that you can do

to get them to listen?? Anything??

Maybe if you go to them with a list,

like, of our complaints.

Maybe I can jump on a land mine?!

All right, Val... Val?!

We know it's sort of a big move but

it'll work if we all do it together.


you know, listen. I have property...

Val, you're the one that said
we have to be there for one another.

The Original Five.
You said that, remember??

- Oh yeah.
- When Jesse told me you said that...

Val, it was so beautiful.

- Well...
- Just one day, Val.

- Just to make a statement.
- Yeah.

It's just a real big
building to leap off of.

Oh, come on, it won't mean
anything without you.


Yeah, of course it won't. Um,

all right, I'll do it?!

- Yes?!
- I'll do it.

- Thank you?!
- Whoo?!

- Thank you.
- I stand by you. I stand by you, okay??

- It's gonna work.
- Thank you so much.


tomorrow we are staging a coup.

A "Room and Bored" coup.

And, against my better judgment,

I have decided to support
my fellow cast members.

And it has shaken me

to the bone.

I'd rethink this.


don't listen in.

Private, personal video diary.

Just telling you how I feel.

I know how you feel.

All right but his ship
has sailed and I'm on it.

It doesn't make any sense.

If you wanna make a stand...

Mark. I'm not doing this with my head,
okay?? I'm doing it with my heart.

- Okay.
- Okay.

You're as bad as Franchesca
with the peer pressure.

Thanks for your support. Gee?!

I'm just looking out for my girl.

Well, thank you.

Don't worry, I'm looking out for myself.

And to that end...

I'm going on video
record right now

by saying

even though

I am planning on doing this,

I do not endorse it.

I do not endorse it.

And I have it on record.

That's not legally binding.

Mark, all right?!

You know, girls, sometimes you
have step outside your comfort zone.

You know, they asked me to be
there for them and I did.

Loyalty is important. It's important.

- You know what else is important??
- What??

Health insurance.

Mickey, no.

All right.
They can't fire all five of us.

There would be no show?!

I just don't think
we should rock the boat

With Nehru and Ghandi
waiting to take our place.


- Val??
- Yeah??

When they asked you not to
work, was Chris wearing a shirt??


Oh, it's Juna.

Hi, baby girl.

Valerie. Oh my god?!

Okay, that's enough now.

- Hi.
- Oh my god. Val, where are you??

Well, I'm at home.
Where else would I be??

Val, we all came in.

- What?? You're there??
- Yes. Oh my god, I'm so sorry?!

We all decided to come in because
our agents said we were being stupid.

Well, because it is stupid?!

Why didn't anyone call me??

Chris was supposed to call, but
emotionally he just totally shut down.


Mickey, they're all there.
They're all there.

Oh, boy?! This is not good?!

We didn't know you were staying home

until now,

and we just thought
you had a late call.

Eddie's looking for you.

Well, that's Eddie now?!

Here is. I'll be right there?!


Val, where are you??

We're rehearsing.

I know. I'm so... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Eddie. I'm running late.

Okay, can you get here
as soon as possible??

Because we're holding up
everything for you.

All right. I'll be right there?!
I'll be right there?! All right.

Okay, I can't get this shoe on?!

Leave it?!

Okay. Okay, wait, no, there it is.

- Jane, get everybody in the...
- Leave them?! Leave them?!

Franchesca, sweetheart, listen.

Stay here with Esperanza, all right??

And nobody, nobody dive while
I'm gone?! No diving?!

Tell Juna I love her?!


Oh, shit?! I'm wearing my bathing suit?!

Wear it?!

Mickey, I'm not going to the studio
in my sarong?!

Okay, Jane?! Jane?!

You've got to get everybody
into the... No.

I'll be down in 10 minutes?!

Just give me 10 minutes, that's all?!

Ooh, slippery?!


My throat's closing up.


Get the door.


Relax, Val, we're on a 20-minute break.

Yeah, listen, I am so sorry.

- It's okay.
- Do you know where the kids are??

- Chris's dressing room, I think.
- All right. Chris's dressing room.

Are you all right??

All right, all right.

- I need a minute?! I need a minute
- Wait, wait, please.

Please, Jane, I need a minute?!

- You got here fast.
- Yes.

Yes I did.

And Mickey's almost dead
in the hallway?! Thank you?!

Thank you. Now, listen everybody?!

I have never,

never not shown up
for work ever in my life?!

Not even episode 37 of "I'm it"
when I had walking pneumonia?!

Oh god?! Val, we are so sorry.


Why didn't you call me, Chris, huh??

We're supposed to have
each other's backs here?!

No no, don't cry.



Yes, Eddie??

Tom and Paulie G are waiting
for you in their hang out room.

- Okay.
- Okay, now.

Thanks, Eddie?!

Go down. Get in the room.

Val, we are so, so sorry. I'm so sorry?!

Go to my dressing room. Go ahead.

Hi. Hi, guys.

- Hi.
- Hi.


- Hi.
- Hey.

What's your problem??

Oh, no no no. I don't...
I don't have a problem

- No.
- No??

Well, you stayed home
from work today and

and actors usually do that when
they're upset about something, so...

- Well...
- So, what??

Do you have a problem with...

the new guys taking
your stage time or... ??

No no no?! I don't have a problem
with them?! They're funny?!

I think they're so funny.

You know.


No. See, here's the thing. Um...

I just stayed home because everyone
else was gonna stay home.

Nobody else stayed home.

Well, I know. They were
supposed to stay home.

- So...
- Wait a second. Who was gonna stay home??

Well, I don't want to name names,

you know?? But I think...

let me just say you
should know that they're...

You know. You've got your hands
full here with the... with the kids.

The kids are ones with the problem??

Yes, Paulie.

Yes, they are.

Chris and Jesse feeled

very threatened by the Beadie-Beadie boys.
Especially Chris.

The what boys??

I'm sorry. Greg and Veneer...

Uh, Kaveen.

Why do you call 'em
the Beadie-Beadie boys??

Oh, beadie, beadie, bot, bot,
you know?? Chris...

Chris thought it up, actually.
He said he was so

f- ing mad at them, he couldn't
even say their names.


Well, then why didn't
Chris come talk to us??

Well, apparently, um...

Apparently, his father
is a huge alcoholic,

and so he has some
issues with... You know??

I shouldn't...

you know??

Yes, I stayed home in
support of them.

You see??

In support of them.
But I have it on video record

that I did it,

but I did not endorse it,

okay?? I did not endorse it?!

Look, okay, look?!
You need to know that a sitcom

is like a family,

all right?? And this one
needs your attention?!

- Huh??
- You are like the parents to those kids.

You know, Paulie, you're
like the wild, out-there dad.

And, and Tom, you're the mommy.

I think my ears are bleeding.
Are my ears bleeding??

All right, look, my only point is...

That the kids have issues,
you need to talk to them,

and I don't want anything?!


So, if you could just forget
about all of this,

all right?? And I promise I will never

not come to work again.

Fine with me.


- That's fine.
- Okay.

- Fine.
- Yeah. All right. Good. Okay. Yeah.

Oh, Mickey, you're here.
All right. Well.

Feeling better??

Hey, pro, thanks for keeping us waiting.

Well, I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Maybe you don't keep me waiting
while you work out your bits.


We're trying to make
your shitty sitcom funny.

Don't fucking talk to her like that?!
She's one of us?! This is our show?!

I'll kick your ass back to work?!

Get off the stage, man?!

- Run away, you mork rip-offs?!
- Watch out.

Respect her?! She's one
of the original five?!

Back to work. Show's over.


- Take a break.
- Yeah.

Come on, back to work.

Look, I know I'm a jerk,
but what do you expect??

They're taking all our stuff?!

All right, I think...
You know what now??

The good part is now it's
going to be about healing,

I think.

You know?? That's...

Things have to blow apart before they
come back together again. So...

That's the good news.

There is a party.


Little boy.

Not happy.


Franchesca, I didn't say
you could have more people.

- Are you smoking??
- Not anymore.

Don't throw it in the pool?!

What's the matter with...
Is that wine??

- Is that wine??
- Kalla opened a bottle of red.

- Oh, you did, did you?? You know what??
- It's not a big deal, Val.

Yeah. It's a big deal.
I'm calling your mother.

I'm gonna have a conversation with her.

- I thought you were cool.
- I am cool, I'm just not a criminal?!

All right.

Put your clothes on,

right now, all of you?!

All of you, put your clothes on?!
I'm calling all of your parents. All of them.

Because that's too much.

Who are you??

Who's this?? There's a boy here??

Hey, get back here?! Get back here?!

Jane, cut him off?!

Get him?!

Can you get him??

Help me, guys, come on?!

Come here?! All right?!
Come in?! No, no, no, no, no?!

- Don't climb up there?!
- No?!

I don't wanna be on camera?!

- My parent's will kill me?!
- What's your name?? What's your name??

- Kevin??
- Costner??

- Chambers.
- All right, all right.

Just come down. Jane, help.

Someone, help.
Sound guys, get him down.

Before he gets splinters.
He's getting all scratched.

I can't. This is too much.

This is unbelievable.

Come back?! Hey?!

All right, fine. Go?! Go?!

Where is...

Where is... Franchesca,
where is Esperanza??

I sent her home.

Uh-huh. Okay.

Mark Berman, please.

- What??
- Mrs. Berman.

- What??
- Yeah.

All right.


We have got a situation
here at the house,

and you have to talk to your daughter.

Look, I'm not the parent, okay??

Here, you tell him.

You tell him.

Hi, daddy.

I want all of you put those
cigarettes out right now?!

Put'em out. I'm done.

- Daddy, she's totally overreacting.
- Put'em... I don't care?!

I don't care. You know what??

Call your parents
and get yourselves home?!

'Cause I'm done?!

I'm done?! Jane??

That's it,

I'm done taking care of everybody.

I'm taking a bath.

I've had it.

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