The Chi (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Ghosts - full transcript

Brandon asks Kevin for help. Laverne and Greavy make a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Amir looks to capitalize on Emmett's side gig while Quentin returns to town to launch his own investigation.

Previously on The Chi...

I think I know who killed my brother.

You got a piece?

Come on, baby, we can
just go to the police.

The police ain't gonna do shit.

This Coogie kid didn't kill.

- Jason Roxboro.
- It don't matter.

I gotta mail these off, then I got work.

- And what about your son?
- He's staying here.

- Says who?
- Then what am I supposed to do?

Folks call me Q.

You go get yourself a sitter, son.

That Jason's stuff?

Yeah, his phone is missing, though.

I wanted you to have this.

Why don't you stop at the store

and pick up something
good? I'll cook tonight.

Take the chain, man, take...

I'm just sitting here

looking at pictures because...

I miss him.

- How much?
- Three.

- Any bodies on it?
- No.

What do you got going
on at the stash house?

Nothing you need to worry
about. Simple oneonone...

- Are you serious, man?
- Yeah, I am.

You two handle your shit
and work this together.

You living up in her house,
eating her food and all that,

and you can't even go to her son's funeral?

You sound like you askin'
for an asswhuppin'.

- He saw me today.
- What are you talking about right now?

That joker that killed your brother.

Ran after me like he was gonna kill me.

You sure that's even the right dude?

Yes, I'm sure
that's the right dude.

I need to know
you're not gonna do

something stupid, Brandon.

Yeah, let's get that gun.

What you know about that
kid that got shot on 77th?

- Nothing.
- Looks like it was payback

for your son, Jason's murder.

This Coogie kid... He
didn't shoot your boy.

- I'm cool, bro.
- You're not cool.

You got that look. Can't have that look.

Where's this dude at, man?

He'll be here. Chill.

I brought, like, $500 with me.

That's too much.

Pull out whatever you wanna spend.

Put the rest in your shoe.

Why in my shoe?

'Cause you show him $500,
that's what it's gonna cost.

Shoe, bro, trust me.


Okay, okay, what you got?

How much you wanna spend?


Y'all can speak English, bro?

Yo, show him the money,
he'll show you the gun.

Banger, .40caliber Glock.

Got three clips, $50 each.

- You want a clip, B?
- $350, then.

All right, these got
CorBon's 140 grain bullets.

Hollowpoint tips. Can
make a bigass fucking hole.

You could jump right
through that motherfucker.

Fuck, man, you want the clip or not?


No, I'm...

I don't know if I need that, bro.

Okay, cool, no clip.

Back to three.

II don't really... I don't want it, bro.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Hey, what the fuck are you doing, B?

I don't want the fucking gun.

Wasting my fucking time.

Chill, chill, chill.

Just give him the money, Brandon.

- He ain't fuckin' around.
- Man, fuck that!

I'm not giving him my fucking money.

Stand the fuck back.

Face that pussyass
van of yours, let's go.

Give me your fucking money, come on.

Fuck, man.

Let me see, Bro. Hey.


Shit ain't right.

Wearin' my boy's chain.

Running his mouth.

Come on, man, let me hit that.

No, no.

Fuck no.

Man, get the fuck off of my couch.

Man, you're the one who shot my ass.

I had plans, man, life and shit.

You feel me?

What the fuck was you doing

wearin' his chain?

He wasn't gonna need it.

Yeah, should've just kept on walking.

That boy saw you do it.

He ain't gonna say shit.

It's only a matter of time
before he starts yapping

and then your ass get what you got coming.


Man, you scared the shit out of me.

The fuck you get into?

Man, don't worry about it, man.

Where my mom at?

She chillin'.

But let's not act like this
is some fucking social call.

Bring your ass in here.

You're only here because
you don't want Jerrika

seeing you like this.

Come at you with
questions you can't answer.

Man, she ain't even like that.

Man, they all like that.

Let me get you a shirt.

This Coogie's?

Yeah, I told her to get rid of his shit.

All she need to do is take it down

to the donation box at the church.

How's she doing?

Some days better than others.

What about you?

Like you really give a fuck.

You right. I don't.

But being as your mama
and I are doing our thing,

I gotta look out for her interest.

Keep telling yourself that shit.

All this about your brother?

You know who dropped Coogie.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Shit, you ain't got the sand.

You think you're the first motherfucker

to come in this house
and think you the man?

No, but I'll be the last.

Man, watch out.

Mom, how long he gonna be staying?

Not long.


'Cause I sold the house and we leaving.

Whwhat are you talking about?

A Realtor came by and made
us a good offer. I took it.

You can't sell the house,
Ma. I own half of it.

And you gonna get your
half. Don't worry about that.

It's not even about that.

Granddaddy bought this house,
and all of us were raised here.

What are you doing?

And look what good it's done us.

What the hell happened to your head?

My mom's gonna be home
soon. You gotta roll.

No, no, I'll be quick, I'll be...

Not without no rubber, you're not.

Aw, come on.

You ain't putting no baby up in me.

There's other things we could do.

- Like what?
- Kiesha, Kevin,

- I'm home.
- Shit.

She catch you, you
ain't gonna have to worry

about having no babies 'cause
she gonna cut your dick off.

Hey, baby, what you doing in here?

Yeah, getting ready for bed.

I got track early in the morning.

I hear you.

What, you airconditioning
the whole neighborhood?

- Good night.
- Good night.

What happened?

Nothing, I just... I hit my head at work.

It's nothing.

Hit your head?

On what?


What is it?

I tried to buy a gun.

Okay, why?

'Cause I know who shot Coogie and...

Why would you even try
to do something like that?

Because Coogie's dead, and I feel like

somebody should pay for that.

What the fuck are you talking about?

We got plans, Brandon,

and this hood bullshit is not who you are.

You know that.

You know, what you need
to do is go to the police

and tell them what you know.

I'll just... I'll take care of it.

Thank you for listening.

Grow the fuck up.

Yo, occupied.

I'm handling business
in here. Give me a sec.

Little man, Dad will be right out.

Okay, I see you don't understand

what personal space is yet.

Ma, Ma, come on!

- Hey, you work today?
- Privacy.

Please, nobody wanna
see them scraggly hairs

on your little balls.


- Work today or not?
- Yes.

Okay, I'm gonna take
little Emmett to The Gap.

They're having a sale. Then
we're gonna go to the park.

Okay, cool, that's fine.

You gonna ask Sonny about them extra hours?

Yes, I'm gonna try.

You're gonna need 'em.

He needs a proper bed, and
he needs proper day care.

I know, I know, I know.
We talked about it, okay?

I don't know what crawled
up inside you and died,

but please, light a match
in here when you're done.

- Daddy's stinky, right?
- Jesus.

Lincoln Park High won the last
nine out of ten Red North meets.

Ain't no way we're not gonna beat them.

Nine out of ten, which means they lost one

- and could lose again.
- Hey, y'all.

Look like somebody on the
struggle bus this morning.

I didn't sleep well.

He nervous about that play.

Play, what play? My baby in a play?

The Wiz, he auditioned for it.

The Wiz, really? That's good.

Really, Kiesha? You
got a big fucking mouth.

- Language!
- Dollar.

I ain't got no money.

Well, then put your marker in.

Go on.

Should be $2 for talking
to your sister like that.

- Morning, babe.
- Morning.

- Coffee?
- Please.

So what's so important

you using that kind of language

- around the breakfast table?
- Nothing.

Kevin tried out for a play.

That's good... keep you
off these fucking streets.


That's two.

Look, the reason I didn't
tell y'all about the play

is 'cause I might not do it.

You tried out for it, didn't you?

Well, we finish what we start
in this family, you hear me?

No, thank you.

Just give me a second. I can explain.

Explain what?

How you had me sitting
there, waiting at the table

like I used to and you never show?

You don't understand...

No, I do understand,

which makes me an even bigger fool.

It ain't like that.

Then what's it like?

Where were you? What's up?

Please tell me.

Where were you?

Some shit went down, and I...

And you couldn't pick up the phone and call

and tell me you weren't coming?

I'm sorry.

Tell me something I don't know, Ronnie.

I don't know what else I can say.

You know what?

I don't even care anymore.

I don't even know why
the fuck I came down here.

You're on my last nerve.
Don't call my job no more.

Don't show up. Just leave me alone, Ronnie.

I'm sick of you.

Trace, come...

I'm gonna figure out why
this happened to Jason.

I'm gonna find his phone.

I promise.

- Good morning.
- Is it?

Yeah, I'm sorry about
all that shit yesterday.

It's all right.

I know you're gonna do the right thing.

Um, my mom actually...

You know, I stopped by the house yesterday,

and she was saying something

about her selling the house
or something like that.

- To who?
- I don't know, you know?

But I got a feeling that...

whatever she about to do,
she about to fuck it up.

- So...
- She ain't thinking straight.

Exactly, which is why I was
thinking maybe you could,

you know, stop over there and talk to her.

See if she signed anything.

I ain't going over there by myself.

Your mama hates me.

"Hate" is a strong word.

Maybe she don't like you.

But she knows you're smart.

Please, for me?

Okay, okay,

but I have a showing this
afternoon, so in and out.

You know what?

You wanna show me a little

- in and out right now?
- No!

Yeah, I know how it is.
You know, what's up, man?

Let me hit that, man.

Keep that shit moving
up the street, old man.

You might as well just hang a sign.

You want something?


Am I supposed to show you mine now?

Roll the fuck on up out of here, old man.

It's cool, Reg. All right, it's cool.

Come on.

I heard you were back.

Yeah, well,

I guess people talk?

- Bet they do.
- Yeah.

I see business is good.

But we're blessed.

Lot of shootings,

kids getting killed.

My shit's tight on that.

Keeping order like you taught me, sir.

That's not what I heard.

Look, you wanna ask me something,

then go ahead and ask it.

I read in the paper

about this kid, this
star basketball player,

getting shot up near that stash house.

Is that house one of yours?

You on a beach. What you care?

All these bodies dropping...

It's not good.

So you came back from wherever
the fuck you went so you...

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

You came back from
wherever the fuck you went

so you could give me a lecture?

You're not the type for lectures.

No, I ain't.

So how long are you back here, man?

That depends.

I got some things I need to do.

Well, if you need anything

while you're here, you just let me know.

Good, 'cause I wanna know about that kid.

The basketball player.

What, you know this kid or something?

Don't need to. That
shit's bad for business.

A'ight. A'ight, let me ask around.

I appreciate that.

Man, why the hell are we saving this shit?

I've only fried six batches of chicken,

some fish, and hush puppies.

That grease should last
me at least another week.

Wine of our people.

You crazy.

Shows what you know.

Each batch has got some
different flavors in it.

So I put it in the fridge
for some time, and then

when I pull it out and
fry some potatoes, eggs,

and chicken, that flavor comes out.

Talk about so good,
you wanna slap somebody.

Yeah, 'cause it's nasty.

Nasty good.

You handle your baby shit?

Yeah, working on it. Um...

I could really use some extra shifts.

Anything open?

Something opens up,
you got it, young blood,

but, right now, we all good.

You need to get Q back
his paper as soon as possible.

- Yeah, I been meaning to.
- Don't sleep on it.

He's not a cat you fuck with, understand?

Yo, man, you got a sec?

Yo, Bababack up.

We got back most of Jason's stuff

after the autopsy, but not his cell phone.

We sent the mother what we had.

Well, she wants it back for the photos.

Well, maybe it got lifted, you know?

That block, who the fuck knows?

- Hey.
- Hey, don't fucking touch me.

Hey, come on, man.

I'm just trying to do right by my boy.

Are you?

And what's that supposed to mean?

I showed you Jason's
body out of respect, okay?

This investigation's out of my hands.

So I'm supposed to just move
on and forget my son's dead?

No, you're supposed to
stop asking questions.

Get the fuck out of here.

Hey, Kev.

Look, II don't hit girls,

but if I have to, I will smack your ass.

You ain't gonna hit me. You sweet.

- I'm not sweet.
- So you a gangster?

- I guess so.
- A'ight.

What you doing?

You gonna be with my cousin,

I gotta see what you working with.

Whwhat do you mean? I...

That was shit. You gotta take control.

What? Nno.

No, what you mean?

Just stand still.

What you doing?

- It's called a French kiss.
- We ain't French.

- Just one more.
- I'ma be late.

I gotta get to school, so...


Who you work for?

My parents own a successful
real estate agency

in Hyde Park.

I really think this place
has a lot of potential.

That girl bourgie as turkey bacon.

Probably one of them Jack and Jill's.

Both of y'all rude as hell.

It's okay. I'm gonna
keep this professional.

So who's trying to buy
your house, Mrs. Johnson?

Some dude stepped to me
after the funeral at church.

Yeah, because he trying
to take advantage of you

while you still mourning and shit.

You gonna talk too?

Bad enough I got to listen to her.

Was his name Darryl Taylor?

Yeah, yeah, that's it. You know him?

He have you sign anything?

You signed what is called
an initial offer sheet.

This is not a binding contract to sell.


I don't know what you smiling at.

I'm still selling this damn house.

Shit's always breaking. Bills always due.

Yeah, we're looking to downsize.

I'm sorry, we?

Yeah, we gonna condo it up.

On the South Side?


Tennessee... my sister got a house.

You ever even been to Tennessee?

No, but I been to Atlanta. Same damn thing.

No, it's not.

You been to either one?

We're not even talking about me.

Well, Greavy showed me
pictures. That's all that matter.

- It's nice.
- Yeah, they got eagles, like...

Like, bald motherfucking eagles.

So y'all are looking to start fresh.

- Yeah, I am.
- What?

You gotta think about when you retire.

You gonna have more capital
in the house than ever, and...

Capital, what are you talking about?

You should let that keep growing!

- Tell her, babe.
- I wanna go now!

- Babe, tell her.
- Okay, look.

With the Obama Library
being built ten minutes away

and the University of Chicago

building a levelone trauma center,

the neighborhood is actually booming.


we could get a lot of money

for this house, right?

Probably more than ever before.

My God.

What the fuck was that?

Who are you talking to?

You just sprung that shit up on me.

You mean the truth?

You were supposed to be talking
her out of selling the house, J.

You asked me to talk to her about it.

I did, and selling might be the best thing

for her right now, even
if you don't like it.

If she sells, she gonna blow
straight through the money,

and then guess whose door
she gonna be knocking at.

- You don't know that.
- I don't?

I just watch her make bad
decision after bad decision,

and this house is the
only thing that we got

that she ain't destroyed, so
what are you talking about?

Selling the house isn't
the problem, Brandon.

What does that mean?

It means that this is
all tied in to whatever

crazy bullshit you have with your mother.

So you don't have
bullshit with your family?

Okay, I can't do this with you right now.

Really? So now you 'bout to just
drop this shit on me and roll?

We can talk about this later.

I have that showing I can't be late for.

Wow, okay.

Well, I love you too.

Fuck, man.

- What's up?
- Shh.

Cici can't pee while people talking.

That's a good boy.

That is a good boy.

That's Daddy's little boy right there.

Look at you, going pee.

Look you, scrawny, you need
a little scritchscritch.


Surprised you don't have
one of your boys doing this.

No, I'm his master, so
only I feed and walk him.

That way, his loyalty
belongs to nobody else.

You ain't here to buy shit.

So what you want?

You know my boy was murdered, right?


I seen him play once.

He was shit in the paint,
but his jumper had promise.

Want to know if you heard
anything about how he got shot.

Do I look like the Popo
to you, motherfucker?

No, but Jason knew better
than to be up on that block.

And I know better than to eat
pussy when I'm in a whorehouse.

That don't mean I don't do it.

Shit, you know who block that is?

- Yeah, Trice.
- So I'm supposed

to know something or find something out

about shit that ain't my business

and then run and tell you?

Why the fuck would I do that?

'Cause he was a good kid.

Didn't deserve that shit.


but, in return, you do something for me.

You up for that?

I ain't gonna suck your dick or nothing.

Nigga, please.

I got people for that.

We got a deal?

Funny that right after
that other kid got dropped,

you sold me that piece.

So if you got any loose
ends you need to tie up,

better handle your business,

'cause if the police
come sniffing around here,

I'm gonna kill you, your grandmas,

your girlfriend, and your prom date.


My cholesterol.

You buying anything?

Yeah, shit.

You know those boys always coming in here?

Tall one, fat one, little one?

Yeah, what about them?

They go to school near here?


Think they knew my son, Jason.

Wanted to see if they'd
like to have any of his gear.

They go to Hopkins.

What time they get out?

Three, but they come
in here for pop and chips.

Sorry about your son, Jason.

Your son, the basketball player.

You knew him?

Yes, he'd come in, buy gum.

Good kid.

You finished?

Yeah, I'm good. I'm
good. You need something?

That guy you were talking
to outside the station.

Yeah, he just... He lost his kid.

That's Jason's dad?

Kind of. Raised him, not his dad.

And what'd he want?

You know, he was
just looking for answers.

Answers, from you?

Yeah, he said he didn't
get his kid's cell phone

back from evidence, wanted to know

what he was doing on that corner.

I heard you had a nonblood relative

down in the morgue to ID the body.

- That's him, right?
- Yeah.

You tell him we had that
Coogie kid in custody?

- No.
- Good.

You gonna wash your hands?

Hey, remember, softball.

Field three, MacArthur Park.

I'll be there.

Okay, well, hello!

From the back you say I do, do, do!

We cheer, and we dance,
and we bring it to you.

Man, why your sister do you like that?

I don't know, but now I
gotta do this dumb-ass play.

Maybe she need a little
big Papa in her life to,

you know, straighten her out.

I think she already got that.



Man, that's the dude.

That's the dude that shot
the kid and chased me.

- What he doing here?
- What you think he doing here?

He coming after us, man.

We gotta go.

Man, where you going?

Man, where we going?

We'll be safe in the auditorium.


Get your ass in there. Come on!

Mr. Williams!

I see you've answered my prayers.

What, excuse me?

Okay, we're short a few actors,

and you and your friends
are perfect for it.

- Come on, Kev!
- Wait...

Whoa, whoa, guys, guys, guys,

listen, I promise you...

Super important parts.

The lollipop kids?

Aw, hell naw. What do I look like?

Like a bunch of gayass
circus clowns. Man, screw this.

Look, at least we safe
from that dude outside.

You snitch, Kev?

Man, what do I look like?

Don't ever ask that question again.

Why he coming after us?

Sus as hell, man, him showing here.

Man, you in this shit too, Papa?

Just saying.

- Well, don't.
- Yo, chill, Kev.

- We all in this with you...
- You're not, all right?

That motherfucker coming after me.

I'm the one with the real problems.

Man, what I'm gonna do?

The only way to get him off
your back is to go to him

and show him you ain't gonna snitch.

Yeah, roll up on him, mantoman.

Man, I can't do that.

You know where he hangs, right?


So you go to him.

Go to him?

I can't do that.

It's what you do before it becomes a thing.

Show him you ain't gonna screw him over.

But I ain't gonna screw him over.

He don't know that.

What I say?

Go to him, show him you're for real

and that you ain't gonna snitch on him.

Hey, this your spot?


Looking for a cell phone.

- Man.
- I lost it.

- Fuck if I'ma help you.
- You sure?

If you find it, there's a nice reward...

I said I ain't seen, nor am I gonna see

or find no cell phone.

Not for no devil like you.

Damn! Shit, damn!

- That's my hand, man!
- Shh.

- Fuck!
- You will for me.

- Okay, yeah, okay.
- Okay?

- Okay.
- Yeah, fuck!



Fucker, damn.

Yeah, you're on your own lifting these.

Got a bad back.

These are mine.

You never heard of RedTube?

Man, I don't fuck with no Internet titties.

I'm oldschool that way.

Hey, this between you and me, right?

Is it done?


Cousin Hannibal said
he'll let me use the van

to get some of this stuff.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- Stop.

What, what you want, Brandon?

Look, let me ask you something.

Sit down. Stop worrying about this.

What, Brandon?

Why you really want to sell the house?

Is it 'cause Coogie's gone?

Can't even walk past the room no more.

I mean, sometimes I...

You know, I still feel him in there.

Like he's laying down, listening to music

on his headphones, and
he's singing, you know?

Yeah, his voice was so bad.


He didn't care, though.

Listen, baby.

I know you think I loved
Coogie more than you.

- No, Ma...
- No, no, no.

I got to tell you.

I didn't.

You wanted to get out there,
and I knew there wasn't nothing

was gonna mess with you,

but Coogie... he was different.

He just needed me more than you.

He needed us, you know.

Aw, sweetie, come here.


Fucking apple, motherfucker!

What'd you just call him?

- Nothing.
- Hey.

Pssh. Serves y'all right.

You always gyppin' us over on the cheese,

sitting there behind that counter,

plottin' how y'all gonna
get into our wallets.

You don't like it, don't shop here, then.

Stop speakin' in Arabic, man.

Makes people think
y'all talkin' about them.

- We don't say nothing.
- Nothing?

What... what "apple" mean?

What the fuck does that mean?


What y'all need to do is hire
somebody from the neighborhood.

Like who?

Like me. Like my black ass. Think about it.

Folks see me in here, they ain't
gonna wanna fuck with y'all.

Plus, I know everybody
that steal from here.

Everybody. And they know I know.

So they see me in here working
with y'all, they ain't...

They ain't gonna wanna fuck with nothin.'

Which will improve y'all bottom line.

Trust me.

Man, come on, Habib, you
know I'm right for it.

No, I don't trust you!

See, that's some racist
bullshit right there.

I'ma get some motherfuckers to
come in here and boycott y'all.

See, we gon... we gonna
shop at Jewel Osco. Tell him.

- We going to Jewel Osco.
- Go, go, go to Jewel Osco!

That's exactly where we gonna go.

- Osco.
- Hey, man. What you need?

Let me get two Swisher Sweets,

White Owl, and a Black & Mild Casino.


Here you go, man.

That's why we can't
get nowhere as a people.

Man, come on, Amir.

Hook a brother up.

How much money you make selling them kicks?

Nothin'. That basically pays

for my shoe addiction.

I don't make no paper from that.

You get me some retro
Fours and we can talk,

see what's up.

- What size?
- Five. Women's.

- You got some smallass...
- It's for my girl, man.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

All right, when you do that,

I got something special
for you. Maybe a job.

Well, I ain't cleaning
your dirtyass bathroom...

It's good. It's legit. And it pays cash.

You down or not?

Pays cash?

- All right.
- All right.


Excuse me.

Good afternoon.

I'm the one who called about the property.

Okay, I'm Jerrika Little, the sales agent.

Jerrika. Quentin. Quentin Dickinson.

That's a nice, firm handshake.

Your daddy taught you well.

It was my mother, actually.

Ooh, sounds like one hell of a lady.

You have no idea.

So, our sale sign keeps getting stolen.

How did you find out about the property?

I, um...

I'm attracted to deals.

Well, as you can see,

the place needs a little work, but...

This where you tell me,
with a little bit of plaster

and, a fresh coat of
paint, it'll look brandnew?

No, this is where I tell you

I have some great properties in Woodlawn.

Yeah, but who wants to live in Woodlawn?

It's a really upandcoming area.

The Obama Library's being
built only ten minutes away.

I can appreciate that,

but I like it here.

I'll take it.


How fast can we get this done?

Let me draw up some paperwork.

I won't be needing a mortgage.

This is my lawyer's number.

He'll deal with everything.

And, if at all possible,

I'd like it done by tonight.

By tonight?

Well, I know what I want.

I give you your price,

you give me a key.

All right! I'm coming, motherfucker.

Well, I know you deaf as hell.

What you say? I can't hear you.

I said I know you deaf as hell.

'Cause of your black ass.

Man, sixth grade, man, get over that.

Man, you popped a fuckin'
firecracker in my ear

while I was trying to sleep.

It was the sixth grade,
man. Get over that shit.

Yo, man, I miss you, cuz.

Yeah, I miss you too, man.

I'm sorry about Coogie, man.

Yeah, we all kind of fucked up about it.

Yeah, I was outta dodge on biz,

or else you know I'da been there.

It's all good. Where you was at, China?

- Nah, Indonesia, man.
- Ooh.

Some trippyass shit going on down there.

Yo, your moms home?

Yeah, she in there. You wanna come speak?

Fuck no, man. I love my auntie,

but I don't need that kind
of crazy in my life, you dig?

- I feel you.
- But, you fuck it up,

you pay for it, a'ight?

I'm sorry, what?

No, so tomorrow, then?

Hit me up.

I know that mean "no" already.

Don't wreck my shit, fool.

Lazy ass.

Yo, is that Emmett?

What you doin' around here, dog?

Hey, Reg.

- How you livin'?
- Hustlin'.

I heard you been lookin' for work.

You havin' any luck out there?

I been poundin' the pavement
all day lookin' for shit.

Ain't nothin' out here.

I hear you.

Why don't you come hustle for me?

For every Jab you sell,
you would make, like,

two, twofifty.


So how much they move in a day?


Always room for a smart
motherfucker like you.

That's almost a G a day.

Like that.

Put you right to work. See for yourself.

So what's up?

You down? Put some money in your pocket.


You wastin' my fuckin' time?

No, no, I j...

I just need some time to think about it.

If you need to think about it,

this shit ain't for you.

Big money, come on.

Hey, y'all hold it down.


Couldn't sleep.

What's this one?

Just a kid.

Yeah? Put it away.

Get some sleep before you gotta go in.

Come on.

I fucked up.

I mighta said something to one of my Cls.

It was his kid had been shot.

This kid? That's his son?

No. No, another one.

This one, Coogie,

he was standing over the body,

and I don't know why he was over the body,

but he was,

and I told my CI about it.

I mentioned that...

That we had this kid in for questioning.

I wanted to help him, you know?

With his grief. Like, if it was my kid,

I'd wanna know that they had somebody.

So he went and shot this kid?

This Coogie?

Yeah, I think so.

The kid didn't even do it.


Are you gonna arrest this guy?

I don't have any proof.

But you know.

Yeah, I know, but I don't know.


You gotta fix this.

I know.

Come back to bed.

Fuck you been?

Everywhere and nowhere, man.

Sound like you need to hit this.

Hell yeah.

Are you good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- You don't look it.

That shit messing with my head, man.

Since when?

- Since now, motherfucker.
- I told you, man.

CIA be spraying that shit with chemicals.

Chinese fucking chemicals.

Pretty soon, we call gonna
be peeing sitting down.

Yeah, I'll stick with this, man.

Yo. Check it out.


- Wwhat's up?
- You tell me.

Came to my school lookin' for me.

Yeah, when you got a
problem, that's what happens.

Look, man, wwe ain't got no problems.

I'll decide if we got a problem or not.


Yo, what up, Kev? What
you doing way up here?

My bad for runnin' up on you like that.

I just want to say sorry for what happened

the other night at my crib.

You know, I said some
shit I didn't mean to say,

and I'm sorry.

It's all good.

I appreciate it.

- Cool?
- Yeah.

I see you been takin'
care of Coogie bike too.


How did you find out where I live?

I asked Emmett.


you told anybody what I told you?



I'm just asking.

Making sure.

Well, I gotta bounce.

All right, well, get with me.

- A'ight.
- A'ight?

What's wrong, Kev?

II was wondering if you
could walk me home, you know.

It's gettin' late, and,

you know, II gotta cut
through the park to get home,

and, you know, I don't
wanna walk by myself.

It's all good. You don't have to.

- Say no more.
- 'Kay.

It's a'ight to be scared sometimes, Kev...

Man, I ain't scared.


So what's up, man?

School good?

When has it ever been good?

Man, shit is easy right now.

Trust me, all you gotta worry
about is girls and grades.

I already got girl problems.


You're a little player?

Yeah, I know.

Itit ain't even like that, all right?

Hey, if you got feelings,
you got feelings, Kev.

That's a whole nother ball
game, though, you know?

I say something wrong? What's wrong?

What's wrong?

What's going on?

What's going on, little man?

I hear you been looking for me.