The Chi (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - full transcript

Previously on "The Chi"...

You ain't ready for this, Kev.

Is your girl Tiff
getting child support?

Don't be giving
one kid special treatment.

That's fucked up, Emmett.


"Hashtag baby daddy
cut that check"?

Are any of these

units being reserved
for low-income residents?

Not at the moment.

- Bonner, how are you?
- I was telling her

how upset some
in the community are.

Cooking is
your gift. You'll be fine.

Every chef I'm
going up against has a gift.

If you don't let your
nerves get the best of you,

I think you could win.

- Kiesha!
- Look, I'm focusing on track,

and I'm trying to get
my grades up.

Thought you quit track.

I'm back on the team.

Ain't you been sneaking around

- with some nigga anyway?
- Would you just come on?

"My daddy just died" sex?

- Let's just cuddle.
- We have a problem.

What do we know about her?

A lot of our rivals
are doing a lot of time

because of her tenacity.

this motivated individual

needs a fish for her efforts.

You the guy from
the commercials.

If you ever need anything,
you give me a call.

- There she is!
- Like clockwork!

Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes.

Y'all supposed to be
out here with me.

Hey, you.

Told ya your hair
would look good like that.

It's Po.

All right, Stanley, I think
your pencil's sharp enough.

Almost, Mr. Gasca.

- I just need to...
- Shh!

Sit down, Stanley.



And pencils down, everyone.

I said pencils down.

So I was listening to NPR,

and I heard these standardized
tests are culturally biased.

Right. Like, test me on
some shit that's important.

Yeah. Algebra ain't got
shit to do with shit.

Like who's the most famous
person off O-Block?

That's easy. Chief Keef.

- Wrong.
- It's a trick question.

The answer he's looking for
is Michelle Obama,

but it wasn't called O-Block
when she lived there.


'Bout time you came back.

I was tired of doing
your homework every day.

Every day?

Let me find out y'all
see each other after school

- every day!
- I was being nice.

First Andrea, now Maisha?

Ha. I see you keep it
in the family, Kev.

Don't start with me today, Papa.

I ain't in it!

Y'all look cute together.

- I see you, Kev.
- You don't see shit.


I'm having a birthday party.
You should come.

Oh, I can't.

I'm not allowed
to be out on school nights.

Sucks to be you.

We gonna have snow cones
and Garrett's.

Garrett's? Caramel and cheese?

Yep. You stupid
if you don't come.

Damn. What do you want me
to bring?

That smile, and...
a nice gift for me.

- Okay.
- So...

how'd you do on the test?

Oh. I don't know.

It was culturally biased. You?

I slayed it.

See you at my party.
And be on time.

I know how you black folks get.

You do realize
she's coming home tomorrow,

and we still have a lot to do.

I think it looks pretty good.

Ronnie, we both know how
particular your grandmother is.

Might as well leave her
in the hospital,

'cause once she sees
that lampshade is gone...

gonna have a heart attack.

And the TV?

She comes home and can't
watch her judges?

Frames and the kitchen stuff
I can replace, but...

- TV?
- It'll cost you about

400 bucks to replace it
with a new one.

- Damn!
- Well, if you're interested,

I was talking to
a real estate agent

that's selling the house
across the street.

- Which one?
- The one kitty-corner.

Used to have the nice lawn?

He asked me if I knew of anyone

looking for part-time work
that could clean it up.

And I'll bet ya it'll pay
a couple hundred bucks.

Yeah, I guess.

I'll talk to him.

I know this motherfucker.

Yo! Yo, what the fuck?

I have the Aftertaste today.

You got your funky ass
in my truck.

My old dude was trippin'.
So I dipped.

- What he do now?
- He's always running his mouth

- and shit.
- Well, I see

- where you get it from.
- I don't get shit from him.

Where your baby mama at?
The one you still smashing.

She can't give you a spot
on the couch or something?

Shit, she the ringleader!

Posting and bragging
about checks on IG.

Which gives
the other two baby mamas ideas.

Now all of them
online are chummy.

Eatin' sushi together,
sippin' mimosas,

proposin' toasts!

Talkin' about going
down to the courthouse

to file on me.
They out here like

the "Sisterhood of Travelin'
Baby Mamas" and shit.


Your ass is knee-deep
wearing ankle socks, boy.

Man, all my shit fucked up.

Motherfucka, I know...


Boy, get your ass
away from my sink.

Sleep on the truck.

But the rest of that shit
you do,

do it inside my apartment

before I have to catch
a murder charge on your ass.

You sure your girl won't mind?

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Psss, see you got what I need!

- Psss.
- A grown-ass woman

who's understanding,
not one of these little girls

out here runnin' around
like chicken heads.

Yeah. Take notes.

Metrosexual playboy.

Housing is a right.

- Move it!
- Fight, fight, fight!

Get your asses
gone now! Get to steppin'!

I ain't playing with you!

Housing is a right!

- Fight, fight, fight.
- Get outta here!

- Mrs. Brown.
- Get out of here!

I'm here now... please go
inside and let me handle this.

Like hell, I will.

They may have a right
to protest, but not here.

This is private property.
I will call the police,

- God damn it!
- No, no, no, Mrs. Brown.

Police? That's the last thing
we should do.

You know how the police are
over here.

You think I care
about these people?

This is exactly
the sort of foolishness

I don't want around my condos.

How do they even know
where I live, Jerrika?

- I don't know...
- Let me tell you somethin'.

You either fix this,
or I am calling the police!

I don't care who the hell
they haul off.

Housing is a right.
Fight, fight, fight!

I want to get it listed
as soon as I can.

I beat out two other
agents to get it, so...

need to get it cleaned out.

It's a hot mess.

Get rid of everything...
Inside and out.

Anything you like, you can keep.

I'll get a dumpster
for out front.

- What about the car?
- You want it, it's yours.

I'll have it hauled away.

On to the interior.

Underneath all this crap
you can see

the place has good bones.

Nice young couple's gonna
drop a chunk o' change,

renovate it, and boom...
Your home price gonna go up.


This house actually
used to be real nice.

Had the best lawn on the block.

Oh, you know the owners?

Uh... a little.

They, uh, disappeared
a few years back.

You know where they went?

All I know is the father
got sick and moved down South.

Kids finally decided to sell it.

They moved everything out
that they wanted...

left the rest.

You can use those
cleaning supplies.

I got a paint crew
comin' in on Friday.

Oh, uh, if you ever thinking
about selling, yourself...

Neighborhood's gettin' hot.

Hey, Papa.

How's it feel to be
in third place?

Probably the same way
it feels to be your parents...


Well, maybe if you
sold the candy

instead of eating it,
you'd feel better.

- Old four-eyes.
- Wait.

I thought you sold
all the candy at the revival.

I did, but Stacey dad
a conductor on the I.

I can't compete
with metro foot traffic.

Everyone quiet, please.

Need your attention.
It has come to

the administration's attention

that the standardized
test booklets and answer keys

have ended up online.


Now, who did it, we don't know,

but until we figure out
the culprit,

the field trip to the Shedd
Aquarium is postponed.

Man, this is some bullshit!

Mrs. Ward's ass don't ever
come outside her office

unless it's to give us
some bad news.

Damn, Papa.
I ain't never seen you this mad

about missing out on some
fish that ain't fried.


You need to come with us.

- Why? What'd I do?
- We can discuss it

in the principal's office.

I'll catch up with y'all later.

Oh, I remember you.

You're that guy
who banged my wife.


What, you didn't think

I knew about that?

What's up, Dan?
How you been, man?

Go fuck yourself.

Good luck to you, too,

- Hey, Dan.
- Hey, how are you, man?

Thanks again so much
for the other night.

I never thought
there was a chance in hell

I'd get you to cater
my wife's birthday at Trestle.

- It was so good.
- Thanks, man. Appreciate ya.

Okay. Cheers.


I hear your concerns. I do.

I'm doing everything I can,

but right now, we have to
move off this woman's property.

I was born,
but not yesterday, Alderman.

Excuse me?

I need you to call off
this rental riot.

Uh, folks, please.
Give me a minute.

Look, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I know you called those
protesters to the property

and now here
to Mrs. Brown's home.

There's no way people
could have connected her

as the owner of that property.
It's a blind LLC.

Oh, you don't think
some industrious activist

could find that information?

You're selling our people short.

She's talking about
calling the police.

You think they're upset
enough to go to jail?

Oh, you'd call the cops
on a group of black folks

fighting for equal
housing opportunity.

Ouch. That won't be
good for business.

Listen. You've known
my parents for a long time,

so I'm trying to be respectful.

But don't fuck with me, okay?

I am not some little girl.

Now, tell me what you want.

I did the math.

You makin' a nice commission
off those condos.

I been trying to get

a community center open
for years.

I need $50k to finish it.

I'll give you $20k.


And get the rest
from Mrs. Brown's

rich, frugal ass.

And if I do, I better never
see another protester again.

Now, please, get your
shadiness off my car

before it rubs off.

Politics is a dirty game,

Welcome to 2019's.

The Next Generation.

You've all worked
very hard to be here.

This round will knock out

seven of the remaining
ten chefs.

You will be judged by
your versatility.

Can we have the trays, please?

You are being provided
with a mystery ingredient

that will take you out of
your comfort zone.

Goat meat!

At the sound of the bell,
you have 30 minutes

to impress the judges.

And our first finalist is...

Chef Brandon Johnson.

Hell, yeah.

And for our second finalist...

Chef Jeanette Mitchell.

You'll lose your job.

It's the right decision.
Trust me.

And our last
and third finalist is...

Chef Dan Matthews.

I'm just coming to get
the rest of my stuff.

Bills... are like breath.

Whether you think
about it or not,

next one's always comin'.

Psshh. Where everybody at?

Cheryl took the kids
down to the Aftertaste.

And you ain't come home
last night.

Didn't call.
Those ain't the rules.

I'm not some little-ass boy.

I know you weren't there
for it, but I grew up.

Oh, so you grown now.

I been grown.

This came for you the other day,

from the
Child Support Office, player.

I know you ain't talkin'.

Way I see it,
you got two choices.

You can try and play the system,

or you can come correct.

I've done both.

Playin' is slinking
your narrow ass

down to 36 South Wabash

and tellin' them people
your ass got canned

and not telling 'em
about your other gig.

See, that boy on the truck
is pitchin' you underhand.

So in the eyes of the law...

you unemployed.

Or, just be honest
with them girls.

Tell 'em what's what.

Either way, you can't keep
runnin' from your problems.

Well, I ain't runnin' from shit.

I got this.

Uh, door's always open.

Long as you got that rent.

You know the difference
between me and them bills?

I'm not gonna keep comin' back.

So why y'all asking me?

Let's give him
a chance to answer.

He was alone in my office
yesterday for 15 minutes,

the only time the booklets
were unsupervised.

So just because
I was in there, I did it.

Those booklets didn't
just walk away, Jacob.

Okay. If y'all know I took 'em,

why y'all still
asking questions?

Y'all need
a confession, huh? Yep.

I seen this on "First 48."

I ain't tellin' y'all shit
without a lawyer.


You gonna mess around and see

something you don't wanna see.

Get outta here!

I see you made it.
That's what's up.

I knew you wasn't stupid.

Oh, you shouldn't have.

I mean... you kinda told me to.

I'm not staying, though.
Too many girls.

I get it.

You know, if it wasn't for you,

all of this
wouldn't be happening.

- What you mean?
- My mama said I could

have a party
if I kept my grades up

while I was home from school,

and you

brought me my homework.

So... thanks.


I was gonna
lick your face, but...

I figured that would be better.

It was.

- Hey, babe.
- Mm-hmm?

Did I tell you
about the business dude

who's interested in
what I'm doing with the truck?

The pizza guy
from the commercials,

- Otis Perry?
- Wait. Otis Perry,

the shady guy?

What you mean shady?

All I know is
my mom's best friend

owns a commercial property
on the north side,

and apparently, he wanted to
buy it for a million

in cash.


If your mom's Jack and Jill
friends put up the cash,

it'd be okay, right?

No, I mean in actual
hundred dollar bills.

I'm just telling you
what I heard.

And you don't need a leg up
from anyone anyway.

You're talented.

You work harder
than anybody I know.

I guess.

Do I need to
pump a beer into you

before my friends come over
to get you in a better mood?

Who you say was comin'
over again?

Nobody you like.

Except crazy Courtney

who likes to flirt with
sober Brandon.

Oh, lord.

My girl three-drink
Courtney comin' through.

I might have to join the party!

- Cheers!
- Whoo!

Brandon, where's yours?

What, you trying
to get me drunk?

I mean...


Why are you

- hating on Howard?
- I'm not hating on Howard.

I'm just not Howard material.

That loud-ass Gucci shirt
is Howard material, though.

I'm trying to buy

all the Gucci, not just wear it.

Thus... I sent in
my HBS app today.

- Mmm!
- Harvard Business School.

I know.

My pop's company donated

$500k last month, so...
my dorm room should be ready.

Okay, okay, so,
Brandon has some news.

No, J, don't...

He's competing
in this year's Aftertaste,

and out of 50 chefs,
my baby is in the final three!

- Oh!
- Oh! Get it!

So listen.

Any man who can cook

can get it anytime, honey.


I'll bet the cash prize is nice.

Yeah, it's all right.

Yo, cooks in cities like Chicago

be making paper.

That's what's up.

Okay. I'm a chef, not a cook.

And we do it for the art,
not the money, so...

It's cool, Brandon.
We all know Jerrika

not with you
for your money anyway.

- Oh, yeah?
- Courtney, shut up.

- You're drunk.
- What she with me for?

Jerrika got her own money

after the commission from
Mrs. Brown's condos,

minus the deal with the alderman

to get those pesky-ass
protesters out of the way.

Bitch gonna be rich enough
to take care of

all of us!

- Okay, you have had enough.
- She's on her

- three-drink limit.
- A deal with the alderman?

- When did that go down?
- And don't be trying to

shut me up, Jerrika!
'Cause I'm sayin'

you not with Brandon
for his money.

You with him for that
good thug ass dick!

Whoa, shit!


Thug. All right.

I'll take that.

As long as y'all get
the fuck out my house.


Have you lost your damn mind?
I live here too.

How you call yourself
kickin' my friends out?

I don't know, Jerrika!

Since I'm just a broke
thug dude with a good dick,

- I figured I'd whip it out.
- Oh, my God,

you know Courtney was drunk.

A thug, though?

That's what I am to you?

Brandon, I would
never call you that.

You know that.

Can I ask you
a serious question?

You make a deal
with the alderman?

Right. Okay.

How was you doing business
with a shady-ass alderman

any different from me doing
business with Otis Perry?

It just is.

See, I knew you would say that!

'Cause you from Hyde Park
and I'm from 63rd and Yates?

What is that supposed to mean?

Y'all act like just
Dan and them.

You got your little
fancy cookouts

and fundraisers and shit.

You know what I got? Me.

All I got is me!

Don't do this.

I've been standing
right here with you, Brandon.

I need some fucking air
right now!

I don't wanna keep
doing this, Kiesha.

You're gonna get in trouble,
and I'm gonna get in trouble.

I ain't trying to be
on punishment.

- It's the last time.
- You said that last time.

Who you out with
this late anyway?

I got you something.

Oh, shit.

I got Emmett
to get them for you.

- That's who you was with?
- Who else?

Wait. Since when Emmett
drive a BMW?

Good night, Kevin.

But Kiesha...

What the fuck

are you doing?

Oh, hey.

Doing a little renovation.

Needed a project,
so I found one.

Whatever, man.
Live your best life.

You here after
eleven o'clock at night?

I'm guessin' you got
woman problems.

I got me some of them too.


you wanna hit?

It'll make you feel better.

So what you do to your woman?

What did I do?

You mean what fucked-up
thing did her friend say to me.

Oh. Must be bad.

'Cause what on earth
would possess you

to start arguing with a black
woman this late at night,

I'll never know.

You must ain't want

a good night's sleep.

It's not just tonight.
It's this competition too.

Shit got me trippin'.
I think one of the chefs got in

'cause he know people.

Some white boys' club type shit.

Just fucking my head up
a little bit.

You ever use brass knuckles?

When I was young and stupid,
I snuck my old man's

set of knuckles
out the house one night.

Took 'em down to this
old hole in the wall spot

on Halsted. Next thing I know,

I caught a record and couldn't
get a job for shit.

And listen, I ain't never
been afraid of no work.

You and me the same
when it comes to that.

But I had nothin'.
I was outta options

until my boy put in
a word for me at CTA.

Bruh, I'm not working
for no damn CTA.

Will you shut up
and let me finish my story?

All I'm sayin' is,
ain't nothing wrong

with somebody
givin' you a leg up.

You don't like it right now,

'cause you ain't the one
gettin the leg up,

but if somebody offer you
a favor, you take it.

It's the only one some
of us will ever get a shot.

Check it.
This is how it's got to go.

After food and my storage unit,

ain't much left
to split three ways.

See, I got to divide
what I give you.

Nigga, don't be trying
to boss up.

Exactly. When you
start runnin' shit?

Wit yo' bogus ass.
Where's all the money

you spent on them
stupid-ass sneakers and shit?

Look, y'all know
I love all my kids.

So why y'all playin' me
like I don't?

I mean, you can take it
or leave it,

because this the situation
right now.

Take it or leave it.

That's cute, Emmett.
I like that.

Keep thinkin' this a game, Tiff.

I can't wait till you go
down to the courthouse

and find out you ain't entitled
to shit no more

'cause I ain't got no job.

What you mean? You work.

Prove it.
I ain't got no paystub.

- I ain't punching no clock.
- Well, it sounds to me

like you need a job
for each of your kids.

- Okay?
- Three jobs.


I work hard, okay?

- Not hard enough.
- Exactly.

I do nails and extensions,

and I still got time
to take care of your son.

Thank you, Neva.
I work at the mall, Uber,

and Lyft, and Tiff,
you work at the bank.

And what else do you do, Tiff?

Low key, I think I'm good
with the original agreement.

The one where we don't get shit?

- Yeah.
- Speaking Spanish.

Mm-hmm. Mmm.

- What this bitch just say?
- Tiff, your ass

the last baby mama anyway.
You the least deserving.

Emmett, I need money now.
The prescription on Cassius's

allergy medicine just went up
fucking with Trump.

DeVonte's the oldest.
He should get the most.

And if there was gonna
be a junior,

it shoulda been him anyway.

- What?
- You heard me.

- Bitch, our kids...
- I'll be right back.

- Are six months apart!
- I got to pee.

You oughta sit back
and enjoy that latte,

and you need to...

All right, okay, okay.

Where did he go?

Man, get that light out my face.

If the principal
call the police,

we got to be ready, Jake.


Yes, we. They probably
looking at the whole crew.

I think it's some
bullshit, Jake.

I know, right? Like, why they
always fucking with me?

I mean, I know why,
but it's still fucked up.

- Y'all ready?
- What you mean, you get why?

I'm just sayin', you know?

- No, I don't know, Kev.
- Here we go again.

You really think
I did it, don't you?

You stay hating on me and Reg.

Why you all in yo' feelings?

You acting like you ain't
never stole anything before.

It was your idea
to steal the volcano.

Yeah. And y'all got a A-.

Tch. Man, fuck you.

He still ain't say
if he did it or not.

I just ran into
the real estate agent.

He said you quit. What happened?

Just couldn't finish,
that's all.

Why couldn't you finish?
Sounded like easy money to me.

- Ronnie!
- I don't wanna talk about it.

Why not?

Just leave me alone, okay?

Girl, I like that color on you.

What's your name?

Bro, please bring your ass over.


You just don't learn, do you?

Thought you ain't have to
be up there

for another hour anyway.

There's gonna be cameras
everywhere and all that,

live audience...
My stomach buggin'.

Your stomach buggin' 'cause
your girl ain't hit you back.

Yeah, she mad.

- I hope she shows up.
- Psshh.

You know y'all not supposed to
be fightin', right?

Y'all supposed to be
giving me hope.

With all that Michelle
and Barack love.

T'Challa and Nakia Wakanda love.

No one-will-take-
my-vibranium love!

Boy, you crazy as shit.

Hey, man, this some "Top Chef"
shit for real, huh?

Hell, yeah.

Hmm. Oh, my God.



Wait. Wait up.

- Kiesha, hey.
- Hey, Emmett, what's up?

What you doing out here,
picking up girls?

Naw. My boy made it
to the final round.

How y'all doing?

I'm a'ight.

Who you lookin' all cute for?

Toes all did.

You ain't never did
them toes for me.

Oh, boy, please.
This is regular.

- Oh...
- I know you ain't tryna

- act jealous.
- I got enough estrogen

in my life right now to fill up
a Goddamn Essence festival.

Hey, ain't that how you like it?

Just got all my baby mamas
together, right?

Child support shit. Of course.

Shit was bananas.

I don't know
what's wrong with 'em.

They just won't act right.

Sounds like a personal
problem to me.

I really don't have time
for the drama, Emmett.

I'm on to bigger
and better things.

A'ight then. Be funny style.

Look, if you want a woman
to act right,

you got to give her a reason to.

Make her feel special.

It's three of 'em.
All of 'em crazy.

I don't know.
You'll figure it out.

I got to go.
See you around, okay?

So after the competition

we'll pull you back here
for, uh, the intermission.

- Okay.
- Oh, any other family

or friends I need to get
a backstage pass for?

Mmm. Maybe my girl.

Naw, wouldn't do it, man.

Last thing you want is for
your girl to be next to you

when you find out
you fucking lost.

You must be feeling good

since you got that judge
in your pocket, huh?

Ha ha, yeah, you think
they rigged this shit for me?

Ha. Dude, that's hilarious.

I own the hottest restaurant
in Downtown.

They don't have to rig shit.

Besides, you're the one who's
getting special treatment,

not me.

- What the fuck you mean?
- Come on, Brandon.

They can't put on
this whole show

without a black face
in the competition.

But you won't get
any complaints from me.

I'm down with
Affirmative Action.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Next Generation.

Food Competition finals!

Chefs, the judges
would like to congratulate you

on your acceptance
into the final round.

Each of you has earned
your spot on this stage.

And now, for the last challenge.

You will all be cooking
in your signature style!

Chefs, please remove
the lids from your trays.

At the sound of the bell,

you have 45 minutes!

You know it wasn't Jake
who stole them tests, right?

It was Corey from the Wild Boyz.

He ain't speak to me
all day at school,

and you just now
telling me this?

I found out right before
sixth period.

You can't just be spilling
the tea all willy-nilly.

Damn. How we gonna fix this?

Don't put this on me.
I just shined the light.

You the one who went
all Johnny Cochran on him.

Good Lord, Ronnie, I got it.

The queen has returned.

Welcome home, Miss Ethel!


Y'all need to stop
all that fussin'.

You act like I don't live here!


Come on over here

to your favorite chair,
Grandma, and rest yourself.

We got you some of those
barbecue ribs you like too.

Where's my coffee table?

And who moved my chair
over there by the window?

Oh, Ronnie's getting
you a new table, Miss Ethel.

He'll move your chair back,
too, if you want.

Where's my TV?

My sister gave that to me.

I know, Grandma.

I lot of your stuff
was broke during the break-in.

But we gonna get it back right.

Now, Ronnie,
ain't nobody asked you

to go throwin' away my stuff
and rearrangin' things.

You done got my pressure up.
Go on, now!

You done enough.

Jada, help me to my bedroom
so I can lay down.

And get that bag from him
so I can take my medication.

He don't know the doses
like you do.

Ha ha.
This show's so funny, man.

Come in. It's open.

Jake here?

Yeah, he in his room. Jake!

Some little nigga here
to see you.

Can I come in?

What you want?

You got to stop trippin'
on me, Kev.

I'm not always the one
makin' trouble.

I be trying, but...

they just see me
the way they see me, you know?

I feel you.

you'll have the munchies after.

Might as well take it.


Forgive me?

Controller behind you.

The Next Generation

champion is...

Chef Dan Matthews!


Thank you!

- This is my shit!
- And there he is!

Brandon Johnson!

Thanks for putting up
a great fight.

Hope you don't mind
the photo op.

- Hey, you stole my shit.
- Yo, you work for me.

Not the other way around.
Now smile for this...

Fuck this!

She finally doze off?

She did.

Not before she ranted
about the TV

and the rest of her things
a little more.

Salvaged what I could.

She act like she don't
appreciate none of what I did.

It's not that, Ronnie.

Things have changed for her.

The attack
still has her shook up.

I just wish we could have
done more.

You sure you don't have
enough to replace the TV?

- I just don't have it.
- Why'd you walk off

- that job again?
- It was a bullshit job, Jada!

I'll get a new TV when I can!

Don't catch an attitude with me.

You just don't understand.

What the hell's
going on with you?

Come with me.

Where the fuck this come from?

It's a peace offering,
'cause I need some peace.

See? I told y'all
he was hiding it.

Ain't nobody hiding
no money. Damn, Shay!

Then where you magically
come up with $400?

For each of us?

- I sold my collection.
- Uh-huh...

Look, my bad for the way
I was acting earlier.

I know I ain't been the best
father, but I'm trying.

I'm gonna do better.
Look, I filed for unemployment.

I'm already looking for
full-time work.

But for right now,
it's just the food truck gig,

off the books.
The money's funny.

Some good weeks, some bad weeks.

But each of y'all
gonna get something.

From unemployment and the truck.


If it work for y'all...


I'm down.

Fine. I'm gonna
give you a chance.

But if you bullshit
any of us even one time,

I'm hauling your ass
back to court.

And we'll be right behind her.

Fuck around, and the government

gonna be garnishing
your wages till you die.

That's fair.


Ain't nobody here
dumb enough to believe

you sold your whole collection.

I know your ass
kept a few pairs.

- Mm-hmm.
- Well...

I found this here.

It's to my mother.

What, you found this letter
to your mother here?

- Yes.
- But she didn't live here.

No. She lived with my grandma.

Mr. Bennett
lived here with his family.

- Who's this?
- It's me.

Why does this Mr. Bennett
have a picture of you

- with your shirt off?
- That's not it.

He was my father.


Your father lived in this house?

Across the street from you?

He and my mother had a thing.

My grandma told me
who he was when I was a boy.

Told me to stay away from him.

We never spoke about it
after that.


That's a lot to process.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

You didn't know.
A lotta people didn't.

I mean...

what do you do
with something like that?

Had my ways of coping,

once I came back from
the service.

You remember
that nice lawn, right?

- Yeah.
- He watered it,

treated it like it was
the most important thing

in the world.

But watching him tend to it
over the years,

you finally reach
a breaking point.

One day,

I snapped.

What do you mean, you snapped?

don't go over there, please!

Got tired of looking at it,
so I did something about it.

Hey, come on out here.
Look at what we got.

Ronald Garvey
Davis, come back here!

Get offa that lawn!

Give me some motherfucking

Go ahead, call the police.

Don't you touch my boy!

It was a silly
thing to do, I guess.

Said you wanted
to see me, Mr. Gasca?

Yes, Mr. Williams.

Have a seat.

Look... what'd I do?

If it's about the test,

- I didn't cheat.
- No, it...

It is about the test,
but then it's not.

Let's just have a chat, okay?


These are your grades.

Mostly Bs, couple B-pluses.

- That's good, right?
- Yeah.

But these...

are your test scores.

You scored way above average.

The 99th percentile
in all three categories...

Math, science, English.

Some of these math
and English questions...

The tenth grade level.

How'd you know the answers?

I don't know. I just knew.

You're naturally smart
is what you're saying?

I guess so.

Because the difference between
your grades and your scores

tells me that you are
not being challenged here.

Give this to your mother.


Hey, Kev! I won, G.

I proved all these
hating ass females wrong!

Damn! The Papa Cave
in full effect now.

Yeah. And I get to see some
dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium.

Again... don't nobody
care about the Shedd Aquarium.

What did Gasca Want?
He always up in people's shit.

If you agreed to do
another play,

you on your own, fool.

No, I-it was nothin'.

He wasn't talking about shit.

All right, let's go.
Come on. Help us.

You're telling me
Drake could get it over Chance.

What the fuck?

Not over, but definitely before.

I mean, I kinda agree.

Drake is so... whiny, though.

He don't use condoms, either.
I mean, that's my only issue.

That's your only issue?

You just gonna ignore the fact

that he's the epitome
of a fuck boy?

But Chance
is a fuck boy, too, though.

Bitch, that's blasphemy.

Chance gonna be mayor.

Damn! That must be new bae.


All right, all right, ladies.

Five laps. Let's go.

Get the lead out.
Get the lead out.

Pace 'em, pace 'em.

Get a move on, Williams.

You're laggin' behind.


Hey, how you doing?
Is Mr. Perry here by chance?

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

You got an appointment,
young blood?

No. But, uh...

I do have this.

Wait here.

Somebody's here to see you.

- Young man from that truck.
- Send him back.

Follow me.

Thank you.

- Hey, Brandon, right?
- Yes, sir.

How you doing?

You want a drink?

Why not?


what's on your mind?

Look, man,
I'm working my ass off,

but nothing I'm doing is

Look, for real, I...

I don't know how much fight
I have left in me.

The system is rigged
against you.

And me.

And every other black man
in this city.

You just need to learn
how to navigate it.

Listen, Brandon,
I don't do this often,

but I see something in you.

And it would be an honor

to help you out.

Exactly what do you need?


How does ten grand sound?

Thank you.

This is gonna be...

the best investment
you ever made.

My people will be in touch.

Thank you.


Tell the old man

we got the fish.