The Challenge: World Championship (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Weight of the World - full transcript

The deal-making gets dirty and teams find themselves making promises they can't keep as the Final approaches. A conflicted competitor must destroy a friendship in order to survive.

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With the World Championship
finale just around the corner,

five teams remain at this
pivotal moment in the game,

and one team's dream of
becoming the world champion

will come to an end.

As the Challengers
arrived to a lake,

Emily was excited to
get back in the water.

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

The pairs had to swim out
to six different buoys

and gather their puzzle
pieces one at a time.

Emily and Yes won
the challenge by seconds.

- Let's go! Ah!
- [screaming]

Kiki and Darelle
had a chance,

but they just couldn't
solve that puzzle,

sending them straight
into elimination again.

You're fucking kidding me.

And at nominations,

the house decided
to stalemate...

All in favor, say aye.

Giving Yes and Emily
all the power...

Hell yeah.
This is what we wanted.

This is huge.

Where they choose
to send their countrymate

Troy and Kaycee in
to face Kiki and Darrell

for an all-Australian battle.


And in the end, Troy and
Kaycee got it done,

sending Darrell and Kiki home.

These pairs will do
whatever it takes to make it

to that final
for the coveted title

of Challenge World Champion.

[dramatic music]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- Yo!
- Screw the K, undefeated.

- Good job, man.
- Yeah, well done.

Crushed it.
- Good job, good job,

good job, good job.

It's clear as day
Emily is just jealous.

She's bitter.
She feels some type of way

because Troy and Kiki did win
their Australian Challenge.

Australia strong,
Australia strong.

Australia strong.

We have to get
Yes and Emily back.

They threw us in.

We have got to
take a shot back,

and we can't let them slide.

I'm still here.

♪ ♪

I do feel like Jordan
sees me as a pawn

in his game of chess.

He literally makes decisions,

and that's just how Jordan
wants to run things

and what Jordan wants to do.

You've done probably
100 eliminations.

I've done one.
What makes you think

I want to throw myself
into one now?

If you're gonna keep talking

about, "I don't want to go in,
I don't want to go in,"

it's definitely not
gonna motivate me

to keep us in this game.
- Honestly,

I just want Jordan to hear me,
hear my opinion,

hear my voice, and treat me as
an equal in this partnership

'cause right now I don't
feel like he's doing that.

♪ ♪

Well, Kiki and Darrell
are gone, not the--

not the ones we wanted.

We knew no matter what,
that this next challenge,

we have to win.
- Yeah.

It doesn't matter who
is here or who is not here.

We've had to win, like,
the last five.

I know Troy and Kaycee
are out there

ready to seek revenge.

It's gonna be a bloodbath now.

If we can stay focused and
earn that power as a winner,

Emily and I are safe.

You know, Troy and Kaycee
are gunning for us,

which we always knew they were.

- Yeah.
- It's like, we knew

we had to win anyways.

Everyone sees me
as this athlete,

as this amazing swimmer,

and I know
I'm so much more than that.

I can work out how to do
strategies in this game.

And on the next challenge,
we have a deal

with Jordan and Kaz.

- Say it's a mini final...
- Yeah.

And we're in the lead,
we will sit the fuck down

before we cross
that finish line.

- Yeah.
- And we will get second.

Well, great.
Well, then let's ride.

- Yeah.
- Let's do it. You're good?

Yeah, absolutely.

They're not gonna win,
and that gives Yes and I

a chance to win
or Sarah a chance to win.

And it's just so good to
have someone in this house

that has my back.

And I'm telling you right now,
I'm making this final.

- So we're in a good spot.
- Yeah.

- Right?
- Yeah.

Good spot.

- So I'll be honest.
- OK.

As your partner, I feel
very kind of undervalued.

It is important
to communicate with Jordan.

I just need to get
something off my chest,

and hopefully
he can understand me.

Like, when you
speak to me, it can be very,

like, patronizing and very,
like, I don't know,

condescending, or sometimes
I actually think that you

don't think I want to win.

The thing that I get
nervous the most about

is letting you down.

My partner is amazing.
I need to do amazing, too.

When I did that maths
challenge, I felt so shit.

It was literally all my fault.
You didn't have to do anything,

and Jordan thinks
I'm a shit partner.


[air horn blares]
- You're out of time.

Fuck off.

[light applause]

The competition
is just so hard.

Like, everyone's so good.

I'm stoked to
be with you, Kaz.

And we're gonna
go in there, and

we're gonna do this together.

I will always have your back.

I want to win, and I
want to win with you.

That part of me
comes out wrong,

I truly am sorry for that.

I don't want to
make you feel bad.

It doesn't help when
I'm trying my best

and I'm trying to win
challenges and do everything

for you because in the back
of my head, maybe I think,

oh, you think
I'm not good enough.

Go this way.
- No, up to that corner,

that one.
- This?

Yes. We're moving, though.
We're not walking.

Go on.
Goddamn it.

I'm sorry that it
comes out on you in--

and in a patronizing way.

Like, that, I don't want to do.

I'm not skilled enough
yet to not do that.

I'm--I'm sorry, Kaz.

I really am.
- [sniffles]

Thank you.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

There are so many
facets of this game.

There's a social side,

there's a strategic side,

there's a physical side,

But there's also
a huge emotional side

and having to backstab
your friends and whatnot.

But being away from
home and everything,

like, you left
behind to be here,

you're trying to ensure
that everything you're doing

is worth it.

Definitely the
emotional aspect of this

is far worse than anything else
leading up into this final.

Hey, buddy.
- Hi.

How are you?


Hey, show Mom your picture.

Oh, did you draw that,

- Mm-hmm.
- Good job.

He took me to a drawing
lesson, and that's a puppy.

I taught Daddy
how to draw it.

Good job, babe.

I miss you.

- I do, too.
- You do?


- Bye, I love you.
- I love you.

Put some Chapstick on, buddy.

Yes, it's--no, no.

We're not hanging out
and partying.

I promise, it is not
a fuckin' vacation.

I've got a career at home.

I have a husband at home.

I have a son at home
that deserves my all,

and him being a single
parent at home right now

is starting to weigh on him.

My son, his smile is
slowly fading

every phone call
I get with them.

So, being gone this long,
is--is this all worth it?

All right, I love you.
- All right, good luck.

I love you.
- All right, bye.

[somber music]

Fuck this game.
I fuckin' can't stand it.

I would rather go home.

♪ ♪

It's fuckin' hard knowing
that you sitting here

and life is hard back at home.

But whatever happens, you're
gonna be able to get on

and then you're gonna
do what you need to do.

And guess who's gonna be OK?

Your damn husband.

This ain't the
first time you left.

You married him because
he's strong as hell

and he can fuckin' handle it.

Me and Sarah's relationship
has grown

since "The Challenge USA."

We made sure that we
stayed in contact every day

with our workout
plans to motivate

and inspire each other to
come out here and be our best.

We just have to keep the
faith and make sure we stay

the path to get to the final.

You got Emily.
You got Yes.

You got everything
positive in here.

Right, you're so right.

♪ ♪

[intense music]

♪ ♪

Even making it
to the final, you know,

after being out for so long,

it's just gonna mean
everything at this point.

You can either lose it
in the last challenge,

or you could secure it.

I'm always here to win.

I try and win every
single challenge I do.

And I don't want to go
through a whole season

without winning at
least one challenge.

♪ ♪

All right, everyone,
welcome to your next challenge

on this season of
"The World Championship."

Today's challenge
is called Downfall.

[dramatic music]

To begin, you and
your partner are gonna

start on that shoreline.

When I say go,
you'll jump in the water

and swim as fast as you can
to a colored ladder.

Once you get on that ladder,
you're gonna climb

all the way up
to a Challenge symbol.

The first team to
untie that symbol

gets their pick
of which team they want

to eliminate right away.

They're gonna climb up,
choose a color.

Whatever color they choose
gets dropped, instantly out.

This is key because
the first team eliminated

is going straight into
the Arena.

After that, teams will
continue dropping each other,

but the teams that can
avoid being dropped

will continue to make their way
up the ladder, solve a puzzle,

hit a red button, which will
drop the remaining teams.

Oh, yeah, one more thing.

[suspenseful music]

This is your last challenge...

[cheers and applause]

which means
if you win today,

then you've punched
your ticket to the final,

which gives you
a shot at your share

of a half a million dollars.

This is amazing.

We've got the momentum here.

That's Emily.
She's got Olympic gold.

She's an amazing swimmer.

She's done all
this shit before,

and we've got
a swimming challenge.

That's huge.

Got it?
Good luck, everyone.

Knowing it's a swimming
challenge, I'm like, shit.

But there's a sabotage
in this challenge.

As much as I respect Emily as,
like, this Olympic competitor,

I'm gonna do everything
in my power to get

Emily and Yes out of the game.

[dramatic music]

If it's up to us
on who we pull,

we'll probably pull
Troy and Kaycee.

Troy and Kaycee.

We're in a tough spot.
If the wrong people win

and the wrong people lose,

I feel like we're the ones
on the chopping block.

And if we win this one,
we're gonna

have to say someone's name
that we agreed to not say.

Oh, there's too many
promises being made here.

So why we're gonna
have to try and play this

so frickin' close to the line.

All right, everyone ready?

[air horn blares]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I feel like my back
has been against the wall

since the very beginning,
and now,

this is the last challenge,
the most important one.

And there's swimming involved,

and there's a whole Olympic
swimmer next to me.

Yeah. Fuck. Yeah.

♪ ♪

The only team
that we can pull

and we know that they're
gonna pull us if they get

the chance is Kaycee and Troy.

It's literally do and die
at this point.

- Yeah.
- If you don't do everything

that you can to win,

then you're going in and you're
not making it to the end.

Almost there.

Keep going!
- [grunts]

[intense music]

♪ ♪

Come on.

Theo, if we ever need
to win one, it's this one.

And I know it's a swim, but we
have to do anything we can do.

Because this is our
ticket to the final, Sarah.

Come on!

♪ ♪

Lock in with your arms.

♪ ♪

How much--

Keep going, keep going.

Blue, blue, blue.
- Blue.

Oh, man.
Right out of the gate.

See ya.



Goddamn, we're going
straight in the Arena,

and I'm a bit gutted.
- Gosh.

Like, if Yes did not get
that uber pickup,

he would have been gassed.

- Thanks, Emily and Yes, again.
- Again.

I like to smile in this game,
and there's not many things

that make me smile.

But God, that made me smile.

- Red.
- Emily and Yes.

Who pulled us?

This is not what we had
planned with our deal.

This is not the outcome that
we wanted, and I'm pissed.

Our deal with Emily
and Yes meant that

we will not win the challenge.

It doesn't mean we won't
beat you in a challenge.

Let's go.
Let's go.

Go, Sarah.

Go, Theo.

♪ ♪

Sarah! Sarah!
Come here.



Sarah has his back.
Jordan has my back.

We're not going anywhere.
So for us

to get pulled right now, fine.

I'm ecstatic.

We didn't have to
get our hands dirty,

and now I can just swim back
and see who wins.

Sarah, climb the fuckin'
ladder and do it.

I'm tired of standing here,
all right?

I'm thinking, what the
hell is going on here?

Why is he giving us the win?

No, what are the three
numbers that you have?

I trust ourselves
more than I trust you.

If you want to put your trust
in the game in our hands,

then that's fine.


What's the bottom number?

Why is he trying
to help them?

Jordan and Kaz
helping Sarah and Theo

is actually kind
of confusing to me

because why wouldn't Jordan and
Kaz want to be in first place?

Hold on.
What's that bottom one?

It makes you
a little bit suspicious.

I know. I know what it is.
I know what it is.

They all add up to 20.

So 6, 6, 12, 15, so 5.

That's the missing number, 5.


That is incorrect.

We are helping Theo and Sarah
win now because we're gonna

keep our promise
to Emily and Yes,

but I'm just like,
oh, my God,

how long are you guys
gonna take?

Like, don't you want to win?

I might as well just
climb up the ladder,

and I'll probably
beat you still.

Like, this is a joke now.

What's 9 times 5?


5 times 7...


So that's the thing.

You time the top by the bottom.

Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.

- What?
- Listen, listen, 9 times 5.

Look at your top left.

9 times 5 is 45.
- Yeah.

7 times 9 is 63.

5 times 7 is 35.

So what is your
top two numbers?

Remember the 6.

So add it all up.

So 21 plus 20 plus 25 plus 23.

89 times 2.

- There you go.



That is correct.


Yeah, Sarah!
Yeah, Theo!


Guess who the hero is?


Kaz figures it out.

Good job, Kaz.
Good job.


It's probably
the least fulfilled win

I'm ever gonna have
given to me by my ex,

but a win's a win.

And guess what, baby?

We're in the final.

All right, so then what
deal did Jordan cut with them,

though, is the question.

Jordan, you've been
playing this game

with me the entire time.

What conversations have
you been having that

I don't really know about?

Like, this, to me,
is a little shady.

That had to be a deal.

He wouldn't let them
win unless there was

a deal cut with them.
- Yeah.

- No.
- I have no idea

what's going on.

We have more relationships

that are affecting the game.

This is unreal.

But I have the ultimate
trust in Sarah

and nothing to worry about.

All right, everybody,
great challenge today.

Looks like there was a lot
of dealings going on, huh?

- Deal? What deal?

a lot of deals going on.

Well, in the end, the
Americans, Sarah and Theo won,

so congratulations to you two.

- Finally.

Literally, birthday
and Christmas

done in one fell swoop.

We ain't getting
you shit next year.

I'll be seeing
you two in my final.

Great job.

USA is on top, number one.

They had to leave it
to the big gun team.

- And those are big.
- But winning is winning,

all right?
- That's right.

If it's by an inch
or a mile, whatever.

We got it.
We're in the final.

USA finally got a win.

Now, the Australians,
Troy and Kaycee,

you got
sabotaged right out of the gate

by fellow Australians,
Emily and Yes.

Unfortunately for you,
Troy, Kaycee,

I'll be seeing
you in the Arena.

- Yep.
- Yeah.

Been there before.

Our own country sabotaged us.

Bloody at the elimination
they put us in.

- No surprise.
- So yeah, no surprises there.

This will be our third
elimination together.

- Together.
- And we're very familiar

with elimination,
so whoever's going in there

is going to, you know,
battle it out with us.

But we're ready.

Now, for the
rest of you, it's time

to go back to the house
and nominate one team...

- Ohh.
- To send into the Arena

to go against Troy and Kaycee.

Got it?

All right,
I'll see you in the Arena.

Good luck.

There's only gonna be one
team voted into elimination.

That really just confuses me

because we literally
just gave up our spot,

and now
what if we've actually

put ourself into
elimination by doing that,

by trying to keep a promise?

Like, this is a joke now.


Oh, ruthless, ruthless.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

This is what it feels
like to walk in first.

Oh, my God.

- Hey!
- It feels good.

Well done.

Emily and I are
always at risk.

We're kinda stuck.

So, we might as well
push for a stalemate.

If we can pull some weight
with Sarah and Theo,

maybe we can actually
survive this last nomination.


I figured you were pulling
ours. I was ready.

What are you sorry for?
Like, my ass, Yes.

I'm sick of it.
Like, you know what's going on.

You literally sent me
straight into elimination.

Man, if I get a chance, I'll
be seeing you in there, Yes.

It's all good.
You made your choice.

It's all good.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

So I know that looked
really confusing up there,

but before the last
elimination, Emily and Yes

asked us to guarantee
that we wouldn't say

their name on this challenge...
- Mm-hmm.

If they saved
us for that one,

and I told them straight up,
I can't guarantee that.

But what I will do is go
out of our way to not win.

So that way,
the decision is not ours.


Jordan is definitely
making me question

his loyalty to me
at this point.

I feel like I've been
very straightforward

this entire game, looking
out for him, helping him.

And I'm like, the fuck?
The fuck?

What the fuck
is going on right now?

Sarah made a deal
with me, you, Danny.

So, nominations,
we're gonna stalemate.

All the friends are
in nominations together.

So no matter what, you
have to say someone's name

that you don't want to say.

So instead of pissing
each other off,

let's just give the power
to the winners.

Whoever has to go
in has to go in.

We're not gonna
face each other.


There's only three
teams at this nominations.

Like, it's Danny and I,
it's Jordan and Kaz.

We've been working
together all season.

Yes and Emily are
the odd team out.

Why are we going to stalemate
right now when we could just

throw them into elimination?

I've earned it.

Kind of earned it, anyway.

Half earned it.

[light jazzy music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I need to make sure that
Danny and I vote last.

I don't actually trust what's
about to happen right now,

and it's in my best interest
to make sure that

we get ourselves to the final.

So, we're gonna do
what we have to do.

Kaycee, how are
you feeling, man?

Are you stressed?

I'm not stressed at all.

I'm big chilling, you know?

- Cool as a cucumber.
- Ready for whatever.

Cool as a cucumber.

- Champion spirit.
- Yeah.

Congratulations, everyone.

Like, last five teams.

Last round, we all agreed to
stalemate before and then

just put the power
in the winners' hands

because we are getting
down to so few.

With that being said,
Kaz and I are gonna cast

our vote on Jordan and Kaz.

Let's stalemate.

I really trust that Theo
would never say my name.

I did break his heart,
but I just don't think

he's got in him, to be honest.

Emily and Yes vote
for Emily and Yes.

If we don't stalemate this,

we know Danny and Tori
will vote for us.

I feel like Sarah and I have
a really strong friendship,

and she wouldn't say my name.

And I feel confident in that.

♪ ♪

So Danny and Tori,
we'll vote for

Danny and Tori.

Jordan wants to stalemate,
and I think that's stupid.

But when I look
in Danny's eyes,

he wants to play this game
with a good moral compass.

- I trust Sarah 100%.
- Hm.

- 100%.
- We're gonna find out.

♪ ♪

[tapping table]


- Stalemate.
- Oh!

- Yo!
- [laughs]

Damn. Well, the choice
is your guys'.

It's gonna be a tough one,
especially for you, Sarah.

I know you're close
with both Danny and Emily.

Ooh, your eyes is turning.
The wheels are turning.

And tonight, you're
gonna have to [clicks tongue]

break someone's heart.
- Yeah.

All right.
- Good job today, guys.

- Yeah, well done.
- All right.

- Good job.
- You are excused.

Thank you.

It's two of my closest
allies in the game

that are up for grabs.
- [sighs] Yeah.

It's a harder choice for you
than it is for me.

Theo is not gonna
want to say Kaz's name.

Actually, I wouldn't want
to come out the other end

and then be in
here without you.

Like, that's--
what I realized today is that

you do mean a lot to me.

And I have Danny,
who I came into this game with,

who's been my number one,
my ride or die.

I'm trying to get us two
as far as we can.

I love Emily,

but that's not this guy.

If I put people on a pedestal,
obviously, Danny's up here.

He's number one.

Yes and Emily
file in below him,

and then Tori's
even below them.

So it's like, I've got Yes and
Emily held higher than Tori,

but Danny's so high up
that does Tori

get to trump Emily and Yes?

It's just--it's such
a hard position to be in.

Everyone, let's keep
their boots strapped

'cause at this point,
it ain't nothing personal.

♪ ♪

[tense guitar music]

♪ ♪

I can tell you for sure
we don't have a decision.

I do wish you would have
told me this a little earlier.

We could have blocked
this stalemate.

Tell me this--
is it your relationship

with Emily that's giving you
a hard time making a decision?

Out of Tori and Danny
and Yes and Emily,

who has saved me and Theo,

it's gonna be Yes and Emily
more than you and Tori.

I look in Sarah's eyes,
and she's not sure

what she wants to say.

Emily and Yes would
have been thrown

into elimination
every single time

if it wasn't for me and Sarah.

Like I said, I think
my only thing was just like--

just the heads up part
because I

would have did something
totally different

at the table.
- Yeah, no.

- I would have just been like--
- For sure.

'Cause everybody
voted for they self.

I'm like, you know what?
I would've just fuckin'--

and I would have been able
to take that on my own.

You want to sacrifice me?
Bad game move, my friend.

Bad game move.

I don't know.
I don't--I'm not--

I'm not gonna campaign.

I don't want to.

It is what it is.

♪ ♪

I don't want to
go against Kaycee.

I don't want you to
go against Kaycee.

Can I just say this
one more thing?

I didn't know that
you made that deal with them.

That's why I was super confused
when you were letting them win.

I'm like, what the fuck
is going on?

You expect somebody that you,
like, are really,

really rocking with
in this game to, like--

and I'm not saying you--
you don't owe me anything.

You don't have to tell me
anything, but, like, Jordan,

I've had your back.

Every game we play together,

I end up having to make
a decision that I don't want

to do or is
questionable for me,

but it works out
for you every single time.

I don't trust the
fact that Sarah wouldn't

actually throw Danny and I in,
I don't.

I feel like she's gotten so
close to Emily in this game,

and I could see her going
back on her word with Danny.

And that kind of just makes
me extremely uncomfortable.

Every single decision
I have made in this house,

I've made with
your best interest

in mind-every single one.
- I appreciate that...

- And I just--
- Because that's how

I play with you, Tori.
- OK, cool.

So I'm glad that it is
finally working like that.

So here we are.
Here we are again,

back where I've had
your back this entire season.

You've had my back
this entire season.

And I'm asking you
to trust me right here.

OK, fine, I will.
I'll trust you.

- That's all I'm asking.
- OK.

It sucks that this deal
worked out this way.

I mean, at the end of the
day, we can't save everybody.

All we can do is
save ourselves,

and that's what Kaz and I did.

♪ ♪

* Dun, dun, dun ♪

Whose go it?

I see you, OK?
I know, Detective Sarah.

I see you.
Don't act like no one sees you.

Does she go with
her deal with Emily,

or does she honor
her deal with Danny?

There's no hiding
any more, Sarah.

Time to make a decision.

Oh, man, I love this.

[whispering] This is a no-win
situation at this point.

Like, it's fucking

And so, what it
boils down to is...

I know.

I know.


Yes, it hurts that my number
one in this house is Sarah,

and she might say my name.

I really like Sarah.

But remember, Emily,
she's a Survivor girl.

- Yeah.
- Fuckin' manipulating

as fuck.

It might change
when we get closer,

but I think they would
take us to the final.

Fuck my life.

This is karma coming right
back at me, isn't it?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

* Mad world ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Mad world ♪

It's the last elimination.

It's been treacherous.

If me and Kaycee pull
through this one,

we're gonna be the
elimination king and queen.

I'm getting it done.

* Mad world ♪

* Mad world ♪

♪ ♪

All right, everyone, welcome
to the final elimination

on this season of "The
Challenge World Championship."


- Let's do it.
- Come and get it.

I am proud of each
and every one of you.

Great job making it this far.

Now, representing America,
Sarah and Theo,

you won the challenge.

You got yourself to the final.

You made it happen. Congratulations.

Great job.
On the other hand,

we had Troy and Kaycee.

They lost the challenge,

being sabotaged by Emily
and Yes right away.

So come on out here.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

How's it going?
- Yeah, good. How are you?

- All right.
- Good.

Well, this is
normally the time

that I call out
whoever you selected

to go against Troy and Kaycee.

However, I understand you
came to another stalemate.

I specifically said, do not
come to another stalemate,

plain English.

Well, not only
did you stalemate,

but you voted for yourselves.

So that means everybody
wants to play, huh?

All right, well,
since Theo and Sarah

are already at the
starting line of my final,

they're out of this game.

They have no more say.

So the only other team
that hasn't voted yet

is standing down here with me.
- Wow.

♪ ♪

Leave it up to TJ to
save the biggest twist

for the last elimination.

After we've gone through all
the heartache and headaches,

ain't that about a bitch?

So, Troy, Kaycee,
take your pick.

Who do you want to go against?

♪ ♪

- What do you reckon?
- I think we're

thinking the same thing.
- Yeah, I think we're

thinking the same thing, too.

- Australia represent.
- Australia represent.

We're gonna go
with Emily and Yes.


Day one, she's
been after Australia.

If you want to get
us out, you can come

down here and do it yourself.

And that's the stage I'm at.
I'm over it.

Emily and Yes, get down here.
I want to verse you.

All right, Emily
and Yes, come on down.

Here we go.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

Troy being after me is like
going to do a poo every day.

It's gonna happen.

This is what I deserve.

All right, so this is it,
a very,

very big elimination tonight.

We've thrown their asses in
so many times.

For them to drag us in,
hey, I ain't mad.

Sometimes you just gotta
take out the trash yourself.

This is a very legendary
game here on "The Challenge."

It is called Hall Brawl.

To begin,
you and your opponent

are gonna start on either ends
of that hallway.

And then when I say go,
[air horn blares]

you're gonna run
through your opponent,

doing whatever you gotta
do to get to the other side

and ring that bell.
[rings bell]

First player to ring that
bell will win that round.

First team
to win two rounds

will win tonight's elimination
round and stay in the game.

In the event of a tie,
we'll go to a deciding round

where whoever scores
will win it for their team.

We'll determine who
competes in it by coin toss.

Whoever wins tonight
is in the final,

going for their share of
a half a million dollars

and that title of
Challenge World Champion.

♪ ♪

This is our last hurdle
that we need to get over.

We're just gonna get in
there and get the job done.

Yeah, go hard
for this first one, let's go.

- 100%.
- Ohh.

♪ ♪

I know he was
a Ninja Warrior,

but I got him when
it comes to weight.

And I got him when
it comes to height.

♪ ♪

I'm only 5'7".
I only weigh 60 kilos.

Everyone's like,
"Oh, he's small."

I'm just so driven to
prove everybody wrong,

to show that size
isn't everything.

- Troy, are you ready?
- Yep.

Yes, you ready?


I'm a former NFL player.

I made a living doing
this exact thing.

I am an expert, and I know
whoever gets that low leverage

has more power to continue
driving their legs

and get to the other side
before their opponent does.

I want to see Emily
and Yes come back

because I think that
we have a better chance

of beating them in a final.

♪ ♪

[air horn blares]
- Go!

Right through!

Good job! Good job!
Keep it up, Troy!

Fight it out!
- Yeah, Yes.

Good battle!
[both grunting]

Go, Yes.

Good battle, good battle!

Way to fight, way to fight!

You gotta get up!
You gotta get up!

- Keep working, Troy!
- There we go.

- Good job, Troy!
- Gotta let him go.

Now let him go.

Don't worry about wrestling.

Let him go!
- You gotta get up!

You gotta get up!

- Go!
- [grunts]

♪ ♪

Oh, shit!
Get up! Get up!

Get up and go! Go!
Go! Go!

[bell dings]

[air horn blares]

Good job, Troy.

I'm out for revenge.
They're living by the sword,

and they're gonna die
by their own sword.

All right, ladies, let's go.

- Let's go, Kayce.
- It's all on you.

The score is 1-0.

You win this one,
and it's over, Kaycee.

Emily, you gotta win this
one to stay in the game.

[whispering] You're a world
fuckin' champion.

The discipline, the
sacrifices, that same effort,

that same heart, and
that same determination

that you put in your swimming,
you put that in here,

and you're fucking unstoppable.

♪ ♪

I'm the only one that hasn't
been in a final

that's still here,
and I feel like

I've got so much to prove
in being

the only one that hasn't.

I want to make it to
the final, and I'm gonna

drag her all the way
to that bell if I have to.

All right, Kaycee, you ready?

Emily, you ready?

[music building]

[air horn blares]

Go! Go, go, go!

Grab the belt, grab the belt!

There you go, grab the belt!

There you go! Go!
Get up and go, Kaycee! Go!

Kaycee is putting up a fight,
but Emily is smart.

She's using all of her power
and strength to move Kaycee.

And I'm getting
a little nervous.

I'm not gonna lie.

I'm like, fuck.
Dig, Kaycee, dig.

Kaycee and Troy deserve
to be in the final.

Run! Run, Kaycee!

Get up, Emily.


She's gotta get up.
She's gotta get up.

Come on, Emily.
Emily, get up. Hang onto her.

- [grunts]
- Come on, there you go!

There you go!
- Ooh, ooh!

- Drag her!
- That Olympic strength.

Pull her with you, Kayce!

Ooh, she's crawling.

Go, Kaycee, go!
There you go.

Go, go, go!

Go, Kaycee, go!

Kaycee, go!
Go, Kaycee, yes!

[bells dinging]
- Ooh!

- Oh.
- Ooh!

- Kaycee has played

tackle rugby for many years,

and Emily has never played
a contact sport in her life.

But Emily
just saved our asses.

Good fight, Kayce.
Good fight, Kayce.

Good fight, good fight.
- All right, the score

is 1 to 1.
Flip a coin.

So the animal is tails,
and that is the men.

And heads is women, all right?


Heads, women.

All right, time
to do it again.

Emily destroyed Kaycee
on that first go around,

and she's going to
have to do it again.

This is the final showdown.

Emily's gonna win this thing.

Same thing.
You're strong.

Come on, Kayce.
Come on.

You can do this.

All the pressure
is on me right now.

I have got to win this round,
then we go to the final.

It's do or die. It is do or die
at this very moment.

And that's all that's
running through my head.

This is it, Em.
You know what to do.

You know what it's like.

You've gotta
sprint to that bell.

You've gotta sprint.

All right, it all
comes down to this.

You and your teammate's spot
in the final is on the line.

Next bell wins.

Kaycee, you ready?

Emily, you ready?

[air horn blares]

- Go!
- Go, Emily! Yes.

- Ohh!
- Push, push!

Strong legs, now.
Strong legs!

- Strong legs.
- Strong legs.

If there's a team I don't
want to see in the final,

it would be Troy and Kaycee.

And I don't want to lose
Emily, the best friend

that I've made
since being in the house.

The cards have been stacked
against us quite a few times,

and we continue to find a way.

Come on, Kayce.
Now, push her.

- Over, over.
- Push, Kayce, push.

Fight! Over her!

Push her down! Go!

Come on, Kayce.
Now, push her.


The pressure that Emily and
Kaycee are feeling right now,

I can feel the pressure
coming off of them.

They want it so bad.

Kaycee and Troy have
potential to go all the way.

And I want to win,
so they need to go.

Now push her.
Push, Kayce, push!

- Emily, run, run!
- Push her down! Go!

Yes, go, go, go!

You're already ahead!

Kick it off! Kick it off!
Kick it off!

Kick her off you!

Go! Go!

[bell dings]

Yes! Let's go!

- Yes!
- Yes, Kaycee!

Troy and Kaycee win!

Welcome to the finals.

I don't know what's running
through Emily's head

right now,
but I know she is sour.

But stuff her. We won.
This is what you get.

Get stuffed.
- It's just a cherry on top.

- Piss off.
- Mwah.

I know these other teams are
looking at us like

this is a team that we're
gonna have to battle against,

and I feel like
we have a really

good chance of winning this.

You did so good
You did so good.

- [sobbing]
- You did so good.

I am so proud.
- Emily is a world champion.

Emily is an Olympic champion.

Coming from that background,
being this close to the gold,

and not getting
it is devastating.


I'm gonna keep going, but
this really sucks right now.

And I feel really
bad for Emily.


[dramatic music]

- Fuck.
- Fuck yes. Let's go.

[rings bell]

♪ ♪

Well, it doesn't get
much closer than that.

Congratulations to both of you
on a very solid elimination.

somebody's got to win,

and somebody's got to lose.

Yes, Emily, this
end your time here

on "The World Championship,"

but you're both
great competitors.

Thank you for those swims.

That was unbelievable
to witness that in person.

- Thank you.
- Incredible.

You're an amazing athlete.

Thank you for being here.

And I really hope we see
you both in the future.

Take care.
- Thank you.

- Hey, well done, Emily.
- Good luck, y'all.

- See you guys.
- You're a fuckin' beast, man.

Great battle, guys.

Great game all around.

I missed the final
in the Aussie season, and...

I was really
hoping to get this one.

But I'm so happy
I was partnered with Yes

because he helped me be
really brave and be strong.

We got more in us.

You haven't seen
the last of us.

♪ ♪

Troy, Kaycee, congratulations.

You made it to the finals.

- Jeez. Yes!
- You're going for your share

of a half a million dollars

and that title of
Challenge World Champion.

Go ahead and rejoin the group.
- Yeah, get on over here!

- Thanks, TJ.
- Good job, buddy.

Let's go.


Come on!

Oh, I Nearly
picked you, Danny.

I nearly got ya.

I was thinking about it.

- Thanks for not choosing me.
- You two were tempting.

- I know. I know.

All right, well done.

Look at you up there, four
teams left, three countries--

Australia, the UK, and the US.

Congratulations, you have
all made it to the final.


- Wow.
- Let's go

The final four.

It's going to be
a stacked final.

It's anybody's game.

Yeah, this final is stacked
with Tori's number ones,

so it's gonna be
an uphill battle.


Now, you all look very
fresh and ready to go.


You look like
you're ready to play.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

So I think we should get
this final started right now.

Follow me.

- Yeah!
- [laughs]

- Whoo-hoo!
- Now?

It's, like, nearly midnight.

Bro, what do you mean, now?



Game on.

You know, now it's time
to go and get it and earn

that money 'cause TJ doesn't
give that money to just anyone.

So, you ready to rumble?

- I'm ready to rumble.
- Let's rumble, baby.

- Everyone looks fresh.
- Everyone looks fresh.

I'm like, TJ,
we just did a Hall Brawl.

Are you serious, man?

Banged up and bruised,
going straight into a final

from an elimination, no rest.

I reckon everyone's looking at
us right now and being like,

"Man, they are
the team to beat."

What did I say?
What did I say?


You are all gonna face
your fears because this

is the Fear Express.
[whistle toots]

"The Challenge
World Championship" final

starts right now.
[air horn blares]

[air horn blares]

Yes, Danny, you got it.

- We got this!
- Oh.

- Come on.
- Oh, no.

This is fuckin' hard.

Grind these fuckin' out.

My body is depleted.

Sarah, come on!

I'm not gonna fuckin'

Ahh. Ah, you bitch!


- Jordan, I can't do it.
- Fuck.

Goddamn it.

You're making it worse.

This is fucked.

Our bodies are
literally shutting down.


I don't know how we're
gonna get through this.


You are the first-ever
Challenge World Champions.

[percussive music]

♪ ♪