The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - full transcript

[Kevin] Previously, on
"The Chi"...

[Victor] Yes.

Aren't you taking credit
for the labor of a trans woman

by claiming
you founded Trinity House?

How are we supposed to keep
the conversation going

when, uh, I don't
even have your number?

♪ Soft music

Check this out.

You stop giving a fuck
what people think,

you will be much happier.

I ain't
never got that advice.

You a blessing,
you know that?

I saw Roselyn yesterday.

- She wants to help.
- Are you crazy?

This could be a good thing,
if you let it.

if you do anything to damage

what I've built,
I promise I'll kill you myself.

It's time.


We need to talk.

♪ Tense music

So what we gon' do?

I'm just gonna have
to take care of it.

What you mean?

We-we can't have a kid.

Why not?

I can get a job.
I could take care of us.

I don't want
to be taken care of.

I want to live.

I'm still trying
to figure out who I am.

So you can't figure out
who you are with a baby?

Why would I
if I don't have to?


So I have no say in this.

I care about what you think,
but this is my body,

so the decision is mine.

Why don't you want
to have my baby?

My king.

[Emmett] That's
what I'm talking about.

[Marshawn] I believe
that celibacy is the means

to reclaiming yourself.

Yes, it is.

And a lotta y'all done fell
victim to the big booties,

mm, and the baby hair, mm,
and the big boobies, mm, mm.

You don't care, no.

Mm, that's right.

[Marshawn] Don't let them
do that to you.

You understand
what I'm saying?

It makes me sad,
makes me sad inside

that Black men
don't know who they are

when they ain't
fucking somebody.

- Don't know who you are...
- What you listening to?

[Marshawn] If you ain't
fuckin' somebody

Know who you are.
Learn who you are.

- What you listening to?
- Huh?


I never seen you
this locked into anything.


I'm just watchin', uh,
Master Marshawn.

[Kiesha] Who?

[Emmett] It's like
this Black dude guru.

- He certified?
- [Emmett] What you mean?

I mean,
what gives him the license

to be giving you advice?

I don't know.

Uh... I just like
what he be sayin'.

He smooth.

Look, he been
making me a better man,

so... I don't really care
what degrees he got.

You always been a good man.

♪ Soft pop music

Thank you for that.

I was a hot mess
when we were together, though.

I remember.

- [laughs]
- That's why I'm just

stayin' in the house,
taking care of my kids.

You know, play some cards
with the OGs later.

No more goin' to the club.

You having a game night?

Well, just cards.
That's it.

- I play cards.
- It's for the guys, though.

Whether you like it or not,
I'm playin'.

Just don't be mad
when we take all your money.

And I mean, like, all of it.

Nigga, please.

[Emmett] Pshh. Get ready.
Pony up.

♪ Dramatic jazz music

[Simone] You sure you don't
wanna come with me?

[Kevin] Yeah, nah, I'm too old
to be playin' dress-up.

It's not dress-up.
It's cosplay.

[Kevin] Okay.


Besides, I don't
even know what that is.

It's a great way
to expand your imagination.

And there's nothing wrong

with escaping reality
for a while.



How do I look?

You look good.

What superhero
you supposed to be?

Cat woman, Storm?

Nah, at these parties,
we create our own superheroes.

I'm not trying
to copy someone else's IP.

- I... IP?
- Intellectual property.

Oh ho!
Oh, yeah.

I knew what that was.

Hmph. I'm the Moon Whisperer.

Okay, Miss Moon Whisperer.

What's your superpower?

I can talk to the moon.

Ooh. And what y'all
be talkin' about?


Y'all be talkin' about me?


Oh, wow.
Okay, I see how it is.

I think you should create
your own superhero

and come with me.

It'll be fun.

Nah, it's just not my vibe,
you know?

If you had a superpower,
what would it be?

I'd make it rain.

- Like in a strip club?
- [chuckles] Nah.

I mean like the weather.

I just love when it rains.

Sometimes, I wish I could
just snap my fingers,

and it rains whenever I want,
you know?

I like that.

Yeah, but how do I dress up
as the rain?

Doesn't matter.
That's for you to decide.

Why you all dressed up for?

Tryin' to change my image.

[huffs] You doing a lot
to make niggas like you.

[small laugh]

I'm tryin' to get people
to trust me.

- I trust you.
- Took you a minute.


[Victor] What?


You lyin'.

You ever got a girl... pregnant?

Is Jemma pregnant?

Nah, hell nah.

Okay, so why you asking?

Never mind, never mind.

You sure you ain't got
nothing you want to tell me?

I'm sure.

You know, Imani gave you
those condoms for a reason.

Any more questions
before I go?

No, no.

All right.

[light laugh] This shit crazy.

[Deja] Mm-hmm.

Nigga's skin all moisturized
and shit.

Yeah, well,
exfoliants and sea moss,

they'll do wonders.

- Sea moss, huh?
- Yeah.

Yeah, a nigga like me ain't
never had a facial before.

- This is crazy.
- [laughs]

It's called self-care.

Well, self-care got me
lookin' like Eddie Murphy

in "Boomerang"
out this bitch, ya dig?



- Hey.
- Hmm?

You deserve
to feel spoiled too.

Soft R&B

I do?


Well, thank you
for broadenin' my horizons.

I appreciate you.

- Listen.
- Mm?

I've never had a woman
in my life that...

that ever wanted
to make me feel special.

- You know what I mean?
- Hm.

I guess I just felt like
it should always be,

like, the other way around.

You really mean a lot to me.

You know that, right?

If you lay your
head on my chest...

You know, um, I always said

that I would never date
a guy with a record.

But... you changed my mind.


Yeah, I'm glad you did.

Baby, you got me deep

And I'm wrapped up
in all your love...

Listen, I know it's only been
a few weeks, but...


I love you, Deja.

I love you too, Shaad.




Baby, you got me deep

And I'm wrapped up
in all your love

[police siren wails distantly]

[footsteps approach]

[Q humming softly]

What're y'all doing here?

- I called them.
- Why?

Because we need their help.

With what?

Everybody knows
that police presence

in our neighborhoods
have dwindled significantly.

[light laugh]
And you are welcome.

And you didn't do it
by yourself.

She's right.

I have nothing
against the police myself.

I mean, some of
my best friends are cops.

Yeah, 'cause y'all cut from
the same crooked-ass cloth.

[Roselyn] The South Side
wants the police to stay away.

But they're getting pissed off

because all of their packages
are being stolen lately.

Wait a minute.
Are you serious?

Is that why the fuck
we down here,

to talk about some
fucking stolen packages?

I know it's petty.

- [Roselyn] I get it.
- Extremely petty.

It's petty as fuck.

It may be petty to you,
but if we're not careful,

then somebody might get mad
enough to say

that community protection
is not working,

and then they're gonna want
the police to come back.

Okay, so Roselyn, what is it
that you would have us do?

Well, we would have
the two of you

go and find out
who is behind it

and then tell them
to stop doing that shit

before we be back
to where we started.

[Douda] Okay,
these little motherfuckers

don't give a shit about us.

- They should.
- No, really, Roselyn.

This is a whole
different generation.

I don't think they have any
interest in listening to us.

- See? What he said.
- But...

I've got a feeling, D,

that we're going to be able
to strike a deal.

Oh, no, I don't want us

to get involved
in illegal activity.

Too late.

[Douda sighs]
Look, folks outta work.

They got bills to pay.
They got mouths to feed.

And I can't go out here

and tell no hustler
not to fucking hustle.

We can maybe find out...
who's running shit

and politely ask
the motherfucker to lay low.

Do whatever you gotta do.
Just keep the cops at bay.

Ooh, ha ha, yes, ma'am.

I'm attracted
to your mind, body, soul

Just can't get enough
of your mind, body, soul

Like a magnet I'm drawn
to your mind, body, soul

I'm in love with
your mind, body, soul...

All right, now.
Look at you.


If I'ma be city councilman,

I figure
I should dress the part.

I mean, you wear it well.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I also heard
you were coming by today.

Aww, so that's why
you wore cologne.

- [Victor] Pshhh.
- [laughs]


I came by to cover
Follow Your Dreams Day.


Yeah, Tierra gave me
some info about it.

I figured
it was worth writing about.

She hit you.

You surprised?

No, she's very thorough.

Yeah, she is.

You know, people get
the wrong idea about Chicago.

- Mmm.
- We really are a community

of people
who care about each other.

Yeah. It's more like
a small town than a big city.


You wanna get outta here?

No, uh, I have
to cover the event.

But, um, I'll be heading out
in a little while.


[knock at door]

[Jake] The hell?

What the fuck
are you wearin'?

Oh, man, Simone got me
doing this cosplay shit.

- What?
- Yeah, it's a...

it's a long story.

Hey, uh, sorry for missing
your call, by the way.

How come you ain't
call me back?

you was coming here today,

so I figured I'd just wait.

Sit down, bro.

Jemma pregnant.

♪ Soft music

Y'all know what
y'all gon' do?

I understand.

It's okay to be sad.

I am sad about it.

Y'all really think y'all ready
to have a baby though?

Ain't nobody ready, man.

You just gotta do
what you gotta do.

Nah, man, it's way
more complicated than that.

So what?
You gone agree with Jemma?

No, I'm...

I'm just saying...

she needs
to do the best for her.

What about me?

Look, it's not just
about you.

She got a life too, man.

You jealous?

Come on, bro.

You know me
way better than that.

Yeah, my-my bad.
I-I'm tripping, man.

Don't even worry about it.

If you want this baby...

I think you should tell her.

I'll be a'ight.


you sure?

You can't go out like that.

[small laugh]
Yeah, yeah, I know.

[Jake] Come on, man.
Let me help your ass.

♪ Bright music

[background chatter]

♪ Bright music continues

So what we gon' do?

[Jemma] I'm just... gonna
have to take care of it.

[Jake] So you can't figure out
who you are with a baby?

[Ma is ha]
What's going on?

[Jemma] Jake is mad that
I don't want to keep the baby.

[Ma is ha] You gotta do
what you gotta do.

He just looked so sad.

And he'll get over it.

Will I?

Last night, I had a dream
that I kept the baby.

That sounds like
a nightmare to me.

It was actually really nice.

And you woke up.

I did.

And what did you feel then?


[Jemma sniffles]

♪ Dramatic music

♪ Watch out,
lil bitch, all on my dick ♪

♪ Careful what hos
or we all intermix ♪

♪ Don't get too close... ♪

How can I help you, my man?
What can I get you?

[person] Give me all
that motherfucking money

in the register, nigga.

That's what the fuck
you can give me.

- [person] Oh, my God.
- [person] What?

Think I'm fuckin'
playing with you, nigga?

Hand me that fucking shit,

- [women screaming]
- Put that shit in there.

[Emmett] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait...

[Shaad] Bakari!

Man, the fuck
is you on, shorty?

Nigga, you dumber
than I thought.

Now, how you gonna come
in a crowded spot

and try to rob it?

Cool out, cool out, cool out.

Put that down.

Gimme that.

[gun clicks]

Probably only got
a couple hundred dollars

- in that bitch anyway.
- Hey, we make more than that.


Go on and sit down somewhere.


Come sit down, man.

Come on.

♪ Hip-hop music in background...

Sorry about that, y'all.
He... he all right.

It's all right.

Yo, you a'ight?

[whispers] Yeah.

Emmett, you straight?


Hey, look, man.

Can you hook this little nigga
up with some food?

Hell no!
He just tried to rob me!

I know,
I know he ain't shit, but...

- He lost.
- Yeah, he real lost.

Man, can you just do me
this solid please, Emmett?

You lucky you Victor friend.


Get this nigga some chicken.

Your ass tweaking, son.

You about to be on
"First 48" in a minute.

Don't you know that?


Your ass need a job.


♪ Quiet, somber music

What you doing for money?

Stealing packages
from people's doors

and pawning what's inside.

That's what the fuck
I'm doing for money, nigga.

Look, man.

I'ma try to help you
find a real job.

Bro, why do you give a fuck?

Why, nigga?



'Cause ain't nobody
do it for me.

Where your family?

Not here.

I can see that.

Where you stay?

Stayin' on my friend's couch,

but his mom kicked me out.

A'ight, well...

Eat your food, man.

♪ Upbeat hip-hop music

♪ She told me she love me,
she diggin' my style ♪

♪ Them niggas is sayin'
we pass through the crowd ♪

♪ I let them niggas jump up
on me, bringin' 'em down ♪

♪ They wanted the pressure, ♪
♪ we hearin' 'em now ♪

♪ They 'sposed to be Gs,
we finna know ♪

♪ Where're these niggas
runnin' the city ♪

♪ Y'all keep sending
my shit that gets silly ♪

♪ That's sticky, icky, got
me liftin' offa nobody... ♪

Huh, that's cool.

♪ Can't guarantee
that I'm gone empty... ♪

Yo, man, this is tough.

Thank you.

I got you, brother.

- [Kevin] Thank you.
- For sure.

Stay up, bro.

What's wrong?

Some fool tried
to rob Smokey's today.

- Are you serious?
- [Emmett] Hell yeah.

Thank God Shaad was there
to grab the gun from his ass.

What was going on out there?

Niggas losing they minds.

I'm sorry.

- You okay?
- [Emmett sighs]

Ain't gon' lie,
I'm a little shook.

He pointed that gun
right in my face.

Almost fainted.

What's that?

[Emmett] What?

That's food for cards tonight.

You never get tired
of eating Smokey's?

Nah, girl, it's free.

Okay, you know what?

You go take a hot shower,
and I'ma whip something up.

Kiesha, you ain't
gotta do all that.

These niggas be happy
with just chicken.

You can at least give them
a home-cooked meal.

I got you.
Go ahead.

♪ Soft hip-hop music

All right.

♪ Sun is shining bright ♪

♪ Feel the breeze
out the window ♪

♪ Feelin' good, shit, I might
just cop me a rental ♪

♪ No insurance so I gotta
watch for incidentals ♪

♪ Few dollars to my name
so I'm never judgmental ♪

♪ Ridin' through my old hood,
they still showing me love ♪

♪ Shouldn't even be here,
gotta thank the man above ♪

♪ Swervin' on the backstreet,
gotta watch them potholes ♪

♪ Feelin' kind of hungry ♪

♪ I just might get me
some tacos ♪

♪ There's so many
doing worse... ♪

Damn, that was a long shower.



When you start
cooking like that?

Try it.

Mmm, damn.

[Kiesha giggles]

- You did that?
- [laughs]

I'ma get another.

I'ma go put my clothes on.


[Fatima] So...

♪ Soft upbeat music

When you gonna
make your, uh, transition?

Uh... transition?

From a real person
to a politician.

are real people too.

Of course, but...
they have to make a lot

of sacrifices
to get into office.

Mm-hmm, yeah, I know.

I'm learning a lot about what
people want from their leaders.

Oh, what's that?

They want you to be pristine.

And they want you to fix
all of their problems.

Sounds impossible to me.

I just want 'em to know
I ain't gon' be on no bullshit.

That's all.

Then why lie
about who you are?


We still off the record?

Of course.

Well, my popularity
has gone through the roof

ever since I started
posting pictures

of Tierra on my page.

Of course it has.

People love a cis,
straight, Black couple.

But if I'm attracted
to women,

don't that make me
straight too?

Trans women are women.


But when was the last time

you were with a cis woman?

So what do you call that?

What's the word for that?

[Fatima] I don't know.

I don't know either.

Why haven't you spoken publicly

about being in a relationship
with a trans woman?

You think voters
are gonna be here for that?

If you don't declare the love

that you have
for the women that you love...

It erases us.

I get it.

You can keep up this facade
if you want,

but it'll come out eventually.

Or someone
will catch you slipping

and hold it over your head.

♪ Dramatic music

[indistinct chatter]


[person] Who the fuck is you?

My bad.
Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm the bogeyman.

This is my faithful companion,



Hey, man, so if you kill him,

you won't make it home.

Why don't we step
into your office here,

have a little chat?

Y'all the cops?

You wish.

What the fuck y'all want?

Twenty percent.

[person] For what?

Ooh, for to keep your little
operation here going.

You owe us 20%
of every dollar you make.

Nigga, fuck you!


[man gasping]

Do you want to see
your children grow up?

[man coughing]

I don't think you heard me.

Do we have a deal?

Can't hear you now.


Listen, on top of that 20%,

I want you to make regular
donations to the ROCK Center.



Let's go.



Are you fucking kidding me?

What was that?

I don't do shit for free.

So now we're in business

with small-time
fucking criminals.

Hell no, we're not
in business with them.

They're just paying us rent.
All right?

And it felt good, didn't it?

Just like old times.

Ah, shit, but the next time...

I'ma need you to be a hell
of a lot quicker on the draw.

Almost had to kill that boy
with my bare hands.

[Shaad] Guess you can sleep
on the couch for now.


Hey, look, nigga,
I ain't trying to live here.

So what you trying to be,


The proper response is
"thank you."

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Now look, uh...

I ain't really get
permission for all this yet,

so you just better hope Victor
don't trip when he get home.

That ain't the nigga
I'm worried about.

♪ Soft music

Scoot over, man.

So what you want to be
when you get older, shorty?

I don't know.

What, you don't got
no dreams, nothing?


What about you?

Damn, uh...

Nobody ever asked me what
my dreams were at your age.

That's why I'm asking now.

Guess I gotta think about it.

You do that.

If I start
telling you my dreams, then...

you gotta
tell me yours too, bro.


You miss her?

She made her choice.

That's not what I asked.

[Victor] Sometimes.


In the mornings.

I hate waking up alone.

Yeah, me too.

So you and Tierra
don't live together?

She stay over sometimes.

And where she stay
other times?

That's her business.

- Oh, it's like that.
- Yeah, it's like that.

[both chuckling]

And I assume us having lunch
and smoking a blunt in the car,

that's your business?

- Yes, it is.
- Oh.

- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

As long as you, um,

as long as you know
how to keep a secret.

I'm a journalist.

I'm good at keeping secrets.

But I ain't gon' be one.

I wouldn't do you like that.

I want more of this.

Tacos and weed?

Come on.

You know I'm in a tough spot.

You can trust me.


Yeah, it's me and you

♪ Nothing else matters
but this moment ♪

♪ Let's just live
in the moment ♪

♪ What do you say, baby? ♪

♪ So high, so high,
so high, so high ♪

♪ You'll never wanna
come down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ Down down ♪

♪ And you got ♪
♪ into the moment ♪

♪ So high, so high,
so high, so high ♪

♪ You'll never wanna ♪
♪ come down... ♪

Now we both have a secret.

♪ Down, down, down ♪

♪ You never wanna
come down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ I know you'll never ever
wanna come down ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ Hey, girl ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ Oh, baby ♪

♪ Down, down ♪

♪ Down, go down ♪

So you're in a good mood.

All right, great.

What you want?

Bakari need a place to stay.

No, no, no, no, no.

He can't stay here, bro. No!

Come on, man.
He don't got nobody.

Nigga, send his house
to Trinity House.

Come on, man,
you know good and well

they ain't let no niggas
in there after 9:00 p.m.

I guess we gonna have
to make some changes.

Well, you know what,
until you do,

he gon' sleep on
that couch over there.

Nigga, you don't
even pay rent here.

How you adding heads
to the count?

Man, come on, Vic.

What if we would've
had niggas like us

in our lives at that age?

Shit could a been different.

Fine, but he better not do no
dumb shit, bro, or he's gone.

He won't.

Thank you, my man.
Okay, whew.

Now that we got that shit
out the way,

you come
in here cheesing and shit.

What the fuck going on,

Look, you ready
to go to Emmett's?

Man, I ain't trying to sit up
and play no cards

with a whole bunch
of niggas, man.

I ain't that old.

Nigga, you the oldest
motherfucker I know.

Come on, man.

[Darnell] Hey, man,
it's a beautiful thing though.

[Emmett] Yeah.

You eating the hell
out of it.

This cheese dip
good as a motherfucker.

- [Emmett] It's slapping.
- [Kiesha] I told you.

Eating the hell out of that.

Hey, cheers.

- Cheers, brother.
- [Emmett] Cheers all around.

Cheers all around, all around.

- [Emmett] To the good life.
- [Victor] Yes.

- To the good life.
- [Victor] Eye contact.

- Eye contact.
- To Kiesha's dip.

- To Kiesha's dip.
- [Darnell] Yeah.


[Darnell] Hey, but what
we really here for?

You know what we here for.

- [Darnell] Come on now.
- You know what we here for.

Yeah, let's get it.

Let's get... let's open
them cards up.

Let's get to dealing.

- [Shaad] Kiesha, you playing?
- Oh yeah, I'm playing.

- Mm-hmm.
- [Darnell] What?

Uh-oh, well, hey, listen.

We ain't gonna take it easy
on you just 'cause you a gal.

- I don't want you to.
- Ha ha ha ha ha!

Matter fact,
she gonna be my partner.

- [Darnell] Oh, yeah?
- She gon' be my partner.

Two on two.
Let's get it.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, Shaad, bwoy,

your face smooth
like a baby, brother.

- Aw, man!
- [Victor] Tell him, man.

Hey, he should know.

He done fathered
a lot of babies.

- Hey, hey.
- Oh, man.

Well, it run
in the family, son.

I'm breaking generational
curses though,

know what I mean?

Yeah, you know, I did hear
you finally put your dick away.

I'm just trying to, you know,

just... it's on injured reserve
right now.

It's chilling on the bench.
Chilling on the bench.

Call me in, Coach!

Well no, I mean, I can see
what's happening, you know.

My dick has been on solitary
confinement for a while,

but he is now free.

He getting a lot of action.

Hey, let me
tell you youngins something.

It ain't always about
what you can do with your dick,

especially when your mouth
can do all the work.

- [Darnell] Ha ha ha ha!
- I'm eating! I'm eating!

Why does everything have
to be about sex with y'all?

You can use your mouth
to tell us how you feel,

tell us what you want,
tell us what you thinking.

- Ain't nobody trying to do...
- [Emmett] Okay, speaking...

Ain't nobody tryin'
to do all that talking.

- [Shaad] Right.
- Yeah, you know what I mean?

[Shaad] Man.

You should learn how
to express your emotions, Pop.

It works for me.

- [Darnell] Yeah, well...
- [Shaad] This nigga.

I'm saying.

When I express
my emotions, son,

I just break out
the brown liquor.

Yeah, man, yeah.

♪ Somber music

Are y'all fucking kidding me?

I told you to stop them,
not join them.

I know what I'm doing.


'Cause it seems like you
just made matters worse.

Well, I'd rather have
more alliances than enemies.

If people are stealing,

we offer them more jobs,
not take 20%.

Well, do you think
that you could tell them

to stay low for a while?

I can send that message.

If you'll excuse me.

Well, the good news
is that they're scared,

which means
they'll listen to us.

My goal is to keep everything
quiet while we expand.

I just need it to stay smooth,

so I can raise
as much money as possible.

Hey, Q made that deal, not me.

But you ain't stop it.

[Douda] You don't know what
the fuck I was doing in there.

Baby, he's the money man.
I can only push him so much.

You know, it's bad enough
that you brought in Roselyn,

but now you letting Q run shit?

It's getting messy,
and you know it.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

I know what you trying
to build here, baby.

I do.

But I think we need their help.

No, we were fine without them.

This place was struggling
before I came,

and you know it.

I been through a lot
of shit in my life, Otis,

and none of it has been easy,

but you were a beacon of hope,

a love I didn't even know
was possible.

But now... I don't even know
if I have that.


Soft R&B

Pressure makes diamonds,
don't you know that?

By the end of the year,
I'll be made of jewelry

Sometimes, I just wish
that I could go back

To a simpler time when I

Life a bitch,
and she hell a thick...

Do Jake know you're here?


Can I be here to see his face
when he find out?

Bro, I need you to chill.

A'ight, look,
you invited me over

to help you figure
out your dreams.

No, nigga.

I invited you over here
so me and you can smoke.

And you said Shaad asked you
to think about your dreams.

He did, bro,
but I changed my mind.

I can figure that shit
out on my own.

More without a problem

'Cause pressure
makes diamonds

Pressure, yeah,
I been turning to a diamond

From the pressure

Well, two heads
are better than one.

Black boys and they dreams.

It's a great topic
for the podcast.

You trying to open this convo
up to the congregation?

A'ight, you right.
You right, my bad.

isn't for public consumption.

Which is another great topic.

Nigga, you talk too much.

[Victor] Okay, okay, I'ma leave
that right there for you.

I'ma leave that right there
for you, looking real pretty.

Tens all around.

[Shaad] You don't know how
to play no cards.

Okay, booyaka.

- See, that's what... see?
- [Kiesha] Okay.

- [Shaad] See?
- [Kiesha] Okay.

Son, I love you,

but I know you don't think that
little ass jack's gonna walk.

- Okay, come on... oh!
- Boom!

Okay, okay, don't do that.

Don't do that,
don't do that 'cause...

[Darnell] Why not?

Oh, game over!
Game over!

- Game over!
- [Emmett] Yeah.

Damn, Vic, I ain't playing
with your ass no more.

At least I didn't renege.

Kiesha the MVP, baby, yes.

Yes, Lord, yes!

[Kiesha] It's over.
Y'all lost, y'all lost.

Didn't you see that ace
come out before?

Something's going on
right here.

This whole ordeal was a setup.

Ain't no more bad days,
I ain't with the rat race

The mission, it start
that's how we dining

I like the finer things

Look at my neck,
you see the skin glowing

I ain't paying
for change...

♪ Dreamy music

♪ Baby, see your body move,
body move ♪

♪ I'm bona fide,
I don't have to try... ♪

Wow, Kevin.

You look amazing.

It's a little casual,
but I like it.

Come on, let's take a picture.


See, he know already,
but y'all know I used to DJ.

[Emmett] What?

No, you used to play records
at a bar for, like, one year.

That's it.
That is it.

- They used to call me Big D.
- [Emmett] No.

Nigga, I ain't
calling you Big D.


I believe you.
I believe you.

[Darnell] Ey, that's what I'm
talking about, Kiesha.

No, don't encourage this man.
Don't encourage him, no.

Hey, where my play list

I'm still waiting on it.

I made you one.

You ain't give it to her?
On the eight-track?

I wish I could give it to her.

We don't have
an eight-track player.

That's what the fuck
I'm talking about.

Hey, Darnell,
I'll fuck with you, dog.

We need to bring
the eight-track back.

No, we do not.

Exactly, we need to live
in the current decade

and stop living in the '70s...
Whatever year it came out.

[Shaad] No, hold on now.
Don't hate on the '80s.

The '80s was hitting.

I ain't hating.

Mm-mm, I'm a '90s baby.

I don't know nothing
about that.

Oh, man, y'all don't know shit.

Everybody stay protecting
their era, bro.

Say what you want.
The '90s R&B goes.

Boy, let me
tell you something.

Jodeci can't hold a candle
to the O'Jays.

O'Jays, I'm talking about.

- O'Jays, the O'Jays was fire.
- [Shaad] Hey.

O'Jays was fire.

Hey, while y'all
bullshitting though,

y'all ever fucked
to some house music?

- [Victor] Hey, TMI, man.
- [Kiesha] No!

[Shaad] No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, don't knock it.

[Emmett] No, no, uh-uh, no, no.

We need to listen
to the Ushers of the world,

the Jodeci, D'Angelo.

What I heard, man,
you avoiding the poon-poon.

Stay out of my business.

Master Marshawn got
a choke hold on that ass.

I follow him too.

He be preaching
a little something,

but I tell you,
I ain't giving up the ladies.

It's hard.
It's difficult.

[Darnell] Wait, who are you
talking about, Master who?

Don't even worry
about it, Pop.

I was about to explain it,
but don't worry about it.

No, is he on Facebook?

This nigga said Facebook.

- [Victor] He said Facebook.
- [Kiesha] Facebook.

No, it's on the Gram, Pop.

I can't keep up with all
the social media sites.

Y'all got the TokTik
and Tweety Tweets.

I can't, man.
This dude, man.

I think we gotta take
that Crown away... ah!

Don't mess with my Crown.

He ain't bothering nobody.
You ain't bother him.

Both: He ain't bother you.


[police siren wails distantly]

♪ Soft music

Jemma, we're taking care
of this immediately.

It's not your decision.

Y'all are not ready
to raise a child.

Is anyone ready?


I'll do whatever it takes

to take care of Jemma
and our baby.

I'll get three jobs
if I have to.

Look, Jemma,

it's your body,
which means it's your decision,

but I want you
to really think about this

'cause whatever you decide,

there's no going back.

Emmett and Victor got dropped
like bad habits.

You know, but that's okay.

It's okay.
Just hear me out.

Just means
that now you got space

for the right ones
to come into your life.

Thanks, Pop.

[Darnell] Hey, thank you, son.
Come on now, for that pasta.

Kiesha, that cheese dip.

[Victor] Oh, yeah.

[Darnell] Whew,
that was something else.

- [Victor] Mm-hmm.
- But it is time.

We got to go.
We go to roll coal.

[Shaad] We up out of here.
Help him up, help him up.

Hey, Kiesha.

This was fun.
Right, that dip.

- Love you, man.
- Love you too.

- All right.
- [Victor] Thank you.

[Shaad] Hey, man,
I'ma tell you like this...

Who driving, who driving?
You driving?

[Victor] You know I'm driving.
He definitely ain't driving.

Hey, give me them keys, bro.
Come on.

[Shaad] I got 'em.

[Darnell] Hey,
let me tell you something.

- Pop, no, no.
- Huh?

You got it, you got it.

- Come on.
- Okay, all right. [Laughs]

All right, y'all be safe.

Hey, hey, you be safe.

Hey, wait up, now...

Man crazy.

Davion Farris'
"Best Advice" playing...

♪ Don't be no bitch,
don't be no bully ♪

♪ Don't love a woman
if you cannot love her fully ♪

♪ You'll break her heart
and here's the secret ♪

♪ When you two met,
she was at peace ♪

♪ So let her keep it ♪

♪ Don't be no trick, ♪
♪ save up some money ♪

♪ Keep that shit tucked ♪
♪ in case one day ♪

♪ That shit stops coming, ♪
♪ learn to invest ♪

♪ Make it work for you ♪


♪ Remember that you're royal ♪

♪ You just gotta understand ♪
♪ that you can't cheat life ♪

♪ Gonna be some pain
and some sacrifice ♪

♪ Know everybody's going ♪

♪ Through some things
sometimes ♪

♪ Treat people with respect,
that's my best advice ♪

♪ Owe no man,
gotta have your own ♪

♪ Keep your pride,
but watch that ego ♪

Man, what
the fuck you doing here?

He live here now.

What, nigga?

Get the fuck out, bro.

[Shaad] Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.

Chill, chill.
Chill out, man.

I was gonna talk to you
about this, man.

- When, nigga?
- [Victor] Hey, calm down, hey.

Calm down.
Look at me, man.

It's just temporary, all right?

Calm down.

All right?
Hey, come on, man.

♪ Tense music

I applaud y'all for taking
in a wayward child,

you know what I'm saying?

See, this is what community
is all about, like...

Hey, man,
take your goofy ass on home.

Relax, bro.

♪ Soft music

♪ Don't I mess with
memories... ♪

♪ Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!
All right, y'all, it's time. ♪

The winner of the Coolest
Costume Contest is...

as the Shooting Star Slayer.

[cheers and applause]

All right, our Special Prize
for Innovation

and Best Couple's Costume
goes to...

Simone and Kevin
as the Moon Whisperer

and the man
who can make it rain

with a snap of his fingers.

All right, y'all.
Let them have their prize!

♪ Go someplace
we'll never be ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ Soft music


Tonight was fun as hell.

You glad I cooked, right?

Hell yeah.

- Told you.
- That cheese dip?

I gotta make it at Smokey's,
put it on the menu.

Stop thinking about work.

I know, I know, I know.

I just... it's like,
when I'm not having sex,

it's just like
work is all I think about.

Me and my dad get along.
That's what's crazy.

Like, we friends now.

That's amazin'.

Yeah, It's dope.

Not everybody has that.

Muni Long's "Hrs and Hrs"

Come here.

I don't usually do this,
but um...

Can I sing to you?

Yeah, yours, mine, ours

I still love this song.

Yeah, me too.

Sit and talk
to you for hours

I wanna give you
your flowers...

I could look at you
for hours and hours.

Lobster towers, but it's me
that gets devoured...

I could look at you
for the rest of my life.

What you do, I'm empowered

You give me a superpower

Together the world
could be ours

You sit me
up on the counter

it's thunder showers

for a couple hours

When we finished,
take a shower

I could do this for hours

And hours and hours

I could do this for hours

And hours and hours

I could do this for hours

And hours and hours

I could do this for hours

And hours, hours, I

Usually don't like nobody

And when I say nobody

I mean nobody

All these [...]
full of [...]

You're just a homie
once they hit

Felt like givin' up
on love

These [...]
almost made me quit

Then I met you

When I met you...


Did I manifest this shit?

[Kiesha] What?

[Emmett] Nothing.

♪ I pray for it on my knees ♪

♪ Every night for some hours ♪

♪ And hours, and hours,
and hours, and hours ♪

♪ And hours ♪

♪ I could do this for hours ♪

♪ And hours and hours ♪

♪ I could do this for hours ♪

♪ And hours and hours ♪

♪ What's yours is
mine and ours ♪

♪ And yours, mine, and ours ♪

♪ I could sit and talk
to you for hours ♪

♪ Sit and look
at you for hours ♪

♪ Makin' love
to you for hours ♪

♪ Layin' on your chest
for hours ♪

♪ Tellin' you jokes
for hours ♪

♪ Holdin' you close
for hours ♪

♪ And hours and hours ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh ♪