The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - On the Case - full transcript

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Season 01 Episode 18

Episode Title: "On the Case"

- Morning, Peter.
- Good morning, Mr. Glenn.

Is Kyra up?

Yep. She expecting you?

Uh, possibly.

- Oh, are they croissants?
- Still warm. Want one?

You're a legend.
Go on in, Peter.


What are you doing here?

I have to see you.

Uh, just a sec.

Kyra, come on,
it's important.

Come in.

Are you okay?

You look okay.

I know you're probably feeling
a bit confused right now,

but it'll all make sense
in a minute.

What you're about to see
may seem unbelievable

and maybe you'll think
you're going crazy.

But you know how you think
magic is only in fairy tales?

It isn't.

Only you don't remember.

It's okay, Peter.
I... I get it.

But it hasn't happened.

It hasn't?

I guess
they changed their mind.

Peter, why don't we
talk about this later?

- We can...
- Ow!

What was that?

What was what?

What I stepped on?

Just my usual mess.

Your usual mess said ow.

It's alright, Imogen.
Peter knows.

- Whoa!
- How comes he knows?

You're an elf.

Ten points for observation.

How come he knows?

Let's just say
Peter's very nosey

and he stuck his nose
in the wrong place.

And you told him about us.

I had no choice.

But don't worry,
he's my oldest friend,

and he's sworn
to keep the secret.

Imogen, meet Peter.

I've seen you around,
minus the...

Kyra told me
how you people live among us.

It's so cool.

What happened
to the mind wiping?

I don't believe it
for a second.

Why would Imogen
steal the orb?

It just doesn't make sense.

I agree.

All she's ever wanted
was to get into the DMI.

They'll never take her now.

She didn't come home
last night,

and Mom and Dad
are worried sick.

Things just don't add up.

I mean, Imogen can be

and act before she thinks,
but she's not stupid,

and she would never hurt
Professor Maxwell.

The only reason I can
think of is that...

she did it help Kyra.

How would stealing the orb
help Kyra?

If the DMI
don't have the orb,

they can't take
Kyra's powers away.

I wish she would
turn herself in,

then we can sort this out.

Wonder where she is.

I can't explain it.

All I know is I didn't do it.

Some people might wonder why
you're hiding out here then.

Not helping,

Let's just deal with the facts

so we can try to work out
who did do it.

Well, fact one: this orb...
Whatever it is... is gone.

Fact two:
Maxwell was attacked.

Fact three: Maxwell says
he saw me take the orb.

Fact four: you're hiding out
in Kyra's bedroom,

which doesn't exactly
scream innocence.

I know he's
your oldest friend,

but he is
getting on my nerves.

Alright, you two.

It's clear
we need more information.

I'll talk to Maxwell, ask him
exactly what he saw.

You stay here.

And, Peter,
try not to annoy Imogen.

She has magic fingers,
and she knows how to use them.

Kyra, don't tell anyone
I'm here... please.

Not even Darra?

Someone set me up.

I don't want whoever that is

forcing him
to reveal where I am.

It's safer he doesn't know.

You're alright!

The only upside to all this is
that you're still with us.

- For now.
- It's good to see you.

You better be careful, Kyra.

People might start accusing you
of stealing the orb

so you can stay.

That is not funny,

Well, it wasn't
meant to be a joke.

I just wish Imogen would
let me know she's all right.

You don't have any idea
where she is?

Um, I'm sure that if Imogen
wanted to be found,

you'd be the first to know.

Are you okay?

Just a headache
from a bump on the head.

I've had worse
marking some tests.

Glad to hear it.

But I have to ask you...
The answer is yes.

As clearly
as I see you now,

I did see Imogen attack me
and steal the orb.

I don't like it
any more than you do.

- Is there word of Imogen?
- Not yet.

Just so
we're not interrupted.

The poor girl's probably
too scared to turn herself in.

I still can't believe
she did it.

The thing is, we find it
hard to believe, too,

coming from such
a distinguished family.

But there is
another explanation.

I saw her take it.

With Imogen
nowhere to be found,

we only have
your word for that.

Why would I lie about it?

You think I took it.

You were part of the so-called
Bureau of Magical Things

- with Edward Boynton.
- So?

So it's well-known Edward
wanted the orb destroyed.

Perhaps you felt the same.

Even if I did, why would
I pull an elaborate stunt

like that just to get it?

I can assure you,
this bump is quite real.

What better way to divert
suspicion from you...

The poor, injured teacher...
Than to accuse a student?

- You can't be serious.
- Quiet.

This is not your concern.

I'm sorry, Maxwell.

You must come to the DMI
for questioning.

So, I suppose you're wondering
why I called you all here.

This is not a joke, Maxwell.

You're under suspicion
for a very serious crime.

Serious, is it?

Then who came up with
the ludicrous theory

- that I took the orb?
- The theory fits

the evidence as we know it.
Then find more evidence.


Orla, I think you should
leave this to me.

- I know you didn't do it.
- Then why the charade?

There are things going on here
you don't know about,

forces working
to destabilize the DMI.

The orb could
assist their cause.

And in the wrong hands,

it could bring down everything
that we have worked for.

Then you'd better find it,
haven't you?

So, they think
he framed Imogen?

How could they think
Professor Maxwell would do that?

I'm sure my dad's just trying
to rule out all the options.

This might all be my fault.


I might have put the idea
into Imogen's mind...

to stop the DMI
taking you away.

So you think she did it?

You tell me.

Are you letting
Professor Maxwell go?

Patience, Lily.

The investigation
may take a while.

There's no way
he'd do this.

Cheer up, Darra.

It could mean
your sister's innocent.

Seems you've been given
a reprieve.

I would have preferred it
to happen some other way.

Of course, you could have
taken the orb

without even needing
to be in here.

Until he's clear,

Professor Maxwell
has been stood down.

The school will be closed,

and all classes will be
suspended until further notice.

They're accusing
Maxwell of taking the orb

and blaming it on me?

If it's true,
It would let you off the hook.

Maxwell couldn't
do something that low.

- Imogen, you must know that.
- Of course.

But if Maxwell's not the thief,
then I'm back to being suspect.

don't let it get to you.

We'll work this out.

Right, Peter?

Prove that an impossible
magical object

stolen from a library that
shouldn't exist was taken

by a mystery elf or fairy?

Piece of cake.

What if Professor Maxwell
never comes back?

He didn't do this.

Of course he'll come back.

But what if he doesn't?

It won't be Maxwell's school
without Maxwell.

We'll have to get a new teacher.

I'm going to miss
the Professor's terrible jokes.

And Ladder will be so upset.

- He'd be devastated.
- Lily.

Professor's not going anywhere.

Did any of you notice
that scorch mark on Ladder?

What scorch mark?

That scorch mark on Ladder
wasn't there yesterday.

We've lost our teacher,
and your'e wondering about that?

I'm just wondering
how it happened.

Sean must see
it makes no sense

for Imogen to steal the orb.

I mean, she's always wanted
a career at the DMI.

Stealing the orb
would end her chances forever.

- I'm going to see Sean now.
- Whoa! Hang on!

Whoever did this went to a lot
of trouble to implicate you.

They must know you'd try this.

So what do I do then?

I can't just let this go on.

I'm hurting too many people.

Kyra, your dad's a cop.

How would he tackle this?

He says every crime has
two main questions:

who and why?

So who would want the orb?
And why?

The why is easy.

The orb controls great power.

So who wants that power?

Got it!


They're sick of people thinking
of them as garden ornaments,

- and they want some respect.
- Peter!

I could take his voice away.

- Hey, Ruksy.
- Hey, Peter.

- You look nice.
- Thank you.

You know this human, too?

Am I the only one
out of this cozy little loop?

What are you doing here?

Kyra took me in.

I made her promise
not to tell anyone.

- I didn't take it, Ruksy.
- I believe you.

Kyra, you've got connection
with the orb.

Do you think you could
sense where it is?

Uh, why didn't I
think of that?

I can see the orb.

It's back
in its container.

But I'm losing it.

Uh! It's like
it's shielded somehow.

I don't know where it is.

Great. We're back
to where we started.

Okay. Let's work
with what we know.

You mean the facts?

We already tried that.
But we never tried

an alternative theory
of the crime.

I heard it on
a legal show on TV.

It doesn't
have to be permanent.

I can make him silent
for one year.

Maybe two.
Imogen, please.

Go on, Peter.

Okay, so how 'bout this
for a theory?


After Maxwell catches
Imogen trying to steal the orb,

he hides it somewhere
in the restricted section.


He trips over

He falls, hits his head,

and the last thing he remembers
is talking with Imogen.

He can't find the orb,
so he thinks that she stole it.

I suppose it's a possibility.

It seems pretty far-fetched.

This whole magical world idea
is far-fetched,

but it's still real.

Anybody got another idea?


- It's so obvious!
- What?

You guys are magical people,


So what if Max was
put under an enchantment...

I can't believe
I just said that...

So that he thought
he saw Imogen?

So, after Imogen leaves,
someone does a spell on Max.

So, Max thinks
he sees Imogen attack him.

But really, it's...

A clown?

Yeah, but an evil clown.

Clowns are bad dudes.

It's an interesting theory.

No, it's completely

How do you know?
That library is huge.

Anything could be in there.

When were you
in the library?

Uh... Kyra told me about it.

Peter might be onto something.


But what if it wasn't
Maxwell under the spell?

I need to check on something
in the library.

- It's shut down.
- Perfect.

No one will disturb us.

Why are you checking
student records?

I don't wanna say
until I know for sure.

Someone's here.

You said
the library was closed.

Keep looking.

I'll make sure
they stay away.

Not this one.
The next year.

Who's there?

Well, well.

The thief returns
to the scene of the crime.

I didn't take it.

Isn't that what they all say?

I didn't do it, Orla!

Imogen's in trouble.

You're coming with me.

Orla's got her.

What do we do?

Thanks for getting me
out of there, I owe you one.

Did you find
what you were looking for?

I did.
And it supports my theory.

Which is?

A couple days, I saw Orla
and Darra talking at Harvey's.

I couldn't hear
what they were saying,

but suddenly Orla
left in a hurry.

Darra knew Kyra was gonna have

her orb magic removed
last night, correct?

Yeah, and he was
really upset about it.

I think Darra
told that to Orla.

Orla MacGuire?

- The reporter?
- She's an elf.

Orla, the one
who's always saying

that the weird things
on the news are fake?

Oh, I get it.

How do you think
we survived for so long?

Guys, focus.

Ruksy, what's your point?

Orla knew she didn't have
much time to get the orb

before it was destroyed,

so she decided to steal it
right then.

Nice theory, but it doesn't
actually prove

that Orla took it.

Ladder has
a recent scorch mark.

I think someone
used magic on him.

When Orla came to tell us
the school was being shut down,

Ladder was scared of Orla.

I see your point, but Maxwell
still says he saw me.


or someone who looks
exactly like you.


I know you all think
I'm just a book nerd,

but sometimes
it has advantages.

Guess who did their
graduating thesis

on shape-shifting?

Do you think Maxwell's
back from the DMI by now?

He could be.

Maybe we should go check
and see if he's okay.

If Maxwell needs up,
I'm sure he'll find us, Lily.

Do you think the school
will ever open again?

Right now,
I'm more worried about Imo.

As long as she stays hidden,
the guiltier she looks.

- Darra! Lily!
- Where have you been?

I found the orb.

- What?
- Where?

In the library.

So Imogen's brought it back?

She didn't take it.
Orla did.

You have to help me
destroy it.

Come on.

After Maxwell caught Imogen
and she left,

what neither of them knew

was that Orla
was already in the library.

I know how much
your DMI career means to ya,

so I'll refrain
from taking further action.

Thank you, Professor.

Now run along
before I change my mind.

I told you to go.

Knowing Ladder, he would have
tried to help the Professor.

That's when Orla
zapped Ladder.

I knew you were smart,
but that's genuis.

You made me think
of shapeshifting.

I will never make fun of you
for being a book nerd again.

And... thank you...

for believing me.

How did you find it?

It started calling to me.

Shouldn't we tell my dad?

Look how much trouble
it's caused.

If it's gone,
problems go away.

But it's not
our decision to make.

The DMI wants to send me back
to the human world.

They can't if we destroy it.

I don't want to lose you.


Thank you.

But I'll need both of you
to help me.

The orb was created by
combining elf and fairy magic.

Its destruction
will require the same.

It's a brilliant theory,

The tricky bit is proving it.

The one thing I don't
understand is why Orla would

divert suspicion from Imogen
by accusing Max.

Especially if she's got the orb.

Orla wanted to get Maxwell
out of the library.


- What's up?
- Something's happening.

I think it's the orb.

Try and connect with it.

The orb's in the library.

- Is Orla there?
- Yes.

And she's me.

Darra, Lily!

That's Orla!

You're too late, Kyra.

Stop her!


What have we done?

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