The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - The Accussed - full transcript

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Season 01 Episode 17

Episode Title: "Accused"

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What a beautiful sound.

Do we really have
to make it stop, Professor?

The sound of Nature's song.
It's perfect.

Humans hearing flowers sing,
not so perfect.

It is lovely,

but shutting down
magical outbreaks,

no matter how delightful,
is what we do.

It's a level one threat,
I can handle this easy...

Not so fast, Imogen.

We might try another method.


- You want me to go?
- No.

I thought you might try
orb magic.

- From here?
- From here.

If you don't mind.

Okay, I'll... give it a shot.

- You did it.
- You fixed an outbreak

without even leaving here.

It was actually
pretty easy.

Does this mean the DMI
won't be needing us anymore?

♪ Under the sky,
so blue, yeah ♪

♪ Magic is done ♪

♪ There's nothing here,
my friend ♪

♪ Don't worry,
I'm still there ♪

Hey, Kyra,
something smells fantastic.

How did you get
all this done

and do your homework?

You know me, Dad.
I'm magic in the kitchen.

Couldn't this wait?
I am rather busy.

You'll want to hear this.

It's about the orb.

- Lily!
- Ah, finally.

I thought you were never
going to wake up.

How long
have you been there?

Quite a while,

I wanted to be the one
to tell you.

- Tell me what?
- Last night, I came home

from a tooth run,

and I heard Dad
talking to Mum.

- And?
- The DMI has found a way

to remove the orb power
from you.

And they're going to do it.

This process.
Is it unpleasant?

There'll be
some disorientation,

but it won't hurt.

And Kyra will feel like
she's woken from a good sleep.

Even if you remove
her orb magic,

she'll still have
her other magic.

You can't take that away.

We might not have a choice.

- She doesn't deserve this.
- What would you have me do?

- Call it off!
- I wish I could,

but the decision isn't
entirely mine.

I know you're close to the girl,
but... she's a visitor.

She was never meant
to be part of our world.

How did you go with Sean?

I tried my best, Kyra,
I really did.

But the decision is made.

Okay, I get it.
No more orb magic.

Guess I can live with that.

There's something else.

Removing orb magic
has never been done before,

but the likelihood is it'll take
your other magic as well,

and quite possibly your memories
of the magical world.

- No!
- So I'd be just human again?

She's one of us now,

you can't let them do this.

- Sorry, Darra.
- When will it happen?

Tomorrow morning
at 10:00 at the DMI.

Sorry, Kyra.

Hi, Peter.

Whatever it is,
can we do it later?

I can't blame you.

I wouldn't be too happy
about losing my magic, either.

Ruksy told you.

You're the most powerful being
in the magical world.

Tell them
if they try anything,

you'll destroy all their wands
or turn them into toads.

Can you really see me
doing that?

Guess not.

Maxwell isn't certain
it will take all my memories.

What if it does?

Then I'll be the one
who became magical

and you'll be the one
who remembers it.

Funny, huh?


So you have to remind me
of all this.

Tell you about
elves and fairies?

Get real,
you'll laugh in my face.

Guess it would be pretty
hard for me to believe you.

There is one person
I'd believe.

Kyra will forget me,
she'll forget all of us.

I understand how you feel,
but the decision's been made.

It's not Kyra's fault
she got orb power,

it was an accident.

The DMI know that,
they just don't care.

I know you think the DMI
is perfect,

but this time they're wrong.

You shouldn't say that
out loud.

I don't care.
It's not right.

You're not delivering
the message, I am.

That's genius.

Now I just have to figure out
what to say

that will convince me that all
this actually happened.

Just do it like
you're telling yourself a story.

Yes, Mr. Director.

And... action.

Hello... me.
How are you?

I guess you're wondering
why Peter is showing you this.

You don't even remember
making this video, do you?

There's a very good reason
for that,

which I'll get to later,

but the first thing
you need to know,

is magic exists.

And... you're part human,
part fairy, part elf.

Excuse me, Orla.
Darra would like a word.

- I'm in a hurry.
- He's been quite persistent.

This better be important.

What the DMI is doing to Kyra
is wrong.

You have to make Sean
put it off

until another solution
can be found.

It would help if I knew
what you were talking about.

You haven't heard?

How did you find out
about Kyra?

Darra Blackwell.

The boy has feelings for her.

That's unfortunate.

My job is to protect
the magical world.

Of course. And...
after the magic is removed?

Well, the orb
will be destroyed.

That was never discussed.

Whether it was or not,
that is what's going to happen.

There are many
who will disagree.

It's my decision,
it's not up for discussion.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

This isn't a trick, Kyra.
It's real magic.

And you could do it.

And... cut.

You... are amazing.

Now, about tomorrow...

- Hold on, we're not finished.
- What else is there to say?

I don't mean to be critical,
but speaking as your director,

your narrative left me
feeling unfulfilled.

- Meaning?
- The film's too short.

It'll be so weird
with Kyra gone.

- She's been such a good friend.
- The best.

We need to let her know
how important she is to us.

- You know what we have to do.
- Woo! Party.

You organize the cake,
I'll get Kyra here.

Imogen, are you in?

We've gotta give Kyra
a decent send-off.

You don't think
the DMI is right...

Do I have
to have an opinion?

You do think
they're right.

I can't believe you.

- Let's go, Lily.
- No.

Imogen, I know you're tough,
but even for you, this is cold.

Just because I don't wear
my heart on my sleeve,

don't presume to know
what I'm feeling.

Thank you, Frank,
see you next week.

Last minute birthday present.

I want you
to keep this here.

- Why?
- Well, let's just say,

it would make me feel better.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

Just take it. Please.

I'm also bringing
the removal fort.

Sunset today.
Would you inform Kyra?

You're making this
very hard on the girl.

Well, I'm actually
trying to help her.

As long as Kyra has the power,
she remains a target.

And once I withdraw it from her
and return it to the orb,

she's no longer at risk.

- And then?
- The orb will be destroyed.

You'll get no argument
from me.

They've been protecting
this secret for centuries, Kyra.

They may be fairies or elves,
but... they're wonderful people.

They were your friends.

Give them a chance to trust you.

I know you can do it,

hey... I know you.

Good luck.

Peter, you can turn it off now.

If that doesn't work,

I don't know what will.
Now what?

They're hacking my magic
at 10:00 in the morning,

so I want you here at 11:00.

- I got it.
- No matter what I say,

make me watch the film.

Come flood, earthquakes,
meteor strikes, zombie attack,

nothing will stop me.

- Zombie attack?
- Just... covering the bases.

You're such a good friend.

See you tomorrow.

Kyra, Professor Maxwell

needs to see you.

Has your dad changed
his mind about me?

Just come, okay?

Why is it dark in here?

Where's Maxwell?

We couldn't let you leave
without a proper goodbye.

It's beautiful. Thank you.

We're going to miss you.

I'll miss you, too.

All of you.

Now, blow the candles out.

Really, Kyra?

Can't believe I'll see you
at Harvey's tomorrow

and you won't even know
who I am.

Maxwell said no one's ever
done this before.

Maybe it won't work
like they think.

Maybe I will remember.

I wish I could believe that.

I really think it's goodbye.

I'm gonna miss you, Kyra.

Things will be so quite
with just me and... these rogues.

Kyra, there is one thing
I need to tell you.

What? Do I get, uh... turned
into a frog, or something?

Sean wants to remove
your magic at sunset today.

Um, I... guess I better
go home and get changed, then.

What does one wear
to have magic removed?

That's that, I guess.

Don't you care?

I get that
from the fairies,

but you're my brother,
you should know me better.

They can't remove Kyra's magic
without the orb.

If I knew where it was,
I'd take it.


I'm sorry.

It was a surprise to me, too.

I know this isn't your fault.

I wouldn't have survived
here without you.

Thank you.

It was a pleasure.

And you're welcome at
the bookshop anytime you like.

Even though I won't
remember you?

I'll give you the VIP
treatment to make up for it.

Discount some books?

Let's not get ahead
of ourselves.

Goodbye, Professor.

- Well?
- I'm sorry.

Sean won't change his mind.

Thanks for trying.

I'm pleased that you
came to me for help, Darra.

Even if you had been able to
do something,

it's too late now, anyways.

- How do you mean?
- Sean brought the time forward.

The magic removal
is happening at sunset.

In one hour,
Kyra will return back to normal.

Come on, Ladder.

Remember what happened
last time you tried to block me.

Glad you see it my way.



Whatever you're thinking
about doing... don't.

Sorry, Professor,
I was just...

- Yes?
- Uh...

You were in here earlier,
weren't you?

I have a fairly good idea
of what you're going to do,

and though your motives
may be admirable,

it would be a big mistake,
a really big mistake.

- Do I make myself clear?
- Yes, Professor.

I know how much a DMI career
means to you,

so I'll refrain
from taking further action.

- Thank you, Professor.
- Now, run along,

before I change my mind.

I told you to go.

This is your last chance.

What are you doing?

I appreciate you coming, Lily,

but you didn't need
to say goodbye again.

No, it's... it's Imogen.

Are you certain?

I can hardly
believe it myself. Yes.

Why would Imogen take it?

- Darra, where's your sister?
- I don't know.

Last time I saw her was
at Kyra's farewell party.

- Did she say anything?
- Like what?

"Darra, I'm going
to steal the orb"?

Imogen's in serious trouble,

being flippant won't help.

I saw the alert,
what's going on?

I hope you've come
to your senses

and brought back the orb.


Are you denying
that you took it?

Yes, I'm denying it.
What's going on?

And you're not denying
that you were here

- a little while ago.
- No.

- And I told you to go.
- Yes.

And you came back
and you knocked me down

and you took the orb.
What?! No!

Sis, I get that you were just
trying to help Kyra,

but attacking Maxwell
is going too far.

Is it true, Imogen?
Did you take the orb?

No! I don't know
what you're talking about.

Imogen, come with me.

I'll bring her back.

What does this mean for me?

Without the orb,
we cannot remove your magic.

She was too quick,
I lost her.

Put out an alert,
we need her brought in.

If Imogen contacts any of you,
you report it immediately.


I didn't take the orb.

You can't be here,
I have to report you.

It wasn't me in the library.

Then why did Maxwell say
he saw you?

I don't know.

- Are you saying he lied?
- No! I just know it wasn't me.

- Tell the DMI.
- They don't believe me.

Even Darra doesn't believe me.

- So, what do you want me to do?
- Help me find the real thief.

The DMI was about to throw
me out of your world,

- what can I do?
- I didn't do it, Kyra, I swear!

Just... help me.


Synchronized by srjanapala

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