The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - When Worlds Collide - full transcript

The Legends and Global MVPs join forces and begin their quest for $500,000 and the title of first ever Challenge World Champion. After a brutal Challenge, paranoia runs rampant as the players are forced to nominate teams for elimi...

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♪ MTV ♪

This is "The Challenge"
World Championship.

16 global MVPs from Argentina,
Australia, the UK, and USA

competed in a grueling qualifier

here in Cape Town,
South Africa...

Come on!

Let the games begin!

While 14 elite
"Challenge" Legends

watched every move they made.

Welcome to "The Challenge."

On the shoulder!

The UK's Zara

and Australia's Grant
pulled out the win,

but Argentina's Claudia
and the UK's Tristan

couldn't get it done.

Lucky for Tristan,
the UK's Nathan was

medically unable to compete
in the game.

So Tristan got
to avoid elimination.

At nominations, Australia's
Kiki and the UK's Kaz

were selected to potentially
take on Claudia in the arena.

Zara and Grant
ultimately chose Kiki,

and after a brutal
Pole Wrestle,

Argentina's Claudia...

[air horn blares]

Has been eliminated.

And now,
the remaining global MVPs

will choose
their legendary partners

right here in the arena.

These Legends have been
around the house

for a minute now.

But I think it's time
we get them involved

because the first ever
"Challenge" World Championship

is going to be played in pairs.

- Yes.
- Yeah!

One global MVP,
one Legend makes a team.

And together, these pairs
will fight for their share

of $500,000
and bring home the title

of Challenge World Champion.

And we're picking them tonight.

[cheers and applause]

I told you at the qualifier,

it is very important
to do well,

and I meant it.

The order in which
you finished that qualifier

is the order in which
you are picking your teams.

[dramatic music]

I am going through
all the people

I'd like to be partnered with
and realizing

that I have absolutely
no say in the matter

because I'll be choosing last.

Let's be honest.

I absolutely fucked
the qualifier,

but as a Challenge
UK champion,

I've got a big old point
to prove.

So let's see
where the cards fall.

It's time to make
my name in the game.

I am ecstatic right now.

I got to think about my game

and who's going to be able
to maneuver

in a social way
through this game.

It's about to get
spicy in the house.

First things first,
I need all the Legends

to come down here with me.

[cheers and applause]
- I'm scared.

We're good.

The fact that the global MVPs
get to choose us, I'm like,

I am at their mercy.

I really just hope
that I get a good partner

because this is
going to set the tone

for the rest of the season.

♪ ♪

Nobody wants
to be picked last,

but you're standing
amongst the greatest

to ever play this game.

And I don't want to get
picked last

'cause I don't want my kids
laughing at me.

It's like being picked
in gym class or something.

First up,
representing Australia, Grant.

Which Legend is going
to be your teammate?

I could work
with all of them.

The one person
that really stood out to me

that I would really enjoy
working with is...


Welcome to Australia.

[all cheering]

First draft pick, yeah!

Grant and Jonna
representing Australia.

I'm really happy
that you picked me.

She was so surprised.

I think she shit herself.

- [laughs]
- I was like, come on, like.

I have a great endurance.

My swimming is pretty good,

but, man,
I suck at puzzles, like.

I'm great at puzzles,
great at the endurance side.

Winning this whole game
doesn't come down

to who's the strongest.

It's who is the most
well-rounded team,

and I really feel
like my strengths

complement his weaknesses
and vice versa.

Since I've never won
and I am the smallest woman

in the house, I'm afraid
I'll be chosen last.

But pound for pound,
I'm quite strong.

I'm very flexible,
and I have a good attitude,

except for when I don't.

And sometimes when I don't,
that also helps me.

Next up, the UK's Zara.

- Hi. [laughs]
- Zara, how you doing?

I suck with numbers,
so I'm hoping there's a genius

waiting to fill in that hole.

So I love you all,
but I'm going to choose Wes.

- Whoa.
- Whoo!


Welcome to the UK!

Thank you.

Wow, first draft pick, OK.

Wes and Zara, you are
now representing the UK.

I do like
the finer things in life,

and that means I have to have
the best partner.

That's me.

I'm like
the Lamborghini of partners.

There's no doubt that we're
coming home with $500,000.

Team USA, Ben.

My wife told me,
if you had an opportunity,

you should work
with Jonna or Tori.

So I'm just praying
and hoping that Ben

is not going to pick Tori.

Just get to the point.
I'm picking Kaycee.

[all cheering]

Kaycee has
a great social game.

She was a winner
of "Big Brother"

the same year
that I won "Survivor."

We're going to go to the final
and raise them flags for USA.

- Yeah, boy!

- Let's go.
- Next up, Kaz.

I share a lot of common
interests with this person.

And I think their strengths
will complement my weaknesses.

I'm going for Jordan.




I don't believe me and Kaz
would work well in a team.

One disagreement, and I think
it'll put a bit

easier target on our heads.

And so I think
if we stay separate,

then it'd be better
for our game.

Kaz and Jordan
representing the UK.


I'ma go with Tori.
both: Yeah!


We gonna fuck
this shit up, baby.

Tori and Danny,
that's going to be a tough one.

That's team workhorse
right there.


Tori is an absolute beast,
so I'm excited to get her.

I mean, he's an absolute
legend of an MVP already.

Both of us have experienced
winning and what it takes.

And I think
we could do it again.

Next up, Justine.

I have to go
with one of the best.

I'm going to go with Bananas.
- Oh!


Bananas and Justine,
you're representing the U.S.

I obviously want to play
with Team USA.

I think that they have
the strongest bond,

the strongest alliance.

Representing Argentina, Benja.

I honestly don't know
from where to take it.

♪ ♪

I keep on looking at Jodi,
and she doesn't want

to look at me in the eyes.

Do I want a person that
doesn't want to play with me?

We just lost
an Argentinian player,

and I don't need to be
picked up by a team

that's on its way out already.

So I'm hoping
that he doesn't pick me.

I had a hunch that with Jodi,

we're going to make
a good team.

Oh, Jodi.

you're going to love me.

It's only going to take,
for you, a couple of days.

Everybody, in 15 minutes,
they understand me.

[speaking Spanish]


Fresh off
her elimination win, Kiki.

I'm going to go with Darrell.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

I mean, he loves red wine
as much as I do,

so this could go downhill.

I don't know, guys.

Put some respect on our
names, please, you know?


Next up, Rodrigo.

With her, we are
going to rock it.

- Oh, yeah.


Rodrigo, Nia,
representing Argentina.

- Argentina!
- Oh, Argentina!


I'm going to say yes to Yes.


We got an Olympic swimmer,
and Yes is

very good at the challenges.

They gonna be a strong team.

I'm thankful to be an Aussie

'cause I love
the Australian people.

- Welcome to Aussie.
- Troy?

I'm going to have
to go with Amber.

- Yay.
- Amber.

I love you, Troy.

Amber, Troy
representing Australia.

[both laugh]

- Let's do this.
- Let's go.


This person and I had
a really good conversation

about wanting
to come to America

and get married.

And I think this might
speed up our visa process.


So, Theo, you're going
to wear the American flag.

I am American Legend.

Get your ass up here!


Oh, no one's beating us
in elimination, baby.

Sarah and Theo are
just a big threat.

Sarah is quite smart,
and Theo is just huge.

I mean, I don't think
they're going to be

easy to eliminate,
put it that way.

As long as I wasn't last,
I'm happy.

Which means Tristan
and Kellyanne are a team,

and Jujuy and my man, Nelson.

Go hit it. Whoo!

I am not shocked
that I'm picked last,

because I am stacked up
with people that won

one time, four times,
seven times.

I haven't won once.

Have I done
legendary things in this game?

Yes, but being a champ in this
game means everything to me.

We're gonna do
really, really good.

With you? Sure.
Not that I was that.

I'm buzzing. I'm buzzing.

I feel I got really lucky
to be partnered with Tristan.

He seems like he has
a calm personality.

I'm hoping he's better
at puzzles than he looks.

Ooh, that's tight.

That way. Progression.

You're the puzzle master.

- I get that a lot.
- [laughs]

Are we perfectly
suited together?

No, I don't think so,

but she's
a super strong competitor

and a tough cookie.

This concludes the draft.

I hope you love your new teams.

[cheers and applause]

Get out of here.

I'm expecting chaos.

Every single pair looks like
a tough competition.

This is the World Championship,
so everyone's intimidating.

But being partnered up
with Bananas,

I am not worried
about the two of us.

We might be one of
the stronger teams here.

♪ ♪

Welcome to "The Challenge."

Amos Argentina!

Argentina! Argentina!


- Little by little.
- Go, go, go!


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

all: Oi, oi, oi!

- Come on, Aussie!
- Oi!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
all: Oi, oi, oi!

All day.

[all cheering]

Let's go, UK. You got this.

[tires squealing]

- Let's go!
- Whoo!

I am here to work.


all: USA!

Team USA is fired up.

[all cheering]

Damn, fam!

- USA!
- Argentina!

- Aussie!
- Oi!


[dramatic music]

[all cheering]

Oh, my God,
I'm so happy to be home.

Well done, Kiki.

♪ ♪

What about left and right?

[speaking Spanish]

Oh, shit.

[both laugh]

I barely can pronounce it.

We have really,
like, same energy.

And for me, it's very important
to connect with the people,

you know?

And that's one thing
that's very important

when it comes to teamwork.

I do think
we have what it takes

to be a champion in this game.


I think one of
the first challenges

are going to be
communicating between us two.

I'm really good
at communication.

[both laugh]
I like to talk a lot,

you know, if you couldn't--

I know you talk a lot.

I do.


[upbeat music]

- Have a seat.
- [laughs]

I'm just gonna be straight up.

Picking you was
a strategic move.

Everyone here is
physically capable of...

- Yeah.
- Doing all of these things.

That's not why I picked you.

I just take a while to,
like, warm up to new people.

I'm used to people
coming in and, like,

being public enemy number one.

I played D2 soccer.

- Mm-hmm.
- I ran track.

I just don't want you to feel
like because you're Bananas,

that you have
to, like, carry this.

You can rely on me too.

- Yeah.
- You know?

I saw the way you performed
last season on "The Challenge,"

and you absolutely
crushed this.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

So when I come
into this season,

I am just conditioned
to feel like

I'm going to be
public enemy number one,

and everybody,
based on reputation alone,

are going to target me.

But we're slowly getting
to know each other.

This isn't a one-night stand.

It's more of, like, a--
we have to go out

to dinner a few times first.

OK, I can do that.

Because I am
a lady in the sheets,

but a freak in the streets.


you're making me sweat.

I'm hot.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Oh, shit.

I know.

I took a sip,
and I walked off with it.

My bad, Danny.

♪ ♪

You know, this is the first
"Challenge" that I've

walked into where it's like,
you know, usually, you have

your, like,
really strong people...

- Yeah.
- Really good people at this.

You have your layups.
You have everybody--

this one, it's like,
every single person is like--

Yeah, good.

- Really good.
- Yeah.

- You know? So--
- Yeah, for sure.

So you're close
with, like, Wes and, like,

Nia, and, you know, Jordan.

You guys are all--
you know, you guys have

your own little thing
right there.

There are people here
who have done

multiple seasons together.

There are people here
who have hooked up.

Past relationships really make
or break you in this game.

[tense music]

How are you with Kellyanne?

You know,
when you win, things change

because, you know,
people think, like,

man, maybe I should have won.
- Yeah.

I don't know if,
like, that's something

that she's carrying into this.
- Oh.

I'm kind of getting, like,
weird, like, vibes from her.

I guess we'll see,
like, how it goes.

- Something's a little off.
- Yeah.

I have no idea what this game
is going to bring,

so having people that you can
trust is very important.

I love Kellyanne to death.

Kellyanne is, honestly,
one of my favorite people,

but Kellyanne is
kind of erratic.

And that's pretty dangerous
in this game.

I think it's
an uphill battle from here.

- Yeah.
- [sighs]

- Are we right?
- Yeah.

You're like, "Sure are."

Looking at these teams,
I'm nervous.

I was not picked.

I was the last leftover,

and I'd like to be aligned with
a strong team that I can trust.

I have my eyes on a few people,

but I don't know
exactly where I fall.

I have no alliances,
but I do have

a handful of close friends.

♪ ♪

OK, first things first,
rule number one, don't get

distracted by all the other
idiots' training regimen.


They do a bunch of things
that don't matter.

They're going to do
bicep curls, yoga.

There's only one thing

that you can actually move
the needle with,

long-distance running.

Some of the MVPs are
obviously smart and talented

and won their own
individual games,

but this is still only
their second "Challenge."

Well, this is kind of like
my 20th game.

We won't broadcast it.
We can go for--

- We just do it, yeah.
- We just do it.

I was never a school person,

but it's the first time
in my life

I'm so excited
about going to school.

It's not only about training,
but it's also about politics

and getting
inside people's heads.

And it's a bit effed up,
but I like it.

She's a star pupil.

Even if they start copying us--

It's too late.
They don't have it.

- And then they won't do it...
- Do it in the Wes way.

In the Wes way.

[upbeat music]

♪ With the wind ♪

♪ At our side ♪

♪ We ever ride ♪

Yes, there's, like,
a language barrier,

but who cares?

He has the brute strength.

I'm going to back him up.

We came here
to win, only win.


♪ This is our house ♪

♪ These are my people, mister,
this is my town ♪

I expect the World Challenge
Championship to be

something completely new.

I'm here for it.
Emily is here for it.

We're here
to take on the world.

♪ Whoa ♪

Now we've got our partners,

the game has officially begun.

This is "The Challenge"
World Championship, baby.

And me and Jordan
are going to win.

Remember I said that.

♪ This is our house ♪

♪ These are my colors ♪

♪ This is sacred ground ♪

♪ This is our house ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ This is our house ♪

♪ Ain't nobody nowhere
gonna knock it down ♪

Let's go!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[all cheering]

- Looking good!
- Yeah, man.

All right!

How's everybody doing?

all: Good!

You ready
for the first challenge

on this season
of "The Challenge"

World Championship as teams?

[all cheering]
- Yeah!

Today's challenge
is called Chain Game.

To begin, you and your partner
are going to start

on the other side of that dune.

When I say go,
you will race up,

over, and through this course
all the way to that shipwreck.

Now, at the shipwreck,
there are several chains.

Each chain
is a different color.

Those colors correspond
to the puzzles

at the bottom of the dune.

Oh, and, by the way,
those chains

are over 700 pounds each.

- Wow.
- 350 kilos.

You're going to have
to drag that chain

to its corresponding puzzle,
where you'll use

the chain
to solve your puzzle,

but here's the catch.

Puzzles are more
difficult the closer

they are to that shipwreck,
and they get easier

as they get further out.

Remember, you have
to drag that chain,

and it is not going to be easy.

It's up to you to decide
to bet on your smarts

or your strength.

And once you get
that puzzle solved,

race back up to that shipwreck.

First team to ring that bell
will win today's challenge

and be the only team
safe from elimination.

The team that gets last place,

I'll be seeing you
in the arena,

where you'll have to fight for
your right to stay in the game

and try and get that $500,000.

Good luck, everyone.
Make it happen.

- All right!
- Yeah, TJ!

Come on!

♪ ♪

I've got a Legend,

who is one of the best
in the game,

who would have been
my first pick.

So I've got to show her that
I deserve to be her partner

today, and I plan on doing so.

I was hoping that this
would go to my strengths,

and certain puzzles and heavy
weights are not my strengths.

But I'm hoping that,
with cardio, we can kill it.

♪ ♪

I need some Aussie lingo.

Like g'day, mate.

Yeah, but, like,
what are we going to--yeah.

A bit how you going.

It means, like, a bit crap,
a bit not good.

Well, we're doing great.

Yeah, we're not
a bit how you going.

We're going good.

Hello, Team Argentina.

Yeah, I'm excited
about Team Argentina.

My very first season
of "Road Rules" was,

we went to Argentina,
and I won.

That's a big deal.

Our strategy today is to pick
one of the harder puzzles

so that we can get
the chain down fast

and then maybe map
the puzzle out.

♪ ♪

All right, everyone, ready?

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]

Let's go!

♪ ♪

[grunts] Whoo!


[indistinct chatter]

Oh, shit.

If there's one thing
about me,

my strengths are
during the challenges.

So I'm excited to show Bananas
that I'm that bitch.

- Let's go, Justine.
- Darrell.

Come on, mama.

Come on, come on.
- I'm coming.

Do you know where we're headed?
- Yeah.

I don't know if we're
going to get there.

- Come on, Kiki.
- No, no, no.

Kiki is definitely
somebody I can work with.

She does have a lot of nervous
anxiety, but you know what?

It's all good.
Go ahead and get it out.

Go ahead and vent.
It's all right.

We got it.

Amber, this one.

Hopefully, they're going
to be a bit easier.

I'm happy with this.
- Which one?

Maybe the blue.

Grab this.

Let's go. You grab it.

Right there.

- There?
- Yep.

♪ ♪

You all right with this one?

We have no choice.

Yeah, let's do it.

Let's go, baby.

Let's go.

So the ones on the inside
are the hardest,

and they get easier
as it goes out.

We are the last people
to arrive to the chain,

so we get the hardest one.

But I've heard
this genius here

is really, really good
at puzzles.

So I think Jonna is
really going to shine.


Listen, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Move the sand. Move the sand.

Stop right there.

I like to look at teams like
who is the most well-rounded.

I would say Wes and Zara,
Kaz and Jordan--

- Mm-hmm.
- Grant and Jonna.

Yeah, Grant is
an absolute horse.

However, what he lacks
is experience.

And I think that is going to
be a detriment down the road.

♪ ♪

Jonna, come on.

- Come on.
- I'm already exhausted.

Yeah, walking backwards, go.

The entire chain
is 700 pounds,

so we're going to move
this thing bit by bit.

I'm going to pull it
from the front.

He's going to go
at the back of the chain.

Eventually, you'll get
where you're going.

I just want to fight to win.

I've already been voted in,
so why are they not gonna say

my name again, you know?

True that.

We're going to walk this
all the way.

There you go.

Keep walking.

Wait, wait, wait,
let me go under.

[both grunting]

One, two, three.

- [grunts]
- Whoo!

- Ready?
- Yeah.

We get it all
to this point, yeah?

All that flat out like it was a
drink of water at this minute.

We're all going
a hundred miles an hour.

Even though we're
the last ones to the chains,

we're the first to get
our chain to the puzzle.

- Yeah.
- Hold on, hold on.

Slow down, slow down.
Let me help you out.

Go ahead.

Me and Tori both know
that we're strong,

but Tori is one of those people
who wants to prove a point,

and she's dragging this chain.

It's getting
caught in the sand,

and we should not be this far
behind dragging this chain.

Four trips for every,
like, 15, 20 yards.

Got to do it together
or get tangled up like this.

I know.
I don't know what this one is,

is what I'm asking.

That one,
the second one from there.

So it's not
the one I just did?

- No.
- The puzzle is a set of holes

that are sticking out
of the ground.

And we have to loop this chain
around those poles.

We choose one
of the harder puzzles,

but I feel really comfortable
doing puzzles.

I really need to win because
we have already Claudia out.

And we don't have a ton
of relationships in the house.

- OK.
- [indistinct]

Let's go down, foundation,
this, and then your perimeter.

This side here, right?

- Yep.
- OK.

- Up.
- It doesn't ever go down.

- Like this?
- Yeah.

And then we're on.
We got it.

Yep, you tell me
where you want to go.

- Here.
- Yep.

I was a bit hesitant
because I've never played

with Jonna before,
and then we started doing it,

and I was like, shit, she
knows exactly what she's doing.

So everyone was telling
the truth that she's the best.

♪ ♪

There are certain ways
to move this thing.

- Mm-hmm.
- It's not just grab one end,

grab the other end,
and let's just pull.

No, you got to do it
piece by piece.

She's a beast, and it was
awesome to actually have

to push myself to try
to keep up with her.

Do you think we can
get it over there now?

There you go, Rodri.


Keep going.

[breathing heavily]


Great job, Kaz.

You are killing it right now.

Let's go. Come on.
Come on, Justine.

Tighten it. OK.

I am a little concerned
about our puzzle strengths,

but I'm good at 50% of puzzles,
so we'll see.

I'm good at 50% of puzzles.

it's the opposite 50%.

So that means it's 100%.

If it's not the same puzzles.

One, two, three, four.

- It has to cross.
- It has to cross somewhere.

But it has to end
at the right place.

A little more.

Take your time, yeah?
These red things go into there.

- Pull there?
- Yes.

- With this?
- Yes.

- So here?
- Here.


- Like this and this, right?
- I'm so lost right now. Whew.

I'm not gonna lie.

I am out of breath,
but the job's not done yet.

Every moment counts.

You just got to keep it going,
keep it chugging.

Wait, it can't--

Let's look at it.

Can we un--they have to cross.

They did--
they just have to touch.

Here. Go grab the center.

Go pick up the center.

Kaz and I are setting up
the last little bits

of our puzzle.

And I think we're about
to win this thing.

Let's get this thing done
and get out of here.

♪ ♪

- Check.
- Check.

Let's go. Come on.
- Where are we going?

We don't have
the check anyway.


Good, let's go.

Wait, hurry, hurry.

- Come on, come on.
- Come on. Come on, Kaz.

Oh, they racing.

Come on, Kaz!

You better go, Jonna!

You better go!

♪ ♪

Well done.

[bell ringing]

- Oh, my God.
- You're a super mom.

This girl is a super mom.

Good job, guys.

Another thing
that I like about you, Grant,

is the fact that you have
a family that you're

fighting for back at home,
as well

as a kid and one on the way.

Mm-hmm, that's the purpose,
and that's the reason

why I'm here.

And I know the same for Jonna.

Cross them up, OK?

- So that one's right here.
- Yeah.

Across is right here, right?

No, it crosses
into the middle.

This season,
you cannot come last.

Coming last, you're
automatically in elimination,

and nobody wants to be there.


That one goes there,
and the thing goes there.

Tristan and I are having
a difficult time communicating.

I keep trying to tell Tristan
what I want him to do,

but because
we're falling so far behind,

he is clearly getting upset

and not really hearing
what I'm saying.

It's gonna look
like a triangle.

I'm confu--
I don't know what you mean.


Good job.


- Yeah.
- Very nice.

Good job.

Very nice.

- Very nice.
- Everything.

- You sure?
- Yeah, straight across.

[all cheering]

There we go!

Pull it.

- Hey, oi!
- Check.

- OK.
- Yo!

This counts towards
our dailies, Wes.

[all cheering]
- Get it, Zara!

Get it, Zara! Yes!

[indistinct chatter]


Try, try, try.

Come here, come here.
I need help.


- Yeah, it's good.

♪ ♪

[all cheering]

- Come on, J!
- Take the bell.

[all cheering]

♪ ♪

Look, that's the input.

Do you see?

That's not at all right.

It has to be crossed here
and crossed here.

I need Kellyanne
to work with me,

rather than her
tell me what to do.

I know she's a Legend
in this game,

but you've got
to help me, girl.

I think we went
the wrong way.

I think we're supposed
to go this way.

Wait, Nelson, calm down.

We have to figure out.

Let's think.

It's like this. Look.

We got to start from this way. Yeah.

No, no, this point is
supposed to go there.

No, it's not working.

I don't know what's going on.

Like, I start to get
really nervous now.

We need to finish this now.

♪ ♪

I hate puzzles. Ugh.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Now, from here, we need to go
across and then go back in.

So from here?

Yes, take that off.

Oh, man,
Tristan and Kellyanne,

it looks like we have
a puzzle meltdown.

They cannot figure it out.

And Nelson and Jujuy,
no matter how many smiles

and how much positivity
they have,

it is not going to solve
your puzzle for you.

OK, grab that side.
Grab that side there.


This side is supposed
to go on that side.

Pull, pull this over to--


Hurry, Nelson!

Hurry, Nelson and Jujuy!

♪ ♪


We didn't get it.

- Go, go, go!
- Come on, now!

[all cheering]

[air horn blares]
- No!

[breathing heavily]

Come on, baby.

No, no.

Jujuy, Jujuy, Jujuy, Nelson.

Another Arena for Argentina.



Yeah, I don't like that.

- You did an amazing job.
- You did.

Great challenge today, everyone.

Good job.

[cheers and applause]

Coming out on top,
representing Australia,

Grant and Jonna.

[all cheering]


Jonna is my friend
outside of this game,

and I feel that I can
definitely trust her.

So much of this game
is political,

and a lot of the politics
are just old friendships.

Now, on the other end,
we have Nelson and Jujuy.

I'll be seeing you two

in the elimination round.

Now, it's time for everyone
to go back to the house

and nominate two teams
for possible elimination

to go against Nelson
and Jujuy from Argentina.

Of those two teams,
ultimately, one of them

will be selected by our
winners, Jonna and Grant.

Get out of here.
I'll see you soon.

- Let's go!

- Yeah.

Right now,
the easy thing to do

would be put both the
additional Argentinean teams

in against Nelson and Jujuy.

So I need to get some real
social networking going

to try to flip
the script and get

this momentum going
in a different direction

away from me.

Man, did I tell you guys
how much I love Australia?


♪ ♪

[all cheering]

Another win for the Aussies
and Grant back-to-back.

The UK team and Argentina
have smaller numbers.

So if there's a possibility
to get rid of more of them,

then we're going
to take that shot.

[all cheering]

♪ ♪

I really love the energy
that Team Argentina has brought

to the house, but right now,

you're kind of
the odd country out.

So I think we're
just going to keep

throwing you in
against each other

until you have disappeared.

That's the way
the cookie crumbles.

If you do put
the pieces together,

we are the country with the
least amount of players in it.

You do?

I do.
- We both do.


Which might put us
both at risk.


What do you want to do?

that's, like, an easy one.

Maybe not for you, but--

Yeah, no, it's not.

I'm more likely to be able to
work with and trust Kellyanne

than I am Benja and Jodi.

Kellyanne and I had
a very serious relationship

a long time ago,
but Kellyanne being my ex

doesn't have anything to do
with her being safe.

Ultimately, I have to do
what's best for me.

♪ ♪

What are you thinking,

I'm thinking that I'd like
for somebody of the Legends

to tell me what to do,
so I don't feel like

I have to go against you guys.

I came last in the qualifier,
and we came

second to last in this one.

So we are at risk
of getting voted in,

but, luckily,
Jonna and Grant won.

We don't want to be nominated.

Once you're nominated,
people have a good excuse

to nominate you again.

The best option, to be honest,
would be the U.S. person

because you guys are strong
right now

and then an Aussie or--

But Tori--
Tori is with a U.S. person.

♪ ♪

The USA team is
not only incredibly strong

and politically smart,
they are really close.

And most of them
have been known

to be quite cutthroat,

something that I'm not
known for.

♪ ♪

Kellyanne, I've not even
had a conversation

with my fucking partner yet
about what she wants to do.

Wouldn't that be helpful?

You make a mistake,
it's not easy to fix.

I end up just
totally losing it.

I know that we're friends
with these people,

but they're already
really, really close,

and they already have, uh,

you know, a few--the--

Aus--where are they from?

- OK, chill out.
- Help me.

Tell me the place they're from.
- It doesn't matter.


That's what happens
to me too.

Argentina is also--
don't be a dick.

Jonna, what are you
going to--

can you talk to Kellyanne?
She has questions.

Everybody has, like,
partners from around the world.


Paranoia is a hell
of a drug,

and Kellyanne is high
off her ass on it.

Kellyanne, I've had more
of a conversation with you

than I've had
with my own partner

about what we're going to do.

I'm not still asking you.

I got it.

We fucked up.

Honestly, as long as it
ain't us, I don't care.

I don't want to even be
the one to toss out the names.

- No, same.
- It's a tough spot.

All I know is
when I was upstairs,

Kellyanne was like,
"Well, a good plan

"would be to put
the Americans in

because there's
more Americans."

And I was like,
"I'm on the Americans."

If someone throws a name out
of somebody in my alliance,

they need to go.

You ain't with me,
you're against me.

- Yeah.
- Like, we didn't say her name.


And then she throws
ours out there.


♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

We're going to make it
short and sweet and simple.

I think the way to have
power in this game

is to just show up,
bust ass, grind it

out in the heat of the desert.

And so if you didn't and if
you're at the bottom today,

that would be Jodi and Benja.

And that's--and that's
also Tristan and Kellyanne.

No disrespect,
but you got to come to play.

♪ ♪

Jodi and Benjamin,

I have to go with y'all

And I do not want to say
your name, Kellyanne,

but I have to go with you
and Tristan, as well.

Kellyanne, Tristan,
and Jodi and Benja.

We've all been here before.

Let's fall and give it a push.

So sorry, Kellyanne, Tristan,
Benja and Jodi.

♪ ♪

Kellyanne, Tristan, and--

- Benja and Jodi.
- Yeah.

It's interesting 'cause
this is the first nomination

that the Legends
are really a part of.

You kind of want to stay
with majority

and not show your cards
too, too soon

on who you're working with,

because it can get messy
real quick.

Benja and Jodi and--

Kellyanne and Tristan.

Jodi and Benja.

And we're also going to be
saying Kellyanne and Tristan.

I'm not really sure why
Benja and I are up for grabs

versus Nia and Rodri.

They came in, like, third
to last, and we came in fifth.

Maybe the group sees us
as a bigger threat.

We are going to go
with you and Tristan.

And I'm going to honor
my guy here,

and I'm not going to vote in
Benji and Jodi,

so I'm probably going to go
with Sarah and Theo.

♪ ♪

Obviously, I don't have
a lot of experience

in this whole game, politics,

and I'm feeling
very underprepared.

I'm definitely going
to take this one.

I'm here as a Legend
to show these MVPs

what "The Challenge"
is all about.

Our first vote is going
to go for Jodi and Benja.

We're just gonna
hop on that train.

And we're gonna throw
a vote at Wes and Zara.

For those of you who are new
to the game,

what Jordan just did is called
a burn vote.

- Hey, shut up, Johnny.

This isn't a teachable moment.

It is.

Kaz, listen up.

This is called a burn vote.

It's a vote that means nothing.

When Tristan and Kellyanne
come back around,

they're going to go,
"Everyone in this house

said our names," except us.

This early in the game,
we don't want to see

Team UK being broken apart.

We're going to vote
for Benja and Jodi.


And Kellyanne and Tristan.

Wes and I dated so long ago.

It doesn't matter
if it was 12 years ago.

He can still trigger me
like he did when we dated,

and that can be difficult,
but I'm not surprised.

Kellyanne means a lot to me,
and I'm a gentleman.

But she, to me,
is not the kind of person

that I'm going to be
partnering in this game.

But she's with Tristan.

Y'all think this is
a countries game, right?

It's like Argentina versus
Great Britain versus Australia

versus the United States.

I am not playing
for any country.

I'm playing
for Zara and myself.

I'm playing for Wes.

And then eventually,
people are gonna be like,

"What side are you on?"

And then we'll just
pick the larger side.


♪ ♪

I've got strong bonds
with Kaz and Zara in Team UK,

but both Zara and Kaz
have been partnered

with really strong
and independent

Legend players who've got very
strong alliances elsewhere.

I'm just not sure we're on
the same page at the moment.

I'm not going to vote
for myself,

so I'm going to vote
for Kellyanne and Tristan,

and then I'm also going
to vote for Wes and Zara.

I don't really want
the strongest people

here at the end.

I guess you guys do, though.

So I'm going to put in
Tori and Danny

and also Jodi and Benja.

♪ ♪

- Aww.
- [gasps]

- Oh, no.
- Oh, shit.

Oh, my gosh.

- Get ready.
- Yeah.

We'll see you down there.

Kellyanne and I are
good friends in real life,

and, you know,
she is expecting me

to have her back in this game.

But we've got to realize
that this is a game

and that you're strong.

You're a very good competitor.

And you don't need to be
friends with everyone, mate.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- Oh, my God.
- He voted his ex-girlfriend.

Could you ever do that to Kaz?

- No, I'm not a scumbag.
- Yeah.

- [laughs]
- I could never.

Even if I don't love
that person anymore,

I still have love for them.

Yeah, but Wes is icy, man.

He lost his heart
a long time ago.

Well, he never had a soul.

- This is real cute, y'all.
- [laughs]

Has Kellyanne said anything
about me, by any chance?

She's pissed, dude.

Zara and myself
have nominated

Jodi and Benja
and Tristan and Kellyanne,

which is a pretty lame move.

But ultimately, I'm just
going with the flow.

It is a signal to the majority
of the people in this game

that I am not trying to make
big moves, especially early.

That was the best fuckin'
shit I've ever seen, dude.

[light music]

♪ ♪



I keep misplacing things--

well, or things
keep getting moved.

Oh, no,
what are you looking for?

Oh, my lip liner.

The color that I'm looking for.

There's a lot
of lip liners here.

I hope you don't
choose me tomorrow.


[dramatic music]

Well, I don't know
what's going to happen yet,

but the only thing
I do know is...

- I know.
- I care about you.

I meant me.
[both laugh]

I'm hoping that Jonna stays
true to our friendship

and doesn't have to put me
in this early in the game.

I wouldn't think
that would be something

I have to ask of her.

I'm stressed.


You won, and you have
a good teammate.

And you've won
two seasons already

that I've done with you,
and you tied

with me on the first one.

You shouldn't be that stressed.

No, I don't know what to do.

- You don't?
- No.

What would you do
if you were me?

- I would not put you in.
- Yeah.

♪ Never get free ♪

♪ Lamb to the slaughter ♪

♪ What you gonna do when
there's blood in the water? ♪

♪ The price of your greed is
your son and your daughter ♪

♪ What you gonna do when
there's blood in the water? ♪

♪ When there's blood in the ♪

This is
a pretty simple decision.

Jodi's not your friend.

Why is this even a conversation
we're having?

If this one's not easy for you,
then I can't imagine

any of them are going to be.

Nothing in this game
is going to be easy.

No, it's just
going to get harder,

but it's not going to be easy.

No, yeah, whatever,
I know you'll let me know

whenever you know.
- ♪ You were toxic ♪

♪ You poisoned me just for ♪

♪ Another dollar
in your pocket ♪

♪ We'll never get free ♪

♪ Lamb to the slaughter ♪

♪ What you gonna do when
there's blood in the water? ♪

I'm getting weird vibes
from Kellyanne right now,

and Kellyanne is
a friend of mine.

But I know that I don't really
want her around in this game.

You're my friend,
and I will make moves

like you're my friend
because that's

what I've always done for you.

And I will continue
to always do for you

until you tell me
you're not my friend.

[dramatic rock music]

♪ When there's blood
in the water ♪

They both have to go.

I just want to know what's
the right move right now.

It could turn into a shot,
depending who we hit.

I'm feeling like
it's going to be you and I.

Hopefully, Jonna makes
the right decision.

I have free range
to act like a psychopath.

- If I do end up

voting her in, she's going
to lose her shit.

You always have
to have that knife ready

because you're going to need
to use it eventually.