The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The New World Order - full transcript

A group of underdogs plot to turn the tide of the game. At the "Tunnel Time" challenge, teams are unexpectedly torn apart. The threat of elimination brings a pair of players with a complicated past together and reignites a storied...

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* MTV ♪

[air horn blares]

"The Challenge:
World Championship"

is in full swing.

In the last challenge,

players jumped
off of a giant platform

onto an inflatable,

launching their partners
into the stratosphere.

Tristan and KellyAnne
grabbed their pieces

and swam to shore
in the fastest time,

securing the win.

Not only did Australia's Grant
injure himself,

but he landed him and Jonna
right here in the arena.

At nominations,
things got heated.

Boy, don't tell me
what to do.

I'm a grown-ass man.
Don't tell me what to do.

Don't tell me what to do.

The Australians
turned on each other...

I vote Yes and Emily.

Sending Emily and Yes
into the arena

while the other votes
went to Benja and Jodi.

But it was the elimination
that sent shockwaves.

Grant was medically disqualified,

so he and Jonna
were unable to continue.

All the best, guys.

[cheers and applause]

So you four are off the hook.

You got a chance.
Don't waste it.

We're down to ten teams

of global MVPs paired
with "Challenge" legends.

Who's gonna win this thing?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[rooster crows]

♪ ♪

I think our communication
has been on point.

I wasn't worried about it.

Were you worried about me?
- No.

You seemed a little nervous
at the start.

Good things take time, okay?

- Okay.
- And again--

I had to wine and dine you.

- No.
- Yeah.

I mean, that would
have been nice,

but I would have settled
for the dollar menu.

It's 100% gonna be
an uphill battle

for Yes and I right now.

I've lost Grant.
I've lost Jonna.

So we have to continue strong.

And we just gotta hope

that something works
in our favor.

♪ ♪

- Morning.
- Wow.

I feel like I've given up
on life with this outfit.

I like
your give up on life look.

This is how I wanna spend
the rest of my life.

Thanks, man.
It feels like it's more me.

So a lot of people
have been giving

their word out to everybody.
- Exactly.

- We haven't done that.
- No.

So not only
will we not say your name,

we're not gonna get
other people to say your name.

That's something
you can count on from us.

I believe that, and you know
that we would do the same

for you guys.

As far as the game goes,

Tristan and I have had
our backs against the wall

the whole time.

Tristan and KellyAnne.

I have to go with you
and Tristan as well.

KellyAnne and Tristan
and Jodi and Benja.

KellyAnne, Tristan,
Benja, and Jodi.

What we need to do
is get the numbers

to throw in teams
that we need to get rid of.

It's our only shot
to make it to a final.

We have something in common

that we are both
in this spotlight

where people just keep on
kicking us.

Tristan, KellyAnne, me, Jodi,

we been having such a hard time
every nomination.

And it's, like, this kind of,

like, nightmare
Groundhog Day.

Okay, ready?
And, now push!

all: Oh!
- Trick shot!


- Ooh.

You know, it's just, like,
give me a break.

Just, like, give me
a little bit of slack.

If we can come together...

If we can have
the votes and agree--

- Yeah.
- And agree and communicate.

We can get the votes
from the people

who we're not
really close to as well.

And, if you've seen,
there's definitely cracks

forming on the other side.

- Huge cracks.
- Big cracks.

USA is very strong.

And they have been
just really annoying.

Stop trying to make us feel
like idiots.

- Listen, she's--
- No one's trying--go ahead.

- It's touching a nerve.
- This is--

Because you know
what I'm saying.

You are not gonna talk
to me this way, period.

You think I think I'm special
because I wanna my own game?

Well, what you doing
this for then?

She said she don't know
who she wanna vote for.

Bro, don't tell me what to do.

Like, I really thought
he was gonna be different

and, like, stick by his word.

He's the messiest.

You know,
if we can break down

USA's alliance,
the rest of us have a chance

of actually being here
at the end.

Well, we just gotta watch out

and push at people
that, like, we can slowly

take down the ones
that are trying

to take us down
individually now.

I wanna make sure
that my people...

- Mm-hmm.
- Are set up.

- Mm-hmm.
- So, like, let's get us there.

♪ ♪

I know a lot of people
are starting to look around

like, "We need to throw up
a big name."

Hopefully, when it's time
to strike, it'll happen.

♪ ♪

Basically, I'm just feeling
a little defeated

because I feel
like me and Danny are--

like, I feel
like out of this game,

we would get along really well.

And I feel like in this game,

he just has this idea
of how he wants to play it.

I have, obviously, my situation
and how I want to play it.

I feel like he's making it easy

for himself to become
public enemy number one

with, like,
just how it's all sho--

the cards have unfolded.

Team USA,
we've all been messing

with different people
and different alliances.

Like, Danny's been working
with Emily.

Sarah's been working
with Emily.

I've been working with Kaycee.
I've been working with Jordan.

Ben is a wild card.
Like, it's a shit show.

It would be nice to get
everybody on the same page

before another USA team
thrown into elimination

and it's too late.

I don't want you
to feel like this.

I don't want him
to feel like this.

Well, maybe if you were
a better partner, Tori.

Oh, my God.

Maybe if you were
a better partner, Tori,

he wouldn't be--aah!

Is it too late
to pick new partners?

- That's your partner.
- No, I don't claim him.

"I don't claim him."


What's gonna bode well
for us moving forward

is the fact that
you have kind of allowed me

to take the reins.

The ceiling for Team Justnanas

is pretty high.

Don't you?
- Agreed, yeah.

- Justnanas?
- I like that.

That was on the spot?
- Bustine?

- Don't like that.
- [laughs]

Maybe if you just listened
a little more like me

and you let your partner
make a decision...

- Shut up.
- Every once in a while...

- Don't take notes...
- These issues--

- From Bananas 'cause--
- Those are dirty, by the way.

If I could--
if I could switch--

Is that what that smell was?


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

In this moment,
I'm just feelin' defeated.

I'm yelling, I'm fighting,
I'm arguing.

I'm not being myself.

Things are just not
looking good

for me and my alliance.

Ben, we're no longer friends.
We're no longer cool.

Ben is now a target
on our list.

I especially don't trust
Sarah and Danny.

I'm not sleepin' very good.

I feel like something's
wrong with my body.

But I don't care
about anyone else.

The only team I care about

is Team Kaycee and Ben.

All we have to do
is just get to the final.

♪ ♪

This would be
so hard for me.

You know, you guys do need
to have a conversation.

We'll start with Theo first.

Is it easy being in a house
with Kaz?

She's beautiful. She's your ex.

She's a champ,
and she deserves to be here.

We're having a little
Dr. Phil at the moment

with Amber.

Me and Kaz are trying
to form a new friendship

without too much clashing.

And I think
it's going quite well.

I am mature enough
to put my feelings aside.

And I'll give her
the benefit of the doubt

and an opportunity to prove
her loyalty to me once again.

When I first came
into the house,

I was scared
of how me and Theo

would be together.

But things have been good.

He's my number one.

But he doesn't need
to know that.

Nice one, top G.

Good luck today.

♪ ♪

I think the number one thing
for myself

working with a partner

is to let them know,

"Do not put a ton of pressure
on yourself

"just because you're working
with me.

Relax, knowing
that I will have your back."

Emily and I
are really starting to ramp up

our abilities as a team.

This game
is about communication

and the strength of the team,

not the strength
of the individual.

♪ ♪

Welcome to the Castle
of Good Hope

here in Cape Town,
South Africa.

Today is going to be awesome

here on "The Challenge:
World Championship."

The legends are gonna have
the day off.


It is going to be

the global MVPs alone

to win it for their team today.

- Oh!
- Wait, wait, wait.

Because you're not
gonna be racing

inside that giant castle.

You're gonna be racing
underneath it.

- Shut up.
- What?

- Oh, damn.
- Wait.

I knew it.

The legends
are gonna be locked up

right here in the moat.

- No, no, no.
- What?

Today's challenge
is called Tunnel Time.

Two teams will be competing
with each other

at the same time.

When I say go, you will race
up and over this knoll,

grab a light stick,
go inside the tunnels,

and you're gonna start searching

for the country flags.

You are gonna count
how many flags per country.

Then you're gonna
come back up,

and each country has
a corresponding number.

You're gonna solve
the equation.

The sum of that equation

equals the combination

for the lock
to unlock your partner.

Once you unlock your partner,

you'll both race
down this ladder

and ring that bell.

This is a timed event.

You'll have 45 minutes
to complete this challenge

before time runs out.

Team to get it done the fastest

is the winner,
safe from elimination,

making all the decisions,
good times.

The team
to get it done the slowest,

I'll see you in the arena.

Good luck, everyone.
- Whoo!


Ben is very good at math,

and he's really good
under pressure,

so we should have this
in the bag.

Kiki loves to scare
the shit out of me.

She always act
like she can't do something,

but she always shows up.

Sarah, she says
she's got a good memory.

She's pretty good at maths.

So, hopefully,
we can get the win.

♪ ♪

Tori and Danny are not
getting along at all.

I don't trust Ben,
and I don't trust Kaycee.

USA is falling apart.

And I don't know if,

in the event
that one of us gets nominated,

that Team USA will save
Team USA.

I've been losing people

every challenge
or elimination.

Maybe I can win and I can turn
all these things around.

You know,
it would be really cool for me,

and for my partner,
and for Argentina,

and for all the challengers
from Argentina, of course.

But I am a little bit
feeling useless today.

Like, I'm just gonna be
standing there locked up.

- No, you're my motivation.
- [chuckles]

I got to set you free.

I'm a damsel
in distress today.


All right,
Benja, Sarah, you ready?

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]

♪ ♪

To the left.
No, the box, Sarah, the box!

The box.

Get down the hole.
Down the hole!

Go, go, go.


[water dripping]

Oh, Benja...

- Are you seeing something?
- No.


Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Oh, it stinks.
- Yeah, so bad.

Okay, one U.S.

- And then--
- An Argentina.

See? I'm helping you.

- Yeah.
- You know that?


We may need
to work together.

Four eyes are better than two.

Here. Australia.

So three of everything
except Argentina.

Except Argentina.

I just hope it doesn't bite
me in the butt.

If he ends up getting done
before I do,

that could be the difference

between last place
and not last place.

I don't know why, like,
my adrenaline's going.

There's nothing I can do.
- Yeah.

It's probably because,
you know, you don't

really believe
in your partner.

Do you need me to kick you
in the nuts?

'Cause I think
I could reach around.

♪ ♪

- Benja.
- All right, Benja.


♪ ♪

That's it, start it off.

That's it.

Every nomination,

I've been just looking them
in the eyes,

and that pushed me so hard
to win this challenge.

We have the best chance
to make them feel uncomfortable

and make them feel the fire.

- Good, good, good.
- I said straight on the rope.

Very good.

There you go, Sarah.
both: Go, Sarah!

Good job, Sarah.

Love Theo, I just wish
he wasn't attached to Sarah

because I don't want to play

that liar,
manipulative game anymore.

So Sarah's on my target list.

♪ ♪

- I'm going, going.
- Perfect, perfect.

Good job, good job.
- Good job, go, go, go!

- Go, go, go.
- Go down, guys.

- No, no, no, Theo!
- Come on.

Come on, come on.
Go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go.

[bell dings]

Yes, girl.

Ah, fuck.

It's okay, it's okay.
Take your time.


[speaking Spanish]

It's okay, Benja.

You're racing everyone,
not just them.

I do feel really bad
for Benja.

I wanna work with this guy.
I think he's a great dude.


Which ones do you know
you have?

Australia and the USA
are looking

very intimidating right now.

And it's about time they bled.

We have to do well. Come on.

- Come on, Benja.
- Benja!

- It's okay, Benja.
- It's okay.

Take your time.

My numbers start to mix
to each other,

and it's like, "Oh, my God,
what's going on?"


[air horn blares]
- All right, that's it.

Time's up.

Can somebody
actually get me out?

I can see, like,
Jodi's really frustrated.

Yeah, I can see it.
- I was being really calm.

Yeah, I know.
But your eyes speaked a lot.

It's okay.

All right,
Danny, Ben, you ready?

Right now,
we just have to hope

that somebody from the USA

doesn't win or doesn't lose.

And we have enough numbers
in the middle.

Or I could just leave you
locked up there forever.

You do wanna do that,
don't you?

[air horn blares]
- Let's go!

Here we go, Benny,
nice and easy.

Backyard barbecue.
This what we do.

Yup. Backyard barbecue.

The only thing
I can think about is,

if there's a dogfight in there
because they don't want

to work together
in the tunnel,

then I am scared
for one of them.

- We must be going pretty deep.
- Yeah.

You go right? Okay, ready?

Right here. Here's one.

Where? Okay, I see it.

So if you just keep--
keep going slowly.

- Right here.
- There you go.

Danny and I
are gonna work together.

We're gonna try this.

But I don't trust Danny
one bit.

He's just too wishy-washy
for me.

I'm over here like,
"Is he gonna try

and sabotage my partner?"

- There are cockroaches.
- Yeah.

I see 'em on my side.

Checking both sides
so we can just check over.

I just don't trust Ben.

I don't know if he's gonna
hide a flag from me,

not tell me
the correct number...

This is UK, right? Yeah.

One, three, two, one.

This is bonding,
bonding time.

Yeah, this is how
we're gonna come back.

Yeah, oh, yeah.

This is Team USA
comin' back around.

- [chuckles] Yeah.
- You know?

Ooh, I heard a noise.
- They're coming up.

♪ ♪

- All right, boys.
- Here we go.

♪ ♪

- Here we go.
- Yeah, let's go, baby.

Let's go, baby. Let's go!


[bell dings]

- Yeah, baby.

Good job. Dang.

[bell dings]

Good job.
- Bro.

All right.
Kiki, Justine, you ready?

You've got me

just where you want me,
Justine, chained up!

[air horn blares]

* Come in the dark
of night ♪

I don't know where I sit

with Bananas and USA.

They're making
separate alliances.

But they can't seem to get
on the same page,

and that's good for us.

* In case
you haven't heard ♪

♪ Throughout the universe ♪

- Yeah!
- Nice one, Kiki.

* And I make it look easy ♪

Darrell, come on, Darrell.

* If you try
to take me down ♪

[bell dings]
[air horn blares]

- Good job.
- Yes!

* You better not get
too close ♪

- Good job.
- Whoo!

* Watch out ♪

♪ I'll give you a run
for your money ♪

♪ No, no,
you can't stop me now ♪

♪ Rising
from the underground ♪

♪ Watch out ♪

♪ I'll give you a run
for your money ♪

- 16 times 4.
- 64.

- 140 times 7.
- 980.


Little human calculator
and shit.

- I need Yes' math skills.
- Yeah.

I don't know
what game Emily's playing.

She's been a bit sneaky.

So nobody wants it
in Emily and Yes' hands.

* Yeah, I was born ready ♪

♪ Run, run, run, run, run ♪

[air horn blares]

Good job.

Good job, guys.

[air horn blares]

- Nice!
- Yay!

Troy, Kaz, you ready?

[air horn blares]

- Let's go, Troy!
- Be very sure.

It's pitch black, babe.
You check that side.

- Yeah, I--
- Oh, wait, there's one here.

- Yeah, here's one.
- What?

That's me.
Oh, here's one.

- Yeah.
- Here's one, babe.

So we're thinkin'
it's probably five UK,

three Argentina,
four Australia,

and seven USA.

- Whoo!
- Come on, Troy.

Troy and a glowstick.

Yeah, Kaz.

- 7 times 6.
- 42.

"What's 7 times 6?"
Oh, shit.

♪ ♪

- My math is wrong.
- Okay.

It just has to be
the right numbers lined up.

- Yeah, no.
- Should we go back down?

Go. Go.

Going back
in the tunnel again,

we need to be faster, or
we're gonna run out of time.

And we need to count
the flags right.

♪ ♪

Let's make sure of it, okay?

Really get your flags.
Your country's.

Go, Troy.

All right, you guys got
ten minutes left.

Less than ten minutes, Troy.

- [groans]
- Oh, man.



[air horn blares]

We're all right.
Hey, we're all right.

We have time.

All right,
you got five minutes left.

Danny and I, like, we can't
get our shit together, man.

But Jordan's going
to have my back

to the end of time.

So I'm getting
a little nervous,

I'm not gonna lie.
I'm like, fuck.

Tori wants me to work
with Jordan.

But I think it's smart
to get him out

before he could beat us
in the final.

Oh, my God! Fuck.

I don't enjoy
her struggling,

but at the same time,

I definitely don't want
to lose.

It would be really cool if
Kaz and Jordan lost over us.

That's a number
that we could get rid of

that would be
really helpful to us.


[air horn blares]

- All right, time.
- Fuck off.

[ominous music]


♪ ♪

Great challenge today, everyone.

Way to go.

Two teams battled it out
for that top spot.

And they were,
from the U.S., Sarah and Theo.

[cheers and applause]

And from Australia,
Emily and Yes.

- Whoo!
- Go, Australia!

However, the one team
to get it done fastest

by one minute and change...

Emily and Yes.
- Whoo!

[cheers and applause]

Now, two teams
couldn't get it done--

Kaz and Jordan, Benja and Jodi.

However, the one team
to get the least amount

of country values correct...

Kaz and Jordan.

I'll be seeing you
in the arena.

Jordan and Kaz are
a huge force in this game.

The house is ready
to throw in a strong team,

and so are we.

The rest of you,
go back to the house,

nominate two teams
to be considered

for possible elimination.

Got it?
All right, get out of here.

Jordan and Kaz
in the losing spot,

I'm sure you're fucking happy
about it.

If Jordan loses,

I imagine that it'll be a
little easier for me and Tori.

Worst case scenario is,
now we could get tossed in

and potentially go
against them in elimination.

And I would hate
for that to happen.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Yes, Team Australia!

- Team Australia right here.


All right, let's just start
with saying this,

us working together

is of the utmost importance
right now.

Are you guys down to ride
with Team USA too?

We've been riding.

- I'm in USA.
- Yeah, and I--

- Team USA for sure.
- And I 100% know that.

But I just think we all
just say it, you know?

I don't think
I've ever hated

anyone as much
in my entire life

as I hate Danny and Sarah.

I do not trust everyone
on the USA side.

And we don't want to let Tori
and Bananas control our game.

I feel
like Ben is always gonna be

about any little thing.

I don't want to work
with Sarah.

We're everybody's best friend
again right now.

We're here for Team USA
as far as optics goes.

But we're just trying to keep

whatever numbers we can
happy right now

so we don't accidentally
get thrown in again.

We are definitely not
on the same page.

Um, I don't even think
we're in the same book.

Australia's in power.

We have all said
Jodi and Benja's name

at some point or another,
so, like, it's easy

for all of us
to do that again, right?

And I feel like that's
who they're gonna save.

Not if we throw in
another Australian.

I'm saying throw in Darrell.
- Oh.

It's unfortunate,
but I think

they would get saved, right?

And then that automatically
puts Jodi and Benja in.

We've already said their names.

I'm with it.

We have to make sure
that we all fucking go

the exact same way because
then God only fucking knows

what's gonna happen.

KellyAnne and Tristan
are the most likely.

- To be with us?
- Yeah.

For sure, and they're also
the most likely to go in

if they're up there
and nominated

because UK team's
already at the bottom.

Who's gonna have their back?

So who wants to have
that conversation?

Not it.
- With KellyAnne?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'll tell her.

Oh. That's why we love you.

The band
is somewhat back together.

I mean, I feel like right now
Team USA's being held together

by, like, staples
and Scotch tape, but...

But as long
as we're together,

that's all that matters.

["America the Beautiful"
instrumental playing]

♪ ♪

[eagle screeches]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

KellyAnne, you heard--
you heard the pitch.

We'd have to call in Darrell.

It's definitely gonna be harder

to convince everybody else.

You know what I mean?
- Totally.

Well, you don't have
to convince all of them.

Yeah, we have to call in
an extra troop.

We'd have to switch
the vote completely.

I think KellyAnne would work
with anybody that she could,

to be honest with you.

So me telling KellyAnne
all this information

isn't the smartest move,

but it's a gamble
I have to take

if I wanna try
to pull her on my side.

I think that's the play.

♪ ♪

I'm gonna put a big target
on my back right now,

but I don't like feeling
like I have no options.

Yeah, no.
Of course, of course.

I'm down with stalemating.

I don't think you'll be
the one going in necessarily,

but I don't think
I will either.

Team USA wants to put in
Darrell and Kiki

and Benja and Jodi.

Bananas and Tori think
that they can work with me,

which is really sweet
and I like that,

but they can't

because they didn't work
with me earlier,

so yeah.

If one of us join
their side,

you know we're at the bottom
of their totem pole.

We're not joining their side.
- I know that.

- That's what she's saying.
- I know.

I would rather get put in
and go home

than to betray people
I gave a promise to.

You know that I was--
I was there.

I know you were.

And Darrell has
to stay straight.

So we need to go talk
to Darrell.

I crunched the numbers.

We have to all vote the same.

There cannot be
one burned vote here, guys.

♪ ♪

Okay, well, so what I'm hearing

from USA

is your name and Jodi's.

We have the numbers.

But even if it stalemates,

that would be
a lot safer for you,

and I think it would be
safer for me,

than doing what they say.

It's gonna suck

because it's gonna put targets
on our back,

but, already,
your target's on your back now.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm cool with KellyAnne.
I'm cool with Jodi.

And you know what?

The USA side just thinks
that they can say my name

and not suffer
the repercussions.

Well, y'all motherfuckers
gonna learn.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

So looks
like it's very important

that, uh, I stick
with my people down here.

So in the spirit of keeping
this thing very calm,

we're gonna vote
for Benja and Jodi

and Darrell and Kiki.

Yeah, we had a team talk.

And, you know,
we're gonna stick

with what the team said,

so that's Benja, Jodi,

and Darrell and Kiki
at the moment.

I'm gonna keep it
short and sweet

and vote for Darrell and Kiki

and Jodi and Benja.

We're getting to the tough
stage of this game now.

It's gonna get harder
and harder each week.

KellyAnne and I are gonna vote
for Sarah and Theo.

And I know
this one's hard for you,

but also Bananas and Justine.

I'm like, "Wait a minute,
where is this coming from?"

KellyAnne and Tristan,
they didn't vote with us.

They were supposed to be
our possible swing vote.

So to hear our name--

right now, I'm very,
very nervous and shocked.

Well, I think
it's pretty clear

who we'll be voting for.

And that will be
Justine and Bananas,

all love to you guys,

and Sarah and Theo.

Again, nothing but love
for you guys.


Our votes are gonna be

for Bananas and Justine

and Theo and Sarah.

Bananas and Justine.

Theo and Sarah.

♪ ♪

I mean, I can definitely
respect good game play.

But this is literally
my worst nightmare.

Getting everybody together
is the most important thing.

And then once that happens,
it always goes to shit.

I can only say,
shoutout to you, KellyAnne.

That is a great game move.

I mean, if it's a stalemate,
we're goin' in.

I know.


Last time
it was a stalemate,

my friend here and I
were thrown into elimination.

You're forcing me to invoke
the stalemate rule,

which means the one team

that is gonna send
one team down here

is Kiki and Darrell.

- Ben and Kaycee.
- [gasps]

Obviously, Kaycee and I
are a little bit shell-shocked

from what happened last time
at a stalemate.

We completely got blindsided.


♪ ♪



Our first vote is gonna be
for Sarah and Theo.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

And, uh...

Tristan, KellyAnne,
our vote's for you.

No worries, mate.

- [gasps]
- Aww.


- Oh, wow.
- Damn.

The whole U.S. just...


- What the...

I mean, hats off to them.
Good job.


Wow. They really done that.

I don't know
how to deal with this.

- We got it.
- Yeah.

- You can do it.
- Yeah.

Whatever happens,
you can do it.

We're gonna do great.

You guys are a strong team.

This is my worst nightmare
right now.

I do not want
to go against Theo.

We're actually there
for each other,

and it's nice to know
that I can actually be

friends with an ex.

That has never happened before.

And I don't know
if it will ever happen again.

♪ ♪

Guess Team USA is broken up.

♪ ♪

Generally when bands
get back together,

they last
for more than five minutes.

That was, like, the shortest
band reunion on Earth.

Dun, dun, dun.

"Devil's Worst Nightmare"]

* I've met monsters ♪

♪ Drank from the well
of bittersweet ♪

I feel zero shame.

Every single person
in this house

has voted
for us multiple times.

Team USA has been leading
the charge on that.

Taste a little bit
of what we have been tasting

all these times.

* 'Cause I look
like an angel ♪

♪ Don't mean I won't get
down in the dirt ♪

I can't help but just be
so full of joy.

It worked.

My sister throws
a big viewing party every week

with, you know, 15-30 people.

And if they're watching now,

Hi, you're gonna be proud
of me, babe.

* I'm the devil's
worst nightmare ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I'm the devil's
worst nightmare ♪

It sucks to be
in this position,

but I've been
in elimination before.

I thrive down there.

They didn't have
these numbers

on the other side until today.

They did what they did today
out of necessity.

You think that this whole
fucking menagerie over here

has been together
the whole time?

No. This is a band of misfits.

We're the Avengers.

Those are the fucking
Little Rascals.

I have more faith in you now
than I've ever had

with pretty much
any partner ever, so...

You just continue
to impress me.

And I don't want to jinx us,

but I'm 2-0 against Jordan
in eliminations, so...

Just stand there
and look pretty.

You're good at that.
- Well, thank you.

That doesn't take much.

* I'm the devil's
worst nightmare ♪

When I saw your name,
I was like--

it was, like, mixed emotions.

I wanna saw
I'm really proud of you

because I feel
like you've come a long way,

like, since we've been together.

I kind of had time
to think about it,

and I just understood, like,
that's just the way it is.

Relationships end for a million
different reasons.

I understand things better now.

I didn't know
how it was gonna be

between Kaz and I,

but, you know, I think
it's come a long, long way.

You know,
I'm gonna have to rely

on Sarah's relationship
with Emily at this point

to keep us from going down,
but if we go down,

we ain't that friendly,
and I'm taking that money.

And there's no way
I'm gonna let you beat me,

especially in elimination.

I don't care
if you're with Jordan.

Obviously, I don't want
to go against you

'cause I actually wouldn't want
to come out the other end

and then be in here
without you.

And it'll be, like,
such a like,

sad end to the story.

Like, we're finally
gettin' along, and one of us--

What story?

One of us sends
each other home.

I just mean, like,
sort of, like,

we hadn't spoke for two years,

but we come here,
we're more grown up.

So do you think we're,
uh, friends now, then?

Yeah, I think we're friends

so long as we're in the game.

Cheers to being adults.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Kaycee and Ben could have
easily stalemated it.

They acted like
that was impossible

for them to do.

This played right
into their hand.

This I the worst case scenario
that could literally happen.

They've really drawn
a line now.

♪ ♪

Tonight, we are back
in the elimination round

here on "The Challenge:
World Championship."

Emily and Yes
dominated the challenge.

you are not only safe

from elimination,
but you will also be making

a very big decision
at a critical time in the game.

So let's bring out
the losing squad.

For the UK, Kaz and Jordan,
come on out.

♪ ♪

All right, so think it's time

we bring
some Americans out here.

Sarah and Theo
and Justine and Bananas.

Come on out.
- Whoo!

- [whistles]
- Whoo!

♪ ♪

All right,
well, Emily, Yes,

by winning the challenge,

you and you alone
will be selecting

one of these teams
to go against Jordan and Kaz.

So who's it gonna be?

♪ ♪

Justine, Bananas,
we love you both,

and we wish you
all the best tonight.

Emily's relationship
with Sarah

has protected us in this game.

Now it's time for payback.

Sarah's not going in.

All right,
so Justine, Bananas,

you're down here with me.

Sarah and Theo,
head back to the crew.

I know my relationship
with Emily.

That's why it's so important
in these games

to build the relationships
you need to

because those relationships
are the ones

that can save you
or send you in.

All right,
tonight you're playing

Lock, Stack, and Barrel.

♪ ♪

As you can see,

there are two giant stacks
of barrels here

for each team.

On the top of these barrels
are symbols.

So when I say go,
that black tarp's

gonna be removed.

That is your answer key.

You must take the barrels down

and replicate them
in your giant grid

exactly as you see on the key.

Once you get it done,

you race over,
hit that button.

First one done will win
tonight's elimination round

and stay in the game,
good luck.

- Good luck out there.
- Good luck.

Good luck, guys.

I'm excited for this one.

Listen, Jordan
is a freak of nature,

and the guy is good
at everything.

This is gonna be a tough one.
- Yeah.

So we're gonna go
as fast as we can,

but not so fast
that we're gonna make

dumb mistakes
that could potentially cost us.

I am relieved that I don't
have to go in against Theo.

I feel ready.

This is
my first ever elimination.

I just gotta prove to,
yeah, everyone

that I'm a champion
and deserve to be here.

So that's why I'm gonna fight.

I love competing
against Bananas.

He pushes me, I push him,

so it's gonna be
a good show tonight.

♪ ♪

All right,
"Clash of the Titans."

You ready?

[air horn blares]

♪ ♪

It's gonna be flags.
It's gonna be flags.

Star. One left, go.

Jordan is always paying
attention to detail

and looking
at every little thing.

Not to mention, Kaz and Jordan,

both "Challenge" champs.

But I've seen
Justine compete.

I know that she's amazing.

And Bananas is good
at just about everything.

This is going to be a battle.

- Is this needed?
- Yeah.

Yeah, this is
at the top over here.

- Go, go!
- Just keep going, yep.

I start looking
at every little detail.

I'm looking what stripe
starts first on top.

Is it a big red,
or is it a little red?

Everything matters.

- This one's the top over here.
- All right.

Make sure we don't--
there's a blue one though.

Make sure--


We come up with a strategy

to basically rip as many
barrels down as we can.

And just from past experience,

there are gonna be pieces
that look very similar

to other pieces.

And these are
the little idiosyncrasies

that I'm starting to focus on.

♪ ♪

Great work. Great work.

Way to hustle. Way to hustle.

There is just something
that takes over my body

when I see Jordan play.

I'm like the soccer mom.

I just can't not root for him.

But Justine and Bananas
have a better strategy.

And I'm starting to get
a little nervous.

Justine, make sure
my orientation's right.


♪ ♪

Attention to detail!

Good job!

♪ ♪

- Good work, guys.
- Good job, Kaz.

Keep it going.
You gotta help out.

There is different ways
to win "The Challenge."

Sometimes you win a final.

Another way to win
"The Challenge"?

Throw Johnny Bananas' ass
in the arena.

Bananas and Justine
are a strong team.

I think getting rid of Bananas

will make us have
a little bit of an easier game.

It's anybody's race.
Go, go, go!

Anybody's race!

One more, Justine!

I can't find the navy one.
- Blue!

Could this be a opportunity
to get Jordan out of the game?

Man, tell me things
are lining up.

I am ecstatic.

Come on, Justine.

- Right here, right here.
- Blue.

- Right here.
- Aah!

Where's the blue one?

No. Here, here, here.

Give it.

Oh, no! Oh, no.


No, that's not right, Bananas.

That ain't right.

Which one?



- Argentina's sun.
- Yeah, that sad face.

That poor sad thing, mm.

I ain't saying nothing.
[both laugh]

You little evil man.

Well, it's not my place
to say.

Yeah, keep going.
He's got one wrong.

He's got one wrong. Keep going.


You need a dark blue.
Where's the dark blue?

- Go, go!
- Dark blue.

Good jo--the dark blue!

- What?
- Hey, get the dark blue!

- Where's the dark blue?
- The dark blue.

- Go on! Go on!
- Come on, pick it up!


Either way, it would benefit

having Jordan
or Bananas go home,

considering they're both
gonna be protecting people

before me.

But I have been voted in

by Bananas every season

I've ever been on with him
on "The Challenge."

I hope he doesn't come back.

Y'all, come on.
Get the buzz--

get the buzzer. Buzzer, Kaz!

- Hit it again.
- Come on, come on.

- Hit it again!
- Kaz, we have to be together.

- With me!
- That's us.

[air horn blares]
- All right, that's it.

Jordan and Kaz win.

It's the sun.
both: The sun.

- It's different.
- Different sun.

♪ ♪

You guys knew that.

You guys fucking knew that.

- I'm sorry, cuz.
- It's all right.

The Argentinian sun was sad.

And the Argentinian sun
is always happy.

It's not personal, Bananas,
like, you always told me.

But you've been saying my name
so many times.

Oh, so that's how it feels?

Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Well, it all came down
to attention to detail.

And, Jordan and Kaz,
you got it done.


You go up against this guy
enough times,

you're bound to lose, man.

I mean,
he's here for a reason.

He's a legend for a reason.
- Thank you.

You gave me enough spankings
over the years.


Man, you just game me one
right back, bro, so...

All right,
Bananas, Justine,

this ends your time here

on "The Challenge:
World Championship."

You're both
awesome competitors.

And I'm positive we will see
you in the future.

Take care, my friend.

Have a good one, brother.
- You too, brother.

Take care, huh?
- A'ight, much love.

Bye, Justine. Take care.

Have a good one.
- Bye.

[cheers and applause]

- Hey, we love you.
- Good fight, guys.

Losing eliminations,
it never feels good.

But don't ever get
your head down.

You put everything
you had out there.

You left everything
in the sand.

I'm just more bummed
'cause I know I have

so much more to, like,
prove and, like, show,

so it just sucks
that it has to end here.

Wow. That's all I gotta say.

Jordan, Kaz, got it done.

Kaz, this is
your first elimination round.

- Yep.
- Your one and done.

One and done?

Feel like I'm...
- Let's be one and done, girl.

Feel like I'm finally part
of "The Challenge" now.

So thanks for that.
- Yeah!

Whoo! Come on!


First elimination,
you took out Mr. Seven-Time.

I literally wanna scream.
We smashed it.

I got him back.
I got my win back.

Get back up there.

You guys are killin' it.
- Whoo!

And you're still in the hunt
for that $500,000.


KellyAnne made me look
kind of stupid.

We're already falling apart
at the bits.

And now we just lost
one of our numbers

against Jordan and Kaz,

which is a huge hit
for Team USA.

Like, it just seems
like we're kind of

at rock bottom right now.

It's all about attention
to detail.

I'll see you soon.
Get out of here.

- Nice.

A plan is only as good
as the results.

We pulled it off,
but I am feeling sick.

And I feel like a lot of people
are in the same boat with me.

I'm gonna keep this to myself
as long as I can

because I know for a fact
that if I am publicly ill,

I will have a massive target
on my back.

This is something
I do not need

to be dealing with right now.

♪ ♪

[retches, coughs]

[siren wails]

I've been trying to feel
better for a while now,

but I feel like absolute shit.

You gonna be able to get
out of bed?

I can't even get out of bed.

Do I pack up my stuff now?

I just don't feel 100%.

Yeah, this just feels different.

You literally hate me.

I wish you never picked me
as a partner.

- That's two times now...
- [sighs]

She shit on my fucking name.

She won't get another fucking
chance to do it again.

Today, you're playing
Ripcord Roulette.



[dramatic music]

♪ ♪