The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - End of the Road, Part 1 - full transcript

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LILY: Poor Kyra.
I feel so sorry for her.

You should.
It's our fault her magic's gone.

Orla tricked us.

That doesn't make us
any less guilty.

Lily's right, Darra.

Neither of you had any idea
it was Orla shapeshifting.

I'm sure Kyra realizes
you didn't mean to do it.

How can she?

Her magic and her memories
are gone.

Look, she doesn't remember
anything about us.


Will he be alright?

Losing Kyra hit him hard.

It may take a while.

Where's Darra?

You just missed him.

Never mind.

Lily, your father
needs to see us.


Peter was in Kyra's room
last night when we jumped

to the library.

When he finds out
what happened to Kyra,

he might try and
make her remember.

Things are changing
in the magical world.

It's not safe anymore.

It's better if Kyra
doesn't remember.



You awake, sweetheart?

You slept almost ten hours.
You must've been tired.

Guess I was.
Can't think why.

Freshly squeezed.

What day is it today?

You got work later, remember?

Me, I'll just be
cleaning the guttery.

Have fun with that.


SEAN: So, Orla took
all of Kyra's magic?

I'm pretty sure, Dad.

Imogen and I took her home
and put her to bed.

It was like
she couldn't see us.

An inability
to see magical beings

is a clear indication
of loss of magic.

I can't even imagine what
it'd be like to lose my magic.

You thief!

Maxwell, take Lily
back to the library.

Let them stay.

They'll hear about it
soon enough anyway.

Hear about what?

Your resignation.

I've no intention
of resigning.

The director
of the DMI should be

the most powerful
magical being in our world,

but that's no longer you,
is it?

Orla and I and others
have discussed this, Sean.

And we've decided that
you are no longer qualified

to hold the position.

That's not your
decision to make.

JARED: Well, given that
Orla now has orb magic,

I hardly think you're
in a position to deny her.

It's time for a change.

Give me the orb, Orla.
Don't be nal

I didn't go to all the trouble
of getting it

just to hand it back.

Remember Lemuria?

The elves and the fairies who
created it went to war over it.

And it destroyed them.

Do you want the same
to happen here?

That's up to Sean.

An orderly transition would be
best, don't you think?

Well, I'm not going anywhere.



You have two hours to decide.



So what happened?

Last night.
What happened when you left?

Left where?
Your bedroom?

You jumped out to the library
to deal with Orla?

What are you talking about?

Stop being cute.

You, Imogen,
and Ruksy, you know...

Who are Imogen and Ruksy?

A fairy and an elf?

That's a change!


You used to go on about
aliens and the multiverse,

and now you're talking
about elves and fairies.

Can't wait to hear what's next.

Do you remember
a huge library

with all kinds
of weird stuff in it?

Peter, I've got
to finish my run.

You took me there once and I
was lost inside of a storybook.

I was captured by
these woodsmen and they--

they had these jewels.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

And then you went for
a ride on a unicorn!

You have some crazy dreams.

It wasn't a dream.
It was real.

You have to believe me.


Peter, I'll be
at Harvey's in an hour.

I'll listen to your fantasies
all you like

if you buy me a juice.


What are you doing today?

Nothing special. Why?
Feel like a movie?

And maybe
a little shopping?

With you, there's no such
thing as a little shopping.

MATTIE: You know me too well.

Well, um, meet me
in the High Street

in, like, half an hour?

Uh, I might be a little late.

I said I'd meet
Peter at Harvey's.

Oh, then can you bring me
a mango and passion fruit juice?

Thank you! Bye!



I'll have a watermelon
and pineapple juice,

and a mango and
passion fruit one.

Kyra, you really
need to see this.


You made me promise
to show you.

I don't remember doing that.
Of course you don't.

What are you talking about?

It'll all become clear
after you've seen this.


Hey, Ruksy.

I was just about to show Kyra--
I need to talk to you.

Can we do it later?
No, now.

Peter, aren't you going to
introduce to me to your friend?

I'm Ruksy.
Kyra. Have we met?


Do you mind if I borrow
Peter for a moment?


I know what you're doing
and you need to stop.

Kyra made a film
to help her remember

when the DMI took her magic.
She made me promise to show her.

The DMI didn't
take Kyra's magic.

Orla did.

It's best for Kyra
if she never remembers.

But that's not
the way Kyra saw it.

She didn't want to forget you.
You're her friends!

Peter, I'm sorry,
but it's over.

If you want to protect Kyra,
you mustn't tell her anything.

So, what have you got?
Another fake monster movie?

Yeah, it's one of those.

Cheer up, Peter.
I'm sure one day

you'll discover something
truly amazing.

Now, about those juices.

MAXWELL: Orla wants
to take over the DMI.

Dad tried to stop her,

but she stopped him
from using his wand.

It was awful.

Surely the rest of
the DMI won't allow it.

I don't think
they can do anything.

Now Orla has orb magic,
she's pretty much unstoppable.

Edward should've left that
cursed thing in the ice.



what are you doing here?

Darra, Imogen, this school is
no longer for you.

Surely we can discuss this.

Orla informs me that you
deliberately deceived the DMI

about the orb.

It wasn't exactly like that.

So you say.

The point is,
I can no longer trust you

to care for my children.
IMOGEN: And you trust Orla?

Have you forgotten she framed me
for stealing the orb

and she stole Kyra's magic?

Which she should never
have had in the first place.

Orla has
our best interests at heart.

Let's go.


JARED: Imogen.

Maybe Dad's right.

Orla's got the orb.
Maybe it's time for a change.

You can't be serious.

We may not agree
with everything Dad does,

but I think
this time he's right.

Thank you, Darra.

JARED: He must have
good reasons to back Orla.

And having an elf
running the DMI

can't be bad for elves, can it?

What about fairies?

What's done is done, Lily.

You're gonna have
to deal with it and move on.

Let's go, Dad.


Did you hear
that Marcie and Kay

are changing schools
at the end of the year?

Two of our best players gone.
That'll make the Gazelles happy.


Ah, it's just Mum checking in.

She's so sweet.

Do you know these two?

Yeah, it's Lily and Imogen.

I don't know them.
Yes, you do.

They were at the sleepover.

You know, kind of kooky, but
nice when you get to know them?

Did I say how I knew them?

Yeah, you said they were
friends, basketball tragics.


Movie now?

It's Peter's birthday
in a few weeks.


It's not like you
to forget that.

We should get him something,
and I know just the place.


JARED: We both know
fairies can be stubborn.

Do you think Sean
will agree to step down?

He'll play it
down to the wire,

but he's a smart fairy.

I'm sure he realizes
he has no choice.

And if he refuses?

I sincerely hope
it doesn't come to that.


I told you to stay at home.
Are you kidding?

This is the most exciting thing
that's happened in ages.

I don't want you here.

This is the beginning
of a new era, Dad,

and you helped make it happen.

I want to be here
to see it play out.

Orla, help me out?

Darra's right.

This is a momentous day, Jared.

Your son should be here
to witness our victory.


Ah, this is that place
Peter's always talking about.

It's exactly the kind
of weird place he'd love.

Good morning!

Uh, we're looking
for comic books.

Uh, it's a present for a friend.

Then I'm afraid
you'll have to look elsewhere.

As you can see,
all I have here is cats.


Well, I can see you've got
the odd book or two.

Ah, do you mind if we browse?

Go ahead.
Just don't step on any tails.



What do you think
you're doing?

Just hanging out.
Don't be smart.

I don't believe for a second

that you agree
with what Orla did.

Well, maybe I
don't, but it's done.

And you're just
gonna let it go down,

just like you let Kyra go?

She's better off
in her own world.

So, the way you said you felt
about her, that was all fake?

You don't know
what's going on here.

Why don't you enlighten me?

Orla wants Sean to resign.

Your hero is gonna become
the new director of the DMI.

Dad's helping her.

And you're getting in on the
ground floor of the new regime.



How can you be doing this?
You don't understand.

No, Dad, I do understand,
and it makes me feel sick.

I hope I never see
either of you again.

You know Imo, Dad.
Angry one day, furious the next.

She'll get over it.

How do we know if Peter
will even like any of these?

It's a comic, he'll like it.

I've never heard
of any of them.

"Zombie Swamp Rats."
What's that about?

KYRA: Who cares?
You know Peter.

He lives in a world of weird.

Orla can't make
Dad resign, can she?

How can he stop her?

Maybe if I hadn't forced
Professor Maxwell to tell Kyra

about the orb, it never
would've been found.

isn't gonna help anyone.

The situation is what it is,
and we have to deal with it.

I won't let Orla
get away with this.



Lily, what's so important?

Imogen's really upset,

and I'm worried she's
going to do something crazy.

need to stay calm.

I'm sure your father has a plan.

MATTIE: Excuse me, Shop?

Go back to the library.

MATTIE: Hi, what do you
think of this one?

"Time Nemesis Regeneration."

It is a classic.
MATTIE: I like the title.

I'll take it.

Is this for yourself then?

MATHILDA: It's for a friend.
I think you know him.

His dad's a baker.

MAXWELL: Peter? Yes.



your friend likes it a lot.


You took off so fast,
you forgot these.

What happened?

I went in
the back of the shop.

In the back? Why?
I don't know.

It was like I'd
been there before.

And then my hand
went through the wall.

Then I had a memory
of going through the wall.

First I can't remember stuff,
and now this happens?

A concussion can cause
confusion and memory loss.

Have you had a bump?

Mattie, what's going on?
Am I going crazy?

I don't know.

Oh, great,
I have to go to work.

Do you really think
that's a wise idea?

I'll be okay.

Just be careful.

Can you call me later?

It's very odd that
Kyra would turn up here.

Is it possible she still
has some memory of us?

How could she?
Orla drained all her magic.

JARED: You took your time.
I'll get Orla.

I know you and I have
had our differences, Jared.

But is this really
what you want?

Fairies have been
in charge for too long.

Now is the time of the elf.

What's it gonna be, Sean?

Do you really think
you'll get away with this?

Yes, I really do.

Well, how about
I give you another chance

to give back the orb?

Then you'll be
wasting your time.

In the case, Orla McGuire,
I'm placing you under arrest.


No, no!

As you are reluctant
to see things my way,

I'm going to give you
a demonstration

of what I can do.

IMOGEN: Forget about Kyra.

We need to be preparing in case
Orla takes over the DMI.


Get back!


How did that happen?



This is what will happen
if you continue to resist me.

What is that?
A shadow cloud.

Anything it touches
gets vaporized.

We never discussed
anything like this.

That's the point
of a demonstration, Jared.

Stop this!
Will you stop resisting me?


I resign.


Thank you.

You have no idea
what you have done.



Doris, stop that.
Come on.





DORIS: Someone thinks
she's a dog.

Is that you?

Are you alright?

Oh, you don't look too good.

Maybe you should sit down.

I can understand you.
Oh, at last!

I've been yakking away
ever since we left home,

but you've been ignoring me.

What's your problem, Kyra?

You--you know my name?

Oh, enough of this nonsense.

I'm not getting any younger.
Let's get moving.

JARED: Congratulations, Orla.

Thanks to the orb,
the DMI is now yours.

I'm not interested
in the DMI.

Then what was all this for?

You'll see.

If we can get the orb,

then we can drain
the power from Orla,

just like she did from Kyra.
Don't be ridiculous.

Orla won't let the orb
out of her sight.

There's no way
we would even get near it.

So we just give up?
What can we possibly do?

We can't just sit back
and let her take over.

Now she has orb magic,
none of us are getting jobs

at the DMI anyway,
so what have we got to lose?

MAXWELL: Imogen, what you
are proposing is reckless,

ill advised, and quite
likely extremely dangerous.

And you're not
doing it without me.

Hey, Kyra. What's up?

You know something.

I know many things.

To which one do you refer?

Don't be cute.

What were you so keen
to show me this morning?

Uh, like I said,
another monster movie.

I don't know why I bothered you.

I was at that
bookshop of yours today.

Something happened.

I put my hand
into the back wall.

Now I can hear dogs talking.

And I thought I was the one
with the overactive imagination.

This morning you were all
fired up to show me something,

and then that girl
made you back off.

Whatever it was,
I want to see it.


Ruksy said that
this is all over.

What's she got to do with it?
She told me not to tell you.

Now I'm telling you.

I'm not crazy, Peter.

Something's going on,
and I know you know about it.

Whatever it is,
you tell me right now.