The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Shabbat - full transcript

Matthew validates Simon's arrangement with Praetor Quintus, Nicodemus investigates the miracle reported in the Red Quarter, and Mary receives surprise guests at her Shabbat dinner.

- I see a star.

- And if you think
I'll fall for that, Eli,

you must think I
was born yesterday.

- Was there a Shabbat
when you were little?

- Of course, since the
time of the covenant.

- Every seven days?!

Why so many, Savta?

- Shabbat is a time for rest,

family, our people, and God.

- Family like Savta and Saba?

- Yes, and you, Eema,
and Abba, of course.

Close friends are
like family, too.

- Who else?

- We honor our fellow
citizens on Shabbat.

- Strangers, Savta?

- We're all God's people,
even friends we haven't met.

But most important of all, we
honor God and all His works.

We rest because He
rested on the seventh day.

We rest to refresh our
souls, to know Him better.

- Woman of valor,
who can find her?

- This is the Eshet Chayil,
an ode to women of valor.

- Far beyond
jewels is her value.

Her husband's
heart, trusts in her,

and he should lack no fortune.

- There.

- May God make you like
Ephraim and Manasseh.

- May God make you like Sarah,
Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah.

- The sixth day.

And the heaven and
earth, and all their hosts,

were completed.

And God finished
by the seventh day

all His work that He had done.

Blessed are you, Lord, our
God, King of the universe.

From all His work that
God created to function,

He creates the
fruit of the vine.


♪ Oh, child, come on in.

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child, ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

- You're so good at that.

- Mary!

You try.

- Oh, no; no, no, I can't.

- Yes, I have
seen you braid Lia.

You are wonderful.

Go ahead.

- How'd I do?

- Told you she was excellent.

It is a shame only
Ananias will see it.

You know what would be great?

Do we have any flowers?

- Oh, I'll get the
buttercup! Don't move!

- Oh, I'm sorry.

Excuse me, sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

- I need to see
Quintus immediately.

- Praetor, there's no time.

- It's urgent; it's a
matter of life and death.

- Who, him?
- Yes.

- Bah! See to your dog.

- What did he say?

- He detests you
as much as I do.

- And?

- This was a horrible idea.

- Gaius, we must see Quintus.

- Or what? He does not
need to clarify anything for you.

I mean, do you
have any idea who...

No, clearly you do
not, dumb question.

- Idea of what?

- Who you are dealing with.

- Yes, I do.
- Really?

- Yes.

He is the Roman occupying
overseer of this region,

and his primary responsibilities
are to enforce the law

and ensure
financial stability...

- I am aware of
his responsibilities.

I don't think you know
what he's capable of.

- I know he's made a deal
with this Simon person.

I have valuable
information related to...

- Have you ever
heard of somebody

making a decision
based on a hunch?

- If he has, then I
must let him know.

- Yes, you must.

Listen, I don't want to have
to carry your corpse out,

so I'm going to wait
outside for your replacement.

Good luck.

- I don't understand.

- You are a fool.

- Publicanus
requests an audience.


- Yes, Dominus.

- And are you his
escort, centurion?

- Yes.

- So where are you going?

- Securing the
passageway, praetor.

- Ah.

Well done.

Come on.

So, a Jew tax
collector and his escort

demand to see the
praetor of Judaea.

It's urgent, they say.

A matter of life and death.

Last night burned very
hot, and today I'm ash,

so I'll get to the point.

Why should I not kill
you both? You first.

- Dominus, I was recently
approached by a man

while at my tax collecting...
- Faster.

- He was many months delinquent,

to relieve the
substantial amount...

- Skip to the end.

- Did you hire a man to spy
of Jewish merchant vessels

fishing on Shabbat
to avoid taxation?

- Yes, Simon.

He's in your district?

- He is.

- His debt's forgiven.


- As well as those
of his brother?

- His... yes, forgiven, goodbye.

- Thank you for
your time, praetor.

- I do not find Simon reliable.

Once, he was
deficient in his taxes,

and when I pursued remedy,

I discovered that he had
spent an inordinate amount

on games of chance at
the local establishment.

Additionally, based
on his financial status,

I question Simon's connections
to the merchant class.

In spite of his
current intentions,

I do not believe you have
an accurate understanding

of what he can deliver.

- I am sorry for this dishonor.

- Say your last prayer, Jew.

- Stay there a moment, captain.

Are you saying I
made a bad deal?

- Yes.

- Where did he come from?

- Here, Capernaum, Dominus.

- You know, my
brothers across the world

search for brave men
to spare and recruit,

but our power prohibits
those very efforts,

for what sane person would
stand up to the Roman Empire?

- I am sane.

- Yes, but a very
different kind of sane.

- I'm sorry, I don't understand.

- So, you say this
Simon isn't at the level

of the merchant class at sea.

But he claims they all spend
time at the same establishments.

Is that false?

- I am afraid I'm not aware
of their social interactions.

But even if that were true,
it would be highly unusual

for Jewish men to
betray one another.

- So says the Jew who
collects taxes from them.

- Mine is a different

- Ah, spare me, I admire it.

Well, it won't surprise
you to learn that to date,

Simon has not
fulfilled his obligation

to uncover the tax evaders.

- He's in breach of contract.

- Not yet... but time
may prove you out.

Uh... what are you called?

- Matthew, Dominus.

- I may yet have need

of your keen powers
of observation, Matthew.

A special assignment.

- I would relish the
opportunity, Dominus.

- Of course you would.

I'll be in touch,
Matthew of Capernaum.

- Thank you, Dominus.

- Thank you.

- All right, a
round for the table.

No, you all need this
to have a good time.

- What is this about?

- Oh, Baruch, I can't celebrate
my brothers... and sisters?

Sol, make sure
Amos gets a cider...

he can't handle the good stuff.

Tobiah, Jason, you'll need
this to drown your sorrows

after you lose this game.

And you, I don't know
your name, you're new.

But, wow, we're not
afraid you'll steal our fish,

we're afraid you'll
steal our women.

Look at this mane,
like Absalom, no?

- Hopefully, he does
better than Absalom.

- Stay away from
low-hanging branches, my boy.

- Stay away from steep
staircases, old man.

- That's it, Sol,
none for Jason.

- Oh, what did he do this time?

- Ask your wife.

- Oh!

- Drinking alone again, Simon?

- Oh, you merchants
need twice the help at sea.

I need twice the help on land.

- Oh!
- What's your bet?

- John, I see The Hammer

changed its rules
on allowing children.

- Go get caught in a net.

- But you're here with
a responsible adult.

Saul, make sure James
and John get some, too.

Please, please,
after you. Please.

- What is that?

- Whatever do you mean, brother?

- Your face... you happy?

- No, I'm handsome.

I just happen to be
wearing a happy face.

- Buying drinks
for the merchants.

You're fattening your
lambs before the slaughter?

- Better?

- I don't want you
to be miserable.

- You are, so I
should be too, no?

- I want you to be serious.

This is not a game.

- Well, nothing
wrong with enjoying

a little financial freedom.

Your temporary
reprieve from doom.

- That double
knockout was a sham.

- Thanks, Jori.

- Get your footwork
down and next time...

- Yeah, yeah, practice;
thank you, Jori, thank you.

- Temporary reprieve.

- Believe it or not,
I don't like it, either.

But these men,
they're not family.

You and Eden are
my responsibility.

Not them.

You two keep me up at night.

Not them.

- And you want to be rich.

- Yeah, well, I thought I'd
try the sentimental route.

Maybe it's not my best look.


- Grief!

- Nicodemus?

- Shmuel, I'm
studying... or was.

- Apologies, Rabbi.

- What is so urgent, Shmuel?

- The judges of our
Sanhedrin sent for you.

The Av Beit Din himself
requests your presence.

God is good.

- What happened?

- Ah, Rabbi Nicodemus
of the great Sanhedrin.

We are greatly honored
by your presence.

- The honor is
mine, Av Beit Din.

I was given the impression it
was a matter of some urgency.

- We are considering
a formal inquiry.

- What are the charges?

- A miracle, rabbi of rabbis.

This man's testimony is clear.

His account, miraculous.

The woman in the Red
Quarter, to who you offered rites...

she is redeemed.

- You... you saw her?

- Yes, teacher... perfectly
restored and radiant.

- Where?

- At the hairdresser's
at the market.

- Men are not allowed
at the hairdresser's.

- Of course I did not go in.

But she was on an errand.

I believed my eyes betrayed me,

so I followed
until I was certain.

There can be no doubt.

- Teacher, you were
successful; I told you.

- Silence.

This is an
unparalleled revelation.

You, yourself pointed
out that the depth

of her demonic oppression
was beyond human aid.

We want to send word
to Jerusalem at once.

- Av Beit Din, with
your permission,

I would like to investigate
this sighting myself

before you conduct a
formal inquiry into this

or have news of it spread.

- We will, of course,
yield to your request, but...

may we inquire as to the
reason for your reticence?

- Just as this exorcism took
some time to prove effective,

it may have a tentative hold.

It could come as a shock for
a young woman of her station

to be poured over by
your learned judges,

whereas mine's a familiar face.

- It is decided.

Conduct your investigation,
but please be efficient.

News of this
kind, it grows legs.

- Andrew?

Andrew, will you
help me, please?

- Help you with what?

I can barely see anything.

- Of course, it's the
darkest night in weeks.

Okay, we saw Jori, Haim
and Baruch all come in,

offloading, and
cleaning their holds.

- Of course,
tomorrow is Shabbat.

- Well, there's still
a fleet out there.

They are staying late

because they're not
cleaning out the holds tonight.

They're definitely
sailing tomorrow.

I'm guessing it's Amos.

- Pffft! This is all a
waste of time, if it is.

- What do you mean?

- What I mean is Gideon
and Tobiah sail with Amos.

- Well, I'm not saying
it's Amos for sure or not.

Whoever it is, they're
definitely sailing tomorrow.

We got them.

- We got? Those
are our brothers.

Tobiah looks to you
before his own father.

- So what?

It's my fault that a dumb
kid doesn't know better?

- I keep waiting
for you to tell me

this is all part of a plan to
double-cross the Romans.

- Andrew, there's
a crew out there.

That crew is stealing
food out of Eden's mouth.

They're going to take
our boat, maybe our lives.

- Maybe, but we
made our choices too.

- You think this was a choice?

- You're not teaching today?

- I have research.

- Well, don't be too long.

Our guests will
be arriving early.

- Oh.

- Nico, they are dear
colleagues who admire you.

They have been waiting weeks

for the teacher of
teachers to lead Shabbat.

It will be like sharing
loaves with God Himself.

- Sharing... Am I the
only one hearing this?

- It's a small gathering,

you can just go
through it quickly.

- I'll try to avoid spending
too much time honoring God

and our heritage.

- Fools.

- I'm commanding
you to stop, I said.

- Are you the Messiah?

- Stop!

- Enough!

Do you want to lose
that ugly nose of yours?

- Thank you.

- Only one language
keeps their peace, Marcus.

Learn to speak it.

- Matthew.

Another unhappy citizen
expressing his disapproval?

- I'll be fine.

- Oh, you're
disgusting, go home.

- I have a job to do.

My father never allowed
me to shirk responsibility.

- Well, he raised you right.

You must have Roman blood.

- We don't speak.

- Jews are odd.

- People are.

- How can you not
have a relationship

with your own father?

- He says he has no son.


- I got them... at least
I think they're right.

That's what everyone
else was getting.

- Oh, what did you get, Mary?

- Shabbat candles.

- Okay, I would not
have guessed that.

- It's Mary's first Shabbat
dinner in a little while.

- In a long while; I barely
remember how to do it.

- It'll be great.

- I know how to make
the bread... part of it.

- How do you make
part of a loaf of bread?

- If you're hosting
Shabbat, Sweetheart,

you better get moving.

Preparations might
take you all afternoon?

- Really?

- Just to be safe.

- I haven't even swept.

- Get out of here.

- Get the fire
going first thing.

- I'm excited...
and a little terrified.

- After you knead,
rest the dough.

- With this kind of advice,
what could go wrong?

- Shabbat shalom.

- Hello.

- It's you!

It's real.


No, no, please,
don't be frightened.

My name is Nicodemus.

I ministered to you, Lilith.

- I don't answer to that name.

I am Mary.

I was born Mary.

- But you were
called Lilith, yes?

- Please, I must go.

- No, no, please, Mary.

I am desperate
for your help, Mary.

I'm a Pharisee, I'm
visiting from Jerusalem.

I am a man of God.

And I believe you have
experienced a miracle, Mary.

- Are you really a Pharisee?

- Yes.

I'm sorry I wasn't...

I'm not here to
enforce Jewish law.

- So, how do you know who I am?

- You really don't
remember me at all?

I burned incense.

- I don't remember.

It's all a blur.

I can't go back into that.

- No, no, I don't want you to.

I can't even imagine.

But you... you are healed.

That, that much is clear.

I just want to understand
how it happened.

- That makes two of us.

- How long after my visit
did you feel the change?

- It wasn't anything you did.

It was someone else.

- Some... one else?

- He called me Mary.

He said, "I am His.

I am redeemed."

- And it was so?

Who did this?

- I don't know His name.

And even if I did,
I could not tell you.

- Why not?

- His time for men to
know has not yet come.

- His time for men...

He... He performs miracles
and seeks no credit?

But what does He look like?
Is he a member of Sanhedrin?

Would you at least know
Him if you saw Him again?

- I don't know why I
am sharing this with you.

I... I don't
understand it myself.

But here is what I can tell you.

I was one way... and now
I am completely different.

And the thing that happened
in between... was Him.

So, yes, I will know
Him for the rest of my life.

I have to be home to prepare
for Shabbat, as I'm sure you do.

- So mended you're even
hosting Shabbat dinner.

- It will be nothing like
yours, I am sure of that,

but I'm going to try.

Shabbat shalom, Nicodemus.

- Shabbat shalom, Mary.

- Good morning, love.

- It's not morning.

- Well, first seeing you, then.

Mmm... that is wonderful.

- I know.

How was fishing?

- It's fine.

- Really?

- You're surprised?

- Why would I be surprised?

- I don't know, you tell me.

- You haven't taken a
catch to market for days.

- And yet you have
flour, vegetables.

Did you sleep in a
warm bed last night?

- In fits.

- Why are you baiting me?

- I don't understand
what's happening.

- Nothing is happening.

- You don't sell to market.

Your hours are upside down.

And your face
is frozen in worry.

Don't tell me
nothing is happening.

- Look, we're in a
challenging season right now.

I just need to work
hard to get through it,

and I'll get caught up
tonight, and I'll be right on...

- Tonight? What do you mean?

- I'm not happy
about this, either.

I need to work
tonight, so that...

- You need to work on Shabbat?

- It's a special circumstance.

I can't get into it right now.

Andrew will be here
for dinner as normal,

and I'll just be gone
for a few hours.

- Oh, well, would you like me

to fix you a Shabbat
plate to take with you?

- Listen, love, I
know this is not...

- Don't "listen, love"
me, I'm not a child.

- I just need you to
trust me on this, please?

I've... I've got this, Eden.

- You answer to God, not me.

But next time, you
answer to the both of us.

Because whatever this is,

I don't have the
strength for it twice.

- If there's any left
when I come back,

I'll give it to you.

- From an artisan.

This is the last of a long
line of traditional works

that his family has made.

This is solid gold, from the
finest goldsmiths in Jerusalem.

I hope you will enjoy eating
off these beautiful plates.

The clay has to
sit for many days,

and then it has to be re-worked.

I hope you will enjoy
eating your meal from it.

So, enjoy.

What's on your mind, love?

- Hasmonean.

Do you know the significance?

- Tell me.

- 200 years ago, we were ruled
by the great king, Antiochus IV.

He suppressed our
religious observances.

It wasn't until the
Maccabees revolted,

and ushered in the
Hasmonean dynasty,

that our worship was restored.

- You are as smart
as you are handsome.

- Who is responsible for
suppressing our worship now?

I fear I know the answer.

- Well, it is a
beautiful tapestry.

Should the artist
have made it less so?

To what purpose? Sadness?

A conquered people?

- You are wise as
you are beautiful.

- Shabbat shalom.

- Shabbat shalom, Rabbanit.

- Shabbat shalom.

Shabbat shalom.

- Oh, honored Rabbi.

We are humbled and honored
by your presence in Capernaum.

You make us whole.

- Only God can do that.

- Shall we join the others?

- Thank you.

- Try to get a seat near
the head of the table.

- A woman of
valor, who can find?

- Ah, Barnaby!

- Mary.

- Come in, I'm so glad you came.

- Oh, thank you, Miss Mary.

This is a fine place.

- Oh, thank you.

Are we on?

Is it still on?

- Yes, Shula, how
did you find us?

- I followed that mule, Barnaby.

Not that he waited.

Looking as handsome
as ever, Barnaby.

- Lucky guess, Shula.

- Is this the place?

- If Mary's here, it is.

- Do I know you?

- Oh, sorry, I'm James,
this is Thaddeus.

We were told this would
be a good place to come.

We can leave, if it's awkward.

- Oh, no, please come in,
you are most welcome here.

- So, can we help?

- Ah, no... well, yes, I... I
don't know what I am doing.

- I see food, that's a victory.

- If I'm not doing something,

or doing something
wrong, you tell me.

- Oh, nonsense;
it's already great.

- Can't remember the last time

I was invited to
a Shabbat dinner.

- Me, never.

- You've never been to Shabbat?

- Of course I've been
to one. Been to lots.

Just never got invited.

Who's the extra seat for?

- For Elijah! Am I right?

I remember my mother
always setting an extra place

for Elijah.

- That's only for Passover.

- Just once a year at Seder.

- Well, when Seder comes, I'll
have a head start on setting up.

All right, I'll just take a
look at my little notes.

Let's see.

- Can I read it for you, Mary?

- Stop it, Barnaby, I
read better than you.

- My father taught me.

- Very impressive.

- Oh, is the first star out?

- Yes, let's eat.

- Like I said, you
are very popular.

- Or it's a Pharisee here

to shut us down for
letting you be here.

- Hello, Mary.

- Hello.

- It's good to see you.

- Yes... yes.

- I don't want to be rude,
but would it be okay if I...

- Oh! Yes, of course,
please come in.

I just never
thought you'd, um...

I have guests here,
this is my first time.

I don't know what I'm doing.

- Rabbi.

- You already know these men?

- They are students of mine.

I trust they have been polite?

- Of course.

- Your guest can take
the seat, yes, Mary?

- Oh, of course!

- Yes, of course,
please have a seat.

I keep saying "of course" a lot.

Um, friends, this is the man
I told you about, who, um...

who helped me.

- Oh, yes, Mary told
us so much about you.

- Oh, I hope not too much.

- I'm Barnaby, this is Shula.

She is blind.

- Ah.

- In case you couldn't tell.

- I'm so sorry, I don't
actually know your name.

- I'm Jesus, of Nazareth.

- Well, apparently something
good can come from Nazareth.


- Mary, I'm honored to be here.

Why don't you begin?

- Oh, no, I couldn't, now
that You're here, You must.

- Thank you, but
this is your home,

and I would love
for you to do it.

- Okay.

I'll just... I'll just
read from this now.

And the heavens and
the earth were completed,

and all their hosts,

and God completed
on the seventh day

His work that He did.

- And God completed...

And God abstained
on the seventh day

from all the work He did.

And God blessed the seventh
day, and He hallowed it,

for thereon, He
abstained from all the work

that God created to do.

- Blessed are you,
Lord our God...

Blessed are you, Lord our God,

Ruler of the universe,

who creates the
fruit of the vine.

- You have lovingly
and willingly given us...

You have lovingly and
willingly given us your Shabbat

as an inheritance in
memory of creation.

Because this is the first
day of our holy assemblies

in memory of the
Exodus from Egypt.

Blessed are you, Lord our
God, King of the universe,

who brings forth the
bread from the earth.


- Amen.