The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Transform the World - full transcript

The competitors battle it out in the most explosive challenge of the season. An alliance sets its target on the rest of the house, but is everyone on board? Friends become enemies as teams struggle to maintain their safety in the ...

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* MTV ♪

- Goodbye, my love!
- [screams]

The World Championship
has been turned upside down,

as eight out of 14 teams

fight to remain in the game,

make it into the final,

and earn the coveted title
of first-ever

Challenge World Champion.

In the last challenge,
Ripcord Roulette,

teams made some unexpected
last minute changes.

Ben, he is medically unable
to continue,

so, Kaycee,
we're losing you as well.

[all exclaim]

I've been so unwell
the past couple weeks.

I would love to switch places
with Kaycee

So, I'm pregnant.
- [gasps]

♪ ♪

That's fine with me.

Kaycee, go ahead and join
your new teammate, Troy.

You are now representing Australia.

♪ ♪

Tristan and KellyAnne
took the win.


Jodi, Benja, unfortunately,
Ripcord Roulette

just wasn't your game.

I'll be seeing you both
in the elimination round.


Our vote's going
to Troy and Kaycee.

- Troy and Kaycee.
- Troy and Kaycee.

Newly formed Australian
team, Troy and Kaycee,

were sent into elimination

against challenge losers,

Argentina's Benja and Jodi...

[air horn blares]

both: It's yellow.
- Okay.

- Ohh!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

It's okay.

[air horn blares]

And proved to be
a dream team,

as they dominated
the elimination,

wiping Argentina
from the game completely.

- Bye, guys.
- [speaking Spanish]

Viva Argentina!

The game is getting
tighter and tighter.

Who's gonna take the win

for the Challenge
World Championship?

♪ ♪

[intense music]

[Portugal. The Man's
"What, Me Worry?"]

* Every minute
it's running through my head ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪

♪ Knockin' at your door ♪


* But you never know nothing
if you never did ♪

♪ Happy as a clown ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ What, me worry? ♪

It's been an emotional
roller coaster.

But you know what?
I'm still in the game.

I'm representing a whole
entire different country.

But, like, I know
who my people are

in this game.

It comes down to
which other pairs

you have relationships with.

Troy has had some history

with some of his other
Australians in this game.

You're a new team
on the block, Troy and Kaycee.

That's a cute way
to justify it.

And we vote for Kiki
and Darrell.

Damn, the Aussie's going in.

Yes, and Emily--sketch,
after sketch, after sketch.

But you know what?
Let's get 'em out.

♪ ♪

We have obviously been
just in turmoil

not, like, personally,
but game-wise, right?

Like, it's just never
been a personal thing.

I think you're a great person.

I think we've just clashed
a lot in this game.

Whatever you want, Tori.

My hands are up.

If your ex-fiancée was here,

I would help you save her.

I'm not gonna say her name
right now.

She's one of my closest
friends. I'm not gonna do it.

I can't hear--I couldn't
really understand you.

I don't--don't even worry
about it no more.

Okay. Like, I wish you
never picked me as a partner.

You could've had a way easier
game if you didn't.

You have two people
who you are trying

to make sure you keep safe
at this moment.

And then I have Sarah.

And then we've also been
working with Emily and Yes.

I get what you're saying,
but I think

that we both realize that we're
at a point in this game

where we have been--
and this has been

a point of contention--

our friendships and the
conversations that we have

that we rely on more than
talking to each other

because we've never actually
come together.

- Okay.
- We have to come

to some conclusion that's
gonna hurt one of the sides.

Me and Tori still have not
found a way

to get on the same page.

As of right now,
Tori has two number ones--

Jordan and Kaycee.

Can't look out for both,
and if somebody wants

to take a shot at them
and they can't,

their next best option is
taking a shot at me and Tori.

This has me more nervous than
I've ever been in this game.

I'm gonna have to
think about it.

Or I'm gonna have to
drink about it.

At this stage in the game,

Danny and Sarah keep doing
all they can

to not vote for Emily and Yes.

But that is screwing up
the rest of the alliance.

Danny and Sarah,
ride with me, here,

and just trust
that it's gonna work out.

You are with us,
so you need to stand with us.

♪ ♪

- I'm with Jordan.
- Yeah.

And everyone's like, yeah--

I wanna be on that side,
as well.

So KellyAnne and I lost
two strong alliances,

and everything has flipped
on its head.

♪ ♪

Kaz and I won
the UK Challenge together,

but for some reason,

we haven't had a talk about
game in this challenge.

Let's make an alliance,
let's work together,

let's support each other.

So I need to
get out of this funk,

make some friends,
and build a strong team.

You always have to do
what's best for you.

And I get that.
- Yeah.

I just don't want you
to think

I'll just rule Kaz out.
Like, she's with Jordan.

I can't talk to her.

I never needed to tell you,

but you are genuinely
my friend in here,

and I care about you.

Because people just assume
because I'm with Jordan

that it's, like,
always Jordan's decision.

But I'm also my own person.
- No, I--

And I also stand my ground,
and I've told Jordan

I'm not voting for Tristan
and KellyAnne.

Yeah, yeah.

If you ever had to
say my name,

just tell me before, or--
- Yeah, of course I would.

But, like, if there's any--
- It might get to it

where I have to say
against you.

But it should never be, like,
done sneakily

or anything like that.
- No--

- I know.
- We won the last one together.

- I know.
- I do thank you.

I needed that.
- No worries.

- I appreciate you.
- I've got you, always, man.

You know that.
- You do.

♪ ♪

I feel like if Amber
hadn't have decided to leave--

- We would've been fine.
- We would've been fine.

No, we would great--
we were the greatest.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

So that just means
we just have to reevaluate

and continue to stick
to the same plan.

♪ ♪

Australia is all
but broken up,

but KellyAnne and I
have got along really well

from the very start
of this competition.

And I think it's because
we both

wear our hearts on our sleeve.

When I first started
the Australian Challenge,

I thought that I just
wanted to be there

to prove to everyone that I'm
not just some bubbly bimbo.

And the winner is Kiki.

After going through
that experience,

I realized how much more
the win meant for me.

I have gone through,
you know,

a pretty troubled childhood,

I've lived through
domestic violence.

It really opened my eyes
to just how much

I wanna prove to all the young
women out there

if they wanna do something,

the only person that needs
to give them permission

is themselves.

The good thing is
is that you know

that Darrell and I
have got your back,

and I know that
you've just got our back.

I know we do, for sure.
It's just, we need--like, now--

We've guessed a lot before,
and we're just gonna

have to work real hard,
but now--

I feel like people's cards
are now being shown

and it's now making
a lot more--

The cards keep getting shown,
and they're just, like,

being more clear.
- Yeah. That's it.

I don't know.
It's very sketchy.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

[engine revving]

♪ ♪

Ohh, look at him.
Look at him.


Get it, TJ.

♪ ♪




- Ow!
- Yeah!

What's up, everyone?

Welcome to the sickest
challenge on this season of

"The Challenge:
World Championship."

Today's game is nothing
like you've ever seen before...

inspired by the new film

Rise of the Beasts."

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

[truck horn blaring]


♪ ♪

That's right, you see
a couple of semis like these,

you know things
are about to get real.

But before we get going,

we have a message
from a star of the film,

Anthony Ramos,
to kick things off.

Thanks, TJ, and
congratulations, contestants,

on being part of
this incredible challenge.

Just like you'll
soon experience,

"Transformers: Rise of the
Beasts" is all about

relying on your team.

The Autobot are back.

[transforming pulses]

Now, they must join forces
with the Maximals.


This is the first time
these ultimate beasts

will crash onto
the big screen,

and they do not disappoint.

The action is like
no other thrill ride.

[transforming pulses]

And your adrenaline
will be pumping.

[tires screech]

You guys are about to know
exactly what that feels like

with this next stunt,
which was created

to put you in the driver's seat
of our movie.

Roll out.


- Yeah!
- Sick.

I love Transformers.

- Yeah, sick.
- So now I'm about to be

a part of the "Transformers"

Shout out to "The Challenge."
I'm excited.

Just like these machines,
today's challenge

is more than meets the eye.

It's called Highway Hijacking.

♪ ♪

And we're doing it
"Transformers" style.

Here's how it works:
each player on the team

will have a specific job.

One of you is gonna jump
on the back of that truck,

inspired by Optimus Prime,

while it is travelling
over 50 miles per hour.

Another truck is gonna
come alongside of you.

That other truck has a key
that you need.

Jump onto that truck,
grab the key, jump back,

race to the front,
unlock the box,

and hit a detonator.

While one player
is doing that,

the other teammate
is gonna be strapped inside

the four-wheel drive
Super Buggy

like something
out of this world,

another robot in disguise.

When your teammate hits
that detonator,

you will get a signal
that it is time to go.

When I say go,
I mean slam on the gas

and blast through
the back wall of that truck

as fast as you can.

The detonator
will trigger a blast

that will release
a massive ramp

and simultaneously
flash a green go light

for the driving teammate.

That teammate will immediately transform

by hitting the pedal
to the metal,

smashing through
the back wall,

and racing to the finish line.

You and your partner
are gonna have to work

like a well-oiled machine,
both inside and out,

to pull this one off.

This challenge is not just
about succeeding.

It's about crushing
your competition

and unleashing
your inner beast.

It's like a "Transformers"

I feel bad for everyone
that's gone home so far

because they miss out

on the sickest challenge
I've ever seen.

The team to do all
of this the fastest

will win this challenge
and get one step closer

to the championship title
and $500,000.

Let's roll out.

[tense music]

[truck hisses]

♪ ♪

[engine revs]

[horn blares]

When it's really important

because that's when your name
gets talked about.

But the main thing you cannot
do in this game is lose,

'cause losing
is a direct ticket

to the elimination floor.

Go, Theo!

All right, look,

I don't wish anybody
bad luck in the challenge,

but it would be nice
to see if Danny and Tori

or even Sarah and Theo
can actually lose.

I think it's
in our best interest

to try to throw in a USA team
at this point

and get their ass sent home.

[horn blaring]

[tense music]


- Come on!
- Yeah!

♪ ♪

[heartbeat pounding]

[engine revs]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Go, go, go, go, go!

♪ ♪



- That was so cool.
- Whoo! That was sick!

♪ ♪

I've never had
to rely on a partner this much.

Often, in partnerships,
I wind up being relied on,

but Emily's
the one reminding me

that we can kick everybody's
ass at this.

People have tried
to dominate us in the past,

so we need to win this

because that means
that we're off the hook

that we're not
gonna get nominated,

that we're not going down, and
we're safe for another week.

♪ ♪

[intense music]

[engine revs]

I am always nervous when it
comes to the next challenge.

Like, just give me
a 50 meter Olympic pool

and let me just
swim some laps,

and I know I can kill that.

But when I can't train
for this stuff,

I have no idea what to expect.

But I never wanna
be scared of anything.

[horn blares]

I feel comfortable
in my abilities

to kind of, like, ninja around.

I don't care
if it's on a skyscraper,

or on the back of a truck--

I can get that part
of the job done.

♪ ♪

[engine roars]

♪ ♪

There is no room
for error here.

It is--it's gonna come down
to seconds.

You've gotta have
your foot down for this one

because if you take your foot
off the gas, you're out.

♪ ♪

- Wait, what?
- Oh, no.

♪ ♪


[intense music]

♪ ♪

Oh, fuck.

She'll be fine.





I'm really concerned,

especially it being Emily,
like, I no longer

have a good feeling
in my gut about this anymore.

- Grab the post.
- [sighs]


It doesn't feel like
I hurt anything. Just--

Just whiplash.

Instant cry.
Freaking got out of there,

and took a couple of breaths,
and was just like, okay,

move on,
that shit happened.

Let's go back
to the competition.

Please don't show my mom,

'cause she won't let me
come again if she sees that.

♪ ♪

Shit just got real
in this challenge,

and it's pretty hectic, actually.

- Daunting, it's very daunting.
- Yeah.

Selfishly, I'm also, like,
crap, I'm going next.

[laughs] So, puts a little
fear in me, as well.

[Linkin Park's "New Divide"]

* I remember black skies ♪

♪ The lightning
all around me ♪

♪ I remembered each flash
as time began to blur ♪

Tristan and KellyAnne's game
is a little wishy-washy.

It changes every week, so not
really sure where they stand.

I don't Tristan and KellyAnne
in the game

because they're gonna be going
against my alliance.

* So give me reason ♪

Go, KellyAnne!

* To prove me wrong ♪

♪ To wash this memory clean ♪

♪ Let the floods cross ♪

♪ The distance in your eyes ♪

♪ Give me reason ♪

♪ To fill this hole ♪

♪ Connect the space between ♪

♪ Let it be enough ♪

I believe that Kaz and I
have the ability

to come together and morph
into a Transformer

as opposed to these
other teams that are just

running around like
a couple humans

trying to help
the Transformers.

This challenge is going
to come down to seconds.

We've got to be safe
because if we are not,

they're coming for us.

We are the strongest team here.

I know this without a doubt,
and so do they.

[engine roaring]

* And each regret ♪

♪ And each goodbye ♪

♪ Was a mistake
too great to hide ♪

Good job, Kaz!

* And your voice
was all I heard ♪

♪ That I get what I deserve ♪

♪ So give me reason ♪

♪ To fill this hole ♪

♪ Connect the space between ♪

♪ Let it be enough ♪

♪ To reach the truth
that lies ♪

Go, Kaycee, go!



- That was fast.
- Yeah.

Well, today, I'm going
to be driving.

I'm from New Jersey, I drove in
New York my whole life.

So I feel like if anything
prepared me

for this, it's that, right?

And I'll be doing
the jumping.

because I am the former
professional athlete.

So hopefully my agility helps
me out on this challenge

and we can pull off a win.
- Yeah.

Hopefully. I think we need it.

I think it would be good
for our team morale.

♪ ♪

[horn blares]

[engine revs]

♪ ♪

[buzzer blares]
[engine roars]

♪ ♪


Let's go, brother!

♪ ♪



I'm good.

I don't know what came over
my body in the last second,

but I was like,
I'm gonna do a donut.

I don't know why I thought
that was a good idea,

but I'm okay,
I'm all good.

Everything's fine.

♪ ♪

Did I cross the finish line?

♪ ♪

I told you this was gonna
be the sickest challenge yet.

And I was right.
- You didn't lie!

You didn't lie!

Emily and Tori,
completely killing it.

I am so impressed
with both of you.

Way to dust yourselves off.

Full send, all the way
to the end.

Now for the scores.

[tense music]

The two fastest teams
of the day...

♪ ♪

were Sarah and Theo.
- Ohh!


- And Kaz and Jordan.
- Ohh!


Not you! Not you!

But one team united
man and machine today,

and finished with
not only the fastest time,

but maybe the best style, too.

What an amazing jump
out of that semi,

Kaz and Jordan.
Congratulations, you killed it.

We have been so close
so many times,

and now we finally got the win
on the sickest challenge,

so I'm buzzing.
- I'm tired

of being the bridesmaid.

It's time to be the bride!
This is our day!

In addition to winning
today's challenge,

Jordan and Kaz,

you also won two tickets
to the world premiere

of "Transformers:
Rise of the Beasts."

- "Rise of the Beasts!"
- Oh, my God!

Yeah! Whoo!

Everyone did amazing,

however, we have to have
a winner and a loser of today,

and you were separated
by seconds.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Kiki and Darrell.

I knew it.
I knew it.

This has turned
pear-shaped real quick.

- Pear-shaped?
- Yeah.

What's wrong with pear--
I like pear-shapes.

Pear-shaped means, like,
imagine if you got, like--

everything's going
perfectly well in a circle,

and then it turns

meaning you just lost control
of what you were doing.

I like pear-shaped,
'cause pear-shaped

mean you got ass.
- [laughs]

So, Kaz and Jordan,
getting it done.

Now you are the only team
safe from elimination,

while everybody else
has to go back to the house

and nominate two teams
to be considered

for possible elimination

to against Darrell and Kiki
in the arena.

All right?

Having Jordan and Kaz win
and Kiki and Darrell lose

is, like, worst-case scenario
right now

because, obviously, Darrell and
Kiki are our number ones.

Yeah, it's not looking good
for us at this point.

And that means I need
to figure out a plan.

See ya. Get out of here.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]


Finally. Well done.
- Finally.

Good job.

Finally not one second behind.

Yeah, right!

Yeah! We won!

Tristan and I
are mostly free agents now.

And I would love to have
both of the big USA teams

into nominations 'cause they
have been just really annoying.

[laughs] But there's not a lot
of teams left,

so this is gonna be
really difficult for us.

- Congratulations.
- Yo, come here, Danny!

Oh, best, best friends,
bestie! Whoo!

♪ ♪

I know you're friends
with Sarah,

but I would love
to put in Tori and Sarah

and break up
that strong alliance.

I would rather say
Kaycee and Tristan

and then Sarah and Theo,
just sayin'.

[tense music]


Why is she even asking me
to throw in Sarah and Theo?

Sarah and Theo
have never said my name.

KellyAnne, my name
has come out of your mouth

many, many times.

Ain't gonna happen.

Who are you guys voting for?

I'm voting for, Yes/Emily,
and Sarah/Theo.

It'd be really cool
if we could get

Sarah and Theo in there
with Tori,

and we can finally break up--
- How are we gonna do that?

[tense music]

- That's one vote, one vote...
- Yeah.

Two votes, two votes,
one vote.

I'm trying to see
if I can get Yes

not to say my name.

Tori is my number one girl
in here.

I tell her all the time, "I'm
never gonna say your name."

The thing is, KellyAnne,
she has been playing this game

very, very hard
from the beginning.

And she's been getting
a lot of conversations

and trying to flip this
and flip that.

So, she's really good
at this game.

But I just don't trust her,

and I don't think
I ever will.

I don't know.
My head hurts

with all these different
numbers all over the place.

I can't just fuckin' see
out of the fuckin' air, so--

I got it, I do,
and it's either

you guys don't screw us
and we somehow screw you guys.

- Yeah.
- Or we go in.

I don't wanna screw you guys,

I'm wondering if you can say--
since you can't say Sarah--

if you could say Kaycee?


How would you feel
about saying Tori?

Not Sarah?

And Kaycee--
don't tell Sarah.

I'm gonna talk to Emily
in private.

And tell Emily to keep it--
[clicks tongue]


Okay, be nice.

You're being very, like...
- I'm--I--

Abrasive energy,
it's not helping anything.

- I don't care.
- I do.

This is where I'm at
right now.

- We're a team.
- I know, and I've been

working as a team,
so right now,

I'm trying to get shit done.

These are my relationships.
I can talk how I want.

♪ ♪

you've gotta calm down.

If we wanna get through
this competition,

we have to work well
as a team,

but not stir up shit
when not necessary.

♪ ♪

Okay, we gotta figure
this out right now.

So, basically, the pitch is

we split Darrell and KellyAnne
this week,

and then we get Emily and Yes
next week.

[tense music]

Tori and I are fighting
for Kaycee.

Right now, I'm trying
to explain to Danny and Sarah,

there are two teams here
that are not with us--

Emily and Yes,
and Tristan and KellyAnne.

So, those two teams are next.

We will vote for KellyAnne
and Tristan this time,

But next week,
we get Emily and Yes.

I came in with this guy.

I'm trying to get
us two as far as we can.

I love Emily,
but that's not this guy.

Are you on board with that?

If it's time,
then it's time.

We are a team. We've made it
this far in the game.

Due to his friendships,
due to my friendships,

everything collectively,
and now it's time for us

to put ourselves first.
- Yes.

- Yeah.
- And we have a mediator now.

- Yeah.
- His name's Jordan.

And we've come up with a plan.
- Mm-hmm.

- A great plan.
- Mm-hmm.

And you're in on that?

If we get to a point
in the game...

where a move has to be made,

a move has to be made.

I know this is gonna be
a tough decision for Kaz.

Her and Tristan
won their season together.

I get it. These emotions
are exactly why

I didn't have Kaz
a part of the discussions.

Not everyone can go
with you to the final.

You signed it already.


- Ohh, it's a contract.
- Holy shit.

It's getting legit.

I don't even know
what this contract is.

But I'll tell 'em whatever I
need to tell 'em right now,

as long as I can
preserve my numbers.

But you're not gonna say
Yes and Emily.

They are my allies.

I wanna keep them
in the game.

This is--this is a big move,
right here,

you know what I mean, like,
doing this right now.

- So, the next week

is gonna be the kicker.

As long as Emily and Yes
don't win,

we are going to find out
for sure

where Sarah is being honest
or if she's not.

But if not, it will be
clash of the titans.

I will literally
flip tables in this house

because you can't get
KellyAnne and Tristan

and your cake, too, by getting
Emily and Yes to the final.

It's not allowed to happen.

So who are we putting in, then?

You guys should
rock, paper, scissors for it.

One, two, three, what?

We need to figure out who's
gonna be the sacrificial lamb

between Tori and Danny
and Sarah and Theo.

So, I guess the fairest way
we can do this

is rock, paper, scissors.
- Yeah.

both: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Ohh, fuck!

I know, she--
Two out of four? I was like--

Well, how's that ever
gonna be right?

- Best two out of three.
- Okay.

both: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

- 2-0.

God damn, Tori. Shit!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Go ahead, mama.
- Thank you.

♪ ♪

Well, we meet again.
- Kiki Morris.

I bet you're wondering
why I've called this meeting.

- [laughs]
- And it's to tell you

that we've made
some budget cuts.

♪ ♪

So this is where
the game is at right now,

and I'm gonna do
whatever I can do,

I think, that's best
for my game in this position.

It's not personal,
it's just totally a game move.

So, I'm voting for Tristan
and KellyAnne

and then also ourselves.


♪ ♪

KellyAnne, Tristan,

we're gonna be
voting for you guys

and our second vote
is gonna go for Danny and Tori.

There's no arguing,
there's no yelling.

There's nothing. It's just
smiles. Everybody's happy.

Me and Tori go in,
Tristan and KellyAnne go in.

Jordan's not gonna pick us.

Me, Tori, Jordan, and Sarah,
and now we're locked in.

We have nothing to worry about,

as long as we all
stick to the plan

and if we don't
come in last place.

So, unfortunately,
we have to vote

for Tristan and KellyAnne,

and our second vote
is with Tori and Danny.

We're gonna vote
for Yes and Emily, and--

And the other vote
is gonna be for Sarah and Theo.

We're gonna vote
for Sarah and Theo...

and Tori and Danny.

♪ ♪

Little did we know that the
plan had already been made.

And Tori and Danny
were gonna nominate themselves.

The rest of the house
is on board.

I feel like I'm sitting around

a table of vipers
at this point.

But I really hope that Kaz
is gonna be able

to speak up loud enough
to save me in this situation.

♪ ♪


You guys got
a tough decision to make, man.

Yeah, good luck.

You don't think
in any situation

that we could put
Danny and Tori in?

Maybe it's a Hall Brawl
or something

that we know they
would definitely win

and then send home
Kiki and Darrell

'cause they're super,
super strong.

And running with Tristan
and KellyAnne in the final

might give us
a better chance to win.

Tristan is definitely my
friend, like, I do trust him.

But, like, Jordan's
pretty, like,

set in what's happening.

I feel like that's rude,
'cause I'm also your partner

and I also have
a choice and a say.

[somber piano music]

♪ ♪

It's Tristan's birthday,
and I'm just hoping

that his birthday wish
is to save us in this game.

I've accepted that I'm going
against Darrell and Kiki.

I'm not stressed at all, actually.

I feel confident
that Tristan and I can win.

I'm gonna be sad either way,
so, I'm just kinda

in this weird mental state
of acceptance

but also I'm ready to fight.

[rousing string music]

♪ ♪


What is this shit?


Every goddamn day.

I'm really nervous
about this elimination,

but I think of
how far I've come,

how much I have given up
in order to be here,

and just how much my family
and my boyfriend back home

believe in me.

And that's the reason why

I'm here to win $500,000.

I don't know
what's going on with Kiki,

but she always gets anxiety
before a competition.

This time, she looks
very nervous,

but we just gotta
show up and compete

and just believe in yourself.
- [sighs]

That's all you can do.

"Tristan, happy birthday.

"May all of your wishes
come true.

Thank you for being such
a great partner and a friend.



Thank you, KellyAnne.

You have made my day.

Are we perfectly
suited together?

No, I don't think so.

But the reason
we're in this game

is 'cause we've won eliminations,

we've won challenges, and there
are few people we can trust.

We need to get
on the same page now, babe.

It is my birthday.
Let's do it.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

You feel bad about putting
in Tristan and KellyAnne?

- Yeah.
- You feel bad about everybody.

- It's just his birthday.

It's his birthday, like--

I mean, that's kind of sad.

He's okay. He's grown.
I don't feel bad.

We're both moving forward
in the game,

and it's positive
for both of us.

We're on the same page.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

How about that challenge?

Kaz and Jordan, by winning,
you are the only safe team

from elimination,
and you're gonna make

a very important decision tonight.

[tense music]

Australia's Kiki and Darrell
did really good,

but they just couldn't
get it done fast enough.

So, come on out, guys.

♪ ♪

[applause, cheering]
- Oh, yeah!

The rest of you
had to nominate two teams

to be considered
for possible elimination

to go against Kiki and Darrell.

You chose the UK--
Tristan and KellyAnne...

[cheers and applause]

and the Americans,
Danny and Tori.

Come on out.

♪ ♪


Kaz, Jordan,
the decision is yours.

Who's it gonna be?

[tense music]

I feel like because of mine
and Kaz's relationship,

the least that we are owed
is a conversation.

And I've not heard
anything from Kaz all day.

And it doesn't feel great.
- That makes sense.

If I was Kaz,
I would've given that to him.

Tristan and KellyAnne.

I just wanna personally
apologize to Tristan

and KellyAnne, too.

But Tristan,
I know I'm your friend,

and I'm so sorry, honestly,
from the bottom of my heart.

Like, I feel like shit.

Danny, you and Tori go ahead
and get back to the group.

- Nothing I can do

or say to Jordan is gonna
convince him to send Tori in.

I do not feel good right now.

It's hitting me all at once
that I am a bad friend.

But it's not about friendships,
is it?

All right, tonight,
you're playing Hands Off.

Here's how it's gonna work.

To begin, you and
your partner

are gonna start
at your puzzle pieces

holding one giant chopstick each.

Then when I say go, you're
gonna pick up a puzzle piece,

you're gonna race it
over the beams,

over the deck,
down the steps,

and into your section.

Continue this process,

racing back
to your puzzle pieces,

picking one up
and doing the same thing

over and over again until you
grab all of the puzzle pieces.

Once you've grabbed 'em all,

you'll ditch the chopsticks
and start building your puzzle.

First team to complete
their puzzle

will win tonight's
elimination round

and stay in the game.

Get it done.
- Good luck, guys.

Good luck, guys!

Once we're in there, it's
a game, it's a competition.

We're here to win,
and, unfortunately,

we're gonna have to possibly

send our really good friends home.

Third nomination,
second time in,

and honestly,
I feel like considering

where we've been in this game,
that's impressive.

Birthday luck so far
hasn't been great.

I'm just putting it out there.

But I feel like
it's time to turn that around.

Oh, we definitely wanna
stay in the game.

This is the nitty gritty.

The final
is right around the corner,

and, yeah, man.

- We want that money.
- Don't wanna go home.

We're always gonna be about

our clear, concise communication.

We're gonna stay calm,
and we're gonna be cool,

and we're gonna kill it tonight.

All right, everyone ready?

[tense music]

[air horn blares]

Let's go, guys.

- Yeah?
- Yep, got it.


It's gonna fall,
it's gonna fall.

Shoot. Hold on, hold it,
hold it, hold--

- Oh!
- Ohh!

- Okay.
- Okay. Whoa, whoa.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- See what I mean?

- Yeah.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Okay, safe with me.
- We gotta move together.

Whoa, whoa, don't move.
- Okay.

Hold on.

I'll come more towards you.

Taking a step up.

- Wait, wait.
- No.

Ooh, ooh.

All right, let's go.

- Whoo!
- Okay.

- Nice and slow.
- Okay, let's go.

Yep, nice and smooth.

Nice and easy. Easy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't lift it, drop it low.

Drop it a bit low.
- Each step--they're uneven.

One step at a time.

There you go.
Good job, Tristan.

Good job, KellyAnne.

- Keep going. Shit.
- You got it.

- Uh-oh.
- Ohh!

I've never been
so frustrated in my life.

Me and Kiki are doing well,
and, boom.

- We drop it.
- We drop it.

Once you drop it, it's dead.

You gotta restart
from the beginning.

I will say this...
- [laughs]

I'm pretty sure
Kiki's getting mad at me

'cause I'm getting mad at Kiki.
- Yeah.

But we just keep going.

Kiki, look at them.

Copy them.

Come close--
touching your pole, and, yep.

All right.
- I'm pushing up,

you're pushing down.
- Okay.

Keep going, keep trying.

Oh, fuck. No, no.

Nice and easy.

- Okay.
- Steady.

Take a step up.

Reset that.
Calm down, there you go.

Bring it round,
bring it round, bring it round.

I'm listening, I'm listening.
Shoot, shoot.

- Bring it round.
- I'm trying.

- No, no!
- Ugh!

Okay, come on.

The patience
that you have to have

to get these pieces across,

probably one of the most
frustrating eliminations

that I've had to watch.

It was like watching
a scary movie.

I couldn't even do it.
Like, I couldn't watch them.

Good. Wait, wait. Yep.

Steady, steady.

- Don't rush, don't run.
- Good job.

- Step.
- Don't drop.

- Step.
- Go together, go together,

go together, easy.
- Look where your hand is.

I am, I am, I am.
And drop it.

- Whoo!
- Nice! Run, run.

Run, guys, run. Nice.

Just focus.
Nice and easy, focus.

- You got this.
- Stop, stop.

Oh, God.

You're fine. All the same.

Slow, slow.

Right foot down. Slow.

Catapult, catapult.


Slow. Take your time.
Slow, come on.

- Step, step.
- I see it. Come on.

Keep coming. Keep coming.
- Okay.

We're good.

- Tied it up. Tie game.
- Dead even!

- Great work, KellyAnne!
- Really good, guys.

Really good.
- Great job.

All right,
you're stepping together.

♪ ♪

- And drop.
- Whoo.

That's how it's done.

They keep putting us in,
but what can you do?

They're sheep.

But we are by no means pushovers.

You can keep sleeping on us,

you can keep trying
to throw us in,

but I hope you're ready
to go home.

Nice, KellyAnne.

- That was professional!
- Go, go, go, go!

- Whoo!
- Slow.

What do we need to do
to get this thing--

- Hold on, hold on--hey.
- What to do--

Just relax, no.

And drop.

♪ ♪

You're going too fast, mama.

I'm trying to lift
over this thing.

You gotta go nice and slow, Kiks.

Kiki's moving too fast.
Kiki, calm down.

Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.

And I'm just hoping
she can stay calm

because she's too aggressive
with her movements.

Slow, slow. Hold on, I got
a big step. Slow.

Slow. Slow.

Okay, we need to move it.
We need to move it.

We really need to move it.
- Good job, guys.

Great job, Tristan.

- Oh!
- Good job, guys.

- Faster.
- There you go, there you go.

Anybody's game.
Let's go.

You get this one Darrell,
you're even again.

It'd be 5-5

keep an eye on your nose.

Yeah, yeah.
Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.

Wait, we're still going,
we're still going.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait. Calm.
- I know, I know, I know.

Well done!

All tied up! Let's go!

Somewhere, out of nowhere,

Darrell and Kiki decide
that they're actually

gonna start getting
the rhythm right.

It's crazy what happens
when they start

using the chopsticks
like chopsticks.

The best thing about

my partner and I
is he's been cheering

for Darrell and Kiki
the whole time,

and I've been cheering
for KellyAnne and Tristan.

So, once again,
us being split

is gonna benefit us,
because no matter

who comes back,
they know that they have

at least one supporter
on our team.

We're great.
We're a great duo.

5-5, let's go!
It's anybody's game!

- Ahh!
- Nice and smooth.

Ah, I got it.

[tense music]

Push harder down on your stick.

Up, and--
- I am, I am. Yeah.

♪ ♪


[both groan]

Let's get it
quickly over there,

and throw it, yeah.

Let's go.

- Good job!
- Nice!

All right, ready?

Ah, ah, ah.

- Come on.
- Can I pause?

Get the angle right.

Okay. Nice and slow.

♪ ♪

Whoo! UK!

I like that, UK. I like that.

Jordan is cheering
for Team UK right now.

He keeps saying, "Team UK.
Let's go, Team UK."

That's all fake. You literally
put them in there.

Like, I just don't feel
good watching this right now.

Watch your feet,
watch your feet.

Move this way with me.


Nice. Good work.

Wait, wait.
You stay still, you stay still.

Stay still.
- I'm trying to stay still.

- Patience.
- We've got time,

we've got time.
- There you go, there you go.

Hustle back, hustle back.
- Yes, yes.

Anybody's game!

- Keep balancing that straight.
- Okay.

♪ ♪

Go down together.
No, no, no, no, no! Hey--

Hey, you guys are gonna walk
down together in that instance.

♪ ♪

Good job, Darrell.
Good job.

Don't lose faith. Come on.
Don't get frustrated

You're still in it.
- It's gonna fall off my--

- Don't give up.
- I'm not giving up.

♪ ♪

I just think
that we need to get--

Yeah, we need to get it
onto the sticks.

We have a foot difference
in this. I'm 5'4", he's 6'4".

We've got fire
in our bellies.

- Strong arms.
- Thank you, I have been

working on them.
- Didn't stop. Yeah. [laughs]

Good, good. Big hands.
- It feels great.

I've been told.
- [laughs]

Come on, Tristan
and KellyAnne.

You guys got this.
Come on.

- Slow, slow.
- I am.

♪ ♪

- Slow.
- Mm-hmm.

- Slow.
- Nice.

Let's go.

Looking good.
- Nose up, nose up,

nose up, nose up,
keep an eye on that.

- Go, go, go.
- Good job, good job.

Go, go, go, go, go!

You got this!
Let's go!

Better start
from the bottom next time.


You don't wanna have to
hold shit up.

That piece is not
gonna go right there, Kiki.

Just hold on, let me just do
this puzzle for a minute

because I'm good at these.

I know how to do
tangerine puzzles.

Okay? I know they're called tangrams.

- And good.
- Nice!

Nice, let's go!
Let's go!

Let's go!

It's a race!

♪ ♪

This elimination is crazy.

You guys got it.
Do yours.

It's anybody's game,
and this is a nail-biter.

It really doesn't matter
who goes home.

I mean, I'd rather see
Tristan and KellyAnne

'cause they've tried
to put us in many, many times.

So, I'd like to see them go.

As long as it's not us
down there,

I don't really mind. [laughs]

♪ ♪



[air horn blares]

- Good job, guys.
- Good job, mama.

So stressful.
- Good fight, y'all.

Good fight.
- Yeah, good job, KellyAnne.

Great fight, guys.

♪ ♪

You did amazing.
It was so close, KellyAnne.

So good.
- Good job.

My love.

It's unfortunate
we had to send

two of our really good
friends home,

but it was neck-and-neck,

and it was such
a great elimination

to do together
to work on our communication.

- Oh, yeah, definitely.
- We got it in the end.

I've never lost
an elimination,

and I don't intend to
anytime soon,

so we're just gonna
keep this up,

and hopefully take out
the entire competition.


That was a sick elimination.

You all absolutely killed it.

Now I know why our global MVPs
are both champions

of their countries.

♪ ♪

What an amazing elimination
to go out on.

That was badass, Tristan.

Take care of yourself.
Nothing but love.

KellyAnne, always, a legend.

No doubt about it.

Thank you both for being here,
but this ends your time here

on the "World Championship"
for now.

- Thanks, man.
- Take care.

- Been a pleasure.
- Love you, KellyAnne!

I love you, KellyAnne!

- All right.
- Cheers, buddy.

We definitely had our ups,
we definitely had our downs.

but all-in-all,

I'm super happy.
- Well--yeah. Me too.

And I feel like we really
made each other proud,

and I'm very happy
to have had you as a partner.

Thank you. Same.

We had our backs against
the wall this whole time.

We took out a couple
big players.

And, I'm just like--
I'm really impressed with us.

Me too.

Next time.
- Next time.

to both of you.

Doing it for Australia.

Head back up to the group.

You're still going
for a half a million dollars.

- Let's go!

Come on, guys.

- Let's go!
- Kiki and Darrell!

Each and every one of you
is a savage team.

♪ ♪

Stay ready, get some rest.

You're definitely
gonna need it.

I'll see you soon.

In this game, it's usually
about getting strong people out

so you can get to the final

and make your chances
in the final easier.

I believe we have been aligned

with some of the greatest
people in the house

being our allies.

The wolves. These lot
are wolves, these lot.

You know, we're in there
with the best

thieves, liars, backstabbers,
and manipulators in the game.

So, once you give 'em
a little bit of meat,

you know they're coming
for the kill.

I feel like we're a force,
and I love it.

We had to agree that we would
nominate Emily and Yes.

If Emily and Yes don't win,
I'm screwed.

Being an Olympic swimmer,
oh, God, I love water so much.

And one more thing,
you're gonna be tethered

together the entire time.

And that says incorrect.

Like, who are you?
It don't make no sense.

I'm trying to protect Tori.

It's not just your decision.

We work together.
- Do we?

What's the point of having
a partner

if you don't even
trust them?

[electronic music]

♪ ♪