The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Reckoning - full transcript

After learning of Jesus' whereabouts, Quintus sends Gaius to arrest him. The disciples lose control as they argue about how to respond. While seeking information about where Jesus has been taken, Andrew and Philip encounter old friends.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[+ musical swirl J]

[rocks clattering]

[city noise and conversation]

[paper rustles]

- Yes?

I'm here to see Quintus.

- That's
Praetor Quintus,

and you may only request
an audience via formal--

[pounds desk]


Did you deface and remove
a public notice?

- How 'bout now?

- Atticus Aemilius Pulcher?

Sent all the way
to the Upper Galilee.

- You're behind the times,

I've been
up and down Judea.

under your nose.

- I thought
you retired.

- Cohortes Urbanae
don't retire.

- That's right.

They ship you off
to Gaul.

- Question for you.

How do you hold up
all that armor with no spine?

- Don't be salty.

Gaul's not a bad place
to retire.

I hear the women all have
red hair, and the music--

- I'm not here to talk
about women and music,

though I'm sure you have
plenty of time for both.

- Yes, I do, because I keep
things so tight around here.

It's how I have time
for you.

Oh, and Hail Caesar!

Did I hail already?

How can I
serve him today?

- I come
bearing intelligence.

- I bear ears.

- Good.

Open them wide,

I've got news.

It's about
Jesus of Nazareth.


[7 woman vocalizing J]


♪ Oh, child,
come onin. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪.>

[waves splashing]

- All right,
I'll go first.

[7 Old Western Music J]

- Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!!!

How are we gonna measure it
if you throw it in the sea?

- By the splash.

- Throw it
on the shore.

- I'm gonna win

- We'll see.

If it's between fishing

or hearing Rabbi's instructions
about the sermon,

I'll throw this thing
to the Mediterranean.

- We should all
be fishing!

Try to avoid anything like
what happened in Wadi Kelt.

- So, throw it,
big guy.

Winner's pick.

- Yeah, okay.



Go, go!!

[plop, plop]


Yes, yes!!


The sons of Jonah
fish today.

- Great,
two out of three.

What if we
arm wrestle?

- Why are we deciding

We should all be fishing
like Jesus asked.

We can't risk messing up
His sermon plans.

- Andrew, I never took you
for a sore loser.

- Easy,
Little Thunder.

You go listen
to Rabbi,

and catch us up
when we come back.

- No,
I mean it!

Rabbi has told four of us
to find food.

We should do
as He says or...

or bad things
will happen.

- Sore loser
and superstitious.

Not a good look.

- Not a good look.

Oh, and Simon,

we can arm wrestle
next time.

- No problem.

- That was a terrible

- You don't think I can take
at least one of them?

Have some faith,

- Faith
isn't my problem!

Everyone has a part to play

in the execution
of this sermon.

Sons of Thunder,

aren't you supposed
to still be fishing?

- We decided they
could handle it,

we wanted to learn more
about what you are planning.

- Hmm...

You won a contest,


How is Andrew?

- Eh, he'll
get over it.

[Jesus chuckling]

So, what have we missed?

- Zee is working
on a security plan,

Mary and Ramah are back
at camp working on--

- Thank you,

they don't need to hear
all the details.

Here's what I want
each of you to understand,

and what I want you
to make sure

that everyone else
understands as well.

It's the "why"
of this sermon, hmm?

It's not because we need
to make our presence felt

here in the region,

and it's not
about the details

of how we make this

The details matter,

and all of you will make sure
this is executed well.

But what makes this sermon
So important

is each person
who will be there.

Philip, what makes
John's sermons so memorable?

- The volume.

[Jesus chuckling]

- Well, yes,
that, too.

- He spoke directly
to whoever was there.

It was personal.

- Yes, good.

But this sermon will
have thousands of people,

so I won't be directing it
to one group of people

over another.

But what I will say

will be for each
and every one of them.

They're coming
because word is spreading

from the signs
and wonders,

but what I'll be
giving to them

will be far
more important...


This will define
our whole ministry,

and that's what
we need to focus on.

[door latch clicks]

[door closes]

- It's customary
to send word ahead

when rabbis return
to the order.

- Well, let's just see what
happens now that we haven't.

[Yanni clears throat]

YANNI: Rabbi Shmuel bar Yosef
of Capernaum.


- Shmuel!

- Shalom, Yussif.

- The learned Shmuel
returns from Jerusalem!

For what reason, we cannot say,
but we are honored.

- For the sardines!
Where else would I go?

YANNI: We do have them pickled
in the Holy City as well.

- I think Nicodemus
made a fish joke

upon his last arrival
as well.

Oh! Prepare
the seat of honor.

- No, no, Yussif.

I've done nothing to--

- You were accepted by
the Great Sanhedrin of Jerusalem

for special research.

A proposal
few are granted.


- I am flattered by
your gesture, Yussif,

but this is no time
for sitting.

May I speak with you

yes, of course.

- Accompany me
to the Bet Midrash.

- But why her?

- She referenced
the healing of a leper.


- There is no law against
healing a leper.

- But if it was on Shabbat,
like he did at the Pool,

then a pattern
has emerged.

He can tell us what blasphemy
this Ethiopian woman--

- Tamar.

- She could be the key
to confirming two incidents.

- But a woman's testimony
is worthless.

- Not if she leads us
to the leper.

- You think someone
healed of leprosy

would turn over damning
information about his healer?

- To do otherwise would
violate the commandment

against bearing
false witness.

With all due respect,

I thought you went
to Jerusalem

to study false prophecy,
not hunt down this one man

from Nazareth,
of all places.

- One in the same errand,

- I know He spends time
with sinners, but--

- The Ethiopian--
is she still in Capernaum?

- Not in Capernaum.

Last I heard of her
was from Yehuda.

He encountered her
in Magdal.

- Why did Yehuda
bother to mention it?

- She was offering testimony
on the street.

- A woman.

- Blasphemy.

It's like a wildfire
with this man.

Everywhere he goes.

We must find her.

- And if you discover the
healing was not on Shabbat?


I hope you will consider sharing
your experience in Jerusalem

with us.

- I would like that,

But there is one other
I must speak with.

- I don't know why the grain
thing bothers you so much.

Jesus didn't mind.

- The Pharisees
did mind.

And they'll
report Him now.

- Jesus knows
how to handle Himself.

You don't have to ride
to His rescue all the time.

- Seriously?

You, the master of
riding to His rescue?

- Yeah,
all right.

I did that
a few times;

I know it
doesn't help.

- You know what
they're doing to John.

We can't let them
do that to Jesus.

- We won't!

- Then let's not make a scene
everywhere we go!

That's all
I'm saying.

It's common sense.

- I think He's more of
an uncommon sense guy.

Get used to different,

- I'm being smart.


- Leave smart to
Matthew and Thomas.

So, Matthew's
smart now?

The Messiah
really has come!

- Forget I said

Let's just fish.


[background voices]

- I'm here to request
an audience with the Praetor.

It's urgent.

- That's what
everyone says.

- Well, there are signs
all over Capernaum

saying the man known
as Jesus of Nazareth

is sought for

- I can take
your statement.

- I believe he was last seen
in Jerusalem,

for one of our
Pilgrimage Festivals.

- When was this?

- Five days ago.

- That's outdated

- What?

- We'll have him
in our custody by tomorrow.

- What's happened?

- Arrested
on what charge?

- Is there anything else
you'd like to report?

- With all respect,

I must know the nature
of the charges.

If he broke Jewish law,
then we must know.

- We?

- What do you know of
the order of the Zealots?

- The Fourth Philosophy?

I-l don't

- Stories and rumors.

They are outsiders.

- What have the Zealots got
to do with Jesus of Nazareth?

- Thank you
for coming in.

Can you see
yourselves out

or would you like me
to show you the way?

- No, no,
you're on the wrong track.

Jesus is dangerous
but he's not--

- We can decide for ourselves
who's dangerous.

Thank you.

- May we question him?

Once you have him
in custody?

- Yes, I would very much
like to speak with him

on behalf of
the Capernaum Synagogue.

- We'll pass that

- Will you really?

- No.

- Out.

- Mark my words...
do not underestimate him.

[sword slides from sheath]

- Do not
underestimate this.

[sword slides back in sheath]


- So, what's your plan,

- Plan?

We're gonna walk through
that city like we own it,

arrest our man,

and be home by breakfast,

That is the plan.

- Have you been
to Jotapata?

- I've seen

- It's a very, um...
intense place.

- Meaning?

- Well, let's just say
the Praetor in Jotapata

doesn't have the kind of control
Quintus has in Capernaum.

- How do you
know that?

- I used to have some
reliable informants there.

- What happened?
They stopped talking?

- They stopped living.

Tortured to death.

One by one.

Rome is the enemy
in Jotapata, Primi.

- Not great.

- Yeah, you know the guys
in black and white?

- Pharisees.

- They've got
a lot of 'em.

And the other ones?

- Sadducees.

- Yeah,
some of those, too.

And preachers,
like this Jesus,

all over the place.

Pretty much everyone in the town
is on a mission of protest.

You know
what I mean?

- I am starting
to get the picture.

- Jesus' camp is
just south of the city.

- Maybe we'll take
the long way around.

[Atticus chuckles]

- Now, that sounds
like a good plan.

- Is that why
you came along?

- I wanted
the exercise.

But, mostly,
your Praetor

is about the most detestable guy
in all of Galilee.

- You're sure
that is all?

Could've walked
along the seashore.

If you wanted
to avoid Quintus,

there's always plenty to drink
in a fishing city.

[Atticus chuckles]

- You've got good instincts,

All right,

I must admit I am intrigued
by your prey.

- Jesus of Nazareth?

- I saw a man who had not
stood on his own two feet

in half a century,
bounding like a boy.

I watched a martyr throw down
his weapon and take a knee.

I saw a lunatic's eyes
go clear.

Jesus of Nazareth
did those things.

He doesn't strike me at all
as threatening or scary...

and that scares me.

Now, maybe
I'm just interested

to see how he'll take
to wrist irons.

- Listen up,

Like old times, huh?

- As He said,
no one ever has to guess

what's going on
in your head.

- There's nothing
in my head.

it's in our bones.

Don't have to think.

- Must be nice.

- What?

- Having nothing
in your head.

- Don't be smart.

It's just a saying.

- Certainly
was true

when you plucked the heads
of grain at Wadi Kelt.

- Everybody did that...

except Mary.

- She'd already
done her part.

- You think you're never going
to make another mistake

in your life?

- She was gone
for days!

- Two;
don't exaggerate.

- Me,
not exaggerate?!

- Are you telling me
not to exaggerate?


- Look, she went
through something

horrible and terrifying

and she dealt with it
the best way she knew how.

- She should have gone
to Jesus.

- She knows that now.

If you remember,

Jesus was disarming crazy Simon
of his dagger.

- Oh, now, he's
the crazy Simon?

- I'm a married man
who worked an honest trade--

- Worked an honest trade

- Itis how
I met Jesus.

Unexpected roads.

- Gambling, brawling
was that also unexpected?

- You gambled, too.

- And I'll never
do it again.

And if I'm
ever tempted,

I'll ask the Rabbi
for help.

Certainly won't do
something selfish

that leaves the group stranded
at camp for two days, starving,

or puts Jesus on edge,

makes Him snap
at the Pharisees

who are hunting us
down now!

- He was grieving
John's arrest.

And they're not
hunting us down.

You're so dramatic.

- When word
reaches Jerusalem

that He claimed
the title Son of Man

Lord of the Sabbath,

they'll hunt Him down,
they'll put Him away,

and it could completely ruin
all the plans for the sermon,

erase all the momentum
we've gained.

That's what
I'm afraid of.

- Jerusalem doesn't even
open the mail from Wadi Kelt!

Andrew, this is
just fear talking.

- I've been at this
longer than you.

When they decide they don't
like you, it's over.


John might spend his life
in prison!

- But Herod arrested John--
not the Sanhedrin.

- The Sanhedrin arrests people
all the time!

- You're the one who told me
He was the Messiah.

Am I going to have to be
the one to remind you now?

- The very fact
that He's the Messiah

means there's going
to be trouble.

You get it?

Maybe even a war.

- If you were
building an army,

would you start
with Little James and Thaddeus?

- Simon!

- You think He's
drawing up military plans

all the times He goes away
to desolate places?

- He never comes back
with anything!

- You know what?

Let's just fish,
all right?

Can we?




[7 ominous music J]


My little brother
whom I love very much?

- What?!

- I need you to take
a very long, deep breath.

Can you do that?

- What?

- Just please.

Ask God
to give you--

- Now, a few days
will be plenty of time

to make sure everything
goes smoothly.

[7 woman vocalizing J]

Don't be afraid.

Tell everyone
to keep planning.

I'll be back.

[+ vocalizing continues J]

- I knew it!
I knew it!

- Keep it together,


Jesus of Nazareth!

You're sought for questioning
by a Roman authority.

Will you surrender
to detainment peacefully?

- Yes.

- Jesus, no!

- Shhh.

- Are you armed?

- I am not.

But some of
my followers are.

[swords slide from sheaths]

- Tell your followers
to drop their weapons

and step back
10 cubits.

- I will.

May I say goodbye
to my eema?

Mater mea.

- Yes.

- Don't be afraid,

- James and John,

drop your weapons
and step back ten cubits.


Matthew is safe
and doing well.

He's back
at the camp.

- You all look


- We had a bit
of a hungry spell,

but we have men
out on the water now,

stocking us up.

- He's used to
eating well.

What do you have
to offer him?

- Should we talk
about this later?

- Move out!


[7 woman vocalizing J]

What happened?!

SIMON: You stood there
and did nothing

while He was

- He was specific.

- Detained,
not arrested.

- Those are just

Have you no experience
with Rome?

- We have to go
after them.

- He agreed to surrender

- No! No!

What if they change
their minds?

Have you forgotten
what they're doing to John?!

- You're terrifying her.

- I will be fine.

- Well, I'm going.

They're headed north.

I'll catch them
in Jotapata

and petition
for His release.

- Andrew, He didn't
ask you to help.

- He shouldn't
have to!

I don't recognize
any of youl!

- Brother,
you're not yourself.

- Maybe I should
come with you;

I feel

- You might be

- Andrew!

- How could you

- Stop this
right now.

- ltisn't
anyone's fault.

- Mary,
please stay.

I'll accompany

I have lots of experience
waiting for my Rabbi

outside jails.

- Why wait?

Let's break Him out.

- Don't wait up.

Blessed are You Lord God

King of the universe.

Blessed are You
on this day.

Hear, O Israel,
the Lord your God,

the Lord is one.

You graciously bestow
knowledge upon man

and teach mortals

Graciously bestow upon us
from You,

wisdom, understanding
and knowledge..."

- Excuse me, friend,

- "O behold our affliction
and wage our battle,

for You, our God,
the Redeemer, the mighty One.

- We're from Jerusalem
and we're looking for--

- Cause us to return,
our Father--

He does this every day.

--to Your service,

and bring us back...

- It's okay,
we'll find someone else.

- They're all like that
in this city.

- Have you seen any
Ethiopians around here?

- Not many.

- What about a woman,
impossible to miss?

Lots of jewelry,
very striking, very loud.

- Gets men like you


- I'm not sure what could be
clearer than the three words,

"I will be back."

- That's four.

- How can you
dispute that?

- Maybe it was
a hint.

That we are supposed to be
the fulfillment of those words.

- Zealots, and your
secret handshakes and codes!

- I'm not a Zealot anymore,
just zealous.

There's a difference.

- You just interpreted
plain speech

about trust and peacefulness
as code for insurrection.

BIG JAMES: I think
he's on to something.

Rabbi told us how important
this sermon is,

we can't let anything
stop it.

Maybe it was
a hint.

- You're not going
to keep me

from another obvious fight,
are you?

- With Zee's skills,
we could do it.

James and John,

be mindful of
what He named you.

- Seems perfect
for a time like this.

- I think we should do
what He said

and wait here
for Him.

- Oh, yes,
great advice,

coming from someone
who disappeared for two days.

- How dare you--

- Don't talk to her
like that.

- Oh,
now he speaks.

he has a voice.

When it's about her.

- You've made mistakes,

- Boys!
Stop it!

- Boys?

- You're acting
like children.

- Nathanael's right;
the words were plain.

- You weren't there.

- So now it's a matter of whose
testimony's more credible?

- Now, look!

You've upset
our Rabbi's eemal!

- I only made
an observation.

- I made a mistake
leaving camp.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry I relied on
my own observation--

my own understanding--
So heavily.

Jesus said
He will be back.


[Pharisees reciting]

- Don't worry
about them.

They're here for God
or to preen.

You don't get in the way
of either.

- Where shall
we go first?

- Jail.

Come on,
it's this way.

[Pharisees talking
over each other]

- Restore our judges
as in former times,

and our counselors
as of yore;

remove from us
sorrow and sighing,

and reign over us
in justice.

- Andrew.

You alone, Lord,

King who loveth
righteousness and justice.

- And they say
we're extreme.

[Andrew scoffs]

Look at him!

He can stand!

It was faith that delivered
this man a miracle.

- Now that's more
like it.

- I know her!

And him.

- Who cares?

Come on, we have
a Rabbi to find.

PILGRIM 1: We heard
he consorts with Samaritans!

TAMAR: I cannot personally
confirm that,

but it wouldn't
surprise me.

- Who cares
who He ministers to!

I was paralyzed
for 23 years,

and I stand before you now
on two feet!

- She's talking
about Jesus

Who on earth

can claim authority
to forgive sins?

The kind of person

that can tell
a paralyzed man to stand,

and a miracle happens
in front of dozens of witnesses.

- It could be witchcraft,
or sorcery!

- Witches and sorcerers,

they require payment
for their services.

- And He gave freely.

- But why is he
in hiding?

- We don't know.

TAMAR: He told
the leper on the road

to keep the healing
a secret.

- And then why are you
telling people?

- He gave us no such order
to remain silent.

I believe He will make Himself
more known soon.

I can sense it
in my spirit!

you were there!

In Capernaum!

- Can I talk
to you?

- This man can attest;
he was a witness!

- Where is he?

- You know this Jesus
of Nazareth?

- Is he here
in Jotapata?

Tell him.

- Please,
come with me!

Both of you!

- You must stop drawing
attention to Jesus!!

- How can we not speak
of what we have seen?

How can you
remain silent?

- The Romans...

- Oh, no...
what happened?

- We'll tell you
all about it.

Why don't we go somewhere
a little more private?

Hey, where are you going?

- Did he resist?

- No, Dominus.

- And his

- Peaceful
and compliant.

- Have a seat.

Leave us.

Jesus of Nazareth...

we finally meet!

- Here I am.

- I thought
you'd be sort of...

- Taller?

- ...crazier looking.

- Ah.

- Wild hair
and animal skins.

- Glad I could
disappoint you.

- The first story
I ever heard about you,

[pit dings in cup]

I didn't believe it.

- That's usually
how it goes.

- It wasn't about religion,
or preaching, or God.

It was about fish.

- Ah,
another common theme.

- It was an impossibly
huge catch, Atticus.

It settled the largest debt
in Capernaum's ledger.

Oh, did you meet

He's Cohortes Urbanae.

They're like Caesar's
personal detectives.

Mostly in Rome
but they go wherever.

He's especially
interested in you.

- Have you ever visited
the Far East, Jesus?

- I have received visitors
from there,

but never been there

- They eat their fish

Peel off
the scales,

cut off the heads
and tails and...

take a bite.

- That's quite something.

- They eat the flesh
and spit out the bones.

- Of course.

- If Simon had not
settled his debt,

that could've resulted
in my demotion.

That was flesh.

You create
a public disruption

that results
in damage to property,

a stampede,

and a blight
on my personal reputation.


You seduced the single
most brilliant and effective

tax collector
in the entire Upper Galilee.

Also, bones.

And now, the most tenured
Cohortes Urbanae

in the history
of the Roman Empire

tells me he personally
witnessed you disarm

a Zealot sicarii.

that's flesh.

That's flesh.

- Sorry to have caused
so much confusion for you

over flesh and bone.

- Confusion?

No... no.

If your race weren't
so repugnant and odious,

I'd offer you a job!

- I cannot take that
as a compliment.

- Jesus, this whole thing
is very simple.

You seem to be
splitting your time

between creating
headaches for Rome

and victories we could not
achieve ourselves.

- That's a little

- You've doubled your following
since leaving Capernaum.

Then again,
you returned a violent man,

who had been terrorizing
Jericho to his senses.

- But word of your "miracles"
or whatever

has spread
all through Syria

and they start
coming over here.

Do you see
my problem?

I don't know whether to
eat you or spit you out,

to stick with
the fish metaphor.

We're probably
past that now.

I'm saying I don't know
what to make of you.

- That's going to be a lot
of people's problem with me.

- No more bones,

Follow me?

No more draining
my talent pool,

creating spectacles,

No more meddling,

- I cannot promise
any of these things.

- Then I cannot promise
you won't stop breathing.

- Well, it sounds like
we're clear

on what we can
and cannot promise.

[Quintus laughing]

- I honestly...

Jesus of Nazareth,
I like you.

We're on
the same team.

Just don't make me
kill you.

- I won't make you
do anything.

But My Father,
on the other hand...

- I don't know
what that means,

but let's leave
on a high note.

I think we have
an understanding here.

You're free to go.


Oh, sorry about your cousin,
by the way.

Marching himself into
Herod's court and moralizing

was not a very wise
or brave thing to do.

- He knew what he was
getting himself into.

- Do you...

know what you're
getting yourself into?

- It was a privilege to
speak with you today, Quintus.

- Well...
that was fun!

- So, nothing about him
concerns you, huh?

- If it did,

[jingle on desk]

I wouldn't have
let him go.

He'll be a nice diversion
for the people for a while.

[Atticus chuckles]

[background conversation]

- What are you all
doing here?

PILGRIM 1: We were
hearing stories

about the man
from Nazareth.

From an Ethiopian woman

and a man who claimed
to have been healed.

- Where have they gone?

PILGRIM 1: They all disappeared
with a curly-haired man.

PILGRIM 2: They knew
they would be exposed.

- In what direction?

those colonnades.

- Hurry.

Brothers, wait!

Are you looking
for a man

who performs healings
on Sabbath?

- Yes,
who are you?

- Has he invoked the title
"Son of Man,"

from the prophet

- You have
witnessed this?

- Yes,
how did you know?

- Is he here?

- We are
from Wadi Kelt.

- Where?

- Why haven't you
filed a report?

- We did.

We're a small town.

He healed on Sabbath
in our synagogue

and it got even worse
from there.

- And there were women
among his followers.

to be precise.

- Tell us

- But "Lord of the Sabbath,"
"Son of Man,"

are religious scandals.

No importance to Rome?

ANDREW: We don't know
why He was arrested.

Rome may feel threatened
as word spreads.

I don't know,
but you can't keep doing this.

Not now.

- I cannot keep
what I know inside.

- Don't you understand
what I'm explaining?

- I'm not a child.

- It's dangerous.

More than you know.

- Don't be alarmed,
my name is Yussif.

- You're a Pharisee
from Capernaum.

- I spoke harshly to you
at the house of Matthew.

- Don't worry
about it.

- I'm not.

You're being sought
for questioning.

- For what?

- Testimony about
Jesus of Nazareth.

- I told you!

- One of Nicodemus'
former students named Shmuel

has come
in search of you.

He will twist
your testimony

to make an argument
about false prophecy.

- False?

- I personally do not care
about your convictions,

and your testimony
is worthless.

What Shmuel wants is information
about another healing

and Jesus' background.

- We both grew up
in Egypt.

that's even worse.

get her out of here.

- I don't trust you.

Why are you helping?

- That's my business.

But so that
you'll do as I ask,

I believe my rabbi,

saw something remarkable
in your master.

Shmuel is threatened by
what he can't comprehend.

he's ambitious.

Shmuel does not honor
Nicodemus' teaching.

You are the paralytic man
Jesus healed?

- Yes.

- You both must
leave this place.

- You should go
with Andrew.

- What will you do?

- I'll lay low,

disappear until
things go quiet.

- And what if things
don't go quiet?

- I hope they don't.

But it's a good idea
we separate for now.

Take her with you.

- I don't know if...

- I do want
to follow Him.

- We will
talk to Him.

- Go now.

He's not here.

Who are you?

Okay, then.

Fill me in
on the road?


- He's back!

are you hurt?

What happened?

- Well, I suppose I should not
be surprised you would spot me.

Hi, Eema.


- Rabbi,
are you safe?

- Did anyone
follow you?

- Yes, I'm safe,
and they just wanted to talk.

- I'm very happy.

[Jesus chuckles]

- I'm glad,

- Just talk?

- Quintus wanted
to talk, yes,

but the Romans, they don't
find me much of a threat,

which is fine.

- Hopefully,
that'll change soon.

- So, what were you
doing out here?

- Praying, John.

Remember, there's
a big event to prepare for.

- Rabbi,
with all due respect,

you couldn't have told us
that you were back first?

You were grabbed by
Roman soldiers with weapons,

we were all
worried sick.

- Did I not tell you
that I would be back,

and to keep planning?

You're all going to have
to learn how to do this

regardless of
what's happening,

good or bad.

Things are only going
to get more difficult.

You can't just shut down
when you're fearful.

And what are you going to do
when I'm no longer here?

- Yes, we are still
figuring this out.

- Yes, but we can
do better--

we--we will
do better.

- Rabbi, Philip
said the Baptizer

gave his followers
a prayer

in addition to the daily
traditional prayers.

Perhaps you could
do the same?

- Yes, I know I'd like
to learn more about

what you're saying
when you're out alone.

- Now... now you're behaving
like true students;

this is what
I like to see.

And prayer
is the first step

in getting the mind
and the heart right;

it's why you see me
go to it so often.

So, teach us...

to pray like You do...

- When we pray,

we want to be sure
to first start with

our Father in heaven,

and His greatness.

So, you can say,

"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be Your name."

And we always want to be sure
to do God's will

and not our own.

So we say,
"Your Kingdom come,

Your will be done
on earth,

as itis in heaven."

And just as we asked...

[approaching footsteps]

- Matthew...

- Rabbi?

- Sorry to wake you,

- Are you in trouble?

- Shhh, shhh, I don't want you
to wake the others.

Nothing is wrong.

- Why did you wake me up
and not the others?

- I've been forming fragments
of teaching in My mind

for some months now
in preparation for the sermon.

I'm ready
to organize them.

- I'll get
my writing materials.

You've just returned
from detention.

Will these teachings
make things worse?

- I'm here to make things
better, not worse, Matthew.

- But I mean--
for all of us who love You.

- No promises.

Let's go.

- It must be tonight?

- The time has come.