The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Messengers - full transcript

The story of the birth of Jesus as told through the eyes of Mary and Joseph.

We might see Samuel but...

it's been so long,

I don't know if he's
living in the same home.

I hope so.

You've said so much about him.

We will see.

We won't have any time to look
for him if he's not, of course.

We'll see.

Are we out?

Not even a drop?

Come on.

Um... Joseph.


Can you stop, please?

I'd like to walk for a bit.

No, Mary,
why would you want to walk?

It's dangerous.

I'm getting
a bit uncomfortable.

Elizabeth actually told me
it's good to walk and move

when I feel up to it.

We won't have any water
until I get you to town,

you need your rest.

Ay, uh!

Let me get you
more comfortable, huh?

Joseph, you don't need to be
the only one walking.

Plus, we're far enough away
from Nazareth

I don't need to hide
my condition anymore...

Mary, this blanket is stuck.

There is no way
that you're comfortable.


I'd like to walk
with you... please.

I am responsible
for you, Mary.

For you and...

You protect us.


I know, I know.

I'll let you help me down.

All right,

you can walk
for a few minutes, huh?

But please, not too far?

You need to save your strength.

I actually do need you
to help me down.

Ah, ah, yes, ah, yes, sorry.

Slowly, slowly.

Watch the baby.

Okay, okay, okay.

You okay?

Yes, yes.



This feels better.


Thank you.

Thank you for protecting me.

I don't know that
I've said that yet.

We have a little ways
to go yet;

let's see how
tonight goes and, uh...

I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about... before.

Oh, ah.

I've been meaning to say
something this whole journey,

and I just... I didn't,
and I should have.


I should have months ago.

You don't have to.

Yes, yes, I do.

You could have gotten all of the
bride price back from my father.

It was never about the money.

I know it wasn't,

and I know it's not
polite to talk about,

but no one
would have blamed you.

For what?

For divorcing me.


Mary, I...

You could be
betrothed to someone

that you don't have to hide.

And people wouldn't be
gossiping about you.

And you could go be registered

without having to drag me
on this donkey for five days.


You are a brave man,
and you are godly,

and I should have
said thank you.

God told me to.

I know He did.


But you had a choice.

Ah, ha!

I don't believe that I did.

But I'm glad either way.

I wouldn't change
a single thing that has happened

since that dream, hmm?

Neither would I.


Oh, this all
seems impossible, huh?

Yes, yes.

But remember what
the messenger said to me...


Nothing is impossible
with God.

My messenger didn't say that.

That would have been nice, huh?

Are you feeling better?

A bit, yes.

Okay, up, up.

Okay... okay.

We need to move quicker.

You need water,

and I planned to get settled

for the part where your
messenger and my messenger

said the same thing.

"And she will give birth
to a son..."

"And you shall
call His name Jesus."

Yes... that part.

[Come on. {clicks tongue]

♫ ♫


Late night for a delivery.

It was a long journey.

What have you got?

I'm sorry?

Oh, agriculture.



What am I gonna find
if I look in here?

The best figs in the region.

Didn't mention the fine goods.

I'll take a look
at your papers now.

Everything all right?

You look a little pale.

Here they are.

Hail Caesar.

Better not have skipped my turn.

All right.

I believe that Samuel's house
is through here.

I'm not sure how
he will respond to your, uh...


but we will have water,

and it will be nice to see him.

I don't know if this is it.

It looks so different.

Maybe because
there are so many people.

I think if we, um...


We don't have time
to look for Samuel.

No, no, it will be fine,

I know you wanted to find him.

I need to get you
to the inn, Mary;

you need your rest.

Maybe I can find a well
so you can drink,

and I'll take you
straight to the inn, huh?

Thank you.

Ah, so many people.

Are you lost, traveler?

No longer,
for I have found the way.



It's an honor.

Your fame has spread
among so many of us.

You are very kind.

Paul says you are
brave and righteous.

It's a pleasure to serve.

There is someone very eager
for your arrival.

May I tell her
all is safe and sound?


Come in quickly.



So this?

This is bull dropping here.

I don't like this, okay?

You're lying to me, huh?

Please, I beg of you.


♫ ♫

O God, you are my God,

earnestly I seek you.

My soul thirsts for you...

My soul thirsts for you.

My flesh faints for you,
as in a dry and weary land...

dry and weary land

where there is no water.


Well, what did he say?

You won't believe it.

He said that
they are completely full.

The census,
the whole town is overrun.


I think it's because, um...


I think it's because, uh...

he knows we aren't exactly...

that I can't just give him
more money like the others can,

but he insisted
that they were full.

I was furious, but...

I kept my calm, like I promised.

Of course.

I told him
about our situation...

that didn't make
a difference, either.

He just said that
there was nothing.

Finally, his wife said
that if we wanted,

we could try...
camping in the stable.

They promised us water
and blankets to help,

even lamb's cloths for the baby.

They promised that
they would be clean.

But I can go look for Samuel.

If he's living in the same home,

then he will have room.

I'm sorry I slowed us down,
I should have stayed on...

Oh, Mary, it's not your fault.


We can't keep looking.

Have the pangs started?

He's coming.


I'm sorry,
he said there was nothing.

I know, I know.

All right, all right,

we will make it work, hmm?

Yes, yes,
we will make it work,

we will make it work.

We will make it work.


Yes, Lazarus.

I'm sorry to wake you, but...

No, I was...
just resting my eyes.

Are you feeling
well enough to see her?

She's here?

What are you waiting for?



Oh... how did they get you here?

Our former zealot
had ideas and old friends

to get me to Tychicus
for the last leg.

I was safe.

Do you need anything else?

Where is Zee now?

Persia, Lebanon, Armenia...

all over the place.

I'll just
leave you to it then.

Let me know if
you need anything.

Thank you!

I came as soon as I heard.

It's just a fever.

I'll be fine,

I just had something
to share with you.

But first, anything to report
about our boys?

I don't want...

let's just talk about
what you brought me here for.

I want to know, Mary.

I pray for them every day,

I want to know what to pray for.

They're preaching everywhere,

and the Church is growing.

And the deaths of
Big James and Nathanael

seemed to have
only emboldened everyone...

especially Peter.

Of course.

But it is getting
more difficult.

It's clear they
want us all dead.

You can pray especially
for Andrew in Greece.

They say he will be
arrested at any moment.

I will pray in earnest.

Do you know where Luke is?

Yes, he's in Rome with Paul.

Can you reach him?

If necessary, of course.


He's been gathering
his record of the stories,

and we spoke,

but I didn't tell him

Ah, there is enough wood here,

I can put something
together for you.

There's no time;

they're coming a bit faster now.

All right, we can do this.

Try and see if you
can find a spot

to sit on this blanket,

and I'll put something
together for you

and clean up, huh?



He needs a place to sleep.


When He gets here...
He needs a place to lie down.

You make my bed...
I'll make His.

Already a mother, huh?


My soul magnifies the Lord,

and my spirit rejoices
in God my Savior,

for He has looked on the
humble estate of His servant.

What is that?


What are you saying?

Oh, nothing...

Is it a song of David?

We could use one
right about now.

No, sorry, it's...
just something to myself.

A poem you created?

Yes, but...


Several months ago.

I would love to hear it.


Are you seeing this?



It's time.


Come, I've got you... come sit.

Shouldn't we call for help?

You've never done this before;

maybe the wife
could come and help?

No, there isn't any time.

We've got this.

No, no, no,

I don't want you
to see me like this!

Mary, look at me.

No, no, no, I can wait.

Go get someone.

Don't look