The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Bring It On Home To Me - full transcript

Previously, on
"The Chi"...

I think we should chill
on having sex

until you take me
on a real date.

We're too old
to be going on dates.

If you want to keep me,

you better step up.

You were right.

I can't just demand your love.

I gotta earn it.


I'm gonna make sure
I do everything it takes

to make sure
I don't lose you again.

I love you.

I love you too.

This can't be happening.

I can't be pregnant.

Want to hold my hand?

So what we gonna do?

I'm just gonna have
to take care of it.

So I have no say in this?

I care about what you think,

but this is my body,

so the decision is mine.

All right, now.
Look at you.

If I'ma be city councilman,

I figure I should dress
the part.

You wear it well.

You want to get out of here?

♪♪ Soft music ♪♪


How can I help you, my man?
What can I get you?

[Bakari] Give me
all that motherfucking money

- in the register.
- [Shaad] Bakari!

Put that down.

Where your family?

Not here.

[Shaad] Guess you can sleep
on the couch for now.

The proper response
is "thank you."

Thank you.

What's wrong?

Some fool tried to rob
Smokey's today.

Are you serious?

[Emmett] Hell yeah.

I'm sorry.

I could look at you
for hours and hours.

- ♪♪ Sensual music...
- ♪♪ Can you handle that ♪♪

♪♪ What you gon' do ♪♪

♪♪ If I pull out
the candle wax ♪♪

♪♪ Hot and sticky, dripping

♪♪ Up and down your back ♪♪

♪♪ Better hear you thank me

♪♪ When I spank your ass ♪♪

♪♪ Girl, I got a fetish
for the taste of you ♪♪

♪♪ Show me that you like it

♪♪ Is you nasty too? ♪♪

♪♪ Lick it off my fingers
when I'm teasing you ♪♪

♪♪ I'ma have you coming
way before we're through ♪♪

♪♪ Way before we're through

♪♪ I get nasty ♪♪

- [Kiesha moans]
- ♪♪ Girl, that's what I do ♪

Come on.

♪♪ Say you match me ♪♪

♪♪ Time to show and prove ♪

♪♪ I'm excited, girl,
I'm not gon' lie ♪♪

♪♪ 'Cause you been busy,
but since you've got time ♪♪

♪♪ You say you like me on top

♪♪ Dive deep, don't stop ♪♪

♪♪ Push me
when you 'bout to come ♪♪

♪♪ Baby,
what you runnin' from? ♪♪

♪♪ Talk shit, back it up ♪♪

♪♪ That's it, back it up ♪♪

♪♪ Open wide and take my love

♪♪ Girl, is you a freak
or what? ♪♪

♪♪ Don't stop, freak or what

♪♪ Girl, is you a freak
or what? ♪♪

♪♪ Let me see if you're
a freak or what ♪♪

♪♪ Girl, is you a freak
or what? ♪♪

I been thinking about us.

What you been thinking, hm?

That it's... it's time for us
to take this to the next level.

What's the next level?

Shit, us splitting these bills

and having the same address
type level, you know?


What, you serious?

Hell yeah, I'm serious.

Shit, we ain't no kids.


Damn it, Darnell.


Look, you know I just went
through this with Suede.

Woman, I ain't no damn Suede.

I'm a grown-ass man.

[Jada] Mm.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

It's you for me.

So what you saying?

You know, I'm putting in
my retirement papers.

I'm like MJ in '98, baby.

I'm quitting
while I'm still on top.

- Shit.
- Oh, my God.

Put in some hall of fame
numbers in my career,

but it's time for old Darnell
to walk away from the game.

You know you crazy, right?

Completely crazy,
completely crazy.

Mm. Yeah, crazy 'bout you.

You know the next man
I live with

gonna be my husband, right?

See? That's what I thought.

You're so good at that.

[Emmett] I'm a Scorpio, baby.

You know what I'm saying?

- [Emmett laughs]
- You stupid.

I know that look.

You do?

[Emmett sighs]

I know all your looks.

I'm your look translator.

What am I thinking?

You thinking about me.

What else?

You want to know what this.

What is it?

This can be
whatever we want it to be.

What do you want it to be?

I want you to be the last ex
I get back with.


Nah, nah,
I don't mean it like that.

I'm saying...

I don't want
to do this shit no more.

I want to be with you for good.

You been riding with me
for a long time.

Yeah, we've been through a lot.

So you in this with me or not?

Yeah, I'm in it with you.


You change your mind already?


I'm realizing between us,
we got four kids.

- [laughs]
- Hell yeah.

What'd I get myself into?

Some real love.

Are you worried?

Hell no.

Ronnie like my son anyway.

I got us.

We got us.

[Emmett chuckles]

You know what we got to do
now, right?

Mm-hmm, we got to go
to round two.

No, we gotta tell Tiff.


No, we don't.

She's my friend, and she's
your soon-to-be ex-wife.

Right now, she living
with some random nigga.

He's not random.

I think he's the one for her.

That's cool, but why we talking
about them niggas?

Because we can't hide
that we're together, Emmett.

Tiff didn't tell me shit.

So I ain't gotta say shit
to her.

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You really about to have me

smelling like weed in church.

Tell Tierra I'm sorry.

I take it
you're not a believer.

Why you say that?

Oh, my fault.
I shouldn't be assuming.

I believe in all the gods.

- [Victor] Mm.
- All right?

[Fatima chuckles]

[Victor groans]


I wish I could lay here
all day.


I feel like a mistress.

You think I want
to keep this shit a secret?

I don't know.

Do you?

♪♪ Dramatic jazz music ♪♪


♪♪ Hip-hop music ♪♪


- Speaker plays hip-hop music...
- ♪♪ Hear me out ♪♪

♪♪ Not up-and-coming,
I been out ♪♪

♪♪ I need the Benz
when I spin out ♪♪

♪♪ 45 seconds, I'm in out ♪

♪♪ My mom paying the rent now

♪♪ Yeah, I'm a threat
when I'm banging... ♪♪

You fuck with it?

♪♪ Y'all should know
my name by now ♪♪

- [speaker turns off]
- I like the energy.

What you mean,
you like the energy?

You've got personality
and great voice.


But it could use a hook.

What you mean it need a hook?

People like catchy hooks.

I'm not trying
to water down my shit.

You want people to remember it?

People gonna remember me.

Just let me send you a play list

of some great rap songs
with catchy hooks.

Okay, but that don't mean
I'm gonna add one.

I'm just trying to help.

[Ma is ha]
Did I ask for your help?


You asked for my feedback.

I wanted you to say
it was good.

[Jemma sighs]
That's not gonna help.

Look, if we're gonna do this,

we gotta be real
with each other.


You gonna have that baby?

I don't know.

Well, whatever you need,
I got you.

I appreciate that.


See what's going on.

Ooh. Good morning.




What you looking at?

Little nigga,
mind your business, man.

Man, I see them hos
on your phone.

Ah ah ah, wait a minute.

These are Nubian queens just
wishing me a good day, ya dig?

Man, yeah right.

[laughs] Come on, man.

Let's get up out of here, man.

We already running late.
Let's go.

[Darnell] I'll call you later.


What you want, woman?

Don't talk to me like that.

Well, shit, you got me all hot

underneath my collar
up in there.

Look, I don't want us doing
what we always do.

What we always do?

Break up.

I got a challenge for you then.

What's that?

Why don't you take me out
on a date for a change?

What, that don't work for you?

No, it's just...

Just what?

I never thought about it.

Yeah, I mean,
if we gonna do this, you know,

we gotta reciprocate, you know?

Okay. I hear you.

Let me know which Red Lobster
you want me to meet you at,

- and I'll be there.
- No, no, no, no, no.

If I'm taking you out,
I'm picking the place.

A'ight, well, shoot.

Go on and do your thing then.

Mm, I'll do my thing.

Just don't be late.

[Darnell laughs]

♪♪ Hip-hop music ♪♪


I told you I don't care
about astrology.

That's like saying you don't
care about the universe.

No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

It's all connected.

If the stars aren't aligned,
then neither am I.


Never mind.


What do you mean by...
[phone chimes]

Oh, shit.


I just got invited to this
underground gaming group.

What's that?

It's like this secret group
for gamers

where they compete for teams

and, you know, play for money.

Is it a lot of money?

Can be.

Hm. Well, congrats.

Want to come with me?

Not really.

Aw, come on.

You know I'm not into gaming.

Yeah, but you into me.

That doesn't mean I want to go.

But I'll come
and give you good energy.

Thank you.


I want to meet your supplier.


'Cause sometimes I feel
like I work for you.

You know we partners.

Then come up off that contact.

My connect like to be discreet.

Don't you trust me?

Seem to me like you the one

that got a hard time
trusting folk.

I don't like depending
on anybody.

I can see that.

I just want a little bit
of independence.

All right.

I'll set it up.

You will?


You surprised?


[Rob chuckles softly]

I like surprising you.

Come here.

- ♪♪ Hip-hop music...
- ♪♪ Bust it down ♪♪

♪♪ Bust it down to the ground

♪♪ Run around, let me see you

♪♪ Twerk, twerk with it ♪♪

♪♪ Work, work with it ♪♪

♪♪ If you a real hood boy ♪

♪♪ Don't flirt with it ♪♪

♪♪ Twerk, twerk with it ♪♪

♪♪ Work, work with it ♪♪

♪♪ If you a real hood boy,
don't flirt with it ♪♪

Look who finally decided
to come to work today.

Sorry, long morning.

Well, it's about to get
even longer,

'cause these burners went out,

and those propane tanks
still ain't come.

What the fuck, man?

It's all right, though.

Those burners stay going out.

- I'll make do.
- My bad.

Hip-hop music playing
on stereo...

Let me figure out something
real quick.

- Hang on.
- Sit down.

♪♪ Time to bring it out ♪♪

♪♪ Go put on your outfit ♪♪

♪♪ We 'bout to get wild ♪♪

♪♪ I'ma come through ♪♪

♪♪ We gon' shut it down ♪♪

♪♪ So many bottles
at the table ♪♪

♪♪ We can barely sit down ♪

♪♪ Twerk with it,
work, work with it ♪♪

What is it?

♪♪ If you're a real hood boy
don't flirt with it ♪♪

♪♪ Twerk, twerk with it... ♪

I'm in a sticky situation.

You always in some shit.

No, but this shit
is crazy right here.

[Dom] No.
It can't be as crazy

as you fucking me,

and then me leaving you
for your father,

and then your father leaving me
for your mother.

Now that right there
is some crazy-ass shit.

Yeah, that is some crazy shit.

[Dom] So if it's not that,

then it can't be that bad.

Me and Kiesha back together.

[exhales deeply]

And now she want to tell Tiff.


I told you it was some shit.

But she's right.

See, I knew you was gonna
agree with her.

Now that's why ain't
want to tell you nothing.

You always on her side.

You can't hide
your new relationship

from the mother of your child.

I'm not trying
to hide my relationship.

I'm trying to be drama-free.

How you trying
to be drama-free,

and you don't want
to have the hard conversation?

Why do niggas always
do dumb shit,

but then don't want
to fess up to it?

I fessed up to fucking you.

And look where it landed you.

Right where you supposed to be.


I see what you saying.

When are y'all gonna learn?

Everything falls into place
when you tell the truth.

So the truth will set me free?

I mean, it did almost
get your father clocked

for calling me your mother's
name when we was having sex.

Can we not talk about
you fucking my father, please?

I'm saying,
your mother is gorgeous,

and if he was honest, then I
could have been the third.

[Emmett] Hell no.

[indistinct chatter]

♪♪ Dramatic music ♪♪

Sister Peele.

- Hi. How are you?
- So good to see you.

- Good to be seen.
- Yes.

Would you like to take
a picture with us?

- Oh, sure.
- [Victor] Yeah. Let's do it.

One. Two. Three.


Thank you.

I just want to tell you

how much it fills me with pride

to see two beautiful Black
people choosing each other

and taking that righteous walk
with the Lord.

[Victor chuckles]

We need more of this
in our world.

[both] Aww.

- [Victor] We do.
- [Sister Peele] Yes, we do.

[Tierra] Thank you.

Sister Peele, your kind words
mean so much to us.

Now, Sister Peele, if I decide
to run for city council,

can I count on your vote?

You better believe it.


And you know I'll have
a block club meeting

and tell all my girls
what to do.

- Oh...
- Yes, you tell 'em.

Now, you let us know
if you need

a ride to the fundraiser

We'll have someone
pick you up, okay?

Thank you, baby.

- Of course. Of course.
- Thank you.

Love her.

- Yeah, she's everything.
- Oh, my gosh.

This is great.
How you feeling?

Have you, uh, made a decision

on when you're going
to announce your candidacy?

- Well...
- Sometime in the spring.

We haven't quite
confirmed it yet.

So we'll keep that between us?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

I wanted to offer up the church

as a location,
for when the big day comes.

Announcing your candidacy
in a church is a great idea.

What do you think, honey?

Uh, we'll think about it.

Whatever you think is best.

Let's get one
with the three of you.

Praise the Lord.

[both] Praise the Lord.

I'm gonna go get some air.

[phone chimes]

Thank you so much, Pastor.

- [Pastor Jackson] Oh...
- We really appreciate this.

[Pastor Jackson]
Oh, no problem.

It's a nice turnout.


[camera clicks]

I have to say...

that Tierra
is something special.


easy on the eyes.

[Victor chuckles]
Yeah, she's, um...

She's a blessing.

I hope the rumors are not true.

What rumors?

Well, that the relationship
is just for show.

♪♪ Solemn music ♪♪

I'm a man of my word.



Be righteous in your walk
with the Lord.

I will.

♪♪ Tense music ♪♪


What are we doing here?

Does this even move the needle?

Did you not hear
what Sister Peele said?

Wow. How big is her block club?

do not be disrespectful.

She believes in us.

We're a lie.

Black love is powerful.

People need it.
It gives them hope.

And right now, people love us,

whether this is real or not.

Oh, and you forgot
to open my door.

Always be chivalrous.

You never know who's watching.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music ♪♪


[knock on door]

- Hey.
- [Kiesha] Hi.

All right, we gotta tell Tiff.

[door closes]

I know, nigga.

Who made you see the light?


I-I know.

You scared?

I'm scared as hell.

Yeah, me too.

I just want to do it
the right way, you know?

Me too.

♪♪ Hip-hop music ♪♪


[indistinct chatter]

[hip-hop music playing]


I heard you was looking for me.

I'm looking
for my man's supplier.


What the fuck are you doing?

For you to ask me that
in public

probably means
you're wearing a wire.

She clean.

[Nuck] So you not the opps.

You just stupid.

I'm not stupid.

I just wasn't thinking.

[Nuck] Lucky you made
that mistake with me.

Q would have laid your ass out.

Man, who the fuck is Q?

Don't worry about that.

So you the front man?

Nah. I'm the middleman.

I ain't got time for that.


You want to holla at big dog,
you gotta go through me first.

[muffled hip-hop music playing]


[device beeps]

♪♪ I swear that's why
they actin' shady ♪♪

♪♪ The way I be spending,
the way that I'm spending ♪♪

♪♪ They sayin' that
I'm going crazy, yeah ♪♪

♪♪ I gotta get to the bag ♪

♪♪ And I promise you,
I cannot wait ♪♪

♪♪ This is my fate... ♪♪

[Kevin] Okay.

Hey, it's 100 buy-in, G.

Oh. I could Venmo you.

Nah. We cryptocurrency
in here, chief.

I... I don't got that.

I'll front you,
but you better be as good

as the message boards
say you are.

- Yeah.
- For sure.

Thank you, man.

♪♪ No interruptions ♪♪

♪♪ If it ain't about money ♪

♪♪ End of discussion, yeah ♪

♪♪ They see me faster, like

♪♪ They say that boy amazing

- [engines revving]
- ♪♪ That boy amazing ♪♪

♪♪ Yeah, I do this,
like they do... ♪♪

[tires squealing]



[video game gunfire]

[hip-hop music playing]

[blows landing]

I got next.

Nobody play me
on they first night.

You gotta work your way up
to this spot.

Who the fuck is you?


You got a stack?

[Kevin] I don't know.

You got it.

A'ight then, let's get it.

[blows landing]

- [announcer] KO!

Grab the sticks.

You not doing me like him.

Your funeral.

[announcer] Round one.


♪♪ Yeah, dope boy ♪♪

- [announcer] Mega strike!
- ♪♪ Coke boy ♪♪

♪♪ Weed man,
that nigga know noise ♪♪

♪♪ Pill man, gun boy ♪♪

♪♪ None of y'all lil' niggas
making no noise ♪♪


♪♪ Murderous,
that nigga know noise ♪♪

♪♪ A thick bitch,
a little curvy... ♪♪

That's who I am.


I warned your ass, man.

Get up.
Somebody else turn.

- How'd you...
- Pass the sticks, man.

[Kevin] Fuck this, man.


Don't be no stranger.

We could use some new blood.

- [Kevin] Sorry, man.
- You good.

I'll win it all back.

- For sure.
- Promise.



♪♪ M-A-I, M-A-I-S-H-A ♪♪

- Speaker plays hip-hop music...
- ♪♪ M-A-I, M-A-I-S-H-A ♪♪

♪♪ Ain't up-and-coming,
I been out ♪♪

♪♪ Mercedes Benz
when I spin out ♪♪

♪♪ 45 seconds, I'm in out...


I'm not mad at the hook.

I told you.

I thank you.
I appreciate you

for working with me,

especially with everything
you got going on.

I appreciate you trusting me.

Look, I really believe in you.

Shit, I believe in us.

Me too.

[Ma is ha] So now what?

I guess we gotta find you
a open mic!

[both squealing and laughing]

You about to go off, period.

♪♪ Hip-hop music ♪♪


Nuck is fucking crazy,

and he's the reason
Kiesha got kidnapped.


She was sitting at the bus stop

trying to get to his ass.

You wanted to meet
the supplier.

This nigga thought
I was wearing a wire.

Why would he think that?

[Tiff scoffs]

'Cause I said some stupid shit.

Well, that's on you.

Nigga, you trying
to get us fucking killed?

[laughs softly]

Ain't nobody gonna get killed.

You watchin'
too much Good fellas.

[phone vibrating]

Why the fuck is Emmett
steady calling me?

Not now, Emmett.

Nah, this is important.

We need to have
a real conversation.

Is EJ okay?

He fine. It's...

this is about something else.

It concerns all of us.

Emmett, this better not
be no last-ditch effort

to get me back, okay?

I'm not trying
to hear you beg right now.

Just come over!

What's going on? You straight?

I don't know.

But it better
be fucking important.

This community has come
a long way in the past year.

Fix your posture.

[Victor] Sup, Mom?

You mind if I listen?

[Tierra] That is a great idea.

Victor, let's take it
from where we left off.


But this is only the beginning.

Don't forget
to make eye contact.

But how am I supposed
to make eye contact

and read the speech
at the same time?

This is why we're practicing.


[clears throat]

Our journey reminds me
of a battle

my mother is currently facing.

I'm still working on this part.

Again, that's why we're here.


She's currently battling
her addiction to alcohol,

and by watching her journey
to recovery,

I've learned that...

♪♪ somber music ♪♪

I-I can't do this.

[Tierra] Victor.

We've discussed this.

You have to be vulnerable.

No. I don't know about this.

Maybe she could inspire

someone else's sobriety.

Okay. Let's go again.

[door clicks]

[faint music playing on stereo]

[sighs] Shit. All right.

[breathing deeply]

Why ain't we talking
at the house?

I wanted to do this
in a public place.

What's wrong with you?

You want some pop or something?

- No.
- [Emmett mumbling indistinctly]

Now, what you gotta tell me?

All right.


Me and Kiesha...

...want to be together.

- Emmett...
- [Emmett] But we wanted you

to know.

I just wanted
to put it out there.

Everything is-is out there.

I just wanted
to tell the truth.

This is the new me.

What happened to you
being celibate?

[Emmett] Uh...

...I decided to break
the pact...

- So y'all fucked?
- Wait.

Hold up.

When was the first time,

I ain't bring you here
to interrogate my ass.

Were y'all fucking
when we were together?

Hell nah.

It just started.

Out of all the bitches
in Chicago,

you had to go and fuck Kiesha?

It's not just sex, Tiff.

I can't believe this shit.

You the one that said you ain't
want to be my wife no more.

- Remember that?
- Is that why you doing this?

No, but you moved on.
So can I.

That morning when I left,

was that Kiesha
you was dreaming about?


Fuck you.

♪♪ Somber music ♪♪


Mom, can I tell you a secret?

What kind of secret?

A big one.

Okay, now you're scaring me.

Jemma pregnant.

Oh, Lord.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize now.

What y'all gonna do about it?

I want to keep it.

What does she want?

I don't know.

Who else have you told?

Just her dad.

What about Victor?

I tried to tell him,
but I got scared.

What are you afraid of?

Him being mad.

You are gonna be a better
parent to your child

than I was to you.

You did the best you could.

Thank you.

You gotta tell him.

♪♪ Upbeat music...

♪♪ Baby, you move me ♪♪

-♪♪ Just like that old song
-♪♪ Like a love song ♪♪

♪♪ You make me wanna dance ♪

♪♪ And sing along, yeah, yeah

♪♪ We're lovin' like this ♪

♪♪ Lovin' like this ♪♪

♪♪ Don't it make you move ♪

♪♪ Oh, yeah ♪♪

- Wait, hold up, hold up.
- What?

We at the O'Jays concert?

No. No, no, no, no.

Not quite.
Come on.

[Darnell] Damn.

- Uh-huh.
- Okay. All right.

All right.
Here we-here we go.


You brought me
to the Stepper's Set.

Aw, shucks.

- Woman, you something else.
- [Jada] Mmm.

- You know that?
- [Jada] Mm-hmm.

I had to take my date out
for the best.

Yeah, well, I hope you ready
to sweat your hair out.

- Ooh, my edges is ready.
- [laughs]

- Come here, woman.
- ♪♪ Baby, you move me ♪♪

-♪♪ Just like that old song
-♪♪ Like a love song ♪♪

♪♪ You make me wanna dance ♪

♪♪ And sing along, yeah, yeah

♪♪ Well, lovin' like this...

[Victor] But this is only
the beginning.

Our journey reminds me
of a similar one

undertaken by my... my dearest friend,

We call him Shaad for short.

Shaad was once described

as being a menace to society,

when he was judged
by a jury of 12 people

who had no idea what it was
like to walk in his shoes.

They took years from his life,

and he became
a man behind bars.

But now,
now he's dedicated his life

to mentoring boys who remind
him of his younger self.

It's been an honor to watch him
flourish in his freedom

and set others free as well.

Now, for those that have
said they want to see

more positive images
of Black men in our community,

they don't need to look
any further than Rashaad.

He is proof
that who you were

isn't who you always
have to be,

and I can't think of a more
positive image than that.

So please join me
as I give a round of applause

to my brother from another,

[cheers and applause]

♪♪ Dramatic music ♪♪



- [Victor] Let's do it.
- [person] Absolutely.

This is Peaches,
Victor's mother.

Ah, you must be so proud.

[Peaches] I am.

Can I talk to you?

Yes. Excuse us.

What happened?

I wasn't ready
to be vulnerable.

You think I'm gonna relapse,
don't you?

No, I-I just think we should
give it more time, that's all.

The hell that supposed to mean?

Look, this is not
just your story to tell.

It's me and Jake's, too,

and I want to know how it ends
before I decide to tell it.

What's up, man?

[indistinct conversation]

Did she tell you
about the initiative, right?

[indistinct chatter]

Thank you.

I would like to thank
each and every one of you

for coming out
to support the ROCK.

From what I'm hearing,
we've already exceeded

our expectations
for tonight's fundraiser.


You have any idea
what this is about?

- Nobody told me anything.
- Hm.

Well, ladies and gentlemen,

now it's time for me to unveil

what tonight is really
all about...

The future.

In 2024,

this will be
our new ROCK Center.

♪♪ Tense music ♪♪


- What?
- [Roselyn] With your continued

we plan on breaking ground

on the new facility next fall.

[indistinct murmurs]

You ain't know about this?

Fuck no.


May I have a minute?

So how long y'all been plottin'
that shit?

- I can't tell you everything.
- Mm.

Look, y'all can't be making
moves without telling us.

You know you work for us,

not the other way around.

Hold-hold on.
We ain't done.

Excuse me.


- What?
- Where Ma go?

Man, give me a minute,
all right?

Nah, I want to know now.

Hey, man,
don't be talking back to me.

Give me a minute.

[Darnell] Yeah.

We getting old, woman.

- [chuckles]
- [Jada] Mm-mm.

- [Darnell] Yeah.
- Please, I ain't getting old.

We would have still
been out there

if you wouldn't have
thrown out your back.

[both laugh]

Hey, I told you
I can only dip you once.

Nobody told you
to be showing off.

[both laugh]

Thank you for tonight.

This was really nice.

Well, the night ain't over yet.

♪♪ Show me
what you're made of ♪♪

♪♪ sensual music ♪♪


[Darnell snoring]

[Tracy] You good?


Family just stressing me out,
that's all.

I know the feeling.

Are we really making
a difference?

Or are we wasting our time?

Depends on the day.

I feel like I'm losing myself.

Tonight, it looked like

you finally stepped
into yourself,

like that's where you were
always supposed to be.

I feel like I'm playing a role.

It's working.

What about you?

What you mean?

I mean, don't you feel
like everything we built

is slipping
through our fingers?

I feel like I don't have

what it takes
to be the face of ROCK.

There would be no ROCK
without you.

You started all of this.

You're a real light
in this community.

I got a dark side too.

♪♪ Soft dramatic music ♪♪

I'm the reason why
Coogie got killed.


I sent Ronnie after
whoever killed our son,

and for whatever reason...

...Coogie had on Jason's
chain that night,

and Ronnie shot him.

That's-that's not your fault.

You were hurting.

Well, Coogie and Bakari
are friends,

and that's why
he killed Ronnie.

It was retaliation.


I think I did all this

just to try to prove to people
that I'm a good person.

Well, you-you are
a good person.

How can I be?

- I just...
- You know,

hurt people do
fucked up shit sometimes.

It don't make us bad people.


...just means we're human.


[indistinct chatter on TV]



Guess who got recruited.

Recruited to what?

You're not supposed
to tell anyone.

Ah, yeah.

Oh, now y'all got secrets.

Not me.

So you're not gonna tell me
what it is?

It's supposed to be a secret,
you know?

Your girl knows.

Yeah, but she was there
when I got the text.

Yeah, 'cause y'all glued
at the hip.


- Nah.
- [Kevin] Yeah.

No. No, we're not.

Yes, y'all are.

I barely see your ass anymore.

My bad.

You gotta get better
at time management.

I told you we should have
talked to her together.

You being there
would not have helped.

I get it.

Did you text her?


She text you back?


When you send the text?

Four hours ago.


I hate this.

It's gonna be a'ight.


♪♪ Somber music ♪♪


[line ringing]

The mailbox is full.

♪♪ Headstrong don't make you
intellectual ♪♪

♪♪ Just 'cause
you got an opinion ♪♪

♪♪ That don't make you right

♪♪ Just like two wrongs,
that don't make a what?

♪♪ And if you
in the wrong situation ♪♪

♪♪ And it always coming up ♪

♪♪ Listening to your story ♪

♪♪ Something just
ain't adding up ♪♪

♪♪ Really good off, they're
always keeping me a back-up ♪

♪♪ So much going on in
the world, can you back up? ♪

♪♪ Turned over a new leaf,
please don't make me act up ♪

♪♪ Bitch, you hear that?

♪♪ It's just a bunch of lies

♪♪ Blaming everybody else ♪

♪♪ 'Cause you can't
prioritize... ♪♪

You finna tell me what's wrong?


You lying.

I don't want to talk about it.

- It's that bad?
- Yes!

If we gonna do this,

we gotta talk to each other.

Emmett and Kiesha
are together now.

[Rob sighs]
Your Kiesha?

Yes, my Kiesha.

I guess she his now.

[Tiff] This not funny, Rob.

Why do you care?

Because that's my ex-husband

and one of my closest friends.

But let's just put the emphasis

on it being your ex-husband.

Our divorce ain't final.

That's still messy as hell.

Love is messy.

Rob, why you can't ever
just take my side?


♪♪ Soft music ♪♪


this ain't gonna be
the easiest of situations,

but we grown.

Grown as hell.

You only get one life to live.

If she can make dude happy...

...let's let them be happy.


You sure you want to do this?

Yeah. Yeah.


Are you excited?

I'm scared.

Me too.


I'm happy.


[both chuckle]

[knock on door]

[volunteer] Peaches?

If you're in there,
can you open up, please?

[knock on door]

Okay, Peaches,
we're gonna come in.

Guess she didn't
come home last night.

It happens.


I know.

[volunteer] Maybe she'll
realize this is where

she needs to be,
and she'll make her way back.

I hope so.

Thank you.

♪♪ Somber music ♪♪


[Peaches] I don't know
how my story will end...

...but I know
I don't want it to end

with my boys feeling like
I've disappointed them again.

So I'm gonna leave you
with the memory

of me being sober and clear.

I love you both
with all my heart.

Goodbye for now.

♪♪ Somber music ♪♪