The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Perfect Opportunity - full transcript

As Jesus and the disciples head to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, a new enemy follows them, while a familiar enemy awaits.

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[+ musical swirl J]

[rocks clattering]

[birds chirping]



[no audio]

[+ soft moving music J]






[no audio]






[woman vocalizing]


[woman vocalizing]


[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]



[woman vocalizing]


♪ Oh, child,
come onin. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪.>

[market conversations]

- What is this?
What is this?

No, no,
I asked for eight.

Because you don't know
how to count!

I asked for eight,
I got six!

That is not

- Move!


Last time we had
the same problem.

I asked you
for eight.

No, no,
you take this back,

and you bring me eight
like I asked.

[fire crackling]

No, eight!


- No Lord but God.



- You ruined
one of my carts.

- It did get
his attention, Rabbi.

- You're very resourceful,

That's it for today,

Come on, Simon,
let's eat.

Murder training.

Real subtle.

I'll be seeing you
real soon, Simon.

RABBI: He is as inventive
as he is dedicated.

I've overseen Simon's training
for the last three years.

He has never failed me.

Now, he's never had
an assignment like this before.

A Roman Magistrate
on the streets of Jerusalem.

But he will have
at least two escorts.

- Every breath
this Roman takes is theft.

Every garment he deigns
for this so-called High Priest,


- Caiphas
has resisted--

- His resistance
is a show.

The Romans, however,
do not know that.

The Magistrate's
mysterious death

will cast suspicion
upon Caiphas,

in his arrest.

- Simon is up
to the task.

- Send him
to me.

- I've never been
to Jerusalem.

- Really?

How is that

- My Father never took me
and my mother to the Feasts.

- This is your first
Feast of the Tabernacles?

- No, this is just
my first time in Jerusalem.

- A tabernacle
is a temporary dwelling.

- It's a tent.

- I know what
a tabernacle is.

So what, do we have to
build one to eat?


- I was being

- God said to live in a booth
for seven days

during this feast.

To commemorate how
the children of Israel

lived in temporary shelters
for 40 years in the desert.

- We still are.

BIG JAMES: One of three
pilgrimage holidays

when every able-bodied
Israelite male

would travel
to Jerusalem

and present himself
before Adonai.

You really don't know
about any of this stuff?

- I've already admitted
I don't know all of it,

I didn't pay
much attention.

I do recall my father used
to leave three times a year.

- Why is it only the men
required to go?

- It can be
a perilous journey.

Difficult for children
and the sick--

people that need

but it doesn't
prohibit anyone.

I've taken Eden
many times.



All right, I need some bodies
to go into town with me.

Nathaniel gave me
a list of supplies

for this masterpiece
of his.

- Mmm...
pick me.

Pick me, Simon.

- As long as you stop
doing that.

[door opens and closes]

- Enter.


To whom do you serve?

- El Shaddai,
God of power and might.

God of War.

- What is your name?

- Simon, Son of Zebulon,
Son of Akiva of Ashkelona.

- For what
were you born?

- To cleanse Israel
of her enemies.

To expel all non-Jews
from Jerusalem

as the Scriptures

- Which Scriptures?

From the scroll of Moses,

"Whoever sacrifices
to any god,

"other than
the Lord alone,

shall be devoted
to destruction."

- You will travel
to Jerusalem

for the
Feast of Tabernacles.

- With the Order?

- Two days prior.

You will leave first thing
in the morning.

In Jerusalem, you will
assassinate an enemy of God.

- The Roman Magistrate...

- You will be met
by your brother in the city.

- My brother?

- A Jerusalem Zealot
and his team.

They have been
tracking Rufus.

Once you are briefed
on the Roman's movements,

you will lead the team.

- Yes, master.

- Carry out your orders,
Simon of Zebulon,

or never return.

The Lord is in your midst.

You shall never again
fear evil.

On that day,
it shall be said to Jerusalem:

"Fear not, O Zion;
let not your hands grow weak.

"The Lord your God
is in your midst,

"the mighty one
who will save.

He will rejoice over you
with gladness..."

- Zephaniah.

TRAINEES: "He will exalt
over you with loud singing.

I will gather
those of you..."

[market sounds]

It doesn't matter.

Any kind of crate
or-or pallet.

A stone would work.

[items crash]

- A stone,

This is
a public teaching?!

- I picked this market

because it serves
SO many poor.

They're hungry for the words
of a teacher...

and they're probably
afraid of you.

- Afraid?
Of what?

- It's the Holy City.

You're a Pharisee.

Just relax.

Let us pray.

"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the Universe,

Who bestows good things
upon the unworthy--"

- The Birkat Hagomel?

But that's the blessing for
life-threatening situations.

- You'll be fine.

This the first step
to gaining a following.

And once you have,

your message will have even
greater weight in the Temple...

for both of us.

Good luck.

- You're

- These people are
hungry for the Word.

I'm hungry
for breakfast.

The Ha'tov ve'hametiv?

[talking over each other]
"Blessed are You,

"Lord, our God,
King of the Universe,

who is good
and does... good."

[market conversations]


[water splashing]

[excited commotion]

[groans in pain]

- You okay,

- Uh-huh.

- You're moving
from the edge?

- There's no point.

It was a dumb idea.

- You're not
going to try anymore?


- You know, Jesse,
if you don't have any hope,

then why are you
still here?


[market sounds]

[pounding and groaning]

[pounding continues]

- Can you believe
that guy is here?

I saw him earlier.

Who is that?

- That is a ghost...

of the
Cohorte Urbanae.

- Secret police?

- More like marshals.

Elite soldier

I heard the Captain
call him Atticus.

Don't stare.

- I've never
seen one before.

- Or you have,
and you didn't know.

- Move along.

What brings you
to Jerusalem?

- Uh, the Festival,
the pilgrimage.

- You're a few days

- I have family here.

- In what district?

- Near the
Antonia Fortress.

- Are you
carrying weapons?

- No.

- You're free to go.

[prisoner screaming]

- What was his crime?

- Murder.

- What is your name,

- Linus Cilnius,

- Linus, I want you
to take your next assignment

very seriously.

- My next
assignment, Sir?

- The Antonia Fortress
is not a residential area.

It is a public forum.

That man does not
have family there.

Do you understand?

send Linus Cilnius home

and take over
this checkpoint.

I am so hungry.

It's all I can do not to bite
into this pomegranate.

- I was, too,

but the vendor
had a stain on his tunic

that looked like
baby spit up.

It made me nauseous.

- I know.

I heard you
tell him that.

- Be patient.

You shouldn't eat
right now.

Your hands are filthy.

- You really don't
hold back, do you?

- I'm just
being helpful.

You want to impress
Ramah, right?

- What?

- You heard me.

SHMUEL: ...false
and deceptive visions.

"They have not exposed
your iniquity

"to restore your fortunes,
but have seen for you

oracles that were false
and misleading."

I say to you,
brothers and sisters,

fellow children
of Adonai,

we must always be
on guard

against the false prophets
among us...

- Pssst!

Who use God's words...

not to praise Him,
not to glorify Him,

but in the pursuit
of their own power...

- What are you doing?

SHMUEL: Often, we think
of false prophets...

- This guy is
So irritating to me.

- Makes sense.

You're kind of
the same person.

All numbers and logic.

Except he can't
tell jokes.

- Guys!

- We should see
what he wants.

- That Pharisee
knows us.

He does not approve.

- What do you mean?

- He used to live
in Capernaum.

He once yelled at
our Master.

- That guy?

- Shhh!

He called
for His arrest

at the house of Big James
and John's father.

We should go.

- Where?

The meeting place
is a block away.

- What are the odds?

- You guys are both actually
calculating the odds...?

just stay out of sight.

The Pharisee doesn't
know our faces.

If we see the others
we'll head them off, hmm?

SHMUEL: Tomorrow night begins
the Feast of Tabernacles.

Over one million Jews
are flooding into our city

at this very moment,
from every corner of Israel.

All to observe
the Feast, yes,

but some may bring
with them an agenda.

Some false teachers may
seize upon the large crowds

to spread
their heresies...

- You see
what I mean, though...

about Matthew
and you?

- Please don't speak.

...1o the letter.

Beware they are not used
against you.

[market conversations]


[knocks on door]

[door opens]


[market conversations]



HONI: We've got a map
of the whole city.

We've got a map
of every street he walks...

every spot he goes.

We've tracked his movements
for two months.

ITHRAN: Near the end
of every Shabbat,

at the start of the first day,
Motzi Shabbat,

he goes to his
favorite restaurant

in the Upper City,
the Valerian.

- And there are
no other patterns,

no other places
he goes consistently?

- To the Praetorium
every day, of course,

but it's heavily guarded
on all sides.

The restaurant
is utterly exposed.

- He always has a guard,

and on the off hours
when he is with his wife, two.

- This Yom Rishon tradition
is a problem.

If the streets are empty
for Shabbat,

it will be harder
to create a diversion.

It will be a challenge
to get into position

as Shabbat
is ending.

- The Roman is smart
to choose Shabbat.

- Of course.

Never underestimate
the enemy.

- We--we have an ally
with a shop on the square.

We could store
our weapons there

and be ready as soon
as Shabbat ends.

- Excellent.

I need a cart
with dry straw...

and three
additional men.

See to it.

[door squeaks open]


[no audio]


[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

- Done!



Woman of Valor!

Who can find?

[crickets chirping]


MATTHEW: With all
due respect, Nathanael,

I know you are
a skilled architect,

but this thatched roof
won't keep the rain out.

that's the point.

The vegetation provides shade
from the sun during the day.

a few rain drops get through,

it is a reminder of
our dependence on God,

of His provision,

and of how our people

were so vulnerable
in the wilderness,

and He brought us

There was a time in my life--

in my old life--

where I had to sleep

It is a good reminder

of how I was delivered
from that.

- This time of
dwelling in booths

is also a leveler
of people.

Wealthy, poor...
everyone sleeps outside...

as equals.

- But let's be honest--

not all booths
are created equal.

- Yes,

The beauty of this booth
is itself an act of worship.


I have a question.

- Yes.

BIG JAMES: In the prophet
Zechariah it is written,

"Then everyone
who has survived,

"of all the nations that
have attacked Jerusalem

"shall go up year after year
to worship the King,

"the Lord of hosts,

and to celebrate
the Feast of Tabernacles."

- Wait, what?

- Zechariah says that?

- They read that passage
at the Feast every year,

you just don't
pay attention.

- Well, there's
a lot of readings,

they sort of
run together.

- What exactly is
your question, Big James?

- One day our enemies
will celebrate this Feast?

With us?



The Romans?!

Jews and Gentile,
at this table?

What would have to happen
for that to be possible?

- Something
will have to change.

- But the booths
won't mean anything to them.

- We're the ones who dwelt
in temporary shelters

while we wandered
the wilderness,

not them.

- Everyone has wandered
through the wilderness

at some point.

- If all the nations came
to celebrate in Jerusalem,

there will not be
enough room, not by...

I will not bore you
with the calculations.

- I think it will not be
Jerusalem as we know it now.

Certainly not.

RAMAH: But if Zechariah
prophesied it,

it will be fulfilled,

- It just...
sounds impossible.

I know a thing or two

about prophecies
that sound impossible.

JESUS: Anyone
have other questions?


[crickets chirping]

- Hello, friends.

Have a seat,

- You go.

- Rabbi,
we may have a problem.

- I'm listening.

- Shmuel is here.

- Our Shmuel?

JOHN: He was on
a street corner today,

raising the alarm

false prophecy.

- He means you,

- You sure?

- Yes, well,
he's been--

- I'm joking,
I know he means me, Simon.

So, Shmuel is in Jerusalem
talking about Me.

That's even better.

- Better?

- I think I'm going
to see someone

inside the city walls

You may come
if you'd like.

I enjoy the company.

And bring Matthew,
it will be good for him.

LEVITE: "He will
quiet you by his love;

"He will exult over you
with loud singing.

"I will gather those of you
who mourn for the festival.

"So that you will no longer
suffer reproach.


"at that time, I will deal
with all your oppressors.

"And I will save the lame
and gather the outcast,

"and I will change their shame
into praise and renown

in all the earth."

A reading...
from the prophet Zechariah.


[woman vocalizing]

[woman vocalizing]

SIMON: So, this person
you need to see,

do we get to meet him
in the temple?

actually, the opposite.

The Bethesda Pool.


Here we go again.

SIMON: It gets stranger
and stranger with You,

doesn't it?

I love it.

Why is it strange?

- Because the history
of the pool is pagan.

I don't know much
of the details,

James usually knows
that stuff more, but--

- The pools
used to be a shrine

to the Phoenician god
Ephim, um, Ash--

- Eshmun.

- Eshmun,
right, right.

and then
the Greeks and Romans

turned it into
a place of worship,

for a healing cult
of Asclepius.

- Very good,

JOHN: How do you
know this stuff?

SIMON: James isn't
the only one who reads,

you should try it.

[Jesus chuckles]

JOHN: I do know about
the pools, though.

Every day the water
steams and bubbles,

and some people believe that
it's stirred up by an angel

who heals
the first person

who gets to
the stirred water.

I've read about this,

that there are places
on earth

where hot vapor

steams up from the ground

or makes water boil,
and no one knows how.

I wouldn't say no one...

Is that why
we're going?

You gonna tell us?

- Someday,
someone will figure it out,

and they'll tell

But, for now, we have
a checkpoint to pass.

behave yourselves.

[7 somber music J]

[market conversations]

[Atticus sighs]

- Could you look
any more Roman?

I'd have asked you to meet me
in the town square

if I'd known you'd show up
looking like a senator.

- 1 don't get paid
to blend in.

I'm Petronius.

And you are
the Cohorte Urbanae?

- Atticus Aemilius.

- Your reputation
precedes you.

- And that is why
I meet in alleys.

- You're a long way
from home.

- 1 go where
the work is.

- And what work is here
for you, Atticus?

- Your Magistrate.


Something on Rufus's calendar
puts you on a narrow road

in the Upper City
just off the square.

- The Valerian,
uh, it's a restaurant.

Rufus eats there every Saturday
after Sabbath.

- Oh, lovely.

But you've got
a skilled assassin

that wants to cancel
his reservation.

- What?

- Did no one ever teach you
to mix up the routine?

- He's inflexible
about it!

- Good...

That's good, that's good,
don't deviate.

Do everything exactly
as you'd planned.

- What?

No, I can't risk
his life.

Go arrest
the assassin.

- Do you know
who the Zealots are?

- They're extremists.

They reject rabbi--

- They're martyrs
with a persecution complex.

Arrest him,
we'll only be adding fuel.

Torture him, he gets
a seat closer to his God.

No, I wanna kill him,

in the act.

And then I wanna
watch his rat pals

scurry their way
back to their nest

with a story
they can't glorify,

can't teach to
the next class of marks.

And do you know

- Why?

- Because we were just
better than they were.

That's why.

Rome won.

- You should be
a general.

- Now, what fun
would that be?

- Well, you're going to
have to lay out your plan

to the Magistrate,
and his wife.

- She'll go for it
before he does.

- Ten denarii
says she doesn't.

- I don't need
the money.


- Jesse?

- I'm your brother,

Do you remember me?

- Simon?

- You have a brother?

- They told me
I could find you here.

Uncle Ram,
at Abba's funeral.


- You must be
30 years old.

You're not Simon.

I'm almost 40.

- I've been here
25 years.

You make the pilgrimage
every holiday?

- Yes.

- And you knew
I was here.

- Our Order forbids coming
to the Pool of Bethesda.

- I'm your brother!

- This place
is a pagan cult!

- Since when do cults
bother you?

- I was embarrassed...
for you.

Do you really
believe in this?

- You try living for 38 years
without legs that work,

and then tell me

you wouldn't try anything
and everything!

Why wouldn't you
at least come by once

and carry me
into the water?

You could have tried!

- It is not
in our God's nature

to pit sick people
against each another

in a twisted game!

I won't play it
with you!

our God's nature

that His children would
slit each other's throats?

Have you no regard
for the commandment,

that we shall not
take another's life?

- You and I, we both
know the Scriptures:

"There is a time to Kill,
and a time to heal;

a time to break down,
and a time to build up."

The land
must be purged.

- Then what about our family,

Are we to be purged,

You left me.

You left all of us.

- I left you
to save you.

- Do I look saved
to you?

- I can't believe it.

You are worse
than you used to be.

- My legs are the same
as when you left.

- I'm not talking
about your legs,

I'm talking
about you.

This godforsaken place

has turned my strong brother
into someone hopeless.

- And what should I hope in...
after all these years?

You and
your murderous kind?

- Jesse...

it's killed me to watch you
suffer in your life,

and I am sorry,
I truly am.

But that's not
the only kind of pain,

and you're not the only one
who feels it.

But you know what?

I am at least doing
something about mine,

and I'm not just sitting
in a bed waiting to die.

- Have you said
all you need to say?

- I have to be
in the Upper City.

- Oh,
that's nearby...

less than a mile away.

Might as well be
a thousand miles to me.

Whoever it is,
don't do it.

It's not worth it.

If they catch you,
they'll kill you!

- I am not afraid
of death.

I just wanted
to say goodbye.

Because I didn't do it right
the first time.

I do love you.

And I love God.

Good bye, Jesse.

- "By the time
you read this,

"I will be halfway
to the mountains,

"to join the Zealots
of the Fourth Philosophy,

"in the spirit of our
great King David who sang:

"Zeal for your house
has consumed me."

- My note.

I was a better writer

- "And from Zephaniah,

at that time,

"'l will deal with
all your oppressors.

"I will save the lame
and gather the outcast,

"and I will change their shame
into praise and renown

"in all the earth.'


"when you stand
on two feet,

"I will know
the Messiah has come.

"I will fight
for the freedom of Zion

in order to see
that day."

- I stand by it.

Farewell, Jesse.


[market conversations]


- We don't have
much time.

- Hey... hey!
[snaps fingers]

What's the matter?

- Nothing,
just focused.

- Our men
are in position.

When you see Rufus
and his escorts

pass the side street

side street entrance,

you'll have 30 seconds
to get into position.



[pool conversations]

SIMON: This is what
all the fuss is about?

An oversized mikveh?

JOHN: I have a feeling
we haven't seen it all yet.

[water gurgling]

- That's him.

- Who?

- Him...

The one who's been here
the longest,

but doesn't belong.

The sad one.

- Why do I get the feeling
this isn't just a meeting?

Do we need to be
on the lookout?

- No.

Just stay with me
and watch.

[people coughing]



- Me?

- Yes.

- Shalom.

- I have a question
for you.

- For me?

[heavy sigh]

I don't have
many answers,

but I'm listening.

- Do you want
to be healed?

- Who are You?

- We'll get
to that later.

But my question

- Will You take me
to the water?

Look, I'm having
a really bad day.

- You've been having
a bad day for a long time.


- Sir, I have no one
to help me into the water

when it's stirred up.

And when I do
get close...

the others step down
in front of me... and so--

- Look at Me...

look at Me.

That's not
what I asked.

I'm not asking you
about who's helping you,

or who's not helping,

or who's getting
in your way.

I'm asking about you.


- I've tried.

- For a long time,
I know.

And you don't want
false hope again,

I understand.

But this pool...
it has nothing for you,

it means nothing,
and you know it.

But you're still here.


- [softly]
I don't know.

- You don't need
this pool.

You only need Me.


do you want
to be healed?

So, let's go.

Get up,

pick up your mat,
and walk.



[laughing continues]



- Who-- 2?

- Time for you to walk,
like He said.

Don't forget your bed.

- Why does this matter?

- Because you're
not coming back here.

That life is over.

Everything changes

- You!

It's Shabbat.

What are you doing?

- Torah forbids
carrying a mat on Shabbat?

- Not Torah,
the oral tradition.

- Yes,
transporting objects

from one domain to another
violates Shabbat.

- The Man
who healed me--

- Do you not realize
what just happened here?

Why are you trying to
make this about Shabbat?

- --He said to me,
"Take up your bed and walk."

Who did?

Who told you that?

He did.

I don't know,
He didn't tell me His name.

- No,
of course not.

He performs
a magic trick

and tells you
to commit a sin.

A false prophet.

This will be reported.

- Report whatever
you want!

I am standing
on two legs!


I'm sorry, I need
to go find my brother.

[market conversations]

[cart creaking]



- Oh, sorry,
it's my first time.

I'm headed
to the Upper City.

[cart creaking]

- You look radiant
tonight, darling.

- Don't push it.

[heavy breathing]

[cart creaking]

[woman vocalizing]

HON: You think
I am a fool?!

You think I don't know
the difference

between gold and brass?

I curse you, your family,
your children...

and your
children's children!

And when they have children,
I curse them too!

You are imbecile,

Scam artist!

I will destroy you

and your family
and your children!

[woman vocalizing]

[fire crackling]


[in background]
Fire! Fire!

- Jesse?

[woman vocalizing]


[no audio]

[no audio]


SIMON: [laughing]
That was great!

Thank you for
letting me see that!

- Thank you
for being with Me.

JOHN: Well, the Pharisees
were pretty upset.

SIMON: That was almost
as much fun to watch

as the miracle.

- This week
should be fun, huh?

- 1 do have a question,

- Yes, Matthew.


Waiting 30 more minutes

wouldn't have mattered
to that man.

Why did you do this
on Shabbat?


- Sometimes you gotta
stir up the water.