The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - I Have Called You by Name - full transcript

Two brothers struggle with a Jewish tax collector over their debts to Rome; a Pharisee confronts a demon-possessed woman in the "Red Quarter" of Capernaum.

[♪ musical flourish]



- Papa?

- You should be
sleeping, little one.

- I can't sleep.

- Sit down, sit down.

Is your head hurting you again?

- No.

- I know.

You were thinking
of the big new star.

Look, it's right there, see?

- No.

- Why can't you sleep?

- I'm scared.

- Of what?

- I don't know.

- Hey, what do we do
when we are scared?

- We say the words.

- Adonai's words.

From the prophet...
- Isaiah.

- The prophet Isaiah, right.

"Thus says the Lord
who created you, O Jacob,

"and He who
formed you, O Israel:

"Fear not..."

Come now, I want
to hear you say it.

I want to hear your
pretty voice, come.

- "Fear not, for I
have redeemed you;

"I have called you by name.

You are mine."

- You are mine.

That's right.


[awakens, panting]

MAN: Help!

Somebody help me!




- She tried to kill me!

She tried to kill me!

Somebody... somebody!

- You filthy dog.

- Demons... live... inside her!

- Get back!

[woman vocalizing]

♪ Oh, child, come on in.

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child, ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

[carriage wheels rumbling]

SLAVE: Stop!

[carriage stops]

- Forgive me, Rabbi.

- Can you not see
what he is doing?

- But, woman... ahead.

[♪ ominous music]

[galloping horse hooves]

- Whoa!

- Why have you stopped us?

- It's not enough to say hello?

- I'm on official business.

- Only Roman business
is official business.

My name is Quintus.

I'm the praetor of Capernaum.

- And I am...
- You are the great Nicodemus.

Word travels fast.

- Are you arresting me?

- No, my friend.

I'm a magistrate,
not a military man.

I serve the will of the
people... and Pilate.

- And I serve only God.

- Yes, yes.

So do your enemies...

the Sadducees, the
Essenes, the Zealots.

Rogue preachers
in the wilderness

raving about a coming Messiah.

They're all vying for
the people's affection.

- What do you want, Quintus?

- I believe taxes
are going unpaid.

If you help me,

I will help the Pharisees
continue to thrive.

- How can I?

The people are
already drowning in tax.

- Tell me, Nicodemus,
what can be under the water

and yet never drown?

- Fish?

[wardrobe door squeaks]

[door latch squeaks]

[rats squeak]



- Right here.

- Keep your voice down.

- Pardon me, Mr. Public anus.

It's me that don't want to
be seen with you, remember?

- It's Publi-caHness.

- I like it the other
way, taxman.

Hey, hey, hey!

That's a month's salary for all
my sons combined, right there.

You just toss them out?

- These are my property,
I do with them as I wish.

I pay you to drive,

you sift through trash
on your own time.

- Driving you's a bit
of both now, isn't it?


If any citizen ask about my
cargo, I must tell the truth.

It's the biggest pile of
dung in all Capernaum.


NICODEMUS: Now, honestly,

I always look forward to
my annual visit to Capernaum

and your magnificent
sea of Galilee.

It is truly the envy
of the kingdom.


Even my children
are enamored of it.

All day they would
swim, frolic in the sand

and watch the people.

Finally, one day I said,
"You love it here so much,

"why is it you
never go to the sea

when we visit your
grandparents back home?"

My son, he just shrugged,
and said, "But father,

there's never anyone
there, it's dead."


- And your sea boasts
the most exquisite fish.

How unfortunate...

that those who do the actual
fishing are unholy, foulmouthed,

given to gambling
in secret dens.

Even fishing on Shabbat.

Can we eat the catch

and not be stained by
the sins of the catcher?

Make no mistake... it is a sin
to eat fish caught on Shabbat.

What goes into the
body of a man defiles him.

Why are our Jewish brethren
taking their boats to sea

on Shabbat?

I assure you, the
Messiah will not come

until this wickedness is
purged from our midst.

Your actions are
being watched, studied.

God has entrusted you to
be exemplary in every way.

Now, if your status
is too great a burden,

you do not deserve to
bear the name of Israel.

- I want to see my
reflection in it as plain as day.

The teacher has traveled
all the way from Judea.

He is a member of the
great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem,

and I won't have him
seated at a dull table.

Yussif, fix your talid.

- Here he comes.

- Away, go, get the others.


- Teacher, you
have moved us all.

- Shmuel.

- Will you do is
the honor, Rabbi?

- If that's where you
keep the white sardines.

- We certainly could get...

- It was a joke, Shmuel.

A fine Torah room

is the heartbeat of a
worthy synagogue, Shmuel.

- Thank you, teacher of
Israel; you do us a great honor.

- The honor is mine, not
only for your bright students,

but also for the
soul of this city.

You heard my address.

- Of course.

Your words will
resonate for generations.

- You were luminous.

- In my remarks, I asked
for rhetorical purposes,

"Why are Jews taking
boats to sea on Shabbat?"

That question was meant
for you, Rabbi Shmuel.

The reports are becoming
too frequent to ignore.

- Of course, Rabbi,
we... I will control it better.

The Romans believe we
do not work on Sabbath,

thus they do not patrol.

Greed has overcome
the fisherman.

- Or they are just trying
to feed their families.

- Begging your pardon, Rabbi.

The centurion is here.

He demands to speak with you.

- Please tell him we
have an honored guest

and cannot be interrupted.

- It can't wait.

- Messiah, come quickly.



Looks like we're not the
only ones taxing the people.

- What do you want, commander?

- I'm no commander but at
least you know your place.

- This is Nicodemus,
teacher of teachers.

Show some respect.

- Ah, just the
man I want to see.

I'm here about a Hebrew
woman in the Red Quarter.

Let's just say she's been
causing a disturbance.

- You have an entire Roman
legion at your disposal.

- Thank you for
the reminder, Jew.

But she needs a holy man.

- We are men of God.

'Tis not our custom to
frequent the... Red Quarter.

- Perhaps I wasn't
clear, teacher of teachers.

You'll accompany
me to the Red Quarter

or will burn it down
with our fire of fires.

[market noise]

- Psst... this is your stop.

- Wait, this is the
far side of the market.

- Get out.

- No.

- No?

- This is the job.

You drive so I don't
walk through the market.

- It's too crowded.


- I'll pay you double.

- Money won't buy the
stink off me and my family

if I am seen with you.


- This is very unprofessional.

- Fire me.

[market noise]

[woman vocalizing]

- Two.

[goats bleat]

WOMAN: Tax collector, go!

MAN: Look, there he is!

I see him


- Please.

- Are you the Messiah?

Are you the Messiah?

- No, I'm not.

- Please.

Tell me when He comes, please.

- You're late, Gaius.

- I know.

Could you feel it?

- Feel what?

- The market,
it's on fire today.

Everybody's on edge.

All it will take is one
person to snap and you are...

- Just do your job.

- Better hope.

[door squeaks open]

[pig oinks]

[snake hisses]

[beads rattling]

[men vocalizing]

- Upstairs, Rivka's place.

- Don't worry, Rabbi.

We took out the other lowlifes

to protect your
delicate sensibilities.

[distant screaming]

- What is that?
- Shh.

- I need materials.


Sulfur, nettle,
hyssop, wormwood.


- Yes, Teacher.

- Well, do your job.

- Listen.

I agreed to Quintus's request...

Not a demand, because he
should not demand anything of me...

To stop Shabbat fishing,
which was already our law,

and by doing so was not
a violation of my practice.

And I will try to
help this woman,

even though it falls
outside of my purview.

Do not think of me as a
tool to fix Roman problems.

I will not continue to use my
position of religious influence

the benefit those who
look down on my people,

whether it's you or even
someone like Quintus!

So, I will perform this task

but I want it noted
for your superiors:

this is an exception!

- So can we go now?

- Yes.

[men yelling]

- Stay down, Simon.

[crowd yelling]

- Suck dirt if you know
what is good for you.

[crowd continues yelling]

- Pay me, pay me,
pay me, let's go!

- You're too much, Jehosaphat.

You're too powerful.

- That's right.

Like I tell you
every time I see you.

Like I tell my sister.

[crowd laughs]

- Seriously, I can only
take maybe two... one...

one more punch; one
more and I'm done.

- He says he's had it!

[crowd yelling]

- Jeho?

- What was it you were saying?

Something about your sister?

[Jehosaphat groans]

You think if you keep
hitting me hard enough

I won't be married
to her anymore?

That's why they call
me "“Wine Hands,"”

because of what
I do to your liver.

I don't want to do
this, Jehosaphat.

Can we please stop
fighting every week?

I know you never trusted me,

but I love your sister
more than anything.

- I will stop fighting you.

- You will?

- But my brother won't.

- Your brother?


- Where's it written
down, Andrew?

Huh? Answer me that?

- I'm so foolish.

- How's a double knockout
a push, if it's two on one?

Made up rule, right there.

- Made up or in
stone, who cares?

We lost, and I know better.

- No, no, it's...
It's my fault.

I talked you into it.

- Eh.

"“Wine Hands" ”?

- Sounded more
clever in my head.

Tax day's coming.

- Mm-hmm.

- Two sunrises away,
Shabbat, and then...

- I realize, Simon, thank you.

We could lose the boat.

- What're you going to do?

- Don't know.

Blood from a stone.

Where are you going?

- Going to work.

- Work?

It's Shabbat in an hour.

- But the Pharisees
make allowances for that

if lives are at stake.

- No one's life is at stake.

- No, no, not this
moment, but it's coming.

What, you're gonna tell your
bug-eating friend about it?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, just me.

Not dragging you into this.

- What about Eden?

- She's staying at
her eema's tonight.

- You're crazy, you know that?

- Nah... just desperate.

[woman screaming]

[background conversation]

- How long has
she been like this?

- Like what?

- I'm trying to help her, Rivka.

- All you're going to do
is mess this place up.

Then what?

You're going to stop by
and help clean, Rabbi?

- The demons that
torment her soul

will turn your place to dust.

Even if you care nothing
for her soul, at least...

- Lilith never hurt anyone
that didn't hurt her first.


She has these spells.

We let her be and then she's
as sweet as an angel again.

[Lilith screams]

- Curse it all, Lil!

You can put an end to this?

[loud thud]

[bells tinkling]

- I adjure you...
by the holy angels

Michael, Gabriel,
Rafael, Uriel and Reziel.

I adjure you, cursed
dragon and diabolical legions.

Come out!

[Lilith gasps]

I adjure you...

spawn of Beelzebub!
Abbadon! And Sheol!

By the utterance of all the
watchers and the holy ones.

In the name of Adonai,
God of the heavens,

cease to deceive
this human creature.

[Lilith groans]

I command you, in
covenant with Abraham,

in the names of
Jacob, Isaac, Moses...

The all-powerful El Shaddai.

Fly from this innocent soul!

[Lilith screeching]

- [several voices] We
are not afraid of you.

You have no power here, teacher.

[breathing shakily]

- We're finished here.

- Simon.

- Oh... hello, love.

- Don't you
"“hello, love," ” me.

Why did you beat up Jehosaphat?

- What?

- My own brother.

- He attacked me... again.

- He needs to know the
husband of his sister is strong.

But Andrew had no right to
jump Abrahim from behind.

- Where are you getting this?


My brothers.

They are fantastic
storytellers, no?

- Tellers of fantastic
stories, yes, they are.

- They went into
such great detail.

You must've really
given them a pounding.

- Well, I was doing okay
until Abe came out of nowhere.

Cost me and Andrew
a lot of money.

- Oh, no... they shouldn't
cheat you like that

when you were also cheating.

- All right, all right.

Well, pardon me for saying
so, love, but your family...

- Don't.

- What?

- Don't you say that my family
is troubled in the mind, Simon.

- Okay.

- We are colorful... and fun.

You are stoic and purposeful.

- You think I'm stoic?

- Well, compared to me.

Together, we're perfection.

- Stoic, huh?

Never heard that before.

I like it.

You and me, fire and water.

- Mm-hmm.

I like it.

- How was Eema's
Shabbat dinner?

- It was lovely.

How was fishing?

- What?

- Yesterday's catch? Good news?

- Yeah, pulled
something in, could be big.

- Good, let's go to synagogue.

And please go
change, you still smell.

- What do we do
when we are scared?

- We say the words.

- Adonai's words.

"Thus says the Lord
who created you, O Jacob,

"and He who
formed you, O Israel:

"Fear not..."

- Get away!

[door creaks open]


- Papa?


[sobbing continues]

"Thus says the Lord
who formed you, O Jacob,

"and He who
created you, O Israel:

"Fear not..."



"Fear not, for I have
creat... created..."


[rhythmic knocking]

[softly] Chaverim Maqqaba.

[door squeaks shut]

[background conversation]


You're alive!

We heard there was
trouble; come, sit.

- I can't stay long.

- I know, please, sit.

Fresh off the boat from Cyprus.

- No, I don't have the strength.

- Come now, you
know what they say:

A mug of prevention...

- There is no
preventing this, Sol.

There is no cure.

- Come on, Lili.

- It's getting worse.

Yesterday, they
brought in a holy man.

Someone important...
maybe even from Jerusalem.

I only remember bits
and pieces and flashes.

- A Pharisee?

- A leader of the Pharisees

and he ran away in terror, so...

- One religious bigshot's
just as full of it as the next.

- No, I am in hell.

- I'm sorry.

Please... just try.

- I brought you something.

- You didn't have to.

- It's for your nephew...
One of your nephews.

- Thank you.

Looks like it was loved
for a very long time.

- It used to hold
something valuable.

I don't need it anymore.

- You're beginning to scare me.

- You and everyone else.

Oh, that's terrible.

Thank you.

There's something I need to do.

- I'm out.

- Eunuch.

- You listen good now.

You drink that up

and then the next one
and then the next one.

And then you stay
here until you feel better,

or 'till hell comes...

And if it does, we
face it together.

- Not if you were
my worst enemy.

- Hey, eunuch,
we're thirsty here.

- Okay.

[background conversation]

[crickets chirping]

- We'll be late to dinner.

- I know.

- You did everything
you could for her.

Now put it out of your mind.

- I can never forget what I saw.

- Tonight, you are
an honored guest.

Leaders will expect
you to perform

and to have your wits about you.

- Why?

Why must I perform?

First, I perform
for Quintus, and...

- You taught God's law.

- for the soldiers,
for the slum dwellers.

And this... what sort
of performance is this?

When did Shabbat become theater?

- You are the Teacher of Israel.

You don't have questions,
you have answers.

You have authority.

You bring clarity,
not confusion.

- Come.

Come here.

Tell me...

what do you see in the mirror?

- That it's a cheap glass.

I can barely make
out anything at all.

- Sometimes, I wonder if
what we can know of Adonai

in the law it's
just as blurred.

What if we're not
seeing the whole picture?

What if it's more
beautiful and...

And more strange than
we can ever imagine?

- That is the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard.

It might even be blasphemy.

- It was just a thought.

- And you will never utter
those thoughts in public.

- A man is free to question
in his heart, Zohara...

- Then leave it in your heart.

This is a serious engagement.

They expect an erudite teacher,

not a doubting,
blaspheming fool.

- Others saw what
happened in the Red District.

- But what did they see?

You rose to your rank on merit.

You have dedicated your
life's work to serve God,

not to become Him.

- I failed.

- Stop it!

It was a mistake to be
there in the first place.

And from now on,
stick to the Academy.

Leave exorcism to the exorcists.

- You're right.

I should never have been there.

- You spoke the words...
the demon did not respond.

- Demons... many.

Only God Himself could
have drawn them out.

- Nico.

- I'm coming.

- Only God Himself.

[woman vocalizing]

[gate latch closes]

first thought might be that

I should never have set
foot in the Red District at all.

And I would say you
are probably correct.

Often, we make
decisions in haste

in our desire to
correct a lost soul.

But how to explain what
happened when I was there?

Brothers, when we follow
God's law to the letter,

God is alive through us.

Would you agree, people?

- Yes, Rabbi.

- Any lives through
you and you and you,

if you follow His law.

Now, imagine, if you can,

one who heeds only
wickedness for a lifetime.

Demons root in wicked
souls as pigs in filth.

A possession
like this was fatal.

And souls such as hers,
sadly, are beyond all human aid.

[waves babbling]

[♪ soft music]

[woman vocalizing]

[wings flapping]

[wings flapping]

- How much do you trust me?

- With my life.

- Let me talk to the taxman.

- Matthew? I don't
trust you that much.

- What if I told you I
could save the boat

and put us back
in good standing?

- Nope.

- You don't even know
what I'm going to say.

- Don't care...
Something foolish.

And I'm finally
ready to face this.

- You know, this
affects me, too.

Me and Eden.

- Maybe you should think of that

the next time you feel
like taking off for a week.

- That is so like you.

- Or play knucklebones
at The Hammer.

Or cheating your brothers-in-law
for some easy scratch.

- I met a guy...
- Oh, really?

Wow! Get the papyrus!

Simon met a guy!

- Now, let's just go hand
over our livelihood, I'm done.

- You're done?

- As I'll ever be.

- Good.
- Good.

[baby fussing]

[woman vocalizing]

- Next?

- Your last tribute
was collected

the last month of summer.

Your account is therefore
delinquent by... 40 days.

At a penalty rate of
10 percent weekly...

- Six weeks?

- That's right. You're
lucky to not be in jail.

- Hey.

- But he's saying 60
percent in penalties.

- What's that leave you with?

- Simon, I came with about
60 percent of what I owe.

I can't even
pay... we're ruined.

- Oh, now it's "we."

- It's a high number.

I say this based on
your tribute history

and future prospects.

How do you choose
to square your account?

Are there gems inside?

- Just silver.

- Gold?

- Just open the purse.

- This will cover about
half of your penalty balance.

- Half the penalty?

- My records indicate that you
filed for an extension not once,

not twice...

- He just needed a
couple of extra days, man.

- I'm ruined.

- Extended rates
compound at 15 percent.

As collateral, you've listed a
fishing vessel and property at...

- All right, all right,
I'm sorry, brother.

What my brother didn't mention

was our arrangement
with Quintus.

- You have business
with Quintus?

- Yeah.

My brother's debt and a
year gratis for both of us.

- This will be verified
with Quintus directly.

If there's any inconsistency...

- There won't be.

Now, can I get my brother's
not-gold back, taxman?

- This will be
verified with Quintus.

If you are misinformed...

- I know, I know, you'll see.

- What just happened?

- Don't speak, just walk.

- Next?

- Well, fishing didn't exactly
go like my plan the other night.

- What's that got to do with...

- I caught nothing.

Net after net
after net... empty.

I catch a breeze
around the point

and all of a sudden I know
why the nets are empty.

A merchant fleet, six boats
across, netting everything.

- What did you do?

- I followed them.

Maybe I'd catch them sleeping,
snatch a net during cleanup,

but it didn't work.

- Of course it didn't.

- Desperate times, you know?

I even anchored and swam in,

thinking maybe I
could get scraps,

but they loaded
up like clockwork.

Had carts with
mules ready to move.

So I sail home, dock up,
and wouldn't you know it,

this sniveling Roman
standing on shore.

I couldn't believe it.

They never bothered
patrolling on Shabbat.

- No, no.
- Yes, yes, yes.

I didn't even
bother trying to run.

- Good idea,
considering how you run.

- Anyway, as he approaches me,

I'm trying to figure out
why he's even there?

They don't care
about any of our rules.

Then I realized...
They don't get the tax

because we don't report
any Shabbat catches.

So I tell him, if he took
me straight to Quintus,

I'd let them know who
caught more in one night

than the guy they're
arresting catches in a week.

- Wait, wait, wait.

So... you offered
to turn in fishermen?

- No, not fishermen...

And guess who
walks up behind me?

[approaching footsteps]



He's thorough, I guess.

So yes, we talked and what
I said to Matthew was real.

- I don't like it...
it's dangerous.

- Yeah, well, so
is sleeping outside.

Besides, what's a
merchant ever done for you?

- So what?!

They are... they are our people.

- We're clearing the
way for the little guy.

- We?

- Leveling the playing
field... Yeah, we.

- You will be cursed
if you inform on them.

We are not doing anything.

- Andrew, that's fine.

Better get moving, though,

if you want to catch the taxman.

Might still be enough daylight

to get out of the house
before they take it.

- Just let me see if Quintus
can verify their story.

- If those Hebrew
sea rats were lying,

Quintus will have them killed

and collect their
tribute from you.

[woman vocalizing]

[wings flapping]

[rhythmic knocking]

[background conversation]

SOL: So, did it work?

I'm sorry, Lilith.

- Lilith?

- What.

- We should talk, eh?

- Leave me alone.

- Or what, eh?

You're going to scratch me, too?

- Come on, not now.

- So I'll see you...
- Not now.

- All right, she smells anyway.

- I don't know what
else I can do to help you.

- Give me that... lots of it.

- That's not going to
solve your problems.

It's meant to
distract from them.

- No more preaching;
just give it to me.

- Lilith, please
listen to what I'm...

- Please.

I said leave.

- That's not for you.

- Don't touch me.

- Lili... Lili, Lili...
Are you okay?

- I... I have to go.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

- Mary...

Mary of Magdala.

[woman vocalizing]

- Who are you? How
do you know my name?

- "Thus says the
Lord who created you.

"And He who formed you.

"Fear not...

"for I have redeemed you.

"I have called you by name.

You... are mine."

[women vocalizing]


[woman vocalizing]

[man vocalizing]

[man vocalizing]