The Chosen (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Two by Two - full transcript

The disciples continue to wrestle with Jesus' teachings on the Mount. Jesus gives them their next mission.

[♪ musical swirl ♪]

[rocks clattering]

[water burbling]

♪ ♪

[crowd conversations]

- What do you
make of this?


They're here
for Jesus of Nazareth.

- It is

- You don't think
this poses a problem

to the order of law?

- Uh, yes, sir.

I only meant--

- Quintus is going
to come out of his sandals

when he sees this.

[crowd conversations]

in your personal life?

- No, sir.

I am fit for duty,

- That's fine.

You know, secrets--
like murders--

become known...


You ought to be the first
to let Quintus know

about his new
shanty town, yeah?


[pats chest]

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

[crowd conversations]

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[distant hammer pounding]

[louder hammering]

[bird hooting]

- It's a concern,
don't you think?

- Very concerning.

- That's
what I thought.

[crowd conversations]

- What are you doing?

- They can't have a fire
so close to a canvas structure.

It's Capernaum law.

- Since when do you care
about the law?

- If they keep it,
it draws Roman attention

and it will
put Him at risk.

- What are you
going to do?

- Tell them
no fires.

- Have it your way.

- Excuse me!

- There's no room here.

- No fires
fewer than 9 cubits

from a canvas structure.

It's a hazard.

- But that would put it
within 9 cubits of that tent.

- Then you are going to
have to figure something out.

We can't have trouble.

- Who's "we"?

- Are you
one of His disciples?

- Where is He
in Capernaum?

- Who said
He's in Capernaum?

- That's why
we're all here!

- When will
His next sermon be?

We have to hear it.

He's The One,
isn't He?

- He didn't say that
on the Mount.

- But it has
to be true.

- Why did He not speak
of overthrowing Rome?

- Okay.

- How is fire patrol
working for you?

[muffled speaking]

- These crowds are going
to be difficult to handle.

- Hard for us,

Jesus can handle

He wants the crowds.

- There's
too many people.

- Too many
to go around

telling people
how to make dinner.

You have to pick
your battles, my friend.

[receding footsteps]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

♪ Oh, child,
come on in. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪♪

- [gulps]

This is good,
thank you.

- Not really.

Our current batch
isn't very good.

- I've been traveling
and haven't had good wine,

so this is fine.

- How were
your travels?

We'd love to hear
more about them.

- They were good,
thank you.

- Are you sure?

You've lost weight;
have you been eating enough?

- Um...
I used to eat too much.

- No, you didn't,

you looked healthy
when I saw you,

I hope you
are still--

- Elli,
he said he was good.

- I like your beard.

- Mm, thank you.

- How did you handle
sleeping outside?

- I'm better
at it now.

I am proficient
at making a tent,

and I've also learned how
to strip bark for dry wood.

Philip is my friend.

- You have a friend?

- Yesterday,
my Rabbi said

that every time
we pray to God,

we must ask Him
to forgive us our debts.

I recognize that I...

owe quite a debt
to you.

- Matthew,
you don't owe us any money--

- The debt
isn't material.

I hurt you...

and I hurt
our community.

And my Rabbi
also said

that before we lay a sacrifice
at the altar,

if we know a brother
has an offense against us,

we should leave
the sacrifice there

and go be reconciled.

Of course, only priests
lay gifts at the altar,

and you are not
my brother,

but this example is
in many ways a metaphor,

which I am learning--

- Yes, Matthew,
we get it.

Move on.

- I never understood
why I was so different

from everyone else.

I just wanted
a comfortable life.

- You wanted to be better
than everybody.

- Alphaeus--

- No,
you are right.

And I loved affluence
because of it.

I was comfortable
behind bars in a booth

and an armed escort.

Behind a gold door.

All the while you were
scorned at synagogue.

You lost your reputation
and friends.

I shamed our family.

I turned my back
on our people,

and I believed
the choices I made

were better for me

and more important
than my family and faith.

That was selfish.

Which is wrong.

I didn't understand that then,
but I do now,

and I'm sorry.

I wish I could take back
the harm I caused you.


- All right,
all right.

Shhh... shhh.

- I will search for something
I can do to atone.

- Matthew,
sit down.

- I'd prefer
to stand.

- Please.

- I don't deserve
the courtesy--

- You're not the only one
who must atone.

Are you hungry?

I lost my business
because of you.

And you are correct,

we lost our reputations
and friends.

- I know.

- But I had no right
to reject you as my son.

God should strike me down
for the things I said to you.

I was shameful!!

Can you forgive me?


I only made things

I'm... sorry.

- We're sorry.

- But what--
but what has changed?

I sinned...

- We saw Him, too,

We heard His sermon.

- He is the Teacher
you are following?

- Yes,
He called me and I--

- Then you have
already atoned.

They were the most true words
I've ever heard.

Some of it

- I know,
I wrote it all down.

- You are
His scribe?!!!

- Yes.

- You will redeem
our family's name.

- Matthew,
He chose you!

- To this day
I don't know why.

[deep sigh]

[both crying]

- You say you always felt
different from other people,

and you are.

You were set aside
for something special.

- Thank you.

- Thank you,

Say it.

[Matthew laughs]

- Say it.

- Thank you...

[both crying]

- Alphaeus.

- What?

- Forgive him.

- I did.

- No, you didn't.

You must say it.

[deep exhale]

- I forgive you,

- Thank you.

- Thank you,

[Matthew chuckles]

- Thank you,


- How long are you
in Capernaum?

- I don't know.

But I promise to make amends
as long as I'm here.

- You have.

- Aha!

Wait right here.

I'm glad I didn't
throw this away.

- I will never live
in that home again.

- So what?

Give it away.

Tear it down.

Burn it,
if you want.


- Why would I
do that?

- You'll find something
to do with it.

Till then...

you can take any floor
in the house.

- Hmm.


QUINTUS: What color
does that look like to you?!

And you!

Is it supposed to
look like that?!

Drink it!


[cup shatters!]

- Bureaucrats.


My old friend.

are you busy?

- Fix... the water!

Fix the water,

If I see another drop
of sewage in my water,

I will personally
drown you in it!

So help me, Apollo,

you will gargle

- Vivid.

I think--
I think he gets it.

You got that,

He's gonna drown you in the,
um... well, you know.

I will find the breach...


- I will oversee
the project, Praetor.

- You do that.

Brown water
make you deaf?

Do it now!

You can watch the talent
leave their bodies

when they arrive
from Rome.

You can keep time
by it.

- Good help.

- It's these people!

This land.

It's going to force me
to do something drastic.

- Work?

- I'm capable
of anything.

Hail Caesar.


what do you want?

- Yes,

Just beyond the western
perimeter of the city,

a camp
has sprung up.

- So send them
on their way.

GAIUS: They are pilgrims,

- Pilgrims
to what?

- To whom.

Jesus of Nazareth.

- Ugh.

- He delivered the sermon
on the Korazim Plateau.

- Stop.

He delivered it?

You're just
telling me now?

- And then
He's building a hut.

And now
He's relieving Himself.

Quintus, neither Gaius,
nor myself

have that many hours
in the day.

- Don't speak for the men
in my command.


This feels a little
more significant

than relieving

what was said?

- It sounded like
any other sermon, dominus.

- Is that what you heard,

Just any old sermon?

- Well, now,
I haven't heard that many.

Uh, let's see...

lengthy instructions
about, what was it?

Something about
animal hooves?

Always read
from right to left.

Jewish stuff.

If it was so boring,

why didn't they stay
on the plateau?

Did Jesus
lead them here?

- No, dominus.

No one knows
where Jesus is...

but many of His followers
reside in the city.

- Was our former
tax collector there?

- Matthew?


- Well,
who cares anyway?

Just get rid
of them.

- Dominus?

- Pack them up.

Force them out!

We are still Rome!

- Or... you could
turn them into revenue.

- How?

- Redraw
the city boundary

to encompass
the squatters.

- Hmm...

they're not currently
on our census.

- All the better
for you.

They're not paying taxes
wherever they came from,

which means
other praetors--

- Ledgers are down,
I get it.

- The pilgrims have been
peaceful to this point.

I cannot say how they will
respond to being taxed.

[Quintus chuckles]

- You better get some rest
then, Gaius.

My plan is to redraw
the city lines,

and redraw them fast.

We're behind this month,

- There he is.

It is a good plan,


as you carry it out,

you may want to consider
your future.

- My future?

Don't be coy.

- As you well know,

the empire is always
concerned with order.

- Of course.

- The governors are under
increasing pressure

not to overuse force
on the citizenry.

- Pressure
from Caesar?



Gaius, I need you
to do your job

without leaving

- I will instruct
the men, dominus.

- How about you,

Will you be
moving along soon?

- Yeah, I will be headed
to Jerusalem soon.

- Ahh.

Delightful place.

- I owe Pilate
a visit.

So much to
catch up on.

- Wonderful.

- Eema, what if you
sewed a little pouch

on the inside
of our belts?

It could be
for raisins,

like for
an emergency stash.

- I spent
so many nights

dreaming about those
little squares, Eema.

Your cinnamon
and fig ones.


- I will load you boys up
like pack mules.

You will not go hungry
on the road again.

You, you, you.

[boys laugh]

- Thomas...

taste this.

- What is it?

- Do you think
I would poison you?


- Olive oil.

- Go on.

- Really good.

- And he knows
a lot about flavor,

from the wine business!

- So, what is the point
of all of this?

- I made it!

I traded one of the guys
at the dock for a little press.

I can only make
a few vials at a time.

- What for?

- It's a ceremonial press.

But it's also

- Your Abba
is very good at making oil.

- I love doing it.

- Uh, there's none left!

- I think I'm gonna
ask Ramah to marry me.

- I knew it!

- There we go,


- You're going to
make a fine husband.

- Hey,
I'd marry you.

- Do your fathers
know each other?

- My father is dead.

- I'm sorry
to hear that.

- May he
rest in peace.

- Oh,
got an older brother?

- No.

- Then
who can arrange?

- Her father is aware
of my intentions.

- It's not
unheard of.

Samson chose
his own wife.

- Not exactly
the model Israelite.

- David
chose Abigail.

- Also not
the best example.

- Boys,
give the man a chance.

- Have you spoken with
your Rabbi about this?

- The next time
I see Him,

I'll share
my intentions.

I've searched my heart
and I know it's right.

Jesus will
make it work.

[♪ soft, tender music ♪]

- Are you going to be here
the whole time I do this?

- Yes.

[Nathanael and Zee arguing]

- Good.

[arguing continues]

- Boys?!



- You've trained them.

- Well, your cooking
is a powerful incentive.

[louder, to boys]
If they want to eat,

they will stay
in their room quietly.

we're quiet now.


- Won't they
get bored?

- Well, they both have
so much to study.

- Ahhh...
and you don't?

- Of course I do.

But, you know,
I think you could help me.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's uh...
let's study.

Come on,

- Uh-huh.

- I have much
to learn.

[Eden giggles]

[crowd conversations]

[horse neighs]

[sheep bleats]

[crowd conversations]

- You!
Is that fermented liquid?

- What, this?

- No wine
on public property.

Only in your private
home or tavern.

- This is my home.

- Primi?

- Let them have it.

So he should duck inside,
drink it and come back out?

What difference
would that make?

- Yes, primi.

JULIUS: How are we going
to redraw the city limits

when they keep arriving
in such numbers?

You'll have to do it
over and over again

to encompass
them all.


- I heard you,

I think tonight
my time

would be better spent

You will finish
the evening rounds,

enforce protocol--

and give me a full report
in the morning.

[receding footsteps]

[approaching footsteps]

[water trickles]

[water splashes]

[bucket splashes into water]

[water splashes on ground]

[♪ ominous music ♪]

[approaching footsteps]

[footsteps behind Zee]

[drops bucket]

[running footsteps]


[♪ ominous music continues ♪]


Lose something?



- What do you want?

- I'm just hunting.

- Hunting what?

- You were behind
a plot to murder

the Roman Magistrate
in Jerusalem.

- And you were there
in the desert,

at the city's gates.

Why did you let me
get into Jerusalem

in the first place?

- You know
the answer to that.

- You thought you were
good enough to stop me.

- I liked my chances.

But we'll never know.

Something... unexpected

- A miracle.

- Yeah,
if you say so.

What is He,

Relax, zealot,

or whatever it is
you are now.

I'm just... interested
to see what happens next.

- So... if I turn
and walk away right now,

you won't put a knife
in my back?

- I could've done that

- How do you know
I won't kill you?

- Because your dagger

is at the bottom
of the Jordan River,

right where
He threw it.

So, there's that.

It does leave you
defenseless, though,

and that's bad
for you.

- But you just said--

- I didn't chase you
up here, Simon.

You left some very
dangerous men in the lurch.

- The Order is here?

- Oh,
you're surprised?

- They won't quit.

- Then one of us
has to make them.

- I'm leaving Capernaum
for a while.

- They had
better follow.

If they stay
in Capernaum,

I'll be forced
to clean up your mess.

Can't have zealots
in a Roman town.

- Others
will come for me.

- Now you're
getting it.

Who knows?

Maybe they'll see your Messiah
and come to believe.

[Zee laughs]


- We're zealots,

- Then what are you doing
on a rooftop,

with a Roman?

Sorry, Simon.

You were
a zealot.

Now you're
a traitor.

And they won't stop.

♪ ♪

- I can't believe
I have you back.

- Here I am...
where I'll always be.

- When you were gone
this time,

I had moments
of feeling...

- Feeling what?

- [sighs]

I don't know
what to call them.

- What did they
feel like?

- I was angry...


- Oh, love.

You know
I'm with Jesus.

We both are.

Do you remember
what He told you?

- I always
remember that.

It's what gets me
through the days.

- He sees you.

- I know.

I think about that moment
so often.

But sometimes,
in the memory,

I forget what
His face looks like.

- What do you mean?

- Haven't you ever been
separated from someone

and you can't recall
their face after a while.

- Do you forget
my face?

[Eden chuckles]

- What?

- No, I don't forget
your face.

[big sigh]
Things are so good now.

- Yeah.

We just have to spend
more time together.

- Mm-hmm.

- You know, I think Jesus
has work to do here.

And I've been thinking
about our family.

- Well, Eema is healthy
and my brothers are fishing--

- No, no, no, no...

our family.

It's time.


- We are really low
on food.

And money.

- We'll be moved into
Matthew's home by erev shabbat.

Former home.

He's sharing all the details
with the boys today.

- Where is Matthew
going to stay?

- I hope
with his family.

He wants
a fresh start.

- You would understand
all about that.

- In any case,
with no food,

we'll have less
to carry.

- But, we are
still low on money.

- Well,
maybe you could, uh...

sell some of
your jewelry?

- It's that...
it's all very personal.

- Every single piece?

- I said "all."

- We've each given up
some of our personal lives

to follow Jesus.

- I gave up a name.

- But we each
gained so much.

Thomas says Zebedee
is making olive oil now;

that maybe we could take part
in turning it into a business.

- I wonder if it could be sold
as anointing oil.

- Holy anointing oil
is very specific.

It's laid out
in the Books of Moses.

- It's not
just olive oil?

Wait, you made it
through Moses?

- You talked
to Thomas?

- Ahh...
it is oil,

with spices
mixed in.

We use them
in some of our wines--

cinnamon, cassia,
and some other things.

We would buy from
the same vendors

as the priests.

- Thomas would know
how to get them.

TAMAR: I think Thomas has
other things on his mind.

- The ministry
is demanding.

- Do not misunderstand,

Thomas is
a very dedicated student.

- And a hard worker.

- Yes, Thomas is
a very hard worker.

And smart.

And very dedicated.

- [whispers] Maybe
a little distracted.

- What are you saying,

- All right, let's all
stop dancing around this

and call it
what it is.

- Thank you.

- His dedication to you
was obvious

the moment I saw you both
at the wedding.

- Oh, I was very stressed
at that wedding.

- It wasn't a "concerned
for your stress" look.

Well, it was,

- You are in love
with him, Ramah.

- [chuckles]

That's... not how it works
with our people.

Um, you're a Gentile, so maybe
you don't understand, but...

love comes
from marriage.

- Jews, Gentiles,
love is love.

- In our tradition,

marriages are arranged
by fathers,

that's all
she's saying.

Where you come from,
do people--

- I'd rather not talk about
where I'm from

if that's okay.

- Of course.

Thomas's feelings toward you
are as plain as day.

Painfully obvious.

from what we've heard,

he may be wanting to
make it permanent very soon.

- What we are
asking is...

would you want to?

- Uh, oh...

it's--it's complicated
with my father,

and--and considering--
considering our circumstances,

it just wouldn't
be very traditional;

but, um...

if my father approved,

I would be
very fortunate.

- Hmm.

Is that the Jewish way
of saying that you love him

and are excited?

[all laughing]

- Wait, what was it that
you heard about "very soon?"

- Did I say that?


[indistinct conversation]

Well, I'm sure by now

most of you are aware
of the tent village

that is rapidly growing
east of Capernaum.

Those are people who
followed us from the Mount,

and who are now waiting
to hear more.

Their numbers
grow by the day,

as do the suspicions
of Rome.

In fact, Zee informed me
just this morning

that a few members
of his former Order

have even
journeyed here.

- It would appear as if we
were building an army, Teacher.

[Jesus chuckles]

- Well, that's one way
of looking at it.

The other way
to look at it is My way.

- [clears throat]
The correct way, you mean.

Yes, Simon.

Those people are like those
in regions all over.

They are not
an army...

not yet.

They are in need
of rescue.

And you are going to
help me rescue them.

[Zee pounds on table]

Different kind
of rescue, Zee.

It is not

for me to do
all the preaching,

all the healing,
and ministering.

I've called you
to Simon's home today--

and thank you, Eden,
for hosting--

because our ministry
will only grow,

and we want it
to grow...

till the end
of the age.

There will be
many more followers,

and like those
not here,

all will have roles
and responsibilities.

Most will be disciples,

But I have chosen you twelve
as my apostles.

- You're sending us?

- An apostle is the same
as a messenger, one who--

- I know what it means,

that's why
I'm asking.

- You are my leaders.

And for the mission
I have for you,

it's best that
you spread out

and not be concentrated
in one place.

- I don't understand.

- I'm going to go home
to Nazareth for a time,

and while I'm there,
I'm sending you out,

in every direction,
two by two,

to our people only.

- Every direction,

- Yes, but not
to the Gentiles,

not yet,

that will come
in time,

but to the lost sheep
of the house of Israel.

Just as Joshua led
the twelve tribes

to take
the Promised Land.

You will proclaim,
as you go--

"The kingdom of Heaven
is at hand."

And while you are
on this mission,

you will heal
the sick and the lame

by anointing them
with oil.

You will
cast out demons.

You will cl--


Why are you all
looking at Me like that?


C-Could you just repeat that
one more time?

[Jesus chuckles]

- I am sending you out,
two by two,

as you go--

"The kingdom of Heaven
is at hand."

Heal the sick,

cast out demons.

- How soon are we
talking about here?

- Ah... there's
that word again.

I'll get to that,

Hold on...

heal the sick?

- Cast out demons?

- While you are
on this mission,

I grant you
this authority.

Someday you will have it
all the time.

- Was there a ceremony
I missed?

- This is it.

- I don't feel
any different.

- I don't need you
to feel anything

to do great things.

- With all due respect,

we've only just begun
as students,

we're not nearly
qualified enough.

Why would you need us
for this work?

- He doesn't need us,
He wants us.

Thank you, Zee.

Very good.

John, if I needed religious
leaders or qualified students

for My ministry,

I wouldn't have chosen--

[all laugh]

you get the point.

- Can we get back to the part
about the healing the sick

for one second?

- You will take nothing
for your journey

except a staff--

no bread, no bag,
no money.

Not even
Salome's food.

Wear sandals and
do not bring an extra tunic.

- We can't even
bring a change of clothes?

- Even the wandering
Cynic philosophers

carry a second tunic.

- Yes, they do,

and I'd like to distinguish you
from the Cynics.

They also carry
beggars' bags

for people to put gold
and silver coins into,

and you will not
do that.

You received
without paying,

now give
without pay.

Whatever town or village
you enter,

find out
who is worthy in it

and stay there
until you depart.

And if anyone
should not receive you

or listen
to your words,

shake the dust
off your feet

as you leave
that house or town.

Do not waste
your time.

- You said if anyone
will not listen to our words...

What words exactly?

What are we supposed
to teach?

- Anything you've
ever heard from Me.

JUDAS: I've only ever heard
the one Sermon.

- You heard
the best one anyway.

I mean,
don't get me wrong,

they're all so good.

- Uh-huh.

That message was not
just for the thousands

that were there.

It was for all
who will hear it

from now until the end
of the age.

How will they know it,
you ask?

Good question,
thanks for asking.

You will tell them.

And the places
you will go

are places
I will soon go,

so you are preparing the way
for My arrival

and helping ensure

that more people are ready
to hear the good news.

The miracles you'll perform
on God's authority

will prove My ministry.

BIG JAMES: Suppose
we hit a bad streak,

and several towns
in a row reject us,

maybe for days--

how are we to eat?

What if it gets bad, like...

like it has
with John?

[♪ soft music ♪]

- Listen carefully,
all of you...

do not fear those
who kill the body

but cannot
kill the soul.

- So... You're saying
we could die.

- There will
come a time

when this will become
far more difficult;

when persecution
is an ever-present part

of your ministry.

When that time comes,

you will follow
in My footsteps,

and you will know
what it actually means

to give up your life.

I have more to teach you
about that.

In the meantime,

this journey
will not come to that.

- Rabbi,
I have a concern--

You said You are
sending us out two by two.

- Yes, the women will
stay here in Capernaum.

They will help support
the ministry financially.

They will also minister
to the tent city

outside the city walls,

and Zebedee will be
responsible for their safety.

Matthew has also
selflessly donated

the use of
his previous home,

which will serve as
the new place for them to stay.

can't understand this.

You want us
to go out there,

no defenses, no food,
no shelter...

just go out
into strange lands--

- He said
not to be afraid.

- Fear's not a thing
you just stop, Andrew.

- I'm going
with Zee then.

- I may be the most
at risk of all of us.

- Great.

- What ever happened
to trust?

- Everybody
calm down!

If you have a real question,
ask it one at a time.

- I have a question.

- That was fast.

JUDAS: More of a concern,

I know I'm new,

but Rabbi,

I'd like to return
to what You were saying

about not bringing
food or clothes

and relying on
those we minister to.

Forgive me... but we cannot
rely on everyone equally.

I've developed some ideas
on ways we can generate income

to sustain our ministry
in a reliable way.

JESUS: I appreciate that,

I do.

But for this journey,
at least,

I want you to learn
what it means

to fully rely on
your Father in heaven,

as well as those
around you

and for those
whom you serve.

And for food,
Big James...

and for your life,

this is what it means
to follow,

and to lead.

SIMON: Teacher, even if not
for this journey,

now would be a good time
to assign someone

to manage the few resources
we do have,

or anything
we do bring back.

- Do you have
someone in mind?

- I nominate

he's obviously
the most experienced

of any of us.

- Believe it or not,
I agree that would be prudent.

- I'm sorry,
I'm not comfortable

dealing with money

I formally decline.

- A simple "no"
would have been fine.

- Then, no.

I nominate Judas.

His experience
would suit us better.

- Uh...

I accept.

Anything to help.

- Done.

- All right...
pairing up.

Simon and Judas--
North to Caesarea Philippi.

Andrew and Philip--
East to Naveh.

Nathanael and Thad--
South to Perea.

John and Thomas--
Southwest to Joppa.

- Hmm?

- Big James
and Little James.

[all laugh]

- For real?

- Come on,

they can make it
a thing.

Humor disarms people.

West to
the Plains of Sharon.

Matthew and Zee...

- What?

- Rabbi, are You sure
about that?

A zealot and...
you know...?

- All the way down
to Jericho.

I know
it's near Samaria.

You'll be fine.

Zee, everyone is reacting
to the notion of you

traveling with
a tax collector.

- What?

We have not told you

about Matthew's
former occupation.

- He's
a tax collector?

- He's no more
a tax collector

than you are
a zealot.

Listen to me.

None of you
is what you were.

Remember that,
all of you.

And Zee,

you and Matthew will be
able to remember that

better than
anyone else.

I am confident
that the two of you

will do and say
great things

because of your pasts.

I know I can
count on you.

So, that's it.

You all have a lot
to take in.

Take a day to handle
what you need to handle.

There'll be a few more
details tomorrow.

I'll have Simon
reach out.

Shalom, friends.


[indistinct chatter]

- Yes.

- Eden, this doesn't change
our family plans,

I don't have to be--

- Not now.

- I can talk to Rabbi,
He can shorten my trip.

- Do not say anything
to Him,

I'll be fine,
I just need a minute.

- Rabbi?

- Yes, Thomas?

- I am...

I thank You
for believing in me.

- Of course.

I do.

- It's just that
I wanted to ask--

I wanted Your blessing
to ask...

for Ramah's hand.

- Ahhh.

Did you hear in what direction
I'm sending you?

- Southwest,

Kafni lives
in the Southwest.

- [chuckling]
Yes, he does.


You will complete
your mission with John.

you may visit Kafni

and complete the second part
of your mission.


- Really?

- Last I heard,
Kafni was not a believer.

So, maybe while you're
making a pitch for yourself

you can put in
a good word for Me.


[patting each other's backs]

- Thank you.

- Of course.

- Ramah?

- Hi.

- Um... what, uh,
what are you doing here?

- Oh, is this
a bad time?

- No!

I mean no.

Actually, I was
coming to find you.

I've been assigned
a mission.

- What kind of mission?

- Well, you're going to hear
about it from the others

but I wanted to
tell you myself--

- You're going to ask my father
for permission to...

you know...

- Uh...

[nervously chuckles]
Uh... oh...

have I been
so obvious?

- Um, yes.


And I can only play dumb
for so long.

[both laugh]

- I know I'm supposed
to be modest...

but being around you
doesn't make that easy.

- Yes, it's gotten a bit more
difficult for me as well.

- But why are you here
right now?

It's not like
I'm leaving today.

- I didn't know
when you might be leaving,

and I know it's wrong for me
to get involved in this,

but I know my father,
and I should go, too.

- But this mission
comes first, and--

- I'll wait.

- Jesus knows
my intentions.

He's sending John and I
to the Southwest

to spread His word.

- Ah, uh...

so you'll be near
Tel Dor.

- Mm-hmm.

- Then I will travel
and wait for you there.

- Won't that upset
your work here?

- I'll spread His message
everywhere I go,

to anyone
who'll listen.

And, besides, my father
is not yet a believer.

- That's what
Jesus said.

- I guess we both have
our work cut out for us.

- Ramah, I am willing
to do this on my own

and follow
our customs.

- I know...
but this is different.

Everything about it
has been.

And, besides,

I want your visit
to be successful.

- [chuckles]

I will see you
in Joppa.



- Master?

- Little James.

- May I have
a moment?

- Of course.

- I, uh...
[shuddered breaths]

Forgive me,
I'm, uh...

not always
confident to speak.

- Slow to speak;
that's a very good quality.

[clears throat]

- I wanted to ask you
a question.

- Please.

- You are
sending us out

with the ability to heal
the sick and lame...

yes, that is
what You said?

- Yes.

- So,
You're telling me

that I have the ability
to heal?


Forgive me,
I just...

find that difficult to imagine
with my condition...

which You
haven't healed.

- Do you want
to be healed?

- Yes, of course,
if that's possible...

- I think you've seen enough
to know it's possible.

[♪ stirring music ♪]

- Then why
haven't You?

- Because
I trust you.

- What?

- Little James...

Little James.

I need you to listen to Me
very carefully.

Because what
I'm going to say

defines your whole life
to this point

and will define
the rest of your life.

Do you understand?

In the Father's will,
I could heal you...

right now.

And you'd have a good story
to tell, yes?

- Yes,
that You do miracles.

- And that's
a good story.

But there are already dozens
who can tell that story,

and there will be
hundreds more,

even thousands.

But think of the story
that you have,

especially in this journey
to come,

if I don't heal you.

To know how to proclaim
that you still praise God

in spite of this;

to know how to focus
on all that matters

so much more
than the body;

to show people

that you can be patient
with your suffering

here on earth,

because you know
you'll spend eternity

with no suffering.

Not everyone
can understand that.

How many people
do you think

the Father and I
trust this with, hmm?

Not many.

- But the others, [crying]
they're so much more...

- So much more what?

- I don't know,

Better at this?

- James,
I love you,

but I don't want
to hear that ever again.

- I know how easy it is
to say the song of David,

that "I'm fearfully
and wonderfully made,"

but it doesn't
make this any easier.

And in this group...

it doesn't make me feel
like any less of a burden.

- A burden?


First of all,

it is far easier to deal
with your slow walking

than it is to deal with
Simon's temper; trust me.


Are you fast?

Do you look impressive
when you walk?

Maybe not.

But these are things
the Father doesn't care about.

You are going to do
more for Me

than most people
ever dream.

So many people need healing
in order to believe in Me,

or they need healing because
their hearts are so sick.

That doesn't apply
to you.

And many are healed,
or not healed,

because the Father in heaven
has a plan for them

which may be
a mystery.

And we remember
what Job said...

"The Lord gives,
and the Lord takes away--"

TOGETHER: "--blessed be
the name of the Lord."

When you pass
from this earth

and you meet your Father
in heaven,

where Isaiah promises
you will leap like a deer,

[shuddered breaths]

your reward
will be great.

[James crying]

So, hold on
a little longer,

and when you
discover yourself

finding true strength
because of your weakness,

and when you do
great things in My name

in spite of this...

the impact will last
for generations.

[James crying]

Do you understand?

- Yes.


Thank you, Master.

- A man like you
healing others...


what a sight!

I can't wait to hear
your stories when you return.

My son.

- Shalom.

- And, James...


you will
be healed.

It's only
a matter of time.


- Yeah.

- Shalom,
My son.

- Shalom.

[shuddered breaths]


[sheep bleating]

♪ ♪

[indistinct conversations]

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

- Unh!

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]


- Hello, Matthew.


[Matthew laughs]

- Shalom.

- Did I say it

- No, no, no,
I just...

I didn't expect
to see you here.

- Yeah, well,
I'm stationed here.

Um... are you
moving back in?

- No... no,
I cannot live here anymore.

- Nobody wants
the best house on the block?

- It will be used
for the ministry.

- By friends
of yours?

- I suppose they are
my friends, yes.

I doubt the neighbors
will like it.

- As long as order
is kept.

And if they're friends
of yours, I'll make sure--

Uh, we patrol the area

for your safety
and for the general peace.

- Are you well?

- Never better.


- It's okay, Gaius.

They're just here
to eat.

Many of us
will leave Capernaum

for missionary work.

- For how long?

- We don't--

It will be

I must go now,

- Trust your wits,

I will see you around.

- Welcome to my home
that I no longer live in.



- Can I say
the hard part first?

This might be the last time
we're all together...

for a while.

What's the easy part?

- Who said there was
an easy part?

I just held my wife

as she tried
to accept the idea

that I will be the one making
Pharisees and Romans upset

the way Jesus does.

It scares her.

- But not you?

- Of course
it does.

- The unknowns
are overwhelming.

- Are we ready?

- I'm terrified.

- I am not afraid.

- Except for Zee who is
never afraid of anything.

Philip, you've done
this kind of thing before,

do you have
any thoughts?

- Whew... well,
I've done a little preaching,

but I've never done
anything like this.

All I can say
is that...

it's scary when
you upset powerful people...

but it's worth it.

- This is what
we signed up for.

We, uh, may not have known it
at the time but...

we go where
He sends us.

- Look, Master has
told us what to do.

We've seen
how He does it,

so we have
what we need.

Whoever you go with,
let's stay strong together.

I'm sure He put us with
our partners for a reason.

Let's make
the most of it.

Let's gather around.

Come on,
stand next to your partner.

Will you be okay with
a former tax collector...

former zealot?

I probably couldn't
do it myself,

but Master knows
you're a better man than I am.

Can I trust you?

[Zee sighs]

[pats shoulder]

You'll be fine.

Come on...
all of us.

Matthew, I know you hate it,
but you too.

When I was with Eden,
a psalm of David came to mind.

The one when he fled
from Absalom.

I shared it with Eden
as a reminder

because she was fearful.

I think we need it,

"O Lord,
how many are my foes.

"Many are rising
against me--

"many are saying
of my soul,

"there is no salvation
for him in God.

ALL: "But You, O Lord,
are a shield about me.

"My glory,
and the lifter of my head.

"I cried aloud
to the Lord,

"and He answered me
from His holy hill.

"I lay down
and slept.

"I will not be afraid of
the many thousands of people

"who have set themselves
against me all around.

"Arise, O Lord,

"save me,
O my God,

"for you strike
all my enemies on the cheek.

"You break the teeth
of the wicked.

"Salvation belongs
to the Lord.

Your blessing
be on Your people."

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ man vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ man vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ man vocalizing ♪]

[♪ woman vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ man vocalizing ♪]

♪ ♪

[♪ man vocalizing ♪]