The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - World Domination - full transcript

The fight for $500,000 and the title of Challenge World Champion is on as teams push themselves to their limits across the South African countryside in their most brutal test yet. Who will be crowned Champion of Champions?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
* MTV ♪

16 global MVPs,

14 "Challenge" legends--

it all comes down to this.
- Ahh!

And now, the first ever
"Challenge World Champions"

will be crowned.

After surviving a series
of mentally and physically

demanding challenges
and eliminations,

as well as backstabbing...

You always have to
have that knife ready.

and broken alliances...


Only four teams remain.

A late-game pairing--

Australian champion Troy

and his legend partner

who have cemented their bond
after triumphing

three eliminations together.

Troy and Kaycee win!

UK champion, Kaz
and legend, Jordan,

who have clashed
on how to play the game...

We're moving.
We're not walking. Come on.

Yet still managed to win
the challenge and elimination.

[air horn blares]

And USA champion Danny and
legend Tori,

who haven't seen
eye-to-eye all season.

[both shout]

Whatever you want, Tori.

I wish you never
picked me as a partner.

You could have had a way
easier game if you didn't.

But need to find their team
chemistry now more than ever.

And the final team,
USA Champion Sarah

and legend Theo,
who pulled out a win

in the last challenge of the
season when it counted most.

Congratulations to you two.

You just punched your
ticket to the final.


It's every Challenger's
dream to win a final.


This is fucked.

And now, to win
the first ever title

of Challenge World Champion.

You are on another level.

Sarah, come on!

And their share of $500,000.

- Let's go, Danny.
- There you go, Kaz.

These teams are going to
have to go through hell.

Who will become the
Champion of Champions?

- [grunting]
- Ahh!

I can't feel my legs.


The "Challenge World
Championship" final

starts right now.

[dramatic music]

* This little light
of mine ♪

♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ This little light of mine ♪

♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪

Hey, there he is.

- Hey, guys.
- How you doing, TJ?


Hang onto these.

You're going to need
'em where you're going.

Let's go.
Let's do this.

We gonna conquer
some fear today.


This our train?

The fear express.

- * I'm gonna let it shine ♪
- Whoo!

I don't know what
we're about to embark on.

This is a literal
dream gone bad.

This is a nightmare.

I'm feeling like
Dracula's going to pop

out the door or something.

Ah, God damn.

You know, I don't know
why we all get so excited

and want to be in
this final so badly.

And then we get here,
and we literally fear it.

♪ ♪

* Let it shine
let it shine ♪

OK, it's not that scary.

It's not that scary.

I'm just so happy
to be spending

this experience with you, man.
- Oh, man. Same.

I'm excited to
run this final.

Same, man. Same.

What? Three eliminations,
four eliminations.

- Dude.
- You started with Ben.

I started with Amber.

And here we are.
- Here we are, man.

You know, our back's always
been against the wall.

And we've always been
fighting through it.

I feel like our chances
of winning this are high.

But I don't even know why
it's called the Fear Express.

That's the worst thing.

Proud of you, buddy.

- We're the champions.
- Yeah.

- OK.
- Night night.

Yeah. Good night.

- Good night, partner.
- Good night, partner.

And on that note,
let's go to bed.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

All right, everyone.

Welcome to the final of the
"Challenge World Championship."

♪ ♪

You've all faced
trials and tribulations

all the way to this point.

And this is going to be one of
the most difficult finals ever.

Make no mistake
about it, you are all

gonna face your fears.

However, you get this done,
you come out on top,

and you and your partner
are taking home

a half a million dollars.

It's winner take all.

Only one team is going to
be able to call themselves

Challenge World Champions,
but you're gonna have to

experience a nightmare
to do it.

All right, good luck, everyone.

Oh, God.

This is Loops of Hell.

You're gonna
be running loops,

and it's going to be hell.

When I say go, you're gonna
run along a treacherous trail

until you reach
another circular trail.

You're gonna take a loop,
and it is 4 miles long.

At the end of every loop,
there's four checkpoints.

These are first come,
first serve.

You get there first,
you get to pick which

checkpoint you get to do.

You get there last, and you
just have to take whatever

checkpoint hasn't been taken.

Then keep on running
for another 4 miles.

Continue this process until

all the checkpoints
are complete.

You have each been
given a canister

with your country's
flag on it.

You'll have to hold
on to that canister

and use it when
the time is right.

Once you have finished these
four checkpoints and 16 miles,

be prepared for
a whole lot more.

♪ ♪

If you can look at all
the teams from the beginning

and all the teams
you probably wouldn't

want to go against in the
final, they're all here.

Yeah, Kaycee and Troy
have proven themselves

time and time again.

They're a powerhouse team
coming into this final.

Everyone here is
capable of winning.

So you ready to rumble?

I'm ready to rumble.

Let's rumble, baby.

All right, everyone, ready?

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]

[Nina Simone's "Sinnerman"]

* Oh, sinnerman, where
he gonna run to? ♪

♪ Where he gonna run to? ♪

♪ Where he gonna
run to? ♪

♪ All on that day ♪

I know I'm definitely
probably putting

a lot of pressure on you.

And, you know, I know
that I'm not the easiest

to work with sometimes.

That's why you get on
a fucking treadmill.

I'm working on it.

I just need to
work on it faster.

Good girl, Kaz.

You're doing great.

My motivation right now,
more than ever,

is the feeling of
running with all the kids

from my Muay Thai gym.

[kids cheering]

In my mind,
I'm running with them.

- It's just a cramp.

It'll go away.

Breathe into it.

* It was boiling,
I run to the sea ♪

Come on, Kaycee,
pace yourself.

Good stuff.

* It was boiling
all on that day ♪

♪ Oh, sinnerman, where
he gonna run to? ♪

♪ Oh, sinnerman,
where he gonna to run to? ♪

♪ Whoa, power Lord ♪

♪ ♪

Good job.
Let's go, Danny.

Me and Tori
are battle-tested.

We've been through the ups.
We've been through the downs.

We fought.

I can't hear--

I couldn't really
understand you.

We're here.

This was the goal,
make it to the final.

And we both have people back
home that are rooting for us.

My nephews and nieces

literally mean
the world to me.

I am the crazy aunt who's
going to different countries

and, like, competing
in "Challenges."

But every chance I get the
opportunity to win some money,

I invest in their futures, too.

And I am doing this
for my wife, Kiki.

I'm doing it for
my daughter, Zoe.

I'm out here to win.

I want to win and help
the family back home.

Whatever we have to do in
this final, I'm willing to do.

- There we go. Come on.
- Oh, no.

- No, come on.
- Ohh!

Yell it out,
but we ain't stopping.


Kaz does not know how
much potential she has.

But she's gonna find out.

We can make it short.

- Ow!
- There we go.

- Ow.
- Come on.

- Oh, no.
- You're fine.

Becoming champion,
you get a nice check.

And that check
allows me the freedom

in my life to help and go
to the places that need it

the most.

Huge day for us.
We got the generators.

These are absolutely huge.

These are gonna provide power.

These are going to help keep
the refrigerators going,

the lights going, also water.

So winning is huge.

But having the freedom to help
others win and how I want,

that's what I want.

Sarah, come on!

I just missed out the win
on my previous challenges.

Second place, Theo.

I've been gifted
with legendary statuses

because "War of the Worlds"
final one

was the hardest final
ever ran,

and I just missed out
on the win on that.

You've got to expect blood,
sweat, and tears.

It's going to be hard,
no doubt about it.

I've got faith in Sarah.

I definitely think
we're a winning team.

But I don't like being
around all these people

not having a crown.

It makes me feel not as
good as everyone else

when I know I'm better
than everyone else.

All I need now is
a championship status.

And then, you know,

my life is fulfilled.
[angelic chorus]

That's it, Kayce, you got it.

Good work, Kayce, good work.

We finally make it up
this big-ass hill.

This has given us
probably, you know,

a few minutes lead, which
has been the biggest lead

the entire day.

And we've gotta maintain it.

I want to win the
money pretty badly.

I want to get married
to my girlfriend.

I really want to
treat her special.

She deserves it.

Winning this money is--
it's a game changer, you know?

And I'm in a relationship.
I want to start a family.

And I'm so excited I get to
compete with this guy

right here.

[tense music]


- You OK?

What did you do?

I make the biggest
fuck up ever.

I slip in a crack,
my foot falls underneath me.


I'm in absolute fuckin'
agony right now. Ah!

Disaster, absolute disaster.


It's going to be
a long, long day.


Theo, you OK?

Come on, man, dig deep.


- Disaster, absolute disaster.
- You OK?

Fuckin' looked around
and twisted my ankle.

I'll be all right.

I'm not a quitter.

And I ain't going to quit.

Unless I lose my foot at this
point, there's a job to do.

When I catch up with him,
Theo's not really

saying much about his ankle.

Clearly, I'm worried, but
he's willing to continue.

We're only going
to get better.

♪ ♪

We're coming!
We're gonna catch you!

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Fuck. God dammit.

My last season
of "The Challenge,"

we made it to the final,

and we ended up in third.

[air horn blares]

Jordan, Aneesa,
hopefully we'll

see you both in the future.

Take care.

I've lost two in a row.

My biggest weakness
in this final

will be pushing Kaz too hard.

And that's going to be up to
me to control my emotions.

You need to get here
so I can carry you.


Slowing down won't
make it go away.

I promise you that.
- It's not like

a normal stitch--
it's like my whole--

I'm telling you, Kaz, I've
had every stitch you can have.

I do this.
This is what I do.

Oh, fucking hell.

Working with Jordan in this
game has not been easy.

And I definitely
didn't think the final

was going to be any easier.

♪ ♪

Come on, Kayce.

Each lap, teams must choose

one of these four checkpoints
to complete.

But they must choose wisely
because only one team can be

at one checkpoint at a time.

Let's do this one, I reckon.

Arrange the objects left or
right, lightest to heaviest,

then memorize the code.

We arrive at
the stations first

and we get our first choice.

I see Weight For It,
and I'm like,

I've done it already
in a qualifier.

Hopefully that will be quick
because I see that Tori

and Danny aren't far off.

We don't wanna lose our lead.

- That one's really light.
- That one's heavy as.

What do we have to do?

Throw these bolts
in a row into a bin.

I suck, you should do this.

Arriving to the first station,
it was pretty frantic.

It was like, uhh!
I see the food.

Get anything but the food.

Danny and I probably
picked the worst station.

This is gonna be difficult.

Good thing you got
Steph Curry on your team.

- Hey!
- 'Cause I'm ready.

- Oh, so close, It's OK.

- Fuck.
- God dammit,

we probably
picked the worst one.

Kaz and I are coming into
the checkpoints

with third pick.

We choose Crack The Code.

We think it's going
to be the fastest

and get us out of
there the quickest.

"One number is incorrect.

One number is correct,
but wrong place."

So 4, we definitely know
that 4 is the number.

Also 2 is the number.

2 numbers are correct,
but wrong place.

- Correct.
- Come on, let's go.

Let's go.
- Sick Smoothie.

"Fear is not an option."

We gotta do it, in and up.
Hold the nose.

Here we go.
Get it down.


This is the same shit we
had to drink in the qualifier.

It's making you vomit before
you can even get it down.

I don't know how we're
gonna get through this.

No way.

It's like baby shit.

402042, those are
definitely the right numbers.

- OK. Go.
- Yeah.

042, correct.
- OK.

This is so much running.

But it was really
important that I showed

Jordan I'm in it to win it.

- X is pretty heavy.
- This 2 is heavy.

Gotta make one more.
You got this.

[triumphant music]

- Good work.

On to loop number two,
that's all that matters.

OK, we got out of there.

And we're going to try to
catch up to Jordan at Kaz.

Good job.

D's heavier than that.


Oh, that was a bug.
There's like a fuckin'--

and that slug.

Switch those back.
OK, check.

- Check.
- Yes.

Come on, let's go.
We lose our lead.

We're now coming in third.

This stage, I'm thinking,
gotta try and catch up

by the next station.
- Let's go!



Let's go in and up.
In and up, go on.

In and up, go on,
there we go.

There we go.
Done, done, yeah.


I'm gonna start walking.

My foot is
absolutely throbbing.

And after, you know, the
adrenaline of it wearing off,

I could barely walk.

But coming in last
is not an option.

You can do it.

♪ ♪

Come on, you got this.

Good job.

Keep pushing.

You got it, yeah, yeah.


Push it through right now.

"One number is correct but
placed in the wrong place."

No, it's not 7.


What fuck is this?

It's just in
a different place.

- 8?
- No, 8 isn't correct.

This is fucked.

- Check.
- Check.

Boom, baby.
Great work. Good job.

"One number is correct,
but wrong place."

Oh, so 042.
Try 042.

Awesome. Let's do it.

Good job.

I never want to see
a fuckin' another one

of them fuckin' shakes again.

Oh, OK. Done.

That's the hardest station,
by far.

- We got this.
- You got it.

Come on, come on.
- We're all exhausted.

Our muscles are cramping.

We're out in the sun, up rocky
terrain, doing miles on miles.

Our bodies are
literally shutting down.

We're going to have
to fight and dig

to pull out some strength
because this is brutal.

You got this.

Come on, Kaz!

I'm going to have to do
something about my breathing

because it's starting to get,
like, short.

I'm trying to plead with
Kaz, we don't have to run.

But we cannot stand still.

We are gonna rest
when we walk.

We do not stop.
That is the key.

Kaz, please don't stop.

You're making it worse.

We're not as far
behind as you think.

My quads are burning
after Hall Brawl.

I know I have to push.

It's gonna be a long final,

and it's only the first day.

I admire her. And we've just
gotta keep pushing.

Quitting and stopping is
just not an option right now.

Just keep pushing.

We've got eight
more miles to go.

Theo is like, "Let's do this.
We're gonna finish."

I commend him so much.

He's given me his all.

All right.

Rearrange lightest
to heaviest.

This is heavy.
This is lighter than that.


- Oh, that's a good toss.
- Ah!

One. Come on, baby.

- Did it go in?
- Two. Yeah.

I can't believe it.

We've just been lapped by
Jordan and Kaz.

- Come on.
- You're sick.

This feels heavier, I think.


We got this.

Right there.
You got this!

This is very light.

This is medium, hard, light.

Flip them like this,
this one, check.

All right, last run.
This is our last run.

Let's go.
- Just keep pushing.

♪ ♪

Good job.

- Fuck yes.
- Good job!

- Let's go!
- Yes, let's go.

- Good job.
- Let's go.

Good job.

- This is the last one.
- Here we go, last one.

♪ ♪

You are killing it right now.


My fuckin' ankle, man.

Every worst fear I've ever had
about a final was happening.

You need to make
your own decision

because it's your foot.

Do you want to do another lap?

It's entirely up to you.

You know, I feel like
I'm letting Sarah down.

I've seen people get
injured in finals.

But I always said, that's
never going to be me.

But I'm here to win.

I can't believe this.

* I've got that lightning
inside me, son of a gun ♪

Oh, my God, I'm getting
flashbacks of the qualifier.

* Oh, just you watch ♪

[both retching]

Oh, my God! Kaz!


- * I've got that lightning ♪

♪ Inside me ♪
- I can't do it

Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.

Jordan and Kaz are on
the smoothie station.

And this is the
last station for us.

They beat us to it.

And Kaycee and Troy
aren't far behind us.

- Ahh!
- Kaz, we're gonna do this.


Kaz cannot get it down.

And now, we have to wait,
which is super frustrating.

- It's so bad.
- Kaz, you can do it.

Gonna pour it on your face.
- [sobs] It's so bad.

I know.
Kaz, Let's fix it.

Don't just cry about it.

Come on, there you go.
We'll fix it.

You got it, Kaz.

Half a million bucks
for that half a drink.

There you go, Kaz!
Get it, Kaz!


We get to our last station,

and I see Tori and Danny are
just starting their smoothies.


We've just got to finish
this before Kaycee and Troy.

I'm like, man, that's a
good chance to hopefully

catch up a bit on this one.

* This is how legends ♪

"One number is correct
and well-placed."

* This is how legend,
legends ♪

♪ This is how
legends are made ♪

What was the
other number I had?

Danny, you can do this.

You can do it.
- No.

My body won't take it down.

This is ours to lose.
You can do it.

Hey, you did great.

You did great.

I have never even had
to push my body this hard.

Everything about this
final is so challenging.

I don't even know how long
it's going to last for.

Like, this could just
be the start of it.

Well, let me tell you, this
is definitely just the start.

Welcome to "The Challenge."

We've just got to finish
this before Kaycee and Troy.

- Six.
- All right, it might be done.

Three big gulps.


[air horn blares]
- Yes.

Oh, my gosh.

I can't decide if the
biggest competition

is going to be Kaycee and
Troy or Jordan and Kaz.

Both of them are endurance
beasts, ready for everything,

able to solve puzzles, math,
eat, all of that stuff.

[breathing heavily]

We gotta put in some
work right now if we wanna

even be up there with them.

Yes, Danny!
[air horn blares]

Huzzah, good job, let's go.
We're done.

I know.

[somber music]

- Can't believe this.
- It's all right.

Proud of you, buddy.

There's a lot of people
that wouldn't even think

about getting up right now.

* Bones shaking like stones
all that we fought for ♪

♪ Homes, places we've gone ♪

♪ All of us are done for ♪

We're still in last place.

And I'm thinking, there
is no way this guy is gonna

be able to continue.

Theo can barely walk.

He's got a great heart.

He's a hell of a competitor.

I'm gonna stick by
his side the whole time.

* Yeah, we do
yeah, we do ♪

♪ We live
in a beautiful world ♪

[sirens wailing]

♪ ♪

Oh, you know, it breaks
my heart to, you know,

let her down.

As much as I want to win,
I want it for Theo

just as bad as I want it for
myself because he deserves it.

I wouldn't have wanted
another partner.

* We live in
a beautiful world ♪

♪ We live in a beautiful
world ♪

♪ We live in
we live in ♪

♪ We live in
a beautiful world ♪

♪ Beautiful world ♪


Congratulations, you made
it through the Loops of Hell.

Well, most of you did.

Theo and Sarah,
what happened?

we lost one team.

Sarah and Theo were
medically unable to continue,

so they are out.

Unfortunately, that
means that my friend,

my number one, Sarah, no longer
has a shot to win this thing,

and it is heartbreaking.

She would have died
out there on that trail

if they gave her the
opportunity to because

there is no quit in Sarah.

So, I have to kick it
into another gear to make sure

that I represent USA.

That just goes to show
how difficult this final is.

So sad for them.

But now, we're going to have
a better chance of

making it further
in this final.

Before you start the
next part of the final,

does anybody else need
any medical treatment?

[eerie music]

Maybe get some IVs?

Oh, I'll take an IV,
if you're serious.

Yeah, if you're serious.

Well, the Fear Express
only has three hospital beds.

So only one person per
team can get the IV.

- That makes more sense.
- Damn.

We'll get you hooked up.

I'll be back to get
you in a little bit.

Take care.
- Thanks, TJ.

♪ ♪

My body is
starting to lock up.

I'm dehydrated.
I've had no food.

I've been throwing up all day.

And this IV, I feel
like, will give me life.

Oh, wow.

You're saving my life.

Thank you.

I won my season
of "Challenge UK,"

and I did a really hard final.

But this final
doesn't even compare.

This is so hard.

[train whistle blares]

♪ ♪

How are my people?

I'm glad to see that
you're doing all right.

That deserves some keys.

- Ooh.
- Keys?

These are very, very
important to finish my final.

- Oh, God.
- So hang on to these things.

You are number two.

And you're number three.

Sounds good.

All right, now, I think
it's time to level up.

Oh, no.

Meet me in the next car.

- All right.
- Here we go!

It's time for the nightmare!

- Oh, what?


Look, a dress.
What are you wearing, Kaycee?

Oh, my God.
That's pretty.

Why does this feel ominous?

Welcome to the luxury liner.

This is not a dream.

All of this stuff
that you see

is really yours,
because with great effort

comes greater reward.

So I want you to indulge on
the finer things of life.

But before we get started, I
have some eveningwear for you.

So put the clothes on,
then eat up.

Have the best
meal of your life.

- Aww.
- All right?

- Thank you.
- I'll see you soon.

I mean, what a sick, weird
thing to be in right now.

Like, never did I
think that after I

just threw up on myself,
I was going to be playing

"Great Gatsby."

Oh, this feels like
the world's worst movie.

[jazzy music]

♪ ♪


- [indistinct]
- Yeah.

- I'll get your chair.
- The Fear Express.

The Fear Express.

Is this too good to be true?

- Is that champagne?
- Yeah.

Oh, hell no.
I need water.

Congratulations to everybody.

Yeah, and you all
smell like shit.

- To smelling like shit

with your homies.
- Smell like shit.

all: Cheers.

Oh, final three teams, baby.

Well, you know what?
We paid for it today.

And we're gonna
keep paying for it.

But let me tell you,
at least we--

at least there's something.

I still smell like vomit.

But, like,
at least I look good.

And I feel like no
one can really relax

and enjoy themselves fully.

But, yeah, I'm just gonna
eat everything right now

'cause it's so good.
- Oh, shit.

Hi, guys.
So how's dinner going?

- Really good, thank you.
- A lot of food.

It was going great.

Well, let's talk
about a few things.

Oh, shit.

Tonight, we're gonna
be playing a game

that I like to call Insomnia.

Which means if you
fall asleep,

this is going to be
around your neck.

- Oh!
- And it will shock you.


Tomorrow is gonna be
even worse than today.

So even though you have
to stay up all night,

I'm gonna give you each
a little reward

for how well you did today.

So far, the UK's Kaz and
Jordan with a 14-minute lead.

- Whoo!
- Nice.

You'll be receiving one
hour of sleep for that.

- Yes!
- Holy crap.

- Nice.
- Second place,

the Australians,
Troy and Kaycee,

you'll be receiving
30 minutes sleep for that.

And in third place, the
Americans, Danny and Tori,

you'll be getting
15 minutes of sleep.

I'll see you soon.

- Oh, not the shock collars.

No, wait, they go
on us right now?

[tense music]

♪ ♪


We're tired.
And we just ate all this food.

It's like pretty much
Thanksgiving belly

after all of that,
and now we have to

stay awake with a shock collar
on our neck.

I mean, this is twisted.

Fuck me, eh?
This is depressing.


[horn blares]

Oh, people getting more
and more comfortable,

the chairs getting closer
to each other, feet up.

Whoa, what you doing?
- Sit like that, you reckon?

Yeah, sit like this 'cause
it's not as comfortable.

You're not gonna fall asleep.

I'm not gonna fall asleep.

I'm not falling asleep.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

Kaz, what are you doing?


♪ ♪

I've just eaten so much,
and I'm so tired.

And now I can't sleep.

I know it's bad
because everyone's

really scared right now,
and I know it's gonna be

a really long night
ahead of me.

It's about to get icy.


[nursery music]


Kaz, Kaz,
just wait, just wait.



It was nice knowing you all.

Our time was short.


It is so hard
for everyone to stay up.

The consequences
are so dire that we are

all helping each other.

Nobody wants to see anybody
have to get shocked.

This is a group effort,
and we're gonna get through it.


[upbeat jazzy music]

[rooster crowing]
- Danny, sun's coming up.

- No.
- It is. Look out the window.

- What?
- Seriously,

the sun's coming up.
- No, that's not--

- Oh, it sure is.
- What?

No, that's not the sun.

- Yes, it is.
- Oh, my God!

- The sun!
- The sun's coming up.

The sun has come up.

♪ ♪

- [sighs]
- Congrats, enjoy your sleep.

Congrats. Thanks.

♪ ♪


- Yes.
- Goodbye.

- Run!
- Bye, guys.

Dude, the fact
that I'm wearing this

with a shock collar on
my neck after running

20 miles the day before--

It's not a great feeling.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

All right, everyone.

Let's go.

Let's do this.

- How are you feeling?
- Yeah, 15 minutes of sleep,

I'm tired as hell.

Me and my partner are gonna
we're gonna

get this thing together.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

We're this close to
being World Champions.

And that means more
than being tired.

Exactly. What's one day to
the rest of our life?

What's one day to
the rest of our lives?

I just feel like my body's
shutting down.

♪ ♪

We can do it.

Just do our best.
That's all we can do.

Yeah, we'll get through it.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

An hour of sleep
doesn't seem like much.

But it is huge when your
competitors are only getting

half and a quarter of that.

I know that everybody
else is tired,

but we have to keep moving.

We cannot stop.

Day two starts now.

All right, everyone.
This is it.

So are you ready for your
last and most challenging

leg of this final?


Let's do it.

All right, here's
how it's gonna work.

When I say go, you will race
to those bicycles,

jump on them,
ride them through

a long, winding,
and rough trail.

Once you've reached
the end of the trail,

you'll leave the bikes behind.

Then, it's a brutal race.

Follow the thin red arrows

through the treacherous
terrain the rest of the way.

It will take
everything you've got.

This is your chance to become
the first ever

Challenge World Champion

and win your share
of a half a million dollars.

So, get out there and do it.
Good luck.

Yo. Let's do it.

All right, this is it.

Everyone ready?

[air horn blares]

[intense music]

♪ ♪

That's a bit too high, still.

How do you adjust this?

I can't even sit on it.

When I was a kid, I rode
my bike into my neighbor's

mailbox and knocked it over.

So I really haven't
been on a bike ever since,

I'm not gonna lie.

I'm actually kind
of afraid of bikes,

and I guess that's
what TJ meant when he said

the Fear Express
because I'm about to

face my fear right now. Boom.

♪ ♪

Hold your horses.

This is fuckin' hard.

I'm really sorry, Danny.
I'm trying.

It's OK.

Don't apologize,
just keep going.

It'll be all right.

♪ ♪

Go! Let's go!
Come on!

We don't stop!

15 fuckin' minutes of sleep.

It don't matter how
much sleep we had.

Grinding it fuckin'
out is going to make it

even more satisfying.

♪ ♪

Great job.
Great job getting there, Kaz.

Good job.
Go slow.

Go slow, we got time.

We're gonna keep
them right there.

When they start jogging,
we start jogging, OK?

Nice fuckin' work, you two.

♪ ♪

What a fuckin' race.


The more that we're
doing the incline

and going against
this wind,

my body's start--
just going down like this,

and we lose first place.

I realized that my dream
of winning this, you know,

could be slipping away.
- I'm frustrated,

I'm confused,
I'm pissed, I'm mad,

and I just know
that we can't quit.

We have to keep moving.

♪ ♪

[heroic music]

♪ ♪

"You canister
is the third key.

Solve the slider puzzle..."

"To reveal keyholes.

Then insert all of your keys to
reveal the ultimate surprise."

We have to get
this in the middle.


So we have to put
the box on here.

Hold on, hold on.

The keys will open this.

One in here?

And then that one down.

Nice, perfect.

This one, and then this one.

Hold on, hold on.


[tense music]

♪ ♪

"Your canister is the third
key to solve the slider

"puzzle to reveal keyholes.

"Then insert all of your keys
to reveal

the ultimate surprise."

Up, up.

- We see Jordan and Kaz.
- We're still in it.

It's not over.
- We've just gotta

work harder,
we've gotta get this done.

We have got to finish strong.

Get these swapped around.

We just had them
swapped around.

- No, I know, I know.
- You just had me

switch them that way.
- I know, but we need to

just try doing
different things, babe.

Right now, Kaycee and
Troy are behind us, and--

We've got so far to
catch up with them.

So now, this is like, crucial,
crucial moments.

We can't just move
these pieces around.

I understand that.

Which one do you
want me to move?

I'm good at slider puzzles.

And you will not let
me complete a move.

You want to go this one?
- Babe, it's gonna be hard.

It's gonna be--
- They can't both move

at the same time! Kaz--

I just knew it was wrong.

That's why I didn't
let you finish it.

You want to go
this way or this way?

That's fine.
Yeah, that's right.

Sorry, sorry, I didn't
mean it with that.

I'm getting
really frustrated.

No, don't. Don't.

♪ ♪

[eagle screeches]

[intense music]

They can't both
move at the same time.

Kaz, do you want to go
this way or this way?

Yeah, that's--
sorry, sorry I didn't mean--

Boom, boom.
Fuckin' baby.

And the key?

"Well done,
you're almost there.

Now head to your--"
- "To the top

for the ultimate surprise."

- See that trail?
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

I just try and do
this slider puzzle

while Kaycee rests.

Sometimes in life, things
don't always go your way.

And sometimes it's
not about winning.

It's about just doing your
best and pushing your limits.

This guy is such a beast,

and I'm just so grateful
to have him.

But then I feel so bad, too,
that it's coming down to this.

What do you think?

Try and use the ridge.

OK, so this--

- [groans]
- OK, so what do we do?

♪ ♪

We get to this
next checkpoint.

We realize that Kaycee
and Troy are still there.

They were so far
ahead of us.

Now, they're right
here in our laps.

Now, this could be our
opportunity to make a move.

♪ ♪


Hey, I'm good, I'm good.
- You're good?

- Yeah.
- OK.

Fuckin' don't know
what else to do.

What do you, mean
next to each other?

♪ ♪

"Well done.
You're almost there.

Now, head to the top for
the ultimate surprise."

♪ ♪

Let's start heading to the top.
Just start walking.

Have you got your sticks?

♪ ♪

"Well done,
you're almost there.

Now head to the top for
the ultimate surprise."

I'm so thankful
you're my partner.

I wouldn't want to be
partnered with anybody else.

[both breathing heavily]

We're right there, Kaz,
right there.

It is the fear of the unknown.

How much farther?

How much longer
do we have to go?

And how much fuel do
we have in our tanks?

Oh, what's the surprise?

And I've been
like, you know, just

struggling, trying to move.
- Hey, look--

But, I mean, you know,
I want to tell you that you

are such an amazing support.

- Tell me at the top.
- For real, man.

- Let's go.
- Like, you are

on another level.
- Let's get it.

* Time has come today ♪

I want to finish TJ's final.

And I'm-
at this stage, I'm wondering

if that's even possible.

Man, you know,
we're just fighting,

fighting to stay alive
out here.

* I can't put it
off another day ♪

That's all we've got left.
We're just fighting

to stay alive.
- Fighting to stay alive, yeah.

I appreciate you
being there, you know,

and supporting
and being patient.

* The rules
didn't change today ♪

You're a trooper, Kayce.
You're a fighter.

We pass up Kaycee and Troy.

You never know
what can happen.

"This is the ultimate key.

"You need it for the last leg.

"Follow the arrows back
to the finish line

to claim your spot in history."

What--which one?
This one?

Any one.
- Yeah, any one.


I thought we was at the end.

I thought TJ was gonna
be up there, man.

Like, now I have to go
all the way back down.

- Let's go home.
- [breathing heavily]

I can't--

My body is shutting down.

It's never ending.

This is the hardest
thing I've ever

had to do in my whole life.

* Now the time has come ♪


Good job, Danny.
We're right here, buddy.

Let's go fuckin' do it.

Let's go do it.

♪ ♪

"This is the ultimate key."

Oh, back down.
Straight that way.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[triumphant music]

♪ ♪

Oh, come on.

Go, go, break it.

Break that.
- [laughs]


Kaz and Jordan!

- For real?
- You are the first ever...

- For real?
- [laughs]

Challenge World Champions!


The nightmare is
officially over.

- Oh, my God.
- You promise?

I promise.

And you are $500,000 richer.

You did that.

* Alone in my car ♪

This is the most
amazing feeling ever.

I'm so proud of myself.

I'm so proud of
everything that I've

been through in this game.

I feel like I'm finally
part of "The Challenge" now,

so thanks for that.

And I just feel like
a different person.

Coming into this game and
coming out a World Champion,

I've just--

I've just gained so much
from this whole experience.

* Baby, I'm strong ♪

♪ Little did I know
I'm a champion ♪

♪ I'm a champion ♪

♪ ♪


Get your trophy.


Ohh! Yeah!

[train horn blares]

* I'm a champion ♪

♪ Nobody said it'd
be any easy ride ♪

♪ Obstacles in my way,
scars never change ♪

As proud as I am of Kaz

and what we've accomplished together,

I'm proud of myself, too,

because it's been a long
road to get back on top.

But that climb to get back
on top is so fucking sweet.

- * You gotta fall down ♪
- Come on, Danny!

Yay! It's over!

It's over!
- * I'm a champion ♪

It's fuckin' over, babe.

I'm happy for Jordan
and Kaz that they won.

Do I look back at it and say
we should

have thrown them into
elimination a little bit more?

- Of course,

everybody wants to win,
but this is still

an incredible thing
to conquer.

This was such a hard final.

It felt never ending.

And so for us to be
crossing the finish line

as the second place team,
I'm so proud of us.

* I'm the champion ♪

- Yeah, Kayce!
- Way to go, guys!

There was no one else that
I would rather be partnered up

with than this guy right here.

I really feel like I've
represented Australia well.

I've showed what
Australia is made of.

We're made of a lot of heart.

My fellow Aussie here, who
I've adopted, also, obviously,

showed a lot of heart.

And I really do feel like
I've done my country proud.

And you've done our
country proud as well.

In my eyes, dude,
you are a freaking legend.

Should we have
a big group hug?

Yeah, we should group hug
it out.

Ladies and gentlemen,
your World Champions

of "The Challenge,"


And Jordan.


* Yeah ♪

♪ I'm a champion ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪