The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - I'm Looking for a New Thing - full transcript

Previously on The Chi...

Nuck, I no longer
need your services.

What the fuck you just say?

I want this house empty
by tomorrow.

- This is my house.
- Shut the fuck up!

- What the fuck y'all want?
- Twenty percent.

You owe us 20%
of every dollar you make.

- What was that?
- They're just paying us rent.

I guess this new gamer group

teaching you tricks and shit.

Hey, I told them they
should recruit you, too.

I don't want to be
in that goofy shit.

- Yeah, but they get money.
- What kind of money?

Tonight's game is worth 25,000.

Ready to get embarrassed?

- Don't get cocky now.
- Okay.

Shoot his ass, Kev!

- Take the win, Kev!
- Ooh!


I need to see my daughter.

She's stable.

- What about the baby?
- I'm sorry.

What baby?

- What the fuck happened?
- I don't know.

Bakari got into it
with somebody,

and next thing I knew,
I heard two shots.

So this is Bakari's fault.

I told you
that nigga wasn't shit!


Hey. Hey, hey, hey, come on.

Man, my girl lost our baby
'cause of you!

I fucking hate you!

You got to go, man.

Tiff hates us.

She's my closest friend,
and I'm losing her.

How long
y'all been messing around?

Not long.

How do you know he won't do you
like he did me?

- I just have to trust myself.
- Do you trust him?

- I do.
- You shouldn't.

What's up, Tiff?
What you doing here?

Look, I know you still love me.

I don't have feelings
for you like that no more.

That's never stopped you before.

I know,
but I'm a changed man now.

Darnell, what's all this?

Will you marry me?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!

- Oh, boy. Oh, yes!
- Aah! Oh, my gosh.


Parallel, and then I am

Hit 'em with the, "Oh, now,
that's just ridiculous"

Catch me, catch me, catch me

Could you catch me,
catch me, catch me?

Hey! Ah!


Ah, hold on, slow down,
I got to catch my breath.

Oh, no,
I'll slow down. I got you.

- Hold up, hold up.
- I got you.

Hold up.
I-I caught a cramp.

- Boy.
- I think I got a cramp.

You fine.

Come on, let's sit down
for one second?

I ain't running
with you no more.


You okay?


I got something to tell you.

- Shit.
- What?

I don't know what.
You tell me.

- It's not bad.
- "It's not bad"?

Well, it-it's... it's messy.

Come on, Emmett, please.

Don't-don't disappoint me.

I didn't.
I swear.

What is it?

Don't play with me.
What is it?

Tiff came over the other night,
and she tried to fuck me.

Are you serious?


And what'd you do?

I turned my back
when she tried to kiss me,

and I-I said I was
in a relationship.

Soft music

I knew I could trust you.

Why you look so sad?

I thought
I could trust her, too.

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Dramatic hip-hop music

First things first...

We are not having a big wedding.

Oh, yes, we are.

Darnell, you've been married
three times already.

So what?
This is gonna be my finale.

I'm not dipping into my savings.

That's what my savings is for.

Baby, I'd much rather spend
that money on our future.

Eh, we ain't gonna be around
that much longer.

Uh, speak for yourself.

Look, woman,
I've been waiting my whole life

to get married to you.

I just want to do it right.

I want to have
some nice champagne.

Ooh, I want to get one of them
expensive Steve Harvey suits.

And I want all our guests
to have steak and lobster.


Okay, so how many people
you talking about feeding?

Oh, around 200.

- 200 people?
- Yeah.

And that's just my cousins
from, uh, May wood.

- Darnell.
- Huh?

We have to be sensible.

I just want the day
to be perfect.

Baby, nothing's perfect.

I just want the day
to be memorable.

All right, fine.

I'll tell my cousins
they can't come,

but don't be mad if they
pull up anyway with a grill.

Better not.

So what do you want?


I want something small
and... intimate,

just close friends and family.

That sound boring as hell.

That's what I want.

All right.
Where you want to do it?

Somebody's backyard.

Wait a minute. You want to get
married in the grass?

Yeah, I-I want to be outside.


Now I got to find
somebody's backyard.

Come on,
I know you can find one.

All right, fine.

I'll find us one.


Thank you for compromising.

Uh-huh, yeah.

Just so you know, this earpiece
is going down the aisle, too.

Better not.

It's good luck!

Soft jazz music

You moving money out of ROCK?


Of course not.

Then why is money missing?

I don't know.
I didn't take it.

Was it Roselyn?

No. No, Roselyn's pouring
her own money into this.

- Why would she take from it?
- Then it's Q.


I don't know why he would take
from ROCK either.

Maybe he's running out of money.

- I'll figure it out.
- You don't have a choice.

Excuse me?

You brought this man to my
door... now he's robbing me.

You don't got a choice
but to figure it out.

All right.

I'm not a fetish.

I know that.

Then stop treating me like one.

It's not what I'm trying to do.

I'm-I'm just trying
to keep my head above water.

If you walk out that door
and continue to live a lie,

then I don't want you
to come back.

Is-is this
why you want me to go?

Don't try to flip this on me.

So you want me
to come clean for you,

but you can't be loyal to me.

I'm not going
to be loyal to someone

that's got a beard on their
face and on their fucking arm.

You know what I'm trying to do.

Yeah, you're trying to win.

I'm trying to be a good man.

So you can't be a good man
if you're with me?

Fatima, I care about you.

- Really?
- Yes.

Then why'd you tint
your windows?

For security purposes.

For security purposes

or because you don't want
nobody to see you with me?

Come on...

Please go.

Go ahead.

Get out my house.

Dramatic jazz music

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

You lying.

I'll be all right.

No, talk to me, for real.


Why you ain't say
something sooner?

I didn't think
it was the right time.

When is it ever the right time?

You right.

Look, I didn't want you
to be mad at me or-or Tiff.

But you didn't do
anything, right?

- So why would I be mad at you?
- Right, I didn't do nothing.

I got to talk to her.

Do you?

Yes, I do.

- Do I have to be there?
- No, we need to have girl talk.

Am I in trouble?



don't be afraid
to tell me stuff.

All right.

And I'll tell you stuff.

All right.



For the first time in my life,

I feel like
I'm in a real relationship.

First time in my life, I feel
like I'm in a healthy one.

I only want to be
with you, Kiesha.

Soft music

And I'm the only one
for you, right?

- I guess, nigga.
- What?

- I ought to slam you right now.
- I'm just playing.

You know I love you.

I love you, too.

He's selling dope now.
I know it.

Before we jump to conclusions...

why don't we just ask him
where he got it from?

I know where this kind of money
comes from, Dre.

Jazzy music

So you hanging with Bakari now?

Man, why you even fuck
with that nigga?

- We all God's children.
- Man, whatever.

- How's Jemma?
- How you think?

Come on, you really gonna
blame him for what happened?

It's his fault, and he only
strapped 'cause he can't fight.

He want to apologize.

Fuck that nigga,
and fuck you, too.

You know what?

I'm sick of this shit.
Fuck you, Jake.

What the fuck you just say?

I said "fuck you."

If I don't fuck with a nigga,

you not supposed to fuck
with that nigga either.

I'm a man of Christ,
and he needed shelter.

Why he got to find shelter
at your house?

We supposed to be friends.

- What kind of friend is you?
- Nigga, what?

You ain't even tell me
Jemma was pregnant.

I had to find out
at the hospital.

We ain't know
what we was gonna do yet.

Did you tell Kev?

Man, stop acting like a bitch.

You just told me
I can't be somebody friend

'cause you don't fuck
with them, and I'm the bitch?


You and Kevin is so wrapped up
in your own lives

and stupid-ass girlfriends,
you ain't got no time for me.

But I'm going through shit, too.

I ain't y'all fucking sidekick.

You ain't been there for me,

Kev ain't been there for me,

But you know who has?


Crow, you ready?


My head that I'm grindin'

It's all in the timin',
in perfect alignment

Long time, no see.

How you been?


Yeah, I'm sure you found
somebody's bed to sleep in.

I did.

I need to talk to Q.

He ain't here.

- Where is he?
- Casino.

- Which one?
- I can't say.

Why not?

He don't want nobody
to know he got a problem.

You serious?

How long this been going on?

I heard it happened in Cuba.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because you need to handle it.

I ain't coming back
to that life.

Niggas need somebody
like you with a cool head.

Q been gambling
all his money away.

You need to be careful
what you say.

Look, man, I say everything
on my fucking chest.

You need to kill this
old motherfucker and take over.

You have no idea
what you're asking.

Yes, the fuck I do.

Jazzy music

I tried to fuck Emmett.

God damn.

Well, good morning to you, too.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I just couldn't keep
it from you anymore.


On Valentine's Day.

God damn, Tiff.

You ain't shit.

I didn't go through with it.

And that's because
you stopped or...

...because he said no?

He said no.


Don't rub it in, Rob.

I'm not.

I'm just glad at least
somebody has some self-control.

Would you not want me if I did?

I just want to know
why you did it.

Is it because you still
in love with him

or 'cause you mad
he with somebody else?

I don't love Emmett like that
no more.

Trying to fuck him
as a power play?

I don't know. Maybe.

You know,
that's still fucked up,

'cause he with your girl.

What about me?

I feel like don't nobody care
about my feelings.

I care about your feelings.

Just don't be
so careless with mine.

I'ma ask you one question...

and you better not lie to me.



- Are you selling dope?
- What? Hell, nah.

Don't curse at me.

Ma, since when
was "hell" a cuss word?

Look, your mom found
all of this cash in your room.

So where you get it from?

- Gaming.
- You think I'm dumb?

I find it hard to believe

that somebody's paying you
to play video games.

Well, Mom, it's real, all right?

Some people are getting paid,

and some people
are getting rich off of it.

- Okay, so who's paying you?
- Corporations, all right?

They sponsor these events,

and people come out
to watch us play.

And your son
is a part of a league.

- I don't believe you.
- All right, fine.

- Don't believe me, then.
- Look...

can you at least
show us some proof?

What proof?
They pay in cash.

Can we go with you
to one of these game nights?

No, Mom.

These are not no gaming nights
at somebody's crib.

These are actual events.

People come out,
and they buy tickets.

Okay, so you let us know
the next time there's an event.

- We gonna come out and support.
- No! No, no, no.

I'm not letting
my moms be there.

I don't know, Kev.

It sounds like you keeping
something from us, yo.

Yes. Yes, I am keeping this
from y'all because it's mine.

- He has lost his mind.
- No, Mom!

I actually found something
that I'm good at,

and I'm not gonna let y'all
take this away from me!

- Go to your room!
- Why?

- Because I said so!
- Are you serious right now?

- I didn't do nothing wrong!
- Don't yell at me!

You're yelling at me!


- You're welcome.
- What?

Yo, Kev.

I don't want to go
to jail for killing my son!

Don't worry about it

because I'm not gonna be
the one to testify against you.

Somber music

God damn, Tiff.


You right.

I'm sorry.

What would have happened
if y'all did smash?

That shit would've been
awkward as hell.

And then...

...shit get messy.

And it's fucked up

'cause you don't even like
that nigga like that no more.

You know, I appreciate you
keeping it a buck.

I do.

But next time,
you need to talk to Emmett,

use your words, baby...

not your body.

Nigga, how you this calm?

I smoke a lot of weed.

Nah, for real, though...

...I grew up in
a house with a lot of yelling.

That shit don't solve nothing.

I just learned
to sit back, listen,

try and hear what people
really trying to say, you know?

Yeah, I feel you.

My mom stay yelling at me, too.

Probably because she ain't had
nobody to listen to her

when she was younger.

I'm gonna tell her that
next time I see her, too.

You should.

Ask her about her childhood.

Oh, Lord, then she really gonna
talk my damn head off.


Thank you
for not going off on me.

Why would I?

Just don't do the shit again.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Can we talk for a minute?
- Sure, what's up?

Hey, look,
I know you're real good

with suppressing your feelings
and all that kind of shit,

but I ain't, okay?

I got a lot of stuff pent up.
I got to speak my mind.



Well, you know that...
That thing between us?

That was magical.
It was electric, okay?

But, uh, it can never happen
again, you feel me?

I wasn't planning on it,
but, okay.

So wait a minute.

You ain't heartbroken
or nothing?


So you don't care
about me at all.

I think you're nice.

Do you love Victor?

No, he's an opportunity.

God damn.

You ain't got
no feelings, do you?

Of course I do. I just
don't have feelings for you.

Oh, that's right.

You fucking Roselyn, ain't you?


What the fuck is your deal?

I like nice things, so I do
what I have to do to get them.

Now, would you please excuse me?

Dramatic music

It makes sense.

I kill Q,
take Nuck under my wing,

find a kid
to be my eyes on the street,

get Victor
into City Council, and...

then I have eyes everywhere.

You sounding a lot
like your old self lately.

Maybe that's who I am.

It doesn't have to be.

Nah, baby, listen...

...if Victor is the light,
I have to manage the darkness.

Or you can let Q do that.

No. No, he can't see past
his addiction.

I'ma put that old motherfucker
out of his misery.

- He's my son's father, Otis.
- Yeah, but your son's gone.

I'm sorry.

I want you to go.

Chill hip-hop music

Welcome to the exhibit.

Thank you.

How'd you hear about it?

Uh, this dude
named, uh, Master Marshawn.

Oh, yes, I've heard of him.


He wasn't too happy
with my last exhibit,

but I'm happy he's excited
about this one.

Well, anything

that man suggests,
Emmett's gonna go see it.

You said you wanted to see...

She said she wanted
to see some art.

Well, all these artists,
they're fresh out of school.

- Nice.
- It's a good place

to start a collection.

Uh, wait, a collection?


You looking to buy?

Nah, we just looking.

I mean, maybe one day
we will be.

Well, I always tell
young couples

that it is a great investment.

Well, between us,
we got four kids,

so we got to invest
in them first.

You know, a great piece of art

can last in a family
for generations.

That's just something
to think about.

This one is from one
of our more seasoned artists,

which is why it's
a little bit more expensive.

How expensive?

I'll have to chat
with the artist first.

- He's from Chicago.
- It's amazing.

Well, I'm always here
if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Can't afford this shit.

I wish we could.

I mean, Smokey's
is doing really good.

Well, school is taking up
all my money right now.

Look, it won't be
like this forever.


I promise.


You're not in bad shape.

Oh, thank God.

Pizza places
are keeping you afloat,

but it'll be
a great idea if you can add

another chain to your portfolio.

Wait a minute... what do you
want me to do, go out here

- and buy McDonald's?
- I'd rather you create one.


There's a couple
investment opportunities

that you might want to consider.

Such as?

A few local food spots
are doing really well.

You have YaYa's Steakhouse.

You have the new vegan spot
that opened downtown

and that old barbecue joint...


Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I remember that,
when it used to be Sonny's.


This kid...
He bought it out from under me.

Now they got a line all the way
around the block ever since.

Maybe you can invest

and open up another one
in New York.

Sh... I ain't got the
manpower for that right now.

Well, baby, I can find
you some guys.

Jazz music

How much you
think they want for it?

Why don't you go and ask?

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

See you later.

I can't believe your mama
think you cool enough

- to sell drugs.
- Fuck you.

Jake, get the door.

One of y'all get it.
We working over here.

You act like this
ain't your fucking house.

I got it. I got it.

Too much swag,
you make a big old splash

Oh, shit.

You a'ight?

Um... yeah.

Come on in.

Dramatic music

Man, hell, no.

- Get the fuck out, bro.
- No, he can stay.

- This ain't your house.
- Ja...


What the fuck you want, nigga?

Just wanted to say I was sorry.

It's... it wasn't your fault.

He was the one shooting.

I appreciate
you coming over here.

I know it took a lot to do so.

Thank you.



- Straight.
- We straight, come on.

Welcome to Smokey's.
How can I help you?

Man, help me by feeding me.
I'm starving in here.

Oh, shit.

- Master Marshawn, is that you?
- Yeah, man.

Oh, shit.

I almost didn't recognize you
without the daishiki and shit.

Yeah, man, I got
other clothes, brother.

I only wear
that when I'm working.

And you helped me
through a lot of shit

these past few years, bro.

- Like, I'm telling you...
- Good.

You can order
whatever you want, G.

- I got you. I got you.
- Get out of here. Straight up?

- It's on me.
- Thank you, man.

I never pass up
on no free me a lie.

Ooh, make that
two free me a lies.

I thought I told you,
wait in the car, baby.

Yeah, I missed you.

I'm talking to a fan right now.

I forgot you're supposed
to be celibate.

Yeah, yeah, ain't
"supposed to be." I am.

You know my motto...
My dick deserves better.

Yeah, I know, and I helped you
come up with it.

God damn it.

And I'm still waiting on my cut.

Can you wait for your cut
in the car?

- Can you do that for me?
- Okay, fine.

But hurry up... your mom
needs it back in an hour.

I know when my mama
needs the car back!

We split the car, my nigga.

It ain't just my mama car.

- You out here fucking?
- What?

Is that your woman?

Get out of here, man.
What's your name?

- Emmett.
- Emmett.

I'ma send you a shirt, man.

- I don't want no fucking shirt.
- A shirt...

Who don't want a shirt?
Have you seen the sleep shirts?

Fuck all that.
You got to pay.

- What?
- Yeah, you got to pay.

You out here lying.

'Cause I'm trying to help
the Black man find himself?

By lying to us?

Look, I have
a lot of friends, okay?

So I jumped online...
Master Marshawn.

All of a sudden, I'm the leader
of this huge community.

I got friends. I got followers.
It felt good.


Wait, so you just lying just
so you can have some friends?

Did you finish the challenge?

- Hell, no.
- Oh, you didn't fi...

Look at you.
We both out here trying.

Man, look,
but you challenging me

did help me find
my woman, though.

- I will say that.
- Good.

See? So I'm a hero after all.

Now, may I please get
some motherfucking food,

like you said?

Look, I'll charge you for one
of the combos. That's it.

- I got you. I got you.
- All right, man, what you need?

Let me get a brisket plate

and that extra sauce
and biscuits.

- You see how she get.
- For sure, for sure.

Throw me up
on your IG page or what?

Yeah, I got you.

Hip-hop music

So, Jake, what brings
you to Papa's Pulpit?

Nigga, you-you know
why I'm here.

But my listeners don't know.

Basically, we got into it

'cause you felt like
I ain't been there for you.

I think that's
a good place to start.

Nigga, I ain't trying
to be here all night.

Please refrain from
saying "nigga" so much.

This is a family show.

Nigga, please.

Look, if you ain't finna
respect my boundaries,

you can leave.

All right, bro.

I was hurt
about some personal news

I had to find out secondhand.

What I was going through
was hard as hell, and...

and I ain't know
how to tell people.

I understand that,

and I'm sorry for taking it
so personally.

I thought I came here
to apologize.

This ain't about right or wrong.

I guess...

it's just about us
having different perspectives.

So you don't want me
to apologize?

I want you
to communicate better.

So you want me to text you more?

I just want you
to tell me how you feeling.

I don't like talking
about my feelings.

Yeah, neither do I, but...

I got to.

Otherwise, I just keep them
all bottled up.

I get that.

Soft music


you like a brother to me,

so I feel like I ain't always
got to tell you everything.

I feel like
we always gonna be a'ight.

I think that's why I feel
so taken for granted.

What that mean?

It just mean...

you think we're gonna
always be friends

and you ain't got to put
into the friendship.


You can't just assume

that we gonna always be friends.

We got to put that time in.

So you want to come over more?

I think it's a start.

Did you settle
things with Bakari?

I ain't talking
about that on here.

We good, man?

We been good...

but we even better now.

All right, that concludes

another powerful episode
of Papa's Pulpit,

where we bring the flock
together and reap what we sow.

I want to thank Jake for coming,

and I hope to have you
back again real soon.

I ain't doing this again.

All right, well, then

that makes this episode
even more special

because it's one of a kind.

Um, until next time,

stay in prayer, congregation,

and I love y'all.

- Did you handle your business?
- Yeah.

Hey, yo, take this for me.

Got a little-ass window.

You went to the store?

Yeah, I didn't want to come

What you get?

Sunflower seeds and lemonade.

What flavor sunflower seeds?


They ain't have barbecue?

They was all out.

It's all good.

So you think I'm just gonna
drink after you?

You want a sip or no?

Did you just apologize
so you could come over here?

I did it 'cause I wanted to.

I know you did.

Do you ever dream?

What you mean?

Like, do you ever think

about what you want to be
when you get older.

Mm, not really.

Me either, but...

lately I've been thinking
about that shit a lot.

What you thinking?

I got a crazy, fucked-up life.

I heard.

What you hear?

That you killed somebody.

Where you hear that at?

A few people.

I'm not a monster.

Neither is my brother.

He killed somebody, too.

So you don't think
I'm a bad person?

No, I just think
you ain't have nobody,

but now we do.

I ain't got nobody.

You got me.

Soft music

You got me, too.

If you got a crazy story,
why don't you tell it?

- What?
- Write that shit down.

I don't even got
good handwriting.

That's what computers are for.

So you really think
I could be a writer?

If Kevin can make money
playing video games,

you can write a book.


I'm gonna need you
to do something for me.

Depends on what it is.

What the hell?

I won it.

Why are you giving it to me?

I just need somewhere
I can stash my cash.


My moms think I'm selling drugs.

- So tell them the truth.
- I did.

They don't believe me.

No wonder you want to move out.

Well, until I can,

I'ma need you to hold my cash
for me, a'ight?

- What if my grandma finds out?
- Just hide it.

I'll come back for it.
I promise.

Fine, but if I get in trouble,
I'm telling on you.


You know how many crystals
I can get with this?

Don't get any ideas.

I should charge you
a hider's fee.

Any day

He said, he said he out here
working for that check

You know that take time

Say he love the way I walk,
he know I'm so fine

He moving weight and chasing
paper when it's go time

The type to make you fall
to your knees

Fall, fall, ah, ah, ah

I know he'll run
around the world...

Oh, there she is.

How can I help you, Dante?

Why so professional, Tiff?

'Cause I'm busy.

What, busy with work?

- Yes, and other things.
- Oh, is that right?

Well, that background
look a little different.

Shit, you single?

No, I'm living with somebody.

Oh, shit.

A bitch or a nigga?

He more than just my nigga.

Oh, it's like that?

Yeah, it is.

God damn. All right.

Well, shit,
I'm happy for you, a'ight?

No, you not.

Ha! Ha ha.

Shit. Hey, look,
well, can I get some weed?

What you want, Dante?

Well, let me get a bag
of that blueberry kush.

What up?

Damn, nigga,
what you about... 6'8"?

6'9", shorty.


Okay, Tiff.

A'ight, I'ma holla at you.

A'ight, I'm out.
Fuck it.

To make me feel like I'm home

The type to make you fall
to your knees

And he's all that I need

Come on, Darnell, hurry up.

Chill, woman.

I'm trying to put
something together for you.

What, surprise?

- Yeah. Ha ha.
- Ooh.

This surprise.

What's this?

A handwritten check. I haven't
seen one of those in years.

Well, it's for the ROCK center.

I know you said
they could use some help.

It's not much, but since
we're having a smaller wedding,

I wanted the money to go

towards something
that was just as special.

- Tracy gonna be so grateful.
- Yeah, she better be.

That's my tux money.

Yo, yo.

Hey, you good?

I don't know, bro.


What, you feeling betrayed?


Nothing. Nothing.

Man, I'm just...

I'm just wondering
if it's all worth it.


I don't know who I am anymore.

Oh, man, come on.

- You the future of Chicago.
- I'm not being myself.

Look, Vic, you just...

You just doing
what you got to do... that's all.

I shouldn't have to be
someone else to...

To get niggas
to fuck with me, bro.

You're right.

Somber jazz music

I think Fatima's my soul mate.

Well... should be with her, then.

It's not that easy.

Nothing worth having is.

But I can't throw all this away.

I worked too hard to get here.
We worked too hard to get here.

Look, I know you scared...


I'd rather you tell
the truth and lose than...

than lie and win.


I feel you.

Yo, Shaad, you a'ight?

I'm better now.

What's up with you, shorty?

Man, I'm doing
really, really good.

I can tell.
You look different.

I figured out my dream, bro.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

- Well, give it to me.
- I'm gonna write a book.

- You're gonna write a book?
- Yep.

What the fuck
you gonna write about?

My life.

Nigga, you only 16.

Yeah, I know,
but I seen a lot of shit, bro.

- Yeah, I feel you.
- Yeah.

Well, just make sure the cops

don't come looking for your ass.


I'ma change the names,
do all that shit.


I'm proud of you, man.

Real shit.

What about you?

Nigga, check this shit out.

Oh, shit, what the fuck
you got up your sleeve, Shaad?

I'm about to show you.

You know what this is?

Hip-hop music

Shit, not really.

Fucking kidding me?
It's a CD, nigga.

We used to listen
to music on these.

Well, nowadays
it's all about streaming, so...

Nigga, you want to sell CDs
for a living?

No, Goofy.

I want to sell shit
from back in the day, like...

you know, like a vintage shop.

Wait. Why the fuck
you want to sell old shit?

It reminds of a time
when I was free.

You know?

I'm gonna come to your store.

I'm gonna buy your book.

- My nigga.
- My nigga.


What's it say?


Come on, now! Okay, okay.


Yes, EJ! Yes!

I think you're ready
for a bonus.


Go, EJ. Go, EJ.

Go, EJ.
Go, EJ.

Go, EJ! Go, EJ!

You're brilliant.
You're brilliant.

Call Mommy
and tell her I did good!


jazz music

How about I tell Daddy

to tell Mommy
when he comes to pick you up?


Hip-hop music

Uh, uh, uh

Uh, uh, uh

Summon this heckler

I ain't no regular nigga,
we nothing alike

If I send a messenger,
he gonna deliver it

You catch a bullet on sight

If I even consider it,
don't be illiterate

I thought you niggas was bright

You just a hypocrite

All of these Benjamins

I'm out here risking my life

Gamblin' man, vanish your man

And I'm still tossing the dice

I brandish the can,
I got to squeeze

I'm out here earning my stripes

You're early, young blood.

Any reason you wanted
to get there so quickly?

Dark music

I always knew...

...that you wasn't shit.

Hip-hop music

New birth

Yeah, we in the fill

We know how it feel
to go on a drill

Yeah, we in a trap

Getting ready to pack

It's bigger than rap

Yeah, spending on block

We parking the whip

We getting them shot

Yeah, one in his top,
one in the head

Put a round in the eye, yeah

They in they feelings,
and I got a feeling

I might got to stand
on the aisle

They made a killing,
I'm making a killing

I know how to get to the guap

I had a vision
with all of us in it

I put my whole team on the top

Been out here flexin',
been out here trendin'

I'm here to shake up the block

I don't do Christian,
I ain't Dior

And I don't do shit for a thot

I load her with heroin,
tell her to bury it

All the way up in her crotch

I get the metal,
and I get to letting it go