The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - What in the World? - full transcript

The competitors must deal with an unexpected turn of events that completely changes the course of the game. The competitors bet on a win at the "Ripcord Roulette" trivia challenge. A damaged alliance struggles to maintain power.

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[dramatic music]

I'm TJ Lavin,

and this is "The Challenge:
World Championship."

♪ ♪

In the challenge Tunnel Time,

the pressure was on
the global MVPs

that they could step up
and get the win for their team

because the challenge Legends
were locked up.


Emily and Yes
absolutely killed it.


Unfortunately for Kaz,
she couldn't get it done.

So Kaz and Jordan, I'll
be seeing you in The Arena.

During nominations, KellyAnne
mustered up the numbers

to get all American teams
sent in.

- I'm not joining their side.
- I know that.

- Bananas, Justine.
- Bananas and Justine.

- Sarah and Theo.
- Sarah and Theo.

the challenge winners,

Australia's Yes and Emily,

sent Bananas and Justine
against Kaz and Jordan.

The UK's Kaz and Jordan's
attention to detail

paid off with the win.

[air horn blares]

Another challenge Legend, gone.

Jordan and Kaz got it done.

Let's go, baby.

They're still here going
for the coveted title

of Challenge World Champion.

♪ ♪

This is it. Nine teams left.
Who's gonna win?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- After you, miss.
- Why, thank you.

Oh, my God.

And we're back!
That was all you.

No, it was you.
You saw the sun.

No, you literally
sent us to elimination!

- No, no!

- Well done, guys.
- You got it.

We're gonna have
to work much harder now

with Justine and Bananas gone,
but it's doable.

I feel like, you know,
us losing a number like that,

it's really gonna come down
to now us needing to win.

KellyAnne and Tristan
set up a plot

to break up Team USA
and our alliance.

Chucking them in would
be the sweetest revenge.

UK is OK today.

KellyAnne and I
have successfully pulled off

one of the
biggest moves so far,

but I am not feeling good.

This is something

I do not need
to be dealing with right now.

I need to be
100% in this game

physically and mentally
in order to succeed,

and right now, I'm not.

- UK, UK.
- Yes.


♪ ♪

I'm gonna try not
sleeping with a shirt.

That way, I don't get one dirty
in the first go around,

and I can put a new one on.

Hello, boys.

[suspenseful music]

Tristan, Ben, and I haven't
been feeling our bests.

We've been struggling physically.

I'm feeling nauseous.

I'm feeling--I have
headaches, fever.

I'm sweating, but there's
one thing I'm not gonna do

is give up on my partner.

I'll push through
this sickness.

♪ ♪

And I'm hoping that
after this next one,

I'm hoping we can
get in power or

somebody loses that
we want to get out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm just trying to get better
at this point.


I feel like
I can't catch a break.

I'm just sick.

I think Amber and I are in
a good spot at the moment.

I just hope she can
get over her sickness

and be physically 100%.

But to be honest,
I'll take her physically at 80%

over a lot of other people anyway.

So Amber,
just keep trucking along.

I love your effort, and that's
all I would ever ask of you.

It's just annoying.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Tristan is really sick,
and I just feel like

we went from hero to zero.

We just won this huge move
that we made in the game.

KellyAnne and I are gonna
vote for Sarah and Theo.

Also Bananas and Justine.

Bananas and Justine
and Theo and Sarah.

[all gasping]
- Damn.

Wow, the whole U.S. just--

Bananas, Justine,
unfortunately, this ends

your time here on "The
Challenge: World Championship."

Tristan is sick.

The Groundhog Day
of nightmares again.

Every day, we gonna
have a new struggle.

Every day, things change.

And I kind of, like,
do my best to fix them,

but it's not about me,
it's about fate.

Yeah, I don't know how
it's gonna work, man.

I feel like fucking shit.
[exhales deeply]

[tense music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[thunder rumbles]


[coughing and groaning]


Fuck me, man.

I know.

All right, thanks, Sarah.


Ben and I have been rocky
throughout the game,

but Ben is really
sick right now.

And I am a human being also.

And even if
he's wronged me in the game,

or he's upset with me,
at the end of the day, like,

I want him to be OK.

♪ ♪

His body has been trying
to fight something off.

It definitely looks
like it's doing this, though,

because it's like, where you,
like, go through bouts of--

for half a day,
and then we have to go out.

He's just getting it
super bad.

This is not good.
Worst-case scenario.

My partner is sick.

When you are partnered
with someone in this game,

that is your partner through
the whole entire game.

And if you don't have a
partner, then you're out.

I'm not sure what his body
is trying to fight right now,

but I do need him
to get better ASAP.

♪ ♪

Ay, no.
He'll be good.

♪ ♪



I just can't see myself--

Even being able
to get out of bed.

I'm really sorry.
This is--this is--

I know this is a team game.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I feel terrible for Tristan,

but it's really hard
to have your teammate

who controls your fate
in this game want to go home

because they're not feeling well.

Like, I don't know.
Do I pack up my stuff now?

I-I don't even know how to
feel, and I don't--[sighs]

I don't really want
to process this yet.

This is the last--
the worst way I

would have wanted this to end.

Yeah, we had
a real chance to win.

Yeah, we did.

♪ ♪

[thunder rumbles]

♪ ♪

You're gonna be OK.

♪ ♪

You're a trooper, Ben.

Everything will be OK.

You know what?

If Amber and Troy left, they're
top of my hit list anyway,

so that would be a job
well done indirectly.

If Tristan and KellyAnne left,
that would be equally as good.

I still think we could mend
things with Kaycee and Ben.

I wouldn't want them to leave,

but it wouldn't be
the worst thing in the world.

You're gonna
come back like new.

♪ ♪

Oh, my God, we just
lost Justine and Bananas.

Now what's gonna
happen to Kaycee?

It's just like--[groans]

Like, that is my girl,
you know?

Like, we are so close.

We're friends,
and obviously we're

working together in this game.

So this is just
shit all around.

- Sounds good, sounds good.
- Love you, Ben.

See you soon.

Oh, damn, this is not good.
They're taking him off.

The ambulance is here
to come pick him up.

And I mean, my partner is

hooked up to IVs
and all this stuff.

I just want to make sure
that my partner is OK.

And if he's not and
he cannot continue right now,

then that means
I'm out the game.

[siren wailing]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I want to go to these people

that are threatening to quit
and say, it's OK.

You're gonna be fine.

But on the inside, I want to
say, yeah, you should quit.

You look really sick.

All I know is if one person's
gone, it's better for my game.

♪ ♪

I am feeling rotten.

I had it in my head
that this was

the end of the road for me.

But Kaz,

being the motivating woman
that she is,

has given me a pep talk,

and it's exactly what I needed
to hear at this point.

If you can't do it for
yourself, do it for KellyAnne.

I know you can do it.

Think about all the people
that want to be here.

I just think this one
challenge, you can do it.

You can do it for KellyAnne

because she would do it
for you.

♪ ♪

I'm not a quitter.
I don't give up.

I'm here to win.
So thank you, Kaz.

No going home.

Thank God for Kaz.

Clearly, she is a better
salesperson than I am.

I'm just relieved that
Tristan is gonna show up

to the challenge
and that we can

at least beat today and then
see how he feels tomorrow.

I'm just hopeful.

♪ ♪

All right, everyone,
welcome to your next challenge

here on this season of "The
Challenge: World Championship."

[cheers and applause]


Now, first order of business.

I understand Ben
is in the hospital.

He is medically
unable to continue.

So, Kaycee...

[dramatic music]

That means...

♪ ♪

We're losing you as well.
- OK.

[all groaning]

It's all right.
- Oh, Kaycee.

- It is what it is.
- It's all good.

You can't control it.

You can't control
stuff like that.

You cannot control injuries, sickness.

And this game
can take a toll on you,

and so I just hope that
he's in good health.

But I am bummed
having to leave this way.

I get it, though.
That's just part of the game.

Ah, dude.
It's all good.

Ben, I do hope that
you're OK and you get well,

but I do not want to
see you in the game.

That way, I do not
have to worry about him

stabbing me in the back.

Bye, Ben.
Bye, Kaycee.

Hope to never see you again.

Can I please say something?

Yeah, sure.
What do you got to say?

I've been so unwell,
and I've been

really fighting and giving
my all for my partner.

I just don't feel 100%.
- No, you're good.

Yeah, you're my number
one priority in here,

but I'm really struggling
right now.

But I want to give
him the best chance,

so I would love to switch
places with Kaycee and--

Amber, are you?

I would, if you
would let that happen.

[soft dramatic music]


I see two people that really,
really want to be here.

♪ ♪

That's fine with me.
Amber, take care of yourself.

- Are you sure?
- I love you guys.

I'm most positive.
You are the best partner.

I-I couldn't ask
for anyone better.

I love all of you guys.
Yeah, I love you.

I'll see you
on the flip side.

- Bye, Amber!
- Bye, Amber.

So I'm so happy that
I listened to my body,

and I have some news.

I'm pregnant.

- No way.
- [laughs]

Are you serious?

Yeah, I have the test.
Do you want to see?

Look, I got two
just to make sure.

I didn't pee on them,
I promise.

I'm pregnant.
- That's the best news ever.

- I'm gonna be a mommy.

- Enjoy your time at home.
- [laughs]

- Oh!
- Thank you, Troy.

- [imitates explosion]
- [laughs]

[soft upbeat music]

So you're the only one
that knows.


♪ ♪

All right, so, Kaycee,

go ahead and join
your new teammate.

Troy, right over there.

You are now
representing Australia.

[cheers and applause]

I'm going from
representing the USA

to now representing Australia.

I mean, I was not
expecting this at all.

I'm still shocked.

I'm still trying to process
what has happened,

but this guy is an amazing guy
and I'm excited.

I reckon
we can make it work.

Our game has changed
at the moment.

We are actually really
not sure where we stand.

Kaycee has got her own
alliances and things going on.

I've got my own.

I'm happy to have Kaycee,
but I'm so sad to lose Amber.

[digeridoo playing]

- Was not seeing this coming.
- [laughs]

[dramatic music]

Kaycee, Kaycee,
you got lucky,

because you got upgraded
from Ben to Troy.

Happy motherfucking birthday, Kaycee.

This challenge is like
a box of chocolates.

You never know what
you're gonna get.

All right,
today's challenge is awesome.

What is a world championship

without my favorite game, trivia?


So today, you are
playing Ripcord Roulette.


To begin,
you and your partner

are gonna be 21 stories high

off the side of a building.

Then I'm gonna ask you
a series of questions.

You get the question wrong,

you will have to pull one of
five ripcords in front of you.

Four of those
ripcords are dummies.

They don't do anything.

there's one ripcord on there

that will send you
plummeting all the way down.

Oh, and by the way,
if you get it right,

you get to tell somebody else
to pull a ripcord.


I've been studying a lot of
trivia, and I'm very prepared.

I'm not prepared for that.

And at the end of this,
we will have two more heats,

a winners' heat
and a losers' heat.

The team to lose
the losers' heat,

I'll be seeing
you in The Arena.

The team to stay up there
the longest in the winning heat

will win today's challenge
and be the only team

safe from elimination.

Go get 'em, Darrell.
Good luck. [laughs]

[dramatic music]

I don't like heights.

All right, gentlemen,
walk out.

Let's go.
- I'm not going. I can't.

I can't walk out there.
There's no fucking way.

Hell no.

Me and Kiki have flipped
on the USA squad,

and, hopefully, she can
get these answers right

because I already know
we on the chopping block.

All the Aussies is on
the chopping block.

♪ ♪

- All right, everyone ready?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Let's get this party started.


For us, today's
challenge is gonna

be a crash course, right?

We've got a lot to learn
about each other

and we've got to learn fast
and get it together,

so this is the first step.

First up, Kaycee and Troy,
you ready?

both: Yeah.

According to Einstein,
E equals MC what?

E equals MC squared.

♪ ♪

- That is correct.
- Woo!


Now, who do you
want pull a ripcord?

- Do it to yourself.
- We're gonna--

Sorry, Emily and Yes.

We're gonna give it
to Emily and Yes this round.

- Ah!
- All right, Emily and Yes.

Yes, go ahead and pull
one of those ripcords.

- Yeah.
- Ready?


♪ ♪

- Oh, fuck.
- Well done!

Well done, Yes.
All right, next question.

Yes and Emily, which direction
is opposite from southwest?

♪ ♪


That is correct.
[bell rings]

Now, who do you want
to give that ripcord to?

You're gonna pass it right
back to Troy and Kaycee, huh?


♪ ♪

Ah, I love you, Troy.

- Keep pulling it.
- [grunts]

Oh, wow. Well done.
Well done, Kaycee.

- Ah!
- Woo!

All right, Darrell, Kiki,

which of the following
is an oxymoron?

Several slithering serpents,
a false truth,

or a large, tattered shoe?

♪ ♪

The answer is B.

False truth.

That is correct.
[bell rings]

Now that you have
the answer correct,

I'm gonna need to
know which team--

Troy and Kaycee.

Man, I feel a bit
betrayed at the moment.

Kiki, what are you doing?

♪ ♪

Before today's challenge,
Darrell and Yes

have already made a little plan
that they're gonna be

putting hits on Troy
and Kaycee.

Troy and Kaycee
is a strong-ass team.

They just made a super team.

But Kaycee is tied
to USA through Tori,

so they cannot be trusted.

Kaycee is against us.

She has Jordan and Tori,
who she's gonna save before us,

- Go home.

We don't need you here.

Troy and Kaycee, go ahead
and pull that ripcord.

- You want to go for this one?
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

[cheers and applause]

Hey, there she goes!

Kaycee and Troy, next question.

True or false,

Africa is the only continent
that does not get snow.


Well, Troy, you and Kaycee...

are wrong.

[buzzer blares]
- Ah!

- [laughs]
- Pull your ripcord!

♪ ♪

- All right, all right.
- See you guys later.



- Oh, damn, three lives.

All right, next up,
Yes and Emily.

How many seconds
are there in an hour?

360 seconds.

That answer is...

- 3,600, 3,600.

- Yeah.
- 3,600.

Yeah, that would
have been awesome.

- That's what I said, 3,600.
- Come on, I was here.


Emily and Yes
will never come for us,

so if we don't win,
the next best thing

is Emily and Yes winning.

Go ahead to
pull that ripcord.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

One, two, three.


- Still alive, baby!
- Whoa, whoa!

Next up, Darrell and Kiki.
- Yeah.

In badminton,
what is the name of the item

players hit over the net?


That's amazing.
That is correct.

[bell rings]
A shuttlecock.

Wow, I would never
have known that.

- Kaycee and Troy.
- Really, Darrell?


Because you've
only got two left.

Yeah, but they've got--
they only have two left.

I got to hurry up and get
off this damn thing, man.

- Yeah.
- Oh, man.

All right, 50/50 chance.

Troy and Kaycee,
pull your ripcord.


♪ ♪

[both grunt]
- See you later!


Next question,
who invented the telephone?

♪ ♪

Alexander Bell.

- That is correct.
- Thank you.

OK, guys, you're gonna
have to pull one.

Yes, Emily,
pull one of those ripcords.

♪ ♪

You want to
pull that far one?

You go, any one.

- One, two...
- Two, three.


- Oh, my God!
- Can you pull us up?

I don't trust Emily
to save me over Sarah

if it came down to it.

She's always had it out for
me because I sent her home

in "Challenge" Australia.

Kiki and Connor
are the winners

of tonight's elimination.

And I've had
about enough of her.

Darrell and Kiki
win this round!

I don't want to
come back out here!

♪ ♪

All right, here we go.
Round two.

♪ ♪

A win is always critical
for Team Argentina.

We're kind of on
our own island over here,

so we would love to win one.

I enjoy heights, but,
you know,

I prefer rather jump from
a plane than from a building.


♪ ♪

First up, Theo and Sarah.

A cardiologist is a doctor
who focuses on what?

♪ ♪

So easy.


That is correct.

Which team do you want
to pull the ripcord?

Sorry, but Benja and Jodi.

- Oh!
- Oh, my God.

I feel like I'm making
some of the big moves here,

but Tristan is very sick

and Jodi and Benja are the
losers of the second round.

This game can change overnight,
and I'm nervous.

- [shudders]
- [chuckles]

All right, Jordan and Kaz,

which two elements
make up water?

Hydrogen and oxygen.

That is correct, Jordan.

♪ ♪

- [laughing] Yay!
- [laughs]

[all exclaiming]


You could be amazing
at trivia...

See ya,
wouldn't want to be ya.

Jordan and Kaz.

Now, you get to do this again.

♪ ♪

It definitely feels like
do or die right now.

KellyAnne and Tristan
are super smart.

Tristan literally knows
subspecies of spiders,

so I'm kind of nervous to
go against him in trivia.

I'm not feeling well at all,

so I'm just gonna do this
for KellyAnne.

I hope that whatever
comes out of my mouth

is the correct answer.

♪ ♪

Tristan and KellyAnne,

how many times does the Earth
spin around the sun in a year?

♪ ♪


The answer is one. Correct.

♪ ♪

[all exclaiming]


One and done, one and done.
- Hey!

Tristan and KellyAnne,
you win this round.

My worst-case scenario
today would have been

anything physical,
but what I can do

is hang off the side
of a building

and try and muster
some sort of brain capacity

to answer some questions.

This is so comfortable, man.

All right,
Tristan and KellyAnne,

an ornithologist
is someone who studies what?

- Birds!
- Oh, my God.

How the hell
did you know that?

- That's his thing!
- He's an ornithologist!

Well done.

Who do you want to
have pull their ripcord?

We're gonna go
with our very close friends...

Jordan and Kaz.
- What?


I think KellyAnne
does appreciate me

and the conversation
I had with Tristan

because she couldn't even
get through to him,

but Tristan and KellyAnne
are sabotaging us,

their own country.

I'm shocked.

I'm very upset we've lost
Amber and Troy as a pair

because they were
a strong alliance.

But Kiki and Darrell,
Benja and Jodi,

will 100% protect me,

and they know that
I will 100% protect them.

- See ya!
- [screams]

- [laughs]
- Yay!

KellyAnne and Tristan
are Team UK.

So are Jordan and Kaz.

Now, we're all becoming
aware of this alliance

that has formed
between Tristan,

KellyAnne, Darrell, and Kiki.

I'm upset about the
Team USA thing being exploded,

but I'm even more mad
at KellyAnne.

Good round.

Kiki, what is the adverb
in the following sentence?

The sprinter ran rapidly
and fell down the hill.

Is it rapidly?

Kiki, oh, my God.

Kaz and Jordan's next.
[all cheering]


[bell rings]

Oh my gosh,
we got three for three.

Kiki and Darrell,
pull it, baby!

Oh, thank fuck!

Gaelic football originated
from which country?

[bell rings]

- Goodbye, my love!
- Ah!

[all exclaiming]

♪ ♪

Kiki and Darrell.

Is it 7 and 3/4?

[buzzer blares]
- Ooh, no.

- Bye, Darrell.
- Is it see ya later?

[all exclaiming]

- Whoo!
- My God.

Tristan, KellyAnne, what is
the world's smallest country?


- I have no idea.
- I'd say the Vatican City.

♪ ♪

You're sick, and you still
banged it out like that.


- It's fun, Keeks!
- Have fun, Kiki!

- Have fun.
- Hold onto your line, Darrell!

- Bye-bye!
- Ah!

[cheers and applause]

- That was actually fun.
- Fun, my ass.

It was fun.

Tristan, KellyAnne,
way to go.

- Oh, God.
- Great job.

Tristan was
considering going home.

Survival mode was
fully initiated today.

It was an absolute struggle,
but we managed to pull it off.

And we're safe.

Tristan and KellyAnne,

they wouldn't think twice
about saying our name again.

KellyAnne is
very unpredictable,

and so I think
it's coming back for us.

♪ ♪

So proud of you.

♪ ♪

All right, the losers' round.
First up, Kaycee, Troy.

The first one to drop,

they're automatically
last place.

Oh my gosh, we cannot--
we got to either...

We've got to get
this question right.

Get this trivia
question right,

or we have to make sure
we don't pull this cord,

because then we are going
straight to The Arena.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

All right, the losers' round.

It's not a good
feeling knowing that

both teams on
either side of you

are going to say your name
to pull lines,

but Tristan and
KellyAnne have won.

And I know that even
if we were nominated,

we're not gonna go in,

so our only goal right now
is to not come in last.

First up, Kaycee, Troy.

In poker,
which cards are needed

to make up a royal flush?

I know this.
Do you know this?

Go, go.

Ace, king, queen, jack,
and ten.

All the same suit.
- All the same suit.


♪ ♪


[bell rings]
- Good job.

Which team do you want
to have pull the ripcord?

So it's gonna have
to be Benja and Jodi.

If I can even reach it.

- Get out there.
- Get out there.

You got it. Teamwork.
- Go, Jodi.

Oh, my God.

Well, see ya later.

- Damn.
- [laughs]

- Dude.
- What?

Yeah, it was ten to one odds,
and they did it twice.

We have not even
had a chance

to answer a trivia question.

We literally don't get
a break, Benja, ever.

- The story of my life.
- Yes.

Story of our lives here,
that's for sure.

The story of our lives, yes.

Hey, you guys are all
really good at this game.


The losers' bracket
does me right every time.

We got fucking lucky.
Let me off of here now!

♪ ♪

Great challenge today,
everyone. Way to go.

[cheers and applause]
- Killing it.

Tristan and KellyAnne--

Tristan, I mean,
you maybe should try

getting sick more
often because--

I know.

I might have to, mate.
- You got it done.

So congratulations.
You two win.

[cheers and applause]
- Good job, guys.

Yeah, guys.

You are the only team
safe from elimination,

and you'll be making
a very important decision

at a critical time in the game,
so great job.

Unfortunately, Benja, Jodi,
couldn't even get started.

I would have loved to
asked you some questions,

but I'll be seeing you both
in the elimination round.

And now the rest of you,
head back to the house

and nominate two teams
for possible elimination

to go against Benja and Jodi
in The Arena, all right?

Get out of here.

- Woo!
- Good luck.

Winning a challenge is great
because you're safe,

but Jodi and Benja
are at the bottom.

Amber has now left,
so not being able

to have a vote in this
is actually a bummer

and I'm hoping
that it's just not

one of our other
very close numbers

that gets put in there.

♪ ♪

Ooh, long day.

♪ ♪

[cheers and applause]

Good job. Love you guys.
[indistinct chatter]

I'm looking at these numbers
and I'm thinking,

jeez, Kaycee and I know
that our head could

be on the chopping block.

I get it.
We're easy targets.

We're the new kids
on the block.

It sucks.

♪ ♪

Today was not
a good day for us.

It was a great day
for you guys, though.

Congrats on a second win.
- No, because we're--we're--

We're a team,
so your loss is our loss.

♪ ♪

It was a crazy day.

Before the challenge even
started, we lose challengers.

And then all of a sudden
you're back, which is awesome.

That said, I think
we're gonna say your names.

You're a new team on the block,
Troy and Kaycee.

That's a cute way
to justify it.

And we vote
for Kiki and Darrell.

- Damn, the Aussies going in.
- Ah! Jesus.

I mean, Emily asked how
my back was feeling.

It feels like I've been stabbed
in it, actually.

I know Kiki and Darrell
and Troy and Kaycee

aren't gonna have my back
at the end of the day,

so I need to get rid of them.

I don't trust
either Emily or Grant.

They're in my team,
but they're not my friends.

I vote Yes and Emily.

Wouldn't have voted
for another Aussie.

Like, that's just ridiculous.

♪ ♪

In the end,
it's just me and Emily

that are gonna be on
top of that mountain

at the end of the final,
so I'm looking out for us.

If it were up to us,
my vote would be for Danny,

and Danny's vote
would be for Tori

because we just can never
come to an agreement.

So in that note, we're gonna
throw one vote on us, right?

Tori and all her friends,

she's aligned with
this person to begin with.

She's aligned with
that person next.

Got so many people
she's trying to protect.

As an alliance, Tori and Danny
have been pretty useless.

OK, well, that's it.

So Tori and Danny
and Darrell and Kiki.

We're having one vote to
Tori and Danny.

- And take it right back.

And we're sending one
right back to Emily and Yes.

Our first vote is going to be
for the new team on the block.

Yeah, I'm really sorry,
but I'm gonna vote for you.

Kaycee and Troy,
I'm really sorry.

Our second vote is going
to be for Darrell and Kiki.

♪ ♪

Our vote is for
Yes and Emily.

The other vote is
for Tori and Danny.

Darrell, Kiki,
Kaycee and Troy.


Darrell and Kiki are in,
so revote.

Me and Kiki are the majority,

so we are one team that's gonna
possibly be in elimination.

Now, we're looking
for another team,

so we got to all do a revote.

♪ ♪

We're voting for Troy
and Amber--oh, I mean Kaycee.


- I see what you done there.
- Who do you want to say?

Where all the votes
are going, to Kaycee and Troy.

So you want to
say Kaycee and Troy?


The game is putting
us in positions

where we are truly
on opposite sides.

We're a partnership,
and we are actually--

No, no, no, no, at
this point, we're on our side.

Right. So our side includes
Kaycee, 'cause Kaycee--

No, our side
includes our safety.

That's what our side includes.

It's not like I'm not trying
to make a decision, I am.

This is a hard thing to do
in a game for a lot of money.

- Who's the money for?
- I get it.

The money's for myself,

but, Jordan, you know
this is complicated.

100% I do.

You just saw what I had to
do to my friend as well.

You think I wanted to do that?

I hate being in this position
right now.

We're not saying
it's easy to do.

OK, that's so sweet.

Like, you're like,
no, it's not easy.

Here's the knife,
stab her in the face with it.

That's what this feels like.
- Tori, I get it.

It's a shit situation,
but this is the game

you continue to sign up
to play.

♪ ♪

Danny's her partner.
Kaycee is not her partner.

You should want to
work with your partner.

Tori, I'm telling you,

she's got her head so far
shoved up Kaycee's ass,

she can't even see right now.

You're asking me to say one
of my closest friend's name.

- It's OK, Tori.

It's not.

You literally hate me.
- No, I'm saying--

Like, I wish you never
picked me as a partner.

You could have had a way
easier game if you didn't.

Those is fighting words.

It look like I'm
watching a soap opera.

Tori hits Danny with a
"I wish you never picked me."

Like, I wish you never
picked me as a partner.

Like, this sound
like some old ninth grade

"I wish I'd never met you"
- type shit.

This partnership
is not about the game.

Dude, you're--you're--

No, no, no,
I was talking to myself.

You were talking out loud.

High school drama

Oh, my God.

And yeah, it's getting
a little interesting here.

Whatever you want, Tori.
My hands are up.

She's one of my
closest friends.

I'm not gonna do it,
so I'm gonna burn.

Yeah, vote for yourself then.

Danny and Tori
vote for Danny and Tori.

[tense music]

All right.

We're voting
for Tori and Danny.

- Thank y'all.
- Yeah.

Our vote's going
to Troy and Kaycee.

- Troy and Kaycee.
- Oh, fuck.

All right,
we'll vote for Jordan and Kaz.

Out of respect
for their friendship.


♪ ♪

What a fucking surprise.

That is a real shitter.
- Wow.

[sighs] We've gone from
ritz to rubble in this game.

We had a strong alliance team.

We had guys who had our back,
teams we wanted to work with.

And all of those teams
are now the nominated names

for possible elimination.

It feels crap.
- Mm.

They are two names that
I did not want to say.


Ugh, tough.

♪ ♪

[sputters softly]

[tense music]

What made all
this so frustrating

is everyone's trying to have
their cake and eat it, too.


I'm sorry that you got
the shit end of the stick.

- It's good that we see it now.
- I get it.

Yeah, she's fucked
as far as I'm concerned.

That's two times now
she shit on my fucking name.

She won't get another fucking
chance to do it again.

And I'll be here
to pack her bags

and send her on her way home

like I did in
"The Challenge" Australia.

Yeah, we gotta.

'Cause I'm fucking
done with her.

My girl, Kiki, has been
warning me about Emily,

that she can't be trusted,

and she's done this
to her in the past.

And now, I can see
what she's talking about.

You know what, Kiki?
You right. Fuck Emily.

We might be both from
Australia, and we are team.

But we're definitely
not fucking friends.

Yeah, yeah.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I'm here to show
my personality and who I am.

I think I'm ready
to go in, you know?

And that's on the contrary
to Danny,

who doesn't want to go
into elimination ever.

Sarah doesn't want to go
into elimination ever,

but I'm not here
to play a scared game.

♪ ♪

We had the worst luck.

Whoever go against us,

I am going to go it
with my chest like this,

with my front way up there.

My heart is gonna be there
when I need it.

We are the new kids.
We are the new pair in town.

- Yeah.
- And you know what?

I know people
are looking at us scared, too.


♪ ♪

All right, everyone.

Let's start off
by congratulating

the UK's Tristan and KellyAnne

absolutely killing it
at the challenge.

[cheers and applause]
Great job.

That's a win
for the ornithologist.

- Woo!
- [laughs]

On the other hand,
we had our losers.

The very unlucky team
was Argentina's Benja and Jodi.

Come on out.
[cheers and applause]

[rock music]

♪ ♪

You had to go back to the house
and nominate two teams

to be considered
for possible elimination.

You chose two Australian teams.

We have Darrell and Kiki
and Troy and Kaycee.

Come on out.

[cheers and applause]

♪ ♪

It all comes down to this.

The UK's Tristan
and KellyAnne...

which one of these Australian
teams are coming down here

to go against the Argentinians?

♪ ♪

With a very heavy heart,
we're gonna have to...

put Troy and Kaycee
in the sand tonight.

All right,
so, Troy and Kaycee,

you're down here with me.

Darrell, Kiki,
go head back to the group.



♪ ♪

I love playing this game
with honest and true people,

and Troy is 100%
one of those people.

But I know Kaycee has
loyalties to Team USA

that I don't think are gonna
help us in the long run.

Welcome back, baby.

All right, tonight,
you are playing Spin Me Round.

As you can see,

there are two giant,
rotating platforms

right here in the middle
of The Arena.

There are also two walls that
are blocking two answer keys

because your goal is
to see those answer keys,

relay that information
to your partner.

Now, here's
how it's gonna work.

To begin, one of you
is gonna be placed

on that rotating platform.

Then, your partner is gonna
be in charge of spinning you

around and around so that
you can get top dead center,

see over that wall,
and see the answer key.

Once you see that answer key,

you will relay that information
to your partner,

who will then have
to let go of the handle.

You're gonna start
spinning around and around.

Then, they're gonna start

recreating what you yell to them.

The first team to recreate
their answer key perfectly

will win
tonight's elimination round

and stay in the game,
going for their $1/2 million

and that title
of Challenge World Champion.

All right?
all: Got it.

- Good luck.
- Cool.

- Cheers.
- Thanks.

Good luck, guys.
[cheers and applause]

I'm gonna be describing.

Kaycee is gonna
be describing,

and I'm the one gonna
be doing the puzzle.

I mean, this--this is
a lot of muscle to spin,

but I think he has it.
- [grunts]

[dramatic music]

This is really putting our
team to the test right now.

Test, yeah.

This is our first elimination together.

We just became partners.

And hopefully,
we can communicate.

And I feel really good
about it.

Yeah, I feel good, too.

We are keeping
Team Argentina alive.

We would love to see Argentina
make it into the final.

- For you people.

So yeah, vamos Argentina.

[speaking Spanish]

- Focus.
- Focus, yeah.

- Yeah, focus.
- Relax.

All right, everyone ready?

[air horn blares]

Let's go, guys!


So the first one is orange
with two triangles.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

So there's a lot of shapes.

Good job, Kayce.
Good job, Troy.

I am ready to see Kaycee
and Troy out of here.

Less number ones for Tori,
it's easier for my game.

So Benja, Jodi, can you please
pull this one out for us?

It's a triangle that has
another triangle inside.

- OK.
- And it's pointing

to the left.
- It's pointing to the left.

So that's gonna be
the first of that row

and the last of that row.

- What's up?

- What color are they?
- It's yellow.

- OK.
- Oh!

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- It's OK, it's OK, it's OK.

Fucking hell.


Benja literally looks like
a Looney Tune character,

like tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet,

just birds
flying around his head.


Troy is slowly
letting Kaycee down

so she can just sit there and
keep her bearings about her.

I love this.

This is really good.
- I love it.

He said, I love it.
- He goes, I love this.

- There's no yellow.

There's orange.
- You had it in your hand.

It's that one,
exactly like that.

Bottom left?

- It's fifth row.
- Yeah.

- Third in, OK?
- Yeah, pointing right?

Yep, yep.

Our energy is kind
of like the same.

We're very cool.

Kaycee's a legend.
She'll be able to stay calm.

She won't get frazzled,
she won't yell.

This is coming down
to communication.

- Yeah, row five, third.
- Third, facing same way.

- We got to do faster.
- OK.

Oh, my God, this is heavy.

There's, like, this kind
of, like, crown that is green.

- Uh-huh.
- And it's pointing to the top.

There are two.
It's in C3 and E6.

That's cool they have
a method. That's smart.

So basically
what they're doing

is they're making it a grid,
so it's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 6,

and then it's
A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

And what was the other one?
C what?


- Oh God, we're gonna have to--
- No, it was D3.

Oh, just look again.

Jodi is a great partner.
I couldn't ask for more.

And Troy speaks Australian
and Kaycee speaks American.

They haven't been
working together,

so I'm trying to rely on that.

Down is the first one.
Left is the second one.

- It's kind of like a house.
- OK.

Looks like a church.

It has, like, these
kind of, like, pink, red stuff.

- OK.
- Oh, golly.

Benja, he's a
great communicator,

but he does not know
how to be concise.

We're learning
that Kaycee and Troy

have a very strong team.

I'm feeling a bit worried
about this one.


OK, black,
it's facing the same way.

D2 and D5, go.

We have strong motivation
to be here.

My son's birthday is tomorrow.

Your girlfriend's birthday's
on Tuesday.

- Yeah.
- We didn't come all this way

to miss kids' and significant
other's birthday.

- Yeah.
- We're--we're staying.

We're staying.

- Can you check again?
- Yeah.

Those were not the spaces
you told me.

Double check.
No mistakes.

They're not worth it.
- Where is the flat side?

- Flat side's on the bottom.
- On the bottom.

Kaycee and Troy
are so calm, cool,

and collected under pressure.

Obviously, right now,
I'm rooting for Kaycee.

Like, nothing personal
against Jodi and Benja,

but I need Kaycee and Troy
to come back in this game

because I need my people here.

Flat is on the bottom.

- What was the last one?
- C4.

- OK, good.
- All right.

And then we just should have
a blue that should be in 6-1.

What way is it, Kaycee?
- OK, 6-1.

What the fuck?

- C1 and D6.
- OK. C1 and D6.

C1, D6.
C1, D6. C1--

- Facing to the left.
- Left.

- Do you have the--OK.
- Yeah.

Keep going, keep going.

It's OK.
- It's two squares.

- Yes.
- Check.

[dramatic music]

[air horn blares]

All right, that's it.

Kaycee and Troy win.
Great job.

- First try, buddy. Let's go.
- Let's go!

- I'm proud of you.
- Good job, Troy.

Good job, Kaycee!

- [softly] Ah!
- [softly] Let's go.

Let's go.
[both grunt and chuckle]

We can communicate.
It was almost too smooth.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Actually.

It was kind of weird,
but I mean--

Especially for a new team.
[both chuckle]

We are a force
to be reckoned with.

I am excited...
- Me, too.

I'm really excited.
- To compete with you.

- Bring it in.
- Bring it in!


Good job, Benja.

I know. It's OK.
Keep your head on, man.


You should hold your head up.
You've done so well.

Thank you.

Thank you, Troy.

- Well done, guys.
- Good job, guys.

- Good job.
- We love you guys so much.

♪ ♪

Benja and Jodi, unfortunately,

you had your backs against
the wall the entire season.

It came to an end tonight.

So hopefully,
we see you both in the future.

You're both
awesome competitors.

This ends your time here

on "The Challenge:
World Championship."

- Thanks, Teej.
- Take care. Have a good one.

- Thank you very much.
- Thanks.

- Pleasure.
- Bye, guys.

- Good job!

Love you, Jodi!

- Give me a kiss.
- Keep your head up.

[sputters softly] This whole
challenge has definitely

been an uphill battle for me,
for Benja.

I mean, I'm proud of us.
I think we did an amazing job.

I hope that we made
everybody in Argentina proud.

- Take care.
- Tristan, KellyAnne,

you better
win the whole fucking thing.

I'm gonna miss you so much,
both of you.

We're gonna miss their energy,

we're gonna miss
their friendship,

we're gonna miss
Team Argentina.

I'm sad to see Argentina
be out of the game.

- Team Argentina!
- Woo!

[speaking Spanish]

I put always my heart
to what I do.

I was the last
Argentinian standing.

I did my best to
put Argentinian flag

on the top of...
of Table Mountain

and to do it the right way,
with my values.

I-I don't like being this sad.


Bye, guys.

[cheers and laughter]

Troy and Kaycee,
very solid new team.

This is going to
be interesting.

- [chuckling] Yeah.
- Wow!

- This is heavy.
- Ooh.

Go ahead
and rejoin the group.

[cheers and applause]
- Good job!

♪ ♪

It's anybody's game, and it's
only gonna get more difficult.

I'll see you soon.
[cheers and applause]


I'm upset.
Tori has too many relationships

for us to move forward in the
game without becoming a target.

I have to remove one
of Tori's number ones,

maybe Jordan, maybe Kaycee.

That makes it easier for me
to move forward in the game.

♪ ♪

We have obviously
been in turmoil.

This has been a point
of contention.

People's cards
are now being shown,

and it's very sketchy.

People just assume
because I'm with Jordan

that it's always
Jordan's decision.

Today's challenge is
called Highway Hijack.


And it is
going to be unreal.

[cheers and applause]

[dramatic music]