The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Us Against the World - full transcript

Relationships are questioned as the Competitors jockey to avoid being sent into elimination. Some Global MVPs begin to distrust the Legend players' gameplay. A scheming Challenger's double-dealing leads to an explosive confrontation.

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♪ MTV ♪

Welcome to "The Challenge"!

The battle for the first
world championship

is off to an explosive start.

Let's go!

After a brutal qualifier,
16 global MVPs

from Argentina, Australia,
the UK, and USA

were teamed up
with "Challenge" Legends,

creating some of the fiercest
teams in "Challenge" history.

For the second time,
Australia's Grant

absolutely killed it
and won the challenge.

But this time, he did it
with his new partner,

"Challenge" Legend Jonna.

The rest
of the powerhouse teams

then had to nominate
two other pairs

to face challenge losers
Argentina's Jujuy and Nelson,

and the votes landed
on Benja and Jodi,

representing Argentina,

and Tristan and KellyAnne,
representing Team UK.

Oh, my gosh.

Now Grant and Jonna will
have the difficult decision

on which of those teams
will be sent into the arena

where one pair's quest
for $1/2 million

and the title
of Challenge World Champion

will come to an end.

- I don't know what to do.
- You don't?

As the games start
to get personal,

relationships will be
put to the test.

You always have to have
that knife ready.


'Cause you're gonna need
to use it eventually.

Welcome to "The Challenge."

Amos Argentina!

Argentina! Argentina!


- Little by little.
- Go, go, go!


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

all: Oi, oi, oi!

- Come on, Aussie!
- Oi!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
all: Oi, oi, oi!

All day.

[all cheering]

Let's go, UK. You got this.

[tires squealing]

- Let's go!
- Whoo!

I am here to work.


all: USA!

Team USA is fired up.

[all cheering]

Damn, fam!

- USA!
- Argentina!

- Aussie!
- Oi!


[dramatic music]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

KellyAnne came
and attacked me in our room.

She was just like,
"We are friends in real life."

She was just very emotional
up and down, you know?

She might be, but she's,
like, fucking eerily loyal.

You're my friend,
and I will make moves

like you're my friend because
that's what I've always done

for you, and I will continue
to always do for you

until you tell me
you're not my friend.

She's a little firecracker, KellyAnne.

Oh, yeah. And--

One question, though,
do you feel as though

you might be a little bit
scared of her?

If I do end up voting her in,

she's going to lose her shit.

For me, for the girls,
I don't care

if Jodi or KellyAnne goes in.

Honestly, at some point,
they both have to go.

I just want to know
what's the right move right now

to ensure the future,
you know what I mean?

I think the right move is
probably to send in Jodi.

Friendships are important
to a certain extent,

but in order to be good at this
and make it to the end,

you have to kind of remove
your heart from the game.

The problem is, is I know

if I, in fact,
put KellyAnne in

and she comes back,
then she's--

apparently we're not
going to be friends anymore,

which I don't understand.

I can't worry about what
KellyAnne thinks in this game.

I have to focus
on our team, so...

I can see why it's
a hard decision.

She's just, like,
a loose cannon for me.

♪ ♪

This is just like
a huge slap in the face.

It's very dirty, and to sit
here and look me in the face

and say we're friends--

you have this opportunity
to, like, save my ass.

I would be saving yours.

But she hasn't--she hasn't
not saved your ass yet.

But why would she talk to me
about how she might not

unless she just wanted
to totally stress me out?

This is a pretty
simple decision.

You have the ability
to protect me.

You know I'll protect you and
that I'll always keep my word.

Why are we questioning now

if you're going to throw me in
or not?

And honestly, just the audacity
of using the word "friend"

and then telling me
on the first opportunity

you have to protect me
that you're not going to,

that you're
even questioning it...


Like, I don't know
how to look at her now.

there's nothing we can do.


Sometimes going
with the consensus is

the weak move, but it might be
her better move.

But no, 'cause--

But nothing's happened yet, KellyAnne.

All of our Legends want Jodi,

because they know
Jodi's a strong person,

so they don't want her here.

And then she could have at
least given us the opportunity

to have a few more
challenges under our belt

to get to understand
how to work together

before she throws me in
with the wolves.

Now, at this point
in the game,

I'm in a bit of a pickle.

KellyAnne is very similar
to me in the sense

that she can't keep
her mouth shut

when she feels a certain way.

The best option,
to be honest,

would be the U.S. person

because you guys are strong
right now.

I don't really want
the strongest people

here at the end.

I guess you guys do, though.

Now, I was hoping for
a partner who would

tone down that quality in me,
but it seems like

I have to be the calming one.

I just want them to, like,
not notice us,

and instead, all they're doing
is noticing us.

You're stressing me out
now, girl,

and I need you to keep it calm.

If it's us,
we're gonna take it on the chin

and we're gonna do it,
but you're putting

too much pressure on yourself.

I feel bad for you.
I feel really bad for myself.

Don't feel bad.
Listen, anything could happen.

This game--there's no
certainties in this game.

♪ ♪

Do you guys know
where you're going to go

to vote in, or you don't know?

I don't know.

It's so bittersweet.

You know,
it's like when you win...


You got to jam
someone in there.

I don't envy you.

Jonna, I don't think
she should give a shit

what KellyAnne thinks.

I think you should just
kick her to the curb

and just let her go,
because, Jonna, you're strong,

you're a very good competitor,

and you don't need to be
friends with everyone, mate.

But for this moment,
I've got to trust her.

She's been in this game
far longer than me.

She's known all these people,
and hopefully,

I don't get shot in the back.

This is just way more intense.
- Yeah.

Things are looking
pretty good right now.

Aussies have the power,
and if we can stick together,

I think we can be
the strongest country here.

Have I shown you
my cowboy boots?

Did Ryan buy you these?

No, I bought these in Vegas.

Look, I got my initials
burned in them.

I didn't go on
"The Challenge" Australia

expecting to fall in love.

Obviously, I went in there
with a partner,

uh, came out
with a different partner.

Awesome job, Emily and Ryan.

[all cheering]

- Ryan and I went on a trip
after we left the game.

We spent three weeks traveling
from New York to LA driving,

stopping in at various places,
getting drunk, having fun.

Came home, we moved in
together, and yeah,

we're in love.

You know, you buy the vintage
ones that are, like,

super expensive,
because they're--

actual cowboys have
ridden horses in them.

I mean, I've ridden a cowboy
while wearing them.

I'm kidding.

No, you're not.

This is the truth.


What do you think?

I think
what you need to think about

is, like, what girl
do you want to go against?

Do you feel more comfortable
with KellyAnne,

or do you feel more comfortable
with Jodi?

I know you're feisty.

- Yeah, yeah.
- You have that energy, so...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know. Yeah, that's true.

So you just think about that.

We don't got to make
a decision tonight,

but think about those two.
- OK.

When I win the money,

I'm going to take my mom
around the world.

But the last place
that we're going to stop at

is Jujuy in Argentina, baby.

- Yay!
- [laughs]

I would be so happy
to have your--

- You ready to meet my mom?
- Yeah.

- You know she speaks Spanish?
- Does she really?

- Yes.
- Oh, yeah.

She's going to love you.

I think I have
a lot of pressure now.

I want you to win so your mom

going to travel the world,
you know?

You're coming--
we are coming back tomorrow,

and we're going to kill it.

- OK.
- A'ight.

I don't think we're going
to go into elimination.

That's my hope.

- Also mine.
- OK.

Then we're on the same page.

And I have a hunch.

- OK, we're on the same page.
- I have a hunch.

I'm not going to go
against Jujuy tomorrow,

because life is not
going to put me in that place.

Benja loves to think
the best of people, and he's--

it's one of the things I really
like about him as a partner,

is he's very positive.

But honestly,
that's not what this game is

about unfortunately,
and people are

not always going to do what
they say they're going to do.

They're not always going
to do the right thing,

and so always be ready.

We don't know
what's going to happen.

You're starting
to understand the game.

Yes, I am,
but I have to be honest.

There's, like, things
I wouldn't do to win it.


And that's, like,
go against my word.


I want to be really honest
about everything that I do.

The tricky part
of this game is, like,

you can't take things personally.

But if you're an Argentinian
like I am

and, like, a Gemini like I am,
it's really tough.

I'm kind of, like, struggling

with my personal way of being
and the game player,

and I still don't get it.

You could do your best.
You're amazing.

I'm really thankful
that you're my partner,

because you're great.
- I totally agree.

- We're amazing.

We're so amazing.

Yes, we are.

Give me a hug.

You're amazing.

You're amazing.
- Yeah. [laughs]

I'm so thankful
to have you as a partner.

- Yeah.
- You're amazing.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'm going to go
to the bathroom.

- Yeah.
- And you're going to go there.

Well, I think today was
very telling

for where a few people stood.

This is why, like,
a lot of the vets

have waited a little bit
to talk game,

because what's
happening right now is,

people have made promises
that they couldn't keep.

Because the way
the game is now,

we're partnered with you guys.

We can't keep them.

We have to vote, like, a--

a Legend in.

They have to go in.

♪ ♪

I mean, the Legends, we play
seasons with each other.

We have relationships
that expand multiple seasons.

So for us to fuck
one another over in this game--

Legend on Legend crime, I guess
you could say--is not good

unless it's super calculated,
because you're fucking up

a relationship that could
mess with you in the future,

so it's just going
to be really hectic.

I'll tell you right now,
if Jordan or Wes touches

me or Kaycee, it's a wrap.

- Right.
- It's--no.

It's a wrap.

Some of the Legends,
you never really know

what type of game
they're going to play.

Are they working together?

Are they working apart?

I trust Tori at this moment.

I just don't trust her
to put me first.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Good morning.

Welcome to "The Challenge"
World Championships.

This is what it's like
living in the house

with a bunch of Challengers.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

This is all clean.

We cleaned this this morning
because we got chow coming,

but come over here.

I'll show you
where the real mayhem is.

I've already cleaned
a lot of this up, but look.

Plates, food,
dishes everywhere.

If you--we have
no clean dishes.

So one trick I learned
from "The Challenge" USA

is to hide your stash, so I
got a clean cup, clean mug,

clean bowl,
and I never have to worry

about dirty dishes anymore.

So if you ever come
on "The Challenge,"

make sure you hide your stuff.

I really feel like
people are playing

a short-term game right now.

Like, would you have to talk
and convince, like, Danny?


- Right.
- Right.

I'm much closer to Jonna
than you are Danny.


I know it's a game,
but it's also our lives.

And we sit here
and connect with each other,

and we make real friendships.

It's a game
that changes people's lives.


[solemn music]

It's not the game
that's getting to me.

It's a friendship
that I have put years

of my life into
that is really hurting me.

I don't want anyone to hurt
their game because of me.

- Mm-hmm.
- I don't.

I don't like to think that
I'm hurting someone's game.


It's about
my personal feelings

towards a friend in my heart.

I don't know...

That's what I'm saying.
You can't say that yet.

No, but the fact
that she's questioning it,

like, means that it's whatever.

But, like, I think with you
right now,

Sarah has your back dead.

Tori and Jordan, they won't
say each other's names.


But I'm close to Jonna,
so if, you know,

there's anything I can
do or say, I talk to her.


I don't know if there's
much I can do at this point,

but I'm hoping that Jonna
stays true to our friendship.

After this, I'm probably
just either going to prove

that I'm better
than what I look like so far

so it's only going
to get better,

or I come back and...

I have free range
to act like a psychopath.

Right. Yeah.
[both laugh]

- You know.
- Yeah. [laughs]

I loved your zero eff attitude,
by the way.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Never be friend
with a ex-girlfriend.

- You never?
- Never.

Me, same.

Because you break
their heart.

Me and Theo, we didn't
talk for two years.

We have been ex, right?
- Ah.

We're not friends.

We're not friendly.
- Friendly, yeah.

It was not good, but now,

this is the first time
in two years that we get along.

Yeah? See?
- She--yeah.

Correct, correct.

- Right?
- Yeah.

It's, like,
too good to be true.

- Kaz had--
- You know this one?

Kaz had a lot of growing up
and fixing to do.

I was always good,
but she was not good.


I'm always good boy,
friendly as well,

but she had to become nice.

He thinks he is perfect.

For me, it was--

it was hard to be
in a relationship with him.


Being exes with Theo,
this is the first time

we are getting on.

I feel like I am
in control of that.

I feel like I'm being
very nice to him,

and, yeah, getting
on his good side

because I don't need
another enemy in here.

Like, I need friends.
I need alliances.

He's come a long way.

He's grown up a lot.

I also have grown up a lot.

Yeah. I've come a long way.

I've learned how to shut
my mouth a little bit.

Only a little bit, though.


It's a butt massage.

Tori and I will always have
a very, very deep connection.

I'm giving you pleasure
on your booty.


We always say
that we've imprinted

on each other like werewolves.

- This is what you get.
- Oh, there you go.

We're honestly better
than we've ever been

after breaking up.

And I know Tori and I will
be riding for each other

just as we've always done,
and hopefully this time,

way less turmoil.

[tense music]

The situation in the house,
it's strained.

I think it's pretty obvious
that this game is

based on relationships versus
representing your country.

You can see that
with Theo and Kaz.

You can see that with the Tori
and Jordan relationship.

Too many friends can get you
in trouble in this game.

There's a lot of people
that you have to protect,

and the fewer,
the better for me.

What's KellyAnne saying?

- She was very upset.
- Oh, is she?

- She's like--she's very--
- Sensitive.

Emotionally sensitive, yeah.

Like, the way that she reacted yesterday

when Jonna wasn't sure
and stuff,

she was, like, really upset
and kind of was

almost, like, prodding
the bear.

And I was like,
"Let's just leave it now."

Yeah, she seemed pissed.

She was pissed.
She was so pissed.

She was pissed.

No, she seems, like, intense.

She does a lot of talking.

- Maybe too much, do you think?
- Maybe too much talking, yeah.

That it's just
pushing her away.

'Cause it creates, like,
ripples and stuff.

I think
because she got picked last,

and then she didn't do well
in the next challenge.


Her ego's bruised
from that as well.

Her ego's definitely bruised.

Even that, in a sense,
I'm feeling

fucking pretty low because,
obviously, I came last.

And you need someone
to pick you up.

We're here to pick you up.
Don't worry.

You're amazing.
You're amazing, Tristan.

You are amazing.

I'm not going to lie to you.

I'm a massive mummy's boy,
and she is my number one fan.

She's sending me
all her best wishes out here.

It feels very nice
to know that the UK

are going to stick together.

These guys have got my back.

It's called the United Kingdom
for a reason.

We stand united.

You can do this.

Like, you've got to--

even if you have to carry her
through it,

this one, you can do it.

Take your power back.

You're fucking strong
as hell, like--

But rest today.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

I don't know
if, like, in real life

you get the chance
to evolve and, you know,

adapt so fast
to so many different things.

I'm always looking for masters.

You know, Bananas,
he's a Legend

and he has been doing this
for a really long time.

I'm here to play a game,
and I want people to teach me

so I can be smarter.

We Argentinians,
we are clever people.

We can go far.


I've said this
about this game, dude.

You just said "adapt."

It's not the strongest
or the smartest

people in this game that win.

It's the most adaptive.

It's the people
who can adapt the fastest.


That's what this is
all about, man.

it's about adapting.

Dude, you think the game's
going one way,

and then all of a sudden,
the game changes.

But it's about
being able to just

roll with the punches, man.

- I have the chance to be me.
- Yeah.

And to show other people
that being yourself...

- Yeah.
- Is great.

Yeah, that's right.

And, you know,
you don't have to be,

you know, stabbing peoples
in the back to get the prize.

- No.
- I do love Benja.

He's definitely
a unique character,

but it's really difficult
to tell sometimes who has--

like, when push comes to shove,
who is going to have that grit

and who is going to have
that fight in them.

It's going to be rough
for Argentina.

You be you, and you put
that positive spin out there,

but you always have to have
that knife ready.


Don't always use the knife,
but have it ready, man,

because you're going to need
to use it eventually.

♪ ♪

[sighs] So I just--

I want to start by saying
I apologize for yesterday.

I feel like after sleeping,
I'm more, like, clear-minded.

Ahead of everybody here,
I feel like you are

my best friend
that I have here, so--


And I want to put past games
aside with everything.

- Same.
- And something is telling me

that having you as an ally
in this World Championship

is, like, going to be
beneficial to both of us.

I think that you and I need
to be on the same page.


In this house, there's
very few people that I trust.

I know that KellyAnne
is one of those people

that's, like,
honest to a fault,

but I want to be an ally.

I want to work together
because I know we could

help each other out
in this game.

I'd like to be
a solid person on your side.

I want to know that, like,
we can, like,

work together without question.

- That's exactly what I want.
- That's what I--yeah?

Like, I want to not even
think about it anymore.

I really appreciate
that you want to work with me.

Like, fully.

But I'm just--I'm so happy.

- Don't.

Stop it, you weirdo.


[upbeat music]

[bird crying]

♪ ♪

Suppose we go to arena,
we're going to kill it.

- Yeah.
- And I know that.

I'm going to be
honest with you.

I'm feeling like
it's going to be you and I.

- Yes?
- You and me, yeah.

- Uh.
- Yeah.

Well, it's a possibility.

- What?

Is there a thing
to not have it be us?

To have the last participant?

You've figured out this
game's not fair yet, right?

- Yeah, I know, totally.
- Yeah, OK. OK.

[tense music]

We already lost
an Argentinian,

and I want that bleeding
to stop.

You know, just stop. Stop it.

And I have to prove
to my partner that I'm worthy,

so I have to give all my
emotional intelligence.

I see a huge opportunity
to try to save my ass

from going to elimination.

I'm a really big manifester.

Like, I always think
about that.

It's really important to me
to don't go with Benja.

He have to beat
KellyAnne and Tristan.

Have to beat
KellyAnne and Tristan, please.

[dramatic music]

[birds chirping]

KellyAnne and Jonna
went off,

and they, like, had
a discussion, so I don't know.

They had, like,
a reconciliation or something?


I don't understand
how y'all went from,

"Yes, we can trust each other."
- Right.

"We're all working together,"
to, like,

"You have the opportunity
to save your person."

- Exactly.
- And it's a question?

You stick up there
with the Legends.

They are not going to allow
any more leaders.

These Legends all have
relationships with each other.

They've all played different,

you know, seasons
with each other.

They've all backstabbed
each other.

And we've also gotten to see
how they operate,

so I'm leery on trusting
any of them

just because
of their experience

and what I've seen them do
in the past.

It'll tell a lot on which way
they vote tonight.


♪ ♪

This is what
I was thinking.

After talking to Jujuy,
and I don't know

Jujuy's strength or weaknesses
just yet...

Yeah, you're just picking
partners, dude, like--

Yeah. I'm like, OK.

I know--I'm not scared
of neither of the guys.

These guys don't scare me.
- Yeah, yeah.

What makes me nervous
is the girls.

I know KellyAnne
has experience.

I know Jodi both
has experience,

so what I was hoping we can do
is that when TJ calls me

down there,
I'm going to be able to look

at their elimination.
- Oh.

And if I leave my hair up,
that means I want Tristan.

[shady music]

If I take my hair down,
that means I want Benji.

♪ ♪

And only me and you know that.


When you're the person
going into elimination,

it's like you don't
really have the choice.

I'd like to help Nelson out
in this situation.

And if it works out, like,

maybe I can just blame it
on Nelson.


That stays between you and I.

Oh, my God.
You're so smart.

I wish I was as smart as you.


Oh, I really do trust Jonna.

I really, really do.


I do too.

I even trust Jodi too.

She could be
going in tonight.

Like, Jonna, I'm really
giving--leaving the decision

up to her,
because she knows the politics,

and I respect her game.

I respect her as a person,
and she's very smart.

- Yeah.
- She's always--

she's two steps in front
of all of us,

to be honest with you.
- Yeah.

She knows
everything, you know?

One good thing about Jonna is,

is she's sort of doing
all the dirty work for me.

I can just kick back.

Jonna's just getting in and out
of every conversation.

She's good at that.

But it could turn into a shot
depending who we pick.

And I know that my best
interest is keeping us...

- Mm.
- Fucking safe,

and no one going
"fuck Australia" now.

- Yeah. Correct.
- 'Cause that can happen.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

- This kind of stresses me.
- Mm-hmm.

And I get it, being, you know,
the person that might go in.

Did you think about
what are you planning to do?

In this game,
everything changes so often...

Yeah, facts.

That you can't plan,
you know?


And there's so many unknowns,
especially this being

the first one
since we're partnered.

We don't know, you know, how it
will affect us in the future.

All you can do is, you know,
come to a decision

and, you know, hope
that you made the right one.

Yeah, exactly.

♪ ♪

It's a struggle for me to use
my social skills,

my charming to be useful
in the game.

But suddenly I see, like,
a really good opportunity

to talk to Jonna,
because she's the one

pulling the strings,

and she's the one
with the connections.

And I need to kind of,
like, prove myself

that I can be useful for her.

But at the same time,
KellyAnne is in the same room

as we are speaking, so it's,
like, really uncomfortable.

What are you basing
your decision off?

I don't know what it's
going to be based off of.

There's so many variables,
almost too many...

- Mm-hmm.
- That it doesn't work.

Benja doesn't know this,
but Jonna has assured me

and Tristan that we will
not be going in tonight,

so I'm just kind of watching
Jonna and studying her face.

I have maybe, like,
a 0.1% feeling

that Jonna could be
lying to me,

but honestly, if Jonna's lying,
she's a complete sociopath.

Ultimately, that's up to you.

Whether you go home or not,
that's up to you

in elimination,
and then that's that.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

♪ I just can't get you
out of my head ♪

♪ Can't get you
out of my head ♪

♪ Boy, it's more than I dare
to think about ♪

♪ ♪

♪ There's a dark ♪

♪ Secret in me ♪

♪ Don't ♪

♪ End it ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la, la ♪

♪ La, la, la ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Can't get you
out of my head ♪

Welcome back to the arena.

All right!
[all cheering]

Now, congratulations goes out
to the challenge winners.

Representing Australia,
the undefeated Grant.


Completely killing it.

And Jonna, who's a little
undefeated herself.


As for the losers
of the challenge,

that was Argentina's

Nelly and Jujuy.

Come on out.
- Come on, Nelly T!

[all cheering]

How are you doing?

Good, good, good.

I've told myself,
you know, we're not going

to play an emotional game.

I mean, we know that we are
playing, so it's a game.

And you're not afraid
to cut off their necks.

- [laughs] Exactly.

[both laugh]
- I'm good with that.

With this cute smile
on my face.

[bell dings]
I don't care.

I'm going to kill them.
- Yes.

The rest of the house had
to nominate two other teams,

and they are
UK's representatives,

KellyAnne and Tristan.

[all cheering]

And representing Argentina,
Benja and Jodi.

Come on out.
[all cheering]

[speaking Spanish]

♪ ♪

Calls me down there,
I'm going to be able to look

at their elimination.
- Oh.

And if I leave my hair up,
that means I want Tristan.

♪ ♪

I'm telling you people,

I don't want to lose
Benji and Jodi

because they are a part
of Argentina.

You know what that says?

When we win this game,

that's a vote with us.
- Exactly.

They're never going
to vote against us.

- Exactly.
- We take a UK person out now,

they're going to focus
on the UK.

Exactly. It's going to change
everything for sure.

- Flip the switch on them.
- Yeah, yeah.

So that's why we want to go
against Tristan and KellyAnne.

Sorry, y'all, but not sorry.

Grant and Jonna,
who's it going to be?

♪ ♪

I know for a fact
that KellyAnne is

expecting me to save her.

I really appreciate that
you want to work with me.

Like, fully.


We've got to realize
that this is a game,

and that I think
we just got to choose

who we believe is
the best pick to go in

against Jujuy and Nelson.

[sighs] Yeah.

Yeah. It wasn't easy.

We've come up with a decision,

but I'll keep it
short and sweet.

And at the end of the day,
you know,

at least you're fighting
for a chance

to come back up in here, so...

♪ ♪

Tristan and KellyAnne,
I'm sorry, guys,

but yous are going in.

I'm sorry. What?

I look at Jonna's face,
and I swear to God

she has, like, a light smirk.

I mean, at least pretend
to be sad

that you're throwing in your
"best friend" in the house.

Jonna is obviously
friends with KellyAnne,

but when KellyAnne made
that remark during nominations

saying we should take out
the big teams,

I mean, how is Jonna not
going to take that personally?

She's going to continue
to put it out there

to go after the stronger teams.

That's going to be your tactic
from here on out.

It can get messy.

First of all,
that's kind of genius

because then it takes it
off of us.

Like, we didn't pick.
We let him pick.

It's the best move
we can do just at this time.

All right,
Tristan and KellyAnne,

you're down here with me.

Benja, Jodi, go ahead
and rejoin the group.

[all cheering]

So here's a pop quiz,
my young pupil.

Oh, God.
Here we go again.

So what side
are we rooting for?


Not the UK. Oh, my God.

The answer is both.

We're rooting for both teams
because we're playing...

both: Both sides.

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.

But doesn't change the fact

that I'm still nervous
for Tristan.

It is Argentina
versus the UK.

This is going to be good.

All right, tonight,
you are playing Tether Brawl.

To begin, one teammate is going
to be harnessed up

into that sling

while the other teammate is
going to try and swing them

as high as they can

so they can grab
those building blocks.

Once you grab eight
of those building blocks,

tossing them into your section,

your partner that was
swinging you will then build

a tower eight blocks high.

If at any time your partner
drops a building block

and it falls into the center
of the arena,

that piece is still up
for grabs.

First one to eight will win
tonight's elimination round

and stay in the game.

This season is worth
your share of $500,000,

so you don't want
to go home now.

All right?

Good luck everyone.
Get it done.

Let's go!
[all cheering]

♪ ♪

Jonna without a doubt
betrayed me in a way

that wasn't even necessary.

I'm not going to
let my emotions

about Grant and--mostly Jonna

affect me right now
because that would be

detrimental to my game.

We won't have words.

Being with KellyAnne today,

obviously, this is
my first elimination.

It's my first time
in the sands,

and to have KellyAnne
as a team elimination

is going to be fantastic.

All right.
Everyone ready?

[air horn blares]
- Go, Nelly!

[all cheering]
- Come on!

Run with her!
Run with her!

Let's go, KellyAnne!

Let's go!

Run with her!

You got to go
all the way back, Nelly.

♪ ♪

Don't stop her!
- Don't stop her, Nelly!

You got to keep
the momentum going!

I'm so nervous.

I don't want to go home.

I want to stay here,
so I'm trying

to focus and try to see,
like, what should we do?

This girl's heavy.

This is no joke.

And I'm trying
to grab it again,

but as she's coming back,

she almost hits me
right in the head.

I'm like, whoa, shit!

Oh, my God.




Gotta get the momentum, momentum.

- Ready?
- [grunts]

You got it,
you got it, you got it!

Yeah, run with her.
Run with her.

Grab it and run.
- Go, guys.

- [grunts]
- What are we gonna do?

- Fuck.
- Nelson, just push her knees.

Don't stop her.

- Hold there.
- Get her.

Nelly, come on.
Let her swing.

Swing her.
- Stop.

Stop, I meant do it again.

Nelly, do not hold on.

This game is going terribly
for Nelly until...


Watch it!

Go get it!

Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

One of the blocks
falls into the middle,

activating Nelly T,
because he is on.

Oh, you said wrestle?
It's time to wrestle.

Oh, no!

Oh, no.
- Oh. Oh!

♪ ♪


Run with her.

You got to use
your momentum, dude.


Nelly, come on,
let her swing.

Swing her.

Don't stop her.

Don't stop her.

Jujuy is really important
for Argentinian team.

she has this light
and this energy

and these endorphins
that we need

in so many levels
for them to come back.

- Push her.
- Oh, wow. Nice.

You got it.
You got it. You got it.

Go again, go again.

Throw her.

Do not hold on.
- Fuck.

What is he doing?

What are you doing?

Stop stopping her.

What is he--

Oh, my.

Oh, my.

Yo, what?

I'm not stop--

Do not hold on!

No. no!


[quirky music]

Nelson, what the fuck
were you doing?

Nelson, buddy. Oh.

Tristan is able
to swing KellyAnne

just like a rag doll.

I mean, they are
absolutely killing it.

It was like a high school
Peter Pan play out there.

- It was!
- Yeah.

Come on, Nelly.

He can fly!
He can fly!

- Nelly.
- Stop grabbing her like that!


you need momentum.

We need to take him
to a playground.

Oh, man.

- No. Move forward.
- Stop kicking.

She's flopping around on this
thing like a beached dolphin.


Ruining the momentum,

and Nelson's
already struggling.

- Yeah.

- It's a recipe for disaster.
- Yeah.

One, two, three, four, five.

Let's go. Three more.
That's it, got it.

- Right here.

Killing it.

Keep going, swing with her.

- No, no.
- Don't be too forward!

Move forward.

Nelly, do not hold on.

I can see Jonna is
sweating bullets here,

and, like, KellyAnne has
this piercing look.

When you vote someone
into elimination,

you definitely don't
want them to come back.

If KellyAnne and Tristan win,
like, she's gonna--

Well, yeah. Oh, my God.

Yeah. It's going to be bad.

[both laugh]

Ready, babe?
Get your breath in.

Don't stop me.

OK, ready?

And... now push!


Ready, babe?
Get your breath in.

Don't stop me.

OK, ready?
And... now push.

Run with her.
Run with her. That's it.

- Nice! Nice!
- Nice job.

Nice job.

Keep going. Do that again.
- Let's go.

Let's go, Team UK.

[dramatic music]

KellyAnne comes in,
and she's a pocket rocket.

She's a firefly, and I'm like,

I don't know if you made
the right choice here, Grant.

Unless you wanted them
to come back.


- Yeah!
- Yeah! Go back.

One, two, three,
four, five, six.

How many?

We need one more I think,
but we're still good.

As much as I love KellyAnne,
I really want

the Argentinians to stay,
so I'm hoping that Jujuy

and Nelson can
pull off this win,

because we need the numbers.

I need a Jujuy
and Nelson win.

It's our group.
- Yes.


- No.
- Yes.

Stop her.

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven...

- There you go.
- Yeah, stop her.

Get another of those.

Come on.

- Heaps of time, Tristan.
- Yeah, yeah.

Build, build.
- Even that out.

Even that out.
- Just put them on top.

- That's it.
- There you go, Nelly.

Get that rhythm.
- Shit.

- No, no.
- On top, Tristan.

Tristan, on top.
Like that.

- Oh, my God.
- Twist her.

Twist her, move her leg.

I know. Even her out.

Nice, Tristan.

- There it is.
- Check.

[air horn blares]

[all cheering]
- Yeah!

- [giggling]
- Well done, guys.

[triumphant music]

- Well done, both of you.
- Well done, guys.

♪ ♪

Good job, guys!

Well done, darling.
Well done.

This is a reminder
how good we can be,

so we're feeling fresh.
- This is more--yeah.

This is more about us
than it is about them.

The fact that Jonna
went out of her way

to say that she wants
to work with me

and have an alliance with me

and that she wasn't going
to put us in

moments before she decided to
and didn't tell me,

I have no room
for people like that,

and I hope her energy just
stays the fuck away from me.

Nelson, Jujuy,

unfortunately, you just
couldn't get it done tonight,

so this ends your time here

on "The Challenge"
World Championship.

Take care of yourselves.
Nothing but love, all right?

Good job, guys.
[cheers and applause]

[somber music]

- Bye, guys. Cheers.
- Bye, guys.

With "The Challenge," man,

that's one thing about
"The Challenge."

You never know what to expect.

You can train your ass off.

It's puzzles, gym, swimming,

but you just never know
what to expect,

and you go home thinking,
what can I have done different,

but you can't ponder on that.

You just got to keep
moving forward,

and that's what
I'm going to do.

The only thing
that I want to say

is, like, don't feel bad
about that.

I know that you really--
you did a really good job.

You did your best,

and I am so happy
because we were together.

Well, representing the UK,

Tristan and KellyAnne
getting it done.

[all cheering]



Now, if you could just keep
your ass out of here, Tristan,

it'd better, right?
- That would be ideal.

I don't want to be
down here again.


KellyAnne, you never cease
to amaze me.

Both of you, I should never
see you in the sand again.

- Copy that.
- Get out of here.

Up top. Go, go, go. Up top.

[all cheering]
- Whoo-hoo! Yeah.

Every single one of you
is a savage.

This is going to be good.
- Yeah!


[indistinct chatter]

- Cheers, bruv. Killed it.
- Well done.

I'll see you soon.
Get out of here.


[cheers and applause]

I feel like once KellyAnne
and Jonna get that knife,

they're going to cut
each other.

The more fights within
the house between people

that are apparently in line
with each other,

the more we stay
out of the drama,

the further we go
in this competition,

so go nuts, guys.

Just leave us out of it.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Well done, guys.

- Thanks, girl.
- Team UK!


Team UK!

[all chattering]

♪ ♪

More nice.

More calm.

I've been calm.
I've stayed calm.

Too calm.


You voted her in?

- Stop.
- Go to bed.

- Aren't you guys friends?
- Oh, my God. Yeah.

Hopefully we'll still be
friends after this,

but I guess--

I guess not anymore, you know?

We might not be.

I thought I can trust Jonna,
especially since

she is Team Australia, but if
you can say your friend's name

and blindside them that way,

then you would definitely
do that to me.

Did you hear
KellyAnne's mad at Jonna?

- [laughs]
- She should be.

She should mad at you too.


You don't tell me
that we are in an alliance

and that you're going
to have conversations,

you don't have to worry,
and then five hours later,

go and put me in
without giving me a warning.

Fucking stone-cold liar.

It's unhealthy behavior.

I thought you were
going home, bro.

- You thought I was going home?
- Yeah, I did.

- In what--
- I'm only joking, man.

Well, yeah. Thanks, bro.

I mean, cheers.
- It was definitely our game.

♪ ♪

So seeing how
the relationship with Jonna

and KellyAnne,
like, just suddenly go

from great to shit house,
it really shows

that this game can change
so fast.

You just gotta do
one wrong thing,

and all of a sudden,
it goes belly up.

Yeah, KellyAnne.
- Thank you.

You know what's good.

Oh, I am a Legend.

- Yeah.
- 100%, yeah.

You fucked that one up.

To be honest with you, I am
pretty pissed off at Grant,

but I'm not going
to burn that bridge.

You know,
I take it on the chin.

At some point later on,
I might need him,

so I'm going to swallow it,
remember it,

park it, and at some point,
unleash all that anger.

Today is over.

As good as I can be,
you know?

It's stressful.

Well, I appreciate--


Next time I'll...

try to let you guys know, so...

Grant keeps going,

"I didn't think you were
going to win, mate."


I was like, obviously.

That's why you put us in.

- Oh, my God.

As soon as I walked in
and saw it, and, like--

when they explained it,
I was like,

"She's going to fucking win."

Isn't that why
you were scared to put Jodi in,

because you were afraid
she was going to win

and be mad at you?
- No.

Why'd you put me in?

There's a long list
of reasons.

Even after the promise
you made me four hours earlier?

Oh, the promise that you
told other people about?

- I didn't tell anyone.
- I don't think so.

That's the goddamn truth.
Didn't tell anyone.

OK, well, I heard differently
from people.


What a weird thing to say.

Just admit it.
Don't sit here and tell me--

- Admit what?
- That you told me--really?

That you made me
a promise, and then--

That I wanted to start
working with you, yes.

That you want to make
an alliance,

and that you were gonna
keep working with me,

and then not to say anything.
And I didn't say anything.

And that's fine,
but don't sit here and pretend

that you heard me
say something.

- I'm not pretending anything--
- You just did.


♪ ♪

I was waiting
for it to happen.

Everybody else is who put her
in then up there, you know?

It wasn't--
- Mm-hmm.

You know, I had two choices,

and I wanted to make
a smart decision.

Well, let her throw her fit.

It's honestly only
going to make it worse for her.

Yeah. I mean, she won.

I know.

She's back here,
still in the house.

From everyone.
- We're trying to do that.

Well, we're trying.
We can try a bit harder.

- OK.
- Yeah? We good.

We could have been
strong allies, guys.

We could have had your backs.

You've now pissed off

one very strong,
fierce KellyAnne

who's coming for you, Jonna.

Deflect, yeah?
This too shall pass.


She lied to me.

"I got your back.

We're in an alliance."

It's evil.

I'll deal with you
as "The Challenge" proceeds.

I will run head on
into a motherfucker

if they are in my way.

Wes is calculating.

I just don't trust this
ginger dude with a beard.

These Legends have run
many finals together,

so the best way
for us to get one

is to get them out.

And it'll be masterful, bro.

[buzzer blares]

Team USA, we are definitely

the most intimidating
squad here.

I am feeling
a lot of pressure

to keep Argentina together.

This challenge, it's at war.

It's about to get dirty,