The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - World On Fire - full transcript

The Competitors put their bodies on the line as they try to escape the "Gates Of Hell." A group of eager MVPs secretly plot to remove strong players from the game, but face resistance from their Legend partners.

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* MTV ♪

The game is heating up
as the battle

for the World Championship continues.

After the Global MVPs paired
up with "Challenge" Legends,

Australia's Grant took the win

with his legendary partner Jonna.


Grant and Jonna chose
the UK's Tristan and KellyAnne

to go into elimination
against the last place team,

Argentina's Jujuy and Nelson.

After a landslide victory
by Tristan and KellyAnne,

Nelson and Jujuy
were sent packing.

Now there are
only 13 teams left

going for the coveted title
of "Challenge" World Champion.

This is getting good.

[dramatic music]

Welcome to "The Challenge"!

Vamos, Argentina!
all: Argentina, Argentina!

- Whoo!
- Little by little.

Go, go, go, harder!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

all: Oi, oi, oi!
- Come on, Aussies!

all: Oi!
- Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

all: Oi, oi, oi!
- All day.

[dramatic music]

Let's go, UK!
You've got this.

- Let's go!
- Whoo!

I am here to work.

all: USA!

Team USA is fired up.

- Damn, player!
- USA!

all: Argentina!
- Aussie!

- Oi!
- UK!

♪ ♪

[soft music]

♪ ♪

KellyAnne was pretty upset
with me yesterday.

- Was she?
- Yeah.

She screamed
at the top of her lungs.

Don't sit here and pretend

that you heard me
say something--

- I'm not pretending anything.
- You just did!


You're a liability, basically.

Yeah. More every day.

And I'm just like,
dude, I can't.

I don't know if I can trust
anybody in this house.

Me and Tristan
pretty much have

to come in first
for us to be safe.

we're guaranteed to go in.

Yeah, I'm just
a little bit worried

about KellyAnne just
lighting the match

that'll blow
this whole house up.


We've got a lot
of heat on us.

Can we just go under
the radar for a bit?

KellyAnne, you can't
go around shouting.

We've got to make friends,
not piss everyone off.

And our name is being said
by too many people.

She's trying to have
authority when there's no need.

Well, no, she's just
emotionally sensitive.

That's all.

But you've got to just
kind of compartmentalize that.

I'm going to be fucked.

The UK is my alliance,

and I'm just trying
to make sure

that KellyAnne
and Tristan are safe.

Representing the UK
on "The Challenge"

World Championship
is everything to me.

I'm so lucky that I found
the perfect partner,

which is Wes.

All my focus is going
into winning that $1/2 million.

We have a big, fat target
painted on our backs.

It is exhausting, though.

About seven or so years ago,

my largest competitor
moved into my city.

They spent all this money
educating the market,

and my customers doubled.

And so their money basically
fueled my business,

and we doubled because of them,
no extra cost.

I'm a successful
venture capitalist.

I'm married to my best,
beautiful friend.

I've got a gorgeous
little puppy.

My wife and I are trying
to have kids.

Looking at the Global MVPs,

they're all a little bit
like fanboys.

[jaunty music]

Kids, do your homework,
and you can be like me.

You're a very
fuckin' smart dude.

You've done real good.
Well done.

Yeah, thank you.

Wes is calculated.

He's always pulling someone
away to have a chat.

I have been
the most victimized person

in the history
of "The Challenge."

I'm a chess guy.

People love me.
It's weird.

Don't tell anybody.

I've worked
with people like Wes.

You know, I'm a builder.
I'm a businessman.

And just don't trust
this ginger dude with a beard.

I mean, I feel like
he's just playing

such a hard game, dude.

Let me just do
a wild stab in the dark.

He's running around
the house convincing everybody

that he can walk on water.
- Yeah.

I was a part
of the machine that got--

You're growing
the machine, man.

I know how Wes plays
this game.

He's very smart.
He's very calculated.

And he's not afraid
to make the big moves.

Nobody really knows
where Wes's head is at ever.

- And you'd think he'd learn.
- Yeah.

- And he doesn't.
- Yeah.

He's like a magician.

Cut a woman in half
or something.

Like, Jesus Christ.
- [laughs]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Salsa dancing.

I don't know how.

both: One, two, three.

One, two, three.

Maybe throw
a little hip in it.

Throw a little hip in it, uh.

Wow, I'm a pro.

I'm incredible.

Un, dos. Un, dos, tres.

[speaking Spanish]

I love it!


Un, dos, tres.

We have two Argentinean teams,
and we're Team USA.

Like, we have four teams
still in the game.

It's easier to target teams
that are missing players.

But are we ready
to make a big shot,

or are we going to play it safe
for one more week?

- [laughing]

- Oh, my God!

- Very good.
- Gracias, thank you so much.

You know,
he's such a sweet guy,

and we're both confident
in our ability,

and I do want to have
my name in the rafters.

And I know that it's going to
take a hell of a lot of work.

And that's OK.
I'm not afraid of that.

I don't care how long it takes.

My first concern is that me
and Rodri could be nominated

solely because
the Argentinians have already

been made a prime target.

We have to come out on top
in the next challenge.

And I'm just hoping
that it is something

that plays into my strengths.

The mishap before,
it was like the start

of this whole transformation
of taking your health

into account, being serious
about your fitness,

and then showing up here
ready to be a force.

Yeah, I always wanted
to do well here.

And getting rid of fear
one little piece at a time,

getting rid of procrastination
and laziness

and lack of motivation,
these are things

that crippled me
all through my 20s.

I had a health scare
where I was hospitalized

because I was addicted
to vaping.

It was something

that potentially could
have been fatal.


[soft dramatic music]

Very scary.

I knew in my gut that I had
yet again sabotaged myself.

And this has been
something that has been

kind of a reoccurring thing
in my life.

I need to make some changes.

I had a reckoning with myself.

And being in "The Challenge"

and being invited back
is such a big deal for me.

But to possibly win one
would be

the ultimate victory
for myself.

I have a hell
of a teammate in Rodrigo.

I'm ready to play.
- Everything for a reason.

Everything happens
for a reason.

- Obviously.
- You said that.

And, you know, you were right.

- Every now and then.
- Every now and then.

- Thank you.
- On those rare occasions

when the stars align,

Jordan Christopher Wiseley
is right.


♪ ♪

I just want to get
some things figured out today.

I think just everything
boils down

to who wins and who loses,
you know?

- I know.
- Have you talked

to your partner about it?

I don't even know
where he is.

[sitar music]

♪ ♪

there's got to be

a loser in this situation.

Yes, and this is me.

- Oh, yeah.

Nelson, Jujuy,

unfortunately, you just
couldn't get it done tonight.

Take care of yourselves.
Nothing but love.

Claudia and Jujuy
left the game.

And now I'm starting
to feel the fire.

I'm feeling a lot of pressure
to keep Argentina together,

and I'm really looking forward

to just win
the next challenge.

Because if not,
I'm going to be all the time

in the eye of the storm,
you know?

You guys got to be
on the same page

because I'm pretty sure he has
his people that he likes too

and who he doesn't like.

It doesn't matter
who you like.

Yeah, no, I know.
I'm just saying.

I like everyone in the house,

but that doesn't matter
in this game.

Prior to coming back
to play the game,

I had been a stay-at-home mom
for 12 years.

And I came home from that
feeling stronger

and better than I'd ever felt.

But right now I am concerned
for Team Argentina.

We only have two teams left.
[exhales deeply]

I'll cut my toenails,
take a nap.

Cutting your toenails--


[soft tense music]


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Me and Grant know
that these Legends

have run many finals together.

They have a lot of wins.

So the best way for us
to get one is to get them out.

And why not get out two
of the best players?

Truth is,
all the rest of these people

would love to do it too.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

They just need somebody
to get it started.


It's a shot.

♪ ♪

Australia and the U.S.,
we're getting along.

We're building a great alliance
in regards to the two nations,

and we're starting to think
forward in the game.

It'll be masterful, bro.


♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- What is that?
- Ooh.

both: Ooh.

♪ ♪

Welcome, everyone,
to your next challenge.

In case you don't remember,
let me reintroduce you

to my cohost, Brihony Dawson.

[cheers and applause]

Always happy to walk
into a challenge

and see Brihony's
beautiful face.

They have given me
so much comfort

throughout the Australian

so I'm really grateful
to see them.

Brihony is the host
of "The Challenge" Australia

and is going to be helping us
out for the next challenge

and the next elimination.

We know that you like
to give it everything

you've got
for these challenges,

but sometimes it can feel like
you are in absolute hell.

Oh, God.

And today is going
to be no different.

- [groans]
- [chuckles]

Because we are sending you

into the Gates of Hell.

[intense music]

In this giant warehouse,
there is a 50-yard corridor

separated by two gates.

Your goal today is to race
to that first gate

as fast as you can.

Once you get
to that first gate,

you will have 30 seconds
to jockey for position

before the green light
turns on.

When that green light
turns on,

that gate will open up.

In turn, the gate at
the very end of the corridor

will start closing.

You got to race
from the gate that's opening

to the gate that's closing
before it closes.

Unless both
of your partners make it

through that gate
that's closing,

you guys are out.

Then we're going
to continue this process

over and over again
until we have one team left.

If we end up in a stalemate,
we'll go to a final round

where the first person
to arrive at the lowering gate

will win the challenge
for their team.

And the one team
to escape the Gates of Hell

are going to be the only team
that is safe from elimination

and be making some very
important decisions.

The last place team, I'll
be seeing you in the arena.

I definitely think
that people are probably

looking at us as a threat
in this game.

Eh, I'm nervous.
- Eh, I'm not as nervous.

I mean, you put me on a place,

you tell me
I'ma sprint 50 yards?

It's catered to me.

I think Tori has
some speed as well,

so I think we do have
a slight advantage.

The theme of the day
is "corriamos."

- Corramos rápido.
- Corramos rápido.

- Run fast.
- Which means "run fast."


♪ ♪

Everyone ready?

[air horn blares]

It's about
to get dirty, man.

I have an NFL player
I'm going against

who just wants to body
my little ass,

but I guess that's what you get
signing up for "The Challenge."

♪ ♪

[intense music]

Everyone ready?

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]

We need to go all out, 110%,

fight, claw,
climb your way to the front

in order to not come in last.

♪ ♪

This is going to be
about endurance, speed,

and getting a little bit
ruffly and tussley.

Are rustley and tussley a word?
- That works.

That'll work.

[all grunting]

[alarm blaring]

♪ ♪

I've had nightmares
where this is happening.

Yeah, it doesn't get
any more physical than this.

As far as Team USA goes,

we're a really strong

We are definitely the most
intimidating squad here,

and we're built for this.

♪ ♪

- Go through!
- Go, go, go, go, go.

Go through there!


♪ ♪

I've sped past a couple
of these Legends.

They were getting a bit older.

- [scoffs]
- Not you.


You're not going to walk
on me because I'm small.

You're going to see
what small can do.

[air horn blares]

♪ ♪

[alarm blaring]

The first moment
that KellyAnne gets,

she is going to put us in.

So winning is very important.

And I want
to get three in a row.

[alarm blaring]

Here we go. Here we go.

♪ ♪

Here they go.
Go, go, go, go, go!

- Let's go, go, go.
- Go, go, go, go, go!

- Come on! Come on!

Push it, push it!

Come on!




Nice run!

- Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!


- Dang.


You guys are awesome.

Even though I copped
an elbow to the guts

and a size 11 foot
in the middle of my back,

I hope that dive

is going to keep me out
of this week's elimination.

Check it, we're through.

I notice immediately that my
partner is grimacing in pain,

and he's grabbing
his left leg.

But one thing you don't
want to do is show weakness.

The minute you show
that you're vulnerable,

everybody in here is like
sharks on blood.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[clock ticking]

[alarm blaring]

We're feeling pretty good
about potentially

winning this challenge today.
- Yeah.

Danny's in the house,
you know.

That's true.
Zara is really strong too.

- Yeah.
- But I am positioned

really well.

And I just get, like, mad.

I'll be like--[growls]

Like, moving myself like--

- Yeah.
- You're not going to move us.

Argentina stays in the house.


It looks like hell.

- Oh, we have a plan.
- We have a plan--

the best plan, and that is...

Animal instinct.

I have a Zara.

She is an animal.

I'm not going
to constrain an animal.

I'm going to take her
off the leash...

- Let me loose.
- And just let her go.

Tori and Jodi are both
amazing competitors.

They're both larger than I am.

But I've got
that animal instinct,

something that they don't have.

[alarm blaring]
- Let's go!

[indistinct shouting]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[alarm blaring]

Come on, come on, come on.

[air horn blares]


[alarm blaring]

[indistinct shouting]

I'm screaming
for Zara and Wes.

This is amazing.
Zara is absolutely smashing it.

Zara really relying
on them quick legs, man.

Them quick legs.
- Zara is like--

she's probably the fastest one
out of all of them.

- Yeah.

She really runs.

I saw red.

And I think a demon came
out of me.

I mean business.

It doesn't matter
how big you are.

I will still fuck you up.

♪ ♪

Am I very concerned
about when Wes has power?

Fuck yeah.

I would trust a random-ass dude
on the street

more than I would trust Wes
any day of the week.

[alarm blaring]

Here we go!

I'm getting physical.
I want to let everybody know

that I'm here to win.

It's time to get big.

Everyone knows me as, like,
I'm the smart guy,

and they know me for politics.

But I don't want people
to forget

that I will run head-on
into a motherfucker

if they're in my way.

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]

And Wes wins it
for their team.


[indistinct chatter]

- Yeah!
- Whoo!

All right, everyone,
great challenge today.

Absolute savages.
- Whoo!

But our winners
of today's challenge

really put their body
on the line

and stuck to that race.

And they are Zara and Wes.


Wes, man,
you slid under that gate, man.

You put your body on the line.

That's what we're
talking about.

- Ah!
- [laughing]

I feel so happy.

I feel that same noise.

I just personally can't
make that noise.

But this is an important one.

This is our first win,
hopefully of many.

As for the losers,

when the lights went on
and the gate was down,


that dive saved your ass.

Ah, thank God.

But the one person
that was in last place...

was Nia.


[somber music]

So Nia, I'll be seeing you
and Rodri in the elimination.

Again and again and again,

Argentina going last.

Nia, you're so strong.

Please, why don't you grab
a girl from the hair,

and just we not lose just once.

Now go back to the house

and nominate two teams
for possible elimination

to go against Nia and Rodri.

Good luck, everyone.
- We'll see you tomorrow.

♪ ♪

Man, I feel like
I cost my partner this one.

I'm not afraid
of eliminations.

I am extremely confident
we will be able

to send
a really good team home.

Cómo se dice,
"we ain't fuckin' leaving?"

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]


That's right.

That's right, Team GB on top.

Good job, Danny and Tori--
I mean, Wes and Zara!

Order has been restored
in the kingdom!

♪ ♪

I say we swing for the fences
and play it safe.

- Yeah.
- And do the exact same thing.

What are your thoughts?

I think, keep it simple.

Keep it simple, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Keep it simple, same.

- OK.
- Simple.

If you've already said
someone's name,

there's no reason
to go a different direction.

We're stalling is
what we're doing.

You usually don't want

to take a swing super early on
in the game.

I've made this mistake
in the past.

Why is your armpit frozen?

- It's deodorant.
- Oh, it looks frozen.


[tense music]

Welcome to the first
kangaroo court, guys.

This is what we call in
Australia is like a meeting.


[inaudible] Australians,
wouldn't it?

So there obviously are
a few names

that have been thrown around.

And this is the time
to take a shot.

we're going to try
and take a shot at Jordan.

Wes and Jordan, I would hate
to see them in the final.

They would be hard to beat.

If you go up
against those guys,

man, they're going to
kick you to the curb

before they can even see us.


Let's listen
to the big man himself,

walking straight into it.

What I'm worried about
is pissing more people off,

and if they go in
and come back.

It's brutal, but dog-eat-dog.

- Yeah.

At this moment,
me and Kiki have to move

with the house,
as far as nominations go.

Hey, I'm sorry, but I got
to do what I got to do,

what's best for my game,

which causes the least
amount of resistance.

And I ain't trying
to piss nobody new off.

So you guys want it to be

so that there's
Tristan and KellyAnne

and then Jordan and Kaz.

And then you want Wes to have
to pick between those two?

We're trying to find
a common ground to move forward

and see where you stand.

What I want to do
is play it safe

and say the names
I've already said,

because I'm not trying to get

any more blood on my hands
right now.

If we all switch
and vote Jordan,

he's going to come back
and come hard.

As we all will.

Based on what I've seen
with Jordan,

I think it's smart
to get him out

before he can beat
one of us in the final.

Tori's always going
to pick Jordan,

and I'm always going
to be second.

That is not a good feeling
in a partnership.

So I need to find a way
to take away her number one

so I can be number one.

I just want
to be number one, baby.

That's all.
Just let me be number one.

We have to take a shot.

It makes sense.

♪ ♪

Well, well, well.

- Well, well, well.

Yeah, your well-well-wells,

we have a lot of work

to do on those.
- Well, well, well.

I'm sorry to my partner,

because we honestly have
disagreed on this.

But when you say
somebody's name one time,

it's just easier and easier
to continuously say it.

It's really not personal.
I just don't want

to create any more rifts
that I don't have to create.

Our vote is for
Tristan and KellyAnne

as well as Jodi and Benja.

[tense music]

If you think that I'm going
to be able to be like,

yeah, let me rally some votes
to get my ex-fiancé thrown

into elimination,
you got to be out of your mind.

This is not about you.

This is about forcing
Wes' hand.

We are definitely going
to have a bumpy road ahead

when it comes to voting.

Our votes are going to be
for KellyAnne and Tristan

and Jodi and Benja.

It just only makes sense.

KellyAnne and Tristan.

Jodi and Benja.

Sorry, KellyAnne and Tristan
and Benja and Jodi.

Tristan, KellyAnne,
Benja, and Jodi.

I'm sorry.

Usually once I'm committed
to something, I stick to it.

But the problem is,
is it's a game of numbers.

Unfortunately, no one on USA
at this point is willing

to put their neck on the line

in order to, you know,
go against the grain.

Tristan and KellyAnne
and Benja and Jodi.


Tristan and KellyAnne,

Jodi and Benja.

KellyAnne and Tristan.

And our other vote,
due to respect for my partner,

has to go to Theo and Sarah.

Feel the burn.

Nia, she doesn't want to go
against Jodi or Benja

because that's her team, and
they're slowly losing numbers.

I want to try being more open
and build relationships.

And I want
to respect her decision

and what she wants
in this game.

Our first vote is going to go
to Jodi and Benja.

Eh, and I'm not going
to vote for Tristan.

So our second vote is going
to go to Theo and Sarah.

I don't give a flying fart

about pissing someone off
right now, to be honest.

But my vote's
for Ben and Kaycee.

And this one will hurt more
than me voting for you.

I'm going to vote for Jordan.

I respect the shot.

You guys can keep
saying that it's easy

to put the same people in
because you don't want

to keep burning other bridges,

but you're letting
certain people run the house.

And most of you are not going
to be here at the end.

So I hope you start
playing smarter.

With that being said,

I'm going to say Kaycee and Ben

and obviously,
Jonna and Grant because,

well, obviously you have
just put us into elimination.


I imagine that if we don't
do something drastic,

our names are going
to keep being said,

because it's the easy option.

There are some wolves,
and they're covering

themselves in sheep clothing,
and the sheep are following.

So what we need to do
is point out those wolves.

And then rip
the sheep's clothing off them?

Fuck yeah.

- Not surprising.
- No.

- Not at all.
- No.

What I do not want
is for us to have

to go against
his fellow countrymen.

- Mm-hmm.
- And they're picking us off

left and right.
- I feel that here with the UK.

I know I have
my work cut out for me,

and I'm not afraid of that.

At the end of the day,
it's y'all's decision.

We are not going to let Nia's
choice dictate what we do.

But if we need an excuse
to go one way or another,

then we'll use her choice

as the excuse
and blame it on that.

We're so evil!


This is the shitty part
of the game,

but we have to do it.

We've done that.
Let's go to the bar.

The MVPs, we're not scared
of this game.

We're trying really hard
to do bigger moves

than what the Legends are
willing to do.

And we didn't get
there this time,

but there's always next time.

We got to shake up this game.

♪ ♪

I think the other side
of the U.S. squad

doesn't necessarily trust,
I guess,

the other relationships
we have.

It's obvious
that Danny and Sarah are

playing their own game
but also trying to appease us.

It's just going
to be interesting

when push comes to shove

and when we really do
need to start

making difficult decisions,

which side is going
to blink first.

You guys come into this game,
you understand the history,

but you don't have the history.

So it's like, they just need
extra reassurance

through us that we are
that protection shield.

United we stand.

- Yes.
- Divided we fall.

♪ ♪

Basically, I just think
we need to clean tonight up.

We did our best. We tried.

But now, like, there's still--
- Well, I don't think

we're in a hole right now
with them.

We're not in a hole,

but we kind of
showed our cards.

We're at a fuckin' stalemate
at this point.

- Mm-hmm.
- And then it's just based

on whoever wins.
- Right.

There's nothing
they can do to us right now.

But at this point,
the next vote,

we need to say, we caved
the last time to y'all,

so sorry, but it's time
to return the favor.

Listen, somebody's
going to be able

to win a fuckin' challenge
on our side.

Grant won two in a row.

They can win
a fuckin' challenge.

I mean, either way,
we need to make sure

we get control
of this fuckin' thing.


♪ ♪

[Olivia Rodrigo's "brutal"]

♪ ♪

First night at the bar!

Let's burn this place
to the fuckin' ground.


Going out on our club nights,

it's like a distant cousin's
engagement party

that you're forced to go to.

But we fake fun
and fake friends.

* God,
it's brutal out here ♪

♪ ♪

♪ All I did was try my best ♪

♪ This the kind
of thanks I get? ♪

♪ Unrelentlessly upset ♪

♪ They say these are
the golden years ♪

♪ But I wish
I could disappear ♪

♪ Ego crush is so severe ♪

♪ God, it's brutal out here ♪

A bunch of pussies.

They're playing
so fuckin' safe.

- Yeah.
- They lose all my respect.

All of them.
- Yeah, yeah.

I'm going to go by one by one

and tear them apart.

I know we're little guys,
and we're underestimated,

and people think that they've
already stabbed Argentina,

and it's a gushing wound,
and all they have to do

is finish the job
and slit our throats.

That's not fuckin' happening.
- That's done.

I don't care.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

I stab people in the chest,
not in the back.

And I know you guys coming
into this game

and playing this game
for the first time with us,

you're probably like,
these guys probably have

some master plan
already in place,

and we're just a cog
in their wheel.

And that's not the case.

Nobody asking you to just
fuckin' start taking shots.

- Yeah.
- But if I don't feel like

you guys are open
to making that type of move,

then we have to do
our own fuckin' thing.

I'm not open to giving anybody
that much trust.

This is my shot
to play the game.

And based off
historical events,

the Legends are not
that trustworthy.

So I'm not falling
into that trap so easily.

♪ ♪

I hate to do this again,

where I think I'm safe
and I'm not.

If Wes and Zara say
our names out there...


That would be a real bitter
pill to swallow.

I don't know
if I would be able

to handle it, to be honest.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

All right, welcome
to your next elimination

here on this season

of "The Challenge"
World Championship.

[cheers and applause]

As you know by now,
my name's Brihony Dawson.

I'm the host of "The Challenge"
in Australia.

I'm filling in
for your boy TJ tonight,

who is currently on a plane
on the way back to the States

because he's being inducted
into the BMX Hall of Fame.

So let's give it up for TJ.

I'm very excited to be here.

And, uh, I'm not crying.

You're crying.


Shout-out to the entire

all my "Challenge" family,
cast and crew.

I really love you guys,

working with each
and every one of you every day.

I am by far
the luckiest guy in the world.

So thank you all so much
for being here.

All right, let's get
our players out here.

Representing Team Argentina,

it's Rodri and Nia.


- Let's go!
- Yeah!

- [whistles]
- We love you!

The rest of the house
nominated two teams

to be sent into
this elimination tonight

for the potential to go up
against Rodri and Nia.

Representing the UK,

Tristan and KellyAnne.


And representing Argentina

is Benja and Jodi.


All right, up to Team UK,
Zara and Wes,

you guys managed
to snatch the win

in a very close challenge yesterday.


As the winners
of the challenge,

you're not only going
to avoid elimination,

but you also have to select
one of the two teams

that were nominated
by the house.

So who's it going to be?

This was a relatively
straightforward decision.

♪ ♪

It's going
to be Benja and Jodi.

All right, Tristan,
KellyAnne, you're off the hook.

You guys can head back upstairs
with the teams.


I'm not OK with taking
the easy route.

It should be
Jordan and Kaz having

to go down into elimination.

Tonight, you're going
to be playing Oiled Up.

And let me tell you, guys,
this one is going to get messy.

On my go,
each team will get buckets

and collect oil from a well.

Once you've filled up
your bucket with oil,

you're going to run up
this 12-foot platform.

You then tip your oil
into the well.

As you fill the well up,
the ball will rise.

Once it gets to the red line,
you have completed the task.

The first team
to fill their well

will win this elimination

and send
the other team packing.

- Good luck, guys!
- Let's go.

- Good luck, everybody.

Let's go, Team Gray.
I got you.

I feel really good.

I know my partner's been having
a hard time with his leg.

But I think this is one that
will play into our strengths

and hopefully not, you know,
put any more wear and tear,

and we can survive this one.

It feels kind of awful
to go against Rodrigo.

He's like my closest friend
inside the house.

It's Argentina
versus Argentina,

but we're still going
to push it just as hard.

We are going to have
to go to work.

Let's do it!
[air horn blares]


Fill those buckets!

Don't spill going up the ramp!

It's going to make
your life harder.

You're killing it!
Well done!

Great work, Nia!

Great work!

This one's a no-brainer.

I'm rooting for Nia.

She is a vote for us.

She's an ally.

We are rooting for Nia.


- Way to go, Rodri!
- He'll stay up there.

- Good job, Rodri!
- Good job, Rodri!

- Let's go!
- Nice job, Jodi!

It's really hard
to make those final steps

to deliver the bucket
to the top.

She is going
to fill the buckets,

and I'm going to be
the one taking them up.

Whenever she fills
all of them,

she's going to take one up.

But I'm going to be the one

that's going to be going

back and forth many more times.
- Yeah.

all: Oh!

Good job, good job!

Before we started,
I was really confident

that I was going to be able
to transfer

at least the first three
or four buckets

without having to use the rope.

But I didn't realize
how steep this ramp is.

And the buckets of oil
are extremely heavy.

So I am going
to need the ropes.

But at the same time,
I'm trying to avoid

transferring any of the oil
onto the ramp

to make it harder on us.

Rodri! Hey!

Guys, it's--
hey, it's neck and neck!

You guys are right there!

Ah, fuck.

Benja, dump this in,

and I'll go back down.

Good job, Nia! Let's go!

Way to go, Nia!

- Come on, Rodri!
- Come on, Rodri!

all: Oh!


Let me try to--

- Too much. Too much, too much.
- Too much, too much, too much?

- Come on, Rodri, you got this.
- Come on, Rodri!

My leg, I feel pain.

It's very, very difficult.

But do the best.

Nia, next time
don't fill it so full.

Wow, what a queen!
What a fucking queen!

It's neck and neck, you guys!

You need to fill
them motherfuckers up, man.

Less trips, OK?

Work harder, not smarter.

That's what they doing.
- Smarter, not harder.

- That's what they doing!
- Smarter, not harder!

That's what they're doing!


Y'all know
what I'm talking about.

- Whoa.
- [shrieks]

Small steps,
move your hands small spaces.

Come on, you got it!
Come on, you got it!

There you go.

The fact that he's willing
to sacrifice himself,

sacrifice his body,
his health for me

makes me want to go
that much harder for him.

- Don't quit.
- We won't quit.

We won't quit.

- Go, Rodri!
- Come on, Rodri!

- Come on, Rodri.
- Come on, Rodri!

- Vámanos!


[tense music]

This means something
a little bit more

to the Argentinians.

They really want
to represent their country,

so they're playing
for the people back home.

Rodri, this dude is
an absolute fighter.

Much respect to you, my man.

♪ ♪

Nia, keep filling buckets!

♪ ♪

[indistinct cheering]

Come on, Rodri!

[air horn blares]

- Hey, good job, Jodi.
- Congratulations.

That is a huge win,
Benja and Jodi.

[triumphant music]

- Good job.
- Good job, Jodi.

- Get some water.
- Good job, guys.

We did amazing.

I'm a little bit bummed

because I just sent home
a really close friend

and another Argentinean that
could stand up for the flag.

I'm feeling vindicated

and excited
to go back to the house

and ready
to shake some things up.

It's time to make it
a little more interesting

than voting the same
people in every time.


Nia, Rodri,
you guys fought so hard.

But tonight,
it just wasn't your night.

Yeah, I feel like my partner,
since the beginning,

has sacrificed a lot for me,
including his body.

And I feel like
I wish I was more prepared

to do more for him here.

But unfortunately, I wasn't.

She's amazing,
and I love her.

I love you too.

I love you too.


[somber music]

Well, you are both
"Challenge" Legends

in our eyes, but unfortunately,

your time on "The Challenge"
World Championship

has come to an end.

Thank you. Take care.

Love you guys!


OK, Rodri,
we'll see you later!

I had an incredible partner.

And despite his physical
limitations and his injury,

he was giving me 110%
and sacrificing his body

in a way that anybody should
be inspired by how much

he really gave to this game.

Love you.
- I love you too.

♪ ♪

All right, Benja, Jodi,
hitting beast mode,

getting the win tonight
at the elimination.

well done.

You guys can head on up.

Well, you can now
all head back to the house.

The next challenge
that you have,

TJ is going
to be back with you.

Good luck to all of you,
especially my Aussies.

Let's go!

I'll catch you next time, guys.

See you later.


The MVPs are playing
a completely different game

than the Legends.

So we kind of
have to put on a facade

right now
that we are agreeing.

But we're only going
to give so much.

I may not be experienced
and played as many seasons

of "The Challenge"
as y'all have,

but I'm not stupid either.

So play these games
with somebody else,

because it ain't going
to work on me.

[clock ticking]

♪ ♪

Now's the time
to take out a big team.

I agree, 1,000%.

The Legends,
we have a reputation

of playing shady, manipulative.

I talked to Ben
multiple times,

and now that whole plan has
gone out the window.

He may be going over
to the Legends side.

[dramatic music]

- Oh, my God.
- OK.

- No.

[air horn blares]


- [gags]
- Oh, damn!

This is hard!