The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Jesus Loves the Little Children - full transcript

Jesus befriends and teaches the group of children who discover His camp on the outskirts of Capernaum.

Father, glorify
Me with Yourself.


Speak through Me.

♪ Oh, child, come on in.

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child, ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

- I'll be by the stream.

Do not swim.

- I won't.

- Yum, yum, yum.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

I'm sailing away, whoo,
whoo, whoo, whoo.

Yum, yum, yum.

And Joanna just
isn't doing better,

which will mean,
she will have to see

if they will give her space

to sell her headdresses
at the market.

And even if they do,
which doesn't seem likely,

because last time I was
at the market, it looked full,

she has to find
time to make them.

But she needs to focus her
time on helping him get better

so he can return to work

before they give his
job to someone else.

She just seems so scared.

Do you think you
could stop by tomorrow

to see if she needs
help with anything?

- Hmm?

- Can you stop tomorrow to see
if she needs help with anything?

- Joanna?

- Mm-hmm.

- I have to stay late myself.

I don't have time to...

I will see.

- Thank you.

It will mean so much to her.

You know how she gets.

- Hmm.

- So, Abigail, how was your day?

- It was fine.

Can I play with Joshua tomorrow?

- Only after you
finish your chores...

- I know! I will
get it all done first.

- Don't interrupt.

- I'm sorry, but after
second meal, may I go?

- I will ask his mother.

And where will you go?

- Um, just the field,
maybe the stream.

- No swimming.

- I know... and chores first.

- So, what time were you going
to go see Joanna tomorrow?

I was thinking maybe the
evening would be better.

- Blessed are You, Lord our God,

King of the Universe,

Who brings sleep to My eyes.

And there was one tool
I've never seen before.

I don't know what it's for.

I think He was building stuff.

I don't know.

And there was some food, too,

but even though I was
hungry I didn't take any,

because that would be wrong.

But maybe we could
take a little bit this time.

What do you think?

But I'm glad I didn't,

because that's when
the man got there.

Come on, go faster.

- I'm trying, Abby,

but your legs
are going too fast.

- If He comes this time, should
we say something to Him?

I think if you're
with me, it's okay.

I didn't see a sword
or anything like that.

So I don't think He'll
kill us; He seemed nice.

Do you have a
sword, just in case?

Oh, we're almost
there! Here it is!

- Blessed are you, Lord our God,

King of the universe,

Who gives forth
bread from this earth.

And I pray that if there
are ever two children

who come visit my home here,

that you will give them the
courage to say, "Shalom..."

- Let's go.

- Stay... He's a good man.

- so that they will know they
do not have to remain in hiding.

- He's a good man, stay.

- Amen.

- We need to go.

- Stay... we are going to stay.

- Pffftt!!

What's that sound I hear?

Sheep don't sound like that.

No, that's definitely not sheep.

Maybe a rooster?

Greetings, children.

You know, it is not safe for a
child to wander from their home.

You never know if there
are bad men around.

You are wise to bring
your friend this time.

- Joshua.

- Shalom, Joshua.

I admire your
bravery to come here.

You are a good friend.

Well, don't worry,
I'm not a bad man.

- See? I knew it.

- You are free
to stay for a bit,

but I'm afraid I have
some work to do.

- Okay.

- And thank you for not
taking any food yesterday.

- See? I knew it.

So, what are you doing here?

- I'm visiting for a time.

- Where are you from?

- Nazareth.

- What is that wood for?

- I'm building something.

- Are you a carpenter?

- Sometimes, but
I'm a craftsman.

I build all kinds of things.

- So, why don't
you live in a house?

- I travel a lot.

- How do you make money?

- Abby!

- Just asking Him
how He makes money.

- I know, you shouldn't.

- It's okay.

I don't make
money when I travel.

So, for now, I build things,

and I trade them for
my food and clothing.

- What is that?

- Ah, this is going
to be a lock and key.

- Joshua... ask Him
questions, He's nice.

- No, thank you.

- What else will you build?

- Wealthy people
love decorations

and toys for their children.

- My family isn't wealthy.

- Many times, that's better.

- I don't know about that.

- You will.

- My mom made me this.

- Oh, what's her name?

- Sarah.

- Very pretty.

- Okay, time to go home.


- It is good.

- Blessed are You, Lord our God,

King of the Universe,

Who brings sleep to My eyes,

slumber to My...

- Just leave Him alone.

- Is He dead?


- Couldn't have
waited half an hour, eh?

- Can we be around today?

These are my other
friends, and Joshua again.

- Shalom, Abigail's
friends, and Joshua again.

- Shalom.

- Can we be around today?

- I suppose, but I
have some work to do.

You might have to help.


- How much longer are
you going to stay here?

- Until it is time for Me to go.

- When's that?

- Well, I have some
work to do here,

and some people to meet.

And then I will
know the right time.

- You seem nice.

Are you dangerous?

- Mm, maybe to some.

But no, not to you.

And I won't harm anyone.

- Do you have friends?

- A few, and more to come.

- Abby said you travel a lot.

Do you have a house?

- My Father provides
everything I need.

- Is your father rich?

- Did Abigail tell
you to ask me that?

- No.

- That is a question
for another time.

- What's your favorite food?

- Oh, Joshua the Brave speaks.

Hmm, I like so
many different foods.

But I especially love
bread, for many reasons.

How are those spoons
coming along, girls?


- Good.

- String, is it tight?

- Yep.

- Almost?

- Almost.

- Okay.

So, tell me, do you all know
how to pray the Shema?

- Yes.

- Oh, I would love to hear it.

You lead us.

Hear, Israel.

The Lord is our God.

The Lord is one.

You shall love the Lord,
your God, with all your heart,

all your soul,
and all your might.

And it shall come to
pass, if you surely listen

to the commandments
I command you today,

that you may gather
in your grain, your wine,

and your oil,

and you will eat, and
you will be satisfied.

I am the Lord your God

who led you from the land
of Egypt to be a God to you.

I am the Lord your God.


- Beautiful.

Very good.

- So, why don't you have a home?

- My home is many places.

- Why?

- Because I have
a much larger job

than just being a
craftsman or a teacher.

- You are a teacher, too?

- I will be soon.

- What other job?

- Everyone has a much
larger job than just their trade.

And you are more
than just students.

You are at school to
show love to one another,

and to take God's
Word, and to share it.

And at home, to honor
your father and mother.

And most important,
from the law of Moses,

to love Who?

- The Lord your God,
with all your heart.

- Very good, Joshua the Brave.

So, I will be doing my
work in many places.

- Or maybe He's the best
builder who ever lived.

- Or maybe He's
stronger than Samson.

- Maybe He's going to be our
new teacher at synagogue school.

- I think He's maybe
a new prophet,

and He'll show us
the Word of God.

- No, there's no new
prophets; Rabbi Josiah said so.

- But maybe He's a murderer.

- He is not!

- But maybe that's
why He's by Himself.

He's running and hiding.

- Yeah, and probably He's
pretending to be a builder

so no one will know.

- That's not true!

He's building stuff with us;
we're watching Him do it.

- Yeah, He's smart,
so we should listen.

- But maybe we're even
helping Him build weapons

and we don't even know it?

- No, He's a good man.

- I think so too.

- I like Him, I'm just saying,
maybe He's a criminal.

- But no matter
what, we all agree,

we don't tell anyone
about Him, right?

See you here tomorrow.

- Shalom.

Our Father.

Who art in heaven.

Hallowed be Thy name.

- Hallowed be Thy name.

- Thy kingdom come.

- Thy will be done.

And laughing, and
nothing happened.

And they thought they were safe.

And all of a sudden,

two she-bears
came out of nowhere.

♪ - Behold how good
and how pleasing. ♪

♪ - If brothers could
sit together in unity. ♪

♪ - Brothers could
sit together in unity. ♪

♪ - Behold how good
and how pleasing. ♪

- So what did you do?

- I tried to walk away, but
he wouldn't stop pushing me.

So I pushed him so
hard, he fell down.

- And that's why
you were punished.

Did you expect
something different?

- But even Torah
says "eye for eye."

Why should I be punished too?

- Yes, but that is for a judge.

You were hardly
in a court of law.

And you, all of you,
are to be special.

You are to act
differently than others.

- You tell us to be
gentle, but Rabbi Josiah

said Messiah would lead
us against the Romans,

that he would be a
great military leader.

- It is important to
respect your teachers

and honor your parents, and
Rabbi Josiah is a smart man.

But many times,
smart men lack wisdom.

Is there anything in Scripture

that says Messiah will
be a great military leader?

There are many
things about Scripture

that you cannot understand
yet, and that is okay, that is fine.

You have many
years ahead of you.

And God does not
reveal all things at once.

But, children, what
if many of the things

that our people think
about how we are to behave

and how we are to treat
one another are wrong?

You want things to be fair.

When someone wrongs
you, you want to right it.

And you know who
else loves justice?

But what does the Lord
say in the law of Moses

about justice and vengeance?

- "Vengeance is Mine."

- Yes, very good, very good.

Boys, pay attention.

She doesn't even go
to Torah class, huh?

The Lord loves justice.

But maybe it is
not ours to handle.

Do you remember when David
had the chance to kill King Saul,

who was evil to him?

But he didn't.

Saul was God's anointed.

And it was not the
right time for justice.

And God says He will have
compassion on His people when,


Let's see if someone who studies
this at school is learning, huh?

- When their strength is gone?

- Yes, very good.

So, maybe we let God
provide the justice, hmm?

Maybe we handle these
things in a different way.

Not trying to be the
strongest all the time.

- Even Messiah?

- We will have to see.

But do not expect Messiah
to arrive in Jerusalem

on a tall horse,
carrying weapons.

And He will be most pleased

with those of you who
are the peacemakers.

- Where were you yesterday?

- I had to stay
in town later on.

There was a woman
who needed My help.

- Did you build
something for her?

- No.

You remember when
I said that I have a job

that is bigger than My trade?

There is a woman who
has had much pain in her life,

and she was in trouble.

So I helped her.

- Is she your friend?

- She is now.

And I have chosen
her, and others,

and more soon to
join me in traveling.

- Do they know You?

- Not yet.

- But what if they
don't like You?

- Many won't.

This is my reason
for being here.

- I still don't understand.

What is Your reason
for being here?

- I'm telling you this,

because even though
you are children,

and the elders in your
life have lived longer,

many times, adults
need the faith of children.

And if you hold on to
this faith, really tightly,

someday soon you will understand
all of what I am saying to you.

But you ask an important
question, Abigail.

What is My reason
for being here?

And the answer
is for all of you.

The Spirit of the
Lord is upon me.

He has anointed Me to
proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent Me to proclaim
liberty to the captives,

and recovering of
sight to the blind.

To set at liberty those
who are oppressed.

To proclaim the year
of the Lord's favor.

- Isaiah.

- Isaiah.

I have loved spending
this time with you.

You are all so very special.

And I hope that My next students
ask the same questions you do,

and that they listen
to My answers.

But I suspect they do not
have the understanding you do.

And I hope that
when the time comes,

they will tell others
about Me, like you have.

- Abigail, I know you can read.

You are very special.

This is for you.

I did not come
only for the wealthy.